Saturday, October 27, 2012

It Is Up to US ... at Home

What we must have in this country is a dose of reality:  we must not allow Washington politics to define who we are.  Furthermore, if the federal government would confine itself to the things the Constitution empowers it to do, and which limits the power of the central government, then we could all live happily ever after arguing with one another over state-centric and local community issues.

I think this was Congressman Ryan’s message not long ago during a speech in Ohio.  Here’s what he said: 

Even though so many barriers to equality have fallen, too many old inequities persist.  Too many children, especially African-American and Hispanic children, are sent into mediocre schools and expected to perform with excellence.  African-American and Hispanic children make up only 38 percent of the nation’s overall students, but they are 69 percent of the students in schools identified as lowest performing.  That’s unacceptable.  We owe every child a chance to succeed.  In the words of Abraham Lincoln, we owe them ‘an unfettered start and a fair chance in the race of life.’  Upward mobility is the central promise of life in America.  But right now, America’s engines of upward mobility aren’t working the way they should.

I appreciate Mr. Ryan’s views, which I construe to mean there are solutions to our problems, but most of these must come from within our states, counties, and local governments.  Education is one of these.  It is not the role of federal government to tell us in Georgia, or California, or Illinois how we must educate our children.  This is a state right --a state responsibility.
We don’t live our lives for the vermin who live inside the beltway; we live our lives for our families and our communities.  And while it is certainly true that gross stupidity from Washington can make us very unhappy, as Washington has made us unhappy over the past six years, we must  find a way to refocus our attentions on caring for our loved ones, making them happy, preparing them for a better tomorrow.  Washington politicians can piss off.

If Washington would confine itself to the enumerated powers, our states would take care of everything else, consistent with available revenues and spending priorities.  This is why we have state governors, state legislatures, and state courts.  This is what our founding fathers intended.  For too many years now, we have screwed the political pooch; through our lethargy or our inattention, we have given our consent to grossly illegal activities in Washington, and it has only made us an unhappier, more contentious people. 

And for their part, Washington insiders have tried to separate us from our local roots; they have tried to interject themselves into state and local politics because it gives them more power.  Enough is enough!  We can determine our own destiny, but we must do it from within the framework of our states and our local communities; it is from this position where we can do the most good for those who need a hand up.

Romney isn't the answer to all our problems.  He can be a force for good in settling federal issues and international problems.  He can help us fix the federal economy.  But if we expect to change  the things at home that make us unhappy, then we must look to ourselves and to our neighbors.  If we are too lazy or too stupid to see that national politics is making us angry —and mostly at one another, if we are unable to see that we can solve most of our problems without federal intervention, then maybe we deserve to be unhappy.  



Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The "Free Cheese Paradigm" has NOT worked. Simply throwing money after a problem has NOT worked.

It's time to decide whether to 1. Abandon the current welfare generation or 2. Abandon the future welfare generation.

You're going to have to do one or the other to save the nation.

I knew this in the 70s when going to calls in motels and homes, when I could see the next generation of criminals I would have to fight squalling and twisting as infants on bedsheets, their parents, bruised, battered, shot and bleeding.


Always On Watch said...

we must not allow Washington politics to define who we are

Easier said than one when the federal government and local governments have such great power to tax us into submission.

Everybody or almost everybody seems to want a free ride for themselves. But there is no free ride!

The government has not money except that which it takes from an individual's purse.

Robert Sinclair said...

I don’t think it is possible to return to the Rockwell era; a time when kids played in the little leagues and parents supported them, when everyone knew nearly everyone else in the community. And this was a time, too, when the federal government more or less confined itself to the things it is legally empowered to do —and doing so allowed us to focus on issues affecting our community and our state. No, we can’t go back to that (if it ever did exist in the first place), but I think we ought to at least try.

Z said...

I hope some of you read that. THIS is the kind of digging the Associated Press is FINALLY doing...they're FINALLY looking for the truth!...if that truth can work against Romney, of course..anything to kill Wisconsin for Romney. Apparently, RYAN AND WALKER EMAIL AND ARE FRIENDS! HORRORS! (smile) Now THERE's a newsflash:)
And AND...Ryan didn't vote for the stimulus then wanted some stimulus money for his state when the money was being distributed! (I think we all knew that, so that's not news, right?)

