Thursday, September 20, 2012

Media Treachery

In old days men had the rack. Now they have the Press. That is an improvement certainly. But still it is very bad, and wrong, and demoralizing. Somebody — was it Burke? — called journalism the fourth estate. That was true at the time no doubt. But at the present moment, it is the only estate. It has eaten up the other three. The Lords Temporal say nothing, the Lords Spiritual have nothing to say, and the House of Commons has nothing to say and says it. We are dominated by Journalism.” —Oscar Wilde

The “Fourth Estate” is a societal or political entity whose influence is not officially recognized. The term refers specifically to the news media; it origin attributed to none other than Edmund Burke, who used this term in a parliamentary debate in 1787.

What Mr. Wilde’s commentary proves is that the media have been decadent for a very long time, and we the people —those whose interests the Fourth Estate allegedly serve - are the biggest fools of all. We pay for these printed periodicals, we patronize their advertisers, and ultimately, we find ourselves utterly demoralized by the media’s lack of morality —their treason— their treachery. Yet, we continue to allow this monster to influence us with its lies, distortions, its liberal agenda, which appear singularly anti-American.

It is not bad enough the media have become lapdogs for the progressive agenda; it appears the American communist movement too overruns them. We learned that media were co-opted by a communist movement to create Barack Obama, and that this successfully elected him to the presidency. What was the purpose of this? To ensure America fails at something —and it surely has, thanks to Obama’s communications director, Anita Dunn and all the useful idiots who laughingly call themselves journalists. In this video, Anita Dunn gloats about how she and others manipulated the American people, how they used the American media to their own advantage, and gave us the worst president in our entire history.

This may not be important, particularly if the reader is already in the tank for the neo-communist movement in America. On the other hand, it could be important if even the very idea that a dedicated communist is able to create a rock star out of a previously obscure politician, and actually propel him onto the world stage —it could make a thinking person very angry. Perhaps angry enough even to repudiate the Obama machine in the 2012 elections.

We certainly hope so.

-Mustang Sends;  images and only the very last sentence by Z :-)


From The Archives of The Political Chic said...

Too bad the media has lost all of any integrity it possibly had so that they might had informed the people about who and what they are voting for when they pull the lever for Obama.
Romney tells the truth when he says that almost half the American people receive government hand-outs and pay no income tax and the media makes it sound as if he don't care about almost half the American people.

Obama speaks like a card carrying Commie and it just slides by. It's disgusting.

We've already seen the results of Obama's Presidency and it has been disastrous in every way.

Ducky's here said...

If the news media weren't completely in the tank for The Black Bush I wonder what the reportage would be.

It seems mustang would have it move into the mode of comic hyperbole.

Anonymous said...

There was a time when journalist were not graduates of any school of journalism. They knew how to write well and they did not trust any politician or government. They saw their job as uncovering the truth. Today, the graduates from socialist schools of journalism se their job as hiding the truth if the truth is not convenient to them.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, President Barack Obama and a vast majority of Democrats lead 47 percent of the American people to believe that only the government can take care of them, and therefor he will get those people to vote for him. More hypocrisy.

Z said...

Conson Fire...right. WHat happened to who, what, when, where and why?
We gave bylines to EVERYONE (I remember when that happened) and everyone has an opinion and believes we all need to know those opinions, most of the time couched as facts.
Journalism schools should be ashamed.

Political Chic...I can't tell you how many liberal friends have agreed with what Romney said about the 47%...they might not vote for him because they're too indoctrinated but many have said "But that IS true.." ah, well...truth be damned, I guess?

Ducky... honesty and truth seem to be disdainful to you, including those who week it. Why?

Black Conc: have you read Star Parker's books? You sound just like her, only less verbose :-)
I have a close relative on her BOard and have met her; she is fantastic and gets it SO RIGHT, but she says Black AMericans won't speak out because they'll never want their Blacks, even unthinking ideological leftists, to be proven wrong by a white guy. It's so disheartening...although some Black ministers are finding the nerve!

Z said...

by the way, I hope you're all paying a lot of attention to the Fast and Furious news; it's not over yet. His DoJ found Holder innocent, but there's more coming.

The general media probably won't carry this, but Americans should know.

Z said...

ducky, by the way, you are SUCH an Obama fan at other blogs, what's up!?

unless you've suddenly started to appreciate George Bush??

Elmers Brother said...

Compared to duhkkky Obama looks like Ronald Reagan.

Sam Huntington said...

Well there you have it, Z and Mustang; Nostradumbass can't read or comprehend. Obviously, he’s another pathetic product of leftist education.

