Thursday, October 4, 2012

What do you think?

Good morning, class

Today’s assignment will be your unfettered opinion about how the presidential candidates fared last night. Please tell us:

(a) What you liked about each candidate

(b) What you disliked about each candidate

(c) Did either candidate “seal the deal?”

(d) Is the press treating each candidate fairly in terms of the aftermath of this debate?

You WILL be graded.  :-)

M and Z


The Political Chic said...

Slaughter.?? It wasn't a slaughter, it was a MASSACRE! Mitt Romney put on the most commanding presidential debate performances ever!
I’ve been watching presidential debates for quite a few years, but I have never seen one like this.

Jarhead said...

I’ve never seen the Mitt Romney I saw last night. Romney attacked. President Obama never attacked back. when Romney,spoke, he looked straight at the president When Obama spoke,he looked down or away or at moderator, but never in Romney's face.
Obama seemed annoyed, or should I say that he looked DEFEATED! He must have known as we all did that things wasn't going his way.

Romney dominated the debate exchange after exchange. He clearly was the winner by far. Like the NY Yankees demolished the Boston Red Sox. Romney demolished, and all but destroyed Obama and left the Progressives cringing in their seats. Obama sucked and he knew oi himself as we all did. .
There was No tingle down Chris Matthew's leg tonight? And I wonder if Moochelle was SO proud of him now!

Rita said...

Even the Dailykos commenters are calling it for Mitt. Some are even blaming the Colorado altitude. Seriously.

Radical Redneck said...

Z asked:
"What do you think?"
I think that Obama Sucked big time!

Always On Watch said...

(a) What you liked about each candidate

About Romney...
1. He had numbers -- not effectively challenged by BHO, either.

2. He projected a caring image.

3. He came across as objective and showed not even one tinge of ad hominem attacks.

I find it difficult to like anything about Obama. Sorry 'bout that. His participation last night was ineffective in the extreme. What's up with that? Hell, he didn't even have the demeanor of a sitting President.

(b) What you disliked about each candidateRomney occasionally came across as striving to make human-interest points; I say this as one who has taught policy debate for over 10 years. Did Romney use appeal to the people too often? Maybe.

Obama? Don't get me started. He blew this debate on almost every level. Plus, he actually told Lehrer to move on. Sheesh.

And bringing up OBL in the context of a policy debate on economics? Wow, just wow.

(c) Did either candidate “seal the deal?” Romney -- for now.

(d) Is the press treating each candidate fairly in terms of the aftermath of this debate?

Yes -- for the most part.


I agree with The Political Chick: It wasn't a slaughter, it was a MASSACRE! Not a Reagan debate in 1980, but the closest we've seen since that time.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

.Great job Mitt, that's what happens when you have real knowledge of the facts and you can talk freely, without the lies, excuses, and spins or when you just read from a teleprompter that someone else wrote for you.

I guess that Barack came prepared to debate John McCain. Surprise. Last night we saw a Confused, bewildered, intimidated, and completely lost Obama without his teleprompter! . Is this what you want to re-elect?
Romney was in complete control from the beginning to the end. And summed it up perfectly.
Obama looked like a scared Rabbit, and his body language showed it..
Romney took it to him and made Obama look as if he didn't want to be there !

The Debonair Dudes World said...

I wonder how Michelle felt watching her husband getting spanked on their anniversary?

Fredd said...

Mitt mopped the floor with Barry. It was great to watch.

Obama was jones-ing for that teleprompter like a junkie joneses for smack.

Z said...

AOW....and Lehrer kind of 'fed' Obama lines, too..."Mr. President, so to balance the budget, taxes must go up...?" I'm paraphrasing, but it was a little astonishing.

Did anybody catch Michelle's face when the families got together at the end? JUST as she was to join the Romneys? Not a big camera angle on her but what could be seen was hard to look at...

Rita...The COLORADO ALTITUDE? If anything, an older man like Romney (older than O) would have MORE problem with the altitude, right? :-)
Boy, is that a stretch.

I'm getting the impression the msm is concentrating on the PERFORMANCE of the debate because it's so clear Romney pulled it off.

Frank LUntz caught my feeling exactly when he asked his 'undecideds' last night "but, is it the debate performance you're all so pleased with or the CONTENT?"

I think some of you might have seen that at least half that audience said they were absolutely convinced to vote for Romney now when they were probably going to vote Obama before the debate.

happy night

The Debonair Dudes World said...

As Mitt Romney Crushed Barack Obama in First Presidential Debate and delivered a Knockout punch. Because of the shameless and miserable performance by Obama. The pathetic Progressives are already starting their SPIN games. For example, when Mitt Romney said that he even wanted to stop funding NPR, the Progressives are accusing him of Killing Sesame Street!

Silverfiddle said...

I was surprised to see the CNN panel, and much of the print media on the internet treat the outcome very fairly. I guess it takes an overwhelming win for them to give props to a conservative.

Over at Leticia's she had a great Dennis Miller quote:

"Obama had better hope his health care plan covers a kicked butt."

Mitt was good, start to finish, a brilliant, sustained performance. I heard people on the radio this morning comparing Mitt and Obama to a father lecturing his son, and from the highlights I think that's a good description.

Sweet Baby James said...

I, like many others here, am biased towards Romney BUT there is no question in my mind that Romney completely dominated.

