Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Americans are dead

You all know what's happened in Egypt with the storming of our embassy, and now we all know what's happened in Libya.  Four Americans are DEAD, including  American Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

What should Obama do?    What would YOU do if you were president?

And do you think it's appropriate for Romney to weigh in this morning?  I do not;  convince me I'm wrong.  


Anonymous said...

Cut the money and close the embassies in those countries. What's the point?

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Protests flare in Libya and Egypt over anti-Islam film: American diplomat killed at U.S. Consulate in Benghazi
Also today Egyptian protesters raided the US Embassy in Cairo, they climbed over the gates and tore down OUR Flag burned it, and replaced it with a Black Islamist Flag to protest a U.S. produced film that they didn’t like! The mob was chanting that our ambassador must leave.

Is this why Obama took part in overthrowing Hosni Mubarak's regime? Is this why he sent our troops and planes, etc. there?
Also tonight reports from Libya say that gangs of militants attacked the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi with rocket-propelled grenades, and stormed the embassy. The United States ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, and three other Americans were KILLED! They also protested a Movie film they denounced as blasphemous. So let's get this straight, they attacked our embassy, shredded our flag, replaced it with the al Qaeda flag, and killed 4 Americans including our Ambassador because they didn't like a movie film!
All this over a Movie? Is that why Obama helped to KILL Moammar Gadhafi? Is that why Obama wanted to replace the Libyan Government with the Muslim Brotherhood?
But be careful, we don't want to piss-off the religion of peace!
Thank You to Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton, for what you have accomplished!
I was always under the impression that TO ATTACK ANOTHER COUNTRY’S EMBASSY IS AN ACT OF WAR.
Is beheading Americans worse then making a film that is not to their liking?
So, the Islamist third world animals, the religion of Peace savages, the be-headers of the innocent, the barbarian cavemen, religion of suicide bombers, the cowards who fly airplanes into American skyscrapers, bombing innocent American’s in the streets think that storming our Embassies and murdering their staff is less important that a Movie! Humm, where's the Peace?
And what's President Obama going to do about this?
Or is he just going to let them feel free to burn some more of our Embassies and murder more Americans and burn more flags. Or maybe he’ll Bow down to them and ask them to be friends again? Sooner or later we will have to make up our minds as to who we want to lead us and who should get out of the way!

And have you noticed that the lefties are very quite over all of this? It seems as if a Pizza Maker from a little unknown town in Florida who took part in a staged a Photo-Op, by picking Obama off the floor in a loving hug drew more attention than any of the above. And that was worth blogging about and none of this was!
I hope that they are Happy Now!

Sam Huntington said...

What should Obama do? Apologize to the extremists, admit that America is arrogant, laud the Muslim Brotherhood, praise the Arab Spring, promise to do better in the future, and go campaign in Ohio.

An American president would withdraw the embassy, all US personnel, and suspend all US aide to Egypt, Libya, and any nation where there is a Muslim Brotherhood presence. And then I would "go dark" with respect to subsequent actions.

JonBerg said...

"What should Obama do?"

Step aside and let the grown-ups handle this.

"What would YOU do if you were president?"

I'm anxiously awaiting to hear what Romney has to say about this.

Mindy B. said...

Well I guess that this is what we get for helping Libya get rid of moo-mar and this is our reward. I never did. trust these Mussies.and I never trusted Obama either..
Who the hell is in charge! When is this country ever going to learn that this is a Muslims religious war and we are losing!

The Political Chic said...

John Bolton is on local talk radio right now in DC and he's tearing zippy a new one on these attacks and on zippy's refusal to meet with Netanyahu. He's is exactly right on target. This is the same John Bolton who was our UN Ambassador. By the way, were our Sec of State... what's her name! Take note, Mitt. listen to John Bolton. He should be Secretary of State.
Empty chair alert! Let's hope that our Jewish friends finally get wise to Obama, and cost him the Jewish votes.

Mustang said...

Mr. Romney must button his mouth. He has limited foreign policy expertise, and there is only ONE president at a time. Romney should let Obama speak on this matter first. Obama holds all the cards and there will be sufficient opportunity for Romney to speak later on.

If Obama appears weak, he will encourage more attacks from the Muslim Brotherhood; if Obama appears strong, all the American zombies will rally around "their president." If I were president, this would never have happened in the first place. Good job Hillary Clinton; Good job Leon Panetta; Good job David Petraeus.

Jack Whyte said...

I just finished listening to Hillary Clinton's statement.

She is a f___ing liar.

She says the government is NOT responsible for the attack in Cairo and Benghazi.


The government encourages these attacks by Salafists. It gives The Muslim Brotherhood plausible deniability, and it enables The Muslim Brotherhood to effect anti-American policy while continuing to receive FOUR BILLION DOLLARS annually from the US government.

Hillary Clinton you lying bitch.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Hillary Clinton just said that "Their names will go down as being Hero's"
And that’s it in a nutshell. We help Egypt to the tune of billions of dollars that we don’t even have, we send in our military men and risk their lives, we aid them in dumping Gaddafi, which we had no business to do. And what do we get? We gete these insane animals storming our Embassies murdering our Ambassadors and their staff members, burring our Flag. And our President snubs his nose to only true ally in the Mideast. Israel. Wake up America the Arabs will hate us no matter what, how or why!

FreeThinke said...

Froggie is absolutely right. The Middle East is ruled by barbarians.

It is just plain stupid to try to maintain diplomatic relations with brutes and savages.

It's a shame that most of the rank and file subjects in those places (they are NOT "citizens!") are probably innocent, unsophisticated pawns who have no idea how much their rulers are harming them.

It would do no good whatsoever for Mr. Romney to weigh in on this right now.

Since, thanks to the Bushes, we foolishly made a determination NOT to CONQUER and TAKE OVER the region, it's long past time for us to TURN OUR BACK on the MIDDLE EAST and let the chips fall where they may.

~ FreeThinke

Silverfiddle said...

My first reaction was we should bomb Bengazi.

See where helping our muslim "friends" gain "freedom" gets us?

Z said...

Some of the news shows are saying Obama skips intel briefings...have you heard this?
And then they say Romney isn't experienced in foreign affairs?
How was Obama experienced again? winning the Nobel Prize for winning the presidency? (what else could it have been?)

Silverfiddle...I'm not sure you're kidding or not but that's my initial reaction. And Egypt, too.
Nothing huge...just a nice little warning that we don't put up with killing Americans.

