Saturday, September 22, 2012

Political Polls..............and taxes

Do you believe them?   Gallup is saying it's 47/47, Obama/Romney.

Some are saying there's as much as a 5 point spread.  Can you IMAGINE if Romney was as snaky as Obama is, more charming, more deceptive, more dishonorable, more 'cool'?  Romney isn't any of those things, he's got most of the media licking his opponent's face, big time celebs who people adore hate him...  and he's neck and neck?  HOW?

Do you know people who voted for Obama who will vote for Romney this time?   Or anybody who voted for McCain who's voting for Obama this time?  From the friends/family you have, what's your sense of voting intentions?

We'd love to know.

By the way, by now you've heard Romney's released twenty years of tax returns, but that's not enough for the White House.  NO, no....."Why does Mitt Romney not just release the full returns, instead of the bare summary he has provided of the last 20 years, so voters can make their own judgments about Mitt Romney's finances?" Obama Deputy Campaign manager Stephanie Cutter asks.
By the way, one thing the records do show is that the Romney's didn't take the full tax credits their $4 million + in charity could have given them.

I think the records speak so well of Romney that Cutter could only come up with "why not full returns?" :-)  Sort of like they can't insult Ann Romney so, the other day, I saw an article on the Yahoo homepage "Ann Romney...too much of a good thing?"   :-)  They're REALLY grasping, folks!



Anonymous said...

The idiots that voted for the Idiot in Chief will still vote for him. Why? Because they are Idiots!

Donna said...

Let the polls say what they may, Mitt is going to take this election Stop listening to the Liberal bloggers and the MSM.

A little off topic but, any Jew that continues to support Obama and his hate for Israel is also spitting on the grave of all those who died in the Holocaust. I fear for Israel.

Back on topic,The choice is crystal clear Obama has already proved to us that he's a total failure, so why anyone in their right mind would want to re-elect this man is beyond comprehension.

Anonymous said...

The big problem with Obama is that so many people both here and abroad distrust him. He is surrounded with the type of people who are not exactly honorable either. He contributes to this distrust by his lack of transparency and his association with too many sleazy personalities. Many people think where there is smoke there is fire and obama's behavior keeps reinforcing those beliefs. He does not inspire trust. Also his record on appeasement is disgusting to patriotic Americans especially to Veterans.
I won't even put it past this president to release Rahmanthe Blind Sheik.

Fill in the blanks, and read the twisted expression on Hillary's face when she repeats what she knows is a

Chuck said...

Z, stop by my blog. I posted a story about a couple of Obama supporter in Texas that is interesting.

Read this article by Dick Morris,

it gives a short but very good explanation of why he thinks the polls are slanted too far to Obama. He makes the case that Romney is possibly up by several points. I tend to agree with him.

Anonymous said...

Only the brain dead and the Kool-Aid drinkers could vote for Obama again. I'm betting Romney wins big time.

Joe said...

"...Romney's didn't take the full tax credits...

On CBS this morning (Saturday), they actually disparaged Romney for paying "more than he had to" as though it were a horrible thing to do.

If he tries to make friends with the MSM, he is doomed. They will NEVER be his friends. They will be Obama's friends, but not Mitt Romney's.

Donna, if Obama is actually re-elected, it will very likely be the last election we have in America.

Obama will join the list of other presidents for life, such as:

Toussaint Louverture of Saint-Domingue; Henri Christophe of northern Haiti; Alexandre Pétion of southern Haiti; José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia of Paraguay; Jean-Pierre Boyer of Haiti; Rafael Carrera of Guatemala; Yuan Shikai of China; Sukarno of Indonesia; Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana; François "Papa Doc" Duvalier of Haiti; Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier of Haiti; Hastings Banda of Malawi; Jean-Bédel Bokassa of the Central African Republic; Francisco Macías Nguema of Equatorial Guinea; Josip Broz Tito of Yugoslavia; Habib Bourguiba of Tunisia; Idi Amin of Uganda; Lennox Sebe of Ciskei; and Saparmurat Niyazov of Turkmenistan.

Mustang said...

