Monday, September 17, 2012

OBAMA: Cult of Personality

We found an interesting exchange at Western Hero last weekend.  Kurt always provides us with fascinating posts, and his readers always provide interesting points of view.  In one exchange, Sam Huntington proposed that Islam is more of a cult than a religion; I thought he laid out a good argument for his point of view.  It made me wonder whether a similar argument pertains to the presidency of Barack Obama.  We have all seen visuals of his “messiah” personae, but is it true?

A personality cult appears whenever an individual uses mass media propaganda to create idealized, quasi-heroic public personae arising from unquestioned flattery and praise.  Personality cults aim to make the leader and the state synonymous, so that it is nearly impossible to make a distinction between them. 

This is possible whenever the leader owns the press —either as a function of the state, or by cooperative arrangement with liberal media.  The media alone has the ability to make or break an American politician.  As an example, the manner in which the press transformed Mitt Romney into the main story, rather than extremist attacks on our Embassy or the ineptitude of Obama foreign policy, evidenced by the unraveling of the Middle East.

Of course, we don’t for one moment think of this unraveling as a spontaneous event; it has been in the works since Obama gave his “New Beginnings” speech in Cairo in June 2009.    

Nevertheless, the cult of personality stands in direct contravention to the cult of individuality; we see this expressed in the writings of Karl Marx, Nikita Khrushchev, and in the behavior of Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Mao Zedong, and now, Barack Obama.  We began to notice this trend at the very beginning, as liberal teachers taught their first and second grade students how to chant adorations for Obama.  This trend continued as Barack Obama appeared at the Democratic convention in 2008 as a nearly Julius Caesar apparition standing among Roman columns.

Laughingly, Barack Obama recently appeared in front of network television cameras telling interviewers that he is seriously in danger of losing the 2012 election This is how people behave whenever they own the state and ministry of propaganda: they portray themselves as an underdog because doing this will earn for them one percentage point at the voting precinct.  We find this laughable because the only way Obama could lose this upcoming election is if the press suddenly disappeared from the planet tonight as the clock strikes twelve.

While the Middle East erupts in massive anti-American demonstrations, the Obama Administration contends that none of this has anything to do with Obama, or his administration.  This is a classic response of one engaged in the cult of personality.  No matter what happens, no matter how severe or dire the circumstances, we can always explain it away as someone else’s fault.  It goes far beyond “stuck on stupid.”  It is seriously psychotic.

We believe Barack Obama has based most of his Middle Eastern policy on what he thinks is his own unique ability to reach out to Muslims.  Why he thinks he can relate to these people, beyond his middle name, is mystifying —although, we suppose it is possible there could be a religious connection.  Well, in June 2009, he did tell the Muslim world that he could identify with their anger and frustrations. 

We think a clear majority of Americans have bought into this Obama Cult.  We think this will stand Mr. Obama in good stead in the November elections.  But apparently, the Middle Eastern people have not swallowed this bait—they are burning Mr. Obama in effigy.  It is enough to give us a renewed respect of Islamic peoples, but not so much for the folks here at home, Obama OR his cult followers.

-Mustang Sends.....with a tiny bit of input from Z



viburnum said...

"This is a classic response of one engaged in the cult of personality. ... It goes far beyond “stuck on stupid.” It is seriously psychotic."

I think you're on to something here. In keeping with that diagnosis we should alter the spelling to "psychophants".

Rita said...

I want that T-shirt.

Silverfiddle said...

Thank you for the kind mention!

While I continue to say it is not my business to classify or judge the religion of others, including Islam, I agree 100% that Obama mania is a cult of personality with all the trappings, including starry-eyed throngs who are beyond rational thought and critical analysis, and a pliant press willingly converting themselves into a Ministry of Propaganda in service of the master.

Always On Watch said...

Have you ever seen the film A Face in the Crowd? If not, contact Netflix.

Always On Watch said...

We think a clear majority of Americans have bought into this Obama Cult.

So many of those below the age of 60 are particularly susceptible to voting along cult lines.

Anonymous said...

Had Bush done this the progressive SOB's would have their petitions out all over the Internet a long time ago.

