Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Obama goes into a bar.............

A good new year's illustration of what we're all feeling.   Do you have ANY relations or friends who voted for Obama and are feeling more like this bar tender now?   Let us know!   
Thanks, Imp.   


net observer said...

That's actually a good cartoon.

I definitely have at least one friend who is similar to me in that he is a "former GOP-er turned independent" who voted for Obama in 2008.

He is openly disappointed with Obama because of "a leadership deficit" as he calls it. I'm not exactly certain what he means by that. Nevertheless, he doesn't "hate" Obama. But he is clearly disappointed.

Still, I seriously doubt he's headed back to the GOP.

At any rate, I am personally very curious about 2008 Obama supporters who HAVE decided to vote GOP this year. Please chime in. I wanna hear your reasoning in the most blunt, simplest terms.

Ironically, I think Obama's worst enemy may be his own supporters. i.e., their lack of enthusiasm. While it's doubtful they will turn to the GOP, it's even more doubtful that they'll be standing in long "early vote" lines in the middle of autumn like they did in 2008.

And that's assuming that they'll vote at all.

Obama's biggest FRIEND might be, indirectly, the increased energy of his opposition. If the GOP really gets their base genned up to an ultra-noisy, rabid level, the dormant Democrats might wake up and fight.

Ever wonder what would happen if Obama/Romney 2012 resulted in a repeat of Gore/Bush 2000? Do you think we would see fightin' in the streets? =)

DeanO said...

Believe it or not - my family that supports Obama are now more pro Obama then ever. Go figure - great cartoon! I see Matt Damon is speaking out against Obama - I wonder about the fonz

Incognito said...

Hey you!
My parents are Democrats, did not vote for anyone last time around, but def. plan on voting for him this time.
And all my actor friends are still enamored.

net observer said...

my guess? with the exception of a few FAR leftists, no dems are about turn on obama.

on the level, nobody "hates" obama besides right-wingers. which is why i think the right might be fooling itself with their overconfidence. time will tell.

Always On Watch said...

Two of my relatives voted for BHO as did two of my friends.

Out of that four, I detect that only one will not be again voting for Obama; she is completely enraged now.

One of the four will vote for a Dem -- no matter which Dem is running.

Another of the four will probably do the same as he counts himself "part of the counterculture."

The remaining one of the four doesn't keep up with the news, so she will vote according to how she feels about a particular candidate. For example, she didn't vote for McCain-Palin because she didn't like the sound of Palin's voice; she did like McCain. Go figure.

If the last of the four loses her job -- that may happen within the next month -- she'll likely vote GOP.

How people make their decisions for the ballot box are strange and may little to do with what a candidate actually stands for.

Dave Miller said...

As an Obama voter, it would take a really good alternative candidate for me to change.

Judging by the level of love for Mr Romney within the GOP, at this time best situated to get the nomination, not even the right is real enameled with the alternatives.

As in 2004, sometimes the devil you know is better...

Ducky's here said...

I know quite a few Obama voters and several, including myself, who were very uneasy about him.

He exposed himself as the corporate stooge we expected fairly quickly.

Strangest Marxist I ever encountered. Well of course he isn't left of center at all but that only indicates just how far the fringe right has moved. And in some cases there is another obvious reason.

Brooke said...

That is an excellent cartoon!

I don't think any of my family voted for Obama, nor any friends I know of.

Rita said...

I'd say there were about 9 people in my husband's family that voted for Obama, and I'm fairly certain none of them will vote for him again. They bought into the slick hype and finally the last one who was still defending him 6 months ago is no longer saying she does.

I just am not that thrilled with the GOP candidates either. Every great candidate was smart enough to stay out of the fray.

I still do not understand why anyone would want that lousy job anyway.

Z said...

net, you never fail to amaze me in your appreciation of obama over any GOPer. There isn't ONE "GOPer" you'd vote for over Obama?

Your comment about 'rightwingers' 'hating' Obama shows something, too. We hate what he's done, the demeaning of the Right in congress for not going along for him, suggesting they have no ideas, etc....ya, we hate that.

And no, most liberals who voted for Obama and are disappointed will not vote for Republicans; the media's taken care of that.

DeanO....when the celebs think Obama's disappointed them, it's because he's not left ENOUGH. They'll not vote Republican...don't you agree?
Sorry about your family. I simply can't see how people can look at our borrowing, our joblessness, etc. and still believe Obama's a good president; I think he's convinced most lefties that it's BUsh's fault so well that they believe it still.

Incognito! Gad, how're you?
I'd have thought your folks would have mellowed after seeing this mess today!

Dave, how anyone can see what's happened these last 3 years and believe 'what you know is better' is a little surprising.

Ducky, your 'fringe' usage lame. It says nothing. a 'fringe' is a few on the outside. Most Republicans are fed up, not some 'fringe' you mean to be pejorative with.

AOW, Brooke, Rita...I know people who aren't voting for Obama again and several stories from friends of people they know.

They see what's happened and they see maturity in the GOP candidates...
I think the amount of debates (CNN having hosted some) has been a real detriment. All people see is a bunch of people picking at each other and it'll be only when a frontrunner's chosen that we'll see people really deciding to listen to the Republican message, to stop believing Obama when he's constantly saying "They HAVE no message!":-) To him, it's his message or no message, it's his message or it's not caring, it's his message or you're a racist...
The way I look at it, it's his message or you understand that America can't continue with his policies.

Speedy G said...

Many former Obama voters have given up on their over-promised "hope" and are going to stay home this time around, for they have experienced very little "change" for the "better". Democrats will put on a brave face, but barring an external attack or local large-scale catastrophy, the energy and momentum that got them to the polls in 2008 won't be there in 2012. That energy certainly isn't coming from the failed OWS movement, which served only to shift media attention away from the Tea Party (and thereby extinguish its' 2010 momentum).

beamish said...

