Thursday, October 25, 2012


I got to hear Condi Rice speak last night in West Los Angeles.   She spoke for 20 minutes without notes and took 25 minutes of excellent questions with humor, warmth, intelligence and ..well, 'intelligence' is the understatement of the year, I think, in her case.  That woman is smart as it gets.

And, during the cocktails before the dinner....outside on the patio in the gorgeous California evening at the Luxe Hotel on Sunset Boulevard...Clint Eastwood appeared.   He walked right by me and I was dying to say "Can I get you a CHAIR?" :-)  but, uncharacteristically, I stayed mum.    I was pretty surprised he was at the event.  Others who were there were Glenn Reynolds from Instapundit, who Bill Whittle pointed out to me...Bill Whittle is always really nice.   David Mamet was there; he introduced Condi Rice.   As I was leaving, he was standing nearby and I shook his hand and told him I'd done a post about his change from liberal to conservative.  He seemed nice.

There were quite a few bigger celebrities than Gary Senise there tonight, but it's always good to see him at these functions because he started this group and he's done so much for America's soldiers. 

Condi Rice was one of THE best speakers I've ever had the pleasure of hearing.   I walked up close to her table just after she'd spoken only because it felt like being pretty close to history.   My friend and I left just as she did and she walked by us and we both said how much we'd enjoyed her talk and thanked her, she slowed down (secret service was whisking her away pretty quickly),  all smiles, and thanked us for the compliments,  so gracious and humble was she.  The head valet talked to us as we waited for our car and he said how nice he found Condi Rice because she had said hello to every valet when she arrived and then again as she left.  

I took a lot of notes but you don't need to hear all that she said....I'll just say that her main thrust was that America, and the world, are at a crossroads.   She said "when you lose control of your finances, you lose control of your destiny," likening that to us personally and to America.   Pretty great way to put the incredible trouble we're in right now and how badly we have to change that trend.

She said America is extraordinary and "our enemies need to know that we know we are extraordinary", the knowledge of which, anymore, our left has stripped from us.

The hotel catering staff  (including the head chef)  was glued to the walls all around the room, rapt with attention to what she was saying.  I'd say she changed votes tonight if I was an optimist.

Condi Rice is a big part of recent American history....after having heard what she said tonight, I wish she'd be part of history in the making.  But, when asked by a guest tonight, she said she'd never run for office.  "When I stumped with George Bush on his campaign trail, we'd make five stops in a day and in the evening he'd be raring to GO and I'd be raring to go to bed!"

Condi Rice is one terrific woman.



DaBlade said...

Wow, what a day you had! I love Condi too and am so jealous! I wonder if she will have a role in the Romney administration. And your Clint Eastwood "Chair" comment cracked me up!

BTW, You posted at my place that you "didn't get it". It's Biden in a corn maze. Get it yet? :)

Always On Watch said...

I used Condi Rice's speech to the RNC as a model for my Public Speaking students this year. Few speak with as much skill and as much poise as she does!

Quite a conservative-celebs event you attended, Z! I'm jealous.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

I like Condi, I wish she would stay in the political arena...we need more like her.

Bunkerville said...

Quite a contrast from Clinton. A two bit lawyer from Arkansas by fate of marriage is now in condi's position. No experience whatsoever. Condi, whose whole life has been devoted to foreign affairs.

Anonymous said...

It's very disturbing that a major news network like CBS INTENTIONALLY left out the part that indicates Obama knew the assault on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya was a premeditated terror attack--and suggests the White House later deceived the public by blaming protests against an anti-Islam video. CBS has lost any credibility that they MAY HAVE had.
As for Obama, he decided what would help his reelection and lied and squirmed and defended that lie for weeks.
As Charles Krautheimer had said, this is what they call journalistic malpractice!
I just cannot believe these people are our leaders. Responsibility and accountability, means absolutely nothing to them, when it's easier to just lie their way out and then try to cover up their lies.

The Political Chic said...

