Monday, January 16, 2012

This guy gets it every time........

ZO rocks...........please try to listen to the whole thing; it's only a couple of minutes and it gets better and better.

(To Pris's friends:  her husband is still nonresponsive, please keep them in your prayers......she appreciates it so much)


Silverfiddle said...

I love that guy. He's been around for years under various names.

I wish the GOP could produce stuff like this.

Liberalmann said...
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Liberalmann said...

Another dummy spreading the usual wingnut lies to other dummies.

IntolerantCynicami said...
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IntolerantCynicami said...

when these people grow a brain, maybe I'll pay attention to anything they say, but until then.... not!

soapster said...

The excitement is less about Ron Paul and much more about the message of individual liberty and the infinite ways in which liberty manifests itself.

If it was merely about Ron Paul the movement wouldn't have grown in the 4 years since the last election.

"Ideas spread. They can't stop them. An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government." - Ron Paul (Rally for the Republic 2008)

Ducky's here said...

Romney vs. Obama.

The banksters win. You lose.

It's a mugs game suckers. They're dealing from the bottom of the old greasy deck.

"And it's not going to change,
it's not going to change,
till you wise up."

Silverfiddle, the entire primary season has been a GOP comedy production.

You think this guy is funnier than Bachmann, Cain, Trump (LMAO) or Perry.
Perry was taking questions at a press conference the other day and picked a mannequin with an upraised arm. This is great comedy.

Listen to it all circle the drain.

Joe said...

Liberalmann: "Another dummy spreading the usual wingnut lies to other dummies."

What an astute rebuttal!

That pretty well sums up your ability to refute points.

What an ignoramus you are!

Z said...

SF....ya, GOP ads like this would rock. Well, all they have to do is hire him! He's always good, isn't he.

Liberlmann, If you listened instead of typing first, you'd be surprised; shocked even. The truth hurts you people.

Intolerant...when who grows a brain? Did you listen to the video? want to do drugs and they don't want a war; vote Ron Paul.

Ducky, it's your ilk that gave us Obama; I'd go easy on accusations.
And, by the way, Perry picked on the mannequin as a joke, there was no other spin on that but yours here, but good try.

Joe; get ready; they'll be swarming all year as if we're going to suddenly 'get enlightened' and vote for anybody THIS type of mean spirited jerk would vote for?

Ducky's here said...

z, remember, I despise Obama.

I have to laugh every time the fringe right calls this guy a "socialist". Absolutely deluded.

This country is dead meat until we get a reasonable progressive alternative.

Notice that we've slipped to number 27 in per capita income? And with the growth growing almost exclusively to the oligarchy the suckers are losing big time and they can't seem to figure it out.

Let's bomb Iran to keep their minds off the issue.

Time for this nation to wise up.

Z said...

Well, Ducky, the problem is that you don't have the key, as you sometimes present your comments here and elsewhere.

Most Americans do think Obama's taking us away from Capitlism and, of course, your type has convinced many that it doesn't work (do the research on socialism and tell me how that worked out for every country it's been in).

The "suckers" as you like to refer to your fellow Americans see that getting something for nothing doesn't work when what pays for that something is borrowed from the CHinese to put us into huger debt, too...finally they're seeing it. Which, in itself, is a kind of miracle through the haze of Obama worship.

IntolerantCynicami said...

Z said...
Intolerant...when who grows a brain? Did you listen to the video?

Sorry, I was referring to people like Ducky Here.

Anonymous said...

"What an astute rebuttal!.."

You expected something "eloquent" from someone who worships a bobble head like DWS? And who "thinks" that socialism is an answer?

Alligator said...

At least Ducky articulates a thought out answer, even though we disagree with his conclusions. Liberalmann on the other hand, sounds like the little kid who yells "poo-poo" in the middle of an adult conversation to get attention. Silver, I'm having deja vu' here. I think we did this on your site, right?

soapster said...

" want to do drugs and they don't want a war; vote Ron Paul."

My hope is that one day on this here blog we'll evolve beyond commentary that mirrors what the pundits and presstitutes are saying.

With respect to drugs, there doesn't seem to be any shortage or inability for recreational drug users to engage in said activity at present if they so desire.

Secondly, on the point of war, are you suggesting they should desire more war and financial plunder?

The youth are taking time to understand the history of money in this country and its connection to the war profiteers. They also understand full well that indeed:

"War is the health of the state."

soapster said...

