Monday, October 1, 2012

Diplomacy? Diplomacy?

We don’t need no stink’in diplomacy …

This post is for all those folks who are still sniffing pixie dust in Never-Never Land, who breathed a sigh of relief when there was no longer a cowboy in the White House. But let us just say that while Dubaya wasn’t our fair-haired boy, no one in Iran thought to threaten the United States with an attack on our forward deployed bases when Bush was president.

According to one news source, Iranian Aerospace General Amir Ali Hajizadeh has warned that his country will target US bases in the region in the event of war with Israel [Source]. This could actually signal two things: first, that the Iranians believe Israel is getting ready to strike and have filled their Depends, or that Iran is hoping Øbama will send Israel to a time out.

Sorry Charlie … that won’t happen; Barack Insane Øbama no longer has any influence over Israel. By now, Israel knows that it stands alone in the Middle East. Iran knows that, too. This is why Iran wants to drag Øbama kicking and screaming back to the table. Iran is sweating bullets because if Israel does attack Iran, no matter what else happens after that, the Iranian government will need to keep an equally focused eye on the Iranian people, who we think have had it with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The fact that Geeez is not a Barack-friendly blog should come as no surprise to anyone. We think Øbama is bad for America. But this isn't about D’s or R’s … nor even conservative vs. liberal philosophy. It’s about common sense. The present administration doesn't have any. Well, let us hedge on that just a little bit. If the present administration has any common sense, it’s a better-kept secret than Dick Cheney’s location on 11 September 2001.

If there was any common sense, someone from the State Department would be sending back-channel signals to the Iranians to this effect: “Bluster all you want to, but remember these words: if you attack Israel, if you attack any US base, if you attack any ally of the United States, we will miraculously and immediately transform Tehran into a Wal-Mart parking lot. And we won’t even give you a fair warning that the egg is on its way. And also, tell your Russian buddies to back off because we’re not in the mood for any of their crap either.”

We feel certain that a sincere communiqué, sent back-channel (allowing Iran to save face), would cause Iran to sit down and shut up. It would also reassure Israel and cause them to curtail their threatening rhetoric. That’s what should happen. That is what would defuse a situation growing more dangerous by the day.

But is that what is really happening? We doubt it. We think Barack Øbama is consulting with Hillary Clinton at this very hour, devising an apology to Iran, the promise of $16 trillion in foreign aid, and complete access to our nuclear weapons secrets if the Iranians promise not to do anything that will disrupt the president’s bid for reelection. All of which suggests that we don’t need no stink’in diplomacy when an apology will do.



Always On Watch said...


If you don’t want to be shot in the back by your Afghan training partners, the Pentagon advises, don’t offend their religious sensibilities.

Anonymous said...

"...we will miraculously and immediately transform Tehran into a Wal-Mart parking lot."

I think if Ahmadinejad received that message from Obama, he would laugh himself silly wondering who wrote those words for Barry. Obama has no crediability. He is seen as weak and unserious.

Israel will have to do whatever they believe they have to do and not worry about or count on Obama.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Diplomacy to Islamic hotbeds should not include rubbing their noses in our preference for promoting homosexuality worldwide via our State Dept. either.

Joe said...

President BO (the child president) is either the stupidest man ever to lead in public office anywhere in the world, or he is diabolically shrewd and intends to rise to the level of simi-"benevolent" despot.

His policies and behavior leave us no other options.

Robert Sinclair said...

It is hard for me to determine whether Obama is merely incompetent, or if his behavior is intentional.

Silverfiddle said...

Great post, and Ed Bonderenka makes an excellent point.

Our "diplomacy," such as it is, works at cross purposes.

On one hand, the Obama admin strives and strains to soothe the savage Muslim beast, and on the other throws gasoline on the fire with their gay agenda.

What's going on there? Is this deliberate?

Radical Redneck said...
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Radical Redneck said...

Constitution!? We Don’t Need No Stinking Constitution!
Great post "Z"
What I find amusing (not really amusing) is how the progressives/ liberals of our country, including and especially Barack Hussein Obama, and the Queen of progressive bloggers have been relentlessly accusing George w. Bush of getting our country into this mess that he is responsible for. And no matter what Herr Obama says these Progressives are right there agreeing with him. If he said the sky was green, the Leftist Creeps would agree with him.
.Literally no one is in charge of this country. Hillary, Michelle the Food Police Commissar, and Jarrett have more to say and do than the Messiah himself. .
Mooshelle doesn’t have a degree in nutrition, she was not elected or appoint to anything, so she has no authority to tell the voters in the USA how to feed their children or themselves. She along with her husband have a HUGE ego and they are under the false assumption he was appointed king of the USA. Mooshelle doesn’t seem to have a problem strapping on her feedbag anytime she and Liar-n-chief go by a fast food restaurant!! But she gets angry and lecture a 16 year old gold medal gymnast for eating an Egg McMuffin!

