Monday, September 2, 2013

When Americans were proud and happy...amazing footage!

  Richard Sullivan on Vimeo.

Yes, it's LABOR DAY: if our soldiers didn't LABOR, I don't know who did.   It's almost difficult for me to see the the happiness and UNITY of these relieved Americans who'd been through so very, very much and survived. I'm not sure we're the same type of people anymore in America, but I know a LOT of us ARE and I celebrate you today.  I know you've worked hard in your lives, too.  I salute you. And I salute all of our veterans and those in the service now.

Thanks for sending this to me, Imp.



Always On Watch said...

Possibly of interest: Gary Sinise named an Honorary Marine.

sue hanes said...

Z - I also salute our troops wherever they are in the world.
And a salute to our veterans too.

Have a happy Labor Day - Z.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Vet/Labor Day link.
When I got out of the USAF, I wanted to take a break, take the summer off.
I was living in my sister's basement.
A friend mentioned in front of her that his GM plant was hiring.
I was forced to apply.
Of everyone who applied, only people who had family in the plant got in.
Except for two guys. I and another vet got hired.
Our Uncle Sam got us in.

JonBerg said...


Thanks for the glimpse of a bygone era when solidarity reigned supreme!

Two Thumbs Up said...

As Hillary would say...At this point what difference does it make? Anyway

Pris said...

How wonderful this was. No protests, or anything negative. This was a day to remind us that our country comes first and the men who served, were brave and honorable! God bless them all.
I was a little girl and even I was happy and understood. My uncle was coming home and we won the war.

Btw, the man who's singing "I'll be seeing you", was Jimmy Durante.

JB, you're so right!!

AOW, Gary Senise belongs at the top of the list with Bob Hope. He deserves this recognition!

FreeThinke said...

______ In Praise of All Who Serve ______

May God bless the practical women and men,
Who rise from the hay every day, and then 
Produce what we need 
Without rancor or greed, 
Make things run, 
Get things done, 
Keep things clean, 
So they're fit to be seen, 
And continuously smooth the way, 
So that we may live comfortably every day.

~ FreeThinke

Duckys here said...

... but forget them when
they ask for more pay.

--- Ducky

Bob said...

Duckys here said...
"... but forget them when
they ask for more pay. --- Ducky"

I don't think anybody is forgetting anything. Ducky seems to want to assign some sort of morality to the striking fast food workers. That's a mistake. It is an economic issue, and we should let the drama play itself out.

Maybe Ducky should ask the question, "Why are adults reduced to working in low-paying fast food jobs?" The strikes are just a symptom, and no matter if they get their unrealistic wage increases or not, the problem will not be solved.

The economy will self-adjust to either eliminate those overpriced jobs and the businesses that pay those wages, or a new floor will be established by an inflating currency bringing the workers back to the same relative standard of living that caused the strikes.

The supply/demand equation is like gravity, it will win.

Those poor blokes in California are working at what are traditionally part-time jobs for teenagers. The reason they are in those jobs is because of the Obama jobless economy. We see it here in Georgia with senior citizens taking the grocery bagging jobs away from kids, to men in their forties with accounting degrees clerking at Walgreens drug stores.

Instead of blaming the fast food chains for paying low wages, Ducky needs to put the blame where it belongs, the Obama economic policies.

FreeThinke said...

________ To Our Dear Canardo _________

Grating on our nerves with irksome quacking

Offered in a bilious spirit vile

Find better occupation than this hacking.

Use your time for something more worthwhile.

Could you for once relent, and quit your jeering?

Kindergarten kids show better manners.

Your comments sound too often like Bronx cheering.

Oh why must you into our works throw spanners --

Using childish taunts and gibes and sneers?

Regale us please, instead, with something merry.

Surprise us after all these noisome years.

Entertain -- enlighten -- serve some Sherry --

Let your mind subject itself to scouring

Filth away that keeps you dark and glowering.

~ FreeThinke

FreeThinke said...

Hey! I just thought of a great tag line signature for our dear little Ducky-poo:


JonBerg said...


Your erudite analysis, of the $15 per hour fast food issue, provides stark contrast to to simplistic, snide remark which prompted it!

Bob said...

JonBerg said...

"Bob,Your erudite analysis, "

Thanks for the for the nice words, Jon. It will be particularly interesting to me to see how McDonald's, BK, Wendy's, Carl Jr, etc handle this. It would not surprise me if, right now, there is an automated hamburger/french-fry machine in a lab waiting for an opportunity for a field test.

It makes all the sense in the world. The big reason to go that route is when the cost of labor gets to the point that it is worth investing in machinery.

The market will win.

Sam Huntington said...

People today like to say that the 40s was a simpler time. I do not think that's altogether true. Most of the US was still rural, most people did not trust politicians, and most didn't think that what went on inside Washington affected them much. I think there were many challenges back then, just difference kinds of challenges. What did people living in the northeast know, or even care about the Tennessee Valley Authority, or the long term consequences of government seizures of private property “for the common good?”

