Sunday, October 21, 2012

no voter fraud?

I'm so glad there's no VOTER FRAUD, aren't YOU?  geeeeZ
Did YOU know that twice as many Democrats live to 110 years old as Republicans?
Do you know anybody who's 110 years old?



Anonymous said...

I knew a couple 109 yo's but they apparently didn't drink enough kool-ade to make it 110...

Average American said...

"So if you want to increase your odds of living (and voting) longer, move to Greensboro, North Carolina"

There goes my Uncle from Greensboro again, lying about his age. He keeps forgetting that he will be 100 in 10 years, not that he was 100 10 years ago.

Z said...

very rare...VERY rare.
One of my best friends is 94, driving, living alone, does EVERYTHING...but very few get over 100 years old!

This is pure BUNK!

Z said...

AA...that's FUNNY!!

Average American said...

"So far in early voting 110 year olds have made a pretty good showing; 2214 of them have voted either by mail or at a one-stop site"

My guess is that there aren't that many 110 year olds in all of the US. They must have some real good shit in their water down there!

Z said...

AA....right. Or HUGE voter fraud! ANd that can't be the ONLY State. how sad that AMericans of either side would consider cheating at voting normal now.

beakerkin said...

I don't think I would want to live that long. My grandmother died at 100 just relatives calling.

All those that worked with you or were friends are likely ling gone. The places you worked may not exist
or are far away.

viburnum said...

There is a somewhat plausible explanation given in the comments of the parent article at Civitas

"When a county does not have a birth date for a voter, they use a default date for that voters birth date and most counties use 1/1/1900."

Even that raises questions though, as they claim the numbers of errant entries is only a few thousand. What are the odds that ALL of them voted early and/or by absentee ballot?

The parent article BTW dates from 2010

Right Wing Theocrat said...

I'm expecting lots and lots of dead people, dogs, cats alive and dead to be voting this november.

And it'll be a complete coincidence that they're all voting for obama off course.

Always On Watch said...

2214 of them? In North Caroline, where tobacco is king?

And compos mentis, too?

Who the hell is marking those ballots?

Brooke said...

I wonder how many times my dead dog will be voting for Obama this November. If she hasn't already...

FreeThinke said...

Magda Olivero, the great Italian verismo soprano who made her New York Metropolitan Opera Debut as Tosca at the age of 65, is still very much alive at age 103 -- and still making public appearances. Her voice remained fresh and beautiful all through her eighties and beyond.

The same was true for Hugues Cuenod, a very great lyric tenor and important musical influence beloved by fellow musicians and regarded by them as a guru, was famed throughout Europe but little known here.

"Oogy," as he was affectionately known by colleagues, remained active throughout his nineties and lived without apparent decline in his mental faculties to the age of 110.

There are others -- a great Italian operatic tenor who was unknown here but famous abroad whose name escapes me, but there is recorded evidence on YouTube that he was still singing SPLENDIDLY in his nineties.

Miecyslaw Horszowski, ceelbrated his one-hundredth birthday by giving a solo piano recital at Carnegie Hall where he presented one of Beethoven's sonatas and several works by Chopin. I heard it, and can tell you he acquitted himself admirably.

I have no idea what the political orientation or the religious outlook of any these great figures might
be. I suspect they were so devoted to the evocation of Beauty through their Art -- and to living well with affection, enthusiasm and good humor -- they may have remained serenely aloof from tempestuous nonsense of the political sector.

~ FT

Radical Redneck said...