I don’t give much credibility to these polls. When these surveys go out, even if pollsters use the same telephone number, the questions are seldom directed to the same respondent. This means answers and attitudes about the questions posed are very often different. There is also a “time line” for collecting data, so the pollsters end up recording the opinions of whomever answers the phone. This skews the data, in my opinion.

Another problem is that a growing number of households are moving away from landlines to cell phones. Since younger people are more inclined to have cell phones than older people, the pollsters are more likely to record answers from people who are in the tank Øbama. It makes sense, then, that poll results reported from Gallup and other pollsters favor Øbama.

The reality is something else entirely because these younger people are not "likely voters," and most are not even "registered to vote." Let us hope the polling data is seriously flawed.

One caveat however: if respondents live in a Democratic state, have been dead for at least five years, or are members of the Black Panther Party, these circumstances could change the actual results on Election Day.

Ducky's here said...

Actually, mustang it was the New Black Panther Party and they have about two dozen members.

The Black Panthers were executed by COINTELPRO long ago.
But stay scared as your Randian masters desire.

Anonymous said...

Ducky's here said...
"Romney is such an ignorant twit "

But at least he's an American ignorant twit

Jack Whyte said...

Does everyone see how unfair life can be? Ducky tells us those American hating bastards were all executed long ago.

Oh yeah? Then how come you're still walking around, Ducky? Liar.

Radical Redneck said...

Both of the Obamas are ignorant twits!

No matter what is said or proven these same
Moronic Progressives, or liberals. or dimwitocrats, will vote for this monstrosity of a president.
To hell with principle,. to hell with Reason. To hell with facts,. to hell with any regard for the truth. To hell with the Unemployment. To hell with the fact that he tripled the debt. To hell with the undeclared war in the Middle East . To hell with the fact that the housing market is far from recovered..To hell with the fact that he has Increased taxes. And to hell with all of the other broken promises that are too many to list. These moronic progressives will still vote for obama..

And now the Liberals are trying to tell us that redistribution includes things like roads.. (You didn't build that) They must really think we are stupid. When Obama said back in ’98 that he believed in redistribution he was not talking about roads being created as a form of redistributing our tax dollars to build them. He was talking about taking money from one group of people and giving it to another. “If you spread the wealth around it’s good for everybody..” Remember that? Well No it is not good for everybody, and the only thing he has been spreading around is poverty.

Thersites said...

The Black Panthers were executed by COINTELPRO

...and COINTELPRO was ended by the Nixon Administration...

... they all received plumbing licesnes. LOL!

Thersites said...

So how did COINTELPRO miss Frank Marshall Davis and Barry Soetoro, duckman?

Z said...

Darth....there are changes; I have friends who're not voting for Obama this time.

Donna...there are a lot of Jews who don't at all support Israel. They're leftwingers who don't feel allegiance to America, either, come to think of it. Kind of creepy, isn't it.
I have to listen to the msm...I want to know what half of America's buying into.

Anon; Do you think Hillary still hates Obama? I had a dinner party here last night and a few of the guests think so from her demeanor lately..who knows?

Chuck, I will, thanks. And I'll read the MOrris piece soon. I appreciate the link.

ConsOn Fire...I SO Hope you're right.

Joe, you ARE kidding, right?
MY GOSH! So the left couldn't find anything to gripe about on his taxes (one of the conservatives on Hewitt yesterday was rightfully laughing his head off and said it's the greatest punch the Left's got in a LONG time...the Romney folks really blindsided them...letting the msm scream "HE DIDN'T PAY ENOUGH! WHY ISN'T HE RELEASING THE RECORDS?" and now finding he played PLENTY.
ANd now all they can say is IT'S TOO MUCH!?

Wait...I thought TOO MUCH was their goal, that their liberal really rich folks all think they should pay more. Wait, Romney DID so HE's demonized!?
Honestly, you can't make the Left up.
of course, who'd want to?

Mustang...super comment; you're so right about cell phones! I hadn't thought of that.