Z said...

SF: "On one hand, the Obama admin strives and strains to soothe the savage Muslim beast, and on the other throws gasoline on the fire with their gay agenda."

I think it's just plain being naive...I believe that Obama actually thinks that if we just 'show them the way', that 'being nice to everyone helps,' they'll learn from it. They seem to forget that these countries aren't 'there' yet. Iran is ahead of Afghanistan and Libya in sophistication (or was until the Shah got overturned) but you all heard AHmedinejad tell the sycophantic Piers Morgan that they cannot tolerate homosexuality and won't.
I think Obama's people also aren't doing research and aren't really paying attention.

How could any western society send a gay ambassador to a country like Libya? Stevens knew he was in trouble...where were his 'superiors'?

AOW...will see your link tonight when I get hom...

ConsOnFire...I agree, and "weak" is just what Obama wanted; he's done a wonderful job bring America to its knees, we're "just another country" now and I believe that's what he thinks we deserve. Read his books.

Ed...I know Hillary's pushing the LGBT thing at all of our embassies, asking them to celebrate it, etc....I don't get why she'd intentionally provoke with Stevens but I'll read your link tonight when I have a minute, too...thanks.

Joe...I'll never forget the look in his eyes with the Russian, as he told him "when I'm elected, I can be more flexible"..when you see that video, look again at the eye contact. Diabolical is my choice for a description. it's chilling.
What's he promised Russia?

Robt...I think it depends on the subject, but he has pretty clear goals and is striving toward them, against everything our founding fathers and most Americans want...that's intentional.
If only most AMericans would wake up.

Radical...Mustang wrote this one, but we're glad you appreciated the piece. What America has to learn is that Obama and Michelle feel they know everything better than we do. :-)

Ducky's here said...

...the promise of $16 trillion in foreign aid...


That's a pretty serious typo.
You should correct it or the accuracy of your post may be questioned.

Mustang said...

Okay everyone!

I lost the bet.

You guys were right all along.

Ducky doesn't have a sense of humor.

The next round is on me.

Ducky's here said...

Glad you cleared that up.

When you success whacking Iran and Russia I was ready to accept that as a joke but you never know with the right.

Ducky's here said...
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JonBerg said...

"Ducky doesn't have a sense of humor."

With Liberals this is a charcteristic of the breed!

Radical Redneck said...

Look, it all boils down to this, Mitt is going to have to come out of his shell and go on the attack, I want to see Romney taking the gloves off and hitting Obama with everything he has. Starting with asking for an explanation on Obama's knowledge on the terror attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya...
He has to point out what he is going to do - talk the talk not just walk the walk....we need a good debate from him . P.S. skip the birth certificate crap, thats old stuff and people don't want to hear it any longer. - it is ecomony, too much government, the attacks in Libya and the killings of Stevens and the other 3 Americans and when did Obama and Hillary his Sec of State really know it. .know about it. Attack, Attack, Attack, Attack his record . Quit pussy-footin around

Ed Bonderenka said...

@ Redneck
"P.S. skip the birth certificate crap, thats old stuff and people don't want to hear it any longer."
Grudgingly agree.
But frankly, it seems no one wants to hear ANYTHING.

Opinionated Me said...

