Monday, January 30, 2012

Negative it working? And wait till you read Stephanopoulos' comment at the end

Why do YOU think Gingrich's numbers are going down in Florida?   HERE's the story.
I could see it coming the first time he went so nasty on Romney in a debate.   Newt vowed not to run a negative campaign and we all saw why.....some people can do negative pretty well, others just look real ugly when they do it, and that's how he looked...and continues to look.
Some of us loved how he pinned the ears back on the leftwing media, and he was right in what he said and how he did it, but "I don't think we like it anymore, Newt."  When he jumped on Wolf this last time, it got to looking like a running gag and the thrill was gone;   it worked a few times and now he needs to stop. (except I hope he never stops doing it, even if he's not the frontrunner....they deserve it)

Odd that the article I linked above says NBC says Obama's so far ahead of Romney, because most of the polls this last week showed them neck and neck in national polling.  But.........who believes WHAT these days?  And, after all, it's NBC.
Why do YOU think Gingrich's numbers are sinking?     I don't think it's the large amount of money Romney has to spend;  I think a lot of it's Gingrich isn't appealing in many fronts...he just isn't.   Not to me, anyway.   How about you?

I'm adding THIS article (after having posted and rec'd some great comments) by George Stephanopoulos which includes this opening paragraph:

He has called Mitt Romney a “liar” who “misled the entire country” in last week’s debate. But that won’t keep Newt Gingrich from endorsing Romney should he become the Republican nominee for president.

I like George's ridiculous slant that any Republican would not endorse another Republican against Obama because, suddenly, Republicans are the only ones who have to stick to what they say!  Remember the Obama/Hillary debates and ads?  Who was it who not only ended up supporting him but got Secretary of State? :-)  Hillary.  Here's just one little ditty from Obama about Hillary from THIS article:

She embodies trench warfare vs Republicans, and is consumed with beating them rather than unifying the country and building consensus to get things done..

As if he's not done that for the last 3 years? :-)   (there are myriad articles of Obama bashing Hillary...I"m too lazy to link more.  The one above was a 'leaked memo' from his campaign so he didn't actually have to come out and SAY it, looking negative and mean!   .....the fun just NEVER quits! :-)


Always On Watch said...

Gingrich isn't well liked -- even by former secretaries on Capitol Hill. I'm speaking of secretaries who are conservatives. They tell me, "Newt can't get along with anybody."

In some respects, Gingrich comes across as a hypocrite, particularly with his history of serial adultery.

He says a lot of anti-Obama things. But is Gingrich actually putting forth any kind of workable plan to solve our economic woes.

Plus, many view him as an old insider GOP guy.

I love his zingers, but zingers aren't governing.

Always On Watch said...

Oh, and how much executive experience does Gingrich have?

The Fannie Mae connection is also damning.

Silverfiddle said...

I think it was the coordinated attack against him. I'm not a Newt fan, but the attacks were brutal.

Me? Opinionated? said...

Sorry to say it but, I think it's all over but the crying. I don’t think Newt has a chance to win at this point. And regretfully we are going to have Romney as our nominee.
I don't agree with what Always On Watch said, about Newt "coming across as a hypocrite, particularly with his history of serial adultery."
But whatever it is, he's is not going to win and we are going to be stuck with another retread nominee. And just as I predicted, we are going to get another term with a socialist in the white house. I only hope to God that we can survive another 4 years with that failure. What could possibly go wrong? Everything!
As for Romney, I don’t think he’s the most electable candidate that we can put up. Look for another 4 Obama destructive years

Bob said...

Newt still has a pretty good chance. Florida is not the end of the road. He will do well in the Super Tuesday primary, and this is 21 states of Republican voters getting a chance to pull the trigger.

I think Newt's problem is not that people don't like him. Nice guys don't win.

Butt, he is kind of ugly, with a face like a mean old owl. If he was better looking, like Romney, he would stand a better chance.

It ain't over 'til it's over.

Z said...

AOW...Zingers are terrific, but not governing, no doubt about that.
We can see that from Obama's zingers; it makes anybody on the side he's zinging see him more as a schoolyard bully who needs to zing because his grades/performance aren't enough.

AOW...funny that the Fannie Mae connection could be damning now, but you're right. The funny part is that Bush tried at least five times (in public, in videos I've personally seen) to get Congress to pay attention to the ills of FM and nobody paid attention. But, let an insider like Newt have screwed up by being with FM and it's all over the place.
Just another sign of media utter hypocrisy.

SF...the attacks from him to Romney have been pretty brutal, too. And I think provoked a lot of the Romney fight-backs.

ME?....I couldn't agree with you more on anything you said. Altho I do think the adultery thing isn't going to play well in a national election if our media has anything to say about it.
I am hoping against hope that the Republicans like Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, etc., hold Romney's feet to the Republican fire IF he's elected. SOmetimes I like to think Romney wanted governorship of Mass. so badly he did the best he could of preserving his conservative roots but pandering to the left for the step-ladder job to the Presidency I believe he's probably always wanted.
I hear Romney's book shows that he's quite a good considering buying it just for reassurance :-)

Bob, that's my feeling, too...he's just not an attractive figure, figuratively OR literally..and the wife (I think her name's become "Calista and I", by the way) is difficult for a lot of people..the history, the hair. Not that the wife makes a difference but it colors the waters (if I can say that without sounding racist :-)?!!) Someone told me she looks like the Joker in Batman and I can't get past that...!