As to the topic, did you notice CNN, ABC, MSNBC, and CBS refused to air the Obama video where he is admits to a strong belief in the redistribution of wealth. Maybe you guys aren’t engaging in hyperbole after all.

At one time in our history, the people mistrusted government. They did so on the advice of our founding fathers. And they maintained this belief as the press informed them of government incompetence, cronyism, and dishonesty. But that was back when the press kept the people informed in a nonpartisan manner. That was before the press became an agent of the government. That was before journalists sold their souls to the Marxists, Leninists, and Stalinists … like Nostradumbass.

Anonymous said...


Sam, you, I, Mustang, everyone else here who keeps both eyes open and watches most news venues knows what's going on.

Just the information you have about the networks and CNN not allowing Americans to watch that redistribution comment because they don't want them to see it is pretty awful.
It's none of their BUSINESS, actually, what the American people want or need to see; it's NEWS.

I believe that news people on either side of the aisle at least used to show all the news, like FOX does now.
It's PRAVDA with our networks and leftwing cables now......what the state wants voters to know and NO AMERICAN should be proud of that, even leftwing Americans who should understand just how well Communism worked in Russia :-)

We all see the rush to judgments by the leftist news.
Anybody see much on the hugely expensive fundraiser JZ and "Bey" (as Obama calls her) held last night?
See how "Cool" Obama was on Letterman? :-) And now Letterman's daring Romney to come on his show. Imagine that? Romney is NOT cool, he's staid, steady, earnest and serious. Letterman knows exactly what that would do with his horrible insults in the guise of humor.

They're ALL GUNNING FOR ROMNEY and we need to hope that Americans of good minds realize this.

It's all we've got...that, and a good candidate who just might put our country in the right direction after these rotten last few years.


Anonymous said...


"Pawlenty leaves Romney campaign ONLY SEVEN WEEKS BEFORE ELECTION!"

"Letterman says he doesn't hate Romney!"

Those are just TWO headlines this morning :-)

"ONLY SEVEN WEEKS" My GOSH, and the campaign is in such disarray, this infers? No, it isn't...and from the milquetoastedness of Pawlenty maybe his taking a terrific new job (and that's what it's about, not about LEAVING like the media infers) is JUST what the campaign needs.

What it NEEDS is Axelrod..a lying, cheating, BRILLIANT and CUNNING man who makes Carville look stupid and saintly. (which takes a LOT, I assure you :-)

And imagine LETTERMAN inviting ROMNEY on? Well, at least he doesn't HATE HIM...or "Mrs. Mitt" as Letterman refers to the lovely Mrs. Ann Romney.


JonBerg said...

I wonder what those jerks on the left have to say about the exposure of B.O.'s latest hoax, regarding the Benghazi incident? It's sad, indeed, when we must trust a Libyan President over our own, pathetic, Administration!

No, Bush didn't have anything to do with this!

Anonymous said...


JonBerg, it's almost frightening to see how fast Amb. Rice went into "it's the VIDEO"....pundits are saying that was because the O Administration's been saying "We're so good to muslims, they'll never hurt us again" types of inferences...
I think the pundits (including some on the left) are right.

Well, they did hurt us again. It's said that Stevens might have been sodomized...That gesture was to ALL of us.

And yes, the Libyans THERE are saying this was definitely premeditated.....and we've all, by now, heard about STevens' emails saying he felt under protected, that security was lacking...
and we've seen articles saying we'd decided we couldn't afford better security anymore..

Hillary's now saying "of COURSE we'll get our people secure!" NOW...NOW, after we have four dead dear Americans least one with a wife and small children! And their names are hardly mentioned!
I lost my Mr Z almost 3 years ago...Patrick Swayze died just around that time and his wife got to go on TV talking about what a great guy he was because he was known.
I feel the same way for the wife of the diplomat who was killed in Libya; Stevens gets the press because he was better known; her husband's barely mentioned.
Yet he was the WORLD to his family.

If ONLY Leftwingers would wake up and see things realistically...we're cutting down our navy, our marines, our diplomatic services...all at a time when they're more necessary than ever.
If they're not, and our technology is doing the work of manpower, then let the Obama dopes outline us how a shrunken military's going to keep us safe because we have drones.

They want Romney with DETAILS....let THEM supply US with DETAILS.


The Debonair Dudes World said...

So we have Mitt Romney making a remark at a private fund-raising dinner which apparently shocked at least half of the American public and the ENTIRE American Main Stream Media. Now what was it that he said that was SO shocking. Well, lets put it this way, He told the truth and apparently that was truly shocking! Why was it so shocking? Because it hit home and the Lefty American Media don’t want anyone to tell the truth about the Lazy, bunch people who live off the public, and the Government. Or as Mitt Romney said, 47% of the people that are living off the public dole, living off their neighbors hard work.
He said: “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what.” Almost half the American people receive government hand-outs and pay no income tax? That’s truly shocking. What was it that was SO shocking?
The fact that he said it, or that what he said is so true?
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck --- it's a duck. The truth is the truth, no matter how you want to say it. So do we punish the one who dared to tell it like it is, or do we do something about the problem?