For all the criticism thrown at Ducky, he is spot on that Romney/Obama is a win win for the banking interests.

Even a simple cursory search of their donor lists attests to this.

net observer said...

from the macro level, he makes a lot of sense. not quite as much upon closer inspection, but i can appreciate his logic and willingness to explain himself in detail.

i've seen him before, too. he's a little too gimmicky for me, but generally i respect him.

net observer said...

From a bird's eye view, Zo makes a lot of sense here; although not quite as much upon closer inspection. Still, I respect anyone who is willing to explain their position in detail with basic logic. I think he passes that test.

I, too, have seen him before. He's generally too gimmicky for my tastes, but he usually has something to say.

Nevertheless, I think he's very mistaken on one particular point: I don't think the average GOP-er underestimates the challenge of unseating Obama, esp. with a recovering economy. I think there are a fair amount of wishful thinkers out there who PRETEND to be optimistic. Subsequently, a lot of GOP-er's "seem" confident about winning in November. But in reality, I think the vast majority of hardcore GOP-ers are flat-out scared.

Zo's right about Cain, too. Cain's run created a lot of excitement.

Of course, we have to first assume that Cain honestly wanted to be president (a huge assumption). But assuming he did, all he had to do was brush up on foreign policy and not be an adulterer, and he'd be neck-and-neck with Mitt, if not ahead.

And yes, I am convinced that his socially conservative stances combined with his blackness created an extra unique layer of excitement, with supporters as well as non-supporters.

A "serious" Cain WOULD have made this election year doubly interesting.

Z said...

Thanks, INTOLERANT... :-)'s deja vu all over again !

Soapster, you really take the CAKE, honestly.

"My hope is that one day on this here blog we'll evolve beyond commentary that mirrors what the pundits and presstitutes are saying."

This here blog has a blog owner who reads EVERYTHING, chum....I don't need ANYBODY to tell me what Paul says; I have heard him say it. Stop being so condescending, please.

"with respect to drugs..", most people know that legalizing sends a terrible message no matter HOW much junk there is out there anyway.

"Secondly, on the point of war, are you suggesting they should desire more war and financial plunder?"

Is that what you think? REALLY? that I LIKE war, that I encourage war? If you think that low of the blog owner, why're you HERE, there are a lot of highly intelligent bloggers; go there, please.
Yes, "I think all kids should be itching to jump out of those jeans and into khakis and camouflage; the more killed the better!" is that what you really think, soapster?
I don't insult you, please don't insult me or my integrity.

As far as Romney's concerned: who CARES? Paul CANNOT win, and Romney might; Romney gets my vote, whether I hate or love him. ANYBODY but OBama has to happen or we are finished.

net. you said "From a bird's eye view, Zo makes a lot of sense here; although not quite as much upon closer inspection."

I think 'sense' isn't the problem because he makes a hell of a lot of it don't happen to agree with him on everything, that's all. I'm pretty sure all of us don't agree with all he says.. My point is that he's young, he's black, he's not walking the black catwalk of Democrat promises and misinformation, and he's bright and funny. I'd vote for HIM over Obama...that's sad, isn't it.

with the kind of budget Obama's got, I'm 80% sure he can't lose. Plus, there's voter fraud that we can expect....if the Hillary/Obama primary gave us any indication.

By the way, tell us: Why do YOU think Cain ran if he really didn't want it? He sure did put on a good show of 'not wanting it'!

Ducky's here said...

First off z, the resolution of the upward transfer of wealth is not going to be achieved by the current supply side corporatists.

Now my fellow Americans were more than willing to go into huge levels of private debt both personal and public and think that the fun never stops no matter how many equity bubbles we go through.
They piss away another trillion on disasters in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Use fiscal policy as a means to transfer wealth upward in the deluded, absolutely deluded, belief that it creates jobs rather than asset bubbles. Hint: Demand creates jobs.

Democratic socialism has worked just fine in the Scandinavian countries, Australia, New Zealand.

Nope, you'd rather go for the 9-9-9 plan.
That's what the average American wants.
9% income tax
9% sales tax
9% VAT the suckers thought he meant a true tax on profits)

Your enthusiastic for whomever the media tells you to be enthusiastic for. This country lost any demand for intelligent political leadership decades ago.

I have to give up right back to Soapster. I think Libertarianism is the absolute wrong way to go but at least there's a realization that the we have to get rid of the R/D infestation and get the corporatists out of the system.