On a brighter note; my wife and I made had the pleasure of having Chick-fil-A for dinner..

JonBerg said...

"It is enough to give us a renewed respect of Islamic peoples"

As rhetorical as this statement sounds there is some irony here. Specifically, I refer to the the US Consulate in Benghazi incident. UN Ambassador, Susan Rice (with no 'line authority' in this case) attempts to obfuscate the truth while the Libya President, Mohamed Yousef El-Magariaf, clearly points out that this attack was planned. Rice maintains that the attack was, somehow, [random] in nature and it is alleged that warnings of the impending attack were not "actionable". Obviously this whole thing stinks and shouldn't be allowed to die!

Z said...

Even Kirstin Powers is condemning the White House for blaming the uprisings on the film and not 9/11, and extremist, whacked islamists who don't understand or respect free speech.

JonBerg's right; it's a pleasure to see an honest politician in that region who had the guts to stand up against the extremists (and our own diplomat's lies) and tell the truth.

Darth, I've never tasted Chick Fil it good?
and yes, imagine the media if Bush had reacted to Libya and Egypt like Obama is? Here's the headline "BUSH CAN'T PUT THE DATE AND THE UPRISINGS TOGETHER AND GET 9/11?"

Right Truth said...

White House 'insiders' say he thinks he is the best, at everything, knows everything, doesn't need advisers, or briefings, but when it comes to actually making a decisive decision, he is impotent. Also say that the only thing he seems really interested in is video of his drone strikes. The 'insider' says it almost like a porn addiction, he wants his own copy of the drone strike DVD, he takes them to his private quarters an watches them over and over and over.


Right Truth

Z said...

viburnum...very good spelling there! good point.

Silverfiddle, we can't judge or classify other religions but we can sure judge and classify their reactions to us when they include murder, right!? :-)
And, yes, as I read the news of the last few days, it's VERY clear to me that Romney doesn't have a GHOST of a chance if things remain as they are between now and the election. The Ministry of Propaganda here puts those of past dictators around the world to shame.

I have literally turned TV off so many times since I got home from a weekend away from internet and TV because of the way they're treating Obama and Romney...there is NO CHANCE for Romney and I'm stunned that the election is even close (tho it isn't when one considers the Electoral College numbers).

I kept hoping the debates would be a Romney boost when he used common sense against Obama's misinformation campaign but I sense now that it's going to be more a personality contest.
I believe Obama will "out cool" Romney as only Obama can do...teasing him in seemingly good-natured, intelligent ways...shining that smile, acting as if Romney's the stodgy nothing Obama believes he is.

That will reflect so baldy on Romney, as he doesn't have the kind of meanness Obama has or the kind of innate humor by which to fight back, that i'll be OVER. Romney takes this all as seriously as it should be taken; Obama's too cool for that and is having too much fun with the cult throngs adoring him. Romney's not that type.

I hope I'm wrong but I'm seeing there are too many Americans who actually buy Obama's CRAP the point of Clinton's new ad showing Obama looking like FDR with the WPA and CCC...that he's going to fix things in the next four years.
WE know Clinton's WAAAAY to smart not to ask himself "If he can do that in the next four years, where the HECK was he the last four?" but he's so ideological and so badly wants something Obama's victory will GIVE HIM, that he's willing to lie to us.

not very optimistic here at geeeZ today. not one bit.

Too many Americans believe a man who has no reason to love America's doing a good job.

ANybody see Mark Cuban on Piers Morgan recently? Ya, he said he doesn't come out for one candidate or the other ("Wow, I think I"ll listen and see what he says, he sounds pretty open minded" say I and the rest of the audience!) but he then proceeds to say that HE doesn't mind paying higher taxes and that Obama's done a ripping job!!

Think Axelrod wasn't behind THAT?


Z said...

Debbie, that is troubling information!

Do you agree with my take on the media and how the debates will turn out? (I hope you don't!)

Anonymous said...

Certainly within the black community and the far Left-wing, the have a cult like enamoration with Obama.

Anonymous said...

