Monday, January 23, 2012

Democrat smears

From the Iowa Republican:Barack Obama’s 2008 Iowa New Media Director was arrested Friday for attempting to use the identities of Secretary of State Matt Schultz [a Republican], and/or his brother Thomas, with the intent to falsely implicate the Secretary Schultz in illegal or unethical behavior. Zach Edwards, 29, of Des Moines, currently works for Link Strategies, a Democrat-affiliated organization with ties to Iowa Senator Tom Harkin. Edwards is the Director of New Media for Link Strategies.
The Secretary of State’s office discovered the alleged crime and reported it to authorities. Edwards turned himself in to the Iowa DCI agents Friday afternoon. He was charged with identity theft, a misdemeanor, and booked into the Polk County jail. Edwards posted $2,000 bail and was released later on Friday. He faces up to two years in prison.
The report goes on to explain that the Democratic party in Iowa has targeted Secretary Schultz since his election in November, attempting to portray him as unethical. The Iowa Department of Public Safety press release (with a link to the criminal complaint against the defendant Zach Edwards) is here.
Z:  The only thing that surprises me is the tie to Tom Harkin...I think he's a stand up guy though I don't agree with him on much.   I guess it's "let the fun, continue".......isn't it amazing that the Democrats are being nailed? Stealing identity is pretty low behavior in any situation, but stealing identity to make things up about unethical behavior stinks BIG TIME.  Let's see how far this story goes........if the networks'll cover it, CNN, etc.   Keep your eyes peeled.
(thanks for the tip, AOW)


Ticker said...

This is just the beginning.
The Dems know they have no candidate in Obama.
They can't defend his record or lack of a record.
They can not defend this failed policies.
They can not defend his denying of thousands of JOBS by blocking Keystone.
They for sure can't defend OBAMANOCARE.
They can't defend Obama period .

The only way they can win is to try to bury the Right in mud(I'm being nice) which they will make up, twist facts, lie, cheat and steal to do.

As I said, this is just the beginning of the work of the Democrat cult of corruption.

Kid said...

We were just talking about this "sort of thing" today.

The democrats are so giddy from the massive amount of lying and fraud that got them the election in 08, they have been no holds barred ever since.
-unemployment is the same as when obama took office.
-obama is just like Ronald Reagan. When I heard that one, it was obvious that they will say or do anything to remain in power. Virtually anything.
The democrat machine really is a cesspool.

Leticia said...

I must agree with Ticker. They will go to any means to discredit the Republican party and its candidates. What other alternative do they have?

Obama has made a mess of this nation and literally put a plug on thousands of would-be-jobs from the Keystone Pipeline. Instead, he focused on low or minimum wage occupations in promoting tourism.

They should just cut their losses and move on, but we already know that will never happen.

Z said...

Ticker, I think it's just the beginning, too. It's mostly why I posted this at all.

Someone needs to financially support conservative journalists who aren't threatened with losing their jobs if they work for big city lib papers, etc., etc.......someone needs to have Newt's guts and TELL IT LIKE IT REALLY IS.

Kid, I have videos on my blog showing a liberal dem who made a documentary on the fraud of '08's primaries against Hillary. The videographer is a huge Hillary fan and she spilled the beans in anger. I have one of Gloria Allred, too! And some from black and white Hillary people who'd come to work the Houston primary; they said they know for a fact that the least of the fraud was obama workers telling old people outside the precincts that they'd better vote for Obama...awful stuff.
some of the videos are gone, by the way. And ALlred capitulated, obviously $$$

Leticia...."cut their losses!"? don't we wish!

Kid said...

Z, The 08 election success was/is an indescribable Cha-Ching for the democrats and all they are connected to. Unions, Cronies such as Solyndra, and RFKennedy Jr's sham operation for 1.2 Bln(I believe). But all in all, Trillions have been stolen. And anyone who is like me - A Taxpaying Non-Union member is at the Bottom of the food chain.

If the history on this even comes close to the truth, it will be unbelievable.

Z said...

