Friday, September 7, 2012

OBAMA: Did you watch?

Did you watch ANY of the DNC last night?   If you were Jiminy Cricket, what would you be saying?

About two minutes total was enough for me..............By the way... a couple of things of interest;  

It turns out one steel worker employed by Bain and who whined about Bain at the DNC didn't actually work for BAIN.   (brother)

AND, did you know that voting for Romney, according to how Nancy Pelosi's lying again, is a vote against Medicare and Social Security?   :-)

Oh, and while I'm typing, I hear Obama tellling the military "Welcome back!  YOU did that!  YOU did that!"  Get it?    He'll use anyone, won't he, including those vets who he's going to cut benefits to.   Obama, YOU did THAT.  And THAT is unconscienable.  But, try to look like you support them....and you have no shame.



The Debonair Dudes World said...

"OBAMA: Did you watch?"

No, but I saw it 3 and a half years ago.. I don't usually watch repeat shows.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"OBAMA: Did you watch?"

Nope...I had a sock drawer to rearrange. I prioritize neatly lined socks over political theater.

Anita Davis said...

"OBAMA: Did you watch?"

No, I was folding laundry!

John K. said...

It is pretty sad what has happened to America in this age of celebrity. Someone so devoid of any real accomplishment sans reading a teleprompter can be leading the most powerful nation on earth. Interestingly, he mentioned nothing about the 15 million more folks collecting food stamps since he took office, the failed stimulus, the doubling of gas prices, the 300,000 who aren't working since he took office, the 1.4 million businesses that closed, the 23 million who remain unemployed or underemployed, the 4k loss in household income, and the most anemic recovery since the Great Depression. After he won election, he had both houses of Congress to do whatever he wanted and after he got everything he wanted, the country is mired in quicksand. Hope and change, change and hope, if you have any change left in your pocket, don't vote for this..

Sorry -- I didn't buy it. It was kind of scary actually -- the lies, character assassination and jingoism. How can anyone be for Obama? Where are the jobs?

Ed Bonderenka said...

I couldn't get past Kerry.
The rest of the night was an NCIS marathon.

Tim Cooke said...

What the heck was with all the Rock Bands? Was this a Hip Hop concert or a Convention?

And how about when they dragged out that Old Hippy James Taylor to counter Clint Eastwood!

Oh my God talk about the Bottom of the Barrel.

Silverfiddle said...

I didn't watch it. I sat on the deck and grilled and drank beer.

Joe said...

I watched.

As a speech, it was well delivered, articulate, and said all the "right" things.

Its content, however, was a whole 'nother matter.

It was full of his regular lies and a few new ones.

It also pretended that some of the same points made by Romney/Ryan were his own and he planned to carry them out.

Of course we can believe he will do the things he said in the speech to the same degree he did the things he said he would do in the first speech.

(Place Bronx Cheer here)

Robert Sinclair said...

I didn't watch it because there is nothing I want to hear from a man who made promises four years ago, broke them, and then has the temerity to promise more of the same if reelected.

Seriously, Democrats must be bleeping brain dead. From the clips I saw on the news, one would think that Jesus Christ himself was standing on the stage —but of course, we know that if Jesus was in Charlotte, NC … he wouldn’t be welcome at the convention of communists.

My question is, does any member of the DNC communist league evaluate what Obama is telling them? He said he is GOING TO increase taxes. That’s what we need: people who have money paying more taxes rather than investing in business expansion. Good plan, if you’re a one-horse merry-go-round. He promised to INCREASE exports. How will he increase exports when America doesn't make anything other countries want? I saw a US made car in Japan once; it was a 1951 Ford.

Don't get me wrong; I don’t adore Romney or Ryan, but if our choice is between those two and four more years of Barack Insane Obama and Brain-rot Biden, I think WE deserve to give Romney a chance at fixing America's problem. Obama is not just an empty chair; he's an empty suit.

Always On Watch said...

I didn't watch. Exhausted after my three days of teaching this first week of the 2012-2013 term.

I tried to watch online this morning and bailed after just four minutes.

I hear Obama tellling the military "Welcome back! YOU did that! YOU did that!"

Are you kidding me???

He sure as hell didn't put on any kind of celebration from the Oval Office.

In fact, exiting Iraq was so quiet that even my students who follow current events knew almost nothing about what some call "the end of the Iraq War."

Love Debonair Dude's comment!

