Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ryan/ hard can they throw?

So.....tonight's the BIG NIGHT.   They say Biden's going to play HARDBALL.   (Of course, I remember Chris Matthews suggesting that the candidates should ask HIM for how to answer Republicans in the next debates so I thought the media using the term HARDBALL was a little weird)

How HARD do you think Biden can get..........and how do you think Ryan will respond?

I can't WAIT till this debate!!

By the way, are you noticing the meme in the media the last few Romney's 'going centrist'?  I suppose this is their attempt to turn off conservative voters;   you almost have to giggle at the obvious ploys the media's using.  Many of the headlines are about Romney MOVING TO THE MIDDLE!   What do we care?  He's NOT OBAMA!  That's enough for most Americans and  THAT's what the media's missing.

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The Political Chic said...

In response to the hearings held yesterday, the results are as we all figured.
The Islamic scum killed our Ambassador and the current administration must be held responsible for it. They both have blood on their hands and are still lying about this
Hillary and her Boss must go.

And by the way, here is the latest news,,
Yemeni officials tell the AP that a gunman has shot and killed
Yemen's security chief at the US Embassy

Always On Watch said...

In my view, Ryan can hold his own -- no matter what Biden throws.

Now, Ryan will have to be careful so as not to look like bashing a senior citizen. Just the sight of these two men on the same stage will be jarring: one is young and healthy, and the other looks as if he's nearly ready for the nursing home.


The perception of Romney moving to the middle won't hurt him much now, IMO.

The Political Chic said...

The leftist’s, the Independent’s, and the undecided can now easily make up their minds. After yesterdays hearing, there shouldn’t be any doubt in anyone’s mind that this bunch of filthy lairs are in over their hears and can not even get their lying Cover-Up story together. They themselves state that they had evidence that the State Dept. knew of the threat and still they did nothing. The disgusting Democrats have made a political game over the death of 4 Americans to protect their dishonorable president and Madam Sec. of State while honorable people have died because of them. Madam Sec. of State should either step down or be thrown out of office she is in way over her head, just like her boss is. How can they look the American public in the face after what they did! And they still call Nixon names for what he did. What he did was small potatoes compared to being responsible for the murder of 4 loyal Americans who died for their country.
And these are the people who making American policies, and want us to vote for them? Are they kidding. And where was Hillary during those hearings? Why did she send her assistant there instead of her being there? Does she know something we don't know, and was afraid that she would be forced to tell the truth ?

Ducky's here said...

How hard can either of those two throw?

Hanging slider about 50 MPH down the center waist high.

Rita said...

I'm fairly certain Biden will perform well. I know he's the most gaffe prone of the four but he's still a very experienced candidate. I honestly think plain threw him off his game a little. If Ryan was a good looking woman Biden would be drooling again.

Ryan should do well particularly if they get into the economy and the budget. That's one area where he can make Biden look like the fool that he is.

So Biden has to avoid the economy, the budget, Medicare and now national security. What's left? I'm sure they have prepped Ryan to prepare to answer any of lies the left have been telling.

We just got down to our place in Fort Myers. The political ads down here are overwhelming. I wouldn't want to vote at all if I lived in this state permanently.

FreeThinke said...

I'm taking a WAIT and SEE attitude.

Biden for all his faults is NOT an idiot. He's a vulgar individual who panders shamelessly to the poor, the downtrodden, the lame, the halt, the blind and the chronically infuriated -- definitely a Champion of Victims and Malcontents -- but he's NOT an utter fool.

Old Joe was my senator for 23 years, and while I never voted for him, I have to admit he helped any number of people in my acquaintance with both efficiency and alacrity.

You can't get elected to the U.S. Senate at age 30 and remain there uninterrupted and largely challenged for FORTY years without having SOMETHING on the ball.

Besides, Biden has a big, loud, common-sounding mouth, and oh how the COMMON people adore him!

Anyone who appears to be "high class" has no chance whatsoever in politics today.

Paul Ryan may be young, lean, fit, and not bad looking, but he has a tinny voice and a "muffin mouth" -- meaning he looks Scrooge-like when he's talking, because his mouth turns down and seems to draw his nose and chin too close together -- like a caricature of a mean, hard-bitten old man.

It will be "interesting" to see how things turn out tonight to say the least.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but not expecting any sort of dramatic, decided victory for 'our' side.

The country , as a whole, has fallen madly in love with contentiousness, vulgarity, weak-mindedness, outright stupidity, sort-sightedness and selfishness.

