Sunday, September 30, 2012

I've finally got a new FOOD post on my FOOD BLOG....ENJOY!


Bob said...

I was at the grocery store the other day, and an Atlanta Falcons talent scout told me that with my weight I could qualify as an NFL offensive lineman.

Not true, but I am terribly overweight. So, last Wednesday I joined the Weight Watchers plan. So far, so good. I have not weighed, but I feel slimmer. Do you know the feeling?

I will check out the food blog, but only as a academic activity.

Z said...

Bob! Congratulations!! WW is an excellent program. My mom has to take prednisone , a lot of it, and most gain tons of weight on that...she hasn't gained an ounce and eats well with WW input! It's truly a good program.

I don't have much to lose but am considering it myself...just for the discipline of it.

Yes, my piece on my food blog today is not exactly a food encouraging post! I hope you enjoy. Actually, it's not unlike some of your terrific personal pieces!

By the way, did you kick that talent scout??!! :-)

Anonymous said...

If we followed that rule in S. FlaDuh...we'd never have a good hot meal! It'd be ice cream and Ice tea all year long.

Z said...

Imp! You have cold weather! I lived in Orlando from time to time while Mr. Z lived there and we commuted back/forth!

Anonymous said...


"mp! You have cold weather!..."

Z...when it gets below 60 here we have the heat on...above 60 the AC on...maybe 4 days out of the year.

But dear lady...Orlando ain't S. FlaDuh either.

200 miles north...may as well be southern Georgia.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..

Bob said...

Imp sayeth, "may as well be southern Georgia."

Nobody deserves southern Georgia. I am told that God has modeled Hell from south Georgia, lower Alabama, and north Florida.