As we see and hear on the TV this morning El Presidente Obama left to campaign in Ohio this morning. It seems as if it didn’t make any difference at all that the Libyan President Mohammed El-Megarif told the liberal National Public Radio network, that the killing of our Ambassador and the 3 members of his staff was a military-style attack. He clearly said. That the attack was due to a poorly guarded group of diplomats, And shredded the claim that it was a spontaneous protest against the anti-Islam video. The claim by some including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that this was a “criminal and cowardly act by a group of spontaneous protesters, that just spun out of control” is completely unfounded and preposterous..
Why isn't our president talking to the nation? And why don't the national media seem to care? Is Obama the President of the United States, or President of the Muslim brotherhood? And his stooge Susan Rice told that lie over and over again and again, about this stupid video being the cause of the violence against our Embassies and that the uprising was a spontaneous act.
More proof why we must dump this lying incompetent idiot in November.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The movie was an excuse to take the heat off of the obama administration. You could have seen that by the look on Hilliary's face when she spoke to the press, it was obvious that she lied or should I say "Miss-Spoke" again..

Sam Huntington said...

I think it is my business to classify or judge the religion of others when that religion affects my life or threatens it, along with those of my loved ones, affects my country's foreign policy, when it is the beneficiary of the American taxpayer. One must learn about foreign culture, which includes religion, if they hope to understand it. So I maintain my stance on this particular issue, but as I said yesterday ... what I think shouldn't matter to anyone, including members of the Islamic faith.

Meanwhile, your concluding paragraph is brilliant: the American people don't understand President Obama, but the Muslims living in Egypt and Libya understand him perfectly. What an amazing revelation.

Anonymous said...


"he wants his own copy of the drone strike DVD, he takes them to his private quarters an watches them over and over and over."

Sick's his form of Viagra maybe?

On the other appears he sleeps alone? Can I blame him?

Z said...

EVERYTHING we hear lately is done to protect this president.

The RNC Convention reduced to one Clint Eastwood 10 minute talk....and the leftwing media knew they couldn't attack a hero like him too hard so "Weird" was their very safe Axelrod-led term. Perfection. They are VERY cunning.

ROmney then got blamed for speaking too soon (I blame him still, also, no matter that what he said was also perfection, because I Knew this would happen)...and Obama got a pass as the media hung the problem more on Romney than the fact that we lost 4 Americans in Libya.

They are still in overdrive protecting Obama as even Kristen Powers, and other (thinking, so there aren't too many) liberals, are saying "Oh, come ON, this isn't about the MOVIE, this is about 9/11.." and more.

Again, Obama's responsibilities for having protected ALL our embassies better at least ON 9/11 are covered over by the dirt of leftwing cover-ups...

He hid behind blaming Bush for 3 1/2 years and now he's hiding behind blaming Romney.
What a campaign plan!

I don't know WHY Obama's still campaigning and that Romney's knocking himself out,too...why?

We've got a guy who thinks the politics of Van Jones, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Cass Sunstein and ALinsky are excellent! And people don't even KONW THAT so they'll vote for him!

Meanwhile, they have another candidate who hasn't done an unAmerican thing in his whole life and they look at him and his running mate as if they're the bad guys!? WHAT?

When this president gives better security coverage to Valerie Jarrett on vacation than we give ambassadors, we have problems.

But the HUGE problem is a stinking media which won't TELL VOTERS.

(can you tell I'm REALLY ticked off today and see NO chance for Romney to win? NONE?)

Please read my comment above......if you want to get even MORE depressed by Z :-)

Can you just SEE the debates?

Obama..relaxed, SMILING, shooting off lies as stats and cajoling and teasing ROmney?
And ROmney standing there trying to think of the truth so he can combat it, getting more and more dour looking as he's up there thinking "Oh, my GOD, that's not true! How can you debate stunning lies? Now what do I DO?"

In the 8th grade, I was asked to present the case for ALexander the Great...that he was GREAT.
Charlie Nimowitz, also of Hazeltine Avenue Elementary school (!), was to prove Alexander wasn't GREAT.

I got up there with information I'd found in the World Book Encyclopedia about the great things ALexander had done, etc etc..

Charlie then took over with some of my girlfriends with babushkas over their hair, carrying dolls, crying about how he'd beat them and starved their children.