Not much hope in that, is there?

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

The headline would possibly mean something if were Obama they said was moving to the middle.

I will be surprised if Ryan doesn't make Biden look the fool that he is. After a Diden populus rant, Ryan should laugh out loud, tell Joe how funny he is, and then rip him a new one.

Radical Redneck said...

I watched the hearings yesterday, and there was no way that you could have called it anything but devastating to the incompetents in the incompetent cesspool of the Obama administration. But in the end after all the fireworks are over no one except us conservatives are going to give a damn about it.
It was very clear.that The State Dept is so hung up on Barack Hussain, that these Obammies won't give a hoot about any of it.

This whole bunch should be made to resign. They ALL knew and heard what was going on for 6 hours and STILL the three of them \Rice, Hillary and Obama lied a to the nation , and continued to for over a week!.
Lets hope that Paul Ryan gets this out tonight..and nails them all to the wall. ..
Yes, Bin Laden is dead, but so is Ambassador Stevens and 3 of his staffers!

Silverfiddle said...

Lardball Matthews will be in tears if Biden performs like his messiah did last week.

I can see him now, "Say it ain't so, Joe! Say it ain't so!"

Bob said...

Never underestimate a professional liar. Joe Biden has been around a long time for a reason. He is not stupid. He may be drunk, but he he is not stupid.

Z said...

Pol Chic; it looks like the Yemen sec. Chief was YEMENI; wouldn't you think other Yemenis might be as ticked as WE are?
I have to admit I was told by a bigwig American General in Paris that we use foreigners in security at our embassies so 'our people don't get killed'..I hate to even write that here but it's bugged me since I heard it about 12 years ago.
I've always wondered if he was kidding but I don't think so.

AOW....I doubt it'll hurt him, either, but there are a lot of NUTTY Conservatives who'll stay home over abortion, etc.

RITA....tell us more; more Obama ads or ROmney? I'd love to know.

FT...I've been a tad worried about Ryan's facial configurations, too....I agree with you on that.
It should be what he says that counts, but you never know.

Radical: Do you think most AMericans even know the hearings are ON?

Silverfiddle: I HOPE SO!

Bob, I agree. I was thinking Biden would want to stay on foreign policy, but after the Libya thing, obviously NOT.
So, he can't do that, he can't do the economy, etc..

But he can LIE and MISCHARACTERIZE and name call...what DOES he have left? No foreign policy, no economy... maybe experience? But then Ryan can say "Ya, you have experience, and LOOK what you've DONE!"


Rita said...

More of both. I first noticed a few Romney ads but I was watching Fox News. Saw an Obama ad yesterday that completely lied about the Obamacare cuts in benefits to Medicare claiming Obama was saving Medicare by reducing costs. It was such a buch of bill I nearly threwy shoe at the TV. We aren't seeing a lot of ads up home in Indiana. I'm fairly certain that O has realized he won't win there again since he only did last time because of the near Chicago area, Evansville and inner city Indianapols. The rest of the state was McCain.

I'll keep watching while we're down here through the 24th. I noticed the local news thisorming was reporting howicj better the employment numbers are.

Lady Gun Slinger said...
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Anonymous said...

I think Ryan will have to stick to numbers and educate people without going too much at Biden. He will have to talk to him like he talks to you and me. Because Joe, albeit a moron, is an average joe and you don't want to look like you're attacking the average joes in America.

Lady Gun Slinger said...

From testimony yesterday we learned from the State Department's Charlene Lamb, who is responsible for safety and security at our embassies and consulates, was in contact with the people in Benghazi during the attack, "Additionally, I was in our Diplomatic Security Command Center monitoring multiple open lines with our agents for much of the attack."

So our State Department, Hillary Clinton's bailiwick, had real time knowledge of what was happening and knew that it wasn't, as U.N. ambassador Rice claimed five days later on the Sunday talk shows, a protest over a video that quickly spun out of control. That was an outright lie, a lie that President Obama repeated two days later on Letterman's show, and again the following week in his U.N. speech, then a full two weeks after the terrible incident. During that time period others in his administration, including Hillary, were also lying about the video to American citizens and the entire world.

So there is no need to question if it was a matter of incompetence. The question is what was the lying attempting to cover up? And the obvious answer in my opinion is to avoid admitting a complete failure of Middle East foreign policy by this administration a short 8 weeks before the upcoming election. What else could it possibly be?

