Saturday, January 14, 2012


When you've got a long Saturday stretching out in front of you and nothing particular to do (no job, no engagements, etc.), what DO you do? 
have a good one, whatever it is!



Dave Miller said...

if it's in the fall, watch college football... in the spring? Maybe golf...

Ducky's here said...

Grab the camera. Lately I've been using my old Eclair Camaflex.

Always On Watch said...


Watch a DVD from NetFlix.


In the summer, go to the pool.

Fredd said...

Read blogs.

Post comments, to include liberal jokes. Stop me if you've already heard this one....

'How many liberals does it take to screw in a light bulb?'

(you fill in the punch line, there's a million of 'em)

Ticker said...

This morning? Fixed a batch of waffles, you name what kind--anything from banana, pecan, chocochip, peanutbutter chip, strawberry with piles of whipped cream or just plain with lots of butter and syrup. Gallons of coffee and sides of sausage and bacon for those who want a bit extra for their breakfast.

In summer, breakfast on the grill and eat by the pool. To dang cold this AM to do that!!!

Anonymous said...

"'How many liberals does it take to screw in a light bulb?'

As many as the SEIU can pad the job with?

( Or ask lib'mann....he knows how to screw people like all libby scum do. )

Do I win?

Z said...

AOW, I HIGHLY recommend getting
DOMBEY & SON from NetFlix, it's two DVDs and it's absolutely fabulous.

Ticker, I don't like fruity pancakes or waffles but I LOVE plain ones (or buttermilk...) in plain Maple Syrup as long as there are savory sausages nearby to drag through the syrup! mmmm

Imp...great response!!

BB-Idaho said...

Up at 5:30, grab the local newspaper and head for a fastfood place for breakfast and news. Play with the one-eyed cat who thinks he
is a labrador retriever for a bit.
Then to the basement for hours of
model railroad-this week construction of container trains
equipment. Check the blogs and
try to refrain from offending my
conservative friends. Then, back to that darned cat. By that time
the NFL playoffs will be on.

Z said... you know MARKLIN TRAINS?
Have we talked about this before?

IntolerantCynicami said...

First they would have to consult with Al Gore about what is the most efficient light bulb to use.