As for all the 2012 convention speeches, the best one was that of Condoleeza Rice, IMO. In fact, I'll be watching her speech again with my students in Public Speaking class.

Anonymous said...

In Spanish we sy ¡Sin Verquenza! Without Shame. That is Obama and his followers.

Ducky's here said...

I went to the Museum of Fine Arts and meditated in the Japanese garden.

Much more therapeutic.

Sam Huntington said...

Oh, and while I'm typing, I hear Obama tellling the military "Welcome back! YOU did that! YOU did that!"

Is that the same military he intends to prevent from voting in the November election, who are generally overwhelmingly conservative in their views?

Anonymous said...

He just lost the election!
Everyone knows that HE knew the employment numbers last night and that's why he omitted talking about it.
This convention was a complete bust. Bubba, Moochie, crazy Joe and all

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Is that the same military he intends to prevent from voting in the November election, who are generally overwhelmingly conservative in their views?"

Granted this is a popular meme on the right...but how do you figure?

Ed Bonderenka said...

I did however, during a commercial, flip over to see the Biden tribute before HE spoke.
I was honestly reminded of an SNL skit.

Z said...

Const. Insurg....hopefully, someone will find the info and link it here....ya, there's some question about military and getting votes in. I was really disheartened when I saw that.
Philadelphia tried to stop the counting of military votes because they were late during the Bush election, if I'm not mistaken...and there'd been a perfectly good reason for their lateness...

but there is something going on and i can't remember this situation...hopefully someone will link to it.

THanks, everybody...will try to email from work.

have a great day.

One thing I can tell is the big hoopla wasn't as exciting as some thought.
What did crack me up was the bringing in of James Taylor, for example..he even said "I'm an old white man and I like Obama"
They must be afraid of not countering to EVERY SINGLE THING the RNC convention had...just in case.

Axelrod is SO GOOD. I have to give that to him..cunning and nasty...but very good.

Jack Whyte said...

I watched some of it. But I wonder, has the Obama administration created 4.5 million new jobs, as claimed by several speakers at the DNC convention? Not hardly … a fact check shows that under President Obama, the U.S. economy has created a net 415,000 private-sector jobs —less than 0.2 percent of the 155 million-member American workforce. Maybe that 4.5 million figure was simply a decimal placement problem.

Even that statistic does not tell the full story since the workforce itself has decreased dramatically since Obama took office. Labor force participation is at 63.5 percent, its lowest level since 1981, which tells us that Obama has completely demoralized American workers, many of whom have given up looking for a job. Many of these people have seen the light: they are collecting paychecks from Obama’s Unemployment Forever Project, and disability insurance as part of a new scam: once you’re on disability, you stay on it forever.

Sam Huntington said...

Military personnel are overwhelmingly conservative in their views.

Democrat 14.4%
Independent 21.1%
Libertarian 3.1%
Republican 48.9%
Other 4%
Decline to answer 8.5%

Source: Military Times

Z said...

Sam, thanks, but what is the problem that's come up about military voting?

I hope somebody's got a link...I read it a few days ago.


Jack, about 370,000 people stopped looking for jobs, that reflects that 'drop' in the amount looking for work, but certainly shouldn't be part of an unemployment number, should it.

Anonymous said...

Where are the Jobs?
Fact check that!

Liberalmann said...

Face it guys, The DNC demolished Rmoney and the failed poilicies of the GOP.

Obama prevented a depression, saved Banks, saved the auto industry, created more jobs in his first two years than Bush did in eight years. Had the GOP not filibustered in record numbers all the jobs bills the Dems proposed, unemployment would be much lower. If the GOP hadn't laid off millions of jobs in the public sector (Police, Teachers, Fire Fighters) our unemployment rate would be lower. The GOP won the House on 2010 on the jobs issue yet they haven't proposed a single bill.

Bush increased our debt by over $5 trillion with the items he kept off the budget and unpaid for; the two wars (one was illegal), Medicaid Part D, and tax breaks for the wealthy. Obama put them in the budget. That's how the GOP can now lie and say it's his fault!

Obama Killed Osama, desecrated Al Queda, led a coalition that killed Khadaffi, reformed student loans, increased TAP/Pell grants for students, slowed immigration, put more money into border security than Bush and deported more illegals than Bush, signed the Lilly Ledbetter law granting equal pay for women, credit card reform, ended 'Don't Ask Don't Tell,' Provided many tax incentives and breaks for small businesses and DID NOT raise taxes on the middle class.