For six hours the embassy staffers faced their certain murder. Meanwhile, in Washington, for those same six hours the Obama team ( Barack, Hillary and Susan Rice) worked out their cover stories.

JonBerg said...

If DemocRATS stand up for the lying scum, exposed throughout this post, then what does that make them?

TruthSeeker said...

What about you liberals with Hopes of Change from George Bush? Those of you who voted with your heart in 2008 and saw “change” perhaps not for a better America, but a declining America. Hope and change has resulted in complete disaster for this country. So what do you think of Mr. Hope and Change now? And do you still support this man? If so, how do you defend what should now be clearly indefensible?
Where now are those voices who condemned George W. Bush for LYING? When this man and his stooges not only lied to America, and to the UN, but did a piss-poor job trying to cover up his lies.
I think our Country has heard enough of Obama’s passing the buck, “I inherited this problem and this mess” “I just need more time” “I was too Polite”.
While I have supported all the presidents of our great Country through out the years, I do not, and can not support him, while I did not vote for him in 2008, I did Hope that he would succeed, only to find him a big disappointment, and I will do whatever I can to see him defeated.

Jack Whyte said...

They can put as much makeup on Joe Biden as they want, they can dress him in a Tux ... they can give him a long list of things to say in front of the American public ... but none of that will change the fact that Joe Biden is a filthy communist. There is nothing that slime-ball can say that will have any influence on me, or how I vote in the upcoming election.

Anonymous said...

Nice job FT

Lady Gun Slinger said...

The mother of Sean smith, one of the victims of the Libyan embassy attack, went on CNN and spoke with Anderson Cooper and told him he asked Hillary, Obama, Leon Panetta and Susan Rice how her son died.
Patricia Smith said, "I ask them: Please don’t give me any baloney that comes through with this political stuff. I don’t want the political stuff. You can keep the political stuff. Just tell me the truth. What happened?' And I still don’t know,”
Here is what she got:

"I cried on Obama's shoulder. He just looked off in the distant. *That was worthless to me."

"Susan Rice personally told me, it's because of this film that came out."

"Leon Panetta took my face in his hands and said, "we're going to get to the bottom of this."

"I still do not know how my son died."

"they are still studying it-and the things they are telling me are outright lies."

Lady Gun Slinger said...

Obama was a liar before he became President. He proved last night that he still is!.

Fredd said...

Lady Gun:

I wouldn't count on Benghazi-gate having an immpact on the election. The MSM are not covering it, so the dummies among us, our dumber and less focused voters out there are not hearing it. Only you and I are, oh, and Z, too.

The dummies only know what they feel, and I get the impression that on the whole, they ain't feelin' the love for Barry anymore. Not so much, anyway.

And the independents are included in with the dummies, as they don't have the brains to know whether they are for something or against, since they just don't want to rock the boat, you see.

But Barry is just not going to get the love he got last time around, and perhaps Sean Smith's mom will finally hear of her son's death: the truth, and not some liberal gobbledegook.

Mustang said...

Recall that Joe Biden formerly served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Recall also that the left regards their star moderator, Martha Raddatz, as a “foreign policy expert” because she’s been a journalist for ABC in that area since she left her gig as a White House correspondent.

No, I don’t mean to suggest that these “foreign policy experts” are ganging up on Paul Ryan. Having a dearth of experience doesn’t at all suggest a lack of knowledge or common sense.

Try to remember that Joe Biden is a behind the scenes “expert” in Obama foreign policy. This alone makes him vulnerable, in my opinion. We cannot tout successes for Obama in such areas as Afghanistan, Russia, China, Israel, or anywhere in the Arab world. In this context, Joe Biden may be for the GOP a gift that keeps on giving. I shall watch the debate with interest.

Robert Sinclair said...

I just heard Donald Trump say that “uncertainty” contributes most to business owners refusing to hire employees. I have to ask, “What uncertainty?” Raise your hand if you are uncertain about Obama’s plan for America. During a televised interview the other day, Obama admitted that he does not intend to change his direction for this country.

Do we need to know more about Barack Obama and Joey Biden?

Ed Earl Upshaw said...

Real Unemployment Rate: Despite Marginal Gains, Employment Problems Threaten Economy

The new unemployment rate of 7.8% hardly warranted the high level of attention it received, because it does not adequately reflect long-term employment issues, nor give any indication that the country's economic health is improving.