The Tea Party crapped in its hat when it flipped from claiming to be against higher taxes, against TARP, and against Obama's stimulus packages to running far-left Presidential candidates that champion those three things.

I think the race has been a nice revelation / voyage of self-discovery about who's serious and who's making noise. Glen Beck supports the Euro-socialist Ron Paul because Newt Gingrich innocuously admired Teddy Roosevelt (which in turn makes Gingrich into Dennis Kucinich in Beck's crossed eyes). Ann Coulter is out there claiming Mitt Romney is "the most conservative candidate."

Former Romney supporters in 2008 are now looking for the anti-Romney though nothing about Romney has changed since 2008.

It's a mess. If Obama puts Hillary Clinton on the ticket with him, the Tea Party / Occupy Republican Primaries movement will dry up, and both parties will run their own candidates.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

I find it amazing how many people actually fell for Obama's self;f promotion and still can't see him for what he really is. Someone who IMO does not like this country
and has disdain for it and anyone who is successful,,has a shady past that the left doesn't even care to know about and then they say how wonderful he is,and thinking that community organizing is a prerequisite for president of a country of our magnittude,
All I know is he needs to go because he said he only got 20% of his agenda passed and I'd hate to live in an America with the rest of his agenda which I believe he will not hesitate to impose on us if he gets 4 more years.
That health care bill is projected to eat up 80% of GDP in the next 15-20 years. There is no much uncertainty and open ended laws in that bill.
Ha, as I type I just receive in the mail a notice form My insurance company that my sonogram may not be covered becuase certain plans that were created before Mar 23 2010 and may or may
not be considered a "grandfathered health plan under the new affordable care act"

Does anyone have a clue as to what that means? I have no clue so now I need to call them an ask them what it means.
So not only do we have big copays,we will be paying more to cover those without coverage.
For us struggling middle class people ,we are going to feel the pain of Obama and Pelosi more than we know.
See real certainty.
Thanks for looking out for us Obama you@!#$&!!!!!!!!

net observer said...


if i'm not mistaken, just a few days ago i said i would vote for c christie if he were running. a mere three months ago i was excited about herman cain until he turned into a joke. even santorum strikes me as a potentially interesting alternative.

z, sometimes i think you confuse my attempts at objective opinion as heavily biased opinion. i have no love nor hate for any of these people or either party - period.

net observer said...

one other thing: "hate"

i think it's fair to say liberals hated bush and reagan and conservatives hated clinton and hate obama. even david horowitz once complained about "obama derangement syndrome". i recognize the term "hate" is complicated. that's why i put it in quotes.

z, when u say "the media", i'm assuming that doesn't include fox or talk radio or the conservative voices in the liberal-leaning media, which one might argue are often problematic in other direction.

Silverfiddle said...

I don't have any family members who meet the description, but I've observed quite a few hard-cores who still proudly display the cult of personality postage stamp looking stickers on their cars.

Leticia said...

Love the cartoon! Speaks volumes! LOL.

As of matter of fact one of my friends did vote for Obama and regretted it almost immediately. He fell for the hope and change rubbish.

My in-laws still support him, though. We have had some serious tiffs in their living room over their bad decision. Democrats, argh...

Fredd said...

Pretty good Obama joke:

Cletus went to the neurosurgeon to have his brain checked out, since it didn't seem to work right. He told the neurosurgeon, 'Doc, I just cain't seem to thank ('think') right, kin you hep me?'
The neurosurgeon, after thoroughly examining Cletus said, 'yes, just as I suspected, Cletus. You need a new brain. I can schedule you for a brain transplant next week. All you need to do is choose which kind of brains you want to use to replace your rotten brains.'
Cletus, somewhat stunned at the prognosis, asked 'whaddaya mean, what kind o' brains? Is they more than one kind?'
The neurosurgeon patiently explained, 'yes, Cletus. If you want to use the brains of people who voted for George W. Bush, those go for $1,000.00 per ounce. If you wanted to use the brains of people who voted for John McCain, those brains are $2,000.00 per ounce. And Obama voter brains, those are $1,000,000.00 (1 million) per ounce.'
Cletus gasped: 'A million bucks, for an ounce of Obama voter brains, why so much, Doc?'
Again, the neurosurgeon patiently explained to a slow thinking Cletus, 'Obama voter brains are extremely expensive for a simple reason, Cletus. Do you realize how many Obama voters we would have to harvest to yield just a single ounce of brains?'

Pris said...

I know Democrats who did not vote for Obama last time, and will not vote for him this time. In fact they feel more strongly against him this time.

Net, liberals hated Reagan? Who then were those Reagan Democrats?

There are mainstream Dems, and then there are far left Dems. The far left has co-opted the Democrat Party IMO, and that's what the Democrats I know, believe. They want their party back!

Tell me Net, would the Democrat Party nominate JFK today? He was anti-Communist, pro America, had served in the military and initiated a huge tax cut as President.

If you read his inauguration speech, you will see a mainstream, pro America speech.

Today, he'd have a much better chance as a Republican.

Z said...

Pris, except that he was young and handsome (and leftwingers seem to be enthralled with personality and charisma), JFK wouldn't have a chance as a Dem today, you wrote "Today, he'd have a much better chance as a Republican. "
You are so right.

And, of course, it goes against Ducky's suggestion that it's the Right which has moved more Right, doesn't it.

I believe you're right, the far Left and even not so far Left, are getting known as Anti-American, anti defense, pro illegal, pro abortion, pro appeasement, pro borrowing people, none of which sounds very positive to most Americans...that's why it's odd to hear so many people I usually consider fairly bright commenting here proudly that they voted for Obama and will do so again with no proof that he's been effective at all.......not in positive ways, anyway.