We aren't going to do that with a pizza delivery man who ran on a lark to increase his book sales and speaker fees and line his pocket.
Damn we are a sorry people.

Z said...

Well, Ducky, again, you know better than everyone else, you just have to face it. :-)
Australia is a free market country with some social security and other socialized umbrellas...that's all.
Scandinavia's a mess.

You won't buy any of the above because it's not your thinking but it's worth the read.

Why do you think Liberterianism is the wrong way to go? Because it relies on the individual and freedom?

I rely on whatever the media tells me? REALLY? :-)

Anonymous said...

"all he had to do was brush up on foreign policy and not be an adulterer..."

Sorry Net...poor Herman was just channelling a strategy that worked for Clinton for two terms. And his so called "adultery" has never been proven like Bill Clintons was with Jennifer Flowers for 12 or more years (and with years of TAPED conversations)..was it? Not even mentioning Juanita Broderick or Paula or Kathleen....and so many others that saw the "crooked" dragon leering at them.

Z said...

Imp, great way to put it...'channeling'.

The odd thing is that guy came out again who has a new fangled lie detector machine and said there's no way Cain was lying. the media didn't pick this story up at all, so either they didn't like that summation or they don't buy the guy's machine or Cain doesn't sell anymore; but experts are using the machine for other cases.

net observer said...

"My point is that he's young, he's black, he's not walking the black catwalk of Democrat promises and misinformation, and he's bright and funny."

Z, if that was your main point, fine. But frankly, there are a ton of people who fit the above description who can't stand the GOP or "conservatism" in its current form. I think that's even more important to note.

"with the kind of budget Obama's got, I'm 80% sure he can't lose. Plus, there's voter fraud that we can expect"

I think the main reason by far will be a recovering economy. Like I said before, either way, I hope it's a blow out to expunge any and all excuses.

"Why do YOU think Cain ran if he really didn't want it?"

Z, in retrospect, I think Cain wanted to (and still wants to) elevate his status in the lucrative world of upper echelon conservative punditry and politics. Possibly a new FoxNews talk show, or maybe 8 more book deals (if not 19), or possibly more speaking engagements with exponentially higher fees, etc.

I think Cain was, in one sense, like Ron Paul. i.e., pushing an agenda but never seriously hoping or expecting to be in the Oval Office. I say this because it's the only answer that makes sense to me.

Herman Cain's educational background is impressive. A double major in math and science. A master's in computer science. Cain is obviously a smart man. Smart enough to learn quickly. Smart enough to know his weak areas -- like foreign policy.

His professional background conveys a man who is comfortable with media and public speaking. But despite all this, in debate after debate, Cain never really showed any deeper understanding of the most presidential issues -- like foreign policy.

His favorite answer: "I'd consult the experts."

Since I am not the type to blame "the liberal media", I think Cain CHOSE to be this way because I don't think he ever really wanted to be president.

And it's not like the bar was too high to reach. Our electorate, for better or worse, doesn't require perfection. No candidate has to sound like a foreign policy guru to be taken seriously. But generally, you need to at least "sound" reasonably familiar with the basics. If nothing else, curious.

Cain seemed uninterested, aside from his occasional "red meat" tosses. Ergo, I see no other explanation.

If this were Sarah Palin, I might see it differently. For when I look at Palin's educational background, as well as her professional background, it's a lot easier to believe that she was simply "freaked out" by the experience. But that is not case with Herman Cain.

net observer said...

Z, if you have time, please point to a couple of examples.

"but experts are using the machine for other cases"

net observer said...


If Cain wasn't guilty of adultery (which again, wasn't the scariest part of his presentation as a candidate), why do you think these women came out publicly and what did they get out of it?

Ducky's here said...

Cain is obviously a smart man.


Utter tripe. He was a disaster at Pillsbury and the only reason they let him take a crack at Godfather's was because it was an aside in the main buyout and they wanted to get it off the books.

He promptly got eased out of that just as he did when his computer system consolidation attempts failed and Pillsbury transferred him to Burger King College.

The man is obviously bright? Quoting the Pokemon movie is your indicator of a deep thinker? Please, the man is a joke just like Bachmann, Trump, Perry, Santorum and Gingrich. That's why Romney is handing them their heads.

When the right wing can produce an intelligent conservative who is not feeding at the corporate trough let us know.