Z said...

Some of the first five commenters might come back and check out other comments; if you do, please see the additional information I added this morning from a G. Stephanopoulos interview...such irony.

Brooke said...

AOW: Newt's a 'historian', dont'cha know? ;)

Ducky's here said...

The guy's a train wreck.

Morally he's a stiff and he doesn't have the discipline to follow an idea to it's end. He gets impatient and jumps to some other point when things become difficult.

Policy is more a matter of execution not conception and Gingrich is an utter failure at execution. We are told that he has brilliant ideas - what are they? Trickle down economics?

The suckers still buying into that after a few decades of disaster?

Come on, you folks were effusive about Vaclav Havel when that estimable man passed. Let's join him in the first step of his proposed resurgence. Havel argued that the way to rebel is simply to stop pretending to believe.

WomanHonorThyself said...

why cant Allen West run!!! Have a great week my friend!:-)

Z said...

Ducky, keep believing socialism works, okay? :)

Brooke, the thing is, he's a hell of a historian. He's forgotten more than all of us commenters remember!
But, ugh!

Z said...

WOman; no kidding.
And backatcha

Ticker said...

Ducky say no sticking to it. Well Duck seems you forget that it was Gingrich who "stuck to it" and produced 4 balanced budgets with a DEMOCRAT POTUS. Seems most forget that Gingrich is the one who had the stick to it to begin the revolution that brought the GOP back into contention for the first time in decades.
He is not well liked? By who? Take a look, he is not well liked by a lot of the "old guard" because when he was speaker his ideas, if adopted would have taken a lot of the power away from the powerful and those in power always dislike to a point of hate and murder those who would take their power away. We don't need another Obama Lite, we need a MEAN SOB to take the reins and gee and haw this country until it gets turned around. Danged mule has to be geed and hawed to get it turned around at the end of a short row cause it can't wheel and do an about face on a dime. Often time the dang mule don't want to turn and you gotta walk up front and whack him tween the ears or up side the head to get him moving. Now for those of you who have never plowed with a mule you won't understand or even try for the most part but it takes someone who is about as ornery as the dang mule to get it moving and changing direction. Howdy Doody Santorum and Obama lite Romney and Paul ain't gonna get it done. A mean, disliked sob with lots of warts is a lot better than the "socialist n chief' in the WH today.

Dave Miller said...

Ticker, actually the record shows that Newt abandoned many of his ideas when he Speaker in order to get things done.

That is why many legislators elected during the Gingrich years left his side and called for his ouster as Speaker... because he betrayed the ideals he had encouraged them to run on.

Those young republicans were the front line for Newt, until he threw them under the bus so that he could "compromise" and reach a deal with president Clinton.

Bob, can you present a reasonable path to the nomination for Newt? His party does not want him as their nominee.

How does he get past that? Bob Dole, McCain, Rove, and many other power brokers within the party will not accept his candidacy, no matter how much others will like him.

Those in the party that know him best, have rejected his candidacy.

Ducky's here said...

It was even worse. He had constant staff meetings and new ideas every meeting.

His party didn't know what was happening. Finally they got so sick of his lack of organization that there was a palace revolution.

He's a disaster.

I know, let's have a brokered convention and nominate Jeb Bush.

Republican Party is toast.

shoprat said...

There is not a candidate left that I really like, but not one that I despise as much as despise the Obamanation and Madam Hillary and their extreme left cohorts. I just wish a few who aren't running or quit had fought on.

In spite of his flaws and questions about him I would vote for Gingrich or for that matter Romney or Santorum without hesitation to get these people out of power.

Z said...

Ticker, I can't stand the guy.

Ducky, it's America that's toast because we're in such debt; don't blame Republicans for that.
Oh, and it's toast because the leftwingers have ruined our kids, too.
Newt's an idea guy who has to keep showing his great ideas; the trouble is, as his friend Bill Bennett says about him "Nobody in the room thinks Newt is quite as smart as he does and he is very, very smart" Not one politico from his day's endorsed him. That says a lot.

Shoprat, as a lot of us have said over the last few months "I'd vote for a ham sandwich over Obama"
I'm with you on that!

Major said...
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net observer said...

Newt is toast because there's a limit to how often a presidential candidate can play the "big-bad-wolf liberal media" card. Even with conservatives.

Even if Gingrich absolutely believes everything he says about the news media (and I seriously doubt that he does), how can anyone trust a 21-Century "boy who cried wolf"? (no pun intended)

Even if the news media (minus Fox, minus talk radio, minus Drudge, etc) are in fact a bunch of liberal jackals, think about what they would do to Newt if he were elected president? They'd chew him up and spit him out every single day.