ANd I'm thinking "Wait! How do they know THAT? THat's not in the encyclopedia!"

I lost.

SO will Romney. And he'll be thinking exactly as I did when I saw my argument collapse in front of me, though I was so well prepared...collapsing because Charlie made stuff up and practically made the audience cry with the horrors of ALexander.

The GREAT? :-)

Always On Watch said...

My Conservative Thoughts,
The movie was an excuse to take the heat off of the obama administration.

I'm sad to say that I believe that the majority of Americans are buying into the obfuscation. **sigh**

Always On Watch said...

we can sure judge and classify their reactions to us when they include murder, right!?


The same people who excoriate Westboro Baptist nutjobs will not excoriate Muslims who kill our people.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's time for us to do a little soul-searching ourselves and not just blame it on "others". Just saying.

Always On Watch said...

In today's WaPo in the small section "Right Turn":

...There are at least five things the campaign is doing or not doing that dull and dampen its message and drive conservatives nuts.

The five things:

Poor surrogates: Where are the best voices, and why are they not day in and day out coordinating on a single message?...

Too much delay: The campaign takes too long to put Romney in a position to expound on major issues and key developments that are harmful to the president. I’m not talking about a two-line statement or a couple of campaign stump lines. Romney needs promptly to deliver significant speeches or pound through media appearances on troublesome domestic and international developments....


It takes way too long to come out in the light of day, and when it does, it’s not worth the wait. It should take a day or two, not a week or two, to figure out what to say.

A five-point plan doesn’t explain itself, even with bullet points under each item. Ryan seems to understand the basics....

Not enough leadership talk: Bob Woodward’s book paints a portrait of a president unable to work with others, who let dogged left-wing partisans run the White House and whose arrogance repeatedly got in the way of effective governance. In the embassy crisis we’ve seen plenty of mourning but very little vibrant defense of America from the president. He thinks that Muslims are bruised because of a film. He does not recognize that America is being attacked. No wonder Romney and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had to speak up. Someone had to. If Romney can’t convey that Obama is a passive bystander to our economy deterioration and international decline, he’s not going to win the election....

Not enough context: Obama, aided by the media, has largely convinced voters that voting against Obama is tantamount to going back to the bad old days of George W. Bush. He’s managed to make the election between Bill Clinton and George W Bush....

Pris said...

If I wanted to read about our own side campaigning and supporting Romney, I wouldn't read most of these comments.

I've said this before, it's not enough to sit by, watch, and comment so negatively about the candidate we want to win, and give up.

The other side wants this reaction by conservatives, to be exactly what I'm hearing here. They want us to be dispirited.

All this does, is bolster the other side, and it doesn't accomplish a thing for our candidate.

Well, I won't concede this election to Obama. I'll continue to donate, keep the Romney/Ryan sticker on my car, and talk up our candidates to anyone who will listen.

So, you all can be angry with me if you want, I'll not go along with the talk of losers.

Romney was not wrong in what he said, he was right, and said what a CIC should have said. Isn't that what he's running for?

Now, if some of you want him to lie low, he may as well not have run. However he is running, regardless of the media and regardless of our child President.

So, here's my advice, please think like a winner. If you can't, keep it yourself.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Frogburger was almost crying when she heard Obamabots scream "We love you."

But that's the left for you. There's a reason why the elite left is dictatorial: because the crowd loves to be led by some egomaniacal figure. Conservatives, especially Libertarian ones, cannot stand it.

I can't fathom saying "I love you" to a politician. I say that to my wife and my family or very very good friends.

Z said...

Pris! WOW! I'm the only one who is the realist around here and commented on Romney, so I guess that's aimed at me?

Well, I can't blame you...

You're a little unfair because i would NEVER EVER write my truth anywhere but here. I can't STAND the fact that FOX has Republicans all over the place today holding Romney to task over every little thing, saying the campaign is in 'disarray', etc etc.. meanwhile, Obama has videos asking for AFRICAN AMERICAN voters and the media's not on THAT?
I'll bet they would be if Romney asked for WHITE VOTERS, huh?

This sudden Republicans-bashing-Romney must soon stop and I honestly wonder what's behind it...I pray I'm wrong. They're giving the Left ammo, as if they need it..