Z said...

Ducky, since you're aware of every 'right winger', let's have the name of a left winger who fits your bill.........of "not feeding at the corporate trough"

You know, of course, that for the points you bring up, better minds than yours say quite differently, but DUCKY KNOWS :-)


read the whole thing.

By the way, I'm no flag bearer for Cain's innocence from any sexual dalliances, but I sure didn't think he was stupid enough to have left a trail of women behind him and not think the leftwing media'd eat him alive, which they did.

I think the women did it for their 15 min of fame. I think they were promised things we may NEVER EVER find out about. it would be naive to think otherwise.
And I wouldn't blame only the DNC, by the way.

Cain's "i'd consult the experts' bugged me, too, but frankly, I wish Obama would consult more experts; sure, he might be, but when they have hearings where the military's testifying to the blow of cutting the military as he wants to and he doesn't heed the advice, we're in trouble.
etc etc etc

Z said...

Ducky, do you think the corporate trough drinkers negate capitalism? Some guys screw us over and the system isn't capable of the success it's had?
Or are you going to remind us again and again how it's never worked here ? :-)

Ducky's here said...

Well yes z, I'll say it again. If the wealth discrepancy in a nation becomes too large the nation is weakened.

It has been growing much larger in America and the size of the gap is widening. That is a failure of the neocon economic system initiated by Reagan, implemented by Clinton and ridden to its inevitable contradictions and destruction by Bush. Obummer is trying to keep it on life support.

As for Cain leaving a trail of bimbos, it's indicative of the fact that he never thought the campaign would go anywhere. He had some conservative backers and figured this would get him some book sales, higher speaker fees and maybe a plum gig at Faux like Palin's (another stunner).

This country will regret the day it lost the left opposition and gave in to the Wall Street crowd. Hundreds of billions transferred upward, unemployment still high and we still have the right talking about the banksters as job creators. Insanity.

"Libya, let's see .... "
It's the one next to Egypt, Herman.

What I liked about Herman was the way he talked down to people .... "Now in Islam, they have sharia law...". Thanks Herman, never heard of that and I suppose you can name three of the main schools.
At some point you just have to get tired of these simpletons.

Anyone who thinks this crop is going to be fundamentally different than Obama is blind. It will be the same corporate benefits, indefinite detention, Keystone pipeline, for profit education and insurance company giveaways that it's been for decades.

Obama just knows how to talk a moderate game which is why he's the more despised by the left.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Hey Z I have been slacking about on posting but I've been reading.
All I know is whoever gets the nomination we all have to get excited about. I ma tired of us having to think about getting walked all over by the liberal media. I want someone who is going to walk all over Obama,ruthlessly.
You don't need money to get out the message that his baggage has been of limits to the American People. I don't want Romeny to wimp out like McCain did.

Sorry to hear about Pris' husband. Please send her my prayers.

Z said...

Ducky "Well yes z, I'll say it again. If the wealth discrepancy in a nation becomes too large the nation is weakened"

I'd say that, too, Ducky...who wouldn't?
But you seem to blame the rich for the discrepancies and that's ridiculous.

There's a happy medium somewhere that understands we need to stay away from the promises of that soul-threatening socialism you thrive on and understands that we need our American businesses to pick up again so taxes rise, people are hired, and we're on the right track again.

We keep up with Socialism Lite and we're going nowhere...Obama care, welfare, paying for's all got to stop.
And you blame all of Wall St.
I don't completely disagree with some of what you say about the economy (tho I do NOT blame capitalism) and the trainwreck we're headed for but I sure do bemoan your way of saying it because it does nothing to promote any kind of decent conversation here. You come to blogs, ignite with your smug surety and constant "it's all the right wing...and oh, I'm such an enlightened leftwinger that I don't love Obama, either" then expect...what?

Your criticisms of Cain show a cheap hatred that I don't need to respond to.

Z said...

Lisa, I'll definitely let her know. I'm keeping a list of those who've commented their regards and emailed me, too.
Her husband is still nonresponsive....please pray that he improves.

net observer said...

D@mn Ducky, where's the respect.

and people here think I'm on YOUR side lol

fwiw, I tend to call anyone with a Master's in Computer Science from Purdue "smart". I guess that makes me a right-wing wing-nut lol

Z said...

net, nobody thinks you're a socialist net...nobody here, anyway!

