Monday, September 24, 2012

Wag the Dog, Part Deux

Wag the Dog is a Barry Levinson film starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro wherein a Washington spin-doctor concocts a fake war in Albania as a means of distracting voters away from a sex scandal. To do this, he hires a Hollywood producer, a country music singer, a fad king, and a costume designer who assists him creating a fictional Special Forces unit to fight the war’s supposed battles. It is black humor —much like the administration of Barack Hussein Obama. We laugh only to avoid crying about what has happened to our once great America.

There is nothing about Hillary Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama worthy of emulation. Imagine the impudence of appearing on camera "outraged" over the deaths of a US Ambassador and three others, knowing full well that it was the State Department that hired the Muslim Brotherhood to provide protection to the consulate in Benghazi [source].

We cannot be too shocked, though; not when the Obama administration lied to the American people from the outset of this event regarding the motivation for the attack; when Obama and his henchmen denied for several days that it was anything but spontaneous; when the administration made up stories about how the Libyans aided Ambassador Stevens until he succumbed to smoke inhalation when all along it was known he was targeted by his own internal security.

We cannot tell you how Stevens died; that information is pending an autopsy, which in Chicago takes about five minutes, but in diplomatic circles, should take six or seven weeks; at least until after November 6th.

We do not anticipate this administration will release this information, however. It's all part of an ongoing investigation, you know. We suspect someone from the inner sanctum will approach the Stevens family and tell them, “Let’s keep this quiet for the sake of national security, eh?”



Joe said...

This whole incident stinks higher than high heaven.

Ambassador Stevens was on to something that either angered the White House or his surrounding community and that is what sparked the "riots".

The fake film thing is a ruse.

We will never be told the truth about what really happened, and MSM will not pursue it.

Anonymous said...

Very Good Joe, I could NOT have said it as we'll as you have.
Thank you

Silverfiddle said...

The administration's story is collapsing like the rotten house of cards that it is, yet the press continues to ignore it, CNN being the exception.

Had this happened during the Bush administration, the press would be screaming and climbing all over it like a pack of diseased apes.

Thersites said...

The power of the archetypical tyrant is to make some things "visible" and other things "invisible". The "press" (4th estate) is the "medium" through which this tyrannical "power" is exercised...

“Candaules [the King of Lydia] fell in love with his own wife, so much that he supposed her to be by far the fairest woman in the world; and being thus persuaded of this, he raved of her beauty (eidos) to Gyges". In this version of the story, Gyges is a noble at King Candaules’s court. Candaules is so proud of her beauty that he becomes convinced that someone other than himself must witness it – Gyges. He accuses Gyges of not believing him, and thus orders Gyges to spy on the queen, his wife, when she is dressing. Gyges doesn’t want to, for to spy on the naked queen would mean, in his opinion, taking property from the King – for the queen’s eidos – her figure, is the King’s property in the same way that the King’s figure on a coin marks the coin as the King’s property. Of course, in the latter case, the property is alienated and circulates – but at no point in the circulation does the coin change its stamp.

Gyges, in the event, is hidden by the King in the Queen’s chamber, and spies upon her nakedness. However, as Gyges does this and contrives to slip out of the chamber, unbeknownst to him, the Queen spots him. The next day she calls Gyges into her presence and gives him a choice. Either she will have him killed for spying on her, or he will kill the King and rule with her over Lydia. In one way or another, she will have her honor – her aidos – avenged.

The invisibility in this story is all a matter of human invention. It is the invisibility of the person who is hidden. The story is neatly sewn together as the invisible and the visible positions change places. That the Queen’s beauty is invisible to any male gaze except the King’s (we discount, in this story, the Queen’s serving women) is the motive that sets the intrigue in motion, for her beauty is, in a sense, both undervisible and overvisible – it exists as a second visibility. The King’s love is constrained by the fact that this second visibility cannot circulate. Gyges, as the voyeur, is indeed put into a position where he, invisibly, takes possession of that second visibility – but immediately, his position is reversed by the fact that, unbeknownst to him, he is seen by the Queen when he leaves his spot. The voyeur is, in turn, spied upon. A trope we find, incidentally, in Sartre's Being and Nothingness. And finally, of course, the two come together in a plot to overthrow the King. Here, they become conspirators in a secret – a relative of the invisible and the hidden.

“That the queen could see Gyges in the bedroom indicates that she possessed not only a power to make things invisible but also a corresponding power (as invisible spy) to make visible to herself things that were invisible to other people. Ptolemaeus Chennus writes that the eyes of "the wife of [Clandaules. . . had double pupils, and she was extremely sharp sighted, being the possessor of the dragon-stone. This is how she came to see Gyges as he passed through the door.” The dragonstone has an opposite effect from the magic ring. In one case the talisman makes people invisible; in the other case, it makes people visible: taken together, their power makes things visible or invisible. This is the power of Platonic Gyges. It is also the power of the archetypal tyrant.”

Anonymous said...

"We cannot be too shocked, though; not when the Obama administration lied to the American people from the outset of this event regarding the motivation for the attack..."

I don't know. I keep vascillating between thinking that Obama is a brilliant Marxist strategist to thinking he is a complete idiot with an ideology. In the later case, he wouldn't be lying.

JonBerg said...

Just out of curiosity, I would like to see a "man on the street" random interview, by say Stossel or Hannity, to see how many, some of whom may vote, are cognizant of this situation. I'm willing to bet that not only would it be found that a preponderance of the interviewees wouldn't be able to differentiate between the questions of "premeditation" and "spontaneity" but that many would be completely oblivious to the entire situation. Further, many wouldn't even care!

