Monday, September 3, 2012

And Obama prepares for the DNC........

Happy Labor Day to everybody at geeeeZ.  :-)

thanks, Imp!


Anonymous said...

This site is a Charter Member of The Empty Chair Movement and celebrating National Empty Chair Day.
This replaces Labor Day because there are No Jobs.

Happy Labor Day Z and the rest of all you Conservatives.
And remember, "We Can Do This".

viburnum said...

Always On Watch said...

celebrating National Empty Chair Day.
This replaces Labor Day because there are No Jobs.


viburnum said...

H/T to Wm. Richardson and A.F Branco of Legal Insurrection For the logo and lots of examples.

Always On Watch said...

Hey, Conservative Thoughts and Viburnum! See what I just posted at THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS.

Anonymous said...

Eastwood may very well have sealed the deal for Romney. I saw that people are planning to put empty chairs in their front yards all over the country tomorrow to emphasize that Obama is an empty suit.
And I guess that Eastwood's shtick wasn't a failed joke as the Libs are saying all over the boards.

We have Clint Eastwood and they have Bill Maher and Jane Fonda.. I'd say that's a pretty good trade off. The Liberals have a great really reason to have their panties in a bunch this time.

Always On Watch said...

I had to post it at my site too.

Always On Watch said...

Empty chair on the front lawn?

I live on a busy street that is the hub of the universe.

Yeah, I just put an empty chair out there.

viburnum said...

Here's my contribution

Silverfiddle said...

Recoronation Week... I can't wait...

Jarhead said...

“We own this country . . . Politicians are employees of ours . . . And when somebody does not do the job, we’ve got to let them go.” –Clint Eastwood

Bizarre? No it was Brilliant!

That was one of the best,and truthful things I have ever heard.
Thank you Mr. Eastwood for saying what needed to be said

Always On Watch said...

Other than the error about lawyers (Romney, like Obama, holds a JD), I can't find any error in the serious remarks that Eastwood interjected into the skit, which was a brilliant piece of stagecraft.

Tyler said...

Clint’ Eastwood's questions were rhetorical. And in response to Obama’s last 4 years of foolish and inept management,

The beauty of the empty-chair debate as a persuasive device is that it allows the orator to fabricate whatever mental-image of the absentee they wish without ever having to contend with actual reality

And I think that Eastwood did the job rather well.
When you ask an entertainer to speak you should expect to be entertained. Clint Eastwood is an entertainer. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill folks..
I’m not American, but if I were I would be even more disappointed in the Obama administration.

Some of the people are acting like Clint was the first and only to do this. It’s a common routine by many entertainers. I think the Democrats just cant take anyone talking against their standard-bearer, especially if it’s a Hollywood icon like Eastwood.

Anonymous said...

I heard yesterday that Obama started work at 9.30 and leaves at 4.30.

If that's true, not only an empty chair or suit but a slacker.

Anonymous said...

Labor Day! Obama is starting the DNC already in a hole. Ter are no jobs.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Clint made my night. .
This seems to be the biggest story to come out of the Republican's Convention.
And his performance has the Lib's/Progressives crappin Green.

DaBlade said...

Haha! Great picture Z! We so rarely see a good photograph of the true brains behind the rhetorical flourish.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Obam is going to use his failed policies in his favor to try and get re-elected.
I would say "Only in America" but really it is "Only in the democrat party"

EzzZee said...

Eastwood's rude routine was one of the saddest things that I've ever seen in my life. It was not only insulting but he came across as that crotchety, mean OLD uncle that you hope never shows up at any of your family functions.

He came across as sad and pathetic!

Z said...

Viburnum's link isn't working for me...I copy/paste and it knocks the Http:// off...I finally typed that in twice and it only knocked one off but still I only get some google page??

what is it?

Z said...

AOW....EMPTY SUIT DAY is what we might emphasize, right?

If I had neighbors most of whom had a CLUE about politics, I would put an empty chair out front! As it is, they'd think it's a place for them to sit while their dog poops on the sidewalk (they're mostly liberals).

AOW, you did it? GOOD FOR YOU!

I'm frankly surprised to see the old Obama logo's back, aren't you guys? Man, that thing ushered in nothing but "WHAT HOPE AND CHANGE?" and he emphasizes it AGAIN? Typical.

EZZ...don't look now but most of AMerica doesn't agree with you. Even Bill Maher thought it was a terrific routine..
No, you can spin this as you like, as the mainstream media is, but people loved it. He was off notes, off teleprompter; he's 82 and had a righteous, important message and he got it across.

BY the way, for the Left to call that routine RUDE after the HORRIBLY INSULTING things they constantly said about Bush?

Are you KIDDING??

Mustang said...

