Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Italian Cruise Ship that went down.........

Taken by Ms Z when she sailed by it just South of Mallorca a few weeks ago............eerie, isn't it.


net observer said...

"eerie, isn't it."

Events like that prove the tenuous of life itself. "Don't sweat the small stuff."

And btw, Pris. Where ever you are, we're with you, girl.

Kid said...

It must be the exception, but stories of crew incompetence, mass infections/sicknesses somewhat turn me off to cruises.

Given today's GPS systems and what we know about aircraft warning systems, that ship had to have been bleeting like a sheep surrounded by lions. No one at the wheel?

I'll take Vegas, I won't have to swim home.

Z said...

net, she's at the hospital. I haven't heard a thing; which might be good news. I hope so.'s really unbelievable that this happened; My stepdaughter told me they saw tons of these ships, an accident like this is rare.
Personally, I'd rather something like this than when everybody gets sick on those things. THAT would really be awful!

cube said...

Oh, that's eeire. That's why if I ever take a cruise, I will wear a life jacket at all times except during showers. Up until now, I thought the worst outcome of one of these cruises was getting some viral disease. I live and learn.

I hope these missing people are safe and sound in some dry corner of the ship.

People are talking Titanic, but I'm thinking more The Poseiden Adventure where there are groups of people staying alive and are going to be rescued.

Z said...

OH, thanks, Cube...I thought it was eerie, too....really eerie. She sent me about 8 pictures of the ship. It dawned on her the other day that it was the one she's photo'd.

That's what I said above your comment...I'd rather have this happen than everybody sick all over the ship, which has happened too many times!

Fredd said...

I don't have the stats at hand, but I would bet that your chances of getting killed on a cruise are one hundred times less than getting in a car wreck and dying while driving to the grocery store.

I love cruises. Going on Royal Carribean's "Alure" next month.

Z said...

Fredd, have a great time!

I'd rather be killed on a cruise than suffer nausea and "the other thing" with 2000 other toilet goers :-)