I think that the highlights were, as follows.

Romney, more often than not, looking directly at Obama and speaking with conviction while bombarding with facts.

Obama being rude when he stopped Jim Leher from calling time by saying (paraphrasing): “I would have finished my answer in the five seconds you took to step in.”
Romney not letting Jim Leher cut him off.
Obama making a slip in his closing statement when trying to repeat his line “Everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share” by saying “Everyone gets a fair shot, everyone gets a fair share” before quickly correcting himself. Too late.

What is so important about Romney’s performance is that of those fair-minded fence sitters Romney clearly showed a command of the facts, compassion, and, yes, fearlessness. The media can filter all that they want but a good amount of likely voters saw the debate and the contrast was phenomenal.
Equally important is that Romney supporters have even more conviction in getting out the vote. This will be reflected on November 6th
I believe that Mitt Romney reached the presidential threshold in the debate: he appeared on the same stage as the POTUS and looked like he could do the job and had command of the facts. The POTUS? He looked a little off his game. He was doing a lot of stammering out there and looked far from smooth. He might also want to ditch that smirk: doesn’t play well. Also, he’s starting to look older than ol’ Mitt..
Romney cleaned his clock. Obama was stumblin’, fumblin’, ramblin’, and he looked p.o’d all night.

Romney gave specifics, Obama offered platitudes and anecdotes.

TheVictory clearly goes to , Romney!!

conservativesonfire said...

Romney A-, Obama D+

Romney missed a few golden oppotunities but mostly he embarrassed obama. Obama looked defeated most of the night. I only saw the Obama classic smile once when he thought he had a erfect goyycha on Romney. but Romney destroyed that one as well. In his rap-up, Romney scored well when he once again talked of the $90 billion wasted on green enrgy projects; but this time he added that most of that money went to Obama contributors. Zaaaaaap!

Liberalmann said...

By high school standards where the loudest, most vocal blustering fool can be declared a winner in verbal conflicts, regardless of the truth then yes, Romney was the winner. In doing so he proved himself once again to be the silver spooned stuffed shirt, haircut of liar.

Obama was flat, but he played by the rules of the debate and failed to challenge Romney on the 47% comments, Bain, outsourcing and many other of his lies.

Romney Walked Back Multiple Positions... Denied His Own Tax Plan... 'Dodged Almost Every Point In The Right-Wing Canon' Sells out the far right wing GOP-and they don't really even notice.

He memorized a bunch of lines, and practiced delivering them. The overall effect is to make him seem assured and even passionate about his position. He said over and over that he cares about jobs, about small businesses, and ordinary Americans. But his policies and his record at Bain tell a very different story.

My favorite was Romney's claim that as governor of Massachusetts he'd worked well with a legislature 87% Democrat, but that Obama hadn't even tried to do the same with Washington's Republican House. It was the sort of pious, choirboy lie that turns my stomach because Obama, from his first, lengthy visit to the congressional Republican caucus, pleaded and even begged for bipartisan cooperation -- in his first State of the Union, in those health-care summits at the White House, and in private meetings with John Boehner in 2010.

Five times Romney accused Obama of raiding Medicare of $716 billion, which is a complete fabrication.

Mitt Romney's Obamacare Jobs Claim Contradicts Romneycare Reality, CBO Projections;

‪Not So Fast: Romney's Own Solyndra‬;

Ducky's here said...

Doesn't sound as if The Black Bush gave a damn. He and the old lady have made their bundle, maybe he wants to ditch it all and let the suckers get a good taste of austerity.

rosey said...

My Observation -- Obama has proven once and for all to see what a pathological liar he is. Obama couldn't just lie for himself, he had to lie for Mitt as well.

The split screen said it all. Everytime O was speaking Mitt was energized like a prize fighter is about to come out of his corner. Everytime Mitt was speaking, O was subdued, fidgety and frowning that scowlish look we have come to know when he is in the presence of Netanyahu.

Anita Davis said...

The Thoughts, and the Cop Out of a Defeated Progressive.
In the aftermath of Mitt Romney Crushing Barack Obama
This is a comment I read on a Progressive's blog!!
Anonymous said...
"Much serious policy was discussed at Wednesday night’s first Presidential Debate, and the incoming fact-checks are proving many of Mitt’s statements (and denials) false.
Still, much of a debate is won on likeability, and while Obama’s has had better form, he still comes across as the humble and measured leader that he is.
On the other hand, Romney acted like an unrestrained lap dog, interrupting Obama during his time to speak and talking over the moderator, fighting hard to get in more words. Romney was so aggressive that the moderator had to silence him by saying 'Let’s not' (hear anymore)."
Shaw...don't forget...the goopers love loud-mouthed bullies...they think it's a sign of strength...just look at gingrich and christie...and a bunch of other fast-talking, charlatans...and where they are today...

And this Progressive MORON didn’t even have the Guts or the Balls to use his or her name, but signed it “Anonymous “ I knew that the Lefties would be angry But, the lefties are IMPLODING! Even Clint Eastwood's chair gave a better performance! As for Barack Obama, his head bowed down, his lips were all puffed out, he was pissed-off, he was lost, he looked defeated. All this while Mitt Romney looked right into Barack’s eyes, and looked very presidential may I add. What happened to Obama’s nose in the air? This was not John McCain he was debating!
Yes, Romney ruled the debate and President Obama looked out of place!