If there was anyone back then that thought everything was just hunky-dory, they were wrong about that. They still maintained the notion that they were fighting for something important; they looked forward to the future. It was a time in stark contrast to the present where we are plagued by millions of morons just like Ducky ... who is nothing if not a dismal creep.

As to Bob's commentary, I agree providing the government will leave the market alone and let it work.

Duckys here said...

@Bob --- That's a mistake. It is an economic issue, and we should let the drama play itself out.

Yeah, kiss Kapital's arse. More "free market"(LMAO) solutions.

JonBerg said...

"Ducky needs to put the blame where it belongs, the Obama economic policies."

Yes, but by so doing he would be blaming himself, by proxy!

JonBerg said...


"They still maintained the notion that they were fighting for something important; they looked forward to the future."

Does that hold true today?

Z said...

AOW...Gary deserves it! he's a GREAT MAN....

Sue, you, too!

Ed, Good for Sam! :-)

Jon, YOU exactly grasped my feelings toward that video. We WERE SO UNITED!

Two...BIG Difference.

Pris, wasn't that fabulous?? And it wasn't just that day; we WERE united, we always felt AMERICA COMES FIRST, right? Yes, it is Durante.
Education has knocked that love of country right out of us.

FT..thanks for that!

Bob, I thought Ducky meant soldiers, as if ANY Conservative doesn't want our soldiers taken care of but the left does (hilarious, but I think he's THAT off) But you're right about joblessness. Gay marriage is far more important to this administration.

As for jobs; teens don't WANT to work; and hispanics are all the fast food workers now (in LA, anyway)...Kids are busy learning in school to have sex and figure out how NOT to work and still get paid. Wonderful to drive up to a drive-thru window and (literally) have NO IDEA what the voice says who's apparently there to take your order. The other day, I had to go to a drive-thru for a quick lunch on the road and said "I don't know what you just said in your greeting to me, but may I please have a burger?" I can't help it.

Z said...

Bob...the market will win.
And the people will lose because the left forced them into this utterly nonsensical $15 an hour (PLUS healthcare$$$ which is anything BUT affordable, by the way), because GOD FORBID the big companies make a profit, right?
WHEN will the left LEARN? Some unions seem to be waking up but not enough.

Sam's right..the market works best with the gov't OUT of it.
But I maintain my stance that, while nobody said things were perfect back then, people were united as a country and very happy that America won the wars. And stood by their soldiers.
And yes, they felt they had a future as a country.

I absolutely do NOT BELIEVE THAT anymore. ABSOLUTELY DON'T. Nope.

Jack Whyte said...

Typical of ducky to come in with his obnoxious “LMAO” … throw down a few words and phrases he learned at Commie School, and then fly away back to his nest in La La Land.

Free market capitalism isn’t perfect, but then nothing is … it is still light years ahead of the imposition of central planning. The fact is, command economies may argue that they best plan for society’s needs –but needs according to whom, government commissars? Free people have more than needs; they have wants and whims. A free people object to government decided for them what it is they need. A free people reject the notion that government has a right to reduce our choices. Quite frankly, there is nothing about the communist manifesto that is good for human liberty.

Z said...

Jack, what a great remark; "free people have more than needs"
this seems to be what leftwingers don't grasp.
Self reliance, independence, working hard and that feeling at the end of the day for having done so. Welfare will NEVER EVER compete with that.

I'm hoping Americans haven't had that taught out of you think it can be? Do you think the leftwing education can gut people of anything but ENTITLEMENT EXPECTATIONS?
I think there are segments of our population who don't even MISS the great feeling of independence and self reliance.

Kid said...

Personally, I see the successful end of WWII as a moment in time where America just kicked the evil section of the world's ass and no American was going to take any BS from anyone, least of all some ner-do-well lawyer or rich prick turned politician. For all the damage FDR did, it was all canceled out by the successful conclusion to WWII.

Look who was voted in after WWII: Eisenhower, Truman, people who definitely did not fit the mold. Most Americans contributed to the war, either through serving or sacrificing through rationing of important materials.
Everyone had a dog in the fight. We were united and most correctly saw Russia as the nest evil empire to be dealt with. We should have followed Goerge S Patton's advice and taken them out as well while we had the war machine up and running nearby. But FDR pallied up Stalin who then murdered from 20 to 40 million Russians right after WWII.

Now, a scant 60 years gone by, our miseducated and misinformed and not informed citizens are willing to vote for and be governed by the most imbecilic, self serving POS's ever seen in American politics.

Is such widespread death and sacrifice what's needed to keep people focused on the ball? It kind of seems so doesn't it.

Jack Whyte said...

@ Z

You know, we all gripe about what a horror our education system is, and I think most of us have no more than a slight understanding of how bad it really is. Yes, it is true that 75% of the teachers are rabid communists or enablers. Yes, it is true that students are graduating without any worthwhile job skills. Yes, it is true that most students today do not think that America is exceptional. It is also true that most of these students have their noses buried into the iPhone, on Face Book, and Twitter.