Kid, why did that "where's all that stimulus money?" question of last year go? Did they FIND IT?? Remember, there were many saying that they couldn't see where the cash went.

Yes, it would be QUITE an unbelievable history story...but if the left stays in charge of history books, and the History Channel, it'll be rewritten.

Kid said...

Z, True.
Short story
- 3 Trillion to Dems and 'friends'.
- 30+ Trillion from Ben Bernanke to the banks foreign and domestic in the form of value holding Treasuries in return for Worthless Mortgage monopoly paper that will never be worth anything. One of the reasons, the foreign directed US Federal Reserve doesn't want to ever be audited.

A million seconds is 12 days
A billion seconds is 32 years (rounded)
A Trillion seconds is 31,687 Years.

People simply have no idea.


Chuck said...

The Democratic Party is, by it's nature, a group of people with no moral compass. They believe the murder of a child is a "choice". This crime is not very high on the integrity meter for them IMHO.

Liberalmann said...

Nice deflection from the real story of voting irregularities in Iowa with a bogus story only loony extreme righty sites are discussing.

And Ticker, really, you don't know wtf you're talking about, you parrot.

What 'failed' policies? The one in which he prevented another depression with the stimulus, or the one where he saved the auto industry and it was just announced that GM is once again the largest auto maker in the world?

Or is it the fact that we've had economic growth each month since he's been in office? Or how unemployment is steadily decreasing? Oh the fact that you won't have to sell your house to pay for medical expenses. Or you won't have to die because insurance companies can't deny you coverage.Or is it the fact that the CBO says Health Care Reform will save billions?

Or the fact that the majority of
Keystone jobs were not for Americans and were temporary while they built a pipeline which would carry toxic sludge over the largest aquifer in the county?

Or is it really the fact that the GOP has tried to block Obama on everything which ultimately hurt the middle class-you and me. That is unless you're a millionaire. That's where the GOP excels in trying to give the wealthy even more tax breaks while they lay off more Americans to increase their profits, send more jobs overseas and put their money in off shore accounts to avoid paying taxes, their patriotic duty.

So what is it? I know! How about taking your head out of your butt and stop listen to liars!

Get the facts, goober:

Anonymous said...

"on the fraud of '08's primaries against Hillary."

Tell ya what...looking at how HILLARY has buckled, compromised and capitulated to the most extreme elements and platforms of Obama's quest to destroy America....I'm "happier" that we have him rather than her. We all knew what a fraud she was when she copped and carpet bagged the NY senate nod too.

Shes not worthy of the office and we've known it since her...HER...Saul Alinsky commie days.

Z said...

Kid, read Liberal"mann"'s post...then we'll FINALLY get it :-) (no matter how much your facts are true, right?!!)
Honestly, I think it's because libs don't read non-lib news, they honestly think we don't read the normal liberal news media, either!
They just can't BELIEVE we don't think like they do and gad, could you picture America if we had all these years!?

Imp...she's certainly an doubt about that....driven and drunk on self importance, it seems like.

Z said...

by the way, Liberalmann, stop the's REALLY easy to delete your ridiculous commentaries. thanks.

THINK, man...stop only reading your liberal Obama-loving rags, okay?

Kid said...

Z, I don't know if the libman's of the world are certifiable like this one or maybe they are agents of the DNC trolling the net, but they simply aren't close enough to reality to motivate me to type a single character in response.

Plus, Imagine, most of us started out as Liberals, and have matured and progressed beyond, having found liberal concepts to be lies, naive fairy tales, and dead ends.
We've been where they are(the semi-sane ones anyway) and have an extreme advantage over them that they refuse to even consider.

Talking to the hard core ones is like talking to an insect, or some other predator who would climb up your leg and bite into your skin without the slightest clue that 1.) You didn't deserve it since you regularly take them from your house (the non biting ones) and put them back in their natural habitat, and 2.) After the bite, they will be swatted into non-existence more often than not with as much ease as it takes to ignore them on a website.

Liberalmann said...