BUT, WISCONSIN IS VERY CLOSE NOW AFTER HAVING BEEN AN OBAMA STATE so it's all NEW NEWS AGAIN....why else would the AP dig into this so hard when they're practically ignoring the horror in Benghazi where FOUR AMERICAN HEROES have died apparently without help which might have kept them alive? WE let those men die, folks...WE are the government; but AP feels ROmney/Walker emails are REALLY important. :-)

Z said...

Robert, I couldn't agree with you more. Until we TRY to return to that, we're done...the slippery slope's getting slipperier and slipperier.

AOW...but Mustang's so right, isn't he? We HAVE let Washington define us in so many ways... and that's wrong. Now they've defined us as murderers because it seems the USA COULD have saved our heroes in Benghazi and didn't..because of the dopes some Americans elected.

BZ..MANY Americans think the FREE CHEESE PARADIGM just isn't BIG enough or FREE enough. I keep wondering how they expect the gravy train to keep running...on WHAT?

don't liberals SEE Europe...where they've run out of money supporting CHEESE? It's almost unbelievable to watch our Democrats, and certainly is unbearable.

Ed Bonderenka said...

To Robert Sinclair's observation:
I remember (as I sure some others here do)a childhood of living in a neighborhood, where if you did something you shouldn't, some neighbor houses away from yours would call your folks, and your folks would deal with you.
That neighborhood (post WW2)was stable, people had saved to buy those homes and took pride in them.
In the 70's it seemed that everyone started looking at their housing as "investments" and along with the proliferation of in-home diversions (larger TVs) didn't care to interact with their neighbors since they'd be moving on soon.
Eventually, a neighbor complaining about your kids behavior became an adversary.
And then when you saw misbehavior, you didn't get involved.

FreeThinke said...

There are TWO causes for emergence of Washington, DC as a bullying dictatorial force:

1. Our historic treatment of the NEGRO.

2. The exploitation of MILL HANDS (later defined as "workers" by the Communists) in the nineteenth century.

Because those of us who once HAD tremendous advantage in the past took it for granted that things were they way they were, because "God obviously intended them to be that way," were successfully attacked and virtually destroyed first by ABRAHAM LINCOLN, who assumed the role of DICTATOR and forced his will on a reluctant nation, and LATER by the LABOR MOVEMENT.

After the Industrial Revolution took hold the factory workers were ruthlessly exploited, which in turn gave rise to the UNIONISM soon followed by FABIANISM in BRITAIN and MARXISM-BOLSHEVISM-SOCIALISM-PROGRESSIVISM-LIBERALISM everywhere else in the Civilized World.

So, in truth the very great evils we hate and fear so much today came about because of SELFISHNESS, GREED, COMPLACENCY and MORAL BLINDNESS on the part of those in positions of advantage.

My point is that NOTHING will EVER be "right" again, unless and until we embrace GENUINE moral rectitude as THE primary component in the way we do business and the way we lead our personal lives.

Admittedly that's all-but-impossible to do when fractious, dissident, malicious, corrupting "elements," who've made great inroads into our society, have wormed their way into virtually unassailable positions of influence and unaccountable power and feel no obligation to play by the same rules imposed on the rest of us.

It's just COMMON SENSE, but our benighted species, will do everything possible to avoid facing the truth, and continue rationalize away our opportunities to institute genuine reform, and point fingers everywhere but at ourselves in a fruitless effort to affix BLAME.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Mustang, the lore that i have pondered the question you raise, the more I am drawn toward the conclusion that mankind is not suited for self governance. The vast majority of people do not want to spend a large amount of their time trying to figure out how corrupt their governments ( local, state, and federal) are. They just want to live their lives in peace. Those that lust for power and wealth know this and take advantage of the situation for their own benefit. This vast majority need and benefit from those who lust for power and wealth. When economics times are good, they don't care what the powerful are doing. It is only when economic times are bad that some of that vast majority wake-up and start to challenge what the powerful have been doing.