(it took me two minutes to figure out 'fwiw'...I don't text :-) I'm in the Dark Ages)

You do seem almost combative, tho, when you say you have a more conservative outlook .....for example, you'll fight to the death practically about FOX being so biased after we've all given countless indications that CNN and MSNBC are at least equally so......

"....who can't stand the GOP or "conservatism" in its current form."

How many blacks do you know who'd like the GOP in some other form and what would that have to be?

Z said...

net: Sarah "freaked out?" The woman's still appearing in her bus, on FOX (ad nauseum, I might add), writing...that woman's never been freaked out about ANYTHING!

Z said...

net: Dick Harpootlian (ashamed to say he's Armenian), Dem. operative, is on FOX blaming FOX for picking tonight for the debate, on MLK Jr's birthday, AND that the candidates are shunning the day.
"It's INDICATIVE of how they Conservatives .."

I can't believe my ears... and don't have the energy to keep typing what I'm hearing now out of this guy's mouth.

Is this good for America?

In the meantime, I wanted to ask what people think of TCM (Turner Classic Movies) channel has had films by black directors all if you need MLK Jr's birthday to do that? As if they shouldn't ignore who directed it and just show films they want to show, black OR white OR purple?

net observer said...

"you'll fight to the death practically about FOX being so biased after we've all given countless indications that CNN and MSNBC are at least equally so"

That's such an interesting statement, Z. Yes, FoxNews often makes me nauseous with their often undeniably biased reports/opinions, and I express that frustration from time to time. But I have never once suggested that CNN or MSNBC were NOT biased. Interestingly, I recognized the bias in all three of those networks on this blog as recently as a week ago.

What REALLY frustrates me about modern-day news media: It's far less concerned about serious information and far more concerned about serving niches; which sometimes results in dubious reporting at best as well as pathetically unbridled editorials.

The whole point of FoxNews was never fairness nor balance. It was about satiating an under-served market: Political conservatives, and maybe some moderates...frankly, anyone who had enough of perennially left-leaning news media and opinion. Nothing wrong with that.

Then, apparently, enough people grew tired of the Fox/talk radio revolution; which opened the door for the current MSNBC. Nothing wrong with that either.

Even though I recognize that much leans left on CNN, I stop short of equating their level of bias with Fox or MSNBC. Frankly, it's a moot point anyway. In the end, "bias" doesn't bother me as much as superficiality, which is the REAL problem.

I could listen to Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell chat to one another all day; but not Eric Bolling or the blonde dude on Fox & Friends. I love some of the combinations on Bloggingheads, and left-leaning; but I can't listen to five minutes of Martin Bashir on MSNBC.

Z, perhaps the reason you don't see me arguing about CNN's or MSNBC's left-leaning dispositions is because, to be blunt, it would bore me. Who here is gonna argue that CNN and MSNBC are NOT left-leaning?

"....who can't stand the GOP or "conservatism" in its current form."

Well, in the 90s, me, my sis, my best friend, my current biz partner, all voted GOP. But now? I'm the best friend the GOP has in that group, and look at me =)

The other three have lost all respect for the current GOP, and I'm sure there are many other similar examples of dissent out there.

Why? Because the party and conservatism changed since the heyday of Gingrich, Kemp, Dole.

I'll be the first to admit, however, that it was fast becoming worrisome, even back then. But it was clearly different from where it is today.

The GOP no longer suited you if you weren't particularly religious; or if you were too "moderate", etc.

net observer said...

"Sarah "freaked out?"

I was trying to be nice, Z. Instead of calling her stupid, which I am more apt to do, I am saying that maybe she only seemed stupid during her VP run because the experience shook her up. Next time I'll just call her stupid and avoid the political correctness =)

"Is this good for America?"

No, it's pretty typical left-wing nonsense. That's probably why he's on Fox. They don't mind leftists who sound stupid.

"films by black directors all day"

Z, frankly, I'm tired of ALL the pandering. And yes, the right is just as guilty of it. That Tebow/FocusonFamily silliness was made for kids.

But like I said, all these people have markets that have to satiate.