George said...

Great blog and great comments here.
In reference to Clint Eastwood’s speech, I didn’t hear Eastwood lauding the Republican Party. I didn’t hear him singing praises of Romney. His message was loud and clear, it was anti Obama because of his failed policies.. When someone isn’t getting the job done, you got to let them go.
His speech was outstanding. The reactions to this proves that the Left has no sense of humor.
The Left Stream Media were convinced that the battle for America ended the day Obama was elected. They were and are wrong. This battle is long from over.

Z said...

Romney lives his values and issues; Obama's making it up as he goes because so much was dishonest...the difference really showed.
Romney was in earnest, he was ready to debate because he's ON it.

Obama says there won't be gov't boards in charge of our health care, but Vets are already emailing me that their healthcare is less and takes longer for approval...really a huge difference since the Obama care stuff's hitting their VAs.
Obama also bemoaned everybody getting bad mortgages except he's in that black caucus crowd Daniel Mudd promised houses 'for everyone' to. So sad.

I think his house of cards fell last night because there was no

And, as so many of you say, the Lefties are in a dither, too.
very good debate.
and people can vote TODAY in some states (which I find a terrible indictment of our country and our electoral process, but that's another post).

Z said...

Hi, George, welcome and thanks for coming by.
I've always thought that Obama and whoever propped him up into this position (probably connected with whoever published his 2 autobiographies when he'd done virtually nothing in his life enough to GET a book deal) underestimated the timing by about 10 years.

IN another 10 years, more seniors will be dead, those great Americans who love and understand the constitution...leaving a largely idiot populace taught leftwing indoctrination to hate this country.

I've written enough on that not to go into details, but you're right, the battle doesn't seem quite over; it would have been in another 10 years. We'd be DONE because we don't have that great American safety net anymore..

My Dad used to say "The pendulum always swings back the other way" but I think the Alinsky-followers in education have seen to it that our American kids are mostly brainwashed into believing what Obama seems to believe (read his books): that racism still flourishes in America, only socialists have the right idea, we deserve to be brought down to 3rd world levels because of all the bad America's done, nobody can succeed on his own, community matters more than the individual, etc etc. That pendulum's stuck on LEFT right now. America can't survive.

rough times matter who's elected.

Anita Davis said...

Ducky here, you sound pretty stupid here today trying to defend you pitiful excuse for a president. You like the rest of the Democrats, Liberals, Progressives pride themselves on their domestic policies. This debate should have been a democraper advantage. But Obama could not defend his stupidity of wasting $90 billion on failed green energy so the recipients would contribute to his campaign. Obama will never be ready. To bad for him that Teleprompters are not allowed in a debate.
Your hero Obama looked like a lost puppy, he was lost for words and it showed. No doubt it is even more apparent that the empty suit is not enough anymore.

Christmas came early for us Republicans.

Bob said...

Liberalmann illustrates an overwhelming tendency to not recognize reality by saying, "... most vocal blustering fool can be declared a winner in verbal conflicts, "

The reality, dummy, is that Mitt had facts, and Obama was relying on talking points. There is a huge difference. Romney had substance, and all Obama had was, well he didn't even have his teleprompter so his buddies could give him the answers.

Face it, Libby man, Obama is a failure, doesn't know what he is doing, and has to rely on his smarter staff to keep him from saying stupid things.

Obama is far from being the sharpest tool in the shed. But, you wouldn't know. You aren't, either.

Ducky's here said...

What seems clear from the post mortem is that Mittens had to move to the center.

He knows he can't win with the Ryan freak talk so who is the real Mittens.

Ducky's here said...

Anita, I am a leftist not a liberal.

Anyone who thinks Obama is a progressive has been so far in the ozone for the last four years that they must be very light headed.

Brooke said...

Romney was put together, had his facts straight and conducted himself presidentially.

Obama was exactly the opposite.

Romney certainly sealed the deal, and has to do so two more times.

And the press? Did you see Chrissy's response? Bwaahaaaaa!

Anonymous said...

Anita, I am a leftist not a liberal.

At least you're honest. But not necessarily specific. You should say you're a communist.

Anonymous said...

That's my take for listening to 15 minutes of it and peaking at the TV while cooking :)

Obama showed what he really is: a lazy amateurish man who needs to hide his college grades because he just is plain incompetent and doesn't want to do the work.

He thought talking big and smiling could be enough.

Except this time, he had no smile, and his sentences without teleprompter showed how difficult it is for him to build concise sentences.

The conman was exposed and perception is big in politics. Romney exposed him.

They can do fact checks as much as you want. It's much easier to do fact checks on Romney when he gives numbers and speaks more concisely, than with Obama who just rambles and brings no specifics whatsoever.

It reminded me the Sarkozy - Royal debate where Sarkozy was all about policies and numbers and Royal looked like a fool.

Now Obama has to go on the attack and be vicious. But I have the feeling American people won't see that as a strength but a weakness. It will expose him even more.

People said a debate won't change much. But I think this one will change a lot. Obama's brand got seriously eroded last night with independents.

JonBerg said...