I really don't know if this reality will ever change.

Divine Theatre said...

I always feel like the dumb kid in class, but I have to post my thoughts...
Since the advent of the Welfare State the black family has fallen to ruin. In the inner cities, close to 90% of blacks are born out of wedlock. Those children have the highest rates of illiteracy, violent crime, teen pregnancy, abuse (including animal), etc. In essence, the Welfare State has created an inner city microcosm of hoplessness, which breeds everything bad and nothing good. Nothing good.
Several generations of entitlists later, we are not doing anything differently and somehow expect different results? Further, what is it going to take for the government to see that, in this instance, correlation actually IS causation?
I always say that the Welfare State has destroyed the black family and feminists have destroyed everything else.
The absence of a father is the greatest villainy that can be commited upon a child.
When will we learn?
I home school my child for myriad reasons, the least of which is to protect her from the ferals and those who have grown accustomed to a "Lord of the Flies" lifestyle.
I have never in my life seen the American people segregated into percentages. The divisiveness is mind boggling! The 1%, the 47%, the 3%...We are all Americans. Or so I thought. Since when was it public policy to foster resentment for people who have worked harder, made better choices and sacrifices?
The Barbarians are at the gates!

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Obama and his lying administration lied about the attack in Benghazi,
Libya cover up their incompetence in not adequately protecting our embassy, strictly for political reason to save is own ass, and he had the GAUL to accuse Mitt Romney of politicizing the event. How can the American people even think of voted to re-elect this POS?

Average American said...

"Washington politicians can piss off."

Love that! Great post and Great comments! Gotta run.

Pris said...

When my grandson was a boy, and I was helping to raise him while his Mom was working, a neighbor came to my door to apologize for yelling at he and his playmate.

The boys were playing between two houses, and my neighbor quietly asked them to play somewhere else, as her two babies were taking a nap.

They didn't leave so she yelled at them, and thought she should apologize.

I asked her one question, "did my grandson give you any lip?" She told me no, the other boy did. I told her she didn't owe me an apology, the boys should have minded her, and they deserved to be yelled at.

She told me "boy, you're tough". I laughed and said "I am when I have to be, and that's why my grandson wasn't disrespectful towards you, so don't worry about it, you did the right thing".

I'm telling you all this because there are too many young people who think they're entitled to behave however they like, and demand whatever they want.

So, as adults it takes them many more years to grow up, if they ever do, and realize they can't have everything they'd like to have.

I agree with Ed. The only thing my Dad complained about concerning the Govt., was taxes.

While we didn't have much in the way of material things, we had the model of pride and dignity from our parents, and my sister and I were happy kids from a loving home, and we knew what behavioral lines not to cross.

Today, in too many cases, the kids are running the show, not their parents, who no doubt work hard and try to make up for it, by giving their children stuff!

That is part of the problem IMO. We now have a couple of generations of people who think they're owed something, instead of earning what they want, and that to me, is what's at play today, and why Obama is in the running even though he has been a failure!

Z said...

Do you know ANYBODY who wouldn't vote for Alan West or Condi Rice?

Do we have to enumerate the times we've been disappointed with Obama's missing his moment to talk to teens about education, leaving gangs, etc., or how's about the way he handled the Harvard Prof "beer summit", or how he allows Eric Holder to call America racist?

Suddenly, AP, which can't be bothered to dig into how our country just killed four American heroes, is digging into RACISM IN AMERICA>..the article even suggests Obama could lose the presidency because of him.

Where WAS OBama when he could have spoken about everybody getting on board to EVERYONE doing well, to EVERYONE getting a better education? Instead, he's gone out of his way to divide, as has HOlder.

RACISTS? LOST THE ELECTION BECAUSE OF IT? HE is the one who's caused any growing racism in our country; NOT US.

