Wednesday, September 19, 2012


According to a recent report by the Associated Press, al-Qaeda is now calling for attacks on American diplomats and an increase in the number of protests throughout the Middle East. This is more evidence of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s inept foreign policy —as if we needed any more examples. As the terrorist group calls for more heads, the Obama administration continues to pretend that the initial reaction was merely a spontaneous reaction to an internet video. Denial is a river inside the Washington beltway.

Presumably illustrating the point that al-Qaeda is in charge in Afghanistan, rather than the American or coalition occupation forces, a suicide bomber murdered twelve South African aviation workers to the Kabul aerodrome —a revenge killing, they said.

The other day, Sam Huntington commented at Always on Watch as follows: “US diplomatic credibility is presently in a deep spiral. We may begin to understand this after we acknowledge how inept our foreign policy has been, and remains, under Barack Obama. I shall never understand what prompted an American ambassador to apologize to extremists who attacked sovereign American property. It did not take long for this statement, issued on of all days 11 September 2012, to incite other sand monkeys.

How did the resident leftist react to this? How dare Sam use such an expression! He must be a bigot. But now it appears that Sam was correct and Ducky was wrong. No surprise there, of course: Duhhky is a leftist, after all.

Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are no longer interested in stepping lightly in the Middle East, especially after Barack Obama gave them status by stating publicly his willingness to “dialogue” with those murderous sons of bitches; it is a status they previously did not enjoy. Obama’s inept behavior has done nothing if not emboldened them to murder even more of our diplomats.

But wait—there’s more.

The monkeys in Yemen are screeching for blood; there were at least two separate terrorist attacks in Pakistan, 200 people demonstrated in Indonesia, torching an American flag, and four hundred more protested in Bangkok chanting “Eek eek, eek, screech,” which roughly translated means “Down with America, Down with Israel.”

The AP reports that al-Qaeda praised Muslims for killing Ambassador Stevens and demands even more of the same. They feel the west deserves punishment for "lying to Muslims for more than 10 years, saying its war was against terrorism and not Islam." Well, they do have a point there. Muslims have been demanding a holy war, and our leaders demurred like shy little girls. How many ways can one demonstrate our president’s failed foreign policy?

The word “inept” revisits us as a nightmare.

-Mustang Sends


Constitutional Insurgent said...

We gave al Qaeda status when we publicly declared a "war on terror".

My Observations said...

So, It turns out Mitt Romney isn’’t the only presidential candidate to have a video leak this week.
As the stupidity of Progressive leftist blogs continue to crucify Mitt Romney for telling it like it is, we now find that an Obama 1998 Speech has been Leaked, showing the “Great One” saying “I Believe In Redistribution”.
In a newly-discovered video, Barack Obama, at a 1998 conference at Loyola University in Chicago, said he believed in "redistribution" to "make sure that everybody's got a shot."
So I guess that we were right when we accused him of believing in redistribution of OUR wealth! This is the real Obama. And Mitt was speaking the truth when he said that,
And to add to this it also was unveiled today that the taped speech given by Mitt.“Cynical View of America” Romney, which has been called “ these so-called (Secret Weapon) Romney Tapes
was heavily edited, and much was cut out of them to make it appear as negative as it seemed even though it was so very truthful. Obozo wants people to be more dependent on the government themselves and less on therefor they are more dependent on hand outs and entitlements that working for a living.

Now what does that Pinko at that Progressive Infectious Disease blog have to say about Mr. Romney’s “Cynical View of America? And the followers that yap at her skirt, such as “Steve, RN, Infidel, w- dervish, Ema, Leslie, Dave, Okjimm, and the others that make me too sike to even want to continue this list of Meatheads.
The Marxist Progressives and the media hates Romney and conservatives in general. They have thrown all ethics and principles out the window to save a president and his flailing and failed administration. So given the challenges we have, a President Romney could be a much better leader, and take us back the great days of America. On the other hand, 4 more years of Obama will drive us into poverty, despair, and probably even World War if he continues on the track he is already on.. The choice is pretty clear, all one has to do is to read the news and watch what’s already going on in the rest of the world. How long to you think it will be until we see those sights here in America!