Why? Because Newt is, apparently, stupid enough to pick random, unnecessary fights with the media. So they're probably more than HAPPY to return his fire.

Too bad. I used to like Newt. But it appears he has turned into a 60-ish male "Ann Coulter": A severe waste of brains and talent. Good to see him self-destruct before he picked up any more momentum.

They Say/We Say said...

Those in the know, see a Newt bidding for a brokered convention as well as Paul. Then we could Nominate Sara Palin or the Former Governor from Louisiana (not Jindal the current Governor); or who We The People really want--especially if the Tea Party JUMPS ON STRONG!
That is why Paul is staying in--to keep the Platform on target about the Constitution. Who knows why Santorum is still in, but is helping for a Brokered Convention.
If they all stay in and no one runs away with a majority of the Delegates, we will be in new territory; which will upset the Elite Old Guard.

Z said...

net, Ann Coulter's only what you say she is because of the media's hatred for her. She's not come down in any dedicated conservative's estimation, I assure you, whatever bandwagon you have jumped onto.
I've never EVER seen anybody refer to himself as even quasi-conservative who sticks up so much for the liberal media.

As I said above somewhere, or in the post, Newt went too far with the last attempt at media bating but he was absolutely right and SO REFRESHING when he nailed Juan and JOhn so aptly. Ridiculous accusations, bad timing on their part...he was right. I know you'll stick up for them because they're liberal media, but, really, that's the one thing Newt got right.
Conservatives are really sick of the leftwing insults and lack of things like vetting, etc., they hadn't vetted Obama at all, and when they saw his lies (like saying he hardly knew Bill Ayers :-)), they covered for him.
Not good for America.

They Say? ..."we COULD nominate Sarah Palin"? It's bad enough I'll have to hold my nose to vote for Mitt; with Palin (who I was a huge fan of initially), I'd have to blow a hole in my brains after voting for her. That woman has lost everything she had, she's overplayed her stay and I LITERALLY can't listen to her even more than I can't listen to that HORRID OBAMA.
Sad, but true.

Z said...

by the way, if it goes to a brokered convention (and it can't because we're far too divided to EVER come up with a candidate that way), I'd be praying for Paul Ryan...

Ticker said...

In military tactics classes I learned that one must always be ready to reconsider your approach for taking the high ground when a frontal attack does not work. When the GOP elites accused Gingrich of abandoning his plan was he actually only changing from a frontal attack to a fire and maneuver tactic and doing a flanking movement.

What did he do as Speaker under Clinton?
First tax cut in 16 years, largest capital gains tax cut in history, unemployment down to 4.2 percent.  First national Republican majority in the House in 40 years, first re-elected majority since 1928. It seems that the detractors seem to forget that and fail to understand that under Clinton’s plan spending would have increased, entitlements would have increased, instead under the pressure brought about by Clinton and his ability to work across the lines it was stopped. The Welfare spending angered the Democrats so bad that they sought any way possible to drag him down and out of power, they succeeded with a line of charges, none of which amounted to a hill of beans. The fine, was nothing more than a slap on the wrist but the Democrats succeeded in creating an uproar among the already pissed off GOP elite who saw Gingrich as a threat to their power and they rose up against him. Remember one of the items in the Contract with America was TERM LIMITS and that scared the old line GOP who had the power and who knew if passed as it likely would due to Gingrich’s popularity at the time. The results were the Republicans lost seats and power and any chance of ever keeping the spending of the Democrats in line.
My good friend who was a legislative senior advisor to a Congressmen during this time tells me I am right on the money with my statements. His ‘boss’ stood up for Newt and in the following election the GOP elite failed to support him and the seat was lost to the Dems and remains in their hands to this day. Consequences are often hell to pay.

Now you show me a leader who wants only to be popular and I wil show you a failed leader. I need go no further back than the current occupier of the WH, Obama. Carter would be another prime example. Bush could also fall into this category since he too often backed off rather than take the harder roads and wanted to be a popular POTUS.

Did Gingrich ruffle some feathers when he was speaker of the House? Yes, enough for it to cost him that position. But he also showed that he could produce results….When you don’t accomplish much, you don’t ruffle many feathers.

Now those are the facts take them or leave them, like him or not like him. He is the most qualified individual for the office of POTUS remaining. He has a proven record of getting things done. Who else has that kind of record, No one.

Z said...

Tick, I guess that could be why not one of the politicos during Gingrich's reign have endorsed him...
I just don't think he's electable; I think, as Bill Bennett (a friend of his) said recently "Newt's about showing everyone how smart he is"

Lots say he's a great idea guy and doesn't focus but keeps changing his ideas.

I don't trust the man, Ticker; I'm sorry, but I don't.

And, after reading Bunkerville's blog about Romney apparently not being a fan of Alan West's, and the GOP redistricting his area to make his next election almost impossible (never having consulted him, imagine?), I'm starting to think that as much as I could never EVER EVER be a leftwinger, I'm not too proud to be Republican these days.
I'm a Conservative, but not a GOPer. I started smelling something when Rove was all over TV talking against the Tea Parties in very subtle I know what he really is, too.