Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween; Democrat Style

Have a fun day, folks!  Those of you who are dressing little ones and taking them out, have a great time!  Those of you who (like me) turn your lights off and go upstairs to watch TV in case any kids come (there aren't a lot in my neighborhood!), eat some CANDY! :-)



Always On Watch said...

We don't get any "vagabonds" anymore. That's been true for years! One reason is that so few children live on my short street; another is that where I live isn't really a subdivision. The road is very busy -- and dangerous. In addition, there are no sidewalks here.

So many in the D.C. area don't go door-to-door on Halloween now. Instead, they go to one of the mega-malls.

Divine Theatre said...

The builder of our subdivision went bankrupt before he was done. There are maybe 50 houses here. Most of the kids go elsewhere but I am committed to this neighborhood!
Honestly, I stay just to pass out candy. I love to see the few kids that DO come. I collect art supplies on sale all year and hand out full size Hershey bars with the kit...still, not too many of the little pixies come.
I HATE, HATE, HATE that the kids are only allowed to Trick or Treat from 3 pm until 6pm...most parents aren't even home from work by then. It should be dark when you Trick or Treat, I say! Too many laws. HONESTLY! Can't I be the one who decides if I will open my door at 6:01? GEEEEZ!
Happy Halloween, my friend!


Ducky's here said...

Crazy leftist here.

I like candy corn.

sue hanes said...

Z - It seems to me I've seen this cartoon here before. It is a funny one!

This is our first year to have Halloween at the new place and we have been told we could have a lot.
I think your idea of spending the evening is a better one than running to the door every few minutes - or seconds!!!

Have a good evening - Z.

Anonymous said...

As a lad, Holloween was our favorite day (night) of the year. We really were demons.

Anonymous said...

I used to love getting dressed up as witch every year with a long black hooded robe, and one of those horrible rubber monster masks with green skin, bloodshot eyes and hideous oversized teeth. I'd have orange a black candles lighted near the door, and recordings of spooky organ music playing in the background while I handed out apples and little packages of home made fudge.

I put on quite an act. Everyone loved it, me most of all, until the day a Jewish lawyer down the street decided to sue me for "indulging in inappropriate conduct towards minor children." He said I was responsible for giving his little girl nightmares. Said she'd been waking up screaming ever since she came to my house.

If cost me a lot of money to defend myself, even though the judge threw the case out of court the day it came to trial. But somehow all the fun went out of Halloween forever after that. Now I keep the house dark and refuse to answer the door. Who needs the agita?

Helen Highwater

Silverfiddle said...

That's probably Ducky in the cartoon...

Silverfiddle said...

Ducky meant to say "David Corn"

Z said...

"DAVID CORN"...excellent, SF :-)

Helen!! What a story! you had the nerve to want to scare kids on scary Halloween night so a dad SUED YOU!? :-)
sounds like you were QUITE the Halloween stop for a lot of kids! kits with Hershey Bars...I LOVE that.
And what is WITH kids not being able to go out in the DARK!? The DARK was half the fun when I was a kid (as long as we knew our parents and their friends in the neighborhood were watching from the curb!!) in L.A., in the nicer areas, parents of minority kids drive in and let them's been happening for years and I think it's unfair to my richer friends, and they don't love it either purely on the ethics of it, but it works. MANY kids who knock on doors most of the night are minority and don't live there...well, you can't blame them for trick or treating in areas where they'll get better stuff. It just seems like the worst message for their parents to send, don't you?

cube said...

We get the neighborhood kids early in the night and it's enjoyable to hand out candy to them. Later, we get the drive-by crowd who don't live in the neighborhood and, dressed as Darth Vader, I have a good time scaring the devil out of them.

Ducky: THIS is where candy corn really comes from.

beamish said...

I've got my pink feather boa and abortionist's forceps ready for tonight's Halloween costume party.

I'm dressing as a Romney supporter.

beamish said...

I've got my pink feather boa and abortionist's forceps ready for tonight's Halloween costume party.

I'm dressing as a Romney supporter.

Z said...

beamish, just go as yourself..that's scary enough these days.

Cube, have fun! :-)

beamish said...

Do you think gushing over Donald Trump's manly manliness would put my Romney supporter costume over the top?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I'm in Mendocino on vacation; this year I didn't have to buy any candy, and the gate on my cabin at home is locked anyway -- though we're so far away from town that only the truly desperate for candy knock at the door. Historically over, say, the past ten years, perhaps ten kids.

Reading all the other comments, like DT, and "times" for Halloween -- my God, what anal idiots we are, and what sheep we've become.

Another reason I don't live in "civilization" because it's mostly everything BUT.


Uno bars are my fave.

Anonymous said...

"I like candy corn".

Post your address...I'll send a hefty helping of the corn I ate last night.

Ducky's here said...

Get lost, I'm keeping all the candy.

Damn, a fringe right Republican.

Ducky's here said...


265 Marsh St.
Belmont, Ma.

sue hanes said...

Z - That is very common for people to drive to the nicer houses and drop the kids off for the treats.

It happened at our last place and I hear they do the same here.

Don't watch any scary movies tonight - especially The Ring and The Haunting. : ]

Anonymous said...

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Pris said...

Have a fun Halloween everyone! It's the little ones who make it fun. So cute and thankful.

Anonymous said...

Nice neighborhood Duck.

Ducky's here said...

That's Romney's Massachusetts address.

Jack Whyte said...

I think Ducky should go trick or treating dressed as Trevon Martin.

Anonymous said...

FROM Z (almost leaving work!)

