Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Screw you?" He might as well just say it, he's DOING it

Sometimes, not often, I get to the point where I honestly feel a little teary when I read things like THIS.

Maybe it's been done in the past, but has any president been this 'in your face' about it?  And hadn't Americans noticed?  When Obama says he refused “to take no for an answer” and added that he has an obligation to act when Congress does not, and “I will not stand by while a minority in the Senate puts party ideology ahead of the people they were elected to serve,” Obama told an enthusiastic crowd at Shaker Heights High School. “Not when so much is at stake. Not at this make-or-break moment for middle-class Americans," what can the American people DO?

This is being called "uncertain legal territory."    Will anybody care?  Do you see what he does?  He demeans the whole Congress because they don't like what he wants....."party ideology?"  What about HIS party ideology?  Maybe the Republicans wanted to see another applicant, maybe they think the position isn't worthwhile?...Then he makes it look like he's taken the high road by virtually saying "Screw YOU." 

Will anybody act against this?



Anonymous said...

"Democracies are most commonly corrupted by the insolence of demagogues."

~ Aristotle (382- 322 B. C. )

The antics of Barack Hussein Obama offer substantial proof of Aristotle's ancient assertion, don't they?

~ FreeThinke

Fredd said...


In response to your question at the end of this post: No.

We don't have the oomph we need in the Senate, and we have an old guard, compromiser in charge of the House who wants to 'just get along.'

Again, no response to this rogue president and his disregard for the Constitution from our guys.

Dave Miller said...

Have other Presidents said screw you and operated on such shaky legal ground?

How about Bush with torture?

Reagan with the Boland Amendment, which he signed?

Nixon with Watergate?

Why do conservatives believe act as if the Dems are the only ones guilty of this type of behavior?

Sue said...


I felt a serious CHILL go up my spine when I heard this sound bite...And yesterday morning on my way to work, a radio personality from WLW (who happens to be a Conservative), in talking about the Iowa vote said in essence, "Wait. Obama will be ALL ABOUT taking care of the middle class now." He sure nailed that one!

BB-Idaho said...

To expand a bit on Dave Miller's comment, we note regarding recess appointments-
Reagan 243
Bush-2 171
Clinton 139
Bush-1 77
Obama 29
..Art.2, Sect2, Clause3...even
George Washington did it.

KP said...

Dave Miller: "Why do conservatives believe act as if the Dems are the only ones guilty of this type of behavior?".

Naturally, it is easier to think your kid is not the one misbehaving -- or rationalize his or her behavior.

In this case a 6 year old punched another 6 year old in the nose during recess. The guy who punched the other says the kid with a broken nose was bullying his older sister. The other kid says the older sister is the bully. WTF?!

It is what it is. A bunch of BS that just keeps getting deeper.

Look for a continuing escalation of recess misbehavior and action outside commonly held playground rules until the big changes both parties agree on take place.

What we have is a couple of dysfunctional families living on the cul de sac of ten homes. The dysfunction is obvious to the other eight households, but those two families (20% of the people that live on that street) can't see past their own anger. Everybody's property value and quality of life drop because these two well-meaning households won't disarm.

FairWitness said...

Barack Obama is definitely not going gentle into that good night. He is raging against the dying of his light.

No Z, no one will do a bloody thing about him in Washington, DC. The voters of this country will have to throw this bum out on his butt!

Kid said...

obama gives the finger to all opponents on national TV during campaign. Supporters love it. Howl like monkeys.

obama calls Palin a pig with lipstick. (even though an army of lawyers and PI's go to Alaska and can't find squat outside of a Todd DUI before they were even married.)
Supporters love it. Howl like monkeys.

obama keeps oil skimmers away from gulf oil spill so as to appease unions and make problem larger than it need be. At one point says he "needs to find someone's ass to kick" Apparently he can't find his own ass since that's the one needing kicking. Supporters don't call obama a cowboy. Supporters love it. Howl like monkeys.

obama goes to Tucson after maniac shoots Democrat congresswomen in head. Supporters love it. Howl like monkeys. Pass out obama T-shirts. Party Time!

There are hundreds of these I could post if I could remember them all, but I chose not to allocate too much space to this sucker. And why bother anyway. Supporters would love it and Howl like monkeys.

Will anyone act? No. Because:
a. republicans are worthless
b. republicans are afraid of being called racist even though they are called racist anyway and have nothing to lose
c. republicans don't want to govern under such poor economic conditions with no end in sight
d. republicans realize obama supporters love his tasteless classless schtick and would simply howl like monkeys and vote for him twice next time
e. all of the above.