Liberal Ideology Vs. Conservative Ideology
I tryly believe that most Americans these days have no idea of how ignorant and misinformed they are and kept that way by todays Liberal media. Even and especially college students who are a product of today’s liberal or much worse progressive education, and who are brain-washed by the ultra Progressive teachings of the Leftist Professors. It has been proven that 72 percent of those teaching at American Universities and Colleges are liberal and a mere 15 percent are conservative..
Today’s College graduates are like little windup dolls, whatever they are taught they swallow, they have no minds of their own and this is your Progressives of today..
Not only do they not know much basic history, most of what they have been led to believe is false, deliberately twisted, spun
Barack Obama and the Democrat/Liberal Party are living proof that the Leftist zombies rule the Media, the movie industry, the TV industry, the entertainment industry, colleges and universities, public education, law schools, and every place else that counts. All you have to do is to listen to the crap that comes out of a Rap singers filthy mouth to understand what I am saying.
So what are we to do? Are we to just put up our hands and give up? No, I say no because things are looking up. And why do I say that? First, the bad news,, Barack Obama is the worst president that the USA has ever seen, and he has influenced our young people beyond what they could have ever imagined. Now, the good news: I believe Barack Obama has awakened a sleeping giant in the age group of 18 to 29. Today’s counterculture is rejecting the un-American and idiotic Progressive policy agenda pushed by this president and his socialist sycophants. President Hopey Changey and Democrats in Congress have shown that their incomprehensible deficit spending and a national debt that is climbing minuet by minuet and is currently at the unheard of figure of 16 trillion, has made these kids rebel quickly. And hopefully that’s what we can look forward to with a President Romney in 2013.

Anonymous said...

Mustang, it's nothing to do with humor; though humor does escape Ducky for some reason.
Any typo or slightest innaccuracy gives him a chance to negate the whole post, so those are important to him.

We could say "I told you a gazillion times" and he'd ask to define gazillion.

weird, but true.

Z from work

JonBerg said...

Opinionated Me,

Very well stated!

Anonymous said...

I second what opinionated me said, 10 fold.

Anonymous said...

"Bluster all you want to, but remember these words:.."

Never going to happen with the crew at foggy bottom...led by the one with the baggy bottom.

Now...having another John Bolton would be nice right now.

Anonymous said...

FROM Z(of GeeeZ) at work:

Opinionated Me, you say "Today’s counterculture is rejecting the un-American and idiotic Progressive policy agenda pushed by this president and his socialist sycophants."

You think the 18-29 crowd is balking? What proof do you have? I'd SURE love (LOVE LOVE) to see that because all we see are kids interviewed on the streets who just know OBAMA and don't even recognize Biden's picture or Bush's picture (without a Nazi suit on, anyway)...they don't know enough to turn away from them!!

link, please! Or personal experience? Do you teach college, or?


Z of GeeeZ blog

Mindy B. said...

I totally agree with what Opinionated Me said. These progressive bloggers and their commentors are hilarious, these people deserve what they get for trying to shove their ignorance, bigotry, and Marxist beliefs down everyone's throat..

Why should these lazy liberal clowns vote for a republican when Obama makes it easier for them to get their hand-outs, entitlements , food stamps, welfare, etc

Unfortunately instead of trying to tamp down this kind of stupidity, we have a man in the White House who encourages it by cheering on the clowns who have been doing it.

Opinionated Me said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JonBerg said...

Opinionated Me,

"As for me, I'm 58 and I wouldn't vote for Romney"

Wow, you scared me for a minute! I suppose that Ducky will take a 'cheap shot' since he has little or nothing else of substance to offer.

Jack Whyte said...

If anyone needed a sense of Obama diplomacy, Examiner on line offers an interesting perspective:

• A Serbian friend of Ambassador Stevens acknowledges that he was openly homosexual and suggests that Clinton, knowing that, intentionally sent him to the Middle East to help introduce the concept of tolerance for homosexuals to the Islamic world.

• Barack Obama made it his official policy to fund homosexual events in foreign countries.

• Consequently, Secretary Clinton has authorized considerable expenditures to fund homosexual events in several foreign countries, prompting a backlash against the USA in Italy, Russia, Slovakia, China, Honduras, Uganda, Malawi, Turkey, and Pakistan.

• Joe Biden reminded us in 2008 that it is our patriotic duty to pay more taxes —presumably to fund queer pride exhibitions, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Obama’s $1.4 billion in personal expenditures since moving in to the White House four years ago.

We really must rid ourselves of these cretins. And once they’re gone, we need to make sure they never again get elected to anything above city park animal waste commissar.

I do not authorize the US government to spend taxpayer money on these idiotic programs. By the way, I wonder if anyone in the Obama administration realizes that there are a lot of Americans out of work ...

Opinionated Me said...