The coverage has been nothing less than disgusting, and Obama calling these brutal murders of our Ambassador and his staff members and "bumps in the road" and the way he remarked about it on the DAVE LETTERMAN show when he called it "not optimal" shows how incapable a leader he is .
And Oh lookie here, someone was arrested in Tunesia, associated with al Qaeda and affiliated the group that attacked the Embassy! Isn't that convenient being it's less than 2 weeks before the election. Is this supposed to be our Oct. surprise? Sorry dumbknuckles, that's not going to work... Too little too late. You can run all your cover up stories up the nearest flagpole, the only on es who will believe you are your gullible Hope and Change Jerks.

Marine4ever said...

GREAT post, Z! Thank you for sharing your outstanding evening with us.

Condi Rice... Clint Eastwood... MADE my day!

KP said...

Thanks for sharing, Z. I saw Condi give a thoughtful endorsement of Romney and Ryan last night. Thoughtful in that she openly said she did not agree with them on specific social issues but that she believed neither would pursue those issues if elected. I agree with her on that specific point.

FreeThinke said...

Z, I am so glad you had such a pleasant personal experience with this remarkable woman, whose life story ought to be written to serve as an example. It should serve as a help and inspiration to members of her race who prefer to adopt a defeatist attitude and choose to play the victim rather than make something fine and good of themselves as Condoleezza Rice has done.

I'd like to know MUCH more about her background. Who were her parents and grandparents? What did they do? How did they live? How and under whose guidance did young Condoleezza develop enough skill and poise at the piano to enable her to perform the Mozart Concerto in D-Minor with orchestra at the age of fourteen -- no mean accomplishment, itself, at any age?

Funny! I spotted her as a pleasant, articulate extraordinarily gifted young women wise beyond her years long before she became involved with the second Bush administration. At that time Ms. Rice was a "floating" commentator who was interviewed sporadically in many different TV venues.

My point is saying this as that she was impressive in a refreshing way from the time she first appeared n the scene.

It's great you got to meet her, Z.

~ FT

Silverfiddle said...

Z: What an interesting life you lead!

Thank you for some excellent reporting from the field!

Ducky's here said...

Did she replay her greatest hits like, "We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud"?

Z said...

FT, I believe she has an autobiography you might like to read...she's stunning.

DaBlade, glad you liked my comment! I wish I HAD said it to him!
And no, I STILL don't get the corn maze...and this morning they showed Obama being interviewed and someone said "he's in a corn maze" and I thought of your post!...what am I missing! ? :-)

AOW, you are so right..her poise, her intelligence, the way she goes from point to point..seamless.
No notes.

CI...I really wish she would, but she definitely says 'no'. comparison!

Anonymous....this whole libya thing and the way the WH and media are handling it SHOULD be showing thinking Americans why they should never vote for Obama...or another leftist, ever.

pol chic...I didn't take the 'not optimal' line quite as badly after I heard the line he responded to, I have to admit I was mad and disgusted before. He'd not have used that line had Stewart not said the situation was not optimal...
but, trust me, I am NOT sticking up for obama in general!

Marine4..thanks! It was terrific!

KP...I do, too. She did mention her stance on abortion. Everything she discusses it said with such clarity and obvious thought. I wish SO MUCH I could take one of her Stanford classes. She teachers undergrads in the Winter! (MBAs now)...she said they cover Iraq; imagine how interesting to have HER teaching that?

SF....I enjoyed telling you all about it. I wish you ALL could have been there.
It was particularly cool to see the staff and CHEF there listening...I"ve been to many speeches there with Lynn Cheney, Larry Elder, Ann Coulter,e tc...and the chef doesn't usually come out!

Ducky...I wish she had. She was SO right. We certainly do not.

Anonymous said...

"when you lose control of your finances, you lose control of your destiny,"

The pending debt crisis is the greatest threat America has.

Condi Rice is one smart lady! Can you imagine that some years ago Hugo Chavez said she was illiterate. Hugo tends to get confused.

Z said...

Condi addressed Blacks voting Democrat, too. She didn't really go into their just voting for color; she did talk about how education was the key. Powell's a perfect example of what she didn't address.
I have no words for him.

Z said...