Ducky...SORRY! :-) I'm not in the mood today for putting up with you who seem to have awakened on the wrong and VERY UGLY side of your bed this morning. Had to delete you.
By the way, you have so little humor or understanding of metaphor, etc. I am pretty sure Mustang's line about the Black Panthers doesn't need correction as much as it needs HEEDING. Just between you and me, he mad an excellent allusion to the voting fraud you STILL don't think was attempted by the NBPs... hilarious, Ducky.

Rad.Redneck, where DID those billions go? You're right, of course, but we could have at LEAST actuallY HAD some bridges and roads in need of repair fixed! So far, NOTHING. But we lost a ton of dough with Solyndra and others who Obama paid back as campaign favors.

Thersites, good points!

Z said...

Cointelpro: Wow, I just saw that FDR, Johnson and Kennedy participated in that, too.

Mustang said...

So how did COINTELPRO miss Frank Marshall Davis and Barry Soetoro, duckman?


Are you saying Ducky is full of dooky, Thersites? There's another shocker!

Thersites said...

One good conspiracy theory deserves another, Mustang!

Z said...

I'm laughing here at the Homepages I've looked at..."Romney runs campaign like CEO.." (good, I thought, that is what we want to see)......"...causes trouble on the campaign trail". :-)

Oh, the leftist MSM is REALLY workin' it!

Chuck's piece by Dick Morris makes a lot of sense, take a look when you've got a minute.

His post today is a crack up, too!

Thersites said...

William Mark Felt, also known as Deep Throat served as chief inspector of COINTELPRO field operations.

The hero of the Left who BROUGHT DOWN NIXON.

I think that in all fairness, Richard M. Nixon deserves to be listed as an "official victim" of COINTELPRO on the Wiki victim's list.

Sam Huntington said...

If you believe Wikipedia, counterintelligence operations sought to discredit targets through psychological warfare, character assassination, the use of forged documents, planting false information in the press, harassment, and wrongful imprisonment.

This is actually pretty amazing. It sounds remarkably similar to the Progressive (Communist) movement in the United States. Let’s see … Obama and his thugs seek to discredit targets through psychological warfare (accusing every one of being a racist, homophobe, and Islamaphobe), character assassination (Ms. Romney is just too good), the use of forged documents (registering dead people to vote and paying homeless people in booze and cigarettes), and by controlling what the press prints or shows on television (Fast & Furious started under Bush, the attacks were motivated by a video), harassment (Vile attacks by Tingles and Mad Cow), and kidnapping. Yep … sounds exactly like the kind of stuff Cloward and Piven love best, not to mention Chomsky and that dead bastard, Saul Alinsky whose acolytes include Hillary Clinton and (gasp) Barack Hussein.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

So Hillary is out there again apologizing saying that she was offended. Well I was offended also when they Cut of Daniel Pearl's head and when the crashed those Airplanes into the World Trade Center.

It’s high time that we stop bowing down, and kissing the ass’s of our enemies.
Hillary’s apology to the Arab world is offensive and disgusting to me....
I wish that someone would please tell Hillary and Obama, to shut the hell up.

Patricia said...

This Man is truly idiotic! How can American citizens NOT see what is happening in their own backyards?? Or is it that they just don't care--as long as they get the food stamps, free housing, free medical care, etc. that they want? In my 58 years, I have never EVER seen anything like this before and hope and pray to God that I never see it again. We have no alternative than to get this creature out of OUR White House!

Thersites said...

Sam, I personally believe that it would be impossible for the FBI to discredit ANY of the so-called "victims" of COINTELPRO ANY MORE than the investigated organizations discredited themselves.

And yes, the so-called "progressive" movement is simply one humongous COINTELPRO Op.

Right Truth said...

I don't put much weight in polls these days. The result depends on how the questions are asked, who is asked, they can be skewed.

There are those who will vote for Obama no matter what. Some have turned on him, as to how many? We will have to wait for election day I suppose.

Right Truth

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

No one wants to say it but this election is once again about RACE!

There's this rich white guy running against the "poor" and first black "CIC" ( and I use that loosely ) who wages class warfare against whites...on behalf of the "have nots" or mainly minorities.