But the biggest; passed Health Care Reform after over 100 of trying. Insurance companies can't drop you or deny you coverage and the CBO says it will save us billions over time. Do we really want to go back to a time where you have to hold a Spaghetti Dinner at the local VFV Lodge to pay for a family member's treatments so you don't have to sell your house?

Romeny/Ryan's plan is more of the same failed policies of Bush with even more tax breaks for the wealthiest whose tax rate is what it was in the 1950's. They will raise taxes on the middle class and take away services such as Medicaid and Medicare to pay for it. Not to mention allow our infrastructure to fall apart.

Believe what you will with all the conservative media like this radio station and Fox News (and it's 90% of radio) but they are lying to you and they are shills for big business. Hell, they actually got average Americans hating other Americans because they are poor or worse; in a big, bad union. Uniosn have helped all workers in the USA. Most people are closer to these people than the Mitt Romney's in this country.

Romney gave McCain 22 years of tax statements when he was being considered for Vice President in 2008. McCain picked Palin. What does that tell you? When asked if Reid was lying (about his statement that Romney hasn't paid taxes in 10 years) McCain refused to answer.

The GOP will finish the job of destroying the middle class. And they will start another war in Iran and sacrifice more Americans to increase the profit margin of the Corporatocracy.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

@Z - There are several reports about a decline in military voting this cycle...none of which can point to machinations from the Administration.


"Military requests for absentee ballots are remarkably low this year, according to a recent report from a military voting advocacy group that faults the Defense Department with not providing mandated voter assistance to service members.

"The absentee ballot data for 2012 paints a bleak picture for military voters," a report from the Military Voting Participation Project says.

In Virginia, North Carolina, and Ohio less than 2% of all active-duty military members and their spouses have requested absentee ballots for the November election. And between 5% and 8% of military voters in Illinois, Colorado, Nevada and Alaska have made the request."

Sam Huntington said...

”…military voting advocacy group that faults the Defense Department (which falls under the Executive Branch) with not providing mandated voter assistance to service members.

Z said...

Liberalmann..fine! YOU WIN!
ALl Republicans just can't measure up to the wonderful Democrats. Okay? GOOD JOB!! :-)
Here's a glimpse of the OPEN MINDED, INCLUSIVE LEFT: How HORRIBLE that bunch is:

CI...Sam.....did you see the horrible response Obama got at the last military event? Marine4 has it on his blog... his blog's on my blog sidebar.

CI...maybe military just don't care.
I doubt it.

JonBerg said...

I didn't watch/listen to any of those DNC 'gas bags'. We all know or should know, by now, that they will say anything to get re-elected in order to advance their true socialist agenda. Romney needs to make clear that there is an abundance of real investment money to grow a [productive] economy, now being held in abeyance pending a clear path based upon 'certainty'. Threating to increase taxation on potential investment wealth, to finance government 'boondoggles', only increases UNCERTAINTY which, of course, is antithetical to real progress. Obviously, we are getting down to the "wire". There will always be the 30% who will support the likes of B.O. no matter what. Romney MUST act decisively in the next 60 days to convince the margin of the necessity of the 'free market' if we are ever to flourish again!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

@Sam - DoD absolutely falls under the leadership of the Executive branch...but what you and the advocacy group have failed to do illustrate where any shortfall in 'providing assistance' exists.

Speaking for Army [and I imagine the other services are at least similar], each unit has a Voting Assistance Officer [VAO] at each leve of command. The group in question apparently bases their assessment on 'not being able to contact +/- 5-% of VAO's The problem with this is that VAOs are an additional duty. They have a day job, and often times that day job takes them away [often far away] from the phone.

It is ultimately up to the service person to request an absentee ballot, not the VAO.

Anonymous said...

Hey Libmerde, do you have caca in the brain?

Who did the bank bailout? If I'm not mistaken it was under Bush. So was it just Obama who saved the banks?

You want to talk about failed policies?

Let's talk about it and debate me or will you chicken out?

I come from France. I've seen plenty of failed policies for decades.

Obama's policies are the same ones that failed across the ocean.

So why are you saying Obama's policies are new? Is it because you're a kiddo? Or is it because you can't think for yourself and are copying and pasting from MSNBC?

Bring up the stats, facts so I can enlighten from your immense knowledge.