Finally we see the REAL B.O.; a spoiled little boy lost without his teleprompter and being taken to the wood shed by an adult. Now, I can't wait to see Paul Ryan debate B.O.'s crazy uncle, who lives in the basement. I'll sure be glad to see the Nation back in the hands of sane adults!

Anita Davis said...
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Anita Davis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anita Davis said...

Ducky's here said...
" Anita, I am a leftist not a liberal.
Anyone who thinks Obama is a progressive has been so far in the ozone for the last four years that they must be very light headed."

LOL, Is that all you can really say is if you are a "leftist"
If you love Obama so much and you love socialism so much, why don't relocate to North Korea and try speaking your mind in their Marxist utopia. People like you should be on their knees thanking God that you live in a country where you can freely express your views, even if they are their screwed up .
The ignorance of these dopey socialist lefties that I have been reading here and on SF's board is unbelievable..
Four years ago many of us said that this fraud Barack Obama was an empty suit. and last night the rest of the world found out that it was true.!

"I have 5 boys. I am use to hearing people say untrue things and hope that if they repeat it often enough someone will believe them"

And by the way, I am really enjoying the comments from Obama's usual apologists. like you and the others on these boards.

Anonymous said...

If you love Obama so much and you love socialism so much, why don't relocate to North Korea and try speaking your mind in their Marxist utopia.

I keep telling him to emigrate but there's no Red Sox and TV series like Leverage, both amazing productions of a free market society. And no ipod or stuff like that.

I wonder how it feels to get up in the morning and see that your behavior doesn't match your values. I believe it actually leads to depression.

Anita Davis said...

LOL, Good one FrogBurger.

Anonymous said...

FROM Z of geeeeZ:

WOW, the lefties are REALLY afraid of Paul Ryan; that debate will be for the disclaimers from the left before and after, even bigger than yesterday's.

I heard a radio talk show host say something I agree with; Obama is almost NEVER confronted by our media (Univision did last week, but...)...he's got carte blanche to say what he wants, barring facts, he can lie about the past, suggest platforms that would panic any thinking American, etc...the media DOES NOT hold his feet to the fire, as you are all well aware.

SO, really, some of his problem last night was a GLASS JAW....he simply doesn't have the chops anymore to argue, to fight back,to have to REALLY learn the information well enough to debate.
He's simply out of practice and the pursed lips and deer-in-headlight looks last night were an indication that he was WELL aware of that himself.

don't ya'll agree?

z at work

Two Thumbs Up said...

Mitt owned Obama last night.
The Entertainer in Chief made his sappy "Sweetie" comment and when he brought in Donald Trump, etc., he was met with silence. No doubt this had to have shook him up. He's used to being the adored, applauded, aggrandized one. Not tonight.Mitt exposed Obama as the poser that he is and has been. People who haven't been really paying attention saw it last night.

Mitt's intelligence and confidence ran rings around this guy. I was stunned at Obama's total unpreparedness. Lazy, lazy, lazy.

It was even an insult to his brain-dead supporters just how little he cares about them that he couldn't take some time out to prepare for this debate. He has absolutely no work ethic. No wonder he can't run the country.

Anonymous said...

Z, I don't think it's a lack of practice. He was just exposed. He's never been good at improvising without a telemprompter. He wasn't prepared like he never is.

Since he won't prepare, he will switch to attack mode next time. It's going to get personal and it'll make him look non presidential, without gravitas.

Romney has a major advantage right now.

Average American said...

Mitt hit a triple last night, it should have, AND could have, been a homer.

When NOMObama brought up those nasty greedy bankers taking advantage of people by giving them loans that they could never repay, I sat mesmerized watching and waiting for Mitt to POUNCE on him and remind everyone about the lawsuit at Citibank, and how this shit all started because of HIM! Also, the campaign contributions from Freddie and Fannie. I almost broke the TV when he let it slide. His best shot of the night and he missed it. Fifty million people could have learned something that the media never told them 4 years ago.

In the next 2 debates, watch for 47% and Bain Capital to surface. No way will they not be used.

The media is being surprisingly unbiased with the coverage so far. Kudos for that. Even most Dem pundits agree that Romney was the clear winner last night. Of course libtard blog trollers are a different story, but then, they never were the sharpest knives in the draw.

Bottomline, the Rebublican base is reinvigorated, the Democratic base is licking their wounds and independents are at least tilting much further right than they were before the debate.


Anonymous said...

From Z:

FB, from 'lack of practice' ,I don't mean to let O off the hook...I believe his beliefs are full of holes and his actions have been mischaracterized to make him look good (and us the losers), but I do stand by the fact that one is out of practice when one never has to hear 'NO'....and, other than UNIVISION recently, the media's not asking O any of the hard stuff to back his convictions.
And yes..without teleprompter, he was truly LOST.

Romney spoke completely off the cuff, didn't even write as many notes as O did at the beginning to remind him what to address.

AA; "Well done, Mitt" indeed!
There were times I thought Mitt could have pounced, too, but he's certainly not going to let the media call him MEAN, so I think he did this on purpose.
I was surprised and happy when he mentioned the waste of tax dollars for dying green companies,however!
I think O was real happy that subject just slipped by........!


Anonymous said...

From Z:

You'll LOVE this misleading Yahoo title (again!)

but, you'll see all those ON EDGE are far lefties...
as IF Obama's done anything for Europe that Romney doesn't know how to do but BETTER, but putting US FIRST (oops, Europe doesn't like that, does it)? He's had more business/economics experience than Obama ever dreamed of.

