Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ben Shapiro; Articulate as they get

This is what CLARITY and CONVICTION sound like. And the subject is GUN CONTROL, which flows perfectly from my post of yesterday. Ben Shapiro is an amazing young man and we need thousands more just like him:

PLEASE, I know most of you don't watch videos, but HE TELLS PIERS MORGAN OFF SO WELL!
Which Morgan deserves SO WELL.
Please listen to how Shapiro makes Morgan sound like the leftwing hack he is...Morgan is even pushed to saying he's not so leftwing and doesn't always vote like that.  I swear he does!
You'll love it...............


The Question Man said...

The bigoted, racist right are not only black-hating sore losers, but they are so pissed that their four-year hate-mongering and fear-mongering didn’t help the the great white hope they wanted get elected.

The two-year 2% payroll tax cut expiration wasn’t in the fiscal cliff deal. It was set to expire deal or no deal. And “no deal” is what tea party folks were calling for anyway.

To say Obama hiked their payroll tax is just as incorrect… and likely stated by people being purposefully dishonest (for some odd reason) or… they’re “low information voters” themselves, as the head sore loser Limbaugh puts it.
The role voter fraud played was to keep President Obama’s victory from being significantly larger. We already know that Rick Scott prevented over 11,000 registered voters from exercising their constitutional right to vote in Florida, and some estimates put the number nationally at over 2 million votes. Voter fraud probably also played a major role in the Republicans managing to hold on to the House of Representatives even though nationally a lot more people voted for Democratic Congressmen than Republicans.
every credible poll in the nation had Obama winning by the exact margin he won by. More importantly the exit polls matched the results. This equals no wide spread fraud.

just because someone does not agree with your policy, does not mean the are out there to “destroy America” Obama does not want to destroy America! ! Obama is not a communist.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Do we just ignore the ? man since he's so off topic?
I just can't resist.
He says: "Obama is not a communist."
He may not carry the card, but so many around him have, the CPUSA applauds his policy, and Pravda warns us that he is that it's hard to believe that he isn't.

Back on topic.
Shapiro did a good job, but I try to watch these things neutrally.
I try not to watch Morgan at all, but you insisted.
Morgan did well in the eyes of his liberal friends.
Shapiro kept using the term assault rifle, buying into the lefts terminology, even though it fits his argument of opposing government tyranny.
That argument, which I support, would support more widespread ownership of fully automatic (real) assault weapons.
And grenades launchers, et al.
Private citizens used to own cannon and raised their own regiments.
they fitted their own ships with cannon for defense (and offense, with letters of marque).
I'm sorry to disagree, but as well as Shapiro did, I wasn't stunned.
But thanks for pointing out the video.
It may come up in other discussion (like the Alex Jones interview which I haven't seen) and now I'll be conversant.

Ducky's here said...

I fast forwarded (hard to stomach either of them) and hit a point where the Breitbart wannabe gets his knickers in a knot that Piers the Dunce hasn't answered his question about why the left doesn't just try to ban all handguns.

I immediately wondered if this facile little snot had heard of the ruling by SCOTUS on the D.C. handgun ban?

David said...

Once I read "the bigoted racist right" in the first comment, I didn't even bother reading the rest. Anyone who makes an automatic assumption that anyone who disagrees with Obama's policies or how he runs the country = racist bigot I regard as nothing more than a troll and unworthy of any further discussion.

Ed Bonderenka said...

David: I just saw the last line of ? and responded. Didn't read the body of his comment..
Duck: Of course he knew of the ruling, and so did Morgan. That's why he kept baiting Morgan to go there, and Morgan wouldn't.
And just because he's facile, doesn't mean he's little, or a snot.

Ducky's here said...

I don't know which one reminds me more of Professor Harold Hill.

Z said...

Questlion Man...We stay on topic here; But, really, obama could have continued the payroll tax cut. He could have extended the Bush cuts.
He himself said bad economic times aren't the time to raise taxes on Americans (oops...a little truism you probably didn't read)
Obama is destroying the America of our Constitution, the one which kept us self-reliant and strong.
You need to look into voter fraud and, particularly, the Houston Hillary/Obama primary race. Sit down when you do; the shock will be too much.
Thanks for coming by, but I'll be deleting in the future if you just keep spreading these blog bursts over the internet.