Z said...

net, the GOP isn't religious. :-)
But we've all swallowed this weird EVANGELICAL media hype. Evangelicals are CHRISTIANS, 80% of America, but when you give them a term like EVANGELICALS, it sounds nasty, doesn't it? "a bunch of BIble pounding, gun totin' jerks" No doubt about it; that's been an effective campaign.
But, no...that Christian bunch is no different than Nader's bunch or any other special interest bunch; Nader's bunch just doesn't get crucified by the leftwing media. come to think of it, that's ironic, isn't it :-)

You continually miss my point on FOX (and, truly, I try to read every comment and am a busy girl and don't remember everything you say, sorry) point about bias is the media's constant drumbeat against FOX's "bias" and never EVER condemning CNN, MSNBC, etc.
Watch a network news night for a week. Read the NY Times.
The Times now is calling Romney 'too white'....some guy named Siegel says we're rooting for anybody but Obama because he's black...nice, huh? See the set-up? I told you those producers Obama brought into the WH after the inauguration are busy.

FOX doesn't "mind leftists who sound stupid!"?
Sometimes I think I can't argue with you anymore, honestly! REALLY? What other leftists do you see on FOX who are 'stupid'....sorry, babe.....because a Dem says it and he's on FOX, it's 'stupid'?
Like MSNBC only having Pat Robertson on during the Iraq war, the one Republican who didn't understand the need at the time. That was courageous of Matthews, wasn't it.

Do you think Juan Williams is stupid? Jumal what's-her-name? (who's not stupid but what a memo-hack), Kirsten Powers? Alan Colmes? Are they all stupid so stupid that's why FOX has them on every single day?

Sarah Palin is still running strong, so STUPID or FREAKED OUT are both a little bizarre (remember, I can't abide this woman)...she was busing around every Romney event sucking the air out of his appearances..that's not stupid or freaked out. I can't stand the woman but I would never call her stupid, believe me. SHe's stupid like a fox.

I'm not sure how you got from TCM's pandering to the Right and Tebow, but....except you're so sensitive to anything Christian. Look, Christians (and the world) see John 3:16 that Tebow's got under his eyes, then he passes 316 yards, averaging 31.6 yards per pass, and the TV ratings for the last quarter are 31.6, he throws to Thomas whose birthday is Christmas Day, Rothlesberger's only pass is from the 3rd and 16...we think that's pretty astonishing. I guess it's all coincidence! (?) !!:-) Hey, I see that bugs secularists BIG TIME. Plus, his goodness and his putting his faith where his mouth is in helping kids, etc.. must be nauseating :-)

As for you and your friends and the GOP; if you saw the hideous things that have happened with Obama with my eyes, you'd be grasping at the GOP, too. We've only GOT two choices: Obama or the GOP. A conservative's going to vote OBAMA?

Are your sis, friends, etc., who you say have turned against the GOP atheists, too?
My black friends are running to the GOP since they've seen what's happening to AMerica, but they were COnservatives, anyway.

Anonymous said...

"why do you think these women came out publicly and what did they get out of it?"

Net....two answers..One: where are they now?

As "passionate" and self absorbed and righteous as they appeared to be...they've disappeared. ya see them, now ya don't. must have been some kind of David Copperfield act / event. That or Cirque de Soliel?

Two: How would I know what they got out of it. I'd say enough of a payoff that they're now as lost as a dead sea scroll or an ancient mummified Egyptian pharaoh.

They were...FRAUDS and were pimped out. Whores get paid something Net.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"I think they were promised things we may NEVER EVER find out about."

You can bet your blog that they don't have any current financial problems.

And of course with the harlot Aldred...they signed a non disclosure agreement. Gloria probably set them up in an LLC too.

net observer said...


I give up, too, Z =)

The funny thing is I try very hard to be as nice, fair and understanding as possible, when most GOP dissidents don't even bother. They are convinced that the GOP and the conservative movement lost its collective mind long ago. At least I think there's hope =)


I don't think it's a nasty term at all. And I don't know anybody who thinks it's a "nasty" term. I always viewed it as a descriptive term. Meaning "devout Christians", "born-again Christian". Hence, "evangelical".

Generally, not the kind of people I care to hang out with. But so what? I'm sure the feeling is mutual in many cases. And since nobody's forcing either of us to hang out with each other, no big deal.

"a bunch of BIble pounding, gun totin' jerks" No doubt about it; that's been an effective campaign."

Indeed. Just like the absolute bullsh!t that Fox and other conservative media outlets promulgate about atheists.

"Nader's bunch just doesn't get crucified by the leftwing media."

And right-wing Christians don't get crucified by the RIGHT-wing media. But the left DOES. What's your point, Z?

