Monday, September 3, 2012

Empty Chair Day.........

I just got this from a friend via email...........too good not to  post, particularly after the terrific comments about the EMPTY CHAIR on my post below!  


CnC said...

empty chair and an empty suit

Mindy B. said...

It's popcorn movie week "2016 Obama's America" & "The Good, The Bad, and The ugly!" CNN had the nerve to say that RNC had the lowest ratings on television...Liars! It did well even after hurricane Isaac! It's not fair to say implying that
some people did not watch because they did not want to support our candidates ROMNEY/RYAN! Some people did not have a choice because of the hurricane! But guess what? DNC hasn't started yet, so DON'T EXPECT ME TO WATCH! I'll just youtube it if I really want to see these lying clowns after election is over!! I already made my decision to VOTE for ROMNEY/RYAN 2012!!

Z said...

Mindy, welcome and HURRAH for your vote. What are you hearing among friends/ family? Anybody changing from Obama to Romney? I hope you have the time to come back and respond.

CnC...exactly. SOmeone should drape a man's suit over that chair.
well, maybe not a REAL MAN's suit :-)

Mindy B. said...

Thank you "Z"

And one other thing I'd like to address iis that "You didn't build that business" speech. Obama said what he said, and meant what he said, and there is no way to spin it otherwise. Nice try., but no cigar. My dad DID build his business, he got nothing handed to him, he was an affirmative action employer before anyone ever thought of that term, and yes, he used some roads, but HIS taxes paid for those roads -- the government does not have any of its own money. THAT is the intellectually dishonest part of Obama's false comments, as well.. So you Libs and you Progressive's or whatever the hell you are calling yourselves these days, don't try to pull the wool over our eyes, we are not as dumb as YOU think we are.

Z said... most of your friends and family share your feelings about Obama? Anybody changing from Obama to Romney? Or vice versa?

You got it exactly right when you say HIS TAX DOLLARS PAID FOR THOSE ROADS...

Silverfiddle said...

to Obama's empty suit, add Biden's empty head. He stumbles and fumbles around all the time, saying ridiculous stuff, but for him it's all unintentional!

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Silverfiddle said...
" to Obama's empty suit, add Biden's empty head. He stumbles and fumbles around all the time, saying ridiculous stuff, but for him it's all unintentional!"

Can you imagine how the Vice President's debate is going to be? I can't wait!

Bob said...

The DNC will be a parade of empty chairs.

I have a whole list of them.

Bunkerville said...

They will pay people to fill the stadium. The only way they can fill it.

Z said...

re the VP Debate, have you seen that, every single day since the RNC ended, Biden's jumped really insultingly on Ryan?

I can't wait till Ryan can tell the truth right back at him.

Bunkerville...ya think? I hope someone talks about how they were paid.

We need HONESTY in the left...I've said since Obama was elected that it'll take leftists to get him out; we can't do it with the media working SO hard for him.

Can you IMAGINE that the DNC doesn't pay the media for their coverage? And columnists?

Chuck said...

Fortunately for the DNC Bob a lot of their supporters are unemployed and so they can be bused there.

I put a chair on my lawn and took a pic for FB.

Liberalmann said...

Democrats should have an empty chair on stage for the entire DNC & when anyone asks who it belongs to, they can say Osama bin Laden

Mustang said...

Yep ... Barack Obama killed Osama bin Laden.

Kool Aid, get'cher ice cold Kool Aid!

Z said...

Mustang, libmann probably hasn't been exposed to the best selling book by a SEAL telling the real story....I don't think he gets out of the liberal box.

Liberalmann said...

Romney cuts Eastwood from RNC highlights as conservatives cheer empty chairs:

A video released by the Romney campaign last weekend excluded Hollywood director Clint Eastwood from a selection of Republican National Convention (RNC) “highlights,” even as Romney’s supporters rallied Monday for what they called “National Empty Chair Day.”

A clip of RNC highlights released Sunday by the Romney campaign emphasizes top Republican politicos like Romney, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, cutting Eastwood out entirely. But that didn’t have much of an effect on Romney’s supporters.

viburnum said...

@ Lib-mann

Yeah. And Franklin Roosevelt shot down Admiral Yamamoto

Liberalmann said...

Mustang said..."Yep ... Barack Obama killed Osama bin Laden. Kool Aid, get'cher ice cold Kool Aid!"

You bet. And Bush let him go so he could justify invading Iraq and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people based on the lies which are now common knowledge.

