Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Is this HEALTHY, America?

Fraudulent voting is a serious problem in the United States today, unless you happen to be a progressive—and then it’s simply part of the game. Not long ago, three Wake County, North Carolina Democrats admitted to voter fraud, casting two ballots each in recent elections. All three individuals also admitted to voting twice in 2008.[Source]

But wait: there’s more. The head of the NAACP in Mississippi was also recently sent to prison for ten (10) counts of voter fraud.[Source]

But wait: there’s more. In an effort to promote North Carolina as one of the healthiest states in the nation, 410 individuals over the age of 110 voted by absentee ballot … but that’s just in Charlotte, North Carolina. Statewide, there are over 2,660 people who have registered to vote absentee, all of them over the age of 110.[Source]

We’re impressed; we thought for certain, given the direction this country has taken over the past 20 years that patriotism was dead. Thank goodness, we still have the centenarians to keep us focused on what’s most important. The number of elderly patriots who vote Democratic is utterly amazingly, but we suppose this makes sense if one considers that North Carolina was a Jim Crow state under the Democratic Party for well over 100 years.  Of course, there MUST have been 110-year-old Republicans who committed fraud, too, right? Who would believe that dead peo, er … centenarians only vote for democrats? So if they end up voting for a few Republicans, it appears plausible —to progressives, we mean.

In spite of these problems, North Carolina governor Beverly Perdue doesn't think voter fraud is a problem in her state.  No siree ... there is absolutely no basis for imposing “voter identification” standards. Of course, Beverly is a democrat. She’s one of those thoughtful progressives who think denying the vote to people who want to cast more than one ballot violates their civil rights.

But there is another point of view. Posthumous voting impugns the integrity of our most sacred right: to select our leaders honestly and fairly. And while we are on the topic of voting, why is it that prisoners are able to receive absentee ballots (they aren't even allowed to vote), but our soldiers serving overseas, who are entitled to absentee ballots, are denied them? No matter. We should regard ourselves fortunate to have members of the New Black Panther Party guarding our voting precincts … you know, in case a conservative wants to vote.



Bob said...

We know that Democrats wrote the book on voting fraud. You are correct, it is a way of life with the laskluster, liberal set.

What is most glaring is that now, illegal aliens are a major constituency of that party. That is why there is such moaning and groaning about voter ID laws.

The ID requirement has nothing to do with race. Presenting an ID doesn't prevent anyone from voting, just like it doesn't prevent anyone from shopping for groceries, driving a car, or buying a car.

It does intimidate illegal aliens and the Democrat Party is all about votes, whether they have the right or not.

FreeThinke said...

Bob is right. It's a sick, sad, sorry situation.

~ FT

Ducky's here said...

I believe the centenarian was explained. It occurs in situations when the voter doesn't have a birth record. Not uncommon in rural areas.

Pitch till you win.

Anonymous said...

Are the dead the latest protected class?

Bob said...

Ducky said, "Pitch till you win."

I like that one. How many strikes do you get?

Z said...

Ducky, the very obvious thing is not only this truth of old people voting but the metaphor it stands for: that people are being caught voting more than once, that soldiers aren't being counted, that elderly are being 'assisted' in getting absentee ballots AND being 'assisted' in their choices, too, once the ballot's arrived at their home (something I know firsthand through friends who work with the elderly)...A precinct I have voted in was in the dining room of an old aged home; I've seen people in wheel chairs too old to hold their head up, obviously not aware of their surroundings, and having their caretakers voting FOR THEM... time and time again.
I've mentioned it to workers at the precinct...their response has been "would you deny someone the vote?"
Ya..that's the response I got. DENY? It's pretty clear that the caretaker is voting at least twice...deny?

And yes, I would deny someone the vote who couldn't figure out how to register or get an ID (when offered FREE), and someone who couldn't figure out what day the election is and vote on THAT DAY.

The kinds of things AMerica has put in place to 'help' voters in recent years are insulting and precarious to our democracy.
Astonishing that, in our parents' day, everybody was smart enough to figure out how to vote; maybe that intelligence informed their votes, too.
of course.

Fredd said...

This time around, the Dems just don't have enough dead people voting to stem the tide.

Romney in a landslide.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Obama is ahead in the polls among illegal aliens, legal aliens and the dead.

Z said...

Fredd...ya THINK?

Ed...I can't tell you how many legal Mexicans I know who are voting ROmney

Brooke said...

Y'know... With so many folk voting Dem posthumously, it occurs to me that Dems should switch to a pro-life position.