I pick e.

Kid said...

Couple thoughts:

Free Thinke. Please consider creating an ID. I and many others Never read comments by 'Anonymous'. Respectfully.

libdude is a put on. He/she is laughing their ass off while people get incited by it's purposeful incite-based and adolescent comments. fyi.

Rita said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

The US Senate has no obligation to give the president what he wants. The founding fathers created this government with checks on political power. Obama has his agenda … it is a Marxist agenda. He understands that he is under no obligation to listen to anyone; his arrogance insulates him from public criticism—and no one thinks the press is doing their job.

Still, I keep wondering why the left is stuck on one-upmanship. Miss Z began by asking a question about Obama’s arrogant attitude, and the response was a tiring litany of every Republican gaffe since Lincoln —by the same people who recently wanted everyone to hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

The leftist assumptions, by the way, are preposterous. I don’t know of any conservative who supports torture, including Bush. Beyond ill-informed leftists, does any rational person think water boarding is torture? The answer is no —particularly when we subject our own special operators to water boarding so that they’ll understand where we draw the line during its application. So then, according to the leftists, mining our enemy for life-saving intelligence is a bad thing, but water boarding our own people is okay…

I feel the left could keep psychiatrists occupied for decades.


Ducky's here said...

Okay, let's explain this again.

Good cop/bad cop

1. Obummer nominates his director of consumer protection and progressives think he may actually have a spine.

2. Republicans continue with a technicality that has nothing going on in Congress but still qualifies as being in session.

3. New appointee tries to do something. Probably something like cracking down on a payday lender who's charging more vigorish than the local shark. Progressives think this is great.

4. Payday lender sues and has the ruling overturned. Conservatives rejoice that "big government" has been quashed.

5. Obummer has the last play and gets to tell everyone that he tried to help the people but the mean Republicans blocked him. All the time serving the financial sharks who are really his constituency.

So the democracy is working just fine for our corporate masters. Get wise people and quit falling for this crap.

Anonymous said...

My conservative view of torture is this: I could support torture without a presidential finding if it involved grinding liberal dude or ducky into a powder, inserting their remains into a douche bag, and dispatching them up the rectum of a jackass. I only hope the jackass doesn’t demand a lawyer.

Ducky's here said...

Mustang, I love it when you try to act butch. Nice try.

KP said...

Great post Ducky.

KP said...

Rita, hang in there, buddy! In the blogosphere the consistently sincere are often the most emotionally vulnerbale. Why? Because a lot of the written anger is not sincere and that is hard to process.

Anonymous said...

"Free Thinke. Please consider creating an ID. I and many others Never read comments by 'Anonymous'. Respectfully.

Sweet of you to be concerned, Kid. But I always sign my posts, except on the rare occasions when I forget, and if you or others don't want to read them, it will just have to be your loss. I have my reasons for posting as I do. All of them are technological.

Think how much idiocy, malice and vile invective is published by those who have what-you-all "an identity."

Substance is all that ever should matter. Labels mean nothing.

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet," and all that.

Be of good cheer!

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

KP, you really are the most fair-minded even-tempered guy. You strike me as someone who has found the key to true happiness.

Keep on keeping on, brother.

I too would advise Rita -- and others who find the contentious atmosphere distressing -- to stay. After all what does it matter what OTHERS say as long as you maintain your own integrity? Although I admit it's hard to take a direct hit from a hatemonger with equanimity

This from a person who has been trapped in stupid grudge matches with malignant morons too many times to count -- but I am gradually learning the Art of detachment. It takes a LOT of practice.

Kudos to you KP, for artfully pouring oil n troubled waters.

~ FreeThinke

Kid said...

FreeThinke. Fair enough and more power to ya. This is a free country :)

It's just when I see comments from subscribed posts in my email, I almost never read the anonymous ones to see if anyone signed them.. 95+ % are spam, and I just delete them without a thought.

That's all.

If it works for you great. fyi If I miss replying to you where you said something about one of my comments that is why. I'm not ignoring you intentionally. fwiw and all that :)

Z said...

Rita, I'm afraid a lot of good conservatives are going to stop frequenting our sites because of the left.
I think it'll be an effective purge on behalf of leftwingers and I hope more people don't leave because of the nastiness of the comments.
I'm not quite sure what to do about this.

Z said...

Not just nastiness, by the way....there's a smugness that's hard to stomach. I do see your point there.

Bob said...