At least I got the chance to experience failed policies from the left before they come into full speed implementation in the US.

Maybe you should move to Europe and try for yourself first to see what it looks like.

You do have caca in the brain.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Z: The primary problem with the mil vote is that the vote primarily absentee.
These votes often get misplaced or delayed until after the election, therefore disenfranchising the serviceperson.
The APO/FPO address is a dead giveaway to the elections clerk.

Mustang said...

My two cents:

Voting is rarely a priority among young people, particularly when they are busting chops in readiness training for upcoming deployments. No one suggests military authority should pander for votes; only that military personnel should be encouraged to vote, and know where they can obtain an absentee ballot. The process has a time line; absentee ballots received at country election boards after a certain date are tossed aside.

The problem is that when DOD fails to emphasize the program, voting assistance is buried under a myriad of other things that demand the attention of voting assistance officers —people who have primary assignments and a long list of other additional duties, as well. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. If one happens to know that military personnel generally vote conservative, then why should a liberal administration encourage them to vote?

Lisa said...

No but I was listening because we were commenting live on Face book but like many of the comments same ol' same ol'.
I find it amazing how the democrats are all of a sudden so supportive of our military .
And the Stockholm Syndrome there was so obvious.

Mark Adams said...

"OBAMA: Did you watch?"
No, I got a root canal, with no novocaine, instead..... And enjoyed it.

Marine4ever said...

@ Constitutional Insurgent --

Maybe you might wanna think about changing your handle to 'Communist Enabler' (an American flag wave to Mustang for coming up with that one.)

We can discuss this further on my site where the only rule is KICK 'EM WHILE THEY'RE DOWN!

Sorry, Mrs. Z. I can't help myself and I'm expecting a delete.

Anonymous said...


Marine4....what was the objectionable part of your comment!?

Also...was this the 'only' problem for military voting or was there something even more egregious from the DoD? Seems like there was..?

I think Mustang's right; while we shouldn't have to prod voting amongst the military (after all, their lives are in the hands of the Cdr. in Chief who's elected), we should make it as easy as possible!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

@Marine - So facts make me a communist?

Is that realy the best you have? Are you sure you're a Marine??

Bob said...

LIberalmann is really funny.

"Face it guys, The DNC demolished Rmoney and the failed poilicies of the GOP."

Obama is the President, therefore his are the failed policies. Don't you know who is in office. Don't you know that G W Bush and Dick Cheney originated the TARP program that kept us out of a depression being caused by Democrat housing policies.

By the way, Obama almost caused a Drpression with his idiotic and failed Trillion Dollar stimulus and health care programs. He idiotically raises taxes. Dumb!

All the stuff in Liberalmann's posting are spurious emissions, kind of like passing gas.

Marine4ever said...

Because, Mrs Z, I resorted to name calling on one of your commenters.

I spent eight weeks with returning veterans from Iraq and Afganistand in the summer of '08. One of the topics of discussion was the inability to vote. Their ballots came back rejected and others never received ballots at all. Most said the process was just too confusing and gave up.

Seems like nothing's changed. Strange since (I looked it up) +- 70% would vote conservative.

This makes me angry (tongue-in-cheek and understatement of the year.)

Anonymous said...

Go get him

Anonymous said...


Const. Insurg....your fact about the military has been illuminated and explained by some of my readers...Your info seemed to infer that the military didn't care enough to vote, no?
That doesn't hold much water with the good retired military I have commenting here.....Read Marine4's remark about his experiences. Read Mustang.

By the way, I've always wondered what your avatar is. ??

Marine4; We've had SO much worse here, I don't find what you said objectionable....we have only a few inches in which to explain ourselves here in comment formats and sometimes some of us tend to be more ideological in the short space to make a point..
As long as it's not witheringly insulting or highly profane, I'm okay with comments like that here.

What makes me feel badly is that I can't be a little more reasoned in my comments...the MINUTE I say the slightest thing like "I kind of agreed with the Dems on this one.." i get so insulted with "I told you so" by my lefties, it's just not worth my 'going there'. Sad (tho there isn't too much like that)!!

When Obama was officially nominated 4 years ago, I admitted to my readers that seeing the tears slide down young black faces at the DNC brought tears to my eyes, too, because I understood their feelings....
I was treated to "So, you LIKE HIM NOW??" comments here by my buddies. That was hard to take, too.

