Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Can Obama Help?

Let us suppose for a moment that you happened to be someone who had never owned a home.  And you happen to be black.  It isn’t quite fair, you know.  White people own homes, so why can’t blacks?  This is exactly the question attorney Barack Obama asked himself some time back in his communist, uh … community-organizing days.  So he riled up a bunch of disenfranchised poor people, 99.99% of whom were black, and they sued Citibank for —oh, I don’t know, maybe loan discrimination.  And then a miraculous thing happened: Obama won his lawsuit, forcing Citibank to offer mortgage loans to 186 black American families.  What a wonderful story.  It almost brings a tear to my eyes.


The problem, you see, is that of the 186 families who received mortgage loans they couldn’t afford, only 19 black families still own their homes.  Citibank foreclosed on the rest of those homes.  It is perfectly understandable, of course.  You see, what happens when people lie on their financial statements, when they obfuscate facts, they qualify for homes they cannot afford.  And sneaky pond scum who call themselves communist, uh … community organizers have them sign loan agreements that start off with monthly house payments of around $1,000 a month, which almost anyone can afford.  But then, within eight or so years, those house payments balloon to at or above $3,000 a month, which hardly anyone can afford.  Add to that all the luxuries every family likes to have, diminished cost of living, and staid salaries.  And let's be honest, not every family makes wise financial decisions.

Also, factor in Barack Hussein Obama's unemployment program which disproportionately hurts black workers of all ages [Source].

And this brings us to three essential questions.  First, has Barack Obama’s communist, uh … community organizing efforts helped, or hurt the black community?  Second, given the fact that almost no one can afford Barack Hussein Obama “help,” why are black Americans still lining up behind this lying dirt bag?  Finally, why isn’t Barack Hussein Obama in jail, along with Chris Dodd and Barney Frank?  Okay, I admit that last question is rhetorical.

But yes, those liberals sure do love their black folks.

--Mustang Sends


Rita said...

I never understood the blatant lie of loan discrimination. I've worked with loan officers for years. They only want to make loans, they do not care one whit whether the next loan comes from whites, blacks, Hispanics. Hell, they'd sell a loan to a lizard if they thought they'd make money off the deal.

Then I've heard the argument that the loan officers and mortgage companies take advantage of blacks by giving them less than desirable terms. The best terms are given to those with better credit and know how to barter. That's true of any race or ethnicity. Your ancestors can be as white as snow and if you have bad credit and no knowledge of points, rates and fees you are going to get taken.

Loan officers can be worse than used car salesmen, if they spot somone who will accept the highest fees, they let them pay the high fees and rates. Most (not all) get a cut of those fees or have a comp based on the value those loans bring, so they go for the bigger bucks.

I have never, NEVER seen someone get turned away because they were the wrong color. Loans are turned down by the underwriters, not the loan officers. And the underwriters stick to the criteria they are given.

People get turned down because they do not meet this criteria.

The housing problem was because the government and the banks lowered those standards to the point where high risk loans were acceptable risk.

Well they weren't. And no amount of government intervention makes a bad borrower into a good one. Regardless of the color.

Always On Watch said...

We in the blogosphere are well aware of this.

Are most Americans? If not, why not?

Joe said...

Slavery is not dead. It is still practiced by the Democrat Party, the ones who fought the hardest to keep it in the first place.

Rita: Bad loans were encouraged when the Community Redevelopment Act gave the encouragement of law (force) to banks to make a certain percentage of loans to those who were high credit risks, specifically those in minority groups.

No bank or loan officer wants to do that, because they are in the business of making money on their loans.

But they had to and the bubble of housing sales and inflated prices soon burst, throwing the economy into a tail spin which no government program could stop.

Marine4ever said...

"But yes, those liberals sure do love their black folks." --

Liberals > Democrats = "How are you gonna keep 'em down on the plantation once they've seen the bright lights of the voting booth?"

Silverfiddle said...

Those numbers are shocking. We saw it on a large, national scale in 2008, didn't we?

And it wasn't just minorities. Plenty of people of all stripes went crazy buying more house than they could afford.

When will people give up the naive belief in a free lunch?

Jarhead said...

