Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Obama Voters.....

By the way, these were taped AFTER Bin Laden was killed........welcome to the world of leftwing voters:

Obama's a Mormon, he picked Paul Ryan for his running mate, Sarah Palin will do better this time because she's more prepared, and McCain ...
oh, never mind........you've got to listen to believe it.




Ed Bonderenka said...

Not just left wing voters, but left wing voters of a certain color.
Hannity danced around the race issue concerning this last night.
Stern did this same thing four years ago and it was hilarious/infuriating.
Stern only sampled blacks, because that made it uncomfortably funny.
It mocked a group and left hanging the question, is there a similar class of white voters?
Stossel did this a little while back with primarily a sampling of white voters on the street after which he informed them of their wrong info, getting them to agree that they should not vote if they don't know what they're talking about.
It's too much to ask voters to show ID, when the sad part is that they have no IDEA.

Anonymous said...

See, this is what I've been saying all along. A left wing press gives us a much better informed electorate. You wouldn't have this sort of thing had Obama won the election against Eugene McCarthy.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord! Can Americans really be that stupid? This is depressing.

Aries said...

Obama cannot get along with the Republicans or anybody else who disagrees with him about something - yet he imagines he is going to become a pal of foreign enemies of the U.S. This is a characteristic of Leftism that never changes. Leftists fear and loathe domestic political critics, fellow Americans, infinitely more than they do foreign enemies of America, with whom they are always trying to negotiate and work something out. They are willing to jeopardize national security and honor to appease and placate foreign enemies - but toward Americans who merely differ with them on points of politics they are ruthless and intransigent. They often seem to hate America and Americans as much if not more than the foreign enemies they always try to befriend. And when will this president and the Vice president stop spiking the ba;; over the event that led to the killing of Osama bin Laden and give the credit where it is due, to the US. Navy Seals. OK, so I will grant you that Obama did one thing right in the FOUR years of his reign. . Well, truthfully only because the MSM would never have allowed a Republican to do so. He shot rather than captured OBL. Of course the SEALS did the work. He didn't build that. Did he? And perhaps being that you are so well informed when it come to making excuses for Obama, maybe you can or ‘will” tell us why Obama has so much time for Barbara Walters, Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg but No time for the Israeli Prime Minister? I know that Whoop is a lot of fun and Bibi Netanyahu isn’t. But what the hell!
Obama has been campaign since he first became a senator and he has not stopped yet, even though the whole world is on fire, Obama is still fiddling. When will the United States wake up and get rid of this narcissist!!

Liberalmann said...

Aries...what can I say? You're really quite the parrot! Lol.

Yup there are moronic voters on both sides. The right has far more and their candidate is included:

Mitt Romney Wonders Why Ann Romney's Airplane Windows Don't Roll Down

Ducky's here said...

So a single screened and possibly staged call is representative of all black voters?

And you folks aren't bigoted?

Keep digging the whole, not that you care.

Anonymous said...

That wash any as a joke, but some people are just to DUmb. or closed. Minded to realize it.

Silverfiddle said...

What a chain of stupidity. This explains how he can still have people voting for him. Ignorance is bliss... for Democrat candidates.

Z said...

SF's right... the chain of stupidity says what a lot of us have been saying for four years "how dumb do people have to BE to vote for Obama?"

But, he'll probably win because they are obviously not paying attention...and just love the guy!

Stern and his black sidekick both mention how this isn't just black voters; that there are as many white voters this dumb, too.

sad days ahead.....

Ed's right about voter ID...if you're too unintelligent to get one, though they're being made so easy to get, you shouldn't be voting. This has NOTHING to do with protecting voting and everything to do with protecting lefting voting.

Brooke said...

Clearly, idiocy is running rampant.

What does one even say to this?!? The video would be funny if it weren't so sad, and scary!

Sam Huntington said...

Talk about ignorance, Ducky is offended ... or he at least plays that card.

Anonymous said...


it appears this isn't a news item only geeeeZ found! I'm so busy at work I don't get around much on the blogs, but I am glad this is being covered a lot.

It's funny that leftists are so dismayed and even yelling 'racist' over it..as if Stern and his black sidekick are racist or didn't explain exactly what was going on with the audio!

Also, it's really sad we're making fun of leftwing dopes when Dems never do that to any Republican, right? (Sarcasm)/

Have a great day! See y'all later.


Ducky's here said...

No Sammy(or is it Warren?) the issue escapes you.

What really freaks out the Republicans is their knowledge that we are quickly approaching the last election they can hope to win with simply a white constituency. It's got them running and looking for a strategy that will buy them a little time.

