Saturday, October 20, 2012

Who LIED? Check this out........

The Second Presidential Debate featured repeated claims by each candidate that the other was not telling the truth--as well as at least one claim of fact by the moderator that turned out to be false. There were even questionable claims by the audience itself. Here are the top ten worst lies told during the Second Debate:

10. "I told you I would cut taxes for middle-class families, and I did. I told you I’d cut taxes for small businesses, and I have." President Barack Obama has made this claim repeatedly during the campaign, but it is not true, as even the liberal Huffington Post acknowledges. The few tax cuts that Obama did enact--such as the temporary payroll tax holiday--were short-term, or conditional. Furthermore, as the Romney campaign has often pointed out, Obama has raised many taxes on the middle class, including the infamous Obamacare "penalty," and his taxes on "millionaires and billionaires" would hit small businesess.

9. "...[H]e was asked, is it fair for somebody like you, making $20 million a year, to pay a lower tax rate than a nurse or a bus driver....And he said, yes, I think that’s fair." Obama was referring to Romney's recent 60 Minutes interview. But the transcript reveals Obama was not telling the truth. Romney was not saying it was fair that higher income should be taxed at a lower rate. He was referring specifically to the principle that capital gains should be taxed lower than other income because it has been taxed once already--a principle, incidentally, that Obama agrees with in his own tax policy.

8. "He called the Arizona law a model for the nation." Obama tried to knock Romney's immigration policy while at the same time accusing him of flip-flopping on the issue. But as Romney pointed out, he was referring specifically to the e-Verify part of the law--the requirement of instant verification of workers' legal status. That provision is even favored by unions. Obama made it seem Romney praised the law as a whole--which he had not. He went on to say that he himself objected to the provision that allowed police to check suspected illegal immigrants' documentation--but that provision survived a challenge at the Supreme Court.

7. "I want to make sure our timekeepers are working here." For the third debate in a row, the Democratic candidate complained that he was not receiving as much time to speak as the Republican. And for the third debate in a row, the Obama/Biden ticket actually spoke for longer--much longer--than the Romney/Ryan ticket, a testament to the ability of the incumbents to pressure the moderators, and the susceptibility of the left-leaning moderators to such pressure. Obama received a full three minutes more time in last night's debate--and the percentage difference was even higher at one point in the proceedings.

6. "They rely on it for mammograms." Obama attacked Romney's proposal to cut off federal funding to Planned Parenthood by claiming that the organization provides mammograms to women to help prevent breast cancer. It's been a repeated claim made by the left for months. The problem is that it's just untrue--and even left-leaning mainstream media fact-checkers have acknowledged that. What is perhaps worse than Obama's misleading claim about mammograms is the unsupported implication that Romney wants to deny life-saving health care to women--a cheap shot to which Romney was given no chance to respond.

5. "You can ship jobs overseas and get tax breaks for it." We have heard the same lie for eight years from Obama. In 2004, he ran for U.S. Senate from Illinois on a promise to end such tax breaks. He did it again when he ran for President of the United States in 2008. And yet he has never done anything about it--because there are no such tax breaks. There is merely a deduction that companies can take for moving, even within the U.S.--and which helps offset the double taxation of U.S. businesses abroad, which would make American companies less competitive. Repealing it would ship jobs overseas, actually.

4. "And the production is up....What you’re saying is just not true." Obama contested a claim by Romney that production of oil and gas is down on federal lands. He even accused Romney of not telling the truth. But Romney was right--exactly right, down to the percentage decline. Furthermore, Obama's claim that he has been increasing oil and gas production on federal lands flies in the face of recent policy decisions, such as closing off a large part of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska to further development. Obama has tried to take credit for expansion on private lands, while opposing expansion wherever possible.

3. "In what new ways do you intend to rectify the inequalities in the workplace, specifically regarding females making only 72 percent of what their male counterparts earn?" The false premise from a member of the audience was especially egregious because her question had been selected in advance by the moderator. The supposed wage gap between men and women for the same work is largely a myth. As Diana Furchtgott-Roth pointed out: "Women make about 95 percent of what their male counterparts earn, if the male counterparts are in the same job with the same experience."