Hillary just said this killing doesn't represent all Libyans' views.....that they helped other Americans escape the attacks, and I'm sure that's true, but we just keep getting hit and giving excuses.

We pretty much send message after message that we're vulnerable and more interested in psychoanalyzing muslim terrorists than putting an end to them.
\'re right about the extremists, of which there are MANY...they hate us, they take our billions and harm us.
This can't happen anymore.

FT..Take over the region? Not sure any of us wants to do that..

Jack, I believe you're right....The Muslim Brotherhood IS the government now; they ARE the government.

Ducky's here said...

Let's look at the time line.

1. Religious freak(Terry Jones) trying to make money off stirring up Muslims posts a video. He is assisted by a Coptic religious freak in exile in the U.S.

2. 9/11 anniversary

3. Relatively small groups riot in Egypt and Libya. Probably al-Qaeda splinters generating maximum outrage.

Meanwhile we've got Bibi the Boob lobbying to throw a few hot ones Iran's way and Obama telling him to take a hike. Glad our "allies" are helping out.

So what is the proper response?

A: All Muslims suck and we should kill as many as possible.

B: The al-Qaeda freaks are weakened and we should continue to remain calm and try to marginalize them further.

I call "A" the "crossfire" response because of the number of innocent Muslims caught in it and I will again maintain that the only people benefiting from it are defense contractors and the religious freaks.

Continue with "B".

The Political Chic said...

Ducky's here said...
"So what is the proper response?"

Perhaps we should kick the living shit out of those who were responsible, Certainly not to kiss their ass's and to fight their wars, give them foreign aide, or to Bow down to them.

Anonymous said...

"An American president would withdraw the embassy, all US personnel, and suspend all US aide to Egypt, Libya, and any nation where there is a Muslim Brotherhood presence. And then I would "go dark" with respect to subsequent actions."

Yep! I agree with Sam.

The Political Chic said...

The Obama/Clinton's response was to say "it's disgraceful" !
If there were still undecided voters out there this should make up their minds

Jack Whyte said...

Ducky's policy is to continue baring our throats to Muslim extremists, continue apologizing to the Muslim world for our perceived arrogance, and publicly deny our steadfast adherence to democratic principles.

Ducky, have you been a sissy all your life or is this just a recent development?

Z said...

Ducky, and what do you see of our 'marginalizing' anybody? Eager to hear.

But, you're right, in a the clarity that your comment conveys the fact that there IS nothing AMerica can do but sit and watch our people die.

Of course, we are not marginalizing anybody and we can't just go in and shoot them all to tarnation (although they'd do that to you and your family in a heartbeat given half the chance and they've already started).

There is absolutely nothing we can do, and, in the meantime, they can hit us anywhere (killing ambassadors and others, etc.) and we need to say "these are mostly really good people and we need to protect their religion..'"

In the meantime, we're supposed to just keep saying the mantra "this was only done by an extremist fringe group and doesn't represent the whole country"

explain that to Heather Smith or Christopher Stevens' family.

Z said...

what really should scare everyone is that Obama's still telling Netanyahu that sanctions against Iran will work.
That is something that's probably the high point of Ahmedinejad's day...having a Court Jester that makes him laugh living in the White House.

The Political Chic said...

The Obama/Clinton's response was to say "it's disgraceful" !
If there were still undecided voters out there this should make up their minds.

I guess is we apologized for their September 11th attack, they wouldn't have done this...Thanks Obama and Hillary!
Next time we should be more careful, and don't hurt the "feelings" of the followers of the religion of peace

FreeThinke said...

SNEAK PEEK of The Video That Caused Muslims to be Muslims and Rampage in Libya, Egypt

A filmmaker has gone into hiding after his movie attacking Islam's ‘prophet’ Muhammad sparked assaults on U.S. missions in Egypt and Libya, where an American

They are already campaigning to have this removed.
I strongly suggest that you peek at it while you still can !!
( a 14 minute video)

Ducky's here said...

Again z, it's pretty obvious.

We have weakened and marginalized Al-Qaeda. Their hope of reconstituting themselves lies in our responding indiscriminately to these outrages.

These people do not represent Islam and more than terry Jones represents Christianity. We should continue to remain calm, carefully identify targets and identify groups who want these freaks marginalized.

Or we could just pretend that this can be resolved by swinging a big d***. Again, the only ones who benefit from that silliness are defense contractors (poor job creators by the way) and the religious bigots who want us at each others throats.

Anonymous said...

Mohammad, the bastard! Classy!

Ducky's here said...

Freethinker, please don't call that moron Terry Jones a "film maker".

Renoir (the son) is spinning in his grave.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ducky's last comment.

And in addition we need to ensure our economy remains strong. This means no debt. Otherwise we'll end up like Europe: weak army, weak diplomacy and impossibility to integrate immigration into the country.

FreeThinke said...

Ducky Dearest, aka "Canardo, The Marxist Muscovy" never fails to act the part of The Devil's Disciple, Chief Apologist and Most Ardent Advocate.


Does evil REALLY need a human defender?

Must we be fair even to Satan to qualify as deserving and pure in heart?

~ FreeThinke

Ed Bonderenka said...

Romney rightly already criticized the Obama response, the first one, which was an apology for the film.
This forced the Obamanoids to issue another statement that still included an apology for the film.
Does anybody really believe it was that film, because if that film was not there, it would have been some cartoon or blog posting or a cleric's vision or something.
It was 9/11.
And yes, Obama has attended roughly 40% of the daily briefings.
Maybe if they were posted on a teleprompter they would get his attention, although it's the meetings he skipped.
He may have read the briefings, but I doubt he'd know the ramifications.

Jack Whyte said...

Robin Wright from the Wilson Center for Peace agrees with Ducky. The incidents in Egypt and Libya is our fault and what we have to remember is that Egypt did apologize for organizing and fomenting riots against the United States Embassy.


What a shame the barbarians didn't get her, too.

Anonymous said...


How many of you think they should remove the video??

Ducky, how much help would it be to good muslims around the world if they spoke up against this stuff?? Do you think it might go a long way with thinking Americans who, so far, only hear about extremists who kill 52 yr old ambassadors and muslims living here who, only after 9/11, suddenly said they can't study in American schools unless we provide foot basins, etc etc?

Christians speak up when abortionists are killed by Christians. Not that there's a real equivalence to killing thousands and holding placards around the world threatening the countries muslims have moved in to.

You and I both know that most Muslims are NOT violent (no matter what our friends here at geeeZ think..sorry, but that's the truth) Paris, there were such peaceful Muslims living there and very rich ones, too, keeping the economy going, looking very sophisticated (NOT IN BURQAS)...why did it take 911 for more and more muslims to wear burqas? coincidence?