Ed...SO off topic, but so wrong that I had to keep him here; I almost deleted but it's too rich an opportunity to try to help him get the truth.
Oh, yes, you ought to be stunned; have YOU ever heard anyone hold to his convictions that well? Or even dare mention insurrection in America? :-)

Ducky..nothing to do with the DC ban. That's a very weird connection you make. Doesn't work.
We need more guys like him; he has guts, maybe even more than the wonderful Andrew Breitbart.

David, Question Man isn't who we're responding to here; I hope you watch the video and give us your thoughts. QM is just another commenter who's got it all wrong...and off topic. Ignore!

Z said...

Ducky, First I'm pleased you know who that is :-) And second, neither is a snake oil salesman; they are deeply convicted of their own sides, don't you think?

EVERYONE: I've been hearing about Biden's ridiculous suggestion that we have every gun fitted to where it can only be shot by its owner. Imagine if the woman who protected herself's husband had been the registered user and she couldn't have worked it?

HERE'S MY TAKE: If you don't want to seem obvious that you're breaking the second amendment, and the raising of ammo prices and the difficulties buying ammo because of this admin's shenanigans don't work...then make it SO EXPENSIVE TO OWN ONE, people HAVE to stop buying. it's EXTREMELY expensive to fit a gun to shoot only by its owner. Pretty clever, huh?
Do you think any of the gun people Biden brought in came up with that or it's been on the Obama admin's agenda for years and they just found the perfect time to bring it up?

Gun sales are ENORMOUSLY up right now...they MUST be because I know very few with guns and even friends of mine have recently bought them....and some of you have very recently bought guns.

That's got to give the Obamas the creeps...

"Do you hear the people sing...?"


By the way, Harold Hill sang 76 TROMBONES...not 75, not 77.....1776? :-)

Ed Bonderenka said...

Z: Actually Duck was right to refer to Heller/SCOTUS as it applies to handgun ownership and asserts the right to it.
So when Shapiro keeps asking about handguns, he hopes that Morgan will say yes we should ban them and Shapiro would then reply that SCOTUS found him (Morgan) wrong.
But Morgan appears to have avoided that, by luck or design.

OMG, did I just defend Ducky?

Z said...

Ed, I defend Ducky when he's right.
If you say he's right, he's right.
But I'd never give Morgan the credit enough to think he knew what Shapiro was doing.
Morgan did the same heckling, as you could see; prodding and prodding and Shapiro actually SAID what he knew Morgan was doing...
Shapiro has a better mind, but Morgan didn't do too badly.
I laughed out loud at his indignation about STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF DEAD CHILDREN, I must say.
Shapiro was right...Morgan's been SO 'out there' on this subject that he deserved this one.

And on Christians? He has guests on and the minute they're gone, or the next night, he'll insult them SO BADLY on gay marriage, or other things, that you just wince. He's not a man of much character or class, but we know that, in America, the more nasty and undignified the host is, the better he sells. Morgan knows that and his numbers are IN THE TANK right now; this is great copy for him, this gun thing.
"SO INDIGNANT?" or in search of viewers to save his neck $$?

hard hearted-sounding, aren't I?! :-)


Is Obama REALLY so naive that he feels that leaving the countries over there will HELP US?
If bombs hit HOME (which they did on 9/11, but...) if they hit Cleveland, and they were Al Qaeda, wouldn't we be saying "SHOOT BACK, OBAMA! GET THEM!" that we'll be pretty defenseless as far as the growth of Al them an open field to grow, more training camps, etc... in Afghanistan and Iran and Yemen, etc...NOW WHAT?
Just run for cover when they hit again?


Z said...

Question Man...
do you think Chuck Hegel's the best man for Sec of Defense? he's a Republican and Obama likes him.
Is he the best man, or is he chosen because he's sucked up enough?
That feel good to you? Satisfy your race thing? Hegel's not a racist because he likes Obama? :)
We are all racists because we don't like his actions?

Z said...

Obama seems to be scrambling to cut corners for his find money to give his voters what they demand (see the city councils on video which demanded "we voted for him, now it's HIS TURN$$$")...instead of keeping us safe.

Do you think that will ever occur to those people who will keep their goodies from the gov't that they're sacrificing their very lives for them?
Kind of extreme, I know...but rough truth often sounds extreme.

Anonymous said...


"Obama is not a communist."

Really? prove it. Everything he's done in his past points to socialism / community(ism).

JonBerg said...

The link below is to an excellent video, presented by a person formerly opposed to firearms ownership and use by private citizens. It also sounds like she is on to the tyranny that now lurks in Washington DC. It's <3.5 minutes long.

