Monday, January 9, 2012


You will want to get THIS BOOK, believe me.  Here's a review of..........

Curiosity Killed the Hedonist by Gregory D.B. Holt.........
"Curiosity Killed the Hedonist brings you 20 sarcastic adventure stories which give a glimpse of life on the wrong side of the global railroad tracks.  Take a journey through the shanty towns of South America, the mega-cities of Africa, the combat zones of Iraq and Afghanistan, the dark neighborhoods of Siberia, the mysterious palaces of India, and the revolutionary streets of Egypt.  If you’re looking for a critically acclaimed, politically correct, wine tasting sojourn through the South of France, then please don’t buy this book.  But if you’re ready for candid, witty travel writing which blitzkriegs across six continents of chaos, then Curiosity Killed the Hedonist is the book for you."
About the Author:
"Gregory D.B. Holt has been a construction worker, a fish gut scooper, a pool lifeguard, a business consultant, an American soldier, and a traveling philosopher. He has earned degrees from MIT, Pepperdine University, and West Point. He is currently conducting research for his next book in the proletariat neighborhoods of a Ukrainian industrial steel town."

To say Greg has been "an American soldier" puts it mildly, but from what I know of Greg, that'd be all he felt important for anybody to know.  He's traveled all over, to places you and I probably won't go, and apparently has great stories to relate........

Please get the book for yourself or friends.......I'm getting my copy Wednesday and will report again as soon as I can.  Greg would hate for me to say this, but I'm going to;  if you'd like to support an amazing patriot with a long, well recognized career in the military, buying this book might be a great way to show your appreciation.  Plus, it's supposed to be terrific!  Buy one for those men in your life who sit around and just watch TV; a book like this just might be a shot in the arm!  What do you get your husband or father, son or brother for his birthday, or Father's Day?  This is such a good idea!  Thanks.

By the way....if you'd like to leave a comment, a Happy Birthday would be much appreciated by this blog owner!   Hint hint!   Thanks,
Your old(er) pal, Z


Elmers Brother said...

Well, Happy Birthday Z!

Always On Watch said...

It's your birthday? Congratulations, Z!

And many more!

Always On Watch said...

Check your email.

Bob said...

Happy Birthday, Z. Enjoy the day.

Joe said...

So, whose birthday is it?

Just kidding! Happy birthday!

Keep on keeping on.

Silverfiddle said...

Thank you for the tip. I love books like this!

As a kid I read all of Hemingway's novels as well as Mark Twain's and acquired a thirst for travel and adventure. A career (and a few near-death experiences) in the military mostly satisfied it.

I'm ordering this book right now.

For others who like stuff like this I recommend the following two books. Written years ago, but still entertaining (both authors are wryly funny men), as well as being historically accurate reportage.

Holidays in Hell, by PJ O"Rourke. I was in Noriega's Panama when he wrote that chapter, and I can confirm its accuracy, as I can much of his Middle East observations, as well as his chapter on third-world driving.

The Soccer War by Ryszard Kapuscinski (Feb 4, 1992)

Based upon travel notes from the 60's and 70's, but still quite engaging and relevant, Kapuscinski is a skilled writer who will keep you engaged.

His observations on Latin America are timeless.

Happy Birthday Z!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Z: hey, everyone else says it's your birthday, so Happy Birthday!

One thing missing: I don't get the theme or point of the book. Perhaps you could elaborate on that. He visited some places. Kind of interesting. What makes this book stand out from other books on travel? Other than you know the author?


FairWitness said...

Happy Birthday, Z. I just had my 55th birthday last month. Hope yours is a good one, my dear!

Pris said...


Have a great day my friend.

Z said...

Thanks SO much, everybody...How was that for a shameless plug for 'happy birthdays'!

SF, I just know you'll love the book; my copy comes Wednesday. Greg is an amazing guy, he's REALLY done some wild traveling and I know we'll love, it's a great gift.
Thanks for your recommendations. I LOVE PJ ORourke

BZ "But if you’re ready for candid, witty travel writing which blitzkriegs across six continents of chaos,"

I think this says a lot!?

Z said...

"Curiosity Killed the Hedonist: 20 Sarcastic Adventure Stories which Give a Glimpse of Life on the Wrong Side of the Global Railroad Tracks"

Ticker said...

This is for you Z---

Z said...

ticker, thanks, THAT is adorable and you inspired me to get some of "It's my party and I'll play if I want to!" (loosely based on Leslie Gore, of course)

Z said...

uhoh...I'm trying to get an EMBED from YouTube and it's not happening with ANY videos.
Can we not embed anymore?
they're only showing an http address!

HELP! :-(

Ticker said...