It's all red meat for the envious and greedy parasites. And those who truly believe in gov't handouts ( reparations ) and assistance.

Obiessence has embraced racial politics since he was in college. His connections with "CRT", critical race theory, black liberation theology from Jeremiah wright, professor gates fiasco ( where the cops were immediately labeled stupid )...and involved himself with the Trayvon Martin types....while ignoring the carnage in his home city of Chicago.

A community organizer for ACORN, a beneficiary of SEIU....his clear statements that he believes in income redistribution ( reparations again )...his DoJ with Holder refusing to prosecute the NBPP and protect whites voting rights...he's opposed to voter ID ( minorities again ) and he's sabatoged our ICE with his own dream act declaration....going over the heads of Congress and the Senate again.

Obeissence's America is socialism, dependency, no work for welfare, illegal immigration, budget busting, driving down this county's credit, alienation or allies especially Israel...and is ideologically aligned with his muslim roots.

Someone here made a list of all the dictators that went before him?...

Remember what happened to all of them in the end.

Will it happen here in November with his re election?

Red Herring said...

the New Black Panther Party and they have about two dozen members.

from the NBPP website

Overall Goal of CBPM Membership Department:

a. 1st level:
1 member completed

b. 2nd level:
100 members completed

c. 3rd level:
500 members completed

d. 4th level: 1,000 members completed

e. 5th level: 5,000 members still to come

Care to re-phrase, ducky? Wouldn't somewhere over 1,000, but less than 5,000 be more "accurate"?

JonBerg said...


Great Link!

Ducky's here said...

If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you; that is the principal difference between a dog and a man. -Mark Twain

Red Herring said...

It's a shame that men aren't nearly as capable of expressing gratitude as dogs are, eh ducky?

Red Herring said...

With mankind, "No good deed goes unpunished!"

Z said...

that's only the people you apparently know, Ducky.

To look at all the good the Romneys have done in church and charitable giving's pretty great.

You just have to all smile at how John Kerry's millions didn't seem to bother liberals, but let a Republican be rich, and HELL TO PAY.

Or that the Koch Bros are painted as the richest men in AMerica :-)

THe fun really does never stop

JonBerg.."Debbie"? What link...?

RedHerring....good point, because even ANn Romney's goodness is now being painted as "Too much of a good thing?"
That's what leftwingers do....they hate that they can't find anything dirty on her, so she's bad for being SO GOOD.
They were stunned to screech for ROmney's "secret" tax docs and realize they couldn't find anything.

ANy of you seen much in the news about the Tax Docs the msm has been yelling for? NO, the 47% is apparently more important.
But, of course, he was right about that.

Always On Watch said...

The only poll that REALLY matters is the one that will occur on November 6.

Let us remember that Reagan wasn't doing well in the polls just before the General Election of 1980.

JonBerg said...


I was refering to the link provided by "Right Truth", above.


Liberalmann said...

Barring the usual attempts by the GOP to steal another election by suppressing the vote in states requiring ID, Obama will win big.

The media want us all to stay tuned. Their figures are inflated to support their advertisers.

Rmoney proved over and over in the past few weeks he is not fit for the job and his 47% comments cost him more demographics.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

I love to see the liberals panicking. If the polls have it close, you can rest assured that Romney is way ahead. Of course the 'usual suspects' will be a tad more honest the closer it comes to election day, just to try and maintain a little credibility.

Remember Reagan, Bush, etc.? To see libs thinking victory is at hand makes it a little sweeter for me.

I know the name Rasmussen keeps you up at night, ha-ha-ha. Let me just say to all of you libs: RASMUSSEN! (I suggest you try 'Unisom'... or just call-in sick.)

GOODNIGHT! Stephen T. McCarthy has left the building.

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

Right Wing Theocrat said...

I'm worried about the hostility of the media towards Romney, it seems the fellow cannot catch a break. I'm worried that the media will start peddling outright lies about him soon and people are going to buy it.

Deputy Cornfuzed Democrat of the PC Police said...

... will start peddling outright lies

Start? Start???