Racism Is Alive and Well in the Black Community and in the White House.

Mindy B. said...

Are we better off today then we were than 4

The answer has to be no - many of us have lost our livelihood, our homes and had to file for bankruptcy because 2007 and 2008 were our worst years ever.

More important...is America better off today than 4 years ago?the US was teetering on the edge of collapse. Newcasters were calling it possibly the "Second Great Depression"
Everyone who had a 401K back in late 2008 watched in horror our 401K's lost about half it's value..
The Banks were collapsing,
We saw the USA enter 2 or 3 new wars..
We now have a new term called the "Muslim Brotherhood" and that doesn't look so good in my eyes.
everything is worse.... and the WORSE is yet to come because of the President's spending policies... wait til inflation hits. Obama has no idea what he is doing. time for a change. we cant afford "FOUR MORE YEARS OF HE SAME"
Team Obama can’t say the country is better off after four years,

Brooke said...

Rita is correct. My mother-in-law is a loan officer and my grandmother a realtor.

NO ONE who can afford a house is turned down. It's all about the money.

So, if we want to ask why so many black families cannot afford housing, let's look to horrid education situations, refusal to give vouchers, ect...

Clearly, the left wants to keep certain folks 'on the plantation.'

Ducky's here said...

Ah, the old nonsense of blaming the CRA for the housing bubble.

AOW, are you folks in the bigotsphere aware that CRA loans were vetted and did not default at a rate higher than other regulated loans.

Once again, it was your precious unregulated market that failed, not the CRA.

Joe, bad loans were not encoureged by the CRA. CRA loans were regulated and did not default at a significantly higher rate than other regulated loans.
Once again you do the fringe right proud as you wallow in your ignorance.

Lots of marines spreading this manure. Why is that?

Anonymous said...

This is a comment I made at another blog yesterday on a different subject but it seems to apply here, as well-

As a white man, I guess I will never understand the scars that blacks cary inside them due to their history of mistreatment for so many years in America. This is something I have pondered for many years. The majority of blacks have allowed thenmselves to become professional victims. Look at so many black movie stars and blck professional atheletes that still see themselves as victims. Yet, people like Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, long before there were any civil rights laws, were able pulled themselves out of poverty and become famous economist and writers and they don’t see themselves as victims.
I feel sorry for black Americans. When Javkie Robbinson broke into the major leagues, it was important that he do well. And, did he ever do well. It was good for baseball and it was good for America. Now that America finally elected its first black president, it was equally important the he do well. Sadly, what we got was a Marxist and a racist and he did not do well. I sincerely hope when the next black candidate for President makes a run that white Americans do not hold Barack Obama against this new candidate. It could very well be Allen West.

Mindy B. said...

4 More Years?

Of Hopeless and changeless

Z said...

Wait folks!: I believe Mustang's right in suggesting not that all colors of people don't get loans but that Black Americans were favored by the Obama-types to get loans they particularly could not afford; they were told they deserved homes because they were black and deserved a chance.
Yes, they do deserve a chance!! But, not to the point that they were the FIRST ONES to LOST THEIR HOMES due to the 'favor' the left bestowed on them.

I remember Daniel Mudd speaking to the Congressional Black Congress of which Obama'd first joined as state senator, saying that they'd do all they could to get Blacks into homes.........

But they HURT THOSE BLACK AMERICANS SO BADLY with their lousy promises, balloon pymt plans, and lying about their credit backgrounds.

THEY HURT THEM! I think that's awful and so does Mustang, if I may speak for him here...

And STILL the left would look at Obama and Clinton as SUCH GOOD GUYS because they GOT THOSE FOLKS INTO HOMES. REALLY? And still the Blacks and other minorities support OBAMA??

Marine4ever said...

@ Ducky (as usual) --

Marines (and that's with a capital 'M') don't spread manure... we kick it out of those that need it (hint, hint.) We're open 2/7, anytime -- any place.

(That's as clean, kind and informative as I can get on this blog.)

Average American said...

"CRA loans were vetted and did not default at a rate higher than other regulated loans."........"CRA loans were regulated and did not default at a significantly higher rate than other regulated loans."