So, what could muslims do to prevent the feeling among most people that they aren't speaking up, therefore, they must be for the violence (as the Koran suggests, too, by the way).

Couldn't it shut up that guy who did the video if Muslims like Dr. Jassr spoke up and said "look, this has to STOP...and we're putting money into that. We're peaceful and we don't want trouble...we'll go there with huge delegations and meet with Hamas and the Brotherhood....we are SORRY THIS IS HAPPENING IN THE NAME OF MOHAMMED"


Thersites said...

It turns out that it wasn't Terry Jones at all...

That's just Ducky spreading his usual al jazeera taaqiya.

Thersites said...

All Terry did was to watch it

Anonymous said...


Ed, 40%. imagine?
By the way, is Obama canceling the Vegas fundraiser today after all?

Jack, I saw Robin Wright, too. now THAT is 'disgusting' and 'disgraceful'...I got the very clear picture that she was just echoing Obama's take.

I love KT MacFarland and thought she was right in suggesting Romney should NOT HAVE SPOKEN TODAY...not at all. It did him no good, in my opinion.
It would have been seen as NOTHING BUT SHEER CLASS had he said nothing...or just said this:


(not my best work, as a speech writer, but ...i'm at work and can't spend too much time !! z)!


Anonymous said...


Thersites...that's what I'd heard, too....that it wasn't this guy.
But Google TERRY JONES MUSLIM VIDEO INTERNET or something like that......he DOES weigh in on it.

But, Ducky was misleading (SURPRISE!) in his zeal to screw a Christian

Thersites said...

The attacks were made on 9/11 for one purpose only... to let the world know that it was never al qaida... that it's ALWAYS been a MUCH larger radical Sunni Islamic group, "the Brotherhood"... of which al qaida was just a minor offshoot.

...and to let you now that those leaders who told you that it wasn't Islam that that was the problem, were and always HAVE been, lying to you.

Thersites said...

Terry Jones involvement was purely promotional, the showing on 9/11 of a thirteen minute segment at his "church" for his so-called "followers".

Funny thing is, Terry Jones is closer to the reality of Islam than the LEFT has been since the original WTC bombing.

Thersites said... for the "official" US Government response:

President Barack Obama condemned the attacks in a statement Wednesday, but also made an oblique reference to the "Innocence of Muslims" film. "While the United States rejects efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others, we must all unequivocally oppose the kind of senseless violence that took the lives of these public servants," Obama said. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also referenced the movie. "Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior, along with the protest that took place at our embassy in Cairo yesterday, as a response to inflammatory material posted on the Internet," Clinton said. "America's commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. But let me be clear. There is no justification for this. None."

I prefer Hillary's response to OBummer's.

Right Truth said...

The film is just an excuse, any excuse will do for these animals to commit horrible murder and destruction.

Terrible, just terrible.

These were probably planned, planned ahead of time to take place on or around September 11.

Right Truth

Ducky's here said...

Yes, Farmer, the source of the "film" is in dispute.

Huffington says it's an Israeli who received $5 million in funding from Israeli donors. Five million for that? Even Michael Cimino could have brought it in for 20,000.

May be a while before we know exactly.

The principle remains. The bigots on both sides need each other to exist.

... and Governor Olympics really jumped the gun. Obama was clearly in command while Mittens jumped on whatever early information he could find to fan the flames.
Obama is going to pound on that. Bye-bye Mittens.

Frankly, I'm more interested in the 400 Pakistanis who died in factory fires. No safety equipment, no fire exits, no exits period.
I wonder if the owners export to Bain.

But those are 400 of the extra people.

Anonymous said...

Good point

-FJ said...

How does YOU trying to convinceeveryone that there are NO "greater" catgories of Islamic extremists contribute the the development ofanAmerica foreign/defense policy conversation?

All it does is foster a false perception of the problem... to theDETRIMENT of America.

JonBerg said...

Regarding Romney's responses: While he may have been well advised not to have done so, as pointed out by some sage comments in this thread, he nevertheless did. Ben Stein of the AMERICAN SPECTATOR offers his take on this.

Ducky's here said...

Romney should have shut his mouth.

Meanwhile there is some interesting info on this clown Bacile who produced the film. He's claiming to be an Israeli Jew but Israel has never heard of him.

Thoughts are he is indeed a Coptic hate monger who has hooked up with Terry Jones to help promote the film. Clever spreading the word that it's been financed by 5 million in contributions from Jewish donors, really fans the flames.

So your choice is to join the likes of Farmer and his alter ego, American Chic, and play into the hands of hate mongers or keep your heads and think strategically which Obama appears to be doing.

Big loser here: Romney

Anonymous said...

...Of course, no Christian made this film. That would be too ironic.

-FJ said...

I have no ties to American Chic. None.

...and has been demonstr ated time and again, Islamic mob violence is NO exception. It is the NORM. And unless you want America to go around walking on Islamic egg shells, you'd be better served discounting the Left's rational Muslim meme.

-FJ said...

...and it doesn't matter "who" made the film. The Islamic reaction would be violent regardless. And according to the Left, " justified".

Mark Adams said...

What do about? Hold the Muslim Brotherhood responsible for Cairo and Obama and NATO responsible in Libya!
And libs want us to be understanding of this faith? KMA!

Anonymous said...


Thersites, you are so right about Jones being closer to Islam's reality than the left.
I thought the very same thing as I watched him, tho I only watched about 30 seconds worth. wonder if they export to BAIN? That's a concern when people are dying?..a completely undeserved political stab? That shows even more ridiculous bias than you usually show....but, you didn't comment on my post a few days ago about how unions have made tons of money with Bain, did you?
What a loathsome hypocrite you can be. No offense.

And who CARES who made the film? what a diversionary tactic THAT is;
the fact is there are religious fanatics (muslims) who'll deny the freedom of religion to those who have paid billions (us)so they can practice their 'religion'....

The last I checked, ANYBODY can say ANYTHING they want and not have to feel they'll get KILLED for it.

Ducky, keep sticking up for extremists and pushing it on Israel. typical crap

Anonymous said...

Romney need not apologize at all....his comments are certainly fair and acceptable, when as a candidate he's commenting on our foreign policy. And one which the asskisser in chief has completely blown.

Since the AKer in chief claims Mitt has no foreign policy experience ( not that long ago Obummer had zero too...and look what that's gotten ME that's totally out of our sphere of influence ) I'd like to hear his take and response to this outrage.

