Tuesday, January 24, 2012

He's leaving, he's LEAVING!!

CNN and FOX both have people talking about the BIG SPEECH tonight.  Meanwhile, the crawl says (at the bottom of the screen) says things like:

SOON:  President Departs White House

President to leave White House for speech

As long as he starts the speech on time, who the heck CARES when he LEAVES? amazing.  oh.  I hear clapping from the TV in the other room.
He must have ARRIVED :-)   ugh


Anonymous said...

Keeeeeerist.........it looked like the old Ginsburg was going to plant a Frenchie on the One...

You have to admit...the guy is a real charmer and a rock star..a POTUS...not much.

Anonymous said...

Love all the fat cat brass sitting out front biting their tongues.

Anonymous said...

Fraud alert!!!!!!!!! Gas / energy is up 84% SINCE OBAMA TOOK OFFICE!!!

If he truly wanted energy independence...why did he kill the pipeline then?

Kid said...

I sure wouldn't watch the imbecile. As a point of fact, I haven't watched this BS salesman, flim flam man since I pegged him as such a year and a half before the 08 elections. I find him extremely offensive. Nothing but lies and distortion.

And what is SOTU going to be? You know it's going to be nothing but blame everyone else, claim that in spite of that things are Great! and you better elect me again and get rid of these right wing people.

For the record all obama and the democrats have done is:
- Shove obamacare down out throats. The HC bill is a Massive redistribution of wealth. Not a single repub voted for it and 70% of Americans are still opposed to it. It will ruin HC in AMerica. Dictator.
- Steal 3 trillion and give it to the unions
- Constrain America's ability to gain any self-reliance on energy.
- Constrain America's ability to recover from the recession by strangling businesses with obamacare and regulations.
- Alienate our real allies.
- Lying like a rug and blaming everyone else for the problems.
Typical of incompetent imbeciles.

I'm not even going to bother with all the peripherals like 70+ golf outings and vacationing like royalty.

Worst president ever.

Chuck said...

President Departs White House

That is the headline I have been waiting for...

Opus #6 said...

Ugh. Your headline got my hopes up!

Ducky's here said...

Man is he spreading the manure.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I wonder if his GE jobs czar is wetting his pants?

The turd who moved entire GE divisions to China. Wil ole Jeff bring them home to pay their "fair share" of taxes? Since none were paid last year.

Anonymous said...

Looks like ole Hillary is having a hair problem again.

Anonymous said...

Watch for lots of pens being auctioned on EBay tonight.

Since insider trading is being banished. Boehner sure looked glum over that one.

Z said...

Opus, that really cracked me up! Thanks for the smile! Sorry to get you so excited and then to let you down!!

Imp....he really is a charmer, isn't he. I love the way he reads the teleprompter; such EMOTION, such EMPHASIS... :-)
And yes! I heard five minutes in the car on the way out and he was talking then about NOT OUTSOURCING and I'm thinking "Wait, Immelt, your big best friend, has sent MANY jobs overseas when they could be doing the work here...and he's your JOB CZAR!" What's he THINKING?
Then he congratulates some new factory and makes sure he mentions it's UNIONIZED and, again, I'm thinking "bring jobs HOME? How can we afford to buy products made here by UNIONS?" Geeez

Chuck, :-)

Kid, it's so hard to listen to him I was pleased to have an invite to dinner while he talked...relief. I was interested in the fact that the bar in the restaurant, which has two TV's at both ends had tennis on one end and hockey at the other. They normally have some kind of news on, so I guess they didn't want to listen, either.

Ducky, with a huge shovel.

Imp; what's WITH Hillary and allowing herself to look like that? So long and lank and blah. poor thing

Always On Watch said...

I noticed in yesterday's an inordinate number of street closures beginning at 7:00 PM in preparation for Obama's SOTUS. I don't recall such security before.

Always On Watch said...

Looks like ole Hillary is having a hair problem again.

Not only that! Her face looked terrible -- so haggard. And what a sour expression on her face!

Anonymous said...

"Her face looked terrible -- so haggard. And what a sour expression on her face!"

The most likely cause of her appearance must be due to thousands of Marines she's managed to piss off after her stupid ass statements on out guys who gave the talibanny a golden shower?