Which is it duckster? Truth is, neither is correct. CRA is EXACTLY what started the home financial disaster and NOMObama was the lawyer who can take the most credit/blame for it because of that lawsuit that forced the banks to accept any income, including things like child support, alimony, and even welfare. This type of income is seldom reliable over the term of a house loan. Add to that the variable rate morgages, no down payments often times, and see what happened. Banks hopped on the bandwagon because of the guarantees they got from Fanny and Freddie and people got SCREWED!! And this ALL STARTED because of CRA.

Thersites said...

AOW, are you folks in the bigotsphere aware that CRA loans were vetted and did not default at a rate higher than other regulated loans.

Because there was a series of moratoriums on foreclosures initially imposed be the lending agencies... and later as a result of robo-signing lawsuits

2% of normal mortgage loans were considered "unprofitable" by the banks responding to the CRA study. 15% of CRA loans fell into that category.

Show a little intellectual honesty, duckman!

Richard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Richard said...

I don't plan on watching one minute of the Democrat National Convention. Especially tonight's when Michelle ma belle will be telling us about how proud she is NOW that her hubby is King. I really don’t want to hear Obama bragging about how things are getting better and how he has fixed things like the 49 million folks on food stamps a record, or the 23 plus million folks who are unemployed, and that the GOP wants "dirtier air, dirtier water” and how he still needs another 4 years to add to his list of failures. Yes Obama/Biden should be proud of this record.
They are pathetic and desperate, and still playing the blame game.
I personally prefer watching old Clint Eastwood reruns

Waynestew said...

Am I better off today then 4 years ago? I know my husband and I are worse off! He couldn't find work at home here in Arkansas, so he is in North Dakota working in the oil fields. It's hard running two households even though he makes good money.
Let's see...the economy is worse, there's little work to be had around these parts, prices are high, The damned TSA is just about everywhere except Church, morals and ethics have gone down the tubes,
We refinanced our house & lowered balance an interest rate 2 1/2 percent lower than it was.but I'm still not saving any money. Food prices in my area are climbing again. Obama may have saved the auto industry, but that didn't do diddly for us. .
Big Brother is real, there is little personal responsibility in the USA...ad nauseum: No, I'm not better off than I was. I'm praying that President Romney election will fix that.

No we are not doing better, we are doing much worse.
Obama has to go!!!

FrogBurger said...

Ducky, I'm glad you're not a doctor because you confuse symptoms and causes.

The CRA is the cause. The subprime junk assets are the symptom.

Let's say that instead of the CRA, there was regulation to NOT lend money to people who could not afford houses (based on some ratio), there wouldn't be subprime junk assets.

Likewise low interest rates to favor cheap loans created the environment. And God knows the Federal Reserve really isn't a free market thing. In a true free market the FED would not exist.

Marine4ever said...

Hey, Richard! You wanna come over to the house and we can set up a chair on each side of the empty one that I have beneath the flag... we can just sit there and watch traffic go by? Think maybe that might make a statement?

Donna said...

No I don't plan on watching one minute of that Democrat :love fest either.

Can you imagine the non stop parade of losers who will be speaking, and kissing Obama's behind!
As for four more years , I think that he has had four too many already?
But the one the things I do look forward to is the morning after the election when I see Michelle and Barack Obama sobbing uncontrollably yelling fraud..

The Born Again American said...

What would you expect from a "Cloward and Piven" deciple... Just one more way to collapse the system...

Marine4ever said...

Oh, yeah, Richard... about the blame game... now it's his family. LOVE IT!

Sheech, what an idiot.

FrogBurger said...

Overall, CRA, low interest rates and the overall feeling real estate would always go up created the crisis. That's that environment that told Wall Street there was an opportunity to create financial products based on that stuff. Let's say there hadn't been any financial products, the banks may not have been in jeopardy but the real estate bubbles would still have exploded. Because you can't really keep going when housing prices are so disconnected from incomes. Bubbles always burst.

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who realized a house was 7 times what I was making and that it was not viable, especially if the economy had to slow down.

Robert Sinclair said...