Everything IS NOT BLACK and WHITE, there's more gray in life but we're so divided it's hard to admit the grays in a blog....

Anonymous said...


By the way, everybody:

I was talking to a Hispanic guy on the phone today about some business I had with him and he suddenly says "do you listen to Ken and John? (a conservative duo on talk radiohere).." I held my breath and said "I listen to another station when they're on if I'm in the car...but... I like them!"

This Hispanic turns out to be a RUSH LIMBAUGH listener! CRACKED ME UP!!!

He was lecturing ME on how we can't have people on welfare living on that forever and how Obama's not the guy for this country, and on and on... I finally said "I hope you're a citizen, Edgar and that you vote!"

He is and he does!! Great conversation!

Marine4ever said...


Anonymous said...

"I didn't watch it. I sat on the deck and grilled and drank beer."..

A beer summit of one?? LOL

Sometimes it is better to talk to yourself.

JonBerg said...


"I spent eight weeks with returning veterans from Iraq and Afganistand in the summer of '08.......the process was just too confusing and gave up"

I will go with the reality expressed by one, such as yourself, who has actually learned, first hand, the aftermath of the situation.

Pris said...

I watched it, and wasn't surprised that Obama said what he always says, which is basically nothing new, same old, same old.

FreeThinke said...

From where I sit if they didn't tell LIES, politicians would have NOTHING to SAY at ALL -- and I mean NOTHING.

If we went by the excessive quantity and nauseating quality of "hot air" emitted at the Democratic National Convention, if they'd allowed smoking on the premises, the whole place would have blown sky high.


~ FreeThinke

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "your fact about the military has been illuminated and explained by some of my readers...Your info seemed to infer that the military didn't care enough to vote, no?
That doesn't hold much water with the good retired military I have commenting here.....Read Marine4's remark about his experiences. Read Mustang."

I don't discount personal experiences. I spent 22 years in the Infantry, and voted by absentee ballot in every election during that time. And I never had an issue with ballots. But quite frankly, voting isn't a core issue with many who are serving. They are a reflection of the electorate, and the electorate is becoming ever more disillusioned with the two party political paradigm and the accompanying theater of absurdity.

I haven't argued that some units may not be giving VAOs the time and logistics in which to carry out their additional duties to the maximum expectation. The point also remains, that any deployed servicemember who really wishes to vote, can just as easily get an absentee ballot directly from their state of record.

What I haven't seen is any sort of basis for an Administration interfering with the process, or even a singular point of failure within DoD that would account for a decrease in ballot requests during this election cycle.

I welcome any facts to that end....but surely haven't seen any posted here.

BTW my avatar is the Hoplite shield of Sparta.

Anonymous said...


Pris, I only watched a little of Obama because that 30 seconds or so had so much I couldn't believe he was saying that I couldn't bear it anymore "we've done THIS, we've doneTHAT.." and I"m thinking "WHAT? You did WHAT?"

So many lies, so much misinformation...tweaking, wishful thinking on his part. Amazing.'re right.

CI: I can't find the info now while I'm at work and am very sorry I can't remember what it was but I'll try to find it later.

Ducky's here said...

@Froggy --
Let's talk about it and debate me or will you chicken out?

I come from France. I've seen plenty of failed policies for decades.


Gee, I come from America and going back to Saint Ronnie Raygun, I've seen the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Z...your email is down?

Anonymous said...

Jerky Ducky, you're an hypocrite.

You've got your cushy job where you can slack and be on blog. And I'm sure you're geting paid decently for being such a lazy person.

You've enjoyed more prosperity in your lifetime than I have.

So shut the hell up.

Ducky's here said...

Froggy, I'm retired you butthead.

Mindy B. said...

What they DIDN'T tell us during the Demobats Convention
Food stamps is the new American Middle Class .... And Obama is fighting for the Middle Class... Obamanomics is Trickle Up Poverty from the middle class upward..
President Obama's speech on jobs, the economy and unemployment numbers the other night was a flat out lie.

Leticia said...

Did not watch the DNC. I just couldn't.

Obama is a flim-flam and he'll say anything to please a crowd.

Anonymous said...

Then change your occupation on your blogger profile to retired, you dumbo.

Mustang said...

You guys are going to love this:
“President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,” Clint Eastwood said. [More]

Anonymous said...

What totally blew my mind and convinced me that Oslummer has actually seen & presided over...almost 1/3 ( 86,000,000 )
of Americans are unemployed.