This stuff cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

They're freaking out b/c Bernanke won't be printing as much money. Since he'll be gone!

Anonymous said...

Have a good laugh at those pseudo intellectuals. Those people are dimwits debating if OBama was off because of the altitude. Video

Anonymous said...

Al Gore is about to do An Inconvenient Truth #2 on how climate change impacts people's IQ.

JonBerg said...


That sounds oxymoronic to me.

Average American said...

FB, thanks for the "video" url. It was really funny.

I went out west on vacation last year and I did actually notice a minor difference in the air. I have a hard time breathing anywhere and it did get a little worse. What did I do about it, use my inhaler a little more often. We went as high as 9000 feet above sea level at Bryce Canyon Utah, and close to that high in several other spots. I never once felt more stupid than usual, which is what it seems that NOMObama did according to the internet inventor. Truth be known, his performance at the debate was pretty much on target with what most people expected. Mitt however OUTperformed the expectations. Nothing to do with the air!! Gore is a frigging idiot--always has been and always will be.

Anonymous said...


I'm reading that Obama's teasing Romney about BIG BIRD and PBS.....and that, today, Obama said something like "Romney wasn't the same person I know on that stage last night"...

boy, it sounds desperate...I think the Big Bird remark is ridiculous and the line about not being the same person is just another endorsement for ROmney, who now Obama apparently acknowledges knocked it out of the park!?


Ducky's here said...

Obama has a set of prepared ads countering Romney's exaggerations already starting to air.

Let's see if the rope-a-dope works.

FreeThinke said...

If you'd like to know what I think about last night's debate, please visit

The review posted there this morning after we watched the debate twice might surprise you.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

And I already heard one, it was as Full of Crap as the ones we already heard. More BS and more lies. The Marxist. Is toast.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Ducky Wucky You Were Soooo Spanked.

And you were sent to North Korea ... Good show, Anita, you made mockery of Ducky Wucky and his Liberal friends.

JonBerg said...

I just endured that Gyro Goreloose tape. He is nuttier than ever. I've lived in Denver for forty years and can tell you that the negligible difference in the time that the debaters spent here, before the debate started, is irrelevent and inconsequential to preformance. If Gore had a valid point, which he never does, the Broncos would never lose a game! Gore should be locked up in the basement with Joe Biden! DemocRATS make me want to puke!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Next debate is on Foreign policy. .

This is where Romney should hit Obama hard with the failure in Libya.
Barack Obama went to bed that night not knowing Chris Stevens' fate, knowing that he was missing. and he SLEPT through his 3am phone call.
Then, instead the beehive of activity we'd expect to see at the White House during an international crisis with national security and intelligence types coming and going, he gives a short, misdirecting speech on the Benghazi attack, then an interview with 60-minutes for his election campaign, and flies to Vegas for a stump speech. Next day, it was off to Colorado and another stump speech.

And from Hillary Clinton, who's up to her neck in this... nothing. Not a word of apology from either of them for the incompetence which has lead to the deaths of our ambassador and three other Americans, the sacking of our consulate, or the on-going attacks on our embassies..

This is what I want to hear from Romney next week. The White House ignored warnings of a parlous security situation in Benghazi, and after the attack the administration blames a video.. Give us all a friggen break.

Ian said...

Ducky, I am just not sure where to look for the facts for the BS that you post, .but the bottom line is I don't really pay attention to them anyway. Nor do It really care.

I will not stop posting my opinions about Barack and the Moocher, but if you show me where you find your information, I might think a bit less about your bullshit.

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pris said...

"I heard people on the radio this morning comparing Mitt and Obama to a father lecturing his son, and from the highlights I think that's a good description."

Yes SF, that's what I saw too. Mitt was very Presidential, and Obama looked and sounded intimidated, like a child caught sneaking, with his hand in the cookie jar!

I was very impressed with Romney last night, but then, I had thought all along, that he'd come through!

Son of Liberty said...

In reference to Clint Eastwood’s speech, I didn’t hear Eastwood lauding the Republican Party. I didn’t hear him singing praises of Romney. His message was loud and clear, it was anti Obama because of his failed policies.. When someone isn’t getting the job done, you got to let them go.
His speech was outstanding. The reactions to this proves that the Left has no sense of humor.
The Left Stream Media were convinced that the battle for America ended the day Obama was elected. They were and are wrong. This battle is long from over. in fact it just begun last night..

Leticia said...

(a) Romney behaved with professional decorum and when addressing Obama gave him eye contact. He was well prepared, and not once showed intimidation but answered each question with perfect clarity.

Obama, had a nice tie.

(b) No disappointment in Romney.

Obama never directly looked at Romney, was arrogant, kept on looking down shaking his head and as the debate went on, became more and more irritable. He couldn't get his facts straights and did a lot of ummmmm..... and so forth. Ignored the moderator.

(c) Romney definitely sealed the deal because he had an answer to every question and the facts to back them up. Not so much Obama.

(d) The MSM are going crazy and some didn't even show up to work today, or so I heard on the Fivers.

Ian said...

Rational Nation USA said...
My disappointment is there was no Gary Johnson on that platform last night. A disgrace if you ask me.

Humm, First of all, I don't recall anybody asking you!