Meanwhile...we should demand the exit of the Libyan & Egyptian embassies and their staffs from the US. An act of war was committed by their deranged Islamists...and they need to go.

If we don't respond forcefully...none of our embassies and ambassadors will be safe anywhere.

Wielding a big stick, gets attention.

I don’t fear Islam, I detest Islam said...

Here in the U.S., the homicidal actions of the mob in Benghazi remind us of how important the constitutional separation between religion and government, and the constitutional rights of freedom of speech and religion, are to us as Americans.
There isn't a day that goes by in the Arab world where state media, let alone private organizations aren't maligning Jews, Christians and yes even Mormons, \ in the most vile way. You don't see those groups violently reacting in response. Ever. Anywhere. There is no excuse for these attacks whatsoever. Those who make excuses for it enable it. I don't think this attack has much to do with religion, culture, or movies, I personally feel that it had everything to do with 9-11..
People make ugly comments and ugly books and ugly films about Jesus, against Jews, all the time. In the West, and in the Muslim world.

But only in the Muslim world is the response this level of violence. No one in the West cares about this film. No one cares about some Danish cartoons. But we as Americans do care about having our freedoms taken away from us by a bunch of pigs that don’t even know what it is to be free and have the freedom to say what you want to. The protesters in libya are intolerant murderers is true, but naive. this part of the world has not enjoyed the freedoms we have for 200+ years. instead, they have suffered the whims and atrocities committed by dictators and western armies, for centuries. they have seen our armies swoop in overwhelm them, destroying their homes and killing their children, whenever we have a beef with one of their leaders, or when the flow of oil is threatened. the standard of living for the average person there is lower than we could even imagine here. of course they haven't gotten around to free speech over there, they are too busy surviving. of course they don't believe in tolerance, they haven't been shown any. This event was tragic, no doubt, as is any loss of human life, even more when the reasons are so stupid. It seems some people posting here are trying very hard to avoid the obvious implications of a world where a man like that is not uncommon. You better stop trying to avoid the obvious. Am I speaking of Ducky and other Liberals here, perhaps I am.
If you disagree with US laws or the conduct of American citizens, then boycott American goods or deny Americans tourist visas. There a lot of options for ways to reject us and the principles of our society. There is nothing, though, that justifies attacking the innocent and the available. These actions are reprehensible and cowardly.
And on another note. I despise Progressives because they are always making excuses for these terrorists.
Since September 11th, 2001, Islamic terrorists have committed thousands of attacks, and on every occasion we find that the Liberals-Progressives-Democrats will constantly make excuses for these people. And I apologize for the comparison of these animals to people. Those on the left have actively participated in a campaign to differentiate Islam, and her peaceful followers, from Islamic terrorists. The term Islamic terrorists is not even used in leftist circles. And we even have the President of the United States rejecting the term “terrorists”. Not only will the left ignore this act of terrorism, they' will often attack the victim.

Anonymous said...

Here's what the leftist in cheap said yesterday in a tweet...

"The election is in 8 weeks...sign up to volunteer".

Now Romney's:

"On this most somber day, America is united under God in it's quest for peace and freedom at home and across the world"

Then the POS hasn't the time for Israel's PM when he's in NYC.....cause the twerp is doing the Letterman show.

Anonymous said...


Imp, I disagree ...I thought Romney should have kept quiet and, anyway, he said nothing that shined him in any good light.
And he should be sensitive enough to know how the media'd eat him alive for talking at all.

Honestly, I think both Obama and Romney are only playing to their bases and that's a huge mistake....except for Obama, he's considered so "cool" and it seems Americans buy into "cool" more than they do a businessman who actually knows his stuff.

The line about Romney having no foreign experience is silly, as you say....Obama had probably even less since Romney did go to foreign countries and worked on foreign trade stuff for Mass.

Anyway, I'd have admired him so much for stepping aside and letting the (jerk) sitting president handle this during the immediate crisis..THEN comment later.
Now anything Obama screws up will be covered over by Axelrod blaming Romney for speaking at all. I can't blame them...they're smart and have no scruples anyway.

I Don't Fear....amen to that. I agree with most of what you say.

EVERYBODY: I'm sure Ducky won't answer this, but if you could weigh in on what you think muslims might do against extremism that might make some impact, I'd love to know.
And don't you think that might help all of the attiudes of the West?

You should HEAR what's going on in Germany (which you are not hearing by the way)...they're having bunches of immigrants beating on Germans and the German police are standing by watching...having been told to do nothing.
I have asked my German stepson to ask his cop friend if that's an order and why. Will let you know.

Germans are beaten in the subways, they're having things's a mess there.
An absolutely nightmare; would that we in America could hear how bad things could get here. Our country's a LOT bigger so it's more apparent in Germany, but it's coming.........

Anonymous said...


Imp, there was a video Kid emailed the side of the video was SIGN THE OBAMA"S ANNIVERSARY CARD...they'll apparently pay for you to come celebrate with them if you win.
it's an attempt at getting as many email addresses as possible. That big football stadium thing was also an attempt at getting email addresses.

There's almost no way we can win the election. He's cunning, he's got Axelrod.

I swear; If Romney had an Axelrod, there's NO WAY HE COULD LOSE. NO FREAKIN' WAY.
Axelrod is the most brilliant snake... he even surpasses Carville, in my opinion. BRILLIANT SNAKE..VERY effective.

ANd we've got Romney handlers suggesting he beat on the president while we're in a potentially huge crisis. oyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
And a media covering for the Netanyahu diss (tho I'm surprised a few are at least mentioning it)...the WH is also calling Bibi a liar because he's saying he tried to get to meet with O and the WH is denying it. unreal

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Late Breaking News!

US Eye Possible Al Qaeda Link in Ambassador Murder
U.S. officials are investigating whether murder of US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three American staffers was part of an Al Qaeda 'coordinated' 9/11 anniversary terror strike.

Anonymous said...

"And he should be sensitive enough to know how the media'd eat him alive for talking at all."

Or be as rottenly dishonest as this?

"If you still harbor any doubt that mainstream media journalists are in the tank for Obama, wonder no more. An open mic caught several of them coordinating strategy and gaming out how to pester Mitt Romney about his statement Tuesday, in which he called the Obama administration’s response to the attacks in Egypt and Libya “disgraceful.”

Ducky's here said...

...but, you didn't comment on my post a few days ago about how unions have made tons of money with Bain, did you?


I believe I did.