I mean, sure, Sandra Fluke and all the folks that want abortion on demand and more birth control than they could possibly use might be pissed, but just THINK of the possibilities a pre-birth voting bloc presents!

Anonymous said...

And the "Gimmie, Gimmie " crowd

Joe said...

It's the Chicago way (vote early and vote often), and it is fast becoming the national way...sadly.

Jack Whyte said...

Meanwhile, hundreds of registered republicans with Hispanic names living in the state of Florida have received letters post-marked from Seattle, Washington, calling into question their citizenship. The intent of this scam is to suppress the votes of registered republicans. Obama will do anything to gain reelection—anything at all.

Ducky's here said...

no z, the fact is that a default date is entered when a voter cannot establish a birth date. This can lead to the elevated ages. There is no fraud going on.

Or rather there was and a couple people were arrested. But that's the thing about voter fraud. it's rare and to effect an election it would have to be conspiratorial.

So your wrong again.

On the other hand effective voter suppression, a fringe right tactic is easier to accomplish.

Pitch till you win.

Ducky's here said...

Jack I posted a link, party affiliation is not mentioned.

My guess that letters sent to Hispanics questioning citizenship aren't targeting rethugs.

Ducky's here said...

Just this week, Clear Channel Outdoor agreed to remove anonymous billboards in predominately black and Hispanic areas of Ohio and Wisconsin warning that voter fraud is a felony punishable by time in prison and a $10,000 fine. The information is correct, but community leaders complained that the ads seemed designed to intimidate minority voters.

Kind of a favorite of mine.

Clear Channel -- owner. Bain Kapital.

Rita said...

And the news from Florida is that there is currently an investigation into letters sent ONLY TO registered Republicans questioning their citizenship and threatening if they vote they will be arrested.

Along with telephone calls, again, so far only to Republican that they do not need to go to the polls to vote, that the caller can take their vote over the phone.

People that are trying to steal this election should receive the strongest punishment allowed. Voter suppression and fraud should be considered one of the most egregious crimes in our nation. It undermines the Republic and should be treated as treason.

Tell me again that voter fraud isn't happening?

FreeThinke said...

It's THE OLIGARCHS forever rigging things to work to THEIR advantage no matter WHO wins our elections, who contaminate and corrupt the system.

The process is a Western form of Kabuki -- a Punch and Judy Show -- Bread and Circuses, and all that.

If this is not true, why is that NOTHING EVER CHANGES for the BETTER?

Ronald Reagan was our last "good" president, and it looks now as though his victory over The System must have been a fluke.

The process might work well, IF it could be freed from the contamination of that comes with too much manipulation.

But that would be impossible because of the First Amendment -- always a two-edged sword.


1. Outlawing the practice of GERRYMANDERING and imposing a simple square GRID PATTERN over each of the states to define voting districts, and then letting the chips fall where they may would make good start towards reform of our sick system.

2. Staging each election ONLY on ONE designated ELECTION DAY between the hours of 6:00 AM and 9:00 PM would be another giant step toward reform.

3. Establishing uniform VOTER ID laws throughout the country would be yet another big help in cleaning up the process.

4. Holding elections on a SATURDAY would be a great help in facilitating access to the polls too.

Using good common sense would solve most of the problems, but no -- we love to squabble.

QUESTION: Where would most people be if they nothing to bitch about?

ANSWER: Nowhere!

Freedom is a bitch to maintain, ain't it?

~ FT

Ducky's here said...

Take that back, Jack. They were targeting Rethugs.

'bout time we got in the game.

Sam Huntington said...

Typical duck crap. It never changes, does it Nostradumbass?

Rita said...

Wrong again Ducky. Check out NBC-2 Fort Myers NBC affiliate. It clearly indicates the letters and calls have only been directed at Republicans.

Liberalmann said...

Imagine that!

Ohio County Mailer Sends Wrong Voting Location And Date To 2300 People

The Ohio Democratic Party is calling for corrections to an Ottawa County Board of Elections mailer riddled with errors. 2,300 voters in the northern Ohio county received the notice informing them the election was November 8 and that their precinct was relocated to a different building. The Deputy Director called it a “costly mistake,” and said they were reissuing the mailer with the correct information. President Obama won Ottawa County in 2008 with 52 percent of

Leticia said...

So far in my state, Arkansas, I haven't heard of any problems. And I ABSOLUTELY love that if you want to cast a vote you have to have ID and they compare addresses, districts, etc.

It's almost impossible to fraudulently vote, but I am sure someone will figure out how to break the system.