Net...FOX has MUCH more of both sides represented...I consider that more fair and balanced. But, of course, their editorial people lean Right.
Odd that CNN doesn't even label their editorialists; I guess without the mainstream media labeling it that way, people haven't realized CNN leans so heavily Left. FOX would admit O'Reilly and Hannity lean Right...CNN doesn't admit that about Wolf or Crowley or AManpour, ....none of them. Piers MOrgan is a joke, of course; I watch from time to time, but his smugness toward the Right's hilarious. I remember the other day I think it was Harry Conick who refused to talk politics because "I'm really rather confused these days"

Morgan smirks and says "OH, like the Republican candidates?" :-)
but, no bias, and no lefting moniker.

I never read you'd have voted for Christie; I try to keep up with my comments, but do not remember that; thanks for telling me again, it's refreshing :-)

Z said...

I give this a lot of thought, this Obama v the Right thing...and it puzzles me a lot.

I couldn't listen to a Republican president insult the Democrats like Obama does the Republicans in Congress....the essence being "they just won't listen.. it's all politics with them and they play dirty pool.....they have to stop playing politics over the good of the people.." I could go on but I haven't the time right now.
I wish I had time to come up with the exact quotes ; they're literally almost verbatim, however, and you've all heard them.

This type of blaming and mocking a whole half the country's hard for me and I wouldn't stand it in a Republican president.

I can't imagine where people feel the borrowing's been a good idea, either..instead of really selling the fact that to protect our childrens' futures, we need to tighten our belts in what might be very uncomfortable ways.
I think most people are finally seeing through the green agenda, I think the SOlyndra scandal and Fast and Furious would have killed a Republican president in the media.

I also greatly resent that race has ANYTHING to do with Cons not liking Obama's stances...and isn't it particularly (sorry but..) STUPID for the Left to say we're racist when we'd all vote for Alan West yesterday if we could, and backed Cain before he imploded?

I have a hard time with Gingrich, I get that in the Left...and I'm certainly not nuts for Romney, but compared to Mr. Obama?
hands down pro America, no history of Communist mentors and hateful pastors and horrid race confusion from his upbringing (read any of Obama's two books)...

whatever...we have a LONG way to go till November, don't we.

BB-Idaho said...

I wonder.."JFK wouldn't have a chance as a Dem today, you wrote "Today, he'd have a much better chance as a Republican."
JFK said,
"If by a "Liberal" they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people — their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, and their civil liberties — someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad, if that is what they mean by a "Liberal," then I'm proud to say I'm a "Liberal."

Z said...

BB...the only 'ideas' liberals in congress welcome is their ideas.
What's rigid about all the suggestions the Republicans have tried to set forth but have been so insulted every single time...with the media even saying , along with Obama "they have no ideas!?" !!!

Poor JFK would probably be surprised that libs have had to go to the term PROGRESSIVE because Liberal's developed a bad name. Why?

As for the rest of it...I think Mr Kennedy would be very surprised at what's happened to liberals today, including some of his brothers' stances.

He stood for much that Republicans stand for...low taxes, civil rights, etc.

I don't think he'd be quite so proud today, frankly.

net observer said...

good questions, pris. were the reagan democrats "liberals"? were they?

forgive my very skewed view. the average black person in the 80s couldn't freakin' stand Reagan lol i'll never forget being in the 10th grade in '80 on wednesday morning. parents, teachers everywhere were p!ssed about reagan's victory. it was weird.

it was a different political culture from the rest of the nation. i'll concede that =)

Z said...

BB..FT submitted this comment on a post below and it fits here perfectly. i have a hunch JFK would be a Republican:


You can't get any more accurate than this!

Which side of the fence?

If you ever wondered which side of the fence you sit on, this is a great test!
If a Republican doesn't like guns, he doesn't buy one.
If a Democrat doesn't like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.

If a Republican is a vegetarian, he doesn't eat meat.
If a Democrat is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone.

If a Republican is homosexual, he quietly leads his life.
If a Democrat is homosexual, he demands legislated respect.

If a Republican is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation.
A Democrat wonders who is going to take care of him.

If a Republican doesn't like a talk show host, he switches channels.
Democrat's demand that those they don't like be shut down.

If a Republican is a non-believer, he doesn't go to church.
A Democrat non-believer wants any mention of God and religion silenced.

If a Republican decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it..
A Democrat demands that the rest of us pay for his.

Net...I've heard that about Black America and Reagan, too. I wonder if they ended up feeling that way about him because many Dems started that way and ended up really admiring the guy.
In THIS state, it was astonishing how many lined up on the cortege route from the mortuary (where Mr Z also was) to the Reagan Library Burial plot.
In liberal California, UPS drivers were stopping trucks and saluting along Wilshire Blvd....people crowded the freeway overpasses waving flags, THOUSANDS of people......amazing...beautiful sight.

Rita said...

I can tell you in a censored manner what I said to my TV this morning when I heard Romney say he would veto any legislation that had earmarks.

It went something like this, "Bull#$#*"

Sadly I have become a cynic in believing any of them really want to make a change.

Interestingly enough I finally watched Mr Smith Goes to Washington this weekend. I was shocked that it was filmed in 1939. Not that much has changed.

net observer said...

and no, i don't think jfk would be welcome by the democratic party. but i'm not so sure if reagan would be so welcome in the GOP either, esp. the tea party side.

i'll put it this way. people like nixon, reagan, ford, were more cerebral than today's mainstream GOP candidates. that might true on both sides.

Anonymous said...

'Do you have ANY relations or friends who voted for Obama and are feeling more like this bar tender now?'

I 'm sure there are plenty of people who won't have to sell their houses..or die...paying for the health care of a family member.