It's important to wipe the smoke off of the mirror when someone says that the employment situation is turning around or claims that the job market has significantly improved

Sam Huntington said...

Does anyone remember the year 1988 when the media revealed Joe Biden’s dishonesty, his plagiarizing someone else’s work? That was when America still had a free and energetic press. I remember an enraged, incredulous press and they put all the pieces together, and revealed that the allegations were true.

Now, however, cheating, dishonesty, and lying no longer matter except when the American Communist Party narrative consists of calling their GOP opponent a liar. And we wonder why our children are such a mess …

And one more thing: that free and energetic press from 1988? That no longer matters, either.

Anonymous said...

From Z (of GeeeeZ) at work:

Lady Gun Slinger..your name and avatar are terrific! Welcome..

Welcome to all the new Conservative bloggers/commenters here....I hope it's a great sign that I'm getting SO many new people here;

As rough as times are, folks, I hope we can at least send in $25 or $50 to Romney, West, Ohio, etc etc... WE JUST HAVE TO FIGHT!

Although I have to admit I told a very nice woman from the Rep Party on the telephone 2 nights ago "I can't do anymore, but please keep up the fight"...Normally, people like that just hang up because they're paid collectors, but this woman said "Oh, ma'am...thanks so much, we're certainly TRYING, we just have to see Obama out!"


Anonymous said...

From Z..

Sam, "Free and energetic" is fine, I'd say I miss HONESTY the most, right?

You're correct; I remember that time when media carded about the truth and dug into everything....these days? WHAT A LAUGH. Only if it's a Republican do they investigate anything...

miserable SOBs (oops, I DID NOT SAY THAT HERE AT MY BLOG!)

I did NOT!!!

back to work..:-)

Kid said...

Biden is in a tough spot. He will feel the need to get 'tough' with Ryan, but he has no chance of doing that.

I expect Ryan to smile and spew facts every time Biden says something.

Anonymous said...

@Kid & Z...

Decided to take a drive around my neighborhood today and see what's up.

Within ( a small sample ) 8 blocks from my home...I counted 35 homes with R&R signs on the front lawns.

Two...up the street from me...Obullshit signs. I was sorely tempted to ruin their lawns with some deep tire tracks..LOL

Less than a mile away in one of our busy shopping centers is an R&R headquarters...people walking out with several R&R signs for their neighbors and themselves. I had heard that you had to buy them...and that really pissed me I asked them that....they said HELL many do you want?

In this town....Obullshit is toast.

And we'll be sorely pissed of when our street, airports and traffic becomes a nightmare cause Obullshit will be coming to Lynn University in my town.

We'll remember that..I guarantee it. Last time he was here...lots of PO'd people.

Chuck said...

Ryan needs a gotcha moment on Libya. The administrations statements have been so varied that I don't think they even know what the truth is anymore. More importantly, the public is paying attention to the story.

Rita said...

Here we go.

Z said...


Martha Radditz (whose first wedding was attended by Obama, by the way) starts with "I'll be asking about economy and foreign policy back and forth because that's how a president has to react?" (or something like that)

Is she in kindergarten? "We're going to go back and forth to two subjects because presidents have to do that?!" WHAT?? :-)

wow...and BOY, did Biden slip off Libya or WHAT?!

Rita said...

The over exaggerated smile when Ryan was talking doesn't look good when you're talking about terrorist attacks.

Rita said...

They didn't KNOW they needed more security there?

Always On Watch said...

Biden is coming off as a pompous ass.

Good grief.

Always On Watch said...

Is Biden about to lose his temper? He's all wound up. Attack dog mode, maybe.

Rita said...

Biden smirking and laughing during serious issues is not a good idea.

Always On Watch said...

Why is Biden laughing so much and interrupting so much?

Trying put Paul Ryan in his place?

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me that Biden is coming off as too nasty.

Anonymous said...

"Why is Biden laughing so much and interrupting so much?..."

Cause we know he's always been a fooking loon? The crazy uncle in the corner with a lampshade on his head? The guy who pinches girls asses? Or lets biker chicks feel his manhood? ( So he thinks...well...there is Cialis and Viagra....look at his grin again...hers and the biker guys who wanted to kick his ass.

-FJ said...

Biden is, after all, America's first "gonzo" VP....

Always On Watch said...

Biden is acting too much of a smart ass, IMO. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...


"Biden is acting too much of a smart ass, IMO..."