"my point about bias is the media's constant drumbeat against FOX's "bias" and never EVER condemning CNN, MSNBC, etc."

They don't have to. Fox, virtually all of talk radio, Drudge/Breitbart, the conservative voices IN the left-leaning media outlets, etc. cover anti-conservative media bias -- real or imagined -- like white on rice; every hour on the hour.

What exactly do you want, Z? I'm really curious.

"some guy named Siegel says we're rooting for anybody but Obama because he's black...nice, huh?"

And it's just as disgusting as the cr@p I've heard for years from too many white conservatives who ignorantly said "blacks voted for Obama b/c he's black". I don't like either example. It's all b.s. Agree?

"because a Dem says it and he's on FOX, it's 'stupid'?"

Z, I didn't say every liberal or even most liberals on Fox were stupid. I said Fox, like similar media outlets, likes to air stupid liberals, because it helps them prove their "point".

net observer said...


Fwiw, I've seen the same strategy from the other side. Over the years I've seen left-leaning news outlets feature hardcore white racists with rightist views, with the obvious intent to discredit the conservative movement.

It's all the same b.s. to me.

"Hey, I see that bugs secularists BIG TIME."

Like WHO, Z?!?! lol

Z, I swear I couldn't POSSIBLY care less! Who would have even NOTICED such a thing if they weren't actively looking for it? Certainly not I.

Tebow got his butt handed to him on a platter last Saturday. Was that in the bible?

At any rate, yes, I think it's a coincidence. Just like astrologers sometimes "get it right". I guess that's why I'm an atheist/secularist/whatever.

"I'm not sure how you got from TCM's pandering to the Right and Tebow, but....except you're so sensitive to anything Christian."

You're calling ME sensitive? lol

Z, "The Five", the only show on Fox I watch regularly, kissed Tebow's rear end so often and so incessantly, I'm surprised the guy didn't call in to complain.

And in short, yes, I think Palin is pretty stupid. One can be influential, rich, popular, powerful, whatever, and still be stupid. Some might say that about Kardashian, or a host of rappers and/or politicians.

Z, IF you are sensing a constant aggression against "Christians", it's probably because the "target" isn't "Christians" per se. It's a certain TYPE of GOP/politically conservative "Christian".

Which, btw, is a LOT different from, say, for example, the MANY, MANY left-leaning devout Christians in the black community. For example, every year, MLK's original church celebrates his birthday. The event is always VERY BOLD in its religious expressions (fwiw, I never had a problem with that and I've never heard anybody complain about it)

That event is also very bold in its political leanings, which are clearly LEFT. Do those guys have the same complaints as you do? I don't think so.

And btw, one of those four former black GOP-ers I named is "a born-again Christian" and has been for 30-plus years. The other three are atheists and have been for 30-plus years.

I'm curious why you asked. Do you think it's relevant? When we were Dems, we were atheists. When we were GOP, we were atheists. As independents today, we are atheists. And that remaining Christian was a Christian the entire time, too.

Z, I'm sure 80% or more Americans are are self-described Christians. (Doesn't bother me at all, btw) But I assure you that "80%" is a far cry from the number of self-described GOP/conservative devout Christians.

And frankly, even if it IS 80%, I swear, Z; I couldn't care LESS. I'm come from the African-American community. Jesus is all OVER the place! lol

If that were enough to drive me nuts, I would have lost it LONG, LONG time ago.

Z said...

net, there's so much there in what you've written that I don't have the energy to explain again or anything else...

but you said "Tebow got his butt handed to him on a platter last Saturday. Was that in the bible?"

Was he praying to win? People actually think he prays to

Sorry Conservatives are such a mess in your opinion, letting you down at every turn.
I will always be one for fairness and am hoping our films, TV, network news, etc., which aren't supposed to be biased might start being less so. that's all. But, mostly, our teachers. I hear , first hand, of indoctrination which should be labeled "criminal."


MK said...

LOL He's really funny. Love the weapon of ass destruction line.

He does have a point in that the Ron Paul supported really like him and are excited about him.

I'm starting to see things from their perspective, which ever way they vote, democrat or republican, they're saddled with big or huge government, less freedom and stuck in some foreign shithole without much of a plan or specific goal, but bleeding blood and treasure.

Z said...

MK, a lot of us think Paul has something to offer but his foreign affairs platform is so naive it's positively scary.
check it out!