Conservativesonfire;..she is probably THE most literate lady ... What a past she's had at Stanford! Provost, too.
I think it's such a compliment when Chavez insults an American; the highest accolade I could imagine getting!!

The Debonair Dudes World said...

I don't know about anyone else, but I always thought and I think right now that Colin Powell is a racist and will vote for a black over any white any time.

Iwill give Powell the respect he deserves when it come to his service, but he has discredited himself with his endorsement of Obama..

Imagine The Impossibilities: said...

The Debonair Dudes World said...
I don't know about anyone else, but I always thought and I think right now that Colin Powell is a racist and will vote for a black over any white any time.

And this is news because?

Colin Powell has no integrity, he is a disgrace to the Republican party. And after Mitt Romney wins this election,Colin Powell will become completely irrelevant. When his name is mentioned, people will say: "Colin Who?"

The new Websters Dictionary will have Powells' picture in the definition of Racist. It's amazing how many people cannot look past the color of skin to see what lies beneath the surface.

-FJ said...

Sorry, but I'm not a big "Condi" fan. I'm more of a "Rummy" fan. The Gates/Rice diad was the start of the "exit" and the abandonment of any "hope" for "victory" in the ME.

As for Rice Hadley Gates, Romney's a fool if he doesn't run as fast as he can AWAY from it.... but he hasn't. Which doesn't leave me much hope for Romney.

Ann said...

No big surprise here.. Powell is a part of the 97% black community who will only vote black!
His being a former war time General, maybe someone should tell him about disaster in Benghazi, I guess that he was sleeping all this time.

Average American said...

Z, I SO ENVY YOU! Rubbing elbows with all those remarkable people in one night must have been the biggest thrill of a lifetime. Did you get a "tingle" in your leg? heh heh-a little slight to our favorite progressive news?? person.

I would have been ONE PROUD AMERICAN, had our first black President been Condi Rice instead of the bozo we got stuck with.

You have to open up Z. No reason not to offer an older man a chair. He would have laughed his butt off--guarenteed!

Dave Miller said...

While I do not always agree with Condi Rice, I felt she would have been a wonderful VP pick for Mitt and would have instantly changed the metrics of the race.

I also highly respect and admire her.

Perhaps she would have overshadowed him, but really, does anyone think Paul Ryan is more qualified to be president than her?

Radical Redneck said...

Dave Miller said...
While I do not always agree with Condi Rice, I felt she would have been a wonderful VP pick for Mitt and would have instantly changed the metrics of the race.
I also highly respect and admire her.
Perhaps she would have overshadowed him, but really, does anyone think Paul Ryan is more qualified to be president than her?

And coming from a LIB like you, I'm sure she gives a damn as does Paul Ryan. Or me for that matter!

Jarhead said...
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sue hanes said...

Z - I'm reading the book she wrote about her family and I've become a huge fan of hers.

That's great that you got to see her in person.

Jarhead said...

Al Sharpton is endorsing Obama
Jesse Jackson is endorsing Obama.
Beyonce, and Jay Z are endorsing Obama.
Samuel L. Jackson said “I voted for Barack because he was black. ’Cuz that’s why other folks vote for other people — because they look like them,”
In fact, Obama is getting so desperate about Romney’s trend gaining in the polls that he is even calling on an old, friend of his that he had to pull out from under the Bus to help him get out the vote Reverend Jeremiah Wright
So why is it a surprise that Colin Powell is as well!

Do you remember that slogan, "If you voted for 0bama in 2008 to prove you're not a racist, you'll have to vote against him in 2012 to prove you're not stupid."
Ladies and gentleman,
I give you Colin Powell, the Racist.

Jarhead said...

And by the way, I also saw Condi last nigh right after the hannity show where Hannity showed the clip of Debbie Wasserman Schultz out-right Lying and accusing Romney of not mentioning Israel on the last debate after he mentioned them 14 times. And these Democrats try to convince the American people that they don't lie. And this is the DNC Chairwoman? Does she really think that the people she's talking to are that dumb?