You did not state in your inadequate post what ROI the unions are receiving. In fact they haven't done any better than they would have with a no load index fund.

The money was made by Romney and other Bain Capital partners. You must be a sophisticated investor if you think you can beat the average market when the management is skimming those kinds of fees(sarcasm flag is UP).

As for the fires in Pakistan. Someone is making a profit. No reason to believe it isn't the likes of Bain who will profit from sweat shops. They were profiting in America when the Triangle fire occurred and they are profiting overseas now.

But as we see in the title of your post, "Americans are dead". And that's what counts in the world (along with Israelis) isn't it? Your philosophy seems to have no room for the extra people.

Anonymous said...

From Z:

Well, Imp, I called that one right...and there they are doing exactly what any of us could have predicted.
I just hope a transcript of that open mic discussion is available and that the audio, if on tape, doesn't 'get lost'. know...sometimes I think we should all go into the CIA and get paid BIG time for guessing what they should have known way in advance of these genius light-bulb moments.
Gee, did anybody think Al Qaeda couldn't be involved? :-)

Thanks for that info....sounds right to me. 9/11...what a COINCIDENCE for Arab extremists to act up and kill Americans, right? :-)

Anonymous said...


Thanks, Ducky...yes you did make one comment which completely wrote off the point of the post (again), which was your liberal whiners about Bain are making money on BAIN.
And by the way, at least we agree that only union liberals would invest with a company which you say isn't giving them a good ROI. Congratulations.

re your last comment, I don't look at any people as "extra"... We just share a difference of opinion in that I think Americans lives ARE worth something and even more than lives of those who want us dead. Fancy that.
And Bain gets associated with the Triangle fire and Pakistan?! that's really cheap even for you, Ducky.

Mustang said...

But Z ... that's all Ducky is: the Clarabell of cheap shots.

Anonymous said...

Duck...doesn't ever let the party of racists, anarchists, illegals, La Raza's, dopers, sluts, code pinkers, OWS'rs, islamists, terrorists, commies, degenerates, welfare cheats, unionistas.....down.

He's hard core.

cube said...

There is a case to be made for cutting off countries that accept our money, yet attack our principles. It sounds so crass to say that, but geopolitics isn't a game of tiddlywinks. These countries must curtail their extremist loons or pay the price of noncompliance.

I know we have our own loons in this country, but we employ police work to prevent attacks whenever possible.

Romney acted a heck of a lot more presidential in his speech than the leader-from-behind did.

Say what you will about George Bush, he made me feel safer after the attack of 9/11/01, and today Romney made me feel safer after the attack of 9/11/12. BO is in Vegas and not even in the picture.

Ed Bonderenka said...

The audio of that open mic was on Hannity this afternoon.
It will not get the exposure it should.
NOthing does.

-FJ said...

I believe I did.

You did not state in your inadequate post what ROI the unions are receiving. In fact they haven't done any better than they would have with a no load index fund.

The money was made by Romney and other Bain Capital partners. You must be a sophisticated investor if you think you can beat the average market when the management is skimming those kinds of fees(sarcasm flag is UP).

Keep pitchin' until you win, duckman?

Anonymous said...


So Obama DID do his campaigning in Vegas today after all?

WOW. A dead ambassador and he flies to Vegas.
This is one time I really wish "what happens in Vegas STAYS IN VEGAS"..........better than DC where he can get us into trouble :-)

Anonymous said...

From Z:

FJ...what a find. Thanks for the truth. need to do a little research and not count on THE NATION for too much info.

Liberalmann said...

Romney has finally apologized for his absurd comments.

His big donor, Sheldon Adleson would make Romney start a war if he bought his election by his pledge of $100,000,00. Yeah lets sacrifice more American lives for the wealthy.

This was caused (again) by the extreme right spouting their hateful anti-Muslim viewpoints. Terry Jones and the filmmaker are responsible for this one.

Anonymous said...

"extreme right spouting their hateful anti-Muslim viewpoints. .."

Cretinous moron you think any Liberals died at the hands of muslim scum on 911? Or maybe there were 5 yesterday? Do you think their families hate their guts as much if not more for islam causing their deaths?

Or do you think all those who suffered at islams filthy, murderous hands want to just hug these animals.?

That's whats wrong with you matter how much 'peace & love' crap you preach and apologize for....they'll take your head off too...without any hesitation.

Now go outside and play with the other children in your Spidey man jammies.

Average American said...

A few points from the Average American"

1. I hope that NOMObama has the common decency to SIGN the condolence letters this time!

2. What Romney said was acceptable and points out the stark difference between a president(small p)(NOMObama) and a President(Capital P) (Romney).

3. We need more drones, more Seals, and more other special ops personal.

4. Netanyahu should meet with Romney while he's here. It would be much more useful than meeting with the guy that will be GONE very soon anyway! It might even get some Jewish votes for the right side.

5. We should not stop funding Egypt or Syria altogether for this. We have a lot of friends in each country, BUT, we should pay for PERFORMANCE. Maybe like putting a ransom on the people we need eliminated. You want our cash, EARN IT!!!

Z said...

Libboy, could you please link where Romney's apologized?
We'd all like to see that...then you should call your networks and let them know because they haven't been told. thanks!

Average American...I will never EVER feel it was right for Romney to say what he did. WHat kind of message does it send to other countries around the world ...that we can't really count on our president because our own people know he's a jerk and who are they supposed to take to the bank...? A candidate?
it undermines our whole country, in my opinion.

Louis H. said...

It was wrong to connect the video with the minister Jones. Jones has nothing to do with the film. This means that the libmerde is full of himself. I made a joke. We cannot make the sense with these communists; ne pas lancer vos perles avant le porcs, oui?

Liberalmann said...

No, I said: "Terry Jones and the filmmaker are responsible for this one." Terry Jones has been promoting the film. If you recall, his 'Burn a Koran Day' resulted in the killing of at least 30 people, including at least seven U.N. workers, and injuring at least 150 people in Afghanistan.

I said this just a few weeks ago, every time a right wing loon post ridiculous hate against Muslims, you are putting another American life at risk overseas. They have the same type of idiots over there just waiting for a reason to retaliate.

Romney's ridiculous comments proves once again he doesn't deserve to be President. I'm sure the Fox News hacks are supporting his lies but all the major pundits out are criticizing him. Even President Bush's former head of Homeland Security, Tom Ridges disagrees with Romney's comments.

Z said...

Louis...c'est vrais ....c'est typique

Libboy...can you tell us what exactly Romney LIED about?