2. "He wanted to take them into bankruptcy without providing them any way to stay open." After Obama accused Romney of wanting American auto manufacturers to go bankrupt, Romney pointed out that Obama had, in fact, taken the auto companies through bankruptcy. Obama's retort was to accuse Romney of wanting to take the companies bankrupt in order to put them out of business--a blatant lie. Romney actually suggested in his famous 2008 op-ed: "In a managed bankruptcy, the federal government would propel newly competitive and viable automakers, rather than seal their fate with a bailout check." 

1. "He did call it an act of terror." The worst untruth told by a moderator in presidential history. Candy Crowley's intervention in favor of Obama caused the president's cheering section to burst into applause, in violation of the rules, and there was little that Romney could say in response. But she was wrong--Obama's reference to "acts of terror" in his Sep. 12 statement was in a general, abstract sense, and came long after he had described the 9/11 attacks on U.S. diplomatic missions as demonstrations against an anti-Islamic video. Even Crowley seemed to realize what she had done: it wasn't long before she walked back her own comment.

What else can we at geeeeZ say?  what would you like to add?

Z and M


Sam Huntington said...

AOW opined the other day that she thinks Obama is a pathological liar; I agree with that assessment, and to this I would add the president is psychotic. Mr. Obama appears to have a distorted sense of objective reality, he is prone to exaggeration, and he does not seem to value honesty or loyalty. These traits go a long way explaining his incessant lying, and it and how so many people have ended up under the bus. I can’t imagine how American ever elected such a pathetic, and dangerous, buffoon.

Ed Bonderenka said...

The end justifies the means.
He has no moral compass.
No ethics that compel him to stay within the bounds.
This is why he can lie (and smile while does it).
This is why he can blatantly circumvent written law and the constitution.
It is all for a higher cause:
His vision of America, no, the World.
The "greatest" communist leaders: Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, et al, were all of the same persuasion.

Always On Watch said...

Americans are very susceptible to believing sound bytes and logic fallacies. Here we are in the Information Age, and so many Americans don't bother to look up the facts!

Because of Point 7, the Dem ticket got in more sound bytes.

FreeThinke said...

The man problem with these "debates" is they way they are shaped and controlled ENTIRELY by LIBERAL moderators.

While I would not like to see a total free-for-all with candidates talking over one another increasingly loud voices, I certainly WOULD like to see participants permitted to ask questions strictly on a first-come-first-served basis with NO editorial participation whatsoever by the SPONSORS -- and especially the so-called MODERATORS.

The very idea that questions are screened then PRE-SELECTED by MODERATORS with a profound, patently obvious leftist bias taints the process with corruption.

The same is true of C-Span's Washington Journal. Years ago, when the WJ first got started, there was just ONE telephone number, and the VAST majority of calls were from CONSERVATIVES. So guess what? Brian Lamb decided to put in THREE lines - one for Democrats, one for Republicans and one for Independents. He called it "fair."


~ FreeThinke

The Way I See It said...

Because of Obama and his so called Secretory of State, and UN Ambassador, we have 4 dead Americans, the American flag is down in Libya , the al qaida's is up in Benghazi,

Take responsibility or resign!

beakerkin said...


As my Guyanese family is fond of saying. No Guyanese drank the Kool Aide it was only stupid Americans. When Americans visit take their money but don't drink their powdered beverages.

Lets be reasonable on Lybia

1) Terrorism is going to happen and scapegoating anyone other than the terrorists at some level is wrong.

2) Claiming that this act was caused
by a film or by some offended person who read the writtings of Mr
Beamish is a politically motivated

Z my Guyanese family is amazed how the coiuntry is best known for the acts of an American madman.

Ducky Fact Jim Jones was a commie.
He was the best commie that ever lived. Practice class genocide on yourself first and leave the rest of us in peace.

Anonymous said...

Obama's whole life is a manufactured lie. It took two weeks for Obama to call the Benghazi attacks an act of terror. He has neber and will never refer to the attack as an Islamic jihadist attack and, of course, the Fort Hood attack was a work place incident.

Z said...

have you all heard what many Republicans think is the OCTOBER SURPRISE on Romney by the Democrats?

very interesting...and it will tell America one of two things:
The dumber of us will think it's a coup on Obama's part and aren't we safe and free now!!

The smarter of us will think it's a coup on Iran's part and knows Americans will mostly buy it for as long as the deal's for.

Question of the day:

WHAT IS IT? Have you heard?

Joe Conservative said...

Considering the source, it can ONLY be one thing... revelations of a Romney affaire.

Joe Conservative said...

Remember tha California Senate candidate's housekeeper?