Train in the tunnel, big guy.

Chuck said...

Duck, did you listen to the audio? It was several people, not juts one caller.

The reality is that the Democratic party has relied on the ignorant voter for decades. How else can they keep saying for decades they will improve every aspect of their lives and never do it?

JonBerg said...
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JonBerg said...

It sure is comforting to know that these people get to help with OUR well-being, isn't it! This is exactly what WE get when almost anyone has the [right] to vote! Ignorant people, illegals and dead people make a mockery out of Democracy but just try to interdict their participation and watch the [left] scream bloody-murder!

Anonymous said...

"they can hope to win with simply a white constituency..."

Yep...that's why they lined up behind Herman Cain and Alan West...

Sam Huntington said...

Actually, Ducky ... Howard Stern did this same routine when Obama ran against McCain. The "journalists" asked citizens what they thought about Obama selecting Sarah Palin, a white woman, as his VP running mate. No one had a problem with that.

The issue here is that people are voting who are as dumb as rocks, which never bodes well for a strong republic. You wouldn't know that because (a) you are dumb as a rock, and (b) you hate America. So we really don't care what you think.

Ducky's here said...

Tell you what Impertinent.

Run Allen West in a presidential election.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Hey Lib the least you could have done was link to the article instead of the entire website, which by the way you have already been schooled about it on Jenn's blog that it was a joke but apparently you are too ignorant to realize it.
What amazes me is how the left always tries to portray the right as uneducated, yet those on the right know more about the issues than the dumb arses that the democrats cater to. The dumbest of the dumb thinking Obama is going to pay for their gas and their mortgages. That's why they are easily manipulated

Anonymous said...

"Run Allen West in a presidential election."

He'd get tremendous support. If he decided to.

Mustang said...

@ Imp

From a practical standpoint, Ducky is right. West wouldn't stand a chance. The press would skewer him incessantly.

But this does illustrate the fact that Ducky is a racist, along with 99.9% of the political left. They like their Negroes, but only so long as they can count on the negro vote.

Anonymous said...


"West wouldn't stand a chance. The press would skewer him incessantly."

As they already do of course...cause he's off the Sec8 lapdog plantation and is on the right. A very uncooperative and useless Negro for the leftist crud.
He has tremendous support down here in my backyard. I had an issue with VA benefits ( I spent 15 months wrangling with these bastards in Philly ) and he resolved it in under 10 days!

He's approachable, intelligent and honest. Not a house boy for the dems. He carries his own water.

Pris said...

"He's approachable, intelligent and honest. Not a house boy for the dems. He carries his own water."

Imp, you're so spot on. Allen West is terrific. He is his own man, and true to himself. I donate to him.

Anonymous said...


I believe West would do very well were it not for the media. And I think americans are finally starting to see through their media...I really do. They'll start listening to straight talk and I'm hoping Romney gets around to it.

Ducky, I had to laugh at your inference that SAM is Warren. If you ONLY knew. You suggest by your ridiculous comment that you know something about Warren (other than the fact that the man's brilliant)...if you did, you'd know he's not Sam, who's also brilliant but apparently has more time than the amazing, honorable man, Warren.

I'm hoping to go thru O's speech at the UN this morning...I'm quite sure "I" hasn't been used so often by ANY president...and, thank goodness he was able to sneak in America just ahead of the muslim examples he made....always America as rather an oversight.

Anonymous said...


"And I think americans are finally starting to see through their media...I really do. .."

Stats say that 60% do not trust the media for the truth....

And Prisc...thanks...he's a great man...no doubt about it. And he's up against another racist dem here that's trying her best to smear him...shameful. A man with 22 years serving this country honorably and against a leftist old hag who should / could be Debbie Schmutz's mother.

Liberalmann said...

A video uploaded to YouTube on Friday depicting a young woman registering voters in El Paso County, Colorado claiming she works for the clerk's office, but is only registering voters who support Mitt Romney.


Anonymous said...

"O's speech at the UN this morning"

Did he speak in Austrian this time?

Liberalmann said...

Lisa said..."Hey Lib the least you could have done was link to the article instead of the entire website, which by the way you have already been schooled about it on Jenn's blog that it was a joke but apparently you are too ignorant to realize it."


Ah, no. It was no joke. This guy is an out of touch blue blood who has been handed everything his entire life and has no clue how anything works. I'm betting he's never set foot in a grocery store.

Here's more:


Jack Whyte said...