When I see Obama I see a Black man who dropped a GREAT CHANCE to help this country...some of you got on my back (BIG TIME) when I admitted the night he got nominated at the DNC that I cried from seeing Black kids so happy about it, and from the fact that America had a black nominee for the first touched me deeply, and I've spoken to other Republicans who also wept. Man, this president REALLY dropped the ball...he was too busy screwing us so he could blame racism to ever speak constructively and kindly about racism in America.

Z said...

Also, I urge you to look into the BP payments Florida is getting...Yes, BP wanted the states to head the passing-out of the money they're paying but the Feds said they wanted to do it..they changed the situation so FLORIDIANS would get the most money because they have the most coastline (tho they were barely hit compared to the main gulf states that WERE hit)...yup; so FLoridians could see our president giving them tons of unwarranted dough.
Guess what, the deadline was NOVEMBER 6.

look into it; it SMELLS as bad as the oil spill and dead animals on the sand must have.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get anything on MSNBC or CNN about Benghazi and the proof we all have now that the WH dropped the ball; NOTHING.
CNN has been covering (I'm not kidding) "The world's richest dead celebrities" and Alex WItt on MSNBC's glued to the hurricane coverage and interviewing Ed Schultz about what he'll do if ROmney wins.
I forgot...Freddie Whitfield on CNN also covered the Kennedy child abuse case and Britney Spears.


Silverfiddle said...

Divine Theater: I have no idea why you would fell like "the dumb kid in class." You're real-life observations are always interesting and very well stated.

The Progressive project, their 100 year march, is to push everything up to the federal level, taking all decision-making and freedom of action away from the people.

The income tax system was a major coup. Think about it. The federal government reaching past sovereign state governments and directly into people's pockets.

They take dollars and then turn around and bribe us with pennies. It is an inefficient system that benefits only the ruling federal bureaucratic class.

Z said...

SF, I was literally just commenting at your site when I came back and saw you here!
And you're so right.

And you're also right about Divine...she IS divine! :-)

Pris, at my high school, if you could SEE how some parents spoil their kids. One kid in the carpool forgot her camera in the back seat when a Mom dropped them off....The Mom drove all the way from work DOWNTOWN when she got the call and brought the camera to Santa MOnica in the middle of rush hour.
Or they bring their lunches in when there's literally one hour to go after lunch before their little princess goes home to food anyway.

We just can't BELIEVE it.
Otherwise, we have GREAT kids who're raised right, like you did with your kids and your grandson.....but that spoiling is ridiculous.

JonBerg said...

Just last evening two friends of mine and I, over some adult beverages,were discussing politics (imagine that). The conversation eventually segued to the subject of who might fill the vacant Cabinet positions (God willing). When it got around to the Secretary of Education we looked at each other and simultaneously concurred that the office wasn't even needed; at least in its present form. I've been a proponent of the "Voucher System" since I read the book "Free To Choose" by Milton Friedman, some 30years ago. It's my understanding that the present Administration has curtailed pilot programs of voucher funding. Perhaps AOW can better explain where we are with this.

Z said...

JonBerg, AOW is smart on EVERYTHING, but particularly education..good point. I hope helps us out here.

I do know that I watched MSNBC in my quest to see if they or CNN was covering Benghazi (they haven't this morning) and Ed Schultz was shown talking about how Republicans want to shut down education, how his mother was a hard working teacher and earned nothing and Republicans want to ruin public education, etc etc.

It's STUNNING to think that he doesn't understand what the unions have done to that profession; every teacher I know says they spend all their time disciplining, they can't teach. Partly, that's the parents...but the parents who DO CARE enough to raise kids who'd never dream of insulting a teacher SHOULD HAVE THE OPTION OF GETTING THEIR KIDS THE HELL OUT OF A SITUATION WHERE THEY SIMPLY CANNOT LEARN DUE TO THE OTHER KIDS

WHY can't Liberals understand that?

Divine Theatre said...

"If you can't feed your baby (yeah, yeah)
Then don't have a baby (yeah, yeah)
And don't think maybe (yeah, yeah)
If you can't feed your baby (yeah, yeah)
You'll be always tryin'
To stop that child from cryin'
Hustlin', stealin', lyin'
Now baby's slowly dyin'"

~Michael jackson, "Wanna Be Starting Something"

Love him or hate him...he's right!

