Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Mexican Citizen warns America....

If only this could be shown on television.  As I said on a comment on Mustang's excellent post below this, every single Mexican I know who can legally vote is a Republican....this Mexican has it right.
By the way, I'm going to hear Condi Rice speak at a dinner tonight....really looking forward to it.


christian soldier said...

What a Great video-
Indeed-"wet your own beard" -
We must 'wet our own beard' or go the way of Spain--
Thank you - dear friend in Mexico!
and thank you- Z and M-

Z said...

Yahoo's headline this morning tells us that (MY GOSH!) "even experts are surprised" that oil production in the USA is way UP! Gaining on Saudi Arabia?

Wait...where've the experts BEEN? It happened yesterday? SUDDENLY, every oil well struck a bonanza?

Yup..OIL IS UP! JOBLESSNESS IS SUDDENLY DOWN a little! HOUSING IS UP! RETAILERS expect higher sales than last Christmas.

aren't you STUNNED?
(Can you BELIEVE the things that are suddenly improving under Obama only days before this election? :-) no, I"m not either!!

ah, oh WAIT....there is proof now that Obama DID know TWO HOURS AFTER BENGHAZI that this was terrorism. But, only FOX has uncovered these emails that are living proof. CNN hasn't covered it yet. Aren't you SHOCKED again? heh

Douglas said...

(Reuters) - Officials at the White House and State Department were advised two hours after attackers assaulted the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11 that an Islamic militant group had claimed credit for the attack, official emails show.

The emails, obtained by Reuters from government sources not connected with U.S. spy agencies or the State Department and who requested anonymity, specifically mention that the Libyan group called Ansar al-Sharia had asserted responsibility for the attacks.

The brief emails also show how U.S. diplomats described the attack, even as it was still under way, to Washington.

U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the Benghazi assault, which President Barack Obama and other U.S. officials ultimately acknowledged was a "terrorist" attack carried out by militants with suspected links to al Qaeda affiliates or sympathizers.

Administration spokesmen, including White House spokesman Jay Carney, citing an unclassified assessment prepared by the CIA, maintained for days that the attacks likely were a spontaneous protest against an anti-Muslim film.

While officials did mention the possible involvement of "extremists," they did not lay blame on any specific militant groups or possible links to al Qaeda or its affiliates until intelligence officials publicly alleged that on September 28.

There were indications that extremists with possible al Qaeda connections were involved, but also evidence that the attacks could have erupted spontaneously, they said, adding that government experts wanted to be cautious about pointing fingers prematurely.

U.S. intelligence officials have emphasized since shortly after the attack that early intelligence reporting about the attack was mixed.

Spokesmen for the White House and State Department had no immediate response to requests for comments on the emails.

Z said...

Douglas, I heard that this, where's the media, other than FOX carrying the truth (again)?

hiding. they don't want to tick their hero off by printing the truth that Americans SHOULD KNOW.

i wish you'd read my comment just above's about them apples!?

Anonymous said...

I agree, the story is now the headline on Drudge,and I just heard it on the radio. On wabc

Opinionated Me said...
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Opinionated Me said...

I want to see how Obama. Hillary and the rest of those slime-bags explain and wiggle their way out of this one, and WHY they ALL especially that Vice President despicable JOE Biden lied about this in his debate and they ALL lied to the American people and why they didn't send help as they could have watching this on real time, we had troops only about one hour away and this lasted for about 7 hours!!

Ducky's here said...

every single Mexican I know who can legally vote is a Republican....
Both of them.

Jarhead said...

Opinionated Me said...
I want to see how Obama. Hillary and the rest of those slime-bags explain and wiggle their way out of this one, and WHY they ALL especially that Vice President despicable JOE Biden lied about this in his debate and they ALL lied to the American people and why they didn't send help as they could have watching this on real time, we had troops only about one hour away and this lasted for about 7 hours!!

I guess that there's still an active investigation going on!

Anonymous said...

¡Si señor! Everyone who should put that video on their Facebook page. That may be better than television.

JonBerg said...

Recently, I've heard B.O. claim the illegal immigration from Mexico is down; presumably because of his policies. He may be correct, albiet for the wrong reason. It is reported:

Mexico GDP growth rate, 2nd quater 2012= 4.1%

United Sstates GDP growth rate, 2nd quater 2012= 1.7%

Could it be that B.O.'s economic "policies" have stifled the incentive for such emigration?

