Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Faith Post ....peace

"I will listen to what God the Lord will say; he promises peace to his people, his saints..."  Psalms 85:8.

What do you do for peace in the midst of such economic fears, terrorism fears, fears of seeing our country turn into something the Framers and most Americans never envisioned, health fears, politics, etc.?

What's God the Lord saying to you?

Happy Sunday.



Always On Watch said...

What do you do for peace...?

Until gapapentin robbed me of the joy of music, I retreated by listening to music (extensive collection of CDs and lp vinyls here) or playing certain pieces on the piano (usually Bach).

Now, I pray more.

And blog -- although there isn't much peace in the blogosphere unless one avoids the political sites.

Work is also a great calming influence on my -- never mind that I teach teenagers. While at work, I can't allow myself any distractions from the lesson at hand.

I'm glad that I'm as old as I am. America really is going down the tubes!

Silverfiddle said...

Living responsibly and not having debt can provide a big peace of mind.

Reading the Bible and praying helps, most especially for those things that are completely out of my control.

Playing guitar is probably the biggest stress reliever and what I turn to most often.

FairWitness said...

Happy Faith Sunday to you, Z.

For peace and tranquility, I talk long walks through my country neighborhood with my husband and our dogs. Living in a rural area, the sounds of nature are a cacophony of God's creation, this blessed Earth and all its life.

No horns honking, no sirens blaring, no discourse, no screaming or yelling. You hear the sound of trains, occasionally. And you hear other neighbors & their children laughing and playing.

Pris said...

I fear for the future my children and grandson face, and that they will not enjoy the freedom and opportunities Mr. Pris and I have enjoyed. We've had our turn, and I want them to have theirs.

I pray for them, my country, and for myself, I pray for strength.

My escape from stress includes being in three bowling leagues. I enjoy the recreation, competition, and most of all, the social environment it provides.

I bowl with my sister every week. We're very close, and this weekly get together is great fun, and a way to keep up with family news.

Ticker said...

Knowing that God is in control brings a peace that passes all understanding.
Even when things are not as we wish them to be we need to focus on Him and not on the circumstances.

The story of Peter walking on the water to Jesus is an example of this. As long as Peter remained focused on Him and not on the waves and the wind that was around him he was fine. The moment he allowed the circumstances to take control he began to falter and sink. At that point he returned his complete and total attention to Him and he was safe from all harm.

Now that is Peace!.

Z said...

Always...gabapentin? Neurontin? the classification of drugs? Was that for your back?
How did that hurt your enjoyment of music?? I've had to take Neurontin from time to time so I'm curious...

I'm finding that teaching is a great distraction; the kids I teach are so marvelous it gives me hope in kids that I'd really begun to lose.

Silverfiddle....debt can surely be a peace-breaker...that's for sure.

Reading the Bible and praying is what does it for me....
What would we do without prayer?
I've got such great stories on answered prayers.

FairWitness...I just have to get myself walking again; thanks for the reminder, it's such a good way to destress.

Pris, you're so lucky to have the bowling and I enjoy hearing via email about your wins! BOY, do you bowl well :=)

PRAYER, MUSIC, WALKS, RECREATION....all so good for us.

and vodka :-) (HA!)

Z said...

Ticker, if I didn't think God was in control (and I've heard this from MANY MANY people), I don't know quite what I'd do...honestly. thANKS FOR THAT REMINDER. XX

Bob said...

"What's God the Lord saying to you?"

Good question.

"What do you do for peace in the midst of such economic fears,..."
I try not to worry, but It does bother me. Generally, I will bury my head in a book, or a whatever technical subject I find, and keep my brain away from reality.

The real question is, how do you plan to face the reality of diminished prospects because of the incompetent Administration?

Silverfiddle has it right, and I envy his ability to play musical instruments.

beakerkin said...

Actually, I have been spending more time at home. The kid deserves attention and a full time dad. Silly things like teaching her about produce never seen in her community are fun. Political intruige will still be there.

Z said...

I just heard a sermon about making things other than God your 'idol', TV, etc etc......

I loved this quote I heard from Voltaire "God created man in His image and man returned the favor"
That gets man into trouble, right!?

some other quotes from today:

"Whatever else we give our hearts to doesn't make us holy, happy, or His."

"We're alone, tired, anxious, confused....idolatry separates us from God." (Idolatry being anything which worships something other than God)

The title of the Sermon by a friend and teacher at the high school I'm associated with was "A Feast of Ashes" and talked about how we feed our souls ashes and get into trouble but that those troubles are blessings because then we recognize our nervous, anxious, unhappy states and come back to God.

I thought this all rather dovetailed with my question today and thought I'd pass it on. I'm sorry to be paraphrasing because the speaker is so Godly and so very, very bright.

The speaker said that we could, of course, make lists of what we think our idols are, those things that separate us from God, but that's not the way to go about getting rid of our idols...we should instead do an "about face" and repent to God's grace and give Him our whole heart. Or try to.

I think doing that as much as we can gives great peace.......that kind of peace when we've been to church with like-minded people and leave after having listened and sung and, suddenly, we walk out the door and the world hits us in the face and we feel that difference from inside and out.

Just thought I'd pass this all

Z said...

GOod Beak...anything where you help another person is satisfying and peaceful, isn't it. THanks for that and good luck!

Jan said...

Z..there are many ways to relieve stress, but for me, only one way to obtain peace, and that is through prayer, and asking for guidance, and direction, in my life...for God's protection for my family, and home.

Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; unless the LORD guards the city,the watchman stays awake in vain.

Psalm 127:1 NKJV

Debbie said...

I'm with Ticker, Fair Witess, and AOW. Knowing God is in control (even though it does not always look that way) makes all the difference to me. We also live in a quiet area near the river, lots of nature, critters, peace and quiet. I can close my eyes and listen to the sounds of His creation. True peace comes though prayer and having a relationship with God. I'm so thankful every day.

Right Truth

The Passionate Culinarian said...

He is saying, as He has been saying for years and years:

"Be still and know that I am indeed God."