Jack, that's hilarious.

Ducky, we figured it wasn't your abode. I like that Romney's got himself an Armenian listing agent but I didn't know his home was for sale..?

I have to laugh and bring this to your attention.
The normal uninformed Yahoo homepage reader will see an article about how the Brits would vote for OBAMA over Romney.

Yes, and so would the French and Germans, etc etc.
My German and French speaking husband used to laugh uproariously at the better papers in Europe and say "They pay their journalists the big bucks and don't realize that they get the NY Times and translate into French and/or German and pass it off as NEWS!"

The article had the guts to say it was Romney's foreign policy which worries the Brits. Wouldn't you LOVE to ask one Brit "What do YOU think Romney's foreign policy is?"

Let's face it, what AMerican knows? :-)

Ya, the fun and games of liberal home never stops!! :-)


-FJ said...

the Ring....


Ducky's here said...

"What do YOU think Romney's foreign policy is?"

Identical to Obummer's except Governor Olympics is dumb enough to start a war with Iran.

Sam Huntington said...

My Uncle Joe was a staunch Conservative, and voted straight Republican until the day he died in Chicago.

Since then, he's been a staunch democrat.

Anonymous said...


You owe me a new keyboard.

Z said...

Ducky, you're so right; we need to just wait until Iran IS nuclear and then just sit and wait and worry. :-)
And we'll just screw Israel, too, while we're at it.
We'll let Israel they've been told to do. I think waiting involves waiting for Tel Aviv to be a smoking pile, right? are HILARIOUS!!! THAT IS FABULOUS!!!
Imp, you made me laugh with that, too! xxx

Anonymous said...


" we need to just wait until Iran IS nuclear and then just sit and wait and worry.."

Of course...that's the Obullshit's policy...F**k the Jews. Wait until there's a real "kosher" threat and then procrastinate for 2 or 3 months until all the "facts / data" are in. Just like Fast and Furious...and Benghazi-gate.

The fact that a mushroom cloud rises over Tel Aviv.....won't mean it was a terrorist'll be blamed on some asshole You Tuber or the dirty suck up who calls herself...sec of state...a useless state too.

Chuck said...

Funny cartoon. I'm at home on call for the cath lab. No trick or treating for me and we are in the sticks and don't get kids. I spent the night cruising the news sites while my wife and daughter went out. Peace and quiet and the news? Ahh....

Liberalmann said...

More stupid analogies from asinine wingnuts. Yeah keep defending the tax cuts for the wealthy and get ready to bend over, morons.

Now if Rmoney was President the cartoon would show a prickly little rich kid helping himself to all the other kids bags as they walked by. They did the work, the rich keep it all.

Anonymous said...

no trick-or-treaters on my hill. mountain roads are NOT conducive to kids - or anyone really - walking around in the dark or near dark. i'm eating some chocolates to make up for the lack of door-to-door celebrants...

Chuck said...

I'm gone a week or more and the little worm is still around. Funny.

Z said...

Imp, they'll blame it on some video, right? By the way, that video maker is still in jail, right?

Liberalmann, no wonder you love Obama; you're not paying attention.
Tax cuts to the wealthy? ONLY to the wealthy? DO YOU THINK?
If you were better informed, you'd really benefit.

Silverfiddle said...

I admit it, Ducky had me going.

He's obviously a latte leftist, probably a millionaire who would stand in good stead once the progressive grip is complete.

Z said... so? The house isn't HIS. But he's always here talking about his portfolio... Money isn't important enough to me to need to keep talking about anything I've got.

Also, I was just looking at headlines...Obama about new Jersey and the storm damage..get the subtlety? "WE WILL NOT QUIT UNTIL THIS IS DONE"


excellent...the Axelrod magic.

JonBerg said...

Beamish, Liberalmann and Ducky:

I hope that you had a great night, masquerading as hetrosexuals. If that's what you did!

Liberalmann said...

Oh snap! He come those precious ad hominem attacks from a dim witted wingnut! Lol!

The right's silly socialist 'redistribution of wealth' couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact, the GOP has been redistributing the wealth...upwards to the wealthy. Wages for the middle class are at the lowest and income disparity is at and all time high. The tax rate for the wealthy is as low as it was in the 1950s.

And yes, Z, Obama wants to keep the tax cuts for the middle class and raise them for the wealthy.

Anonymous said...

Lib"Man", you misunderstand..again.

What is WRONG? You're totally unclear on tax cuts to whoever gets them, yet you'll vote. typical

Oh, and insult those who do the homework of learning...



Anonymous said...


i wonder if you bring up abortion so often (obsessively) because you might have a guilty conscience?

i think so.

Liberalmann said...

Anonymous said..."Lib"Man", you misunderstand..again.

What is WRONG? You're totally unclear on tax cuts to whoever gets them, yet you'll vote. typical

Oh, and insult those who do the homework of learning...


Not 'unclear' at all. Rmoney's plan will give more and massive tax cuts to the wealthy and tax the middle class to pay for them. Obama wants to keep the middle cut tax cuts and let the tax cuts to the wealthy only, expire.

beamish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beamish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beamish said...

i wonder if you bring up abortion so often (obsessively) because you might have a guilty conscience?

Actually I bring it up because Mitt Romney enacted taxpayer subsidized abortions in Massachusetts.

So remember, if you're pro-life and you find the idea that your tax dollars might be spent funding the medically unnecessary termination of a fellow human disgusting, flush those principles of yours down the crapper and forget about them, and vote for Romney. The progressive left's agenda must be carried out by a Republican.