Thanks for the vote of confidence, guys! I truly enjoy your posts and always learn a great deal


Pris said...

Thank you Z.

I've seen that spoiling of children you mention, quite often.

Basically, I followed in my parents' footsteps. I was fortunate to have that model for parenting.

Z said...

Pris, that's right....more of us had great parents then who DID believe in discipline. What the heck happened?
Suddenly, every parent wants to be their kid's good friend; and that doesn't work.!!!

Divine..I never realized those were the lyrics to that song I've heard 239487293847 times! He was VERY RIGHT! Thanks for the nice words about my blog, too! :-)

I urge anybody who's handy or loves interiors and photography to go to your place; it's great!
I wish, now that I'm working very full time, I had the time to visit my buddy's blogs more often. :-(

Anonymous said...

Politicians can piss off in general.

I am here in france and all i hear is more tax ideas. The last idea is to tax people who are done paying their house because they basically do not pay rent anymore ands have available income the state can tap in.

I am very sad to leave my loved ones and friends here because as you say in this post that is what really matters in life, especially the older we get.


Z said...

FB, nice to hear from you!

they want to TAX people whose houses are paid for because they're not contributing? As if they haven't all along?

This is the liberal mind at its 'best'...grabby, promising what they can't deliver, and placing the burden on the people who just want to live their lives like Mustang says so well in this article he wrote.

TAX just because you're done being TAXED.

If anybody thinks something like this won't happen if O's elected again, you're smoking some very strange dope. Or are one.

Anonymous said...

I hung out with friends yesterday. Very good, left leaning people who yet think the welfare state isn't working anymore. Don't ask me why they still vote left but that's called progress in france when the denial stops.


The Debonair Dudes World said...

I know that our Crazy Uncle Joe loves his new slogan - "Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors Is Alive." But it's time to STOP spiking that ball already. That isn't going to do it any longer.
Obama/Biden is in trouble and Romney/Ryan is not.

Liberalmann said...

Yeah, I remember when I was stupid and jaded and read Ayn junior high school!

-FJ said...

I guess that it's Leon Panetta's turn to be thrown under the Obama the White House is now directly disavowing having nixed help during the Bengazi attack...

Anonymous said...

Z, the statists are always hungry for cash. They are the new kings and we are peasants and serfs to them. I know i am repeating myself but that is what it is behind the veneer of liberte egalite fraternite.



Four Americans are dead. And our own president won't tell us what really happened.
I guess that we'll never know unless President Romney wants to prosecute the entities responsible for this reprehensible event.
And the real sad part about all this is that thehe media will make sure that Obama gets away with this crime. WE deserve honest answers, but with Obama and company, there is no honesty only more lies and cover ups.

Sam Huntington said...

@ Crabby Old Man

I disagree. Having elected Obama to the presidency, a man who is singularly unqualified to serve as president, we DESERVE exactly what we've received. If Obama is reelected, our misery index will increase tenfold.

Crabby Old Man said...

Obama did not care too mush about the 14 dead American soldiers that were killed by that Muslim bastard in Ft Hood Texas either.

Crabby Old Man said...

Obama acts as though he had nothing to do with this, and was not involved, with this situation. Hopefully he will lose the election because of this, and hopefully by a landslide.

Always On Watch said...

Yes, Mustang is correct.

The problem is that excessive taxation is the road to serfdom.

Many Americans seems to believe that taxation and "freebie" are the road to utopia.

Anonymous said...

Thank God Obullshit wasn't the CIC on 12/7/41.

After 6 weeks he'd still be running around saying "he needs more facts".

Can anyone believe this crap?

We supposedly have the finest most sophisticated intelligence apparatus in the world....and after 6 weeks...countless lies... obfustications...after watching the attack live for 7 hours....after denying repeated calls for military or CIA assistance and were told to stand down...
this POS still says he doesn't have all the facts???