Gloria Alred will time this one for maximum political scandal effect.

FreeThinke said...

A Portrait of Gloria Allred

Castigating vixen on the prowl
Under no constraints of good decorum
Never missing chances to cry foul
This dominatrix seizes every forum.
Overbearing, shrieking old virago,
Nasty as three-day-old garlic breath,
This baggage must have studied in Chicago.
Her nature like the lady named Macbeth
Eerily erupts in ersatz rage
Prompted by the lust to castrate men.
Roaring like a mad beast in a cage
Our All Red Gloria befouls her den.
With extravagant dishonesty she’ll claim
Love for Justice, but her claim is lame.

~ FreeThinke

Silverfiddle said...

Obama and the Pelosicrats have built a House of Lies, and it is finally caving in on them.

I hope, I pray that voters are seeing now what many of of have seen all along.

Liberalmann said...

Lol, it's so comical to see the right twist and turn to skew and spin the truth to suit their narrow viewpoints.

Earth to wingnuts: Unless you guys are millionaires, Rmoney will have you bending over his first day in office-if he wins (but he won't).

Try this for some truth:

At Last Night’s Debate: Romney Told 31 Myths In 41 Minutes:
8 New Lies From A Lying Liar Who Thinks He Can Lie His Way To The Presidency:

Liberalmann said...

The Way I See It said..."Because of Obama and his so called Secretory of State, and UN Ambassador, we have 4 dead Americans, the American flag is down in Libya , the al qaida's is up in Benghazi,"

More lies and crap from an loon. Duh, the GOP, including Paul Ryan, voted against extra security in Lybia

The Way I See It said...

Liberalmann said...

The Way I See It said..."Because of Obama and his so called Secretory of State, and UN Ambassador, we have 4 dead Americans, the American flag is down in Libya , the al qaida's is up in Benghazi,"

More lies and crap from an loon. Duh, the GOP, including Paul Ryan, voted against extra security in Lybia


The Way I See It said...

The ugly lies and lack of leadership as well as the ineptness of Obama is becoming clearer and clearer every day as he opens his mouth without a teleprompter to help him spread his BS .

The Way I See It said...

This Clown is becoming pathetic...he has no facts or substance to use in his campaign and so he just makes stupid jokes and throws ad hominem attacks at his opponent. It would be really sad and you'd almost feel sorry for them if those people weren't so evil and manipulative.
And hasn't that stupid childish Big Bird thingy gotten to be a bit over used and boring already!
I sincerely don't get it, how can anyone even think of voting for someone who has already spent 4 years shoe that he has nothing to offer but complete failure.

Radical Redneck said...

The Obamboozler (Also know as: the Benghazi Bullshooter) has got Nuthin! Empty Suit, Empty Chair, Empty Promises, Empty Economy, Empty Head.

The pathetic Obamboozler fell flat as he tried to make fun of his first debate, and hopefully he will be fully exposed on next Monday nights...go Mitt!

Mark Adams said...

The temporary payroll tax holiday is a smoke screen excuse by Obama. The money that was put back in our pockets is subject to Federal taxation, as it is now considered earned income. We are now paying more Federal tax.

Z said...

Ryan voted not to block funding to LIbya security.

As for all those Republicans who voted to block more military in Libya, were they briefed? When your president doesn't feel it necessary to be briefed, how much info reaches Congress?

Is there really someone at geeeZ who believes that had the Stevens requests for security been publicized, Republicans would have said "No, just let him die"? wow.

Z said...

Mark...WHY don't the Republicans in public discuss that kind of thing?

Z said...

AOW..that's why Crowley knew she could say anything, back the president, and Americans would never hear the truth.

Sam, I think he's psychotic, too... he does get a kind of wild-eyed gaze in his eyes with the bigger whoppers, so may he knows on some level that he's spouting Axelrod lies even when O knows the truth?

They simply don't CARE about the truth...when a media doesn't catch the lies and broadcast them, they can do ANYTHING.

It's Pravda all over again...and in this country where we taught Journalists to only talk "Who? What? When? WHere? and why?"

I'd have thought with the HUGE flap WOodward and Bernstein made in their attempts to crucify Nixon, and the HUGE kudos they got for that, we'd have more greedy little journalists looking to hold politicians' feet to the fire, but I guess a new journalism angle is "but only tell the truth when it agrees with us liberals and never investigate a Democrat president's past or present"

very scary

FT...wouldn't you think ONE moderator could have at least had SOME Conservative or Moderate pedigree? Why doesn't the Right protest? The moderators are KNOWN LIBERALS.........and the Right doesn't protest?