But, for me at my blog? I'm simply calling it as I see it. Hoping I'm wrong. Even more than you do, believe it or not! :-)

I think most of us know I'm right about the debates...I hadn't felt this way until recently, but Obama's pulling out ALL the stops. Americans want CHARMING. They're not getting it from Romney.

And, like it or not, we need MORE AMERICANS TO VOTE FOR ROMNEY whether WE like their reasoning for voting for him or not.

Z said...

By the way, I'm sure you'll get a LOT of support on your comment here and I hope you do.

I don't like feeling like this, believe me..

That new ad for Obama by CLinton is absolutely mesmerizing to the many people who still like Clinton....VERY powerful stuff.

Axelrod's at work and we can't discount his cunning and deceitful expertise...He's AMAZES me.
ANd they said ROVE was a "powerful architect"? NOt even CLOSE to Axelrod's acumen, sadly.

Anonymous said...

The problem — and there is one — in the Mitt Romney camp is not the lack of policies or the wrong policies. In fact the campaign has accumulated sensible conservative policies on everything from Medicare reform to energy development to Israel. But policy in a presidential campaign can’t be an end in itself. There is no prize for best white papers and most eloquent e-mail releases. If a campaign is too cautious, too afraid of a misstep, too anxious to retreat when the mainstream media howl, too slow to utilize the stories of the day and too intent on trimming its sails, the campaign will not succeed.

The frustration in the conservative movement is not with Romney’s positions nor even with Romney himself, who has earned the admiration of the base both because of his exemplary personal character and because of his nerviness in selecting as his running mate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.).

When a big event occurs (e.g., a credit downgrade, more than 20 embassies under siege) the campaign will churn out an e-mail. Maybe a speech but in a few weeks. This is not the optimal way to run a presidential campaign in a 24/7 new media environment.

From the WoPo article AOW cited above. I do not think anything is wrong with it. It is very sensible advice. Nowhere does it say that we ought to give up.

Z said...

Anonymous, I agree.
And I don't think we should give up, either, but my frustration with the way the Romney campaign's dealing with things is mounting.

And, MUCH more than even that, is the way the media's covering for Obama! AND keeping news from us.

Oddly enough, I literally just got the following email before I read your comment:

"....It feels as if there is a huge propaganda machine and there is no way to break into it. It occurred to me this week...our press is so very slanted, how we will ever hear any real world news. When and if very important things happen internationally...which they will our nation really know what it happening. There is no television way to get the facts...or maybe even in the social media. Because my email is with yahoo...I go to their web site periodically to erase the spam. And so, I read the yahoo news. It is scary. Very little about international...lots of 13 year old to make your man like you international gossip and intrigue. Empty nothing to waste on brainpower. It is as if this force doesn't want the nation to know anything of significance...certainly not serious truths."

The media's winning this for Obama; how can ANY president with such a high unemployment rate, and who's gone into such VERY serious debt to China and others, who's mocked Israel so badly, whose family has gone on so many expensive trips, who plays as much golf, who mocks Christianity...etc etc etc..not lose?......we could all make a HUGE list regarding Obama's shortcomings...........but I"ll stop at that..

YET ROMNEY ISN"T THAT FAR BEHIND IN THE POLLS!! I have to admit, that's surprising and EXCELLENT but he should be WAY up higher in light of Obama's actions.

If it weren't for a media covering for Obama, he'd be suffering 20% deficits in the polls!
I mean, this black man even has a video asking for AFRICAN AMERICAN VOTERS! Imagine if Romney asked for WHITE VOTERS? How racist CAN one get? MY GOD!

ANyway, my friend's email shows so much; she's right, too...our media doesn't cover such important things and does talk about clothes and celebs and who's dating who in their headlines!!


ROmney is SUCH a better man than Obama...Romney is AN AMERICAN with great patriotic background. Obama has NOTHING of patriotism...his family and mentors were ALL COMMUNISTS and rACE BAITERS...and we're to believe he's for US?

what a damned joke.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. It is called a campaign for a reason after all.

Z said...

But, you know, Anonymous..a campaign used to be even, fair...we heard EVERYTHING.