Lisa; sorry, you're the one who hasn't a clue.

Rita said...

Btw, I am sitting here watching NBC Network News and watching the horrible things Alan Colmes said. I was surprised they reported it.

Thoroughly disgusting. Fox News should fire him NOW.

My non-political husband looked up from his paper, watched someone saying Rick Perry had a great sense of humor and said, "Who the &^*% cares whether he has a sense of humor? They all are crooks."

I think he pretty much just summed up what nearly all Americans feel right now. It's only us political junkies who are actually fool enough to believe anyone will ever make a difference.

Anonymous said...
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net observer said...

what did colmes say?

Anonymous said...

BTW...Kennedy wanted nothing to do with civil rights. He and Booby ( sic ) were too consumed with denying the civil rights of the Teamsters / Mafia and Hoffa in particular.

The civil rights torch was passed to LBJ in 1964.

Then to Teddy who screwed the country with his immigration treachery that's now killing American taxpayers with unbridled chain migration of illegals.

"A Black Republican decides issues for himself and takes part in what opportunities are offered to all Americans."(Sowell, Thomas, West and lately Cain.)

A Black Democrat cries "racism" , discrimination, Jim Crow when he / she feels the need and usually sings the songs of the CBC, a racist club ("Primarily, we are concerned with the needs and concerns of the black population, and we will not allow white America to infringe on those objectives.) or to the SPLC.
(Waters, Rangel, Lewis, Conyers, Jordan and Cleaver among the best.)

"It is utterly hypocritical for Congress to extol the virtues of a color-blind society while officially sanctioning caucuses that are based solely on race. If we are serious about achieving the goal of a colorblind society, Congress should lead by example and end these divisive, race-based caucuses."

Anonymous said...

"what did colmes say?"

In good conscience...I couldn't repeat the slur he made about Santorum, his wife and their private grief on losing a child.

The "Crypt keeper", Colmes.....is a very nasty, ugly man / worm.

But...you can be damn sure if it was a Hannity, Goldberg or a Coulter....they'd be censured or out of a job.

Anonymous said...

Here Net.....judge for yourself.


Rita said...

Colmes did not back down from his vile comments about how a couple should grieve the loss of a child one iota during the entire discussion


NOW he's supposedly apologizing. Amazing how people sudden want to apologize when the public express an outrage. He would be perfectly fine with his horrible comments until the outcry.

Watching Santorum's wife cry during Santorum's response to the comment was more than I could stand to watch.

I learned twenty years ago NO ONE should ever judge how someone else grieves.

Colmes is an a&^*%$$. I think about how many people get fired for so much less. Fox News should find them another liberal that is not so hateful.

Jan said...

Z..I don't know of any of my relatives, or friends, who voted for him, other than a cousin, who got all bent out of shape when I criticized Obama's policies on the phone, one day.

I was shocked, because I had no idea that he had voted for him!

He had always been one of my favorite cousins, and always thought that I could no wrong...but he let me know in no uncertain terms that I was completely wrong about Obama!

He was cold as ice when we ended the conversation, and we haven't talked in a long while, but I'd like to know how he feels, now.

My elderly aunt has always been a staunch Democrat, but rather than vote for him, she decided not to vote, at all.

I remember his speech at the Democratic National Convention, in 2004, and I thought when I heard it, "I'd vote for that guy!"

I changed my mind, of course, and was a nervous wreck waiting for the election results...and cried when he was announced the winner.

I understood what the Bush haters felt, when they said they would move to Canada if he won.

I don't hate Obama, because it is not in me to hate anyone...but I do hate what he has done to this country. I think we are more divided now, than ever, in spite of his promise to be a "uniter."

And for anyone to even imply that I don't want him to be President because of his color, just infuriates me. I have never, in my entire life, judged anyone on basis of color!

My opinions are based on what I see, and know about the individual. Their actions speak much louder than any words, and what I have seen out of Obama would turn me against anyone, regardless of color.

Lisa said...

Hey Dud I have a clue . You are the one who is frigging clueless because you obviously don't know either otherwise you would have said so. There are about 40 things in the health care bill that says "The Secretary Shall decide"
The clueless ones are the ones who passed this bill,you know so we can find out what's in it and we are already starting to feel what is in it. A friend of mine insurance just doubled this week . She makes 35,000 and has to pay the higher premium passed on to her so we can collect enough money to cover the uninsured. That's Obama looking out for the middle class.

Not everyone gets free government health care like you do so maybe you should start kicking in to at least pay for yourself.

Anonymous said...

"Colmes did not back down

Of course not...the vile, hateful remark is out there. And his "apology" is nothing more than trying to cover his boney ass with his employers. He should be fired...I listened last night to his radio blitz where he again made lite of his filthy remark.

Lisa said...

Hey Lib I see you got schooled ove at Leticia's blog....again.
Don't you ever get tired of being exposed?

Kid said...

I don't know anyone personally, but I have noticed that people who are wrong tend to not want to admit it, and will therefore double down on stupid.
OTOH, I see Far Fewer obama bumper stickers than I did a couple years ago.

Z said...

Rita, we were watching MR SMITH together :-)
It could be made today, couldn't it...no, NOTHING has changed.

net "i'll put it this way. people like nixon, reagan, ford, were more cerebral than today's mainstream GOP candidates. that might true on both sides."
I agree

Of course, it takes some brains to be able to remember what the debaters remember and to keep one's wits about oneself when on stage with millions watching, (and I'm not sure Ford was so cerebral) but you're right, in general.

Rita.."I learned twenty years ago NO ONE should ever judge how someone else grieves." I've learned that especially since losing mr Z.