Democrats have ALWAYS victimized blacks. For the life of me, I do not understand why so many blacks keep lining up for more of the horrid treatment they get from "Uncle Sugar." This morning, one of the news channels highlighted the DNC and told about a Hispanic woman who, in spite of not having a husband, raised two youngsters to become fine, outstanding citizens. I wondered if this is true, why isn’t this woman a Republican? Her accomplishment was the result of embracing conservative values, rather those of the communist party. I just do not understand this …

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa said...

All I know is Obama must go . We have no choice. The democrats don't car about people,all they care about is vote. Romney is a rich guy who doesn't need this job,but I think he truly wants it because he is concerned about America,unlike the far let who want to bring it to it's knees,like they have been trying to do the last 60 years, and in the process will take all the useful idiots they brainwashed along with it.
I too will not be watching the DNC,they don't deserve the ratings and besides that I fear my TV will be vulnerable to flying objects.

Sam Huntington said...

Ducky could never be a doctor because Ducky is a blithering idiot. Either that, or he is intellectually dishonest. Personally, I suspect a little of both. The evidence is overwhelming that the CRA played a significant role in the housing bust. It wasn’t the only factor, but the significant factor. Who gave us the CRA? Jimmy Carter.

What makes Ducky dense or intellectually dishonest is his failure to acknowledge the long-term effects of the CRA. It was not a single piece of legislation; it evolved over several years, it transformed itself from a hands-off law focused on processes, into one that focused on outcomes. Regulators, beginning in the mid-nineties, began to hold banks accountable in serious ways, and the banks responded to this new accountability by increasing the CRA loans they made, a move that entailed relaxing their lending standards —you pursue sound finance and comply with CRA at the same time. Something had to give. This is what happens when the government puts their nose under the free market tent. Ducky will never understand this: he is a devoted communist. To him, more government is always preferred to more liberty.

Over the years, the Fed began pushing interest rates down, which made refinancing more attractive and created an investor demand for higher yield. Fannie and Freddie, mostly headed by Democrats in return for their loyalty, popularized low-income securitization. Low default/loss rates made them seem less risky as previously expected. Thanks to the dot com bust, we experienced a shrinking consumer asset base, and this made home equity loans attractive. Given the choice between high interest credit card debt and low interest home mortgage debt, consumers went with the latter. Speculators capitalized on reduced lending standards. Homebuyers loved the idea of purchasing expensive homes with no money down; it meant nicer homes for a lot less money. The lax lending standards created by the CRA helped to dig a deep pit … while “government supervisors” such as Chris Dodd and Barney Frank not only looked the other way, they actually made money on the deal.

So, Ducky, maybe your hero Paul Krugman is full of crap after all. Bush had far less to do with the CRA catastrophe than leftists wish to admit. By the time Bush assumed office, the CRA’s lax lending standards were already a time bomb waiting to go off. Government let banks drop things such as putting ATMs in rural areas, in favor of basing compliance entirely on CRA home loans. This means the CRA had MORE not less influence on home lending.

Buy a vowel, Ducky … lying piece of crap.

Anonymous said...

From Z on her work computer:

Thersites...thanks for the good information; if only all liberals would stop the lies.
The DNC should be quite a fest, huh?

Richard, I can't watch him or her....I suppose I could do that OR shoot myself in the head?
Thanks for coming by.
I am hoping to watch some of the DNC, but the more I think of it, ...?

Waynestew! Welcome to you, too! I'm SO SORRY for ALL of us who've lost during the Obama years.

How many of us have lost interest pymts, lost hope, lost trust in our future health care....had to swallow the lies that "if you like your insurance now, you can keep it'..the BIGGEST DAMNED LIE EVER, you should pardon my language.

I can't respond or even read all of you good people right now, but THANK YOU for this terrific response to Mustang's post.

And another hearty THANKS to Mustang for keeping geeeeZ alive while I'm working! :) (appropos working; thanks, Mr. Obama)

Richard said...

Marine4ever said...
"Hey, Richard! You wanna come over to the house and we can set up a chair on each side of the empty one that I have beneath the flag... we can just sit there and watch traffic go by? Think maybe that might make a statement?"

Yeah, just in case you didn't notice, I don't like her either
But of course if you want listen to someone with a butt the size of Texas telling you what to eat and what not to eat, then YOU go right ahead

Chateau Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chateau Robert said...