Now we hear nothing but slamming Romney to protect Obama, like in the cases I describe above about the Eastwood shtick (we heard little about the success of the RNC but lots about that)...and in the case of ROmney speaking out about Egypt and Libya and now we hear HIM blamed as if HE killed Stevens.
We're learning now that there really was VERY little if any security at the Libyan embassy.

here's a very sad article which gave me some hope for Libya, :

christian soldier said...

There are some -even at FOX-(billy o’reilly comes to mind) who honestly believe that b hussein o-really cares about this Republic-
NO- and neither do his friends-soros-ayers-et al—nor his childhood mentors-(see 2016-they are revealed )

so-why do some in the conservative realm still HOPE that something will be done—about the muslim terrorists who attack us in the US (embassies and consulates are legally US soil)


The Debonair Dudes World said...

Late Breaking News!

Pakistanis Try to Storm U.S. Outpost; One Is Killed Sunday evening

Scotty said...

This sudden Republicans-bashing-Romney must soon stop and I honestly wonder what's behind it...I pray I'm wrong. They're giving the Left ammo, as if they need it..

The same thing happen during President Reagan's run for office.

JonBerg said...


Moreover, I'm with you. The way I see it is less the fault of Romney and more the result of: a miss guided, ill informed, adulating population of those being polled. This is not to say, however, that Romney can't or won't do a better job of educating those dolts! Sadly, this society has generated a whole bunch of irrational and unrealistic people who are permitted to vote!

Pris said...

"Pris! WOW! I'm the only one who is the realist around here and commented on Romney, so I guess that's aimed at me?"

No Z, it's not only aimed at you. It's the general feeling I got as I read the post and some of the comments.

I understand what you were saying, I just know this is what the other side wants to hear, and as I see it, that's their goal.

I also wonder how many folks come here and read but don't comment.

I feel I have to be honest and speak my mind, and don't aim to insult anyone, especially you.

Always On Watch said...

THIS popped into my email inbox this afternoon. Talk about a downer!

I do agree with you that the Right is often its own worst enemy much of the time. As Z pointed out, FNC is actually promoting a loser mentality.

Nothing that anyone says will stop Mr. AOW and me from getting to the polls on Election Day and voting AGAINST Obama. In my view, the only way to oust Obama is to vote for Romney-Ryan.

Jack Whyte said...

I see nothing about Romney in this post, so I don’t understand that criticism. I only see one comment by Z which appears to illustrate some frustration with the state-run media. This is my view: Z is correct to bring this to our attention and it has nothing whatever to do with “defeatism.” But here … let me do it. If Romney wants to win this election, he needs to take his head out of his ass and attack Obama. I’m tired of hearing the same idiotic speech day after day. I don’t want to hear the Romney Five Point Plan. I want to know the details—or at least enough of the details so that moderate voters are convinced that Romney is the only choice for 2012. I haven’t heard that yet. This isn’t Z’s fault. It is Romney’s fault.

Elmers Brother said...

I'm with Pris. The problem is the media not Romney. I'm feeling quite positive actually.

Z said...

AOW, that IS depressing, REALLY depressing. Here Romney picks the ONE GUY who could win this with/for him and he's muzzling him?

I SERIOUSLY and HONESTLY wondered "Where the heck's Ryan?" the last couple of weeks and now this.

ROmney CANNOT win this way and I can't apologize for calling it AS I SEE IT...Others see it differently, fine.

Jack: "enough of the details so that moderate voters are convinced that Romney is the only choice for 2012"

absolutely ...I agree with you. He has 50 days now to sell his plan. You say it very wisely and succinctly.

The ONE THING the Republicans have done reasonably well (finally) is show the media for what it is; biased, uninformative, etc. So, now we have to USE THAT against them..The R's need to be very wary of the media but also start talking OVER the media , all the while hoping their message is getting heard. After all, no media = no message getting out.

But for FNC to start highlighting Republicans who disagree with ROmney is CRAZY.