The Political Chic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Political Chic said...

o, lets see, they knew that they were going to be attacked and they asked, in fact they were pleading for more security. It was just before September 11th, whe all of our bases and embassies should have been on alert.
They knew al queerda poured in there and even tried to attack the British embassy.

Therefore Obama should be impeached for his lack of caring or ability to show leadership.
And our Secretary of State should be told to step down or she should be fired and kept from holding any public office ever again.

It’s been years and these POS's are still lowering the bar, and making this country look like the fools of the world. It’s high time that we got rid of this cancer that is occupying our White House and replaced him with a man who has our counties safety and well being at heart.
Does anyone possibly believe the State Department who was listening to the incident in “REAL” time, didn’t cover up this story?
A Consulate where our Ambassador is at the time was attacked, the State Deportment and Secretory of State stood by watching it and the President didn’t know it? That is so ridiculous, that it’s really pathetic!

Anonymous said...

From Z:

I wasn't a huge Condi fan but admired her greatly.
I am a much bigger fan now that I saw how intelligent and clear she is.
Most Conservatives don't like the Dept of Education and I have always felt differently about that for the exact reason she discussed last night; We need for all Americans to know the same things. That's over simplification but it's something I have always considered.
Let the states administer their education, but there ought to be something federal (albeit much smaller than it is now and, as she said, "what job do YOU know where performance doesn't matter?" bad teachers no matter what and tame the unions)..

She also said something excellent about the Black/White situation within the Republican party. She didn't have to remind us that Bush had TWO Black secretaries of state while Clinton's black secretary sat behind his door and took calls. (my addition)...but she is also working HARD on education K-12. She said "it says something when we conservatives just have to hope the urban areas don't bring out the vote" She's right when she talked about education being the KEY to bringing Blacks to the Republican party (as one guest said, that's where they WERE even in CHicago, when he was growing up)...
I wish there was a text to her talk...I don't do her justice.

Lady Gun Slinger said...

The desperate Progressives have now resorted to attack Mitt Romney's religion.
I guess that they have no defense to retract to the Benghazi attack cover up, so they go to the lowest of the low and resort to desperate things like the lack of respect for religious beliefs. When the spotlight is hot on the tale of the lies and cover-up stories that this miserable administration has been deep in. These low-life’s are now showing their anti-Mormonism hoping to harm Mitt Romney's candidacy. Mitt Romney has more Principles & Values than all of these two bit Progressives will ever have.
When in fact the only people voting for the idiot- in Chief are the one getting the free stuff and the radical left who will vote for any one who is a Socialist. The small business people, the working class, the middle class American’s will not vote for 0bama. His only chance is with the union boss’s, government employees, and the free loaders, Occupiers and the Gimmie a Obama-Phone Jackasses .
And as for Colin Powell, blacks vote race and that's all there is to it. shame on you Colin Powell, but if you’re impressed with Obama's record on the economy, go for it.. No big loss on the Republican’s side, it just shows that he’s just as stupid as the rest of the people who will vote for Obama. .

Anonymous said...


Lady..I haven't seen that...where are they attacking Mormons? we knew this would happen but they'd have to be VERY carefully subtle with it...

Anonymous said...


First: We have no media bias, right? :-)

Did you hear Palin said something about "Shuck and Jive Shtick" recently? (Andrew Cuomo made the same allusion several years ago)..the Obama team and the media(i.e. the same thing) says she's RACIST! But, I know the word SHTICK is Yiddish; I don't hear them saying SHE'S AN ANTI SEMITE! , do you?
How ridiculous....since when does SHUCK AND JIVE SHTICK mean anything racist?...enough to be a Yahoo headline for 2 days? (with a pic of Palin)
I'm NOT a fan of Palin's so this is SO not about that, trust me.

AND COlin Powell's support of Obama has been a headline since he mentioned it....but that's not enough, the Obama people capitalize with new headlines that OBAMA THANKS POWELL :-)

Then there's the amazing coincidence that, of all the cockroaches of terrorists swarming the region, a man suspected of the Libyan murders of Americans has been killed in a raid in Egypt! COINCIDENCE?


