Monday, January 23, 2012

Please keep Pris and her family in your prayers......thanks


Anonymous said...

I will..and have been. Ms.Prisc & Mr. Prisc...are as wonderful and loved as Mr & Mrs. Z are.

Our God does wonders and works in strange ways sometimes. But who am I to question his decisions?

God wants to take us all home. To His safety and comfort.

Z said...

Imp, thank you so much.
His ways are mysterious, no doubt about it.
Mr. Pris is home now.......God bless Pris and her family.

Anonymous said...
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Z said...

"Jesus wept" is the shortest sentence in the Bible and one of the most reassuring......reminding us that we're finite bodies and bad things happen to our bodies here on earth and God's not happy about it, either!...
I believe it was his good friend Lazarus whose death he wept over; but then Lazarus rose from the dead. Sadly, miracles don't always happen.

thanks for your kind words about Mr. Z again; it's been tough these last weeks seeing Pris go through what she's gone through; it's brought a lot of sad memories back to me.