We will continue to have people like this for as long as we spend so much money keeping them brainless. Can anyone who graduates from high school be so utterly stupid? Yes, it is possible if they graduate from an American high school.

For starters, we cannot hope to improve the lives of any individual if we keep our standards low. Somehow, voting without a clue seems almost a form of treason. Why does anyone vote for a candidate based on skin color? Isn’t that discrimination? Are we subsidizing discrimination these days? Was this the message left for us by Martin Luther King? No, it was not; we must conclude that King’s entire life and effort in the civil rights movement was a total waste of his time and energy.

Anonymous said...


"Are we subsidizing discrimination these days? Was this the message left for us by Martin Luther King? No, it was not; we must conclude that King’s entire life and effort in the civil rights movement was a total waste of his time and energy."

I'l have to agree with that. Especially after listening to Moochele the other night talk about repression and slavery once again. Obiessences formation of a Pac..."African-Americans" ( only ) for Obama.

The DoJ's head turd, Holder, refusing to enforce voting rights for whites and failing to prosecute the NBPP for voter intimidation and calling for the arrest and murder of a private citizen...one George Zimmerman ( imagine a white doing the same for a black )...and for referring to blacks as "my people" to the exclusion of the other 88% of the country.

Obama's past 20 years with that racist church....his embrace of CRT ( critical race theory ) and referring to whites as "typical". And I'd say about 99.99% of blacks in this country cannot point to an African father....a Kenyan. His "adoption" of Saint Skittles, a wannabe thug and budding criminal...his Gates faux pas resulting in cops being denigrated for doing their job.

So for them to tout slavery and equality has set back race relations at least 50 years.

And if you listen the the Maxine Waters, the John Lewis', Barbara Jordans and every black in Congress...one would think we haven't gotten past Jim Crow....a democrat invention by the way.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If you don't think Obama's evil now....you should....the muslim ass kisser is at it again...and I think the 1st Amendment is on the chopping block.

"Obama: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”

But it's Okeedokey to slander Christians and Jews and Hindus and Bhuddists?

"Why do I feel like this was a speech designed to sound so-so on promoting our American values but simultaneously pander to the people who would criticize us for them? There was an opportunity for a real display of strength and courage here in the wake of all of this unacceptable violence, and the president declined to take it."

Anonymous said...

From Z:

Imp! Was that phrase about slandering Islam in this morning's campaign speech at the UN?

"okeedokey" made me laugh :-)


Anonymous said...


Jack Whyte; you're getting brillianter and brillianter (you may quote me) (and yes, the grammar is a joke, the sentiment is not!) :-)

ImP! Doesn't it only seem like the last four years that we're all seemingly back in Jim Crow again, with Holder saying we're racists, with Michelle constantly on the nag.........MAN, what the .....??

Anonymous said...


"Was that phrase about slandering Islam in this morning's campaign speech..."

Yup...and Okeedokey.

Anonymous said...


"MAN, what the .....??"

They cannot let it go...who alive today has any slaves in their closet? Who? It's the constant barrage of grievances in a country where....even by anyones standards...blacks have one of the highest standards of living than in any other country?

It's about power....and the perennial poverty pimps and black racists have kept it going for the last 50 years...its a gravy train for all of them. And it's permeated and implanted in 3rd and 4th generations too. Show your face...and bam...you must be discriminated against.

The Jamaicans I know laugh their butts off...and so do Haitians I know.

And we were gullible and stupid enough to believe Obiessences coronation would end it all? Acoording to Moochele...it's still an issue.

DaBlade said...

They'll just listen to Madonna, Kanye, Whoopie, Nicki Minaj and the Kardashians then get in line for their cheese stamps. Idiots.

rosey said...

I think in Howard Stern's dead brain cell mind he meant to say "Obama's a moron" and Mormon came out. It can't be a freudean slip because he is incapable of stringing together a cogent thought any more.

Robert Sinclair said...

Howard Stern: Proof of Aliens.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick and completely disgusted with the huge divisions that have once again evolved since obama's election. I had hoped for better form this cheap suit and now...fraud.

I had hoped that he'd be a stronger, more forceful leader. A man who claimed he genuinely understood the Muslim psyche...customs and habits. A man who could communicate and settle misunderstandings and differences with his muslim "insight" and upbringing.

I now believe...that his muslim "brothers" have no more respect for him or incentive to modify their behavior. We are all apostates.....HE is an apostate if you believe his prostrations that he's really "Christian".