By the way, talk about lies;
the left/WH is criticizing Romney for something he said last night, suggesting it was insensitive because of Stevens' death...the only problem is even they're admitting Romney (nor anybody else) knew about STevens' death when Romney said it.

You creeps REALLY take the cake.

And, by the way...Terry Jones doesn't represent conservatives...he's a NUT hiding behind his church. get real.

Want to address the CBS reporter's comments caught in an open mic this morning priming the journalists there on how to ask questions that'll make Romney look as bad as possible? "we'll have him covered"? :-)
I can link you to that if you like...or, if you like, you can ignore it and continue to admire your media. what scum

Anonymous said...

Libturd...suck on a popsicle of broken glass.

We're supposed to shut up and deny our citizens their 1st Amendment that we won't upset these goat loons?

Great idea spidey sure know how to win a fight. I know damn well you've never served your coluntry and you never're a freeloading parasite with the intellect of a fence post.

Now go play with yourself little jihad, goat boy.

Mustang said...


After Obama and Clinton stated that the Embassy in Cairo's statement does not reflect official Obama policy, both Obama and Clinton reaffirmed the apology to extremists.

Attacks on our foreign embassies should continue until a light bulb comes on above the heads of the American voter: This is what happens when you chose unwisely.

Romney’s statement criticizing the Obama administration was, I think correct. But I still think he should use greater prudence. There is a time and a place for attacking Obama; first, let Obama show everyone how inept he is. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.

Z said...

Mustang "After Obama and Clinton stated that the Embassy in Cairo's statement does not reflect official Obama policy, both Obama and Clinton reaffirmed the apology to extremists. "

which statement from the Embassy in Cairo? I'm not following you and I want to.

And I still think this wasn't the time or place...

Elmers Brother said...

Turns out this attack was planned and executed in retaliation for a drone attack in June and had nothing to do with that Marine Guard and Obama has only attended 30% of the National Security Briefs. Its clearly Obamas fault and whats he doing..campaigning

Elmers Brother said...

Obama was warned two days ago by Al Queda that they were planning an attack in Lybia

Z said...

Mustang, sorry...I remember now what the Egyptian Embassy comments were...thanks. And yes, all Embassy comments must reflect WH opinion.

Elbro...what's with NO MARINES? Shouldn't Stevens have mentioned that? I'd have thought he'd realize they needed protection, poor man.

And ya...Obama didn't cancel Vegas........unbelievable.
Imagine if a Republican president had done this on the day an Ambassador and four others were murdered?

Z said...

Elbro, by the way.....he was warned?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Marine Embassy Guards are not typically stationed at Consulates, only the Embassy's. Local National security and DSS are usually all who protect a US Consulate.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do think that Romney was right in making his observations and comments last night and today.

Sitting in my chair , as an AMERICAn and watching and listening to Madame Clinton, then doing the same regarding candidate Romney, I tell you, I know who I thought acted like a grown up , running for president.
He affirmed America's positions about our rights and constitution .

I think it is deplorable that some on the right condemn Mr. Romney,but it is interesting to see the truth about some people and their agenda.

Pris said...

We are hearing opinions and suggestions about this butchery, from every talking head, and so-called pundit in America, but the one man who is running against Obama to be the President should keep his mouth shut?

I disagree. Romney has more reason to express his position than any of the talking heads. As for other countries, they already know Obama is weak, and in some places, a laughing stock.

What's more, Romney is right. I'm sick of this worry about what the opposition to him will say. If he said nothing, I'm sure they were prepared for that too.

I say Romney should stand up and be counted. He of all people has that right, and IMO, a duty, to communicate his view to the American people.

Z said...

Pris, the problem is the whole world sees this and now we have a country open to even more ridicule and that makes us weak, even weaker than before.

I've mentioned it a lot above in the comments, so I won't go again into why I feel so strongly that Romney should have waited. he's not the president and I still believe it was dead wrong.

Yes, as I said above, if he'd not spoken, he'd have been nailed, too, but what a great comeback he could have had "We are AMerica and have one president and that president represents us around the world. Though I strongly disagree with him, it was not my duty to spread more confusion and doubt about us around the world. Obama is the man who's divided us, I will not do that."

I believe this has nothing to do with Romney's opinions of the Egypt/ Libya's all about weakening us. It's not like this was a private opinion, which he is more than free to do!
Obama's handled this badly, apologizing again and then scooting off to Vegas to get some more campaign dough, would have spoken for itself.

Anonymous, you probably will feel better at another blog, dontcha think? You sound so disgruntled and judgmental that I probably wouldn't mind you do that, either.
It's not deplorable and if you think there's some anti-Romney agenda here, you haven't read my blog.
I don't blindly support all things my candidate does if I feel it's wrong. I know a lot do...not me. And I would vote for a ham sandwich over Obama, so you can rest assure you got "some people and their agenda" real wrong. thanks.

Ducky's here said...

@z -- need to do a little research and not count on THE NATION for too much info.

I haven't read this week's issue.
Must have been Democracy Now! or The Guardian or The New York Review of Books.

Mustang said...

Th ...

Th ...

That's All Folks!

Kid said...

Step 1, stop paying them to kill us.

Step 2. Not have my 187 year old Secy of State apologize to barbaric jackals for America'a Freedom of Speech.

Step 3. Not provide any sort of aid of any kind other than to 'rebel groups' believed willing and otherwise able to battle afore mentioned barbaric jackals, by providing the rebel groups with a lot of firepower but Not our son's and daughters. Let the fight for their freedom. It is the only way they will value it in the long run and it's the right thing to do.
Step 4, Not tell the PM of Israel to FOff.
Step 5. realize through some miracle that i, obama am the most incompetent worthless POS ever to show up in DC and resign immediately.

Elmers Brother said...

Elmers Brother said...

Ive also heard that the Libyans assigned to protecting the ambassador passed in his location to the thugs that killed him.

Anonymous said...

I still say Romney did right. I think Ronnie Reagan would have done the same thing as Romney.
And by the way, if all it takes is for someone to say what everyone already knows and sees every day regarding the clowns of this administration to suddenly make us appear weak, then NO amount of anything is going to help that.

Did not Bin Ladin himself talk about the weak horse and the strong horse?

The other countries around the world already know the truth about the so called leadership in America these days.

I stand with America, and anyone who stands up for her and holds up her banner, and if that means stepping on the toes of some weak , eternally campainging clown, then so be it.

If that is WRONG, then why bother having elections at all any more.

And yes, a candidate running for office has a right to express some policy pointers.
These jerks committed what some view as acts of war, I say war.