JonBerg said...

Well DD, as I mentioned on your site; if the truth was important to many we wouldn't have a fraud in the White House!

Anonymous said...


JonBerg said "Well DD, as I mentioned on your site; if the truth was important to many we wouldn't have a fraud in the White House!"

And couldn't we all make a list of the lies?

Bill Ayers (oops, not supposed to mention that...old news dontchaknow?)

Jeremiah Wright "I never heard him say THAT!!"

"if you like your doctor or your insurance, you can KEEP it" (BS)

"I'll turn this economy around"

"We're shovel ready!" (even Z thought it wasn't the worst idea ever to actually care for infrascture with those billions....but where DID theygo, anyway?)

etc etc



Donna said...

I would like to recall how the left vilified Sarah Palin and continue to do so. . They called her every name in the books from Stupid to crazy and yet Obama’s second-in-command, the scholar, Joe Biden, is a clueless simpleton, who is one scary heartbeat away from becoming the President of the United States of America..
Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a “dumb twat” and dropped the C-word in describing Sarah Palin and dropped the C-word in describing the Governor. He called Palin and Congresswoman Bachmann “boobs” and “two bimbos.” He said of the former vice-presidential candidate, “She is not a mean girl. She is a crazy girl with mean ideas.” He recently made a joke about Rick Santorum’s wife using a vibrator. Imagine now the same joke during the 2008 primary with Michelle Obama’s name in it, and tell me that he would still have a job.
The liberal left can use whatever language they wish, filthy or not when speaking of Republican, but when Rush Limbaugh makes one remark about Sandra Fluke, they jump on him like a pack of Wolves. Even when he apologized, they didn’t let go of it. I haven't heard anyone apologize for the words they used about Sarah Palin, not David Letterman, not Bill Maher and not anyone else.
And you can bet that the left is already hard at work trying to dig up dirt to vilify

Donna said...

Not to change to subject but:
Can anyone imagine what a nightmare it would be if the Psychopath Joe Biden ever became the President of the United States of America?

Jack Whyte said...

Donna, I can't see how it could get worse. Biden is as much of a communist as is Obama. Biden would only accomplish by accident what Obama is doing on purpose.

Donna said...

Jack Whyte said...
"Donna, I can't see how it could get worse. Biden is as much of a communist as is Obama. Biden would only accomplish by accident what Obama is doing on purpose."

I have no argument or doubt that you are correct. about that. It's a scary thing, but so true.

Mustang said...

Everyone, JonBerg sent along this video that you may find interesting.

Congressman West doesn’t mind telling it the way it is, and he doesn’t back down. We need more politicians like this, and less of those spineless other kinds of politicians.

Sadly, the press still doesn't get it.

Anonymous said...

"Letterman knows exactly what that would do with his horrible insults in the guise of humor."

The same deviant humor he used to excuse his philandering and adulterous behavior?

And his Obe-essence sat with this POS? You'd think he would have sat with Leno instead. He's not a disgusting, unfaithful whore like letterman.

Brooke said...

An astute post, and spot-on by DD!

Z: Ducky is a racist and a misogynist at his core; sometimes he cannot suppress it and he outs himself.

Anonymous said...

"Bill Maher and not anyone else."

I heard that maher doesn't allow anyone in his audience unless they have f..king idiot tattooed on their forehead? It has to be true with all the laughs he gets for his filthy, disgusting diatribes on women and believers.

Or does he check their voter ID's?

Mustang said...

HBO is an enigma, particularly when they bill Comedy Def Jam, programs about queers, and Bill Maher as “entertainment.” I find it hard to believe no one has sued HBO for false advertising.

Anonymous said...


"HBO is an enigma..."

That's a word I'm not familiar with...does it mean a sewer?

Cause I cancelled after the Sopranos ran out ( cause I'm a Jersey guy )...what was that 4 years ago?

FreeThinke said...

Well well well! So there's apparent Liberal Bias in the Media that heavily favors our crypto-Marxist, Statist president?

Imagine THAT! WOW! What an astonishing revelation!