GeeeZ, I’m not at all saying that Obama won’t get the young vote, yes you may be right Obama may still have the support of the younger generation , but will won’t be turning out to vote for him the way they did in ‘08.
Obama may have a lead over Romney in the young age group but not at all as compared to his “Hope and Change" campaign the last time around.
The youth vote is important to the Obama re-election campaign, as is evident from Obama’s recent“college tour” in Colorado, And that’s why his message was focused on student loans.
Obama ran away with the youth vote in 2008: Voters between the ages of 18 and 29 chose him over McCain 66 percent to 32 percent.
The younger adults who were promised the world the last rime around have been dissapointed to find that they still had to make their car payments and their mortgage payments, and didn’t get to many thing put under their Christmas tree from Uncle Barack at all.

As for me, I'm 58 and I wouldn't vote for OBAMA if he was the only candidate on the ticket, he is a mean spirited, elitist who wouldn't know what it is to be an hard working American , he's clueless on working families, clueless on the economy, clueless on foreign policy and diplomacy, all he seems to know is how to use the tax payers money to buy what he and Michelle wants and how to avoid paying his fair share in taxes. He’s very good at spending everyone else’s money. He's really good sending the jobs to other countries.
Who cares where Romney’s money is or how much tax he paid. Everyone knows that he is a honest man who holds his family and his country very dear to him. , How bout they hold Obama to the same standard. Can we see his college transcripts, his applications, his student aid forms, his thesis, anything from his past? What does he have to hide? Bush released all of his school stuff, how bout Obamesiah? Truly, I don’t know why or how any working class American would want to vote for Obama or any of the current democrats in Congress and look their children in the eye knowing they are helping destroy their future.
It was Herbert Hover who said: “Blessed are the young for they shall inherit the national debt”

Opinionated Me said...

JonBerg said...

Opinionated Me,
"As for me, I'm 58 and I wouldn't vote for Romney"

Thanks Jon for noticing my typing error...

I guess that I was typing too fast, of course I meant to write .."As for me, I'm 58 and I wouldn't vote for OBAMA"

Anita Davis said...

Romney some how must talk about this latest disaster in Libya. It should have been brought to the public’s eye as well as to our congress people every other leader in Washington a long time ago, and yet it’s being silenced. .. Im tired of them only worrying about their own re-election and how the liberal media is gonna react. Its time to DO the job you are running for constantly, and quit talking about how good you Senators, Congressmen and Women, Representatives all are. This is how we got the phony in the White House to begin with. Its time to quit playing politics, and get to the bottom of this. It was Obama’s fault that al Qaeda got these weapons , which they used to blow up our consulate and kill our ambassador. So what else would he do but lie about it! And Romney needs to make that clear. Obama is lying and the Media is once again not doing it's job and reporting on this scandal. Nothing is being reported by the network newscasts, morning or night.
Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton are both a compulsive Liars.
People are dead and Obama is getting a free pass. Any Republican president would have been crucified for this by now.. But I'm not holding my breath.

Right Truth said...

Wow, that last paragraph is a scary thought for sure. I would not put anything past Obama.

Right Truth

Anonymous said...

Ever notice that that puke always has a comment for a dope like Trayvon, or the cops in Cambridge...or some other assinine off the cuff racism? But never...never says one damn word about our troops being murdered...MURDERED...not combat fatalities... but murdered by these 7th century, 4th world dung "people" that shoot them in the back?

Aren't these ROE's just so swell...and "civilized?" That we can't shoot first? GD...another Patton is whats sorely needed now...and not a weasely snotty community organizer.

Anonymous said...


Opinionated Me:

That's what I keep asking: Who can vote for Obama with all the lies we know he told, with his background of anti-American training by Frank Marshall Davis and everyone else he met or (to quote his book) sought to meet....Ayers, Dorn, Sustein, Jones, Axelrod, Geithner, they and so many more are people who'd like to see America 'on its knees' in retribution for all its 'evils'...we all know that. And I don't believe Obama's not right there with them.

Z of geeeZ

Fredd said...

We really only have another few months of this incompetent cretin calling the shots. His lame duck term will be interesting, tho'. Maybe that's when Iran will get uppity, thinking that nobody is at the US helm (and they would be right).

Kid said...

The Final Pic - Comrades in Arms !

Rottweiler said...

Rumor has it that if Obama loses he'll become the Ambassador to Kenya.

Tea Party Member said...

Yesterday Obama was in Vegas pounding his chest about how he personally got Osama Bin Laden and is destroying al Qaeda. Problem is al Qaeda is winning the war because of his policies. Ask anyone in the field that if you can't identify the enemy, can't even admit who it is in the first place, you're losing.