I happen to agree with Richard, I’m just about sick and tried of her pushing her politically correct views where she has no business doing it. The hypocrisy of this woman is appalling.
She has neither the authority nor the education in nutrition to say anything. Moochie needs to come out of the closet and leave the box of Twinkies behind. Let her go on another vacation and stay there and stop telling us and our troops how to eat.

Thersites said...

if only all liberals would stop the lies. The DNC should be quite a fest, huh?

You can bet that all mentions of "fact checking" will be absent in MSM convention coverage... or at best we'll get a "selective" sampling on only those not so outrageous claims with foundations in half-truths.

Anonymous said...


Richard, I think Marine4 is totally on your side!

THersites: I just had a chat with a teacher I thought was more centrist than he is(and he insists he is)...I failed miserably, I have to admit. Imagine...the whole enchilada: BUSH, IRAQ, HALLIBURTON.......hard to fight.
When I reminded him that Halliburton was chosen because IT WAS THERE and contracts for huge projects can take YEARS and we didn't have that time, he said "but WHY was it in place there?"

They've done tons of work other than WARS in the M.E., but that's how leftists think.

I gave up. sad.

CnC said...

Z, thanks for the link to Barry’s story, it was a riot!
Also on the “comments” selection on my blog I have no idea why it disappears unless you hover the cursor over it. It is visable when it says” NO Comments” then goes into hiding after a comment is made, maybe some of your readers would be kind enough to offer an explanation.
As for as the subject of this post….
Everyone wants to blame President Bush for the mess at the end of his last term. I have a different take on it.
He deserves some blame for sure, he tried too much to appease the liberal Dems and spent to their hearts desire, but the lions share of the blame is reserved for Frank/Dodd and the other Dems, Sharpton, Jackson for the extortion on banks that created the housing bubble.
I blame Clinton and the Dems for not allowing us to develop our own natural resources and Clinton for letting Bin Laden off the hook when he could had taken him out before 911 which caused the wars, but he was too busy getting bjs from skanks and whacking off in the Oval Office.
Ok I’m done, time for the Obama ass kissers to respond with their usual drivel that is based on “their emotions not logic”.

Marine4ever said...

@Richard --
"Yeah, just in case you didn't notice, I don't like her either
But of course if you want listen to someone with a butt the size of Texas telling you what to eat and what not to eat, then YOU go right ahead"

Guess I'm not understanding what the above has to do with NOT watching the DNC (God forbid) and having an empty chair under my flag. Ya gotta remember, I'm just a dumb Marine.

Anonymous said...

"I'm just a dumb Marine."

That'll be the day!

By the way, I had such a time today with my lib friend, talking about how the Marines pretty much dissed Obama's recent visit with REALLY tepid response (as you showed on your excellent post, Marine4)...I told him almost every serviceman says they could have won, they should have won, they could still win....and they're THERE with their lives on the line; Why would they risk their lives if they didn't believe that, you know?

JonBerg said...

Well, this looks a little like "Old Home Week". Thanks to M4e I was able to discover this site. It's refreshing, in deed, that at least some realize that just because someone has a pulse this, alone, does NOT qualify them to get a loan.

-FJ said...

Even the hard Left hates Obama

JonBerg said...


BRAVO ZULU! You have presented an issue, succinctly but completely, which deserves far more attention than, at least heretofore, it has been given. Perhaps I've missed something but it seems to me that the Republicans have been remiss in explaining this when the DemocRATs blame everything on Bush. Although it was a concerne of his, Chris Doodoo and Barny Fag had a lock on it going clear back to the Peanut Jellyfish!

Elmers Brother said...

Clinton used them in Kosovo too

Richard said...

"Richard, I think Marine4 is totally on your side!"

Oh well, I guess that I'm the dumb one caz I read your comment too fast, and I thought you when you said "Sheech, what an idiot." You were addressing me.

My apologies. Marine4, by the way, I'm an ex Dogface myself.

To those not old enough to know that term...meaning a Army infantry foot soldier, not someone with a ugly face...lol. .

Pris said...

I have always watched both conventions, and this will be the toughest yet, but, I'm going to try.