Yes Z, it appears that we can not embed videos. That is why you got the link and not a link. You can "share" them with your blog but they will come out as a new post, at least that is the only way I can get them to work.

Z said...

Wow, Ticker...did this just happen?
Imagine all the news videos that will be stifled 'odd'.

I'm really worried about so much going on.
If I had the time today, I'd be posting the most astonishing news about a Brazilian company, Soros and Obama.
Will TRY to get it down's so upsetting I probably shouldn't, but if we can't get videos up, what's next?
Let's strike when the iron's hot and get information OUT THERE.

Linda said...

Well, Happy Birthday, Z! Hope it was a great day!

Leticia said...

Happy birthday, Z!! Live long and prosper, my friend. Peace and long life.

You know I had to bring in Star Trek sooner or later.

Thanks for heads-up on the book. Right now, I am into murder mysteries, but I will keep this in mind.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Thnak you for the tip on the book Z,sounds like a great read.

And a most Blessed Birthday to you

Jan said...

Wow, Z..Happy Birthday!

I was out galivantin' with Lucky all day, or I would have wished you a happy birthday, way before now!

I hope it was wonderful...I know it was, because I'll bet there are so many who wouldn't allow it to be otherwise!

Much love to you, girl!

beakerkin said...

happy Birthday

I am writting Marxism killed the bird brained Duck

Z said...

Lisa, how sweet, thanks!

Ticker, all I get is a Youtube link and so we can't show videos anymore, I guess? Why did they do this, have you heard?

It stops us from showing truth (words out of peoples' MOUTHS that our mainstream media's not telling us..)

thanks EVERYONE for the birthday's been a grand day and I'm being picked up for dinner in 45 minutes...some nice birthday dates coming up this week, too!

BY THE WAY, Greg Holt thanked me for blogging this and I wanted you to know that...I'm getting a couple more copies for male friends.


net observer said...

Well, I have to say happy birthday to the woman who forces me to research words facts everyday =)

Kid said...

Z ! Happy 29th ! And Many More !

You look fantastic !

Kid said...

Z, What to get a guy for his birthday?

Hint: Victoria's Secret, then some thigh high Pirate boots off the net.

Anonymous said...

Z.....Ms. Z.....????

Need I say it again? A thousand...a million best wishes to the most wonderful woman I know ( outside of my bride of 42 years and Ms. Prisc...)...and....

How much we adore you....Happy BD lady.

Some...not many though..Baby Boomers rule..WORD UP!

Anonymous said...

"to the woman who forces me to research words facts everyday =)"

And to a woman who doesn't suffer BS at all.


Rita said...

I'll keep lurking for a while longer, but I have to officially comment a Happy Birthday to the lovely Z.

Enjoy your day, evening and week. Hoping you celebrate by finding humor in everything today rather than being dragged down into the politic mud.



WomanHonorThyself said...

HAPPY B DAY girlY!..xoxoxoxoxoxox

Beverly said...

Happy birthday, Z. Have a happy day.

Z said...

Rita, I'm getting emails saying how sad it is you've left! I swear, three emails particularly mentioning you among other things...
you're missed.
In the future, if things get that rough again, I'm going on moderation and that'll be that. No more of the problems; or you can skip the post...I hope you reconsider but if you don't, I wish you well.

And thanks SO much for the birthday wishes..had a spectacular day...

Kid, how do you know I look 'fantastic'!? (i'm old but don't look too bad :-)

Imp, thanks, and thanks for IT'S MY PARTY! I love love love that song...thanks for the email :-)..
I've got to the age now where Johnny's being with Jeannie wouldn't bother me; today I wouldn't cry, I'd just smack him and tell them both to party somewhere else. Ha!!!

net...and everybody..thanks!

Kid said...

Z, you're a positive happy person and you're mainly conservative.

Plus you can spell.

These folks all look fantastic.

Z said...

Kid! I can SPELL? :-) Ya, I guess..?

We all look fantastic but I look fantasticer (just kidding!) See, I don't spell so well all the time!
Thanks xx

"Mainly Conservative!?" HA!

Kid said...

Z, the word Fantasticer popped right into my head, but I didn't want to tease ya.

xxoo !

When my mom was still around, I'd go to see her in the high rise apartment she lived in. Mostly older ladies, there were a couple that insisted on kissing me on the lips, so I always gave them a good smacker. They were about 70.

Don't tell me how old you are but I'll tell you, there are some ladies that never look poorly, and I'll bet you're one of them. heheh

Z said...

I'm much less than 70 :-)

Kid said...

Glad to hear :)

Z said...

behave yourself, you whippersnapper :-)