Oh, and the end of the article I read that in says "Pres O and other US officials have ACKNOWELDGED that the attack was a 'terrorist' act by militants with ties to AQ" REALLY? No mention of how long it took, of course.

MAN, how does a free republic LAST with a media like PRAVDA?

Right Wing Theocrat said...

True what you said, if she were of the left they'd be championing her, but because she has brains and decency, they despise her with every breath.

"when you lose control of your finances, you lose control of your destiny,"

Exactly and someone else must take control of your finances and whip your ass into line.

We all know what it feels like when that happens, it's happened to almost all of us, when our mom or dad pulled us up when we did something stupid back in the day, not a pleasant experience and you folks in America are rushing to that position thanks to obama.

The Debonair Dudes World said...
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The Debonair Dudes World said...

It's almost a month later and (yesterday) Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton our inept Secretary of State said that “The U.S. Doesn't Rely on Facebook for Intelligence” and that it wasn’t necessary factual. She had the unmitigated gaul to say that when she already knew the real truth as did the entire Country. Why do we constantly see and hear ALL of the lying from the Obama administration? This administration is corrupt and has lost all credibility. And so has most of the media who supports this sort of thing.
Our Ambassador and Four others were murdered, our flags were being desecrated in Libya, in Egypt, and in several other Arab countries, and our President, and Hilary Clinton and other officials were tight there immediately APOLOGIZING to the perpetrators of the crime, and in front of the UN, blaming this terrorist attack on an some obscure little film that the people in Libya weren’t even aware of until Obama told them about it and that let to the riots in several other Arab Countries. It's 40 days since the event in Benghazi and the administration is still making these silly excuses. . The Obama regime was more concerned about offending the Muslims than defending us Americans. That says a lot! Who does Obama serve? Who does Obama care about? Remember the Cairo speech?
Haven’t we heard enough about “Big Bird” and those silly Biden jokes?
These people do not hold themselves accountable, or responsible for anything, and will lie about anything, they have no morals, no conscience. And in my eyes this cover up is way bigger than Watergate was, The big difference is that during Watergate no one died and our national security was never at stake. Where is Bernstein, Woodward and Deep Throat when you need them?
And briefly, isn’t it about time that Colin Powell STOPS calling himself a Republican?

Radical Redneck said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Radical Redneck said...

Ask yourself this: Are you going to be stupid enough to put the same incapable, inept bunch back in White House? The bunch of lying clowns who did all this damage to our country all over again for another 4 years?
The unemployment after 4 years is still over 7.8%. If Americans are out of work why not the President!
US debt is over 16 trillion dollars and counting. He tripled the debt.
Hope and Change did not come! How pathetic

Linda said...

Biden laughing during discussion on severely important matters such as Iran's coming capability getting nuclear weapons. Biden lying when he said, "WE didn't know (the White House) about the consulate events until later. " But the State Department had just given testimony to Congress the day before, so Biden tries to cover up the truth again ( 2 weeks later they figure it out while in the mean time, they use, yes USE an excuse of some un seen You tube clip? ) Amazing. Either they didn't know because they weren't on the job, not attending Security Briefings or they are covering up so Obama's foreign policies do not look even more of a failure. Benghazigate is sadly real...Hilllary did not allow military security for our Ambassador yet we always have Marine guards for our Ambassador in Paris France!!!!!!!
The moderator allowed Biden to interrupt and look unprofessional on over 80 occasions. He yelled and pointed fingers at her and at us the viewers. The moderator cut off Ryan several times. And even then, Ryan won the debate hands down. Obama couldn't pay me enough in government handouts to get his vote.

Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeeZ"

"And briefly, isn’t it about time that Colin Powell STOPS calling himself a Republican?"

Dude...why's he cling on? We don't want someone like him known as a Republican? Man, what a GIFT to Obama HE is, huh?

Rad Redneck....pathetic...beyond pathetic.

Linda, thanks for coming by....I agree with you.

Liberalmann said...

I'm betting you didn't see this, lol!:

Condi Rice Pours Cold Water On ‘Benghazi-Gate’

Anonymous said...

"She's right when she talked about education being the KEY to bringing Blacks to the Republican party (as one guest said, that's where they WERE even in CHicago, when he was growing up)..."