Is COLMES still on Fox News somewhere?? He is a GHOUL but I'll have to watch these videos; I hadn't heard about what he said about Santorum...
My gosh, even rightwingers who couldn't stand Colmes' politics (people on TV) said he's a nice guy. What happened?

Lisa, the other day, I found libdud's comment was all from a leftwing site. He doesn't think well for himself. If 'think' can be used in re to those lib sites, that is.

Imp, he made light of it? I am going to watch the videos now..thanks.

Z said...

Kid, EXCELLENT point about Obama stickers. I swear I've maybe seen ONE new one here in LA...I've seen about 10 OLD ones, but you're right.........virtually nothing new.

(I like that :-)

Z said...

WAIT A MINUTE. Alan suggests Santorum took a DEAD BABY HOME and played with it?
Is that what happened?

By the way, whatever happened; you do all see what's going on, right?

As Colmes said "The Republicans have speed dated every other candidate, now it's Santorum's turn to lead" He has a point!

BUT, he should add "The Reps have speed dated every other candidate and now Santorum's surging so the leftwingers like me have to speed ANNIHILATE this final Republican candidate like we've done with the others"..right?

Thersites said...

You can bet that the fusion conservatives are all out for Romney tonight in Iowa. Heaven save us!

Thersites said...

Meanwhile at a caucus of fusion conservatives south of Des Moines...

Rita said...

Z: I had never watched Mr. Smith before, had only read vague references to the movie, so I watched it over the New Years weekend. The only difference is the unlikely ending at the end of the movie. None of those corrupted by the system actually ever feel guilt (at least in my opinion). They have sold their soul to the devil and they don't look back.

That's why I would have preferred someone that thinks for themselves, rather than worry about which way the wind blows. I was watching an interview last night with Bush 43. I know there are many who still want to bash him, but I never doubted after 9/11, he did only what he honestly believed was right. And I have never seen a thoughtful liberal interview where you could not literally see even the liberals believed in his sincerity.

The reason I supported Cain was because he was sincere and not a career politician. Since there has been no other information to come out, I have to believe there was some truth in at least some of the women's statements, but I think of John Edwards and how the media complied with keeping his affair and child a secret. The news is what they TELL us is the news.

That's why the internet has become a source of good information. Sure you have to verify the source of information before believing it (at least I do), but many bloggers are now what the journalists used to be.

And after watching what the media did to Cain, I know now why Mitch Daniels did not run. He made it clear it was a family decision and given his wife's past, I have no doubt that she was a major reason he did not run. You could tell he was itching to get in the race, but he chose family over his desire to run.

The media would have ripped her to shreds.

Rita said...

Z: Santorum stated their baby was born prematurely due to her dangerous health condition. The baby died two hours later.

They took him home to bury him and for his children to witness that every life is precious. If that isn't a great lesson in pro-life I wouldn't know what else would be.

And Colmes talked about how crazy that it was they took him home to the kids could "play with him". And even after being called out, he continued to defend that the issue was relevant to the campaign.

And I look back at NPR firing Juan Williams over saying he was sometimes uncomfortable getting on a place with someone from the middle east dressed in the traditional muslim dress.

And Hank Williams Jr was fired from the NFL Monday night football opener song because he made a stupid comparison (which I DID find way out of line) on Fox and Friends. Williams should never have said what he did, but in my opinion it was far less horrible than Colmes.

Anonymous said...

"I see Far Fewer obama bumper stickers than I did a couple years ago....

Cash for clunkers or someone's invented a new O sticker removal process and gotten rich in the process? I only see them on Prius anyway.

beamish said...

I see the puerile Naderite is out trying to smear Reaganites (fusion conservatives) again.

Why don't you share with us how you made fun of Santorum's dead baby on my blog months ago, FJ?

Dare me to link it?

KP said...

rita: I enjoy your thoughtful comments.

Z: "the Republicans in Congress....the essence being "they just won't listen.."

I agree. It was Pelosi and Reid who ignored the majority of the country and the Republicans while using all of their early political capital and goodwill to force through the Affordable Health Care Act. That bill was a train wreck.

And then Pelosi parading with the big gavel. How did they expect Republicans and voters to react? It was akin to Devil Anse Hatfield and Uncle Jim Vance at the start of the fued between the Hatfields and the McCoys. Probably one of the most distastful things I have seen in American politics in the last thirty years. That bill is a lie shrowded in good intention.

THINGS ARE SCREWED UP! Now, how do the left and right find the compassion to work together to resolve our almost overwhelming structural issues?

WomanHonorThyself said...

I can't stomach any more of this terrorist sympathizer Z................Happy New Year!:)

KP said...

It's a time to get invloved.

Millions of people don't vote. For well over 300,000,000 million of us, 545 people decide how we will address our problems.

1 President
9 Supremes
100 Senators
435 Representatives


And talk to people who do not agree with you.

"Keep Calm and Carry On".

Z said...

Rita, I think it is odd to bring a dead baby home....usually, a body goes to a mortuary, of course, but...I do think it's none of anybody's business what people do with their child. What a horrid time for them and what a really horrid little man would condemn them for doing what they needed to do.

KP "THINGS ARE SCREWED UP! Now, how do the left and right find the compassion to work together to resolve our almost overwhelming structural issues?"

I think both are so afraid to let go that it'll never work, frankly.
The Right's afraid that the Left's taking us into socialism via entitlements, thinks we've (obviously) lost our world standing (Pakistan and Iran are telling US off!?), etc etc.
The Left's afraid the Right's going to stop them from killing babies and might take us into war again, even if it IS necessary in order to protect us.
Ya, I'm a little biased and ya, I could go on and on with both lists.

Actually, I couldn't think of a blog for tomorrow and I just got it. Thanks!

Z said...

KP, my goodness! I just saw your fitness site, and it's terrific! You sure are fit.
You lived in LA for four years?

beamish said...