Anonymous said...

" Someone should drape a man's suit over that chair."

Yep...maybe "Superman's" old cape? He did claim to stop the rising water and save the planet.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I've been absent for two weeks and I'm sorry. My mother passed away an I've been dealing with that and settling her estate. I'll get around to the internet soon. See you soon.

Leticia said...

This picture and many like have gone viral on Facebook. It's hilarious.

Let's hope that Obama will forever relinquish his chair and give it to someone far more qualified to run a nation.

And he still hasn't gone to visit the victims or the cities of Isaac's destruction. Nope, he is campaigning in Ohio. What a leader.

Romney did right after the RNC.

Z said...

Imp, good one!!

Law and Order...I'm SO SO SORRY about your mother. Thanks for dropping by; you are always missed.
GOd bless you and your family. :-(

Leticia...visit victims? He sent FORM LETTERS to the soldiers killed during the Osama get! FORM LETTERS!
It's not like there were hundreds of dead (thank GOD!)

Anonymous said...

@Law and order:

"My mother passed away an I've been dealing with that and settling her estate."

My sincerest sympathies...I know exactly what you're going through since mine too passed on June 19th.

Robert Sinclair said...

You know, I think we need to get beyond all the negative back and forth. Let's stop saying things like "empty chair" and "empty suit." It isn't productive to accuse Obama of having an empty head. And I also don't think its nice to urinate in Liberalmann's coke when he isn't looking.

I think we can do better.

Anonymous said...

"I also don't think its nice to urinate in Liberalmann's coke when he isn't looking....

I agree...he might drown trying to snort it.

Z said...

Robert...I wish Liberalmann and other liberals here could defend their stances with intelligence and fairness but they don't; then that starts us conservatives answering in the same unkindness they's not fun, that's for sure.

Every time they've whined that people are mean to them here, I've had to point out that their very first comments on each thread are so demeaning and nasty that they shouldn't be surprised when they get it back.

Robert Sinclair said...

There was not an ounce of sincerity in my last comment, Z ...

I think the left are mentally ill; I don't make this claim lightly. But if you don't believe me, just go back and read anything these morons have written.

Z said...

Robert, I wasn't sure :-)
I was kind of surprised to read it...but, you know, I do think it's sad we can't discuss things with the libs without being called names like RACIST when it's THEIR GUY who's drawing the divides, don't you?

(and thanks :-)

Z said...

Off TOPIC: remember when I suggested that the Tom Cruise/Katy Holmes marriage was all Scientology's setup because HE needed a CHILD?

read above. Man, I think I know scientology too well..kind of scary, but based on what I've heard about them while I lived in Europe and an article I read here in the LA Times 25 years ago (which has disappeared from the records and whose promised sequels were killed before publication), they're pretty transparent, huh?

Sam Huntington said...

My good old Mom used to remind me that if I couldn’t say something nice about someone, then don’t say anything at all. With this in mind, here’s what I think of Mr. Obama’s presidency:

The end.

The Born Again American said...

Is it just me, or is there a marked absence from your web footed, duck billed friend... What's the matter Ducky, can't sit on a three legged empty chair? I put my old wheelchair out to show the piss poor healthcare this dipstick shoved down our throats...

Chuck said...

"Happy Labor Day everyone and let's remember the Progressive Democrats that gave us the weekend, 8-hour workday, paid vacations, sick days, unemployment comp, minimum wage, overtime pay, safety standards, retirement security, child labor laws, health benefits, etc and also remember the Conservative Republicans who vigorously fought against all those benefits. We'll remember them in November too."

Libidiot is a case study in the absolute vacuum of original ideas on the left as he wanders around the blogs cutting and pasting responses.

Liberalmann said...

On Labor Day, GOP Leadership Celebrates Management

"Today, we celebrate those who have taken a risk, worked hard, built a business and earned their own success." Eric Cantor.

Today the nation celebrates Labor Day, a holiday “dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.

Liberalmann said...

Chuck said..."Libidiot is a case study in the absolute vacuum of original ideas on the left as he wanders around the blogs cutting and pasting responses."

Another typical wingnut who lobs insults because he can't deny the facts.

Jack Whyte said...

Is it just me, or is Liberal puke a communist piece of sh*t?

Z said...

Sam...well said !'s not you

Anonymous said...


Just cop a phrase from Oprah!

Chuck said...

Libidiot, I repeat the charge. The comment above your "reply" to mine was also posted verbatim at AOW's. Your an unoriginal liberal hack.

