Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Faith Blog ... Truth

Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8: 31-32
Truth in relationships, Truth in our businesses, Truth in our communities, Truth in our churches, Truth in our hearts.  And then kindness, forgiveness, love...

Please pray for churches this morning..........that they will be led by fine, upstanding people who do believe in Truth, who believe in their people, who walk in Light and Love and not in darkness only the lack of prayer and humility can bring.  Thanks.  

Yes, okay...maybe I shouldn't end with the next image, but I saw it and couldn't resist.  This is oftentimes true, too, and why there's little truth in some places!!

Have a wonderful, truth-filled, blessed (and sometimes, even a little irreverent! God didn't give you a sense of humor for nothing!) Sunday,



sue hanes said...

Thanks Z.

For everything.

: )

heh heh

Brooke said...

Have a great and blessed Sunday, Z.

Silverfiddle said...

The picture is very true. We don't want to hear the truth, even the truth of God's laws and his plans for us, because our human nature is rebellious. So yes, the truth does often piss us off.

Z said...

Sue, take care.

Brooke, it could be a trying morning; I'm praying that love and forgiveness and Truth trump darkness and ego. (long story....too long)

Silverfiddle, and if it does piss us off, so many of us decide to ignore shuffling past the Old Test. to the New because "God just can't really be as He is in the O.T. because 'My God is a LOVING God'!" Lots of misunderstandings, misinformation and not enough Truth studied, that's for sure.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I pray for churches, and I pray for The Greatest Generation, which kept this wonderful country for us. How disappointed they must be in its current state, and what we've done with it.


Me? Opinionated? said...

I think that you have a very interesting and well written blog, but that's just MY opinion.

shoprat said...

Truth is the most unpopular thing there is. If your beliefs don't bother you from time to time than they aren't strong enough. Jesus was crucified because He told the truth to those who didn't want to hear it.

Ducky's here said...

The concert at the Gardner today was a quartet doing primarily Medieval polyphonic religious music.

During a rendition of the Lord's Prayer in Latin I noticed an elderly woman near me who was clearly praying.

She was so calm. That was my truth for the day.

Ducky's here said...

z, are you familiar with Anonymous 4?

If not, highly recommended. This was the first time I have heard them.

Z said...

BZ, Churches need prayer...

ME?...welcome and you have VERY good opinions :-)
(and thanks)

shoprat...lovely to see you here. And, you're so right about that.

Ducky, sounds wonderful.
I went to an evening in a restaurant years ago where they played actual Medieval instruments from the time...they played something, we'd have a course of dinner and wine, then they'd play again, was fabulous.
I have to say Jerry Brown was at my table and his demeanor's a lot more pleasing than his politics :-)

Z said...

ME? the way, "Team Members" Nobody can comment on your blog but team members? WHat's that?

Ed Bonderenka said...

Famous quotes:
*What is truth?
*You want answers? You can't handle the truth!
*I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
I know the Truth, I get answers and I can handle it.

Z said...

Amen, Ed.

Leticia said...

Had a great service, but I am bit embarrassed now to admit, I got a little carried away in my signing with one of the songs.

The chorus was, "My God Never Fails, Never gives up, Never walks out on me"

Well, yours truly, started jumping up and down, because I was just so moved with those words and I wanted God to know much it touched me, because it is the truth.

I shouldn't have jumped, because I never want the focus off of God, and I know I grabbed attention.

Anyhoo, that's my story.

Z said...

Leticia! That's so sweet...sometimes one gets carried away with the greatness.
Man, if you'd jumped up and down in the church I used to go to, they'd have had to put in a nut house :-)
I say "let the spirit move you" but I have to admit I and my new church are pretty sedate :-) Joyous, some hands up in the air, but very few....

I"m a shy one, myself :-)

Ticker said...

you would have felt right at home Leticia in many of the churches I have attended in the past 10 years, and yes even Baptist who have finally "got it".
\The "frozen chosen" are beginning to defrost and they had better cause let me tell you , when we get to Heaven there ain't gonna be any seats where one can sit with arms crossed or hands in the lap . There will be constant PRAISE and I surmise a lot of jumping and shouting.

Leticia said...

Thanks, Z and Ticker, I feel little bit less embarrassed now, lol!

My church is far from sedate, but I just felt I should have toned it down. Oh well. It's now on video, I think?

Ticker, you had better believe I will be one of those with my arms raised and jumping and praising my God, and since I will never know "tiredness" I'll never stop, sweet.

Z said...

I've got to admit; when I'm not singing with the praise band, I'm pretty sedate in my pew but my heart's pretty happy!

Ticker said...

Z, I remember one time in a
Baptist church on a Wednesday night they were doing song request after the meal. Someone requested Victory in Jesus. Well, it started off like a funeral dirge. Before the start of the second verse I stood up ( yes they had remained seated while singing of Victory) I said, Whoa, Stop folks. Why are you sitting down and why are you singing this song like you are at a funeral? Stand up, raise your voices, your arms and your hands to the Lord and sing it like you mean it and like you have experienced the Victory that Jesus gave. Some of the folks looked at me like I was totally crazy, but a lot of them stood and raised their hands and arms as well as their voices as they sang the rest of the song. The Pastor said later that for the first time in his 15 year ministry in that church it felt like the people actually came to life. I told him it was time to melt the 'frozen chosen' and experience the Victory that Jesus provided for us over 2000 years ago. He preached on that Victory the next Sunday and it seemed that the people received the word and from that Sunday, the people were more alive and you saw the thawing of the frozen chosen. I am glad that I could be a part of that unthawing. They still have not accepted the full understanding of the Victory that Jesus gave to us as is express in that very song but maybe someday they will.

Z said...

Well, Ticker, that's a great story, but I'm just going to have experience the victory of Jesus sitting on my duff :-)

Leticia said...

Ticker, you and I are alike with our worship.

Z, we all worship God in our own way. God looks at our hearts and that is where it really counts.