Friday, September 27, 2013

Push! SMILE! Push! SMILE!???

  This is an article by Sunny Chanel for Yahoo.   I think she's right.  Do you?  

"Can you believe that?" the Today Show's Matt Lauer said in a state of awe on Monday's telecast. "You've just given birth to a baby and the cameras are there for the entire country and you turn and say 'Hi'?" 
Yeah, I can't believe it either, but that's just what happened to one Texas mom who allowed the Today Show's cameras into the delivery room as she gave birth to her daughter Hayley. And then things got awkward.
The very perky corespondent said, "How are you doing Emily? Look at that camera and tell us!" The new mom, still appearing like she was in a state of shock (and how can you blame her, she just gave birth) looked at the camera at her shoulder and meekly said, "hi." Then reporter told the very new mom that they had a present for her. Was it a scholarship for her new child? Was it a year's supply of diapers? With perky reporter's enthusiasm you'd think it was something that stellar. But no, it was a Today Show onesie which the cheerful corespondent dutifully held up for the camera. It was not just a present in the "meh" category, but came off as blatant self-promotion. I think the new mom should have been the one getting a shirt adorned with something like, "I gave birth on national TV and all I got was this lousy T-shirt."

The reporter didn't really know what to do with the Today Show onesie she bestowed upon the woman - who, let me remind you, had just pushed a human being out of vagina - and so she placed it on the woman's thigh while a doctor was still attending to the the new mom's lady parts. Thankfully the woman's partner quickly removed the onesie from the new mom's naked thigh, but it was an awkward moment to be sure.
And this wasn't the only birth they showed; they had several woman from around the nation who participated in having their births filmed, or allowed the cameras in the recovery room. This is part of the Today Show's BornToday series, which is a great idea on paper, but just comes off as odd.
 I understand that in these days of constant live TV, a network would love to show something as monumental as the birth of a child, but the whole thing came off as a desperate play for ratings. Something about how the births were presented was just weird, and that was just day one. On Tuesday's show, you could watch a child being conceived live on TV! Obviously they wouldn't (and couldn't) show a couple engaged in intercourse, so instead they showed an IVF procedure, which was actually pretty fascinating, and much less awkward than the births.
 But my question is this: what makes an expectant mother agree to give birth on live TV? Giving birth is such a personal moment, probably one of the most personal moments in one's life, and it would be bizarre to share it with millions of strangers watching from their homes. Jessica Menkhausen, the woman whose IVF procedure was on Tuesday morning, wrote about her reasons for sharing her story, saying, "It's an amazing opportunity to enlighten other women who are having the same challenges. And it's also a form of self-enlightenment - sharing my story is helping me deal with some of my own fears, by courageously facing them head on." These are very valid reasons, but I still wouldn't do it.
Would you ever agree to share a moment like this with the world?
-By Sunny Chanel 

Z:  I think this goes along with the way so many people are unconcerned about abortion, have children and don't raise them, have children without both parents, expect everyone else to pay for their murder or their upbringing, go on TV as unwed girls griping about the public not paying for their birth control...........I think we're seeing a trend toward demeaning human beings........Giving birth on TELEVISION?

WOMEN:  Would YOU?    ALL:  Don't you feel there's a limit to what they show?  Sure, birth is beautiful, but isn't it private anymore?   That picture above is the closest thing to giving birth I want to see on TV!

What are your thoughts?


Ed Bonderenka said...

Well, a little off topic, but my first granddaughter arrived 2am.
Event WAS filmed cause our son couldn't get home fro Japan in time (2 weeks early delivery).

Z said...

Ed. Congratulations! That is a wonderful comment! Yes, filming for your son or other family members could be wonderful. But I DOUBT if your daughter-in-law will want that shown on TV!! I'm very happy for you all.

Duckys here said...

They virtually film conception on TV, why not birth.

Gotta work for those ratings.

FreeThinke said...

The phraseology in the article is confusing. It hardly sounds like English. what in Heaven's name is a "onesie?" I object to "pushed through vagina" as vulgar, indelicate, unfeminine and unnecessarily graphic. The tone of the entire "presentation" seems more tan a bit "off" to me.

If I believed in taking offense, I would be offended.

I still can't figure out why this word salad was prepared anymore than I can understand why a woman would want to give birth on television.

All I see is an inane desire for ATTENTION on any terms whatsoever -- a prospect that seems to have far too many people enthralled.

This semi-literate "journalist" has a job and gets paid to produce stuff like this?

I used to say "America will die from Terminal Earnestness," but I've change my mind.