As to Cantor's comment (that you are pasting all over the internet). You dumbass, he is celebrating people that are creating businesses on their own. Something libs cannot seem to understand.

You know, he's using Labor Day to actually salute people who work, not people who have made "social achievements" whatever in the Hell that is.

Z, I honestly don't know why you do not take out the trash.

viburnum said...


Kid said...

I Love this concept. Hopefully it will explode and become a national event where we can laugh at the imbecile obama each and every year as THE Worst president ever.

Kid said...

To the Beautiful and Talented Z, On the Form Letters.

obama sends form letters to fallen SEALs but pens an original to the rapper Heavy D's family

Says it all doesn't it?
Get these ghetto people with money out of here already.

Kid said...

PS - If you visit the blackfive post, be sure to read the comment about Bush from The Drill SGT.

Adding to that, Bush met with Many of the families of those fallen. SOmetimes in DC, and sometimes when he was near their place of residence.

has oblabber even done that Once !

You can bet your ass the media would be blabbering about it if he did.

Anonymous said...


My friend...I truly believe there is a total revolution in the wings against our sp called "CIC"....he is without one doubt...the most anti American, anti military, anti heros in our nations history.

He has achieved one thing that I thought damn near impossible...the degradation of our bravest into meaningless horse shit...unless it suits his.."I", "me" and "I" agenda.

With the Seal revelations coming out...with former officers telling all....with our bravest telling us that they don't trust, admire or see him as a CIC...should give us all pause.

Does this dipshit actually believe that Axelrod or Jarret would defend us? No...I think that when the sheit ever hits the fan...he'll demand that those he has mocked and ignored so much...should come to his aid and defense.

I pray that they stand firm...and tell this piss off.

The country and it's survival transcends Obama...or any one man.

Kid said...

Viburnum, Empty Chair pic. I'm stealing that one !

Z said...

Chuck, I need to go on MODERATION to 'take out the trash'...I don't mind doing that, but I'm too busy these days (am working full time).

Blogger doesn't allow.

Anyway, it's like watching Rachel Maddow, which I just did for 2 1/2 minutes.....unbelievable.
But BBC NEWS was even better! ! Black Americans portrayed to the world which gets BBC NEWS (and it's everywhere) as lovers of Obama because Republicans don't treat Blacks right... and they're attacking Obama because they are racists.

KID! Thanks for the compliments (???)...and thanks for that link.
If someone's a leftist, does this make them proud?

And yes, Bush made many trips to visit soldiers....and hosts that bike ride every year for soldiers who're missing a limb. Bush cared. He hated the war and he hated hearing about casualties...

Obama? Did you hear how the servicemen yesterday barely clapped? They were MARINES.

Z said...

Viburnum, Mustang just sent that to's TERRIFIC, isn't it?

Of course it's photo shopped, but ...?!!

I just posted a great photo Jan sent me...take a look, everybody, to the top post here.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Z and Imp,

Kid said...

@IMP, If I may also point out that clinton Also decimated the military. I’ve seen very believable former military people on Mil-Blogs testify that at one point you could not get 24 helicopters in the air at the same time across the entire inventory under clinton.

Broken, or just beyond maintenance regulations for flying, same difference.

I remember clinton going over on the D-Day anniversary and tossing a wreath on the beach though, something that obama hasn’t even done. Not that I’m trying to give any credit to clinton.

So, this is not just obama, but it is the democrat agenda for a couple decades now at least. I don’t know about jimmy carter and the military..

As you say with the revelations coming out, and in the osammi case, the SEAL author is now in violation of non-disclosure agreements and possibly OPSEC violations. That he would knowingly do that. I can’t imagine it was for the potential profit. We’ll have to see what the Pentagon does. Interesting that whatever they’d charge the SEAL with, obama himself and his blabber-staff are already guilty ! Won’t that look good in the history books.

Yea, the libs would be the first crybabies demanding protection if and when. “Please to walk in front sir when there’s trouble in the wind”.

Yea, Hell, the 18 year old girl working the french fry bin at McDonalds, working her way through college transcends obama !

I can understand libs supporting democrats because they are stupid. That they support such obvious lying stealing POS’s is sometimes mind-boggling.

Z said...

well, Kid, what a terrific indictment...and well deserved by the left, too.

Obama's, in comparison with every other president, has ignored so MANY things Americans find meaningful; except many leftwingers, I should add.