And if Gary Johnson wants to debate, let him debate with Jesse Ventura, he wants to debate also, but no one listens to him either.

The only one that Gary Johnson is fit to debate with is an inept MORON like Joe Biden.

Jack Whyte said...

I am laughing. Baghdad Juan Williams is the only person on the planet who thinks Barack Obama won the debate last night. Not even Al Gore thinks this. Not even Rachel Madcow. Not even Tingles thinks this ...

Must be a black thing ...

Scotty said...

FrogBurger said...
Al Gore is about to do An Inconvenient Truth #2 on how climate change impacts people's IQ.

Al Gore had the answer for President Obama's dismal showing last night.

He said the Governor Romney had been in Denver for a few days and President Obama was only there for hours.......Governor Romney was better adjusted to the thin Denver air.

I kid you not!

My Observations said...

Every time Obama opened his mouth he showed his ignorance!

May the reason why Obama did so badly was because the Mooch carries Barack's balls around in her purse!

Liberalmann said...

The First Debate: Mitt Romney's Five Biggest Lies

At Last Night’s Debate: Romney Told 27 Myths In 38 Minutes

Romney increasingly panned on substance, lies

By losing last night’s debate, Obama may have won the election

Sun Tyme said...

Isn't it funny how the lefties behave when their twisted,radical, Marxist, Messiah is threatened!..

Just read the comments by Ducky Here, Steve, or a real nightmare, Shaw's Blog

Sam Huntington said...

My favorite moment during the debate was when Obama was talking there was a loud noise, a kerthunk from backstage. Both he and Romney looked around, but it didn’t interfere with Obama’s train of thought. Obama couldn’t have known at the time, the noise was his numbers plummeting.

Bob said...

Folks, Barack Obama may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is a long way from being stupid. It is a HUGE mistake to misunderestimate the cleverness of a world class liar.

Plus, he has several hundred million dollars to publish his made up crap about Romney and Ryan. Just because the Republicans are on the side of the Angels down't mean an automatic win.

We all know that BO and his campaign have been making up everything from Mitt Romney's budget to his health care proposals. There is still a lot of fight left in that Communist's camp.

Bob said...


Can you, as an avowed Communist, tell me what a progressive is?

Anonymous said...

By losing last night’s debate, Obama may have won the election

You're ready to be host on MSNBC.

Thanks for the good laughs.

Louis H. said...

L'homme libéral est évidemment atteint de troubles mentaux. Il a besoin d'une intervention professionnelle.

Anonymous said...

Can you, as an avowed Communist, tell me what a progressive is?

A progressive is someone who moves forward and toward the direction of progress and the future, however progress is defined at the present moment.

Sounds deep, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

L'homme libéral est évidemment atteint de troubles mentaux. Il a besoin d'une intervention professionnelle.

C'est ce que je pense parfois. Il parait que des etudes sur le cerveau on en effet prouve que le cerveau ne marchait pas de la meme maniere chez les gauchistes.

DaBlade said...

I just responded to some of those observations at the CT studios, and I think Obama was looking down so much while Mitt was talking because he was trying to figure out how to bow to him but the podium was in the way.

Anonymous said...

From Z:

Louis et FB...c'est ce que je pense toujours!

FB...your line about 'ready to host msnbc' is wonderful!

We could get leftwing links in here all day and it doesn't change the fact that half the Luntz crowd of indies last night said the debate changed their minds and they're voting for Romney.
We need to remember a lot of people are voting NOW, too....very early voting, which I think is the end of a healthy democracy, but that's for another post.

DaBlade...Obama has NO problem bowing, but only to Arab Princes, right?

Liberalmann said...

Bob, so show me these 'lies' becasue I've shown you plenty from Rmoney. Virtually everything he said last night was a lie or flip flop of a previous position.

Anonymous said...

Oh Liberalman, go back play in your sandbox please. You sound juvenile.

Get back to us when you grow up in 10 years.

Liberalmann said...

Bob said..."Ducky: Can you, as an avowed Communist, tell me what a progressive is?"


I'd say only if you can tell me why you think he is a communist becasue it's apparent you really have no clue.

Anonymous said...

Liberlaman, Ducky is self proclaimed "democrat socialist."

Lean about the GDR or German Democratic Republic and then you'll get your answer.

IF you're smart enough, you'll go beyond looking at the words "democratic" and "republic."

Maybe you should watch the Life of Others to enlighten you.

Or I could tell you about my little trip over there in 1988 with wonderfully decorated Red Army tanks, barb wires, big lights monitoring our train and the fact we were not allowed to open our metal curtains.

Really, study a little bit for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Liberalman, since you're young, I'd recommend you to go to the country where I was raised France so you can try socialism and see if you really like it.

Let me know if you find work there, assuming you have a visa, after just a month of being there.

Then in a couple of years, let me know what your paycheck looks like and how much is left at the end of the month.

Oh and do like my mom, try to pick a clinic of your choosing while having 3 health insurances, including the one from the gov, and being denied.

Really do like me: you have dreams and European principles that don't match what the US is about so exile yourself to see if it fits you best.

It's to easy to be a mouthpiece of MSNBC and the likes and stay in your cocoon.

Bob said...

Liberalmann said:

"I'd say only if you can tell me why you think he is a communist becasue it's apparent you really have no clue."