Dithering over some imagined protocal or spirit of unity tripe is pathetic at this point.

Obama is weak.

Everything that happens is always a test . Once again he failed the test.

It is being reported that Mr. O had to get his sleep while all this went down, had to go to Vegas.

I think Romney used some MORAL CLARITY here, it was just that. If that offends then I am offensive.

Kid said...

PS - Step 6. Make a statement to the libtards that I laugh like a hyena at them every morning noon and night when I think how brainwashed they've become listening to even more pathetic morons like juan williams !


Z said...

Ducky, looks like they all failed you because you sure got that wrong.

Signed, Daffy Duck

Elbro.....No guilt will ever stick on Obama and the media's now in full tilt on Romney for having weighed in at all.......just what Obama needed; something to get the heat off of him. AGAIN.

Elmers Brother said...

Careful anonymous or Duhkkky will accuse you of jingoism

Anonymous said...

Obama goes on a State visit to Israel . While he is on a tour of Jerusalem , he has a fatal heart attack.
The undertaker tells the US diplomats: "You can have him shipped home for $1 million or you can bury him here in the Holy Land for $100".

The US diplomats go into a huddle and come back to the undertaker and tell him they still want Obama flown home.

The undertaker is puzzled and asks: "Why would you spend $1 million to get him home when it would be wonderful to be buried here in this religious country and you would only spend $100?".

One diplomat replied: "More than 2000 years ago a man died here, was buried here, and just 3 days later he rose from the dead. We simply can't take that risk".

Sam Huntington said...

Now I'm upset.

Ducky accuses people of being jingoists?

Damn it. All Ducky ever does is accuse me of being a bigot. Which of course, I am.

But at least I'm not a duck.

Sam Huntington said...

Imp ... I'm laughing my butt off.

Good one!

Mustang said...

Z ... I was making a joke about Ducky's double posting.


Anonymous said...

"he's not the president and I still believe it was dead wrong."

Nor is Obummer mine...he's a worthless, spineless, disrespectful fool...while he cavorts in vegas hustling like a harlem pimp for bucks...and then is going to have a laugh fest with that asshole Letterman?

A real president would be hunkered down in the Oval Office....with a tie on..and his National Security team around him....and his Military leaders...planning a response and yes an attack on the cretins slums who did this. We know damn well who they are..and a few missles might give them some...time to ponder why allah is their choice...rather than life.

ISLAM...the choice of losers and the cult of death.

Elmers Brother said...

so we're supposed to believe some obscure film caused this when Obama's been touting his killing of bin Laden? Weren't these people shouting 'we're all Osama'...?

Remember the meme against Bush...that he was creating terrorists? Looks like it's Obama who's doing the creating.

Ducky's here said...

@Elmo - Ive also heard that the Libyans assigned to protecting the ambassador passed in his location to the thugs that killed him.

Really, Glenn Beck?

Let us know.

Ducky's here said...

Elmo, any normal knows that the attacks (there was also one in Tunisia) were planned to coincide with 9/11 and the film (which has been around since July) was a pretext to get some radicals juiced, sort of a pep talk.

Now Libya is tragic (and there are demonstrations in Benghazi against the attack) but this is all Al-Qaeda has left. Not much of a force. Obama has done a fine job castrating them.

But let us know what conspiracy theories are being posted on Breitbart.

Mustang said...

"Obama has done a fine job castrating them."

Do elaborate, Ducky ... we are all sitting on the edges of our chairs.

Anonymous said...'re pretty casual and smirky over the deaths of 5 Americans...aren't you? You smarmy ignorant pig.

You sit here and craven asswipe...but not one ounce of respect for the dead...but you defend the really are a POS....

Elmers Brother said...

Actually dujkkky it was CBS

Elmers Brother said...

As always you're a douchebag

Z said...

Mustang...'sorry'? I just wondered :-) I just didn't get it!

Elbro; CBS...thanks. I think Beck probably got that, too; at least he doesn't have his people, like CBS does, out whispering to other 'journalists' on how to insult a Republican candidate like they did this morning.

Imp. I LOVE that joke!

Sam...yes, at least not that! the way, you slam Obama for not being left enough and for screwing up by not being left can't stand the man, according to you...until a Republican's in the same room as he and then you turn into the little cheerleader with pink tights and pompoms'd do a pyramid formation if you didn't get a nose bleed with heights "OBAMA OBAMA SIS BOOM BA!" ..what's up?

Leticia said...

Z, I am so angry right now and I can't even begin to express my outrage with Obama's pathetic and useless, cowardice speech.

War has been declared and that moron apologizes?!!! Four AMERICANS were brutally murdered and we get a speech??!!

Apparently his campaigning in Nevada is more important. Than the lives that were lost.

Can you imagine what the families of those four victims must be thinking? It feels like 9/11 all over again and it is no surprise that they chose that particular day for the attack.

War has been declared, but we have a coward in office who will do nothing!

PALADIN said...

What i would do if i were President ?
Well it would'nt be pretty.
It would be secret, and it would target those respnsible in a way that makes an example of them.
We know who the players were, it's now only a matter of tracking them down and making them pay.
Put it this way, they would die in a really un-islamic way.
And the photos would BE released.

If the Muslime Brotherhood in Eygpt is implicit , then they MUST be sent a message also.
That message can come in many forms.
Being covert is absolute necessity, as well as the psychological impact of such targeting.

Z said...

all the news venues, which most voters see, are seeing this:


Yup. Obama got a "get out of jail free" card

JonBerg said...

Why do you folks pay so much attention to "Ducky"? Obviously he is just someone who needs attention. As a child he didn't get it, so he finds it here. Like an obnoxious insect he will come back with his irritating momolog. The best way to get rid of this pest is to ignore him. Unless you enjoy just countering his crap, quit responding to his B.S.. He will eventually seek a new venue to spread his stupid shit, that in his liberal mind makes sense to him!

Lisa said...

Obama and his slogans I am so tired of his "acting stupidly" rhetoric every time there's a crisis. We don't want to hear you Obama we want to see you do your job.
But not the way you've been doing it.
Go sit in that 'empty chair' in the Oval Office ad try to "pretend" you at least care.

By the way-Imp you're awesome!

Z said...

JB, some of us have a 15 yr commenting relationship with Ducky......the fun never quits :-)

Elmers Brother said...

duhkkky said:

Elmo, any normal knows that the attacks (there was also one in Tunisia) were planned to coincide with 9/11 and the film (which has been around since July) was a pretext to get some radicals juiced, sort of a pep talk.

then why did you say this?