Brooke said...

Ducky shows us once again who the real racist is...

Z, I'm not at all surprised by all of this sudden 'good news.' It's pretty predictable, really.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"so, where's the media, other than FOX carrying the truth (again)?"

Here's one....

Joe said...

See, if you wait a while to announce results, it can make it look as though things are finally "taking hold" and it would be folly to "change horses in mid-stream."

The truth is, we are not, and have no hope of being, where we need to be oil-wise under this administration.

Joblessness is NOT down (unless you juggle the figures as the govt has done).

Housing IS up, but only slightly and probably temporarily (unless joblessness really does go down).

Retailers EXPECT higher sales than last Christmas. Big woop! They were pretty dismal last year and it would almost have to get better this year (or look for lots of bankruptcies).

Of course, right before the election BO will claim, "See! Things are improving!"

Average American said...

"Recently, I've heard B.O. claim the illegal immigration from Mexico is down; presumably because of his policies."

Jonberg, NOMObama is correct and has every right to claim credit for that. His policies have so destroyed our economy and our job market, that even the illegals are having a tough time. Believe me though, that was an "UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE"!

Jarhead said...

The whole State Department along with Obama, Hillary, Jarett, Axelrod, and yes even Susan Lice-- all must go. This cover up is a travesty of the highest order. And hopefully this will end Hilliary's Presidential hopes for the future.
This is not only disgusting it's pathetic..

Z said...

AA..that's exactly why the majority of those leaving ARE jobs, no money to send home. think I care what you believe? :-)

Joe, housing is up because there hasn't BEEN any housing built in so long.

CI, thank you. Even CNN covered it this morning. They were practically giggling through it, but they did mention it.
Nothing about the severity or the lies, just..'information'..

I'm starting to think the media's working against its hope of another four years of ruining America via Obama, frankly.
They're truly looking like utter if this isn't the serious situation most of my good readers, and even some liberals, think it is. Oh, wait, I can't think of a liberal right now who thinks lying to the public isn't a good idea.
never mind. :-)

JonBerg said...

AA said............

"Believe me though, that was an "UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE"!"

OhBoy, I DO believe you!

Sam Huntington said...

What an amazing coincidence!

Z knows the same number of Mexican American conservatives, as Ducky knows heterosexuals.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle.”

~ Thomas Jefferson, letter to John Norvell, 14 June 1807

Anonymous said...

In regard to the real time E-Mails referenced to the Benghazi Attack
once again they lied, and they continued to lie and continue to lie again and then they sent in Hillary and Susan Rice to lie once more.
And the 0bama regime's response to everything is that it's under investigation! What a total crock of crap! This entire bunch need to GO
Had this been the Bush administration, it would be plastered over every front page until he was thrown out of office.

Z said...

"Pass it on: It's possible Roe vs. Wade could be overturned if a new Supreme Court judge is appointed who takes a stance against abortion rights."

AS IF...has any of you ever heard Romney talk about wanting to overturn Roe vs Wade? (I know Roe does, but...really?)

They're pulling out ALL the stops, folks. ALL the stops.

And, why not have them suggest that if Obama wins Eric Holder will probably be appointed to the Supreme Court and we'll be the biggest freakin' NANNY STATE every thought of in the smallest of communist minds? Gee, they didn't talk about that, huh?


Going to hear Condi Rice speak tonight......I wish you were going instead :-)

Liberalmann said...

Nicely staged video with all the corporate GOP talking points read by so called immigrant. So stupidly fabricated it's almost funny!

Hey he forgot to mention Bill Ayers, lol!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile...A Representatives son gets caught giving advice on how to commit electoral fraud...what's that CSNY song? Teach your children well?

"Project Veritas has released a new investigation that exposes Representative Jim Moran’s Field Director, Patrick Moran, conspiring to commit election fraud.

When approached by an undercover investigator for advice on how to steal the votes of more than 100 people, Moran advised falsifying documents to satisfy Virginia’s new voter ID law.

He said, “Bank statement obviously would be tough, but they can fake a utility bill with ease.”