Anonymous said...

From Z:

I'm laughing at you, Ducky, no offense. There are SO many more Democrat voter fraud cases it's hilarious. In Houston, there were Hillary people during the primaries there, on VIDEO which has disappeared...all griping that Obama's thugs were threatening people, etc.

YOU PITCH, Ducky...it's sickening to see you and Libmann and the rest of your ilk.

Nobody here thinks that NO REPUBLICANS DO WRONG, pal; the huge majority of this kind of thing? YOUR PEOPLE.

Libmann, that's Republicans? :-)

Leticia, I WISH every state thought enough of their population to do that.

Leftwingers have such disdain for minorities that they simply can't believe those folks CAN register, or CAN get to a precinct themselves...VERY sad.

"The soft bigotry of low expectations" is the Left.

Bob said...

Ducky favored us with a link to a story about some sort of huge effort right-wing cannibals to suppress voting. All of five people supposedly received the letters, and if this is correct, will have zero effect on any election. No intelligent, legal voter will pay more than passing attention to the letters.

Strangely, here is a quote from a Collier County official that seems to be courting illegal voters. How does this happen?

Here's the quote.

“If you receive one of these fraudulent letters,” Tim Durham, Collier County chief deputy election supervisor said, “it’s completely bogus and it has absolutely no impact on your eligibility to vote.”

The only thing wrong with the letter is that the originators tried to make it look like official stationery, and stated a false return-by notice to verify their eligibility to vote. Otherwise, it is perfectly legal.

Suppressing illegal voting is not suppressing legal voters.

Anonymous said...


""The soft bigotry of low expectations" is the Left."

Honestly Z...there's no doubt in my mind that these libs ( under their breath and in their hearts ) actually say ( as they have since they invented slavery & Jim Crow )...we have to help these poor stupid, helpless niggers, spics, illiterates who can't find their way out of the sec 8 housing we imprisoned them in...to a bus that takes them downtown to get a free voter ID ( or an EBT card..or to apply to some gubbmint program that keeps them enslaved ) so that they finally have some semblance of independence?

Not on your life. Al Gores' plantation daddy called them niggers in Tennessee just as Clinton did in Arkansas under the tutelage of his mentors. All southern secessionists and yellow dog racists and former slave owners.

Elmers Brother said...

And despite the fact that 80% of Americans believe the requirement for an ID to vote is reasonable and every industrialized country in the world required an ID to vote duhkkky still denies that widespread fraud is possible......vote till you win duhkkky

Elmers Brother said...

Because hispanics would never be Republicans...you're a pill duhkkky

Elmers Brother said...

Never mind the truth....how stupid you are

Elmers Brother said...

Imp, duhkkky only put one eye hole in his sheet

Mustang said...

I'm beginning to think Ducky is senile. Seriously. It sure would explain a lot about his inane comments.

Robert Sinclair said...

Citizens should be alarmed anytime we uncover voter fraud or intimidation; it doesn’t matter who is doing it. Individuals in both parties have engaged in such crimes, although it does appear that Democrats have a penchant for voter intimidation and fraud—it’s part of their Jim Crow legacy.

Democrats appear devoted to pursuing the low road. Rather than vigorously addressing the problem, progressive election commissioners are content to sit back and play the moral relevance game. “Oh yeah? Well, Republicans do it too.”

It is impossible to respect such people.

Z said...


More Dem fraud.

By the way, folks...I don't know a Hispanic Democrat...every single one I know who can vote is a Republican and VERY proud of it.

beamish said...

I should savor this pre-emptive blaming voter fraud for Obama's re-election until the day after the election when the knives will be out for libertarians and conservatives who will under no circumstances pull the lever for Romney.

Z said...

I think that's a good idea, beamish.

FreeThinke said...

"A mind is a terrible thing to lose."

beamish said...

You know it's going to happen, Z. When Romney loses the election next month, the witch hunt will be on for every conservative opposed to giving ground on gay marriage or abortion or global warming or any other of Romney's pet leftist causes for the short term effect of Obama no longer implementing Romney's pet leftist causes.

beamish said...

You know it's going to happen, Z. When Romney loses the election next month, the witch hunt will be on for every conservative opposed to giving ground on gay marriage or abortion or global warming or any other of Romney's pet leftist causes for the short term effect of Obama no longer implementing Romney's pet leftist causes.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Bring the voter id in, ignore the squealing from the rabid dishonest left. They thrive on dishonesty and bastardry.

Anonymous said...

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