There have been so many lies, smoke and mirrors, and just plain nastiness by the Dems this go 'round, that it'll be tough to hang in there.

I heard this morning that Michele Obama is going to say she hopes to influence grocery stores as to what foods to sell!
Really? If that's true, it'll go over like a lead balloon!!

Ah, but the left has one interest and one only, and that's to control us any way they can. Power can be so ugly, can't it?

Sam Huntington said...

Thanks, Jon...

Someone opined today that the GOP intentionally withholds details because they didn’t want to give the Democrats ammunition before the debates. I hadn’t thought about that, but it does make sense. But I do agree that the GOP has done a dismal job speaking clearly to issues. If they did that, they may convince more Americans to give their platform a much closer look. Why don’t they? I think the reason is that hardly anyone is paying attention; by now, most Americans are ideologically locked in to their candidate —and because most Americans don’t understand anything without an AP.

Marine4ever said...

@ Richard --
Whew... Glad we got THAT cleared up; 'thank you's' to Anonymous through Z, or something like that.

@ Anonymous --
That puts a BIG ol' grin on this ugly mug of mine to know you were able to get to your lib friend with what I had on my post. It also shows that you're a bigger man than I am; you have lib friends.

@ Mustang --
"communist, uh … community organizers"
Aww, come on Mustang! Let's just call 'em what they are -- COMMUNIST!

@ JonBerg --
MY BUDDY! I knew you'd see this site on my blog. We can thank Mustang for putting us onto such a great place!

@ Anybody I Missed --
Sorry 'bout that. Catch you next time around.

Anonymous said...


Marine4..Anonymous Z is me, (Z and proud founder and proprietor of GeeeZ :-) at work...so my computer doesn't automatically do the BLUE Z!!
And thanks SO MUCH for the "such a great place" That made my day!
I have to admit it's always had THE most wonderful commenters so I was doing a pretty good job myself, but now that I'm working full time, Mustang's writing for geeeZ and he's a HUGE HIT!
Marine4...you might enjoy some of Mr. Z's pieces (see my LABELS under MR Z) ...he was my husband from Germany who loved America so much and passed away almost 3 years ago. He's written some good stuff!
I'm so glad you're here.

YOUR BLOG IS TERRIFIC and Mustang says your graphics/images are some of the best ever and I have to agree!

Pris, I'm going to TRY tonight, too. Mercifully, I have dinner plans at a restaurant so I won't have to watch MUCH!!
Mrs. Obama; why's she think she knows better what we should or can EAT?? She's not DR Michelle Obama, right?...just another fascist who thinks she knows better?
I'm REALLY curious about who they drug out from Bain Capital to speak; there are supposedly two people. Maybe Romney killed yet another woman or man, huh?

JonBerg, a very hearty welcome to geeeZ!

see y'all later!

Impertinent said...

Considering the size and spread of Moocheles chromed bumper....I'd say she hasn't much room to give advice on food to anyone!

Maybe she's been hiding that Doctorate since she left princeton? Or does a patronage job at a hospital qualify her?

Liberalmann said...

Wow, what a nasty, lying, racist post! Stooping to new lows, I see. The right is getting desperate, lol! 'Communist' my ass, you guys are facists!

Anonymous said...

From Z:

I won't be watching much of the DNC tonight after all... I have been reading some Yahoo news information on Cory Booker's speech, what Michelle will be saying, and several other things....I'm pretty sure I can't stomach watching tonight.

And, of course, I SO wish that the RNC went second so they could put to rest the C**P that the DNC is pushing. (Who chose to go first, anyway?)

Ya, Mr. Booker, it's not CLASS WARFARE that forces the rich who already pay 75% of all of America's taxes, it's (are you ready?) PATRIOTISM!!! Because it PAID FOR WARS.

They don't even realize that it's the whole thinking behind this class warfare that offends the Republicans, not the idea of people paying more IF THEY WANT TO.

I hope that Romney/Ryan get their rebuttals ready and STRONG and CLEAR; it's going to take a HECK OF A LOT to poke holes in the DNC convention rhetoric...

Also, why the heck are the leftwing pundist screaming about the Republicans not having outlined their plans in detail at the RNC? Who ever DOES? It's always broadstroke, general ideology at the conventions.....at least I don't ever think of the convention speeches for being detailed ...