Dave said: "How about Bush with torture? Reagan with the Boland Amendment, which he signed?"

Dave: Certainly you understand that Bush did not torture, and did nothing illegal like Obama. Reagan did what was best for the country in light of what the communist leaning Jim Wright pushed though the Congress. Wright was one of the most crooked Speakers of the House we have ever seen. The Boland amendment was itself unconstitutional.

What Obama has done is pure politics, and certifiably illegal. He will get away with it because that's the way things work with a Democrat Senate. We will never be able to impeach this scofflaw as he deserves.

Politically speaking, Obama is almost as brilliant as Clinton, and almost as good a liar.

"Why do conservatives believe act as if the Dems are the only ones guilty of this type of behavior?"

For the simple, documented reason that corruption has been institutionalized in major parts of the Democrat party. Think New Jersey. Does their conduct not offend you?

Pris said...

"Idiot. Obama has been nothing but compromising to the GOP for the past three years."

Really Dud? Interesting since he had a majority Democrat Congress until last November! You know that body along with the President who crammed whatever they desired down our throats.

Talk about stupid!!

Z said...

Bob, you are worth your weight in gold.

Pris, I had to delete the dud again; he's not coming here and calling US stupid in his astonishing liberal indoctrinated mind.
you are so right in your comment.

Ducky's here said...

Not just nastiness, by the way....there's a smugness that's hard to stomach. I do see your point there.


Are you referring to mustang's post?

Z said...

Ducky, oh gosh, no...that's not smug, is it.

Dave Miller said...

Bob, When did the Supreme Court rule that the Boland Amendment was unconstitutional? That is what would make it illegal. The House passed the law unanimously and Reagan signed it.

If you've argued in the past that Dem Presidents are responsible for the actions taken by people with their approval, or even without their direct knowledge, then logically you should support that view regarding the Bush Admin.

Republican Presudential Candidate John McCain agrees with the view that waste boarding is torture as does the US Army.

Mind you, I am making no statement here about effectiveness. Z's post centers on Presidents essentially being defiant and following their own understanding of the law.

As there is considerable debate over this issue specifically, given the amount of legal views supporting the practice as torture, it seems as if this is indeed an example of a president disregarding strong legal opinion to his position and going his own way as Obama did here.

I noticed you did not try to defend Nixon as some GOP supporters have done.

Now if what Obama has done is certifiably illegal, as you charge, then the House, controlled by the GOP, can bring Articles of Impeachment, and the Senate can have a trial.

Are Dems corrupt? Yes they are, and so is the GOP. They are political too. They also try to act in the best interest of the country as they see it, just as Republicans do.

Z said...

dave, the 'best interests of the country' are not creating class warfare. To deny Obama's been excellent at this is to deny being awake.

Anonymous said...

"No Z, no one will do a bloody thing about him in Washington, DC"

Because they all know that Obummers mouthpiece in the form of the criminal Holder....speaks for him. Because they all know that this criminal ( who is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans as well as Americans and law officers ) will call them...GET READY...."RACISTS & COWARDS".

And he'll get away with it.....single handedly setting back race relations in this country at least 50 years.

And....Boner and the R's...are cowards. The Dems know it and use POS like Jordan, Waters and Rangel to stick it to them at every opportunity.

Alan West is the only one who has the chops to see through this racist scam.

Rita said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KP said...

Rita, if I was the emotionally vulnerable kind that comment would have hurt my feelings as a result of me looking out for yours. Fortunately we are all tough nuts here and don't need online support.

On that note; how about something from skillrex that is enlightenging and entertainig if you can appreciate Dubstep:

Greywolfe said...

Hey z, Long time no see. If I may, I'd like to point out a few things. Every evil that has been perpetrated by the government was done by those with "progressive" intentions.

Every government program that has put our prosperity in danger, was started by a liberal/progressive politician. BUT, we can not just lay this on the people that commit these acts. WE THE PEOPLE are more cupable for the damage than they, because all power flows from us to them. They do this because we have not been vigilant in our protections of our liberty. We have been poor, to put it mildly, custodians of those gifts given to us by Providence, and squandered them to the point where we find ourselves tipping at the brink of an abyss that will bring about the demise of this republic.

The only difference between Barry and other progressives before us, is he's being as honest as a progressive can be. And he has the machinery in place to force his policies to become law.

Kid said...

Rita, Only I am Kid. I assure you.
I have my own blog so people kn ow where I live.

MathewK said...

"...ahead of the people they were elected to serve..."

That's rich, coming from that liberal fascist. obamacare anyone.