I'm surprised Putin hasn't ordered an attack already. It's clear we have a totally useless defense, state department, CIA and weak kneed yellow CIC...who is a lying sack of slime...

I'm ashamed for my country today. That a JO like this gets to slide. He sounds more and more like Chavez with each passing day. We used to have the guts to deal with things like this.

Divine Theatre said...

I just heard Wood's Father calling those who denied his son help, "Murderers." He went on to say everything the Obama Administration has said is a "Pack of lies." Why didn't we help these men who were begging for help? Why did we order others to not assist our embassy as it was being attacked. Why didn't President Obama tell us there were two drone aircraft over the embassy and safe house watching as our Ambassador was murdered? Why aren't our brave men being heralded as American heroes for disregarding orders, saving lives at the expense of their own? Why did we tell the world it was a demonstration over a movie? Why did Hillary Clinton laugh as she described her role yesterday telling us "She did not know what happened there?" Now we find she did know, so did President Obama. We learn that they watched the drone video hovering overhead as our Ambassador and the American heroes who rushed to their aid were murdered! Given the enormous fear of F-16 fighter jets, why did we not send F-16's to overfly the area to disperse crowds? Worst of all, why has our President belittled the sacrifice our men made by lying so much to defend his own inept actions and stupidity?

Ed Bonderenka said...

Why? Because he can.

Sam Huntington said...

@ Imp

Shall we be ashamed of our country, or the progressive government and the Democratic Party that has attempted to destroy it?

Anonymous said...


Sam...who's in charge right now? That's what I'm ashamed of.

On a brighter side....I live in the city that hosted the last debate. Today I went over to vote early and was delighted to see a sea of / Ryan signs...cheering...and lines that were two blocks long waiting to vote. And I know why Florida is waiting for Mitt....and why he's in the lead in this state the southern part which is home to a bastion of liberal filth. And the 2 counties that harbor these degenerates led by Debbie Wasserman Schmutz.

Let Libya be a permanent stain on the demrats forever as examples of their cowardice and inability to tell the truth.

Except for this town...My only wish is that south FlaDuh would secede from the rest of the Californians wish they could do too.

Let them live with the illegals and the liberal lies and sickness so obvious with DWS's daily rot and lies.

Kid said...

The primary role of the federal government is National Defense. They aren't doing Squat about that. The borders are sieves.

As far as education, there will always be a wide range of student achievement. People are not born with equal capacity for learning and beyond that, some are certainly not raised in home environments conducive to learning and excellence. Many kids show up for 1st grade and have never heard of 1,2,3, abc, or red-green-blue.

It is the way it is. Some kids are not interested in learning. Give them $100 bills to eat all day, and it's not going to change them.

Lose the focus on self-accountability and requiring kids to step up and take most of the responsibility for leaning and you'll actually go backwards. ie, tell kids they're not learning because they don't have an iPad, and they'll eat that up all day long and intentionally do less.

The only thing that works is demand excellence from the kids. Those who aren't interested will never be interested and all 'you're' doing is giving them an excuse to not do well.

Anonymous said...


"Give them $100 bills to eat all day, and it's not going to change them."

We've already fed them 15 trillion and they still crap nonsense and pennies.

Kid said...

Jonberg, yea, the fed has no business being involved in education. This is for local management.

Imp, Yea, it's kind of a wonder Russia or China hasn't taken us out already. Geez, besides all this current event nonsense, we had the libtard section of congress announcing to the world for 6 years we didn't have the where with all to engage some pissant country like Iraq for God's sake.

And we still haven't taken iran to task after all they've done to our Sons and Daughters. I hope it's not because we're afraid of Russia. Just like when Reagan called them out, I'd say they are even weaker today. Personally, I'd call putin and tell him to bring it if he thinks he as it.

I swear man, with some hindsight, I'll put big bucks on the fact that Russia assassinated JFK. LBJ brought the commie agenda big time, and the dems had already telegraphed that they'd never take Russia to task. So, we ended up with a warren commission report that had Oswald with a bolt action iron sight rifle firing 6 shots at a moving target in a few seconds and making most of them count. Plus one of the bullets at least does a couple 180's inside the vehicle.
If they had determined there was more than one person, they'd have had to have admitted that it was a hit, then they'd be in the position to find out who ordered the hit or suffer failure.