We are DISSOLVING before our very own eyes in a sea of TRIVIA.

FreeThinke said...

On a more humorous note, I once knew someone who threatened to film a documentary he wanted to call "My Trip Down the Alimentary Canal."

Thanks to cultural degeneration he might now want to Film "The Day I Got Pushed Into This Lousy World Via Vagina."

"To this we've come!"

Robert Sinclair said...

I am reminded that whatever follows the phrase, "Hey everybody, watch this ..." isn't going to be be good. This is certainly no exception to that rule.

FreeThinke said...


CONGRATULATIONS! I can't understand filming such an experience anymore than I could understand a couple wanting to have their Wedding Night professionally videotaped for Posterity, but I certainly wish your new grandchild a blessed life in the brightest possible future.

Keep the faith.

sue hanes said...

Z - My thought is that I would not want to give birth on tv. You are right that it is such a private moment. And I also would not want to watch it either. It is a miracle but I'm too squeamish to watch it.

Pris said...

I wouldn't have wanted the birth of my children to be public!! Heck, I wouldn't have wanted Mr. Pris in the delivery room either. In the old days the father waited outside of the delivery room and he was spared the worry and seeing his wife in a way that doesn't add to his intimate attraction to his wife.

Why put him through this? Nowadays fathers to be say, "we're pregnant"! Really? Give me a break! That, to me, is nonsense.

But, this belief is just me. I guess others may feel differently, and that's their choice. I can't imagine any woman wanting such a private time to be public.

FrogBurger said...

Narcissistic United States of America.
Narcissistic Western World.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I don't think the film for my son will be graphic, probably mother and child stuff.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I caught my kid coming out.
We had him at home, as planned.
Never would have known what that looked like if I hadn't been there.
The crowning freaked me out out at first.

FreeThinke said...

What's next?

I know! DEATH scenes.

Mark my words.

Slowly-but-surely we're heading back to the Coliseum.

FreeThinke said...

I can just see it splashed on marquees all over the nation:


____ A True Death Adventure ____

The trends are truly horrifying.

And here I thought the world was coming to an end when I Am Curious, Yellow came out!

FreeThinke said...


No one in his right mind would ever suspect anything unsavory or unworthy could come from you or your family.

Again: CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a grandpa.

Jack Whyte said...

I seem to recall that not long ago, there were Nazis in possession of police badges running around arresting parents for taking pictures of their nude babies. They called it child pornography. How must we describe a film of a woman giving birth? Isn’t it true that Bloomberg wants to arrest young mothers who are modestly nursing their children?

Duckys here said...

@FT --- And here I thought the world was coming to an end when I Am Curious, Yellow came out!

Believe it or not , FT, I saw that for the first time about 3 years ago.
Terrible film.
Still don't know what all the fuss was about.

Mustang said...

Ducky, if you cannot communicate respectfully and civilly, you will be deleted. Not negotiable.

Z said...

Ed, I am certain nobody is taking graphic pictures and I think it's sweet to have some private pictures/film if they want it.
The obvious thing is they will not be on TV: enough said, right?

FT...we remember when they'd NEVER EVER show a dead body or blood on TV news, yet now it's always there. And on TV dramas, etc. I agree, we'll have deaths broadcast any year now.
I did watch an incredible documentary of two men in Germany who were put to death because they were facing difficult illnesses. One's illness hadn't even manifested itself.
It was absolutely hideous watching them and their families talk about the impending deaths by injection or something...done by a 'loving soul' who does this kind of thing, knowing they'd be dead.
I don't remember but I believe they took it pretty far into the death; I think I turned it off before that. It was on cable.

Pris, I might have wanted the dad in the room with me but only holding my hand and trying to calm me down :-) I swear, knowing me, it would have got to the rough stuff and I'd have asked him to leave!!
And yes, what's this "WE are pregnant stuff!?" I get the drift, but REALLY? If I were the mom, I'd say "WE? then YOU give birth!"

Sue, I'm with you!

Louis H. said...

Rien ne démontre plus comment les hommes efféminés américains sont devenus que l'expression «nous sommes enceintes.

Duckys here said...

Well, Mustang, why don't you explain just what I've posted that was disrespectful.

FreeThinke said...

Not to be the Odd Man Out again, but WE are pregnant does make good biological sense. After all as the saying goes, "It Takes Two to Tango."

I think it may be a good sign actually. It shows a tendency to encourage "sperm donors" to think of themselves as EXPECTANT FATHERS, instead of being remote and detached from the important process of conception, pregnancy, birth and child rearing which could NOT happen without their participation.