Anonymous said...


Liberalmann...if you read the posts and thought, you'd see this is FOR Black America, not against. What's the MATTER with you?
Republicans don't WANT the poor of ANY color dissed just for political gain. Gee, it sure did sound good for Obama to promise the world....the Right saw through it back then....but now our Black Americans are suffering at a higher rate than white.
That seems fair to you only because you'd do ANYTHING for your leftwing ideology.
It FAILS THE HUMAN SPIRIT...do you get it?

Please, look up fascist and tell us again who's telling us what to eat, who will be forced to give to others, whose doctors are going to be drowning under the pressure of 40 million more patients...

ya, you tell US who's TRULY FASCIST.


Louis H. said...

Hey liberal, I'm black and I don't see anything racist at this post. Never have.

Why are you progressives racists? Why do you take advantage of black peoples? Why do you get rich from other people's misère?

You are the racist and the fascist. We love the freedoms and you love to take it alls away.

Vous êtes la merde.

CnC said...

normal people do Z
only normal people

Jack Whyte said...

Liberal twit needs to do something about his incontinence. I recommend jumping out of a ten-story window.

Kid said...

One answer. obama is a free-loading imbecile just like all of his supporters.

Hey duck. You have plenty of facts but never any evidence. How about put up or shut up.

Personally I just usually treat you like the 3 yr old FOS artist you constantly act like but every once in a while I reach out and try to help you. I know what a guy.

CnC said...

I feel sorry for liberalman, good God, he wakes up being him...
I pray

Impertinent said...

"I recommend jumping out of a ten-story window..."

He can do it...as long as he remembers to wear his Spidey man jammies....or his used Batman cape.

Mustang said...


Hold the presses!

Liberalmann is Pocahontas Warren?



DaBlade said...

Did obama's brother's shack go back to the bank in a sheriff's sale? I'll bet you could get that for a song.

Liberalmann said...

Wow, you guys do have a warped view of what racism is. Did you actually graduate from high school?

Impertinent said...


Here is a great definition of the libs..the "Democratic party"today:

"As reflected in the press, academia, New York’s Upper West Side and Brooklyn’s Park Slope, and, of course, most of the film academy and big Hollywood boosters of Obama like George Clooney. The rest of the party’s base is made up of those who get government checks and those in the business community who get what From calls “corporate welfare.” In other words, the party has become “the party of elites and dependents.”

Draw your own conclusions...please.

As that's being...way too kind. Socialists, anarchists, Pinkers, Planned abortionists, Fascists, communists and illiterate, immature, ignorant college types...that just want to score.

JonBerg said...

"Did you actually graduate from high school?"

Yes, do YOU plan to?

Anonymous said...

Louis H.
I don't know French, but I think I know what you said. As a word for word translation, you just complimented liberalman in American slang.

-big fat tio mike

Kid said...

Liberalmann, I don't respond to you either because I think you're just here for the laughs, your own of course.

But Racism? Do we know what it is?

How is this:
- brought the slaves to America
- fought the civil war to keep them
- still as late as the 1960's had white and black only areas. Probably even today but without the signs
- LBJ said when he stole social security to create welfare, Quote - "This will have those niggers voting for democrats for the next 50 years."
- the democrats have continued to enslave not only the blacks but all the poor by giving them handouts instead of opportunity - propaganda instead of education - checks to stay a single mother instead of building a family unit and prospering.

the democrats should literally GO TO HELL for their racism and gross abuse of humans. Dig?

Conservatives, like me, want everyone to be cared for if they really need it and successful if they don't have any disabilities that prevent it.

So kiss off. I'm not even interested in your reply your attempted point is so pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Liberalman, several assertions have been made, and if you are willing I'd like to give you a chance to set the record straight.

1. Are you the commenter who used to post as "Bd"? I've only seen the assertion made once, but I've noticed uncanny similarities?

2. Is it true that you copy and paste the same posts to multiple blogs? I'm inclined to believe this one based on long passages of text I've seen where the style is markedly different from your more breezy style.