Silverfiddle said...

Obama is the weak horse.

Ducky's here said...

"The women were gathering firewood when they were killed by the strike, spokesperson for the Laghman provincial government Sarhadi Zewak said. Several women were also injured during the NATO strike, he added.

Villagers brought the victims’ bodies to the local governor’s office on Sunday in the wake of the attack said Zewak.

Seven females are now in nearby hospitals receiving treatment, some of whom are as young as ten years old, AP reports."

Because our s--- doesn't stink.

Ducky's here said...

Silverfiddle, you're military. You should be able to understand that war grows into a monster that has no purpose and just wants to be fed.

This is all just food for mustang's beast and he loves watching it fed. Sick.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Bush mage a grave error in declaring war on terroism; a war that by design can and will never end. He should have declard war on Afghanistan for allowing the 9/11 terrorist to operate within theor borders. Any government that does not take all efforts to crush terrorism within their borders deserve to be severely punished.

Marine4ever said...

...and I give you:

Duckster: Whether you like it or not, war will be with us as long as two humans inhabit the earth. That said, I don't see war as a fad. What I DO SEE is peace through superior fire power. Up to this moment, history bears me out on that last statement. It's the 'Mustangs' whom America has ALWAYS had who allow you to sleep peacefully at night... or, whatever it is you do.

Jack Whyte said...

War isn’t the end game, Ducky. Peace is the end game. If you’re suggesting military organizations seek to extend violence for its own sake, then you are a simpleton. War is the inevitable result whenever statecraft is ham fisted and ineffective.

I agree with CI and COF … declaring war on an ideology is ridiculous. Bush placed the United States in the same category as the religious extremists, who war against us because of what we believe. Bush the idiot — Obama the handmaiden. Worse, Bush knew—or should have known that this country lacks the stomach for a long fight. By suggesting this war could last for 100 years, Bush admitted we could not win; in spite of this, Bush and Obama sent our young warriors into harm’s way. Now, our diplomats have become the new fresh meat, Obama bait for further bloodshed. Arab Spring my ass.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Let’s see if the Obama Loyola University in Chicago ( communistic) speech about the "redistribution of wealth" gets even half the Leftist controlled media coverage that Romney’s TRUE remark got and how it gets received. I’m betting it gets the same spin as the “You didn’t build that” speech did.

Deputy Cornfuzed Democrat of the PC Police said...

Duck's "quack", they don't grab a gun and stand a post, mustang.

Z said...
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Z said...

Deb Dude...that speech is being touted as "old"...Obama said that years ago.
Leave us not forget Robert Byrd was a Klan recruiter and he got a pass.
Nothing will stick to Obama about redistribution; if anything, the warped sentiment of many Americans will love that.

We've lost the America which raised us so well, which protected people around the world, which was the envy of the world; and Obama's now heading that effort.

FreeThinke said...

Personally, I'd love to see a vigorous grass roots movement carrying banners saying:













~ FreeThinke

Mustang said...

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself. —John Stuart Mill

Z said...

"My Observations"...nobody cares to publicize the truth about Obama.
You are right, four more years will be our end, but they don't know, or they don't care.

Romney is probably the least cynical politician we've had in years...he cares enough to tell the truth and gets slammed. typical.

Ducky... it's always our fault, isn't it. Darn.
I love to watch you telling Mustang about the military :-)

Conservatives on Fire and Jack: He did not say WAR ON MUSLIMS...but they act like it.
But yes, we need to stop funding countries who allow this, even if their leaders are not allowing it. Let them police their murdering extremists and THEN we'll talk money again. Maybe.

Mustang, what an excellent quote...thanks.

FT...go ahead and start it!

Z said...

Not much outrage toward the extremists discussed in the post?

odd to consider that.....maybe it IS all our fault? Maybe it isn't the terrorists' jealousy toward America, or their extreme religious intolerance, or the print/video they get from the media every time they burp which can only spur them on, or it isn't that they murdered Americans, ..

Robert Sinclair said...

Muslims are an interesting study. Last year my wife and I were happy to attend a dinner party celebrating Ramadan. Our host is a well-educated, friendly, outgoing individual who exudes a sense of humor and balance in life. We believed that this would be an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Islamic faith. But the above does not describe this person when he was in the company of other Muslims. He appeared to undergo a personality transformation; he appeared to us as rude, derisive, angry, and argumentative, complete with shaken fists and accusatory finger pointing. I was surprised and a bit concerned because I thought that a guest in a Muslim home warranted respectful conduct and protection.

We won’t make this mistake again. But my point is, neither will Ambassador Stevens. Is our government’s department of state as naïve as we were?

Silverfiddle said...

Ducky: Your comments, while mildly interesting, are irrelevant to the conversation at hand.

You comments about war are interesting and I somewhat agree with you (but not your characterization of Mustang.)

UBL declared war on us long before we joined in, so if you're going to make pithy observations, survey the entire field first.

Louis H. said...

Les personnes les plus responsables de la création guerre, la souffrance humaine, la maladie, la famine, la démoralisation et la colère profonde sont progressistes, ou si vous préférez, les communistes. La preuve en est le canard.

Little Red said...
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Anonymous said...

When I think of Rice, Allbright & Clinton as past SoS's...I know why our foreign policy is in the shitter.

I said this before...these particular picks were all AA appointments and for political patronage / rewards.

To satisfy that "diversity" crap. These ME savages only respect strength and brute force...and not a "womans" touch.

Take a man like John Bolton and compare him or Alan West to the past failures.

I'd say we have a huge gaping wound in our polices and foggy bottom is corrupt and in serious trouble.

Little Red said...

Forget the doom and gloom out look in the media this week. A new Gallup Poll out this morning finds President Obama's The so-called convention "bounce" fading and the 2012 presidential race reverting to its previous tight margin.
The latest US election polls put Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney neck and neck with President Obama in the race for the White House. That may make Romney's visit in Israel all the more important. In swing states like Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, where Jews live and vote this will mean a lot. With polls showing President Obama has lost some of his support from Jewish voters, Romney is here to try to send a message that he would be a stronger and more loyal friend to the State of Israel. Romney began his visit at the Prime Minister's office, sitting down with Benjamin Netanyahu. His willingness to take a tougher stand on Iran than President Obama is the message Romney wants to send to US Jewish voters and Israelis...and that may swing many voters into the Romney camp. . Supporting an Israeli strike on Iran stands in contrast to President Obama's will be meaningful.... Netanyahu praised Romney's position on Iran... Netanyahu in 100 percent in Romney’s camp and is endorsing him here in America.
It's very hard to believe America could be so closely divided this late in the campaign. I'm not rooting for bad jobs reports or higher food and gas prices but these realities may be the only things that can shake people up. This was such a beautiful, wonderful country before Obama got his greasy hands on her

Anonymous said...

Louis...merci...vous avez raison...

Had a quick's appt this morning during which I said "is your wife voting for Obama AGAIN?" (he didn't)...he said no, she registered REPUBLICAN.

If SHE did, MANY are.

He also said that he was so pleased Romney didn't back down on that 47% comment because it's so true; whether all those are on the 47% are on the dole is irrelevant...people who vote for Obama DO believe the state owes us a living and there in lies "le canard"..

Z from work

Ed Bonderenka said...

Z: "So let's just get this straight: more people identify as Republicans than Democrats and Independents break by a double-digit margin for the Romney-Ryan ticket."
The above is from Doug Ross.
He refers to a monthly Rasmussen party affiliation poll that has accurately portrayed the elections from 2003.

JonBerg said...


"Duckster: Whether you like it or not, war will be with us as long as two humans inhabit the earth. That said...................."

This comment, in its entirety, 'nails it'!


Sam Huntington said...

First, thank you for your kind mention. I remain nonplussed by this government’s bungling foreign policy —but I have to say that I have disdained our diplomatic efforts for quite some time. It is not unique to the Obama administration, but its affects are nothing less than astounding. How many more Americans have to die because Obama (or any other president), or such witless individuals as Warren Christopher, Madeline Albrecht, Condoleezza Rice, or Hillary Clinton, have no clue about how to run a diplomatic effort? Who in their right mind appoints someone as an Ambassador who we can almost guarantee will get personal security and Embassy security guard killed? I’ll say this: if you want solid individuals serving as ambassadors, recruit them from among retired military officers who have a clue. Beyond this, and I hope many American voters are reading this … responsibility for this disaster, including the death of our Ambassador, rests with the American people who elected these dopes.

Anonymous said...


"such witless individuals as Warren Christopher, Madeline Albrecht, Condoleezza Rice, or Hillary Clinton.." echo.

Anonymous said...


Robt Sinclair: As I read your comment, I hoped to feel buoyed by the conclusion; instead, of course, it's dispiriting.
Have you heard of Dr Jasser? (Goodle that name with AZ physician..I think he's a cardiologist) He is a moderate Muslim who speaks out against extremists and I keep thinking there are millions like him. Maybe not, because we're sure not hearing about them.

WHERE ARE THEY? Wouldn't we all just love it if moderate Muslims walked the streets and had placards saying NOT IN MY NAME to this awful stuff?

Ed....I SO hope that's the case. Also, I have to say that everyone's so sure Obama's going to win (including me, most of the time) BUT HIS ACTIONS defy the polls because I seriously wonder how the WH is so cocksure they're going to win but they're EVERYWHERE, in TV, radio, events, gifts away, having people signing Anniversary cards for the Obamas, offering freebies like trips to have dinner with them.
WHY? They're frantic, yet they're so sure!???

Anonymous said...

"NOT IN MY NAME to this awful stuff?

Maybe cause they can't trust the Muslim they live in the same house with? Or the one next door? Or the ones in the mosques where such hate takes place? Cause they want to stay alive and know they'll become a target?

Cause they know there's no such thing as "moderation"in the cult or ideology?

Cause they don't want to be assassinated or "honor" killed?

Anonymous said...

That's the same faulty thinking that Obummer has and his gal Hillary. And has been their philosophy since 1972? Be nice?

Ed Bonderenka said...

I hear Zuhdi Jasser often as the voice of moderate Islam.
The voice of one crying in the wilderness.
It's sad to see smart well meaning people try to defend islam.

Ducky's here said...

I don't consider them irrelevant, Silver.

We've gone through years of killing for no apparent purpose on both sides. Even the right feels we should wind this down.

But it has a life of its own that is difficult to deny. So now it's an eye for an eye till we go blind.

Do you really think there is something out there that we can defeat militarily? Yeah, there probably is but first we have to let the bigots get to work so we don't have any qualms about extensive collateral damage and we have to brainwash a lot of young people to believe this has something to do with our "freedoms".

Meantime we're pissing away billions checking peoples shoes at airports, installing surveillance cameras, militarizing the cops and just giving freedom a nice big kiss, right?

Marine4ever said...

Impertinent -- on your "Not in my name..."

Must be an echo in here.

Anonymous said...



Marine4ever said...

Well, I don't speak Chinese too good -- but, yeah, what you said.

Mustang said...

@ Four Actual

BS ... anyone who spent the weekend with Jennifer Granholm knows what touche means. Well anyway, that's what JB said.

Anonymous said...


Thanks Bud....sheesh..LOL

Chuck said...

We have never started the war on terror IMHO. We have only been paying lip service to it for decades.

Marine4ever said...

Stella! Hey, Stella!
... uhhh, I mean, Jenni! Hey, Jenni!

They Say/We Say said...

The troubles in the Arab World has been around since 1999.

Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC)

Around the world, Christians are being increasingly targeted, and even persecuted, for their religious beliefs. Now, one of the largest organizations in the United Nations is pushing to make a bad situation even worse by promoting anti-Christian bigotry wrapped in the guise of a U.N. resolution called Combating Defamation of Religions. We must put an immediate end to this most recent, dangerous attack on faith that attempts to criminalize Christianity; and now, Freedom of Speech.

Religious Freedoms on shaky ground at U.N.

This link explains what is happening now;
In order to properly understand the philosophy behind “defamation or religion”, it is instructive to go to the source, in this case, the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) countries, which have designed the concept. An examination of the OIC conception of human rights in the areas of religious freedom and expression shows a distinct conflict with the international bill of human rights. Most tellingly, the implementation of domestic laws to combat defamation of religion in many OIC countries reveal a selective enforcement towards religious minorities for violations, which are often punishable by the death penalty.

The new tactic is now Suppression of Freedom of Speech.

The battle for Your Soul is on!
These Muslims will not rest until Sharia Law is the Law of the World!
And we convert or lose our heads!

Marine4ever said...

@ They Say -- "And we convert or lose our heads!"

Tell 'em to come ahead on. I came into this world kickin' and screaming' and covered in somebody else's blood -- I got NO problem goin' out the same way.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"The battle for Your Soul is on!
These Muslims will not rest until Sharia Law is the Law of the World!
And we convert or lose our heads!"

What say you duck, libturd and Bill Maher? Ready to put your necks on the chopping block? Ready to sacrifice your freedom or your very existence and hand it over to the islamist war lords? Or pray to that Christian forgiving God for your salvation and rescue from what you've wrought?

Really....tell us the truth for once...who do you assume will protect you and your beliefs (as asinine as they are) from the coming clash? ( The ongoing clash and war we refuse to name correctly )The clash of so called civilizations from the barbarians?

From the intolerant savages who rule over the corrupt despicable UN? Let alone the entire ME...and the totally worthless muslims in their 'Arab Spring'...fostered and supported by Jay_z, Letterman, Stewart, Leno, Maddow, Schultz, Matthews, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and Beyonce...I mean Hussein Obama. Or those who demand we capitulate and accept their choking, freedom losing, conditions and demands...for..."respect"

Who will we call upon once again to stand up to the scum and the Barbary Pirates that have been reincarnated? The insanity of Islam? You? You pissants think surrender. We know...and so do you.

OR...those like Me? Mustang? Sam? Marine4ever? Z.? Prisc?

Or Hillary and her entourage who are the weakest sisters and traitors ( for their own aggrandizement and gain ) we've seen since the peanut farmer.

We...and you'll agree you 'progressive' fools....that real leadership is like Alan West, Mitt, Ryan and a John repair the damage you quislings have done to America...

Across all of America...your guts are hated. Because you've sold your "souls"...problem don't have one to salvage.

Leticia said...

Obama and Hilary cannot continue to disregard the threats. For crying out loud! The Libyan government told them the truth and they still deny it and blame a video!

This is becoming outrageous. Like I told Damien Charles, how many more innocent people have to die before this weak and pathetic government takes a stand against radical Muslims.

Anonymous said...


"Obama and Hilary cannot continue to disregard the threats..."

Really? Listen to these idiots..these collaborators..these simpletons and quislings that refuse ...refuse to name Islam as the enemy.

Religion...cop out...religion...bullshit. Enemy bet.

Marine4ever said...

Whooa! You GO, Impertinent!
(BTW -- can I use "Beyonce... I mean Hussein Obama" ??! THAT is waaaay TOO COOL!)

Kid said...

If we could only refocus them on the democrat politicians, and what the hell, toss in all democrats.

Marine4ever said...

Outstanding idea, Kid!

Kid said...

Marine. We'll come in and mop up afterwards. ;-)

Marine4ever said...

Kid -- Thanks! Glad to see nothing's changed.

Average American said...

Hey Kid, they're already hanging Hussein in effigy. Maybe they will eventually get around to actually hanging the #######.

"I came into this world kickin' and screaming' and covered in somebody else's blood -- I got NO problem goin' out the same way." Marine4ever, if that is what it calls for, I'm with ya!!