Always happens when you're a smarmy, life time parasite of the elitist, Georgetown club crew and never have to worry about...WHERE YOUR NEXT GD PAYCHECK IS COMING FROM.

These bastards that we've allowed to suck off our teat for their entire lives...are of course...cocky, arrogant assholes. I give you Harry Reid and Pissolisi as proof.

Anonymous said...

"The Islamic scum" different than the Nazi scum we destroyed 60 years ago. What's different? THEY CLAIM TO BE A "RELIGION"...BULL....

So was Nazism to Adolph....he just never considered to make it a ..."religion"... like the Islime POS have. Islam is a Mad Hep Cancer.

Ducky's here said...

Ryan sounds like a damn child.

Biden is kicking his ass.

Always On Watch said...

Biden's laughing and smirking aren't going over all that well.

Always On Watch said...

Another way of looking at what's been going on during this debate: Biden is coming across as a junior high school student mugging for the camera. Dignity may not be everything, but Biden isn't showing much dignity -- that's for sure.

Always On Watch said...

Quite a mistake on Biden's part, and I can hardly wait to hear what various pundits will have to say about that.

Mustang said...

Biden and Ducky are a good fit. They are both infantile.

Kid said...

Well, I called it. :-)

"Biden is in a tough spot. He will feel the need to get 'tough' with Ryan, but he has no chance of doing that.

I expect Ryan to smile and spew facts every time Biden says something.


1.) The moderator did a wonderful job.
2.) Anyone who was confused going in is just as confused or more so.
Thas all folks.

Ducky's here said...

Well mustang, this debate probably doesn't carry as much weight as the presidential but this was a clear win for Biden.

No matter which one of these guys wins, he's going to slam a plank up the collective arse of the American working and middle classes but Biden stopped the bleeding for the Dems.

Kid said...

Ok, to those who actually understand current events?

Biden was the arrogant ignorant buffoon we all expected to see.

I thought Ryan could have brought more to the table. But again, to anyone who understands what is going on, Biden was a pathetic ass who I would have to seriously evaluate before I'd hire him into a clerical position, and I'm sure someone else would be hired instead.

Rita said...

I agree Kid. I think they both got into details and unless you are a political addict lie, we are, most viewers probably didn't listen.

I would place a bet most Independents probably just changed the channel. My husband went to bed as soon as it came on. He cares little about politics but is NOT an independent. When I mentioned the VP debates were in tonight I was surprised that he mentioned Biden being an idiot. I laughed and said I'm surprised you know who the VP is.

My sister and nephew likewise hate politics. My sister will never vote for a pro-abortion candidate and my nephew is usually neutral, hates politics voted for McCain last time.

All of Bob's family believed Obama's BS last time and most of them realize it was all a lie. So they will either nt vote or vote for Romney.

JonBerg said...

If: smirks, overbearing rudness, disrespect and lies are winning atributes then Biden won!

Kid said...

Rita, Thank you.

Excellent analysis on your part, and thanks for the optimism (with Bob's family recognizing the lies) I sure hope there are many like that !

Z said...

I left the board at about 30 comments and came back to 54. I can't THANK YOU all enough for coming by and giving your take.

Just spoke to my mother, admittedly a Founding-father loving naturalized citizen who has conservative values and is THE MOST AMAZINGLY astute judge of character i have EVER EVER EVER known EVER EVER;

She was stunned by the smirking of Biden; she's a bit less biased than I am (though I REALLY try to remain open minded during debates) but she said she agreed with Britt Hume when he said, afterwards, that "Biden looked like an old man being really rude to a nice young man." Putting policy and ideology aside, Biden LOST BIG BIG BIG TIME.

Sadly, I think FEELINGS are what most America jerks vote on these days (the left's dumbed them down through lousy TV and horrid school indoctrination) and Biden LOST on feelings. I'd be that 75% of American voters thought Biden was absolutely CRAZED with his ridiculous smiles and smirks.

I've always said "the meaner Biden gets, the WIDER his smile gets" which is, to tell the truth, a bit frightening...but I don't think he's a bad man and I don't think he's a stupid man. I think he's bought into an ideology that will have America financially broken and internationally shamed just so's nobody goes without for an hour, but.........
we know a country can't survive that mentality. We've learned that even more these last four years.

I'd have to say, in a nutshell, that both men came off as up on the topics and that Ryan surprised even me (I have adored him since I first heard him speak way before he was the nominee) in his foreign policy knowledge...
and he impressed me that he NEVER lost his cool or acted disrespectful to the man smirking as he spoke..and cutting in so often.