Lol, nope. Didn't think you'd try to refute anything I said. Ah, that would be can't.

Liberalmann said...

Impertinent... Ok, I'll bite. Your comments are so absurd and vague I just have to.

Do tell how:

"(Hillary)has buckled, compromised and capitulated to the most extreme elements and platforms of Obama's quest to destroy America."

I'm just dying to hear this, lol!

And Z, so it's OK for people on your side of the political spectrum to insult eh? Just a bit hypocritical isn't it? Oh, I forgot....

Kid said...

Z, I spent years bantering with liberals on the net. All to no avail. I actually got to the point where I'd get them to see the light and admit they were wrong - "today", yet they'd be back the very next day with the same tired incorrect schtick. All of them. To the man.

I don't waste my time anymore. If they want to think they live on Saturn, let them. Let them pay the price of living with such obtuse beliefs about life. It's the only thing that has any chance of helping them. If they get bit enough times, maybe something will dawn on them.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Libman isn't a plant. People actually don'tthink that way
I get tired of arguing with them.
Pearls before swine.
That's a quote from a well known religious person, not a slur.
If they were looking for a reasoned discussion, it would be different.
But they hurl insults, invective and falsehoods (oil is toxic sludge?).

Ticker said...

Piss on you Libturd. You are the talking head POS who never had a thought in their life so don't get off telling me anything boy. I'll chew you up and spit you out like a piece of dog meat boy.

Now turd for brains lets tear your stupid ass a new one. Lets start with Keystone. Temp jobs, your an idiot first off because once the pipeline is built it required maintenance . Next the line was rerouted idiot and Nebraska signed off only the ecofacist kept screaming and Odummer put it aside for votes from the fools.
Next: Who blocke Obama, His own dumbass so called leader DOA harry kept 26 jobs bills from coming to the floor. DOA harry couldn't even get a budget formed after his own party voted down Odummers so called budget plan.

Next: According to CBO's projections spending on the major mandatory health care programs alone would grow from less than 6 percent of GDP today to about 9 percent in 2035 and would continue to increase thereafter.
The director of the Congressional Budget Office was testifying in the House Budget Committee that the health-care law President Barack Obama signed last year will kill about 800,000 American jobs over the next decade.
Douglas Elmendorf, Director of the Congressional Budget Office, highlighted that CBO’s March 2011 updated analysis of the health care legislation shows its coverage provisions costing $1.1 trillion between 2012 and 2021. This is $90 billion more than the prior month’s estimates for the same time period.
New taxes, penalties, and fees resulting from the new law will decrease the amount of investment in the economy. This reduced investment will in turn lead to a decline in productivity, causing the economy to produce $706 billion less worth of goods and services.
- On February 10, 2011, CBO Director Doug Elmendorf testified before the House Budget Committee that Obamacare will result in an estimated 800,000 fewer U.S. jobs.

The actuaries find that Obamacare will dramatically increase the near-term growth rate of health care costs. In 2014, the actuaries find that growth in the net cost of health insurance will increase by nearly 14 percent, compared to 3.5% if PPACA had never passed. The growth rate of private insurance costs will rise to 9.4 percent, from 5.0 percent under prior law: an 88% increase.

So much for you stupid Obamanocare argument.

Z said...

Lib"mann"..not hypocritical.
It's my blog, like my front porch, and I don't want your nastiness here and I applaud those who let you know that, too. Simple!

Kid, I have known liberals who have agreed with everyone I've said, then said "Oh, but I could never vote for a REPUBLICAN" "but you just agreed with me on so many points.."

"I know, but....."

I had a black girlfriend once admit she totally agreed with me on small gov't, anti abortion, self reliance, then said "Oh, but Z, I can't vote whole family's voted Dem forever".

Ed and reasoned discussion; it has to start with nastiness on their part and then, when they whip up my commenters into their own nastiness, they insult them for being nasty :-)
Read ANY of the liberals' first comments and they're ugly....they start it then whine.


Ticker said...