Pris, FNC gets millions more than I do, as you know!
I only get an avg of 225 hits a day and 50 of them comment, so I won't be keeping to myself my own opinions from my blog for fear that I"m going to cause someone not to vote for Romney!
Maybe this FNC thing is the RNC people just trying to kick Romney in the butt to get him to TALK CLEARLY AND DETAILED...Maybe they're picking on him because he's NOWHERE right now...NOWHERE.

He needed Ryan to be what Romney can't be because it's not in his nature to be forceful and exciting as Ryan can be; he picked Ryan and now experts are saying Ryan's being muzzled?

WHAT THE HECK!????????????

I don't feel insulted but I also won't keep my opinions from my blog...I'm 100% behind Romney and 100000000000000000000% against Obama. Nobody reading this blog would ever get the opposite feeling.

Z said...

An excellent video Liberalboy posted on a post about four down from this one. I guess he thinks it reflects badly on Romney...actually, it's the Romney we need to hear a lot of..
Excellent points.

Now if he could just stay on track.

Anonymous said...

Weekly Standard:

"Conservatives are growing frustrated with the Romney campaign, and for good reason. It needs to settle down and provide a clear message how Romney will be a successful president. It does not need to mail out a white paper to every swing voter in metro Columbus, but it does need to provide enough details to give them the impression that Romney has a plan.

Amazingly, Team Romney seemed to have been caught flat-footed last week. We all could have predicted that the mainstream media would transform a middling bounce into a decisive edge for President Obama. And we can rest assured there will be more to come.

Long gone are the days of straight journalists calling the balls and strikes fairly. And make no mistake: This is not merely a liberal bias we are dealing with, but a Democratic party bias. There is now a revolving door between the leftwing blogosphere, the broader Democratic establishment, and the mainstream media – and the phony narrative of a runaway Obama lead is just one result of that insidious alliance.

The good news is that this race will be decided on the fundamentals. Also, the GOP has enough money to communicate directly with the electorate, independent of the spin from the former Obama campaign consultants, and liberal reporters who dominate the mainstream media. Team Romney needs to settle on a plan of attack and take the battle directly to the president on the issues that voters care about – the economy, gas prices, the deficit, and Obamacare."

Z said...

Imp...thanks..truly good stuff there.."Team Romney needs to settle on a plan of attack and take the battle directly to the president on the issues that voters care about – the economy, gas prices, the deficit, and Obamacare.""

Please, God...get them on track and please let Paul Ryan remain UNmuzzled.

Anonymous said...

One more thing Romney needs to address...forcefully....current and our immediate safety as a Republic.

"Diplomats are for resolving disputes among friends. War is for stopping scumbags from destroying civilizations.

Nukes are for making them stop anything they are planning and force them into survival mode. Ask the Japanese.
If Julius Caesar, a softy (actually) had the choice of chopping off all the right hands of the Gauls (which he eventually did, against his own feelings) and nuking say, Lyon, I think he’da nuked Lyon.

But he was a MAN! A smart man. A great man.

Once one has proven that reason and kindness have no effect, the greatest brutality must be brought to bear. Pompey stopped the pirates of the Mediterranean for a thousand years, but it wasn’t pretty.

Even Roman Senators were shocked by his methods.

How does one deal with a brutal culture with nothing to lose?

Turn Mecca and Medina to glass.

We cannot sit idly bu and wait for Iran or some other Mad Mullah to get nukes...they will use them.

If you agree that 911 was savage using civilian airliners as ICBM' know that the savages will use nukes....once they get them. Does Obama make you feel safe? Do you think he'd retaliate forcefully?

Look at this coward now....while our diplomats are killed...our troops killed by our "allies"....

Mustang said...


Spend a few moments watching this video at AOW's post for today. Spencer is 100% correct. And who is the Enabler in Chief for kissing Moslem ass? Barack Hussein Obama.

Yep, the man who THINKS he has all the answers. In truth, he has none. How did he ever get elected?

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...


I once told Z that i regretted I was too old to re-enlist...what say you?

I know some places that damn sure need a good damn bombing run.

Anonymous said...


" How did he ever get elected?"