The latest footage was gathered at the Organizing for America offices in Arlington, Virginia where Patrick Moran coordinates with OFA on his father’s campaign, efforts to re-elect President Obama, and the campaign to elect Time Kaine to the U.S. Senate."

Meanwhile jag offs like lib and duck try to tell us it doesn't exist. Yup..

Here's the video...JO's.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile....back at the Obimbo bullshit ranch...are still stonewalling and the campaigner in chief gets to tell us how his ME policies have been so "successful". We get this from a former advisor.

"Former Obama security adviser: “We’re probably right back where we were three, four years ago” in Mideast.

In other words for libturd and other mentally challenged reprobates....Obullshit has reversed all our "gains"....well we've known that with all the lying, bowing and arab ass kissing...and OH yea...that "Arab spring" crap...turns out to be a bitter winter for the US.

Kid said...

Z, enjoy the night :)

As far as Libya,
For me, it is all about before it happened.

They were pleading for more security.
It was right before 9-11
They knew al queerda poured in there after the radicals killed quedaffy

-obama should be impeached
-the secy of state should have been fired PDQ and blacklisted from holding a public office position again.

4 years and these POS's are Still lowering the bar. Unreal actually. The band played on and there was sex, drugs, and an absent media.

Anonymous said...

A real question for the untold MORONS who are on their knees for the most divisive and fraudulent President America has had the misfortune to suffer...even worse than Jimmah...

"Before you vote on Election Day, think carefully about what kind of country we are creating for ourselves and coming generations. Will it be a country that demeans job-creating business owners by saying, “You didn’t build that?”
Or will it be a country that protects free enterprise and allows everyone to pursue their highest aspirations?"

Enough? hands down the the worst thing that's ever happened to America's investors, job creators and entrepreneurs.

Even the liquor store owners in Detroit. Or Chicago...or Newark...or Philly...or Baltimore...and so on.

Marine4ever said...

Z -- about that oil production:

In 1963-4, I was reading a geologist's article in an oil and gas journal that said, if we never bought another barrel of oil from the Middle East, we had enough KNOWN oil fields to supply us until the year 2013 -- perhaps longer. Back then, we were like cave men compared to the fields discovered and the technology developed SINCE THEN.

Now, there's a REALLY GOOD theory, and it's in the process of being proved, that what we've been tapping into is NOT fossil fuel (I've always had a real hard time imagining that there were that many dinosaurs dying off.) Fields that were once abandoned because of low production are coming back to life. The only place the replenishing process can be coming from is deep within Earth, itself.

Economics, science and politics make strange bedfellows.

Kid said...

M4E, I sure don't believe oil comes from dinos or any other once living creature.

JonBerg said...

M4e and Kid,

I would sure like to hear more from you guys about the theory that oil dosen't come from dinos. M4e, I think that we broached this subject, once before. Thanks,


Z said...

Marine4, that's amazing stuff. Thanks for that information.

Everybody: I'm writing about Condi Rice for Thursday's post; she is

A M A Z I N G.........

beyond amazing. I've always admired her but not been 100% behind some of her stances.
But that woman is SMART AS IT GETS...spoke for 20 minutes with absolutely no notes, then took questions for about 25 minutes, really GOOD questions.

Wait till you hear who ELSE was there and walked right be me and (hint), I was DYING to say "could I get you a CHAIR!?"

yup. Mr. Clint Eastwood sashayed RIGHT by me.

Kid said...

Jonberg, Thanks for the call out, but all I have heard convincingly is that some oil wells thought to be exhausted were refilling with oil.

In my mind, maybe it came from surrounding rock where it was considered inaccessible while the well was active/emptied, or maybe there is some 'regeneration process' I sure don't know. I haven't read anything about it that puts a finger on what the stuff actually is, it's just my opinion that it's not dino and vegetation remains. The jury is out as far as I know.

And I'll just add, I do think burning the stuff does contribute to cancers, and I'd like to see us get rid of it too, but "it's the world we have, not the one we want" right now. I'm sure capitalism has the power to invent cleaner renewable energy sources, and when it becomes cost effective to do it, then it will make sense to do it.

I'd bet that there are plenty of enterprises working on the energy situation, as the rewards will be unimaginable.

Kid said...

Z, Sounds like a Great evening ! And "Can I get you a chair" is the perfect line !"