Liberalmann said...

Right Wing Theocrat said..."I'm worried about the hostility of the media towards Romney, it seems the fellow cannot catch a break. I'm worried that the media will start peddling outright lies about him soon and people are going to buy it."


Who needs to lie when the truth which comes out weekly about Rmoney's incompetence and arrogance is just as damaging?

Average American said...

"The media want us all to stay tuned. Their figures are inflated to support their advertisers(ideologies)."

I hate when I have to agree with your resident liberalidiot.

Jack Whyte said...

Let me see if I understand Baby Huey correctly: the left lies and distorts poll results to further the communist agenda, taking advantage of the low IQ left and moderate voter. Is that right?

What a bunch of pukes.

Average American said...

Average American's poll shows Romney 64% NOMObama 32%, unless you don't subtract the dead people, the foreigners, and people like Santa Claus, Mr. Easter Bunney etal. Then it becomes Romney 52% NOMObama 48%. Either way, I predict "The end of an ERROR" on November 6th.

Thersites said...

Who needs to lie when the truth which comes out weekly about Rmoney's incompetence and arrogance is just as damaging?

That still doesn't explain Harry Reid's lying and incompetence.

Or Susan Rice's. Or Eeic Holder's. Or Barack HUSSEIN'S.

Anonymous said...

"incompetence and arrogance is just as damaging?"

So you little bug...

You'd call the doubling of Americans on food stamps, success?

You'd call 8.5% unemployment for 4 years, a success?

You'd call 25 million unemployed Americans, a success?

You'd call the refusal to renew and use our vast resources, a success?

You'd call the loss of jobs in Ohio, W. Virginia and other states due to Obama killing the coal industry? And industry that has the largest resources of energy in the world, a success?

You'd call the entire loss of the ME, a success?

You'd call the sacking of our embassies...the murder of our ambassador and other American's, a success?

You'd call the bowing, bending over and ass kissing of ME despots, a success? In light of the events of the past year?

You'd call the failure of Solyndra and every other 'green' company ( and it's waste of billions which went to political payoff's ) a success?

You'd call the murder of a border agent by Eric the hillbilly ignorant lying Holder, a success?

You'd call Obama's lies each and everyday, a success?

You'd call a CIC who reads less than 40% of his intel briefings, and would rather play hundreds of rounds of golf instead, a success?

You'd call the failure of the DoJ to prosecute black militant criminal, loser thugs, a success?

You'd call Obama's setting back 50 years of race relation success, a success?

You'd call class warfare, a success?

You'd call the redistribution of our income, a success?

You'd call Obummers adopting Trayvon Saint Skittles, a thug and a criminal, the kind of son he'd have, a success?

You'd call his embrace of CRT, critical race theory, a success?

You disgust me...

Anonymous said...

Oh...I forgot....

The downgrading of our credit worthiness...first time in history under the dunce in chief...who never ran a lemonade stand.pffffffffT'd call that a success too.

Z said... true. That day is the most important poll! And, probably, the most important day in American history, bar none.

JB.. That's Debbie's blog link; unless I'm not seeing something!??

Avg AMerican, I DO hope you're right.

Imp: EXCELLENT list. I guess when many lefties think that list isn't bad, we know they'll stand for anything that's NOT AMERICA.

JonBerg said...


"JB That's Debbie's blog link; unless I'm not seeing something!??"

Neither do I but it was there. Why would I make it up? The link that I refer to lead into the French cartoons and a Video Titled "A Word On Rioting Muslims". Did you notice that directly below "Right Truth" there is a "comment deleted"? I can only guess that is where I found the part that my complement was referring to. I will be very careful, from now on, to complement anyone or anything here.

beamish said...

Do you know people who voted for Obama who will vote for Romney this time?


Or anybody who voted for McCain who's voting for Obama this time?


From the friends/family you have, what's your sense of voting intentions?

I don't know anyone personally that believes Romney will do as well as Bob Dole did in 1996.

Z said... it's clear! Obviously, it wasn't there when I looked, so how could I have known?
debbie must have deleted it, I certainly didn't.