JonBerg said...

There is an invective element that lurks within our society, praying on the mentally ill and enfeebled among us; it's known as LIBERALISM. Its putrescence has no limits and its spread threatens to destroy the very fabric of America! The epitome of this infectious plague is none other than the current President. The election and support of this nefarious,illegitimate fraud is tantamount to implanting a malignant tumor in ones body and nurturing it, in hopes of curing cancer!!! Even with the excision of the "tumor", in this coming January, the healing process will be difficult and lengthy.

I'm JonBerg and I approve this message.

FreeThinke said...

"T...wouldn't you think ONE moderator could have at least had SOME Conservative or Moderate pedigree? Why doesn't the Right protest? The moderators are KNOWN LIBERALS.........and the Right doesn't protest?"

I know it, Z. It bugs me too, and is one of the main reasons I strongly suspect that The Oligarchs are behind BOTH parties NEITHER of whom is truly representing US anymore.

It really does look like a (GASP!) conspiracy. A tacit or de facto conspiracy to be sure -- not something plotted by one small group in a secret boardroom somewhere in the Swiss Alps -- but a conspiracy nonetheless.


The powerful live in a rarefied atmosphere insulated from day-to-day reality and naturally gravitate towards one another. They would be bound to form alliances to their mutual advantage. Using deductive reasoning and old-fashioned common sense I don't understand how anyone could reach any other conclusion as to why things are the way they are.

However, if we're going to be ill treated, and taken advantage of, I'd rather it be by Mitt Romney than by You-Know-Who.


Maybe, but isn't everything when you get right down to it? We live in a crazy world. It's not logical at all.

Doesn't it say in the Bible that Satan is the ruler of this (material) world?

Certainly seems so!

Our job is to trust God and PRAY. Not much else we could do anyway, is there?

~ FT

Average American said...

Many have asked, "how can he be such a liar, and even laugh and yuk it up while he does?" It's easy really, his whole life has been surrounded by ghetto scumbags and communists. He was brought up by people who SHOULD of had an abortion!(mother or grandmother--either one) Did you really expect a decent human being?

I'll be SO GLAD to see that pack of lying assholes tossed out of office on Jan 13th! I'd even help them move their shit! Much of it might get scracthed and bruised, maybe even busted up, but I wouldn't even charge them. I might take a beer or two and a sandwich, as long as I didn't have to eat and drink in the same room with him. How much nicer can I be?

Radical Redneck said...

Romney reduced America’s Pipsqueak President and Adolescent-in-Chief to a pulp in the last debates and if he does it again and there’s no reason why he shouldn’t, the affirmative-action, bobble headed pathetic communist is toast along with his minion. Even Candy 'Fat Cheeks' Crowley won’t be able to help him this time!
He’ll go down in history with Carter, Napoleon, Nero, and the rest of fruit cakes,

Average American said...

I'd like to see a debate where each candidate picked the questions, 6 for themselves and 6 for the opponent. During the actual debate, they would each be locked in a sound proof glass cage. When it was their turn to answer a question, their mike would get turned on and when it was the other persons turn, the mic goes off and only the sound stays on. Lets see them interupt each other that way--Joe BLOWHARD Biden, and the rest of them also!

FreeThinke said...

AA, that's a FABULOUS idea.

I love it.

Candidates choose questions for themselves and theor opponents. Answer in SOUNDPROOF ISOLATION BOOTHS.


~ FreeThinke

D. Sullivan said...

Folks, if you want to know what hard core Liberals really think of our amazing Stay at Home Moms, who work harder than anyone else in America, just read this. Kyrsten Sinema, a State Senator who led a Code Stink anti-war protest in a pink tutu is a DEMOCRAT running for Congress against a Conservative African American Vernon Parker (who is now getting help from Gov. Jan Brewer!) When asked what she thought of Stay At Home Moms, Sinema said “These women who act like staying at home, leeching off their husbands or boyfriends, and just cashing the checks is some sort of feminism because they're choosing to live that life. That's bulls**t. I mean, what the f**k are we really talking about here?” AND THAT FOOLS ARE WHAT HARD CORE LIBERALS THINK ABOUT STAY AT HOME MOMS. THAT IS DISGUSTING.


Anonymous said...