Fact Check This.. Fact Checker
Facts! If Obama gets re-elected, we are so screwed!
We got rid of some Arab leaders, who yes, wern’t the best in the world but who were at least our allies and what did we do? We replaced them with this Muslim Brotherhood gangsters, who are murdering our Ambassador and burning down our Embassies. Fact! Ours was the last flag flying in Libya, and now thats gone!
October surprise?
Fact! So, we went to war with the UN’s blessings and threw some of our Arad allies under that crowded undercarriage of the Obama bus like. Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and Pakistan, and who knows who else, of these Arab leaders and of what countries went with them, yes, admiringly they weren’t all our best of friends in the figurative sense of the word, but they were at least stable, better than the alternative Muslim Brotherhood that replaced them! We now know just who they are loyal to.
Fact! The Obama Administration flat out lied to the American People, and the rest of the world to cover their tracks.
Fact! Any sort of “deal with Iran is one heck of a surprise. I think that it’s on heck of bizarre sunrise to even think of dealing with Iran at all. But it shouldn’t be any surprise coming from this LIAR at this late date before the election. What it is, is amazing how many people are going to believe this! So what exactly are we going to do, let them continue building their bomb until Romney gets out of the way!!! There aren’t enough words that I can use on this post to show my hatred of this man without having this post deleted..
Fact! What genius foreign policy was put into place that turned,
As for these BS “Talks” with Iran, how many time have they promised that they wouldn't use their nukes for harmful purposes, and he wants to believe that! Talk about throwing Israel and ourselves under the bus.
So now we have “Secret Talks going on with Russia and Iran, anyone else want to join? How about North Korea and the Palestinians? Where is the “Open Microphone” when we need it!
Remember those words.....“I CAN BE MORE FLEXIBLE ONCE I'M RE-ELECTED” STUPIDITY is what this all is. And the sad part is Obama will get away with this.
Russia takes care of Russia, China takes care of China, Iran take care of Ira, N. Korea, takes care of N. Korea, and none of them gives a damn about America, so stop peeing down my let and tell me that it raining!
Romney has so much to cover in tonight's debate, I just hope to God that he uses them all. All the Obama people are incompetent stooges, from Hillary Clinton on down, I can’t understand why more voters don’t see that. These “Fact Checkers are double down on Stupid! If nothing else, they’re consistent.

Anonymous said...

Heck, Democrats don't even have to be alive to vote. So, why lie about age?

JonBerg said...

DemocRATS are steadfastly oblivious to the long term consequences of their short sighted shenanigans. It seems to me they don't realize that [they] are part of the very society which will suffer from their myopic thought processes.

Anita Davis said...

I agree that the hardcore liberals who are actually the Progressives will vote for Obama no matter what, and won’t let anything change their minds. But I can’t see know how any logically thing person won’t let the Libyan fiasco their thinking.
If Obama was White, he would be toast after the last debates, especially with the failed record, , policies, and the long track record of flip-flops and broken promises of the incumbent president. And the lies regarding to the killings in Benghazi were the premeditated work of a terrorist organization and not some stupis film as Obama and his cronies their to convince the world that it was.

Anonymous said...

anita, it has nothing to do with skin color that they're still rallying around obama despite his epic failures. if obama had an "r" after his name rather than a "d" - and/or if obama were not pushing to implement the marxist policies he's been pushing - he would be toast. the goal of the msm would be, as always, to remove the moderate or conservative to make room for a greater push to the left.

let the left play the race card, we should not be engaging in that game.

Ducky's here said...

Voter Fraud Article

Doesn't have the benefit of reducing a complex issue to a paragraph but it may be of interest.

viburnum said...

Fund and Von Spakovsky's book doesn't reduce it to a paragraph either. It runs two hundred odd pages longer than the New Yorker's hit piece, and manages to present a fairly well documented and compelling argument for much needed reform.

Anonymous said...

the ONLY reason to oppose voter i.d. laws & voter reform to reign in the fraud via absentee voting and early voting, is in order to further the expansion of voter fraud.

Liberalmann said...

The only voter fraud I can think of happened in 2000.

Voter ID laws which just happens to be an issue in RED states and SWING states is designed purely to suppress those who normally would vote Democrat. C'mon now. Everyone knows this.

Romney family buys voting machines through Bain Capital investment:

viburnum said...


Courtesy of Powerline

viburnum said...

Really Lib?

Even thinkprogress doesn't believe that one.

BTW they take dim view of their minions spreading that bull.

viburnum said...

OK. I'll admit to getting old but I don't think I'm senile yet. Did one of you just render my rebuttal of Lib-mann moot? Or did I post it to the wrong blog?

viburnum said...
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viburnum said...

Cute LOL