I thought Radditz (sp?) was lousy at the beginning and became fairly fair during the questioning...I thought the way she asked the abortion question and the faith question was good..

I'd say Ryan came out a bit better than Biden.......and I think most people will think QUITE a bit.

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching b/c Biden was irritating the hell out of me with his laughs. That was so ridiculous and disrespectful. Had I just listened to it, I would have thought he won it. It's a pretty smooth talker and a sleaze-ball politician.

Anonymous said...

I ended up playing Madden 2013 after 30 minutes :) I had a blast.

Z said...

Rita, Kid,...,super exchanges..Imp, excellent input re FLA...thanks for that.

Rita, I can't TELL you how many times I've heard stories like your family's. I have NEVER heard ANYBODY say, this time around, that they voted for McCain but they're voting Obama this time.

That has not happened..period.
Anybody here heard that from anyone you know?

They may not vote Romney but they won't vote Obama. That's good enough for me. except for that pesky electoral college.

Rita said...

I was disappointed last time that so many in our flyover state believed that bull now the best I hear, even from my dear niece whose wedding I was Matron of Honor says, "They are all alike. ". Sadly, four years ago we had a very serious disagreement over Obama. Something that just doesn't happen in our family. I think she'll still vote for him, but not with any sense of enthusiasm.

I look at her as the diehard liberal, not happy but will still vote. Bob hates politics but always votes conservative. I honestly don't know how Mary Matalin can handle it.

Everyone else in my family votes Conservative. I'd bet more than half of Bob's family will not vote or vote for Romney.

(Excuse the typos. This IPad changes so many words while I'm typing that I could just scream). Interpret as you will.

Liberalmann said...

Yeah 'Romeny's moving to the middle' and threw the extremists in the tea party under the bus. And you morons don't care. Too funny!

Tonight... Ryan was spanked!

A good (and fair) analysis:

Z said...

Rita, I just read that Romney's up 7 points in FLA.

honestly, I haven't heard ONE PERSON say they voted for McCain but now are voting for Obama..imagine? :-)

THank GOD Ryan did so well tonight..the smirking of ROmney was hard for anyone with a brain and heart to watch. WOW

Anonymous said...

Hey Libman, can you make a point without being juvenile and posting links?

Do you have a brain of your own?

Anonymous said...

Z, you said

the smirking of ROmney

Biden, you meant?

Z said...


beamish said...

By the way, are you noticing the meme in the media the last few Romney's 'going centrist'? I suppose this is their attempt to turn off conservative voters; you almost have to giggle at the obvious ploys the media's using.

Actually it's Romney's far-left record that turns off this conservative. If he were moving to the center, he'd have to hop in a truck, run over Obama and drive 3000 miles towards the right before the center popped up on his horizon.

As for the debate tonight, I did not think Biden would do as well as he did. Don't get me wrong, I don't think we can have an honest discussion about Biden without first acknowledging that he's a blithering idiot.

But, it's hard to say Biden was interrupting Ryan when Ryan wasn't saying anything, at least anything of substance. I can't really fault Ryan for that. As a far-left Teapublican, he's quite accustomed to allowing the Obama administration to set the narrative and dominate the conversation. And, six months ago, Ryan had no idea he'd be the VP pick of a candidate who to date HAS NO PLAN. I think Ryan got a little flustered by the question asking him for details, as there are none. If the Romney campaign has a plan, they've hidden it away from the American people so well that not even Romney nor Ryan know about it.

That all said, Biden lost this debate on style. If he would have allowed Ryan to speak, Ryan would have run out of ways to demonstrate how empty his suit truly is.

Maybe tonight was just a draw.

Z said...

Beamish, I'm not sure I have ever heard a less informed or aware synopsis of

beamish said...

You should get out more, Z. You think the American founding father of gay marriage is a "conservative," after all.

beamish said..., "severe conservative." ROFLMAO!

Anonymous said...


" I honestly don't know how Mary Matalin can handle it."

Separate houses in separate states? And they use Skype?

Anonymous said...


"This IPad changes so many words while I'm typing that I could just scream"..

I had the same problem Rita...I solved it by getting a Logitech keyboard that snaps shut and becomes a cover for the Ipad too...nice and slick, aluminum and inexpensive. I just couldn't get used to the IPad board.

Chuck said...

Think Progress Libman? No articles from The Onion today?