Is this what happens when you have people like Charlene Lamb, and other imept paper pushers make security decisions. Why is she still holding a job that our tax dollars are paying for?

Z said...

D Sullivan, at STATE SENATOR said THAT?! (by the way, thanks for coming by geeez)

Honestly..what she's too stupid to realize is how much better our world would be (let alone COUNTRY) if we had many MORE stay-at-home mothers to actually raise their own children with good character and strong, secure self worth.

I don't mean to offend hard working mothers who aren't in the situation where their husband's job is enough to pay the bills so they must work, but if a woman CAN stay home and forego a Mercedez and pool, she ought to, in my humble opinion. One of my sisters didn't work at all and raised 3 children in a very upper class neighborhood...she told me that it was the husbands who teased and subtly belittled her for not working like their wives did (so they could afford that neighborhood and better cars) ..imagine?

I love that that stupid senator just ticked off thousands of stay at home moms...'you go, senator..keep talking like that'!!

I saw a kid once with a baseball hat on backwards, being tugged across the street in front of me by a very large Black woman from Africa (in African attire...I was living in Paris and saw it then)...the child was about 4 and fair haired...his cap said I AM THE FUTURE...and, in English because who'd hear me or understand?, I said "And the future's being raised by a NANNY"

and then we have female senators, guilty as hell that they didn't raise THEIR kids, dissing those who can and do?

Doug said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Doug said...

Obama is toast...not only because of his socialist agenda which cannot be hidden...
but because of the personal pain Americans have suffered through for the past 4 years. such as the price of gas/food/housing/jobless...In My Honest Opinion he cannot steal enough votes or tell enough bold lies to cover matter how many days he smiles and tries...even a billion dollars cannot change the data...a trillion has been tried and failed.

Jack Whyte said...

Wow, as a political candidate, Kyrsten Sinema offers a little something for everyone. She’s the first openly bi-sexual candidate for Congress. I have to admit, that’s pretty progressive thinking.

Z said...

Oh, MAN, Jack...really? I'm so impressed (ptui)

aren't we just getting SO 'cool' in everybody COMING OUT in front of the country? Who CARES, Kyrsten, just live your stinking life as you insult hard working mothers and get out of the business of ruining America via the senate!

Always On Watch said...

Average American,
I'm with you regarding that controlling of the mics!

Always On Watch said...

Somewhere, I read that the political arena is filled with "successful sociopaths."

I agree with that statement.

Statesmen have vanished from the political stage -- for the vast most part, anyway.

Always On Watch said...

No moral compass = amoral = sociopath.

Just sayin'.

Z said... don't be so hard on our Ed!!


And yes...where are the Reagans and O'Neils and Moynihans and all those who lived in Washington, whose families knew each other, who partied together, schooled their children together.. DC was never an easy city for politics but it was mostly a CIVIL CITY, at least compared to the HORRIBLE situation we have now.

Even Chris Matthews admits Obama not only doesn't listen to any Republicans, but he doesn't call his own party and ask their advice!!!! IMAGINE?!

He's THE KING OF THE HILL, his puppet master gives him orders, and he probably only calls people who can fulfill those orders easiest.

He's got all his Harvuhd elitist socialists saying YES to him all day/night and then you get a debate like the first one, with him SHOCKED that ANYBODY didn't LOVE him and found him WRONG about ANYTHING!

Sociopath is right..lie lie lie...

Remember he even told Americans they shouldn't vote for Romney because "you can't be told to vote for a person and THEN find out his plans"...I almost burst into laughter because that was exactly what Pelosi said about Obama Care, remember? "You'll have to implement it before you know what's in it!?"

I paraphrase, but REALLY!? :-)

Average American said...

For those interested, I expanded my sound proof debating booth and found a decent picture to go with it. Just posted it a minute ago.

Sorry for the spamming Z, but I know you'll like it.

REAL GOOD point about Piglosi and NOMObamacare!

Thersites said...

Romnesia tie in to GloriaAlred meme...

beamish said...

Romnesia tie in to GloriaAlred meme...

Romney can deflect this by saying that under his version of Obamneycare females as young as 12 can get abortions for $50.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

He lies plainly and with a straight face because he knows that many want to hear the lies and will swallow it happily.

It's the same out here, the left will stand in front of the nation and tell bald faced lies, no shame, no decency, no sense of responsibility.

Some times I wonder if the cretins even know the the difference between lies and truth.