Gullible, ignorant, easily overwhelmed by bullshit and poetic rhetoric...sloganeering, lies, false promises ( Obama he goona pay my my gas...), pure racism, ( even Bubba was pissed by the race card ) white guilt, bribery ( Hey's $5 bucks from Obama...wanna vote? ), fear of the racism label...silly kids looking for a cleaner more just the whale the snail this spider..this lizard...this terrorists...and dirty smelly left over hippies that have given birth to...smelly, dirty baby hippies.

There's lies the core of the Demrat "party".

Anonymous said...

"Spencer is 100% correct."

Like the man said....suicidal. If we are to survive...there must be push back. And I'd start with ( if I was the CIC ) exporting and deporting every Imamn...and Muslim in America. Tough sheet to all the enablers....I'd close the mosques....and I'd deny any further entry of these alien terrorists into the country.

We don't have a lot of time left.

Anonymous said...

Romney needs to hit some sensitive buttons....

Hey Barry's that religion of "peace" shit working out after 4 years of ass kissing, apologizing?

How's that interview on Al Jizzera working out? How'd that bending over and kissing the Saudi ring working out?

I'll tell you how....he laughed his goat fed ass off...and now we have DOUBLE gas prices.

Barry...sad...but Jimmy Carter looks like a GD genius compared to you....and I wish you'd only have a blue dress with a stain on it....rather than surrendering and capitulating to Islamist or there.

JonBerg said...

Hey Pris,

Are you single? I'm not. OK not the proper venue for such but I always love your comments!!!!!!

JonBerg said...


I'm single but for the most part I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your take on things! I love your dog!


Mustang said...

... said the sailor as he sidled up to the bar.

Z said...

Imp...Netanyahu was SO right the other day when he said Obama's telling him to WAIT. "Wait for WHAT? For Tel Aviv to be a smoking pile?" I paraphrase, but he's right.

And will WE wait till we lose Cleveland?

Jon, Pris is a good thinker but I'm not sure you'll get her on the back of that bike! But, maybe..!

I think everyone agrees Romney isn't running the best campaign right now. By a long shot. Is it his fault? A little...
Where the HECK is Ryan, the best tool Romney has??
but mostly it's the media tripping him up and Axelrod; man, that guy is CUNNING.

JonBerg said...


OK Devil Dog, you think that you got me on that one. But I do appreciate what she has to say and respect her grasp of things important to us all. I doubt that this would happen at the "bar" from whence you speak. Bar....................I've never been in one! Every time we "hit the beach" it was to the more scrupulous places. Pris, don't listen to this guy!

Z said...

you've never been in ANY bar?

JonBerg said...


That's not a serious question is it? We saliors, perhaps, looked in one a time or two but,OMG wouldn't have gone in! I have no idea what Mustang is talking about.

Pris said...

Hey Jon,
Uhhh...I'm single, but a widow. Thanks for the compliment, it brightened my day!

Our dog has passed away too. Mr. Pris and I loved him so, I thought it would be nice to show him off.

Now now Mustang, I'm not the type to sidle up to a bar and never was, and sorry to say Z, I'm past the point to sit on the back of a bike! HaHa!

Z said...

Pris, my good friend Judy rode on the back of her husband's Harley all the way from LA to ALASKA! 30 days on a bike!? YIKES!!!

Jon..Pris is a very recent widow...a wonderful wife married to a wonderful husband.

and now you're definitely pulling my leg about the bars, right, JB??

Elmers Brother said...

Pris is a looker too....I know, I met her.

JonBerg said...


I'm truly sorry to hear of what you just told me. I guess that I should have had more information before I started spouting off. My comment, however, was meant to be complementry and nothing else. I always enjoy and agree with everything that Pris has to say and, I guess, I got a bit carried away. Please accept my apologies for any misgivings and Pris , especially to you!

Z said...

Jon, I"m a fairly recent widow, too...and compliments are somehow even nicer when you miss the guy who gave them to you all the time! I'm sorry if I made you feel badly; it just is what it is. Sadly.

Elbro, Pris is a looker, you're right!

JonBerg said...

Z & Pris,

Thanks, always for being YOU!

Pris said...

No apology necessary!

Thank you.

Pris said...

No apology necessary!

Thank you.

Always On Watch said...

I just stumbled across THIS -- possibly of interest.