Do we have to even go near this myth again? How often are we going to waste time, money and resources / energy on this silly moon pie. After 50 years I'd think that NASA has proven that pigs can't matter what kind of hope you have that they will.

And 5 generations from 1964 proves that nothing will lever change...same ole, same ole.

We just keep mouthing the silly PC rhetoric and keep pissing more money away hoping that MO money will magically change it.

The "war on poverty" has been lost for some time. The hell with it and them. "Poor" people in this country sometimes have it a hell of a lot better than some who work several jobs.

Rita said...

Wow. Now THAT would make me star struck, which is saying something considering I have even less respect for "stars" than I do for politicians.

What a great experience.

As to Libnut, please stop linking your ignorant leftist website. No one and I do mean NO ONE here reads the propaganda you post, so go bother your alter ego and quit taking up Internet space.

FreeThinke said...

All during the Reagan and Bush I years, I greatly admired Colin Powell -- thought him bright, polished, debonair, charismatic and well spoken -- in sort THE perfect Black Republican to run for president. I really did.

I deeply regretted Powell's demurral at the time. It seemed to be largely because his wife has been in fragile mental health for a very long time, and he wanted to avoid her having to suffer the pain of all that intense scrutiny. That might have been true. I've seen just enough of Mrs. Powell to now there is "something" there that would stop her from functioning well as our First lady.

Later on I realized Powell was more of a "moderate" than I had at first thought. I dislike moderates, because they seem neither fish not fowl -- and no one you could depend on in a crisis.

Even so, I still like "the cut of his jib," and thought he would have been an ideal candidate to enable the Republicans to shake the idiotic "racist" image with which the D'Rats seem to have succeeded in sticking on them.

My respect for Colin Powell waned when he endorsed The Kenyan Colossus the first time around. It died completely and my former admiration turned to REVULSION when I heard he had endorsed Odammit once again.

I rather hope this means that Powell, who is after all genuinely old now, is suffering with senile dementia.

Could anything else -- other than sheer STUPIDITY -- or WICKEDNESS -- explain it?

~ FreeThinke

Bob said...

Welcome back, Mr Miller. I haven't noticed you on this blog in a while.

You said, "Perhaps she would have overshadowed him, but really, does anyone think Paul Ryan is more qualified to be president than her?"

First of all, I don't think Mitt Romney would be overshadowed by anybody. He is a strong executive who knows how to lead. Secretary Rice is an intellectual, not the outstanding executive that Romney has proven to be. Different people for different rolls.

Additionally, Paul Ryan is much more qualified to be President than either Barack Obama or Slow Joe Biden. It looks as if Obama could easily be out-performed by almost anyone. Heck, a drunk would have a grip on something more real than the 19th century grade school Marxism which Obama favors.

Marine4ever said...

Rita -- "As to Libnut,..."

Outstanding! Just OUTSTANDING!

Bob said...

Liberalmann, I have tried and tried to coach you in how you do your research, but you keep making the same mistake. You may meet the minimum qualifications for insanity by doing this.

In your comment, "Condi Rice Pours Cold Water On ‘Benghazi-Gate’", you quote an advocacy group, not a reliable source. Think Progress is a left-wing smear group, and you should know better than to use them. They have no credibility.

I watched the Condi Rice interview, and was impressed that she responded just like you would expect the President of Stanford University and a former Secretary of State to respond. She counseled caution, but did not pour cold water on anything.

You see, Dr Rice is smarter and more agile with language than either you or the Think Progress stooges.

Here's what we know. Pretty much all the emails, cables, and other communications from all government agencies said the same thing. This was a terrorist attack. The White House was privy to all this information. Dr Rice did not at anytime challenge that. She just urged caution.

I urge you to listen to the interview, again. Not at anytime did she say Obama was right, or that critics of the President were wrong. She didn't take sides, and you should expect this from someone in her sensitive position.

Bob said...

I said, "Different people for different rolls."

Of course, my fingers were rebelling because of the diet I am on and I involuntarily typed rolls when the correct word is, roles.