As usual, the past teaches us little or nothing. The so-called "MSM" has had a profoundly leftist tilt for the past hundred years. It was "muffled" and "disguised" for a long time, but apparent to anyone like my immigrant grandparents who had an ounce of awareness and concern for the sanctity of property rights and the keeping open the possibility of accumulating personal wealth to passing on to their loved ones in hopes of giving their lives greater opportunity, a wider range of choices, and an easier time of it than they had when they came here with nothing but hope for a chance at a better life and a willingness to work hard to achieve it.

We used to call that The American Dream.

The ENEMEDIA, as I choose to call them, has been bound and determined to turn that dream into a nightmare for all who have been successful in fulfilling the great promise America once offered.

Liberal bias in the enemedia took off the gloves, barded its fangs and became blatant in the 1960's. It's triumph became complete when it successfully hounded Richard Nixon from office -- a president who had won his last election by a landslide.

Why had the enemedia sworn to "get" Richard Nixon?

Because he had been highly successful in the fight against COMMUNISM -- the pet ideology of the MSM since the poison of Marxian "dialectics" first reached the ears of the misfits, chronic malcontents and privileged, purse-lipped do-gooders blissfully ignorant of the peril on which they were placing themselves and all who sought to climb the ladder of success in future generations.

That most younger, self-identified "conservatives" today blithely accept the enemedia's verdict on Richard Nixon and regard him as a "criminal," an "embarrassment" and either a "fool" or a "really bad guy" is proof of the tremendous success the long-established liberal bias in our primary organs of communication has had in WARPING the American Mind.

~ FreeThinke

PS: And yes I've posted his elsewhere and have reposted it here, because it's true whenever -- and wherever -- this sorry subject comes up, and there's no point in my rephrasing sad, sickening truths that, apparently, are never going to change. - FT

Robert Sinclair said...

It's none of their BUSINESS, actually, what the American people want or need to see; it's NEWS.

Actually, Z … it doesn’t work that way. A supreme court justice once observed that the United States Constitution says exactly what the Supreme Court says that it says … and not one extra thing. I know that sounds arrogant, but it’s still true. It doesn’t matter what WE THE PEOPLE think; it only matters what the SUPREME COURT thinks.

Similarly, the NEWS tells us what news is; they don’t care what we want, or what we think. I guess this is all part of the new golden rule: whoever owns the gold makes the rules.

Anonymous said...


Robt, I suppose the arrogance part of your analogy is correct, sadly...
The SCOTUS is arrogant in that what IT says GOES..and the media is certainly arrogant in that they believe we only should know what they want us to know and what they think...

But I think my statement stands, no?? It is NOT the business of the media to filter what we hear..

Robert Sinclair said...

I never said you weren't correct. I only said it doesn't work that way. It should be as you stated; it is not, and I doubt it ever was.

I think for most of our history, horribly uninformed Americans have taken press reports at face value. Do you remember reading about Orson Welles radio program, War of the Worlds?" How many people killed themselves because they actually believed it was a real event?

Isn't this how Obama was elected?

Z said...

Robt..ya, that's how Obama was elected and now, like WAR OF THE WORLDS, we ALL want to kill ourselves because of it!! :-)

Z said...

Wait till you hear THIS!

Yahoo homepage now has an article about the ONE PERSON nobody could find anything nasty on (except that she buys clothing ALMOST as expensive as Michelle Obama, of course)...

the headline is "Ann Romney...too much of a good thing?"

So, you see...if Republicans are FABULOUS as she is, she's TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING. They found a negative!

(if you have children, do not let them read that!!) :-)

Louis H. said...

Miss Romney seem very nice; I am sure le canard will call her a filthy name soon.

Lisa said...

hey Z sorry I've been slacking but still reading. Just been a little busy.
I think people are starting to get it that the media that spews their Obama BS are not so convincing any more. I am very optimistic that the American people,those who have been hit hard by Obama's policies are realizing that we need a new direction and that this certainly was not the direction they were expecting.

Another reason I am optimistic is hat people are more than proud to slap a Romney/Ryan bumper sticker on their cars and display them proudly. I am seeing them every day,today and yesterday included.

I am shocked that Uni-Vision(vi-see-own) actually asked Obama about his pre-knowledge of the attacks on our embassies. His smugness of hob knobbing with celebrities drinking thousand dollar bottles of champagne and yucking it up with Letterman has hit a nerve even from his supporters.
Talk about out of touch! This guy is out of reality.

Liberalmann said...

Lol! The right has 90% of talk radio and their own nework in Fox where half of Rmoney's staff is employed. And he still can't beat obama!

Lisa said...

Yeah Lib because Obama is just so frigging awesome right?

Right Wing Theocrat said...

If I were you all, I would simply switch off the news when they start carping on about how terrible Romney is, you can't trust them any more, much of the media has whored itself out to the left. Don't trust them, don't listen to them.