No, EzzZee ... you come across as sad and pathetic. Eastwood came off as brilliant. See the difference?

Chuck said...

When I saw the Eastwood routine (which I liked) I wondered how the Dims would attack it.

They had to attack it, partly because they couldn't let it stand, partly because they are a mean, small-minded group of people.

More than wondering how they would attack it though, I wondered how the attacks would play in the country.

They are attacking a Hollywood legend. Someone who is loved by most of the country (read voters)

They are attacking a Hollywood celeb loved by a lot of other Hollywood celebs. Will they take it very well?

They are attacking an 82 year old man, calling him rambling and pathetic. How will this play with the senior vote?

In short, Clint Eastwood was a trap and the Dims don't even realize it.

Z said...

I was just wondering if Pepsi ever stopped or will resume (if it had) using that Obama logo on their cans, which they denied was an Obama logo!?

CHuck..first, it's so good to have you blogging again.
Second...I hope you're right, but i think the msm has pretty much annihilated Eastwood with "WEIRD" and other comments to the point that Americans who didn't see it will write it off. (The WEIRD had to be a White House/Axelrod meme because Axelrod had just used it on Romney, I believe it was...then at least five liberals on TV after the event used the exact same word..coincidence?)
You'll notice the msm media barely mentioned what he ACTUALLY SAID.

Donna said...

The Romney campaign is simply swatting aside the media's objections to its welfare ad and Obama’s Cancer blaming ad, and character assaults: And that's not going to be good enough. We're not going to let our campaign be dictated by a bunch of liberal "fact-checkers," who quote those progressive ridden web-sites.
We need you Mr. Romney to save our freedoms....our constitution .... our nation! You are literally a god send at the right time. Make us proud of you!
It's time to pull out the stops and get tough Mitt and make sure you win for all Americans

My Country, My Home said...

All you can expect with the Obama campaign is negativity against Romney and Ryan.
These Chicago thugs have nothing but negativity since he has done nothing the last four years. All he and the Obama lovers just blane Bush.

One hundred ten million receiving government money, forty nine percent on food stamps, 41% don't pay taxes.

The free stuff voters will vote for Obama so they don't lose their free stuff and have to work. Obama has proven this with the new welfare rules.

.If Obama is re-elected, what will the national deficit be in 4 years?

I am taking the over $20 trillion myself. I hope my great, great, great, great, great grandchildren can afford it.

Wake up America....We have a problem and blaming Bush will not solve it. We need to cut our debt. Unfortunately, entitlements are a big part of it. Taxing the rich will only get you so far.

If you love America Vote Romney, You hate America vote Obama!!

Z said...

Hi, Donna! I think he's a God-send today, too...absolutely.
And you're is NOT enough to let the media set the discussion.

I think those days are over and that Romney and Ryan can speak out now that the convention's over.

I worry about voter fraud, but maybe that Dem effort's not well organized this time because the left sure does seem frightened of Romney!

My Country, My Home..thanks for coming by. Another 4 years of Obama will give us a country we won't recognize ever again; I feel so badly for our kids.

Liberalmann said...

"Happy Labor Day everyone and let's remember the Progressive Democrats that gave us the weekend, 8-hour workday, paid vacations, sick days, unemployment comp, minimum wage, overtime pay, safety standards, retirement security, child labor laws, health benefits, etc and also remember the Conservative Republicans who vigorously fought against all those benefits. We'll remember them in November too."

Z said...

Oh, Libmann, don't you KNOW by now that Republicans just HATE ALL PEOPLE?

what's it take?


Meanwhile, the DNC is busing in thousands of students $$$ for the Obama football stadium appearance......fearful it wasn't going to fill on its own. sad

Liberalmann said...

Oh, I'm sure they'd have no problem filling seats. Lol! You don't think the GOP bussed in Tea Party freaks?

Rita said...

Sad and pathetic. I think Ezz just described Obama's followers. Still clinging to thei hope and chains.

Rita said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Z said...

Libmann, you think that if the RNC had bussed tea party "freaks" in that your media'd not have shredded them for it? My GOD, the leftwing liars would have been in overdrive...but...silence. Kind of the same silence for Clint Eastwood's excellent remarks; it scared them so much that they're not addressing what he SAID, just insulting HIM. TYPICAL.
GROW UP. That made me laugh out loud.

Rita..YOU RACIST! "HOPE AND CHAINS!" (I love it!)

BY the way, if you were Obama , would you use the same logo Pepsi adopted to shore him up even more than his media was during the '08 campaign?

Rita said...

TEA Partiers don't have to be bussed in. We gladly show up AND volunteer to pick up this else's fortunate if thy want to attend. We don't need union money to get us involved.

When you grow up Lib, you'll understand that, until then just keep living in momma's basement while she packs your lunch for your OWS protest.