To ME if a guy says, "We are pregnant," it means he is taking RESPONSIBILITY for his part in the Forthcoming Blessed Event.

Could that be BAD?

Bob said...

Who watches The Today Show?

Kid said...

I wouldn't do it for free. Less dramatic usually, but it's like the CNN - Send us your pictures! of events around the world. Sure, send me a check first.

And what if something went wrong? I'd need a pre-event contract that this would only be shown after I review the material and sign off on it.

I'm reminded of the Eagles lyric- 'As she reported the plane crash with a gleam in her eye'.

Otherwise, it's a free country.

Kid said...

Pris, 11:1 AM. Agree !

Yea, like guys wearing a weighted contraption so they know how it feels on their wife's bladder and back.

Yea, Sure as soon as wife crawls under my truck and changes the oil. Or hops up on the roof to blow the leaves. Or rebuilds that 350 chevy engine and it runs afterwards.
Our male vs female lives are different folks... Well not sure about the duck I guess.

Kid said...

FT - "Slowly-but-surely we're heading back to the Coliseum."

We're already there.

Mustang said...

You know what you said, Ducky. This isn't kinder care. If you can't address people respectfully, then we will not allow you to participate in our little community.

Z said...

Ducky, are you really such a phony?
you know VERY well the comment Mustang deleted today is the one he's alluding to. Typical leftwing tactics....mislead and attack.
I saw what you'd said and it was disrespectful at best.

FT...we understand that, very obviously, but trust me, HE is NOT pregnant. :-)
"We are expecting a child.." "WE are NOT pregnant!" !!!

Kid said...

I hope duck can pull it together. He is the insanity that binds Conservatives together and keeps us vigilant at the gate.

Bear down duck. You can do it. Just take the edge off. Think on terms of backing up your BS with valid counter arguments. That'd be a start anyway !

Z said... really have a point DOES keep us going; Ducky's thinking sharpens and strengthens our own beliefs, doesn't it!

jez said...

In the UK, we have a show called "one born every minute" which we enjoyed and found useful while we were preparing for our two. We don't watch it any more.
Freethinke, as far as I know we broadcast a death once.

jez said...

In the UK, we have a show called "one born every minute" which we enjoyed and found useful while we were preparing for our two. We don't watch it any more.
Freethinke, as far as I know we broadcast a death once.

Pris said...

Thanks Kid,
We are hard wired differently, aren't we, and that's the way it should be IMO.

Z said...

jez, if you could be graphically careful, how much of the birth did they show???
And yes, I do think a death was shown in Germany, so that could be true in the UK, too.
It's such a horrid abuse of horrid on so many levels.

Kid said...

Pris, Yes. Embrace the changes ! :)

Robert Sinclair said...

I believe we have gone too far to desensitize America. We seem no longer offended by the offensive. We too willingly accept the unacceptable. I do not think these circumstances are mere happenstance. I believe it is the intention of filmmakers and the producers of documentaries—not unlike the so-called situation comedies that have at least one homosexual character. It is not even a representative percentage of our overall population.

Elizabeth Gonzalez said...

I believe what she did was courageous and having a baby (after having 9 I think I have a right to an opinion) is not that private and personal at all, unless of course you are doing it from your home with a midwife.

I think what she did was right for her and I applaud her. Those who never have had children should reserve from passing judgment or making negative comments about a choice that was right for her.

I would of done the same thing in her position. I like how she stated it would help her face her own fears, something necessary to carry on in life and be a good parent at the same time.


jez said...

Hi, one born every minute shows the couples arrive at the hospital, covers the waiting around and the growing intensity of contractions, the different pain management chosen by the mums and their effect, and the actual birth is usually filmed from a tactful angle. Occasionally pixellation might be used. We found it useful in coming up with our birth plan. It also shows midwives responding to abnormalities like breaches and emergency c sections. Overall I feel pretty positive about the show, although I wouldn't chose to appear on it myself (they always edit the dad to look like a twerp!)

Z said...

Elizabeth, you think giving birth on television helps you face your fears?

Elizabeth Gonzalez said...

Who are you to judge her Z? It may not help you and me, but if it helped this woman, who are we to judge? I do not recall any one dying and making any one of us G-d, judge, and jury. How arrogant an attitude. I do not know you people anymore. I took a hiatus to get a degree and came back and found strangers in the place of the friends I once knew. Many conservatives now sound just as hateful, judgmental, and jaded as so many liberals. I no longer can tell the difference.

Asta la vista!