We have taught patriotism out of our kids and that's a VERY dangerous thing for a country. I will never believe that was an accident; never.
We won the Cold War and Russia sent over professors into our colleges and universities......the rot started.

BY the way, imagine how much better our towns with bases which CLinton closed would have been today had they remained open and base personnel were spending there? Lots of tax dollars were lost.

Kid said...

Z, I don't know you but you're obviously beautiful and talented.

Yea, the contrast between Bush and obama (the democrats) and the military is beyond description.

Z said...

Kid (OBVIOUSLY :-) Heck I'm not going to fight you :-)

Mr. Z used to say "I'm the president of Z's fan club" That's hard to lose, believe your nice words matter a lot.

Z said...


Yahoo Headlines tonight:


Sounds innocent enough, right? "STILL"? i.e. EVEN THOUGH HE IS A CONSERVATIVE?

or............?? Maybe I'm being overly sensitive?

Kid said...

Z, Sincere, there are more a couple kinds of beauty. You're at least a couple of them.

obama is a huge Clint Eastwood fan

I'm not sure how to take this, but I'm thinking the polls show Clint as hugely popular so he can't just diss him.

Nothing like seeing libtards twisting in the wind eh?

* Language *

Like King Cobra's trying to escape a Honey Badger *Language*

Marine4ever said...

On the 'Empty Suit' pic --
Aww, gee... they let all the hot air outta Obimbo.

Z said...

Kid..thanks. xx

That honeybadger video is quite something! I never heard of a honey badger; had you?

Re Eastwood; that's exactly right. Eastwood's an icon...Obama can't insult him. ANd NOBODY ON THE LEFT WANTS TO DISCUSS WHAT HE ACTUALLY SAID, of course! Too much truth there!
So, they're all calling him WEIRD....perfect word, right? Means you still like him, but he was ............weird!

Marine4ever..thanks for being here tonight.........good point about the hot air!

Leticia said...

Z, can you imagine how insulted those soldiers and their families must have felt? I would have burned the darn thing or mailed it back to him.

He truly is a despicable man.

Pris said...

Law and Order,
My condolences to you and your family.

Jarhead said...

"Can Obama Help"?

Can Pigs Fly?

Marine4ever said...

Law and Order --
My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

Anonymous said...


Marine4, when Law and Order is back on the blogs, I hope you two frequent eachothers' blogs because I think you have the same good character and love of country...or maybe you do already?

Glad to have you here at geeeeZ.

L&O : you are on my prayer list and it's a total honor

Liberalmann said...

Chuck said...

Libidiot, I repeat the charge. The comment above your "reply" to mine was also posted verbatim at AOW's. Your an unoriginal liberal hack.

As to Cantor's comment (that you are pasting all over the internet). You dumbass, he is celebrating people that are creating businesses on their own. Something libs cannot seem to understand.


What an unabashed lap dog you are to defend one of the provocateurs against labor and intentionally snubs them on LABOR DAY with this cynical comment.

And by the's "you're." 'Dumbass.'

Anonymous said...

Liberalmann....who is against labor?
you are so dumb it's scary.
that's ALMOST as dumb as "republicans hate blacks" though we are the ones with Condi Rice in such a high position and we have other excellent blacks in leadership.

Don't forget, even lefty Chuck Todd on TV was saying he had to admit the Democrats would do well to have minorities in high positions as the Republicans do.

Keep saying we have women (I AM a woman), we hate labor (WE ARE LABOR, trust me, I'm at work now and had my own business for 22 years and hired people), we ARE PRO LIFE and are SO PROUD that OUR convention didn't have single women making demands for $3000 for birth control when Republicans have figured out it's $9 a month...

Icould go on and on.

I'll leave you with this: You stinking lefties are saying REPUBLICANS WANT TO BAN ABORTION.

Find me where one bit of the platform says we want to BAN ALL ABORTIONS. thank you.

Oh: HINT: When people say we don't want to PAY for others' slovenly sexual behavior, it doesn't mean we'll deny them killing their children. Though we'd like to try to prevent it.

Chuck said...

Lib, I did not misspeak. I am one of the few left in this country in which English is my native language.

As to being a lapdog defending Ryan, you clearly did not understand his comment (or are intentionally being misleading on it).

He was saluting small business owners who create jobs. This is a good thing to do on Labor Day.

Not everyone believes that government is the source of all economic growth like you and Barack "you didn't build that" Obama.

Marine4ever said...

I love this site! I'm so glad I found it!