1. Religious freak(Terry Jones) trying to make money off stirring up Muslims posts a video.

Guess you're not normal.

But let us know what conspiracy theories are being posted on Breitbart.

Aren't you part of some tin foil hat brigade that thinks Calvinists are trying to take over our government and form a theocracy?

How many radio stations you pick up with that aluminum collender on your head

JonBerg said...

"some of us have a 15 yr commenting relationship with Ducky"



OMG, as a newbee I had no idea. So he is some kind of fixture? I'm going to have to think about this for a while. I've assumed that this is serious site. Who has any idea what he really thinks about and why would anyone care? Am I to think that his idiosyncratic blather somehow drives this blog????

Elmers Brother said...

duhkkky is a fixture at several blogs....he used to blog at Frontpage magazine with people like Z and FJ...He also frequents Beak, Beamish and AOW's site. There were several others who eventually discontinued blogging and he just hangs around. Does he drive this blog...Absolutley not. He mostly drops grenades and runs. He rarely posts more than a couple of comments on several posts and disappears. Never finishes an argument and never cites his sources. Mostly, he's a foil. One could call him Sancho Panza.

Z said...

Elbro, thanks....well said.

I meant we've known him...that's all I meant by "relationship".

"Drives this blog"? :-) That'll be the day.

Z said...

Hours later, the Yahoo homepage still has the only dour-looking picture of Romney I've ever seen and with the same headline...


The leftist media is in overdrive and there's a good chance Romney can't recover.
You and I know that what he said was sensible...should he have said anything at all? probably not.
And now this?

We should have known. He should have known.

JonBerg said...

"The leftist media is in overdrive and there's a good chance Romney can't recover."

If he had said nothing the same may have been true. The "leftist media" will always be in "overdrive", one way or the other. If Romey can't recover from this we were simply doomed from the start ; beginning long before, Romney!

Z said...

jonBerg....I wrote a comment above including what he COULD HAVE SAID had he waited and been dissed for it. I think it's a good start and would have put him in much better stead.

Today, it looks like John McCain is criticizing Romney for speaking the first time about the Egypt embassy thing... which Jay Carney of the WH is more than happy to pile onto.
You know, McCain is a SNAKE: it's one thing for ME to have called this the way I see it......but what's an AMerican senator who's supposedly supported Romney getting out of it?

Z said...

information re Marines guarding embassies.

Z said...

Marines ought to be at consulates, too.

Liberalmann said...

God help us of the GOP is back in control of foreign policy. Suit up boys, we're invading Iran. Salute the flag and Exxon/Mobil. How much do you need to see that the GOP really sucks at this (and the economy) before it sinks in?

Z said... get things so wrong all we can do is use you for comedy relief.

"before it sinks in?" hilarious. I know, YOU have the answer :-)

Z said...

the new headline all over the media "Obama: Romney strategy is ‘shoot first and aim later’"

Now it makes Obama look like a foreign affairs statesman.

SOme of you may not care what the media says; I do, because there are American voters who see that and make the conclusion that "that's bad, Obama's better"

just before an election. gorgeous.

No matter what, he was going to be savaged; this just makes Obama look better when he so clearly deserves disdain from any thinking media. dayum

Elmers Brother said...

BTW duhkkky one of CNNs infobabes is still peddling the idea that the movie is the reason for the attack on our embassy

Anonymous said...

".he used to blog at Frontpage magazine with people like Z.."

Myself included. And if I recall the moderator at FP kicked him out on a regular basis. He leaves his messy skid marks everywhere. Like old road kill.

Thersites said...

...and I got kicked off FPM, and Big Bubba got kicked off, etc., etc.

Blog moderators are no panacea. Like teachers, they can be easily "gamed" by snarky troublemakers.

Thersites said...

...and as a previously un-moderated forum, FPM was chock FULL of snarky troublemakers who had to learn to fend for themselves.

christian soldier said...

No more 'tribute' drill for our own oil-bring our troops home!
paying tribute (aid $$$ by the billions) does not work--

Remember - the new U.S. paid tribute to the muslims (Barbary Pirates) to the tune of 20% of GDP-and our ships were still being attacked and hostages taken-

Jefferson finally took action- sent the Marines (thus the words- Shores of Tripoli)-and the piracy stopped for awhile- when it started again- Madison finished the job!

Mustang said...

LATEST REPORTS taken from a Jihadi website indicates the Ambassador was strangled to death...

Not exactly the "Libyans were helping the ambassador" story we're getting from Ducky. With help like that, no one needs any enemies.

FreeThinke said...

Ducky, dearest you’re the one,
You make posting so much fun,
Ducky, dearest, we're awfully fond of you


Ducky, dearest, joy of joys,
When we chide you, you make noise,
Ducky, dearest, you’re our very best friend it’s true


Oh, every day when I, make my way to the 'puter
I find a little fellow who’s a Commie who couldn't be cuter.
Point and click, Ducky, we're awfully fond of you.


Ducky, dearest, you’re so fine,
You're each Blogger's Valentine.
Ducky, dearest, we’d love a whole pond of,
Ducky, dearest, we're awfully fond of you!


~ FreeThinke

Apologies to Jeff Moss

Anonymous said...


Elbro: CNN's still doing that hackneyed "it was the video" this morning, too. I'm surprised they're not leading with "PASTOR's VIDEO"

Mustang, Imp sent me a picture of Stevens being dragged through the street unconscious or dead. It's heartbreaking

Elmers Brother said...

Duhkkky was the one who suggested when Obama was elected that the adults were now in charge. Wonder where he got his tarot cards at.

Z said...

If only Obama attended briefings....apparently, even the lib press is saying State knew there was trouble coming, and pretty specifically.

I guess we should blame Bush?

Elmers Brother said...

Wait for it

beamish said...

"What would YOU do if you were president?"

I would level Cairo, followed by any Arab city of sufficient size that refused to congratulate us on the number of their family members we kiled.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

I saw a picture of your ambassador being dragged through the streets of Libya.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you all free them from gaddafi's tyranny, help them get democracy and all that.

One wonders when the west will wake up to these savages and their barbaric cult. They've murdered thousands of us and still we give them money, aid and play nice with them.

beakerkin said...

Sadly, Arabs respect the power of the gun. I would level the entire electrical grid and anyone who was in the plants is collateral damage. It could take months to rebuild the power plants after a nice bombing.

You want to minimize the direct death toll but maximize the suffering in any retaliation.