JonBerg said...

OK, now I digress, a bit.


"Obama does not want to destroy America!"

Perhaps in the same way Hitler didn't want to destroy Germany; in his own mind. As you will recall, Hitler confiscated all or most all of the personally owned firearms before he began the rest of his program. Our 2nd Amendment is there to see that this doesn't happen here. B.O. and his minion cohorts would like to dispense with the entire Constitution! I won't be surprised if he tries to dispense with the Presedential term limits, as well! As pointed out in the video featured in my last comment, an armed citizenry is the enemy of tyranny.

JB AKA: The Answer Man

Spidy said...

All these "know it all's" wanna do now is point fingers, blame people, and grab you gun's. If the bad guys want to get guns..they'll get them one way or another, legally or illegally... Piers Morgan refuses to acknowledge his own inconsistencies and tries to talk over the person that he’s debating or change the subject, he's done this in every debate I've seen on. Just like every other Liberal I know. He’s been one big douche bag ever since he came to this country..

Waylon said...

Z, That was a great debate. Ben Shapiro was well prepared for the usual stuff thrown out by Piers Morgan. He made a strong point right from the start asserting that Piers Morgan was standing on the grave of dead children to advance his agenda. I think Shapiro won that debate.

Thersites said...

Bring back slavery, ban guns.

Z said...

Thersites, what the HELL is that?
I'll be back later...gotta run but I had to ask you about bringing back slavery. What a thing to say. I don't want it at geeeZ.
YOU can stay (in some transmogrification)

is that the correct usage of that word, if it's a word? !

See you soon...delivering balloons to a high school event.


Thersites said...

Isn't THAT what the gun banners are after? Isn't THAT where a gun ban ultimately leads?

If you won't say it, you've already lost, Z.

Thersites said...

Help prevent slavery... BUY A GUN!

Pris said...

JB, I watched your link, and she's absolutely correct. Our founders knew that if the people can bear arms, the Govt. cannot so easily be tyrannical.

If we give up that 2nd Amendment right, we would be reduced to being serfs, no different than being under the thumb of a Monarch, or Dictator.

Yes, it's all about freedom.

Pris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pris said...

Let's not forget that Obama in a speech in 2008, said he wants a civilian security force, as well funded and equipped as our military!

So I guess as long as our President chooses which civilians have weapons that's ok? His own Civilian militia?

Kid said...

The Question Man,

you're correct, obama is not a communist per se, he's a muslim activist, a fascist, socialist, racist, anti-American and an imbecile.

More to the point, why did you not reply to my quite reasonable questions on the other post? If you want discourse, you'll have to provide some, not just show up like a troll, toss in a stink bomb and run away.

So my current opinion is you're not worth the effort. Not like any of you would open your minds anyway. You'll be voting democrap til they have you back in chains.

Kid said...

Z, On topic, well, intelligent people constantly prove libtards wrong on 99% of their opinions. Unfortunately, it never matters. They're always back in 5 minutes spouting the same nonsense.

Z said...

My first thought was "and why should people getting sick cost their country anything?"

And then I remembered. man. What a country. In the old days, you paid your doctor or hospital and worked out payment plans you could afford.
But today, IT COULD COST US (US or "us" as in you and me) BILLIONS...

Z said...

Thersites, I was too hard on you and apologize; I realized it just after I read Kid's latest comment.
i am TRULY sorry.
You don't mean BLACK SLAVERY only, you mean AMERICAN SLAVERY; slaves to a government who, as PRIS describes, will have all the guns they've worked SO HARD to take from us.

As Shapiro said "we need guns in case our gov't starts to take over"..

he insists it might not be for another 100 years; he had to do that because Morgan would keep laughing at him otherwise; the left just doesn't get it.

Kid said...

Z, it's the new majority in America. Losers, morons, and dependent parasites. It is how obama and his administration of corrupt bozos got elected not once but twice.

They only way it will change is when the feel the pain of bad choices. It will be too late by then.

Z said...

Kid, I'm hearing that Jan 15's paychecks are going to be a very rude awakening for many Obama voters (the minority which actually GET paychecks :-)!!! Heh heh!

Ya, "how much?" is going to be heard...and then wait till Obamascare's tax sets in...BROTHER, will THEY be surprised..particularly when their employer can't afford their insurance prems anymore.

serves them right. sad we have to be taken down, too.

Thersites said...

No problem, