Sunday, September 16, 2012

Overheard in Berkeley, CA:

For a reason unknown to me or most people on the street in Berkeley Saturday night, a youngish hippie was being spoken to by two policemen on the corner.   I heard the tall, long haired reminder of the Sixities say "But, why are Berkeley policemen like you two telling ME I have to leave?  YOU are supposed to be helping me, showing me how to have a good life, not tell me to LEAVE"

The police are supposed to show transients how to have a good life?   That one statement I heard said so much  that I just had to post it.   It says so much about the hippie/liberal way of thinking and the ridiculous notions they have....

I think he was probably lucky all they were doing to him as I walked by was telling him to leave.  And, yet, that's not enough......they have to show him how to live. 

Berkeley....I love it and I hate it.   I had a fabulous time there, and this was the only politically tinged part of my weekend and I thought it said a lot.  Don't you?
(that picture isn't him, but it sure looks like him!)


Elmers Brother said...

Looks like Tommy Chong

Average American said...

Well Geeeez Geeez, doesn't it say "To Protect and to Serve" right on the cruiser doors? So you see, it could have been worse. Mr. Hippie might have asked for cream and sugar in the coffee they were supposed to go get him.

Brooke said...

Reminds me of working at University Hospital in Cincinnati...


beakerkin said...

When hippies become property owners
or run anything the freedom they yelled about vanished. The same people that screamed free speech to promote communist victory in Vietnam
promoted speech codes on Universities to silence their critics. Make a joke about afirmative action and you can be sent to a sensitivity class or expelled.

Bob said...

I think he was looking for the bathroom, but not to take a bath.

Ducky's here said...

What law was he breaking, z.

You rather see the pigs give him a beat down?

These folks have a nerve reminding you good Christians that everything isn't sweetness and light.

Z said...

well, you know us "calvinists"
We just want a guy like that beaten to within an inch of his life for just standing on a corner with long hair. It's just what we Christians DO.

seriously,'s so much better to read a post before commenting. bath was apparent for quite some time. I did hear a few years ago that they have good samaritans who do pedicures for the transients........honestly.

Brooke said...

Ducky, if the cops told him to leave they had good reason. He was likely loitering, or hassling people and/or being a disturbance.

I take offense with you calling the cops 'pigs'. My brother is a cop. He doesn't give random beatings or any other such thing.

Rather, he puts his life on the line for the public every single time he steps out the door.

And no, it is not the police's job to show this bum how to have a better life. They're not the guy's parents.

Anonymous said...

Brooke, sorry I didn't notice PIGS...I'd have deleted. Thank your brother for his service; something Ducky will never appreciate.


Brooke said...

Thanks, Z!

My sis-in-law is an EMT, too, and they have two sons, one of which is Downs.

Despite having so much on their plate,they once helped my daughter with a really cool pen-pal like school project called Flat Fred...

But he's an abusive pig, right? Ducky is constantly showing his cloaca. ;)