So while everyone is claiming that Obama is winning this election Obama is losing the war against terror. A war he refuses to even recognize.

We just went over 2000 American dead in Afghanistan. The debt went over $16 trillion during the DNC and in the weeks since has gone up another $65 billion. We're losing the war against debt and against terror but you wouldn't know it if you listened to Obama or his media friends.

Voting for this guy is asking for disaster. He lies about damned near everything and his supporters don't really care. They would rather see him remain there than think of the possibility of somebody else more responsible being in there. I can't help thinking that Obama supporters have taken leave of their senses. They see the same news I do, why the disconnect? It's like attending a football game and cheering every time the opposing team scores. The only thing that seems to matter is that the losing Quarterback is still running the team.

We continue to see Obama's policies of appeasement unraveling before our eyes. He armed rebels in Libya and they turned their guns against us. (Strange how one of the attacks used against Reagan was he armed Saddam) In Afghanistan the indigenous forces we trained and armed are using those skills and weapons against our own troops, yet Obama is pounding his chest about killing one senior citizen in a compound in Pakistan. It's pretty damned pathetic if you ask me. Anyone who's served would be as insulted as I am.

The guy is in way over his head so he figures he has to make the best of a really bad situation of his own making. He doesn't seem to heed lessons learned. His media is still propagandizing for him and allowing him to skate. Personally I'm getting tired of listening to the Romney campaign and the media ignoring the Elephant in the room. Yesterday Chris Wallace asked Paul Ryan why after all of the bad news in the economy and foreign affairs why is Obama still leading. Ryan said that it's because Obama is good at using deception and deflection. He won't admit that without a corrupt media helping him Obama wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell. Maybe Romney and Ryan will get with it and start calling like it is. That's what everyone is waiting for.

Start cutting this lying jerk-off off at the knees you idiots.

Leticia said...

AOW, I just read that and wanted to cry, just seeing that picture and all the families suffering loss because of some vile, vicious, people with hatred on the mind.

We need to get our troops out now.

Mustang said...

Well TPM ... here's the deal. We are mostly conservatives here. If you wish to bond with us, don't call us idiots. We get enough of that crap from the communists.


Z said...

"I'm JUST OKAY" at debating, Obama says.

OH, Brother, they're setting this up very well on the obama side...NOTHING Romney can do will be respected or admired because "he's been debating for the first half of the year", after all.

It's hilarious to see the Obama stooges out there lowering the bar for their guy. My GOD if Romney/Ryan ONLY had an Axelrod behind them who'd say ANYTHING knowing that the public doesn't ask "WHAT?" and making their guy look like a king when he's an ASS.
(yes, I said ASS and, believe me, it's the LAST thing I'd ever have called any other president...ever)
But this ASS? he deserves it.

Feels kinda good, frankly.!!

Kid said...

Z, 'ass' would be a major improvement.

Anonymous said...

@Tea Party member

"Anyone who's served would be as insulted as I am."

From your mouth to some GD generals ear...FUBAR.

Count me in as one of those PO'd who served. I just wish I could do it again. And the guys who are doing it now...are under a very real gun. This is NOT what they were trained for. Maybe Paris Island should offer a dancing class too when they capture an enemy combatant? Why not...this PC shit is all the same, isn't it?

Since we've killed the bastard Osama....why even be there any longer sacrificing Americans to these feral beasts we fondly know as Muslims?

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

>>...But let us just say that while Dubaya wasn’t our fair-haired boy, no one in Iran thought to threaten the United States with an attack on our forward deployed bases when Bush was president.

No. Instead, the "W" administration attacked us on our own soil.

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

They Say/We Say said...

You know, It just doesn't matter if Barry was born in Chicago or Hawaii. The birth certificate issue was just an attempt to stop his from those who could see through him.
His formidable years as a young lad was in another country than the USA.
His life was molded by his dad-a communist, his step dad-a communist and or Islamist, and mentors, such as everyone points out, some guy named Marshal, and many others.
Barry wrote a book or two about his upbringing and the title of one was 'Dreams of My Father', which could be and not taken out of context, the Hatred for England and the USA.
So, with the Dreams of His Father at the core of his beliefs, is the only conclusion-to bring down the USA!

Anonymous said...

@They said...

No one cares about where this bastard ( and indeed he was ) was born...we're concerned about where he's living now.

Mustang said...