This is not good for America. Meanwhile, parents keep plastering idiotic stickers on their car bumpers about how smart their children are, and it will not really matter even if it were true. There simply will not be any jobs for these young people, and they will never leave the nest.

Congratulations vile communists and stupid parents!

Z said...

Jack, I couldn't agree with you more, though I know some REALLY REALLY brilliant high schoolers personally... What jobs will THEY take?
The public school kids are lost, for the most part.

I know a boy who graduated from UCLA with the highest grades possible, REALLY high med-school entrance exam scores, and he couldn't get into UCLA Med School, but a lot of hispanic kids got in who had much, much lower grades and test scores.
I'm not against those hispanic kids getting a good education, but to shoulder a deserving kid OUT is beyond the pale (pardon the unintended pun!) ;-) feels like Americans all had their eye on the ball as ONE for all these years and now we're so HORRIBLY divided! Teachers have taught that standing for the Pledge isn't important, learning history isn't as crucial as learning how to put a condom on a banana, etc etc.

You know, I've been thinking about how we're to respect muslims because it's a worldwide religion and mean to criticize, but then you see so MUCH criticism of Christianity and those who say "Don't put Islam down" are part of that criticism! Don't they HEAR themselves? Isn't Christianity a religion deserving respect, too?
Apparently not.
This is the KIND of thing we're fighting; a hypocritical leftwing that's nonsensical.

Also, Mustang and Kid; when we see those Leno videos of interviews asking young people in college, or just out, if they recognize the VP and they DON"T!! OR are asked who's the Speaker of the House and they haven't a CLUE and need to giggle their embarrassment away, etc's HIDEOUS! They don't know the MOST BASIC THINGS!


Kid said...

Z, it's been the communist agenda since they killed JFK.
remove patriotism
kill the family unit
get the women working
take over the schools
take over the major elements of an economic system like energy and transportation.
take over social media and The media.
now it's take over medical care.
what next - food and oxygen via federal brownie points?

Z said...

Kid, so who's behind it and why would Americans GO for it? Misplaced 'kindness'? I mean, I know there ARE lefties who honestly think that if everybody had nothing, the world would be a better place, but WHY? HOW?
Why since JFK? If you see a change from then on, do you want to hypothesize what happened then??!

Kid said...

Z, I believe the commies/dems killed JFK. LBJ was their man to start putting the major hurt on America, starting with the great society and escalating, then losing the Vietnam war, and a myriad of executive decisions and legislation to put America on the path to destruction. Carter came in with another death blow by creating federal departments to fubar pretty much anything of importance going on in America.
In summary, Comrade Brezmanov summarizes it pretty well. You've seen the youtube.

Kid said...

Z, PS, "Americans" go for it because the majority of input they receive comes from a corrupt public education system and totally corrupt media which is in total servitude to the communist democrats. Only by a miracle of good parenting or private school or rock solid genes does a child escape the subversion and mind control.

JonBerg said...

"and they will never leave the nest."

What "nest" are you referring to? Soon, there won't be one!

Rita said...

Bravo FT. That was one of your best prose ever. Exactly what I was thinking, but put so much more eloquently.

Bob said...

Duckys here said...
"Yeah, kiss Kapital's arse. More "free market"(LMAO) solutions."

Ducky, if you are going to be condescending, give me some intelligent discussion, too.

You might notice that I did not say anything about "free" markets. They just don't exist, and never have. If you have studied economics you will understand that there is always a market, and market economic forces will control in the long run.

For example, even in a strict socialistic environment, there is an underlying market. No matter what decisions are made centrally, people will make their own decisions on what they want to buy, and what to pay. That is why black markets appear in command economies.

If you have looked at how economies work, you will understand that no central power can emulate the wisdom of millions and billions of economic decisions made everyday by people who are interested in their own welfare. People will do what is best for them, even to the degree of satisfying their needs through a black market.

Central decisions inevitably result in some things being in short supply, and others having large surpluses.

Remember the lines in the Soviet Union for everything imaginable, except of course at the special stores for the nomenclatura.

So, like it or not, market forces will come to bear in all economies as people try to satisfy their personal needs. Life just works that way.

There is no need to criticize capitalism. Under capitalism more people have been freed of poverty compared to socialism or communism. You might ask why Taiwan and South Korea are thriving economies, with citizenry having much higher standards of living than either North Korea or China.

North Korea and China decided to go to communism instead of capitalism after World War II. Both countries had a chance to be wealthy, and instead subjugated their citizens to decades of poverty and famine.

China is improving their economic condition by implementing market reforms. They will never be a capitalistic country, but they are smart to compete in a market world.

It is a matter of some conjecture of how long it will take for the Chinese citizens to throw off suffocating central control over their economy and lives. You cannot have freedom without economic freedom.