3. Are you actually paid to post to conservative sites? I wasn't completely sold on this allegation, but it does make a good story. I thought I'd let you respond.

--big fat tio mike

Z said...

Louis H. said...
Hey liberal, I'm black and I don't see anything racist at this post. Never have."

THank you SO MUCH for that, Louis.

et oui, vous avez raison....merde (mais pardonnez mois pour 'merde'!)

TIO MIKE....when I was once on Comment Moderation, Liberalmann posted something....I saw the very same exact comment was posted just below it and that came from 'bd'...so yes, he'd messed up with screen names. Who else COULD it be? There are few who can be this close minded and nasty, really.

Ducky's here said...

Hey Sammy, were Countrywide and Ameriquest private regulated banks?

Were the majority of the loans made during the bubble made by regulated banks. Nope.

Did the volume of mortgages underwritten by Fannie and Freddie decline during the bubble? Yup.

How do mortgage regulations or legislation account for the complete bankruptcy of the investment banking system? Well we pretty much know. They bet that housing prices would always rise. Now would your book be stupid enough to just bet the over without laying anything off?

Once again demento, it wasn't regulated banks making these loans. And when the crooks at Fannie and Freddie who had bet they could double the share price(why were they ever privatized) saw themselves losing share they started fudging.

And the ratings agencies, you forgot them. Did legislation force them to lie?

Did legislation force Countrywide to write million dollar jumbos with nothing down?

What regulated banks were lending with no money down you fool?

Z said...

Ducky, NOBODY calls my commenters DUMB, particularly when they're anything BUT. your comment was deleted. I should delete the other, but I'm eager to hear the comments.

Bob said...

Black people will vote for Obama because he is first a Democrat, and secondly he is black. Maybe they will vote for him because he is black, anyway. That sounds perfectly logical, but I don't think they would have voted for Colin Powell or Condeleeza Rice.

It makes no difference to the black community whether Obama is an idiot or a genius. They will vote Obama come hell or high water.

Bob said...

Ducky said, " it wasn't regulated banks making these loans. "

You know that's BS. All banks were making those loans. Everybody made money until the house of cards collapsed.

It all began because the government insisted on relaxing credit rules for minorities. Once this started, everybody got in on the act. When the floodgates opened, all the people that game systems got in on the bonanza started by well meaning, but dumb Democrats.

The rest is history, and we are all worthy less because of dummies like Barney "Rubble" Frank, and Christopher "Gimme More" Dodd.

And that's the way it is.

Z said...

julian castro is the mayor of San Antonio..

they say he's a RISING STAR in the Dem party.......

SO, wouldn't that be just about right for America in 8 years or so?..........President CASTRO?

CASTRO..perfect for the Left.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, the Daily Caller revealed some previously unpublished court information about a landmark case that many consider the fuse that set off the subprime mortgage boom and eventually, the economic meltdown. It was a 1995 discrimination lawsuit against Citibank, on behalf of a group of African-Americans who claimed they couldn’t get loans because...of their race. It was part of a coordinated effort at the time by progressive groups. The banks didn’t want to be sued or accused of racism, so they loosened requirements for credit history and down payments. What the Daily Caller discovered is that among the original plaintiffs in that case, there was a startling loan failure rate. Out of about 186 homebuyers, roughly half have since gone bankrupt or received one or more foreclosure notices. As few as 19 still own homes with clean credit ratings. Even some of the plaintiffs now say the banks never should’ve made those loans.

And here’s the kicker: the lead attorney on that case that prompted banks to start making home loans to people who couldn’t qualify for them was a young Chicago community activist named Barack Obama.

Perhaps the MSM may get it right sooner or later.

FrogBurger said...

Libmerde, what's a warped view of racism.

Racism is the view that a race is inferior to another one.

So when you practice positive discrimination, that implies that someone of a particular race cannot make it by himself. Hence it is thinking that person is inferior. Hence it is racist, too.

Lisa said...

?..........President CASTRO?

Z the left would love it because of how much they love the country and all.

Marine4ever said...

President Castro would be TOO ironic.

On the flip side, should the stars not align and the planets collide and Obimbo takes it for the second time -- I may as well move to Cuba... at least the beaches are warm and sunny.

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