It is amazing how good my proof reading becomes after I click on the publish button.

Marine4ever said...

I wouldn't worry two much about it, Bob; weave all begun to get that way.

Bob said...

Free Thinke said, "My respect for Colin Powell waned when he endorsed The Kenyan Colossus".

I feel the same way.

I remember the day in 2008 when the news came out about Powell endorsing Obama, and immediately realized that as a black man, he had to do this.

I felt that Powell did what he did because if, as a black man, he was known to oppose the first black President in history, his name would be mud in the black community forever. That is strong stuff.

But, that was just my opinion.

We will probably never know what Powell's real reasons were. I think it was racial all the way.

Anonymous said...

" I urge you to listen to the interview, again. Not at anytime did she say Obama was right, or that critics of the President were wrong. She didn't take sides, and you should expect this from someone in her sensitive position."

Well damn well nailed it precisely, succinctly and above all...honestly. Not that the lib Shiites would ever admit they've been bested by
superior logic. Thanks for an excellent comment.

Kid said...

Z, Oh yea, for any doubters, just go to her Wikipedia page as regard it as a resume, then compare that to the current POS who is Secy of State. Enough to make you hurl.

That chair line would have gotten you a handshake at least I'll bet !

And the subject is spot on. Imagine the liberals constantly whining we couldn't afford to fight a pissant country like Iraq... Wonder how Russia and China takes that kind of expose' material.

Bob said...

Z: I was going to comment on your social life, but got side-tracked by the comments.

I picture you as a well known Hollywood figure. When the Condi Rices of the world appear at the same event as you, they will quietly ask, "Who is that beautiful and distinguished lady? It seems that everybody knows her".

The answer is always, "Zat is zee indomitable Lady Z".

Ah, what a fantastic life the rich and famous lead.

That was a great post, and gives pedestrian fellows like me a brief look at the world of the cognoscenti.

Z said...

Rita, liberals don't seem to recognize true intelligence, clarity and patriotism...let the dope rant :-)

Ya, it was a great experience.

Bob...That's hardly ME but I LIKED reading about 'me'!!!
I have to admit I was pretty amazed when Clint Eastwood walked by. That was amazing.

But CONDI? She's got a REAL FAN in me now.......

Bob said...

Imp: Thanks for the comment. I try to keep it on the positive side, but it's a very hard thing to do.

Marine4: Getting old is a bitch. Nobody wants to hire you, and they take away your whiskey. Just what did we work so hard for, anyway?

Bob said...

Z: I will have to get Condi's autobiography in Kindle format, but that will have to wait for the next American Express cycle :-)

Marine4ever said...

Old age isn't really all that bad, Bob. I mean, I'm STILL real regular. Every morning at 5:30, just like clockwork... BOTH numbers! Then, around nine, they come in and change my diaper and bed sheets.

Average American said...

Hey, Bob, Marine4ever, no need to bitch about getting old. Heck, I'm 64 and still kicking, and planning on a bunch more years. My family members often gets to see 90+.

I answer "how are you" or "how's it going" and other similar questions with "GREAT, I got up again this morning and didn't have to spit up any dirt!"

Z said...

Funny, I was just at Marine4's blog and saw "it's the Commie" with an Obama logo as the 'o'...and I thought that could go on with "it's the 'Commie, stupid!"

why not!?

Liberalmann said...

Sorry Bob, compared to the morons on Fox News going ape shit trying to invent 'Benaghazi-Gate,'to blame Obama, Rice DID indeed 'throw cold water on it.'

Z said...

Liberalman, do you know the liberal media has barely, if at all, covered the emails FOX has obtained and which military are confirming?
Shame on you for disregarding such important news given so often at FOX and ignoring it because you feel FOX is incorrect.
Shame on you for not understanding enough about politics to ask why Rice was out spreading information which the WH knew were lies to the American public.
Shame on you for keeping your mind closed to the truth in your zest for entitlements and your hatred for Conservatives.
I promise you, you WILL be very sorry some day.

cube said...

I've always had a very high opinion of Condi and I would've been delighted to meet her. You lucky duck!

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