Friday, September 7, 2012

I had to post this :-)

Remember when Obama said "If I had a son, he'd look just like Trayvon Martin?"   I thought this was a pretty clever take on that considering the Eastwood empty chair shtick........

thanks, Bubba!



Ed Bonderenka said...

It took me a minute.
"if I had a son he'd look like trayvon"
Pretty good.

Z said...


CnC said...

I didnt get it till I read Ed's comment, but I'm still a little sluggish from the Cowboy ribeye and cheese cake from Longhorn's steakhouse.
oh man !

Z said...

CnC, thanks...I just added to my post so more people will get it!!

CnC said...

Hey Z, I tweaked my blog so "comments" button is visible, thanks for the advice and I love Barry's link about the colonoscopy,it was a lot funnier!

Z said...

CnC..good! Glad that will be more visible...your blog is terrific and you should have more comments!

I thought your piece on your colonoscopy was very nearly that funny, too...I really did!

Anonymous said...

...C'mon, guys, give him a break now at least. He is dead.

Anita Davis said...

I've never heard him comment on a white boys shooting..
Obama will go down as the great divider.

CnC said...

Thanks Z, coming from you thats a big compliment, if you get time check out my latest post.

Z said...

Anonymous, this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Martin. But, you're right, I hesitated a tad because the boy IS dead, very sadly, and this post brings it all back.

Of course, the humor here has nothing to do with Trayvon (may he rest in peace), this is about the chair thing of Eastwood's and how disingenuous Obama'd been bringing up how Trayvon looked like the son he never had...for some purpose only Axelrod's clever scheming could have scripted for Obama.
A. he didn't look like Obama
B. why bring that up in the midst of the sadness of the shooting?

CnC, i'm heading over to your place next.

Have a really busy day but plan to spend a lot of time visiting my friends' blogs who frequent geeez so loyally though my working full time now is keeping me from visiting as much as I'd like to during the week.
I am always SO HUMBLED by that. THANKS, GUYS>

And thanks to Mustang who's written such good stuff and brought over SUCH good bloggers I'd never known before, that my blog's busy and fun again!
THanks, Mustang! XXX

Anonymous said...

Sure thing. But, sadly, when people take Lord's name in vain these days to make a point, what is a dead kid?

Mustang said...

Wait ... who took the Lord's name in vain? Do you mean making fun of Obama? You think Obama is the lord? Anon, you need help. Seriously. And you need it right now.

Anonymous said...

Charmed, i'm sure.

Z said...

anonymous, seriously...can you show us where anyone mentioned God here?
Or DO you mean Obama? I can't imagine that. ! Mustang could be right..?

"what is a dead kid"? You shouldn't have to ask that question.

Now we can't laugh at a clever joke on the RNC Eastwood routine without being lectured about the Lord and dead children? WOW

FreeThinke said...

Megagiggles, Z.

I love it!

~ FT

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