He is a communist because 1) he said he is leftist, and 2) because on many occasions he has championed Marxist causes.

If you want to accuse Mitt Romney of lying, be specific. For example, the whole world knows Obama is lying about the 5 trillion Romney tax cut. He never advocated that. Obama is making that one up.

Secondly, you need to use your internet resources before showing your ignorance. I keep trying to coach you on this. Forget the talking points and see if you can find facts. Almost nothing about Obama's claims are factual, and some are pointedly misleading.

Be careful. If you repeat Obama's talking points, you have indicted yourself as being supremely ignorant, or as an unrepentant liar.

Jack Whyte said...

The thing is, Libmerde, Romney may have lied, or he may not have lied, but there remains one enduring fact: you are a pusillanimous piece of maggot dung —and so you shall remain all the days of your life.

Jack Whyte said...

The thing is, Libmerde, Ducky is an admitted communist, an acolyte of every communist and anarchist who wants America to fail. But not even this fact detracts from the fact that you are a pusillanimous piece of maggot dung —and so you shall remain all the days of your life.

Lisa said...

Ducky if you think Romney had to mover to the center then Obama had to move waaaay to the center. He will try enforce his progressives agenda which I fear he will if he gets a 2ND term. Of course he has to hide it now so people like you can say "He's not a socialist or a progressive". I dread an "unchecked" 2nd Obam term.

All in all I think Romney hit it out of the park without overly doing it but just by having facts ,being organized,confident and looking the part, and he better win because I would feel much more at ease with him at the helm instead of Obama who is nothing more than a speech maker with talking points who sat in the the pews of G--Damn America's Pastor for 20 years.
The picking the losers line was the best. We roared over that one.
And exposing the waste on Solyndra that could have been used to hire teachers showing that we should have priorities instead of just spending and taxing.
Obam looked like a deer in the headlights at times. He looked like the little man he really is.

Z said...

Liberalmann is in FULL SWING! :-)

I think the whole lefty world is shaking in its shoes; very defensive, very silly.

Good job, everybody...stick to facts, stick to truth...
we may be out-stupided by a majority of American voters on Nov 6 but we know we have this country's back and we're going to do all we can not to let it slip into Obama/Alinskyland!

beakerkin said...


Obama has been socially promoted above his ability based on race and family connections. The truth is despite his supporters claims he is not anywhere close to either Clinton or even GW Bush interms of IQ.

While its true that eloquence of GW Bush was mocked when he spoke without a teleprompter he was fine.
Now he has a record so endlessly droning on about hope and change won't cut it.

Frog Burger

The Duck loves the EU, but is too lazy to move to Brussels. They allready have plenty of educators teaching aspiring pornographers film production.

Ask Ducky how many of his students graduate to shoot films in Van Nuys.
A dirty secret is Communist cinema stunk. His sacred Stalanist icons wrote their books and scripts here
not in the USSR or Cuba.

As a theatrical proffessional you can deduce the reason for this, but
it eludes the Duck.

I am disappointed the great gas masked philosopher didn't chime in.

Janie Lynn said...

Everyone has said everything! I just loved that someone finally corrected BO every time he tried to lie. That was SO worth seeing!

Anonymous said...

The Duck loves the EU, but is too lazy to move to Brussels

No baseball there. Instead, a more collectivist sport: soccer. But Ducky enjoys a more individual-focused, number-based sport. A paradox in itself.

Anonymous said...

It's so clear and evident that this AA elevated fraud...Alinsky, Marxist loving, redistributing the wealth commie, AA gift to skin color, promoted to his position by pure the worst asshole ( making Jimmy Carter a genius ) that AA has managed to produce in the last 50 years.

He's not only working well below his pay grade....he's a completely lost on the real world that Mitt knows so well. How can these silly , ignorant tools vote for a man that keeps them on food stamps and welfare for the rest of their lives?

If...If I gave American voters any credit at all..they'd see this hustle...this thievery and robbery of their hard work and efforts to take care of themselves...and not accept the pittance...the garbage that this bastard has doled out in the last four years.

But....I'm not a ..."disadvantaged" minority. Nor do I need to scam hard working Americans that I need 10 or 20 cell phones...for free. Have they no pride at all? No...they do not.

Bob said...


It may be possible that Al Gore was correct in his speculation about the rarefied air in Colorado affecting Obama's performance. That happened to me when I was in my early thirties in Colorado Springs, CO. After flying into Denver, and taking a shuttle to Colorado Springs, I had a terrible headache and had to sleep it off for three or four hours. This was probably a mild case of elevation sickness.

At the time I lived in Houston, Texas (100 ft AMSL). An employee of mine was from New Orleans (below sea level), and he fainted, twice, at dinner that evening. We called an ambulance to be safe.

Later on, the doctor at the hospital told us that it was not uncommon for people to have mild cases of elevation sickness, especially if they come from a locale much lower in elevation than that in Colorado.

So,there you go. Old Al may have gotten one right.

Z said...

Bob, I think Obama could be nasty and snotty through any elevation sickness. But, you're right, it does exist.
With the amount of traveling he does, I'd have thought he knew this about himself.
I get a slight headache in sudden elevations, my sis really suffers from that and they have a house in Park City! awful for a few days.