Aries said...

Personally I think it's about time we voted for a President with breasts. After all, we already put a Boob in the White House in the last election.
The truth is I do not like the Obama’s either of them, or should I say I despise the Obama’s because of what they represent, I despise the Obama’s because of their ideology, and I certainly do not like his policies and legislation that have been nothing but failures since day one.

Z said...

Did you all know CNN got the journal and the family asked them to return it, but they took information out of it and have played it on the air in spite of the family's wishes?

Does a private journal deserve privacy? I think so.

Imagine the outrage if FOX had done this? As it is, it's a story on pg 33 of any big city lib newspaper.

If I remember correctly, the WH even immediately referred to the other men killed as security for Stevens...which wasn't true, as well.
They go into damage control before thinking......yet, it works when your media's on your side.

Anonymous said...

The Narcissist had a change of heart and took his disgraceful flag off the market. Maybe those who already have it can use it as an ass-wipe.

Aries said...

One can only imagine the hysteria in the country if Mitt Romney had done a similar thing to the American Flag. The media would spend a week or more reporting on it.

Fredd said...

Sad to say, Obama's antics here are resonating with quite a few of our dumber citizens. A great number of Romney's aforementioned 47% who pay no fed taxes are prone to believe whatever this liar tells them.

And will vote for him regardless.

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama’s 20-year Relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright Morally Disqualifies Him From Holding the Presidency and Reveals Everything One Needs to Know About His Character.

The Same Tolerance Obama Showed for Wright’s Antisemitism and Anti-American Conspiracism Shows Up Again In His Administration’s Embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Every other do-gooder liberal who fell for Obama’s Alinskyite deception — rationalized away and obscured the pervasive evil throughout Barack Obama’s background.

Barack Obama’s deep, 20-year mentorship with Jeremiah Wright — compounded by his lies that he was unaware of his pastor’s radicalism and antisemitism — reveals that Barack Obama is an evil person.

How can our nation be defended against the evil of an ascendant Muslim Brotherhood by a president incapable of recognizing the evil of the pastor he chose to baptize his own children?

Aries said...

President Obama avoids meeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu but has the time yo hang with the ladies on The View!
What a guy!

And as for Obama's newest campaign flag is a symbol of the numbskulled, dim-witted, simpletons who makeup 47 percent of the American voting public, and only goes to prove that Romney was right. This has to be amount the worst things that I've ever seen yet.
And only goes to show the DISGRACE and DISRESPECT that Obama has for this country. It's really unbelievable that an American President (if you can call him that) would make such a mockery of our flag

Sam Huntington said...

Obama disgraces this country. Americans disgrace their country by voting for that fool.

Liberalmann said...

Z Said: 'Imagine the outrage if FOX had done this? As it is, it's a story on pg 33 of any big city lib newspaper.'


No....they just tap people's phone lines lol!

Anonymous said...


Excellent comments, all. Thanks so much.

Liberalmann, it's best if you understand the content and context of my posts. This excellent one is by Mustang, and both of us are usually quite clear....
Are you not understanding or just too ideological to address the main points?

What IS with the left, anyway? All they use is red herrings.....they so quickly shift from the point and go somewhere else that makes absolutely no sense, isn't true, or is just dumb!??

Robert Sinclair said...

Hey liberalmann, an American Ambassador and three others were murdered. And you giggle like a little girl?


What a disgusting person you are.

Anonymous said...

"And you giggle like a little girl?"

Since he's trapped in the cellar, his "moms" gave him new batteries for his...ummmm..."stimulator"....which he tickles his gerbil with.

They Say/We Say said...

If anyone remembers about the Clinton Reign when the Republicans were just talking about shutting down the Commerce Dept.. It scared someone so bad that the only hastily course of action was to Memorialize Ron Brown-To save the Commerce Dept. from those evil Republicans.
Using the First Lady's Plane; with a malfunctioning beaker alert (or disabled) for ground clearance; and of course with any Diplomat, a FIGHTER JET ESCORT-which was not assigned - WHY? Remember Bosnia was a war zone!
This kind of Tragedy is always the current events only when the Democrats are in Power? Imagine That.

Kid said...

The dems are evil and the repubs useless. Not a single indictment for any of the felonious boobs in this administration. Nothing but lip service.

Stevens was on to something. Yea, very reasonable theory.

Diseased Apes. No doubt, they display their diseases ape-ishness every day.

Checks and balances.... By the people For the people. Biggest fairy tale out there these days. We have a dictator and no one is standing in the way.

Mustang said...

Had brown not been killed in that airplane crash, he would have been indicted for corruption and awarded the Medal of Freedom.

Leticia said...

The Libyan government has already confirmed that the film had nothing to do with that movie. The MSM needs to stop this false reporting and the Obama administration had better come to terms with that.

This was a strategic plan to kill our Ambassador on the Anniversary of 9/11.

Joe nailed it.

JonBerg said...

"Since he's trapped in the cellar, his "moms" gave him new batteries for his...ummmm..."stimulator"....which he tickles his gerbil with"

Hey guy, I love your stuff but I think that, in this case, you are giving him too much credit!!!!

Always On Watch said...

I can't say for sure. But some of the post mortem photos of Ambassador Stevens show evidence of strangulation -- not death by smoke inhalation. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...


Do I really? LOL

Right Wing Theocrat said...

"ongoing investigation" and similar phrases are used by leftist scum out here all the time when some monumental government screw up comes to the public eye.

It's a way of avoiding responsibility and buying time until the heat dies down and the media are focused on some other story.

Do not forget, because that's what they want you to do.