I think it is odd to bring a dead baby home....usually, a body goes to a mortuary, of course, but...I do think it's none of anybody's business what people do with their child. What a horrid time for them and what a really horrid little man would condemn them for doing what they needed to do.

Indeed, Z. But in-home funeral wakes are not as unusual as you would think. Of all the funeral wakes I've attended, over half of them weren't in a funeral home. They were held in the deceased's home, surrounded by friends and family and the home the departed knew in life.

Making fun of this just goes to show how opportunistically sick and depraved the left actually is.

Anonymous said...

"Rita, I think it is odd to bring a dead baby home."

For a very long time...before $10,000 funerals and all...and before professional morticians...and before it became big business....taking the body home for a respectful wake in the deceased home was quite normal and very appropriate. As were photos of the deceased.

After all...the dead person lived there once, no? Wouldn't those surrounding be more comfortable for the mourners rather than some stone cold mortuary surrounded by professional undertakers...who see you as another pay check?

Anonymous said...

Oops...didn't see beamish before I uploaded my comment.

beamish said...
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beamish said...
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beamish said...

"...of course my FAVORITE "conservative" (read "Republican") is Rick Santorum. Not only does he enjoy playing with dead baby corpses and getting his kids to play with them... - FJ / Thersites / SpeedyG / Joe Conservative / sock puppeteer

- link

And you thought his labelling entitlement reform advocates "grandma killers" was the only thing left-wing about him....

KP said...

Z: << I just saw your fitness site, and it's terrific! You sure are fit. You lived in LA for four years? >>

Thanks. Yes, I was in Los Angeles for four years. I have been in San Diego since 1982. I will posted some of the rest of my story on the "Best Blog Post".

Z said...

'Best Blog Post'?? where?>

KP said...

Your blog: Dec 31st :-)

Z said...

you wrote "I will posted some of the rest of my story on the "Best Blog Post"."
so I wasn't sure what that meant...

That story about your Dad is heartbreaking, KP...what an experience. I'm SO sorry.

I loved all that you wrote and it did say a little more about you, that's for sure.

Don't you just LOVE Santa Barbara? I could live there so easily.

I need you to come help me get an exercise routine that gets about 8 Christmas pounds off of me!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to have to tell you that every person I know who graduated from an Ivy League college (quite a few!) is still solidly in Obama's corner. They all clam to be "very proud" of him.

I've known some of these people since 1954, and believe me they are not unintelligent. Two of them received 800's on both verbal and math SAT's -- perfect scores. All have been what-you'd-have-to-call "successful."

I'm not sure exactly what inferences we ought to draw from this. I have to admit I am confounded -- but no more so than I am by some of the outrageous accusations repeatedly made by some blogsters who purport to be "conservative," but whose tiresome tropes reveal a renegade mentality impossible to define by any conventional label.

I wonder, these days, if a new political movement is not emerging that might be called INVECTIVISM? A sister to this could be called militant CONFUSIONISM.

I hasten to add that last has nothing to do with Confucius.

It appears the "Intelligentsia" have pronounced Marxian sympathies by nearly 100%. So do the clearly-defined traditional "minorities" of longstanding.

So where does that leave the rest of us?

You can't say "Out in LEFT Field," can you?

NOMANSLAND seems to be the correct answer.


~ FreeThinke

KP said...

Eight pounds is not a big project!

Santa Barbara rools.

Pris said...

Net, being a tea party member myself, I think we would be delighted if another candidate like Reagan appeared.

I have no idea what gives you the impression that tea party members wouldn't like Reagan. Don't tell me you believe the negative hype the mainstream media put forth about the tea party.

We're middle class folks who worry about the same things any reasonable citizen worries about.

I worry that my children, and grandson won't have the freedom and opportunities, Mr, Pris and I had. That's why we became tea party members, and from discussions with others in the TP, that's a big motivation for many of them as well.

Personally, President Reagan is one of my heroes. I love him. He was a great President in my eyes.

The term liberal used to stand for those who believed in individual freedom. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I care about civil liberties and civil rights. Anyone who believes in the Constitution cares about individual rights for all Americans. The Tea Party is a movement based on those principles which founded this country.

Anonymous said...

If we have the capacity for thoughtful reflection, we at least can understand how one-third of our people now accept Marxism as a legitimate point of view. They don’t understand the meaning of words. The best we can say about John Kennedy is that he was a good-looking politician, but he wasn’t a very good one. In spite of the facts, people continue to harp about how great things were in the days of Camelot; they argue that Kennedy was a conservative. The last conservative politician to come out of Massachusetts was John Adams. Kennedy may have been a center right democrat, but he was no conservative.

Kennedy’s own words tell us that. We should ask why a politician must look forward at the exclusion of looking back. We should wonder how any true American thinks the federal government has the right (much less an obligation) to feed our children. This is a parental responsibility, and from the standpoint of welfare, one of those things that belongs to states “or the people.” Kennedy, like Roosevelt, seemed incapable of understanding the importance of words … particularly those written down in our founding document, the constitution.

Most important, if Kennedy was a liberal, he was neo-liberal. A classical liberal is one who adheres to the ideas of our founding fathers; a classical liberal is a conservative. “Liberalism” only became the favorite son of democrats once dyed in the wool communists seized that party. Who told us this was happening? Reagan did, in the 1960s —and long-time democrat Zell Miller, who repudiated the Democratic Party in the 1990s— along with a dozen other people who had uncanny ability to observe the obvious within the Democratic Party: Marxists have co-opted it.


Z said...

FT, Ivy Leaguers are proud just because he's not a Republican. They don't bother to see what Republicans are really about; they believe their profs and the leftwing news they've swallowed since their leftwing profs left off. "They all clam to be "very proud" of him."