Next: Unemployment falling: A joke. Real time unemployment according to the better measure of the real jobless rate -the U-6 - stands at 15.6 percent. Obama's numbers don't count those who have dropped out of looking for jobs completely nor do they take into consideration those who are working part time thus counted under the regular unreliable way of counting as being employed. There is no differentiation on part time and full time, thus the numbers are skewed but then the Leftnoids won't admit that.

GM largest selling( apoint you left out) auto maker in the world but still hasn't paid it's debt to the taxpayers.
GM still owes $30B to the US taxpayers . Still asking for more $$ so guess that kills that bs of yours as well.
Another overlooked fact Toyota had only recently been able to return production levels to normal levels after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan caused major disruptions and parts shortages.

Can't count on the POS VOLT anymore to tout about as "green sucess". What a joke the fool car wouldn't get me from one side of Dallas to the other without a 4 hour refuel charge.

Stimulus kept us out of depression? We were never near a depression and the recession was no where near the 1921 recession which was over in less than 20 months thanks to NO FEDERAL spending.
Stumbulus was an abject failure period and the CBO admits it.

CBO, a nonpartisan agency, has re-evaluated the stimulus every three months with varying estimates of the total price tag — from $787 billion, up to $862 billion and now $825 billion. ( Boy that's really helping the economy and reducing the debt now isn't it. NOT)

The agency also has changed its model for the spending's impact on the economy, and the new calculations show that the act did less than originally projected.

CBO’s latest report reveals that the top-end decline of two-tenths of a percent is deeper than the agency predicted before the stimulus passed in February 2009, according to a report in The Washington Times.

It failed to keep unemployment under 8% as Odummer promised instead it raised to the highest since the depression. So much for STUMBULUS doing diddle for the economy. Using the WH own figures each job created by the STUMBULUS cost $185,000 per job.

CBO report puts the majority of the stimulus’ impact in 2010, when the unemployment rate began the year at 9.7 percent, peaked at 9.9 percent in April, and ended the year at 9.4 percent. In other words, even when the stimulus was at peak efficacy, it had minimal impact on the national unemployment rate.

Who sent jobs overseas? Why it was Obama's own Job Czar. Where did the green jobs go--China again thanks to Obama's Job Czar. Where did GE jobs go-- China again thanks to Obama's Job Czar and former head of GE.

Now the sources are from CBO directly, The Dept of Labor jobs report for January of 2012. A host of leftwing news rags and other media such as CBS etc.

Want to try again BOZO! You have just been handed your ass in a sling. Now go back to your leftnoid sites and blogs and leave your BS there where it is appreciated by the unknowing and ignorant such as yourself. Bye now! ahhahahahha

Z said...

Ticker, I just saw your comment...I swear (I SWEAR) I am laughing so hard I can't read the comment past the first paragraph!
Thanks, I needed that :-)


Bunkerville said...

Just wait till November is all I can say.

Z said...

Bunkerville, you going to blog again?

Liberalmann said...

And right above you post Z, was the nastiest, most obscene post in the thread by Ticker.


And right below your post Ticker make another long winded diatribe full of lies.

THEN you applaud him for his vile post.

You are disturbed.

Ticker said...

HEY LIBTRUD, nasty, obscene. What's the matter boy. YOu like to dish it out but can't take it. Go on back to your lefitst bs website and leave folks who have some brains and scense enough to use them alone. Guess you can't refute anything so you have to try to tear the writer down, huh, boy?
Libs are all alike, full of bs with no real facts to present and no ability to put forth an argument with any substance. Bye now dumbass!

Z said...

Libmann, then fine...let's cancel dinner because I'd hate for you to sit there looking so disappointed in me :-)

Yes, you and your ilk make Ticker REAL ANGRY, and I get that....and I don't adore his language but, you know...He's a buddy and that's okay with me. Remember, this is a private blog and I print what I want printed.
And he's absolutely right; you have NEVER EVER commented with anything but stupid links to leftist sites and insults and name calling, so don't even go there, okay?

(actually, go somewhere else, okay?) thanks

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