I wish we didn't have presidential elections. Just two blokes who want to be president and are willing to have a duel over who get's the White House.

The way I look at this, it would be a win-win situation for the American people. First, anyone from Chicago who is so against guns would be at a disadvantage to someone from, oh ... Wyoming. Second, we wouldn't have to worry about the loser having a political come back. Third, we have too many politicians anyway.

Just a thought.

Bob said...

JonBerg said, "Ducky doesn't have a sense of humor.
With Liberals this is a characteristic of the breed!"

The really funny part of this is that Ducky says lots of funny things, but doesn't know it.

Z said...

Kid, :-)

Mustang, I think a DUEL is a great idea....which side do you think is better with GUNS? :-)

beamish said...

Pretty casual talk about just straight up killing people.

They Say/We Say said...

The Democrat Politicians have dead people all around them and are casual about asking for your vote.
The Secretary found naked and dead in the White House, Vince Foster, Ron Brown, several in Arkansas in the `80's and `90's, and Osama, and the Americans in Libya, and the American killed by the Drone.
Where does it all end?
With the Democrats out of Power, they always have dead bodies lying around when they are in Power!

beamish said...

I'm just wanting to know who here really wants to live in a world where America is known as the country that nuked Iran off the planet.

JonBerg said...

"I'm just wanting to know who here really wants to live in a world where America is known as the country that nuked Iran off the planet."

Is that a question and what brought it on?

Tea Party Member said...


Sorry, the idiot remark was made out of frustration.. I'm just sick and tired of our side taking the "High Road" and being Mr. Nice Guy. That path only takes us to defeat.

For example, Romney keeps talking about how Obama is really a “nice guy” who just doesn’t understand how the economy works because he has no private-sector experience.. NO Mr. Romney,
1) he is not a "Nice" guy.
2) if he keeps saying things like that then HE don't know how politics works!

Romney has to go on the attack and not play Mr. nice guy.he won’t win that way
He must speak about the Embassy attack, and in Biden’s “chains” comment , and on the failing economy, entitlement spending and on how Obama is dividing us.
Obama never been a "nice guy". He's been a liar, fraud, and a racist, a communist, conman, and tyrant, but never a nice. guy..
Politics can be an ugly game. Unfortunately, taking the high road doesn't win as many elections as getting down and getting on the attack.

Obama and his team of tyrants including Harry Reid has essentially called Romney a murderer,and a crook, and a felon,, Is taking the High Road going to negate that?

Reid, Pelosi, Axelrod and especially Obama are the most vicious, dirty, lying , stealing, thieving, thugs, and tin-horn Dictators that have ever existed in American Politics. You have to fight these people with everything you have,
with this Embassy cover-up and with Fast and Furious to start. That’s how you deal with thugs like them. If Romney makes this campaign purely about who's a better person....he loses. Period!



Z said...

I'd like to know who really wants to live (and die) in a world which ignores evil until only the good are smoldering in a pile of nuclear America and Israel could avoid appearing unpleasant.

Tea Party Member...the point is less about the issues and more about who Obama is. I think whoever hoisted him to power knew's very tough to attack the truths about him, his words in his books, his background, his lies, his mishandling of things.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
beamish said...

"I'm just wanting to know who here really wants to live in a world where America is known as the country that nuked Iran off the planet."

Is that a question and what brought it on?

Yes, it is a question, brought on by the obvious saber-rattling fantasy in the topic post. The Obama administration, in a very time-honored Democrat tradition, absolutely sucks at foreign policy, war direction, and long term strategic thinking.

I'm not so sure I want Obama daring Iran to slap the battery off of his shoulder.

beamish said...

"I'm just wanting to know who here really wants to live in a world where America is known as the country that nuked Iran off the planet."

Is that a question and what brought it on?

Yes, it is a question, brought on by the obvious saber-rattling fantasy in the topic post. The Obama administration, in a very time-honored Democrat tradition, absolutely sucks at foreign policy, war direction, and long term strategic thinking.

I'm not so sure I want Obama daring Iran to slap the battery off of his shoulder.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

He'll be leading from the rear as usual.

The truth is he has no idea how to deal with the gangsters of the world and he doesn't want to deal with them. Dubya was no Reagan, but he at least understood how to talk to some of the ratbags out there.

I just hope for the sake of the world that you Americans get it and will toss this fellow out on his ass, otherwise his ignorance, cowardice and bastardry will bring us a war.