The greatest number of unemployed since 1948!

And further an increase of 14,000,000 more on food stamps.

Holy crap Batman...we're a 3rd world nation in under 4 years.

And the brain dead dopes....still want 4 more years of this ass?

What...we'll have 1/2 of the country unemployed expecting the others ( gov't worked are at 5% unemployment ) to provide for all the takers?

Z said...

Imp: I just got home and my ever-showing NETWORK PASSWORD pop up was there, meaning I have to click OKAY and then 45 emails came through...none of which was yours.

Also, my server's telling me I'm almost full and have to fill out something to fix that; but I don't do anything without consulting my computer guru and she hasn't got back to me yet.
I wrote myself from work to remind me of something and it was sent back.
Was an email to me sent back to you? I suppose so>..?


Anonymous said...


Was an email to me sent back to you? I suppose so?

Yep...all got bounced which said..."failed to deliver"....

Advice? Start deleting all your old emails. More importantly is to have your "guru" check ( or you can easily ) make sure that "delete from server" after you read them is selected.

Kid said...

The DNC was a 'live' remake of "The Night of the Living Dead".


Anonymous said...

@z...'s only been 9 minutes since you posted and my emails are still getting banged back.

Z said...

Imp, I'm not doing anything until I hear from my computer girl, as I said.
I have another email address and will email it to you. That might work.. Hopefully, my stuff's getting out?

Anonymous said...


I'll add that to my contacts.

I was going to suggest that...but I know you already knew it..LOL

Anonymous said...'s your main email account that's down.

Go get a Gmail as a backup...your main provider...even if you have an "alias" and and another account with the same IP provider...ain't gonna work.

If your get a Gmail...your home provider is the problem.

Z said...

Imp! As I said, I got notification that my main email is so full I have to do something about it..and I'll be hearing from my computer woman soon!

Z said...

By the way, what do you mean by "nope"...I KNOW it's my main email and I did get your other email.!!xx

JonBerg said...

"You guys are going to love this:"

Well I sure did, SIR!


Z said...

Imp, FB, Mustang...anybody with my original email address, would you send me one?
I think I solved my problem.


which would be a total miracle, of course :-)

Marine4ever said...

From Mustang awhile ago -- “President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,” Clint Eastwood said.

P.T. Barnum would be really proud or awfully jealous.

JonBerg said...

Hey, if you wish to get in touch with Ducky just contact the institution as presented below. They will put you in touch with his proper residence supervisor. Have a great day!

Department of Mental Health
25 Staniford Street
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 617-626-8123
Fax: 617-626-8131

JonBerg said...

"P.T. Barnum would be really proud or awfully jealous."

Yes, and I find it so amazing that P.T. Barnum was not just so correct in his own time but so prophetic, as well!

Ticker said...

I had a copy of his speech from 08 and listened and matched over 90% of it to what he was saying in 2012. The only thing different was his tacky attempts to make Romney and Ryan look bad. The rest of this convention was just more lies and more lies.

Bill Clinton had the best speech of the night and he did exactly what he was hired to do, energize the base. He didn't do a thing to swing Independents to Odummer. The only way Independents will swing to the Dems this year is if by a miracle Bill Clinton was to run again.
The ususal suspects from the far left and the entitlement crowd will never change their vote even if Jesus was on the ballot, they'd still vote for the Devil. The women on the platform are pitiful and should be looked upon with pity since they are so dependent on man, aka the guberment. No strong conservative women would be dependent on man much less gubertment. I have known many strong women and none of them have been liberals. A few were Democrats when being a Democrat was not a bad word. Unfortunately the FARLEFT has highjacked the party of Kennedy (JFK) and Truman and turned it into the Socialist Democrat party that none of the above would be associated with.
The only thing that was missing was putting up the Communist Party of the US platform for comparison. Of course this year the CPUS did not put out a platform, they just used the Democrat platform since they were identical. Identical in 04 and 08 and in 2012.

Marine4ever said...

As Sam Huntington said on my blog, "We used to have Americans who were democrats and we argued with them all the time, but we all had America's best interests at heart. Now we have Republicans and Communists. There is nothing these Democrats/Communists have to say that interest me. Zip. So I think we should all agree never to say 'democrat' in public, ever again."

I agree with Sam and, henceforth and forever more, 'democrat' has been struck from my vocabulary and COMMUNIST has replaced it.