What rubbish. Proud of WHAT?
Answer: he's not Republican. Don't you think?

KP...no, it's not but I've never been undisciplined and i have been lately!!
Santa Barbara is bliss.

Pris, it's just another move of the media to despise Conservatives: to paint Tea Partiers as bad. They took the term and used it like they use "truther" or "birther".. or "evangelical"...
TP members suddenly became, not the Americans who love the constitution and want to go back to it, but nuts who liken Obama to Hitler and who don't care about the middle class...the left ignores that they ARE THE MIDDLE CLASS.
It's like insanity.
The Left thinks the Right hates blacks because we disagree with Obama but would vote Alan West tomorrow...go figure. ???
The Left thinks TP members are whacks when they have never done anything the least bit whacko.
you can't make this stuff up

Anonymous said...


Labels mean nothing -- only the significance we attach to them -- which changes all the time.

The party of Abraham Lincoln was a RADICAL LEFTIST organization in its time. The DEMOCRATIC party of that era could only be defined as ARCH CONSERVATIVE.

The issues never change, but the labels do constantly.

That's why it's so important to keep thinking through the issues on our own, and never let anyone else "tell" us what we ought to believe.

The loudest voices and the flashiest images seldom lead us in the right direction. Stridency and confusion are properties of the Devil.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...


I think you're exactly right. What amazes me is how easily led these very very smart people have been by "what they were told" by a bunch of Cultural Marxist ideologues who insinuated themselves into our university system, and started spreading slow-acting moral, spiritual and intellectual poison long long ago.

Sophistry can be very powerful -- as we've found out to our sorrow. That's why I said it's vitally important to keep thinking things through for ourselves just a moment ago.

~ FreeThinke

net observer said...

Pris, what I'm mostly talking about is tone, and frankly, depth. (Obviously, I don't have people like you in mind here) When I listen to interviews with the members of the Tea Party Caucus, their tone is off-putting (sometimes creepy) and their depth is questionable.

Sure, it might be a matter of misinterpretation on my part. But I'm a pretty reasonable guy. If they come across that way to me, that's saying something.

The debt ceiling drama last summer was interesting to watch. On one hand, it was refreshing to witness to a bunch of guys in Congress insist on a rather stubborn no-spending principle. On the other hand, I wondered, "How far are these guys willing to go with this"? There are "principles" and there is a kind of religious zealotry. Occasionally, those guys blur the line.

When we see these pathetic poll numbers for Congress, I honestly think the Tea Party Caucus is carrying more than their share of the blame. Most Americans aren't comfortable with their way of thinking, and I think we will see proof of that in November.

It doesn't take much to be called a "liberal" or "RINO" these days. I read some commenters on Townhall labeling radio host Michael Medved a liberal. Romney, Gingrich, Huntsman and Santorum are sometimes/oftentimes labelled "RINOs". And of course I find it rather hilarious when people here call me "liberal".

No, I don't think Reagan would be welcomed in this environment.

net observer said...

"The Left thinks the Right hates blacks because we disagree with Obama"

I don't think it's quite that simple, Z. For example, when the left sees members of the right questioning Obama's citizenship/religion, or making declarations like "I want my country back!", leftists can't help but wonder "Would this be happening if Obama were a WASP from Kansas named Smith?"

Or when they hear about the three-fold secret service protection required for Obama. Situations like that just might cause someone on the left to jump to many other unfair conclusions about the nature of Obama's conservative critics. It doesn't mean that their conclusions are accurate. (Personally, I don't think they are) But it's not like their suspicions are entirely void of logic.

How many times have I heard white conservatives say "blacks voted for Obama because he's black"? Oh, somewhere between 50,000 and 60,000?

As if racial solidarity were the only reason a black person could vote for Obama. These hasty, often unfair characterizations can cut both ways in my experience.

btw, that whole Santorum/Colmes thing was uniquely odd. I honestly don't know what Colmes was thinking when he said that. It was like he was auditioning for Howard Stern. At the same time, Santorum's story about his deceased infant was, if I may, probably not how most Americans would have handled the situation.

I think it's fair to say that most of us -- i.e., Americans -- would be a little "creeped-out" by their story. Having said that, as others have already stated, it's hardly my business to judge how people grieve the loss of their child. Colmes could have said something like "I don't know what I would do if I were in Rick's shoes. But what would most Americans think about a guy who did that? I don't know"

If Colmes had said THAT, he would have made the same "basic" point without all this controversy.

Z said...

net, actually, you said "When we see these pathetic poll numbers for Congress, I honestly think the Tea Party Caucus is carrying more than their share of the blame. Most Americans aren't comfortable with their way of thinking, and I think we will see proof of that in November."

I think we saw how many Americans do appreciate their message in the last elections, don't you? They took the House.
There's talk they'll also take the SEnate in November.

Here's where we disagree all the time, or this is the underlying tone, anyway: You said :

"I don't think it's quite that simple, Z. For example, when the left sees members of the right questioning Obama's citizenship/religion, or making declarations like "I want my country back!", leftists can't help but wonder "Would this be happening if Obama were a WASP from Kansas named Smith?"

I think if anybody couldn't prove they were born in this country (and how did Obama not have to show his b.c. when he filed to run???? Could it be because he was black?, come to think of it?)...they can't run. PERIOD.
Maybe Leftists ought to wonder instead "Man, he told us he was going to find a church after the inauguration...what happened?"
My opinion is; I don't give a rat's poop what religion he is but don't lie about it.

Rita said...

Net, my love. (Yeah, I threw that in just to poke Z into a frenzy.)

Personally, I never bought into the whole birther thing. I felt it not one distracted from a real message, but I have yet have anyone provide a resource that was not biased on what was a true definition of being a citizen by birth.