NO....The Obama people would have brought him in a day or two before if he had this malaise and he'd have KNOWN it. Actually, does anybody know how many days he'd been in Denver? I think he was in Nevada just before??

The Mass. governor, a close friend of Obama's, also said he could have had elevation sickness.
You don't get it ALL OF A SUDDEN, he's traveled for YEARS and he'd have known and planned for it..particularly if he'd realized the importance of this first debate, don't you THINK?

Anonymous said...

Bob if you're right, it didn't take him too long to recover and be nasty today.

Z said...

good one, FB....true

beamish said...

(a) What you liked about each candidate

I must admit I did muse sinisterly over the psychological implications of Obama taking an ideological ass whoopin' in front of his wife on their anniversary. I suspect Michelle will squeeze in one more vacation.

But, I don't think Mitt whipped Obama's ass. I was grading him on a different scale. Certainly by mass appeal, he won. He's good at saying which way the wind is blowing. But let's be honest. He wants to grow the economy to fit inside the fat ass government around it. It gets no more ass backwards.

(b) What you disliked about each candidate

Both are well to my left, politically.

(c) Did either candidate “seal the deal?”

No. I'd gamble they created more undecideds. Both want to call a mulligan on the last four years. Both have no plan. Both are bullshit artists.

(d) Is the press treating each candidate fairly in terms of the aftermath of this debate?

I think the press is doing the public a disservice. They're calling the guy that legalized gay marriage, sicced his judicial branch on parents trying to intervene in their minor-aged children getting abortions, stopped the deportation of an illegal immigrant so she could keep a government union job, and created the testbed of Obamacare a friggin' "conservative."


beamish said...

this... though

Average American said...

"So,there you go. Old Al may have gotten one right."

Bob, are you sure you and your employee didn't hit the sauce a tad to much? Just askin.

Bob said...

Average American said : "Bob, are you sure you and your employee didn't hit the sauce a tad to much? Just askin."

Well, it was a sales meeting. We were a hard drinking bunch.

JonBerg said...

I don't recall B.O. making complaints about altitude sickness @ the DNC, held here in Denver in 2008. Further, as much as he travels, a predisposition to such would surely be known. Air Pressure: @ Sea Level= 14.7 PSI, in Denver 12.1 PSI and in pressurized cabins, in high altitude flights, the pressure can't exceed 10.3 PSI due to potential fuselage damage. Anyway if B.O. has this problem and didn't take proper steps to acclimate it should tell us something. But, otherwise, color me very skeptical!

beakerkin said...

I did ask for the comments of the Great Gas Masked Philosopher Patriot.

1) Even Newt Gingrich is to the left of Mr B.

2) Our choices are Romney or Obama.
Like Mr. B I supported Newt in the primaries. As I am a moderate, Romney should appeal to me. He has basically got this far on electability.

3) Romney has yet to say much more than say I am not Obama.

4) The GOP needs to clean house and kick Ron Paul and his band of imbeciles, racists and truthers out.
I am less than thrilled by Romney's lack of spelling out why Ron Paul is beneath the pale.

Anonymous said...

@Z and Bob

"But, you're right, it does exist."

I think you failed to consider that the cabin of AF1 or any aircraft that flies above 12,500 ( requiring O2 and cabin pressurization ) typically has a cabin altitude of around 5,000 to 6000 the cabin.

So when he bounces down those stairs in Denver ( 5,280 Ft. ) he should be fully acclimated to that elevation. Cause the cabin is set to the arriving airports elevation before landing.

Anonymous said...


Beak! ROMNEY is supposed to address Ron Paul NOW? WHY?

Imp...but then why do I and many like me get a headache when in a higher elevation for a few days?
Our planes don't fly that high?


Anonymous said...

>>The GOP needs to clean house and kick Ron Paul and his band of imbeciles, racists and truthers out.
I am less than thrilled by Romney's lack of spelling out why Ron Paul is beneath the pale.<<


Anonymous said...


"Imp...but then why do I and many like me.."

Don't really know Z...unless you are very sensitive and inner ear super sensitivity too? I never got over cabin pressure changes all the time I flew. I had to yawn, blow my nose...whatever to release the inner ear pressure too.

I got a headache 14,000 MSL...
But not at typical cabin altitudes.

And yes...if the plane is at lower altitudes the cabin is lower ( slightly ) too.

However....I doubt it affected's just an easy excuse for his lousy performance. IMHO

Liberalmann said...

Thanks everyone, you all gave me a good laugh today. Of course it was the type of laugh that is accompanied by slow and deliberate head shaking.

So, by you're loony standards and definitions, how come no one is complaining about Rmoney's socialist and even communist statements at the debate?

Swoosh, right over your heads, eh?

Z said...

Imp, don't get me wrong, I was asking for myself; by the way, elevation sickness is VERY common.

Liberalmann, thank YOU for the laughs. If he's so communist, why aren't you voting for him?
"over our heads?" Stop being so scared and trying to insult so hard; your ilk'd indoctrinated enough rubes that your jerk'll get elected.
wait for it.

Liberalmann said...

Yep, thanks. I thought so Z. Right over your heads. Lol!

Anonymous said...


You suffer the incurable disease of malignant narcissism. As all you leftist freaks do. It's your own brand of AIDS.

Z said...

Imp...he's not worth our time.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Anonymous said...

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