No way that was going to happen so they had to stay with the one whackjob meme.

Sad state man. And it's only getting worse.

Kid said...

Imp, yea, the commies used LBJ and Carter to morph the public school system into communist indoctrination centers.

Z said...

Sam, shall we be ashamed of our country and dopes like Liberalmann who've been indoctrinated and don't even realize it?...of course.

I'm still trying to phrase the response to my German sister-in-law near Berlin who mentioned in an email this morning "I think Germans like Obama"

Really? Well DUH!! Ya, I LIVED IN GERMANY and had a GERMAN husband who used to say "are you ready for THIS? German journalists are translating the NY Times and getting paid for it!"
Yes, this is what Europe hears...I suppose you all know that the English language Herald Tribune in Europe IS the NY TIMES, right?

They hear NO OTHER VIEWPOINT and she's surprised they're for Obama?


I have to just skirt it; no sense in telling her what's up. thank the Lord they DON'T VOTE>

Z said...

gee, aren't you surprised? :-)
Eric HOlder's bunch said he wasn't guilty of F&F, either.

Sure, you get WH dopes judging other WH dopes and who thinks they'll be judging fairly the WH dopes? :)

Z said...

please pray for Marco Rubio's 12 yr old daughter who's been airlifted to a hospital after a car accident.

The media's already questioning his movements after this accident; I guess the implication is they know more than he does about what's going on with her and he's wrong?

damn them

Anonymous said...
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JonBerg said...

I'm sill waiting for AOW to help me and others to understand our Educational system. I'm so in hopes it can be improved. Please see my previous comment.

Kid said...

Jonberg, I believe educational system can't be a one size fits all.
Programs for kids that are ready to move fast and the opposite.
Short answer is local management with heavy parent participation, meaning defective teachers and programs get the axe. Some areas have parents that will never participate and those will be managed by the state in the end I guess, but lots can be improved with local oversight of programs AND finances. imo.
We had a local school district, small one let go 90 administrators. 90! and 100 teachers and call it good. Imagine the money they were sucking out of the system for nothing.

There is no motivation for public union entities to perform financially. They keep taking tax money until they're forced to do something different. Well, it took a world wide financial breakdown to put a dent in these things. what happens when things start getting better. They'll be the first to ramp right back up. Solution - educate voters, get them out to battle the public unions on voting day. Ohio tried to tone them down, but the union people mobbed the polls and turned the law back down.
Frankly I don't see anything happening but what has and is happening. people just don't care enough. Maybe if times great real hard people will take a minute and find out who is robbing them blind.

JonBerg said...

"Some areas have parents that will never participate "

I believe that this is part of the problem and maybe the biggest part of it. But I , steadfastly, think that [concerned] parents should be able to send their children to the best schools possible. And if there was a "Voucher" program those parents would have a choice to do so. Do you have a problem with that?

JonBerg said...

Hey Kid I'm from Ohio too, thankfully 40 years ago. All I'm trying to say is: If the parents got to send their kids to a school of choice, by voucher, wouldn't it, eventually, improve the entire system? I'm just asking.

Kid said...

Jonberg, Voucher program is certainly a good thing, just not a 100% solution. I want the federal hand out of education all together. The Dept of Ed was one of 5 on Ron Paul's hit list that I really agree with.

For whatever reason, jobs programs? Opportunities to steal money? or all of the above and then some, the fed has gotten way too involved with individuals and from a constitutional viewpoint that's not good at all. It makes the fed way too powerful, and as we see today, we have a dictator, a moron dictator in the White House and no one to oppose him when you get down to it.

It's a big subject of course, but this is the core of it. There was a reason the constitution was written to not give a lot of power to the feds. We've lost that. Patriotism in school is gone, religion is gone, Oh no wait, islam appreciation can be found there. what?

It's very broken and the only way to fix the majority of it is to get the fed out of it.