I can only go by what I have always heard. That is you are born of a legal US citizen, regardless of the place of your birth, you were a citizen. So unless O's mother had renounced her citizenship at the time of his birth, I firmly believe he IS a US citizen legally able to hold office.

I think it's a dead issue and hate that it's associated at all with my political disagreements with Obama by those who want to wave the birther flag in my face saying it's because the issue is because of his race.

Since I was born more than two years before Obama, I know what birth certificates looked like. They were not the neat, official looking document released after Trump forced the issue.

I would guess more likely, Obama had what many of us had back in those days. Birth certificates were bad carbon copies. I had to get a new one to get married in our state. My husband had to get one issued by the state, not the hospital when he got a passport. And given that Hawaii was a new state at Obama's birth, I would hazard a guess they could not even locate one, as was the case with my father.

That being said, I could care less about the whole birther issue. And anyone I know that still maintain the birther thing would gladly vote for Alan West.

As to the Santorum baby thing. When I was in my early 20's, my best friend lost her baby at nine months. Yeah, I found it creepy when she showed me the polaroids of her holding her still-born infant. I also found it odd when I happened inadvertently to be at the hospital waiting room when a childhood neighbor friend was told her 6 month old baby was dead from SIDS and she refused to go in to see her baby, wanting only to go home.

I, along with the rest of my family, held my father's hand when he passed from this earth. A lot of people find it creepy when I explain it was the best and worst time ever spent with my family.

That's why I don't judge those going through death and grief. Everyone handles it differently.

Anonymous said...

"I see Far Fewer obama bumper stickers than I did a couple years ago...."

Well, the main GOP moron hasn't yet been identified yet andthe election is 9 months off. I'm sure once Mitt ('corporations are people, my friend,') Rummy is nominated, Obama stickers will be everywhere.

Z said...

"That is you are born of a legal US citizen, regardless of the place of your birth, you were a citizen."

Rita, that isn't the case. Remember, also, when the left went after McCain because I believe he was born in the Panama Canal?
I really don't care anymore (the media, with the term BIRTHER, pretty thoroughly intimidated those with questions, didn't they...even for Philip Bourg, Dem operative who still believes Obama wasn't born in the USA), but I do care that honest time wasn't given to "Hey, wait...this can't be that difficult to prove beyond a doubt"

And it still isn't. There are questions as to why it took Trump to finally get it out, and all sorts of experts say the latest is a fraud.

Having said that, Americans clearly don't give a damn anymore about things like this. So be it.

I completely agree with you on grieving.....absolutely. And your two stories you relate are heartwrenching and excellent in illustrating your point.

LibDUD, I only left your comment up to remind everyone how thinking impaired you can be.
Ya, obama wingnuts are only waiting for Romney bumper stickers to appear before putting pulling their ridiculous HOPE AND CHANGE stickers on their cars (oops...not much hope OR change left, I wonder what it'll be this time.....)
do you even HEAR yourself? :-)

Jan said...

"I really don't care anymore (the media, with the term BIRTHER, pretty thoroughly intimidated those with questions, didn't they...even for Philip Bourg, Dem operative who still believes Obama wasn't born in the USA),"

Z..I understand where you're coming from, but I absolutely do care, for the simple reason that if he has been deceitful about it, and took such extreme measures to hide it, what else is hidden?

I think his past, and present, associations speak volumes, and it is no secret that there is much that the media has tried to spin, or avoided writing about, or questioning, altogether.

He certainly was not vetted to the extent that anyone else, past, or present, has been, and we know less about him than any other person in office, ever.

At the risk of sounding fanatical, or like one who believes in every whacko conspiracy flaoting around, I have to say that I think that we do have something to fear, and it is even scarier when you realize that many of the, supposedly, staunchest adherents of the Constitution don't seem to care.

Up until now, every single suit filed concerning his eligibility has been thrown out, and there have been many..but, finally a judge has denied the motion for dismissal, and will hear the case, giving the opportunity, finally, of having him deposed.


After that happens, and the decision is made of his being either eligible, or ineligible, maybe we can all settle down, and go from there.

Anonymous said...

Ridicule, Sarcasm, Satire, Direct Flaming Insult -- endless attacks -- are all techniques used to intimidate and thus suppress the voices of those in possession of facts and opinions the Insolent faction does not want to entertain.

People don't like to be dismissed, ignored, bullied, badgered, insulted, falsely accused of wrongdoing and otherwise harassed, so most retreat into stony silence rather than put up with abuse -- even when they KNOW they have something to say that needs to be addressed.

This is the Power of the PC Ethos and it is STIFLING honest, intelligent discourse in our society.

SilverFiddle was absolutely right -- as he usually is -- when he said very simply, THERE IS NO DOWNSIDE TO REQUIRING an OFFICIAL PHOTO ID at the POLLS -- NONE


I m amazed that any honest, decent, intelligent person could possibly think otherwise.

~ FreeThinke

MK said...

If he walked into my bar, i'd tell him to @#$& off!

Can't give that man a beer, even if he offers to pay for it, you know it's actually your own money he's paying you with.

Z said...


Jan, don't get me wrong...I did say "I don't care" but I care GREATLY for the reasons you give.

I guess I mean I don't care because nobody else seems to care and we need to move on, that we're suddenly finding ourselves in an America where lies don't count, character doesn't count, bad choices don't count, etc.

OH, yes, my dear, I do care.

Jan said...

I know you care, Z..which is why I said that I understood where you're coming from in my last comment.

Here's something that everyone, if they really want to understand why there are doubts about his eligibilty, should read:

"A Catalog of Evidence - Concerned Americans Have Good Reason to Doubt that PutativePresident Obama Was Born in Hawaii"