With this man....this man who's bowed before fascists and muslim monarchs....has single handedly wrecked...ruined...destroyed...what ever calm or diplomatic relationship we've developed over the past 30 years with Islam...or Muslims...or fascists that we know we're dealing with.

Mr. Obama.....has let us down....has set us back to the 50's in the ME.

Which has been disastrous for the country.

When Iran uses it's nukes....will Israel appreciate his efforts? Or will we be into WW3?

Ed Bonderenka said...

Lib says:"out of touch blue blood".
as opposed to an out of touch liberal adjunct professor, community organizer, professional politician?
OkeyDokey (correct spelling).

Anonymous said...




Scotty said...


Anonymous said...



Kid said...

That's Funny !

Kid said...

PS - I'd vote for Allen West, like 137 times just the first day !

Louis H. said...

Quelqu'un at-il remis en question les morts patriotes?

Kid said...

@Louis. Chicken Fajita?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Feminism....a trail.....One of many angry woman. after another....ignoring the success of so many women....just one angry woman after another.

Sucks...doesn't it? A huge charade....a Scam.

When..will it stop? What do they want?

When they don't need to shave any more?

Kid said...

IMP, They don't know what they want.

Z said...

Imp and Kid...what?
How'd we get on angry women and, Kid, who doesn't know what they want?

Everybody, I saw a kid Sat. night from my school, with two stupid black earrings (a guy)...we don't allow them at the school. Today, I said "where're your earrings?" Just to rib him.
"they don't let us wear them here...that's lame"

I said 'NO, it's not"..he said "Women get to wear one, don't you think that's unfair and sexist?"

"No, I don't....I am sexist!" :-)

Kid said...

Z, Most women don't know what they want.

That's all I can comment on.

beamish said...

Romney would do well to remember these people probably believe they pay taxes, and promise to cut them.

Z said...

Kid, could you take a stab on what most women want? I recognize that's kind of asking "do I look good in these jeans?" but..........:-)
IF you feel brave enough, I'd love to hear what a man thinks women want.

cube said...

Unbelievable. I never liked Howard Stern, but I must give him his due for this eye opening video.

Liberalmann said...
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Kid said...

Z, I accept your challenge ! :)

What women want:

-Security in all things
-Financial security, (deserves it's own bullet point)
-Men/Man with good hygiene
-4 different restaurants in 5 days
-Story book sex
-Grimms fairy tales sex
-Soft furry friends, cats and or dogs usually
-A gentile society
-Protection of the environment
-World Peace
-Pink tool belt.

In that order.

You know, same as guys, excetping for the men/man with good hygiene, sub a woman, and the pink tools.

Kid said...

PS, any women who want to know 'man secrets' I'll give em up. No charge.

Z said...

Libidiot....his wife was in a SMOKY PLANE, did you know that? Yes, SMOKY...it was a joke, get it?

He's not a gaffer like your Biden you'll be voting for again.......

By the way, shut up.
No offense.

Kid...GREAT ONES...I have to think about them. I know I don't want ANY tool belt, even pink, but I think the rest are excellent...all true.
And I thank you for the thoughtfulness you put into it..

There's a funny email going around that lists what women like and for men, it says BEER.

I think men like: (I'll just address this from the point of view of his relationship)

-doe-y eyed adoration
-obvious respect for who they are and what they do
-great sex that makes them feel they're the only guy that good :-)
(in the world!)
-good cooking
-great sex that makes them feel they're the only guy that good :-)
-doe-y eyed adoration!
-a bargain hunter!
-happy surprises
-a clean and comfy home
-no nagging
-great sex that makes them feel...well, you know!
-a gal who likes his friends worth liking and doesn't gripe about the ones who aren't
-flowers in the living room (at least mine did)
-pride in his home and car
-pride in his wife

Anonymous said...



Man that was good...really good....hat's off to Kid for being on the money...and Z...wink, wink..LOL

Kid said...

@Imp. Thanks man.

@Z, Z! Add in a bunch more sex and you have it nailed !

Anonymous said...


Z...is one beautiful woman....Truth. And has the voice of an archangel....

Beauty in spirit...resolve...personality....and presence.

Kid said...

@Imp. Virtually No Surprise there.

I'd add patience of a Saint.

Thanks Imp.

Z, how can you stand all these good thoughts raining down upon you. :)

Z said...

You guys are SO SO Wonderful!!

Imp, you exaggerate! (I like that!) :-) hA!!


Kid, it's HELL but somebody's got to do it! !!

Janie Lynn said...

This stuff terrifies me because they can vote. I wouldn't take away that right but I can sure as hell pray that they don't take advantage of it. Yikes!