Z said...

JonBerg, vouchers encourage competition and that usually does better things.

Kid, while I agree with you mostly, I have always felt that there's room for a VERY reduced Dept of Education in the Fed because I've always believed that Americans need to have some kind of common education; we need to know the same things and overseeing that isn't a bad idea.

On the other hand, it DID start in 1980 and education went downhill and has proceeded to go downhill since then :-)

Ed Bonderenka said...

Greater love than this has no man, than to give up his life for his friends.

beamish said...

Obama's foreign policy has been atrociously awful, but it's a foreign policy that the far left "Republican" founding father of gay marriage and $50 abortions largely agrees with. Romney's only point of deviation with Obama was that he wants to fight Islamic extremism by creating "economic opportunities" in the Islamic world - basically give them more of your tax dollars and hope they don't blow up Americans with it.

There is no rational reason to vote for Obama. But there is no rational reason to vote for Romney either.

"Anyone but Obama" includes "worse than Obama" after all.

beamish said...

Obama's foreign policy has been atrociously awful, but it's a foreign policy that the far left "Republican" founding father of gay marriage and $50 abortions largely agrees with. Romney's only point of deviation with Obama was that he wants to fight Islamic extremism by creating "economic opportunities" in the Islamic world - basically give them more of your tax dollars and hope they don't blow up Americans with it.

There is no rational reason to vote for Obama. But there is no rational reason to vote for Romney either.

"Anyone but Obama" includes "worse than Obama" after all.

Z said...

beamish, VOTE FOR JOHNSON! Have FUN!

Kid said...

Z, I understand. In my mind, "the right thing to do is almost Always the hardest thing to do."

It's life here eh Mademoiselle?

Kid said...

Beam, Vote for Johnson! Twice, so we know it was you !

beamish said...


When Romney loses, you can still try to float your pro-gay, pro-abortion agenda in Massachusetts as "conservatism." Maybe shack up with that cute little communist you met at a Teabagger rally. Or was it the CPAC circuit party?

Granted, you may get your wish and put the founding father of gay marriage in the White House, but what are you going to do on Jan. 21st when Obamacare isn't repealed as promised by Comrade Mittens?


beamish said...

beamish, VOTE FOR JOHNSON! Have FUN!

Z, my fun comes after the election, when you and your fellow leftists start blaming Romney's loss on conservatives that wouldn't trash their principles.

beamish said...

Yes, you will eat it.

Average American said...

Z, I broke down and read a few of Beamish's posts. I don't know which state he is from, nor do I care. He and any other Johnson or Paul supporters do have a right to vote for whomever they choose and, IF they live and vote in a NON "Swing State", it won't matter.

I posted a plea today for Johnson and Paul supporters to REALLY reconsider their stance IF they DO live in a "Swing State". Those are the votes that may very well cost this country MORE THAN they could ever know. There are only two men who have ANY chance of winning on Nov 6th. If NOMObama wins, NO ONE from ANY party, INCLUDING Johnson or Paul would ever be able to fix the ensuing mess in under 40 years. Since I do not have 40 years left, and I'd like to see America on the right road before I have to eat dirt, I sure hope that doesn't happen! I even sent letters to the editor in New Hampshire asking for Johnson and Paul supporters to rethink their position. I sent it to Senator Kelley Ayotte also. She has a huge audience and is heavily campaigning for R/R and I hope she uses the ideas I sent her. I went through her Senate Office here in Berlin NH and the Aide there ASSURED me that she would see my letter personally. Fingers crossed! In case you haven't noticed, she is without a doubt, one of the MOST VISABLE and RESPECTED new Senators from 2010.

Average American said...

I even sent letters to the editor in New Hampshire's newspapers

beamish said...

Average American,

Mormons believe the ancient Mayans were "Lamanites," allegedly Jewish ancestors of American Indians who were cursed by a god that lives on a planet called "Kolob" with dark skin.

This disaster that allegedly befalls America if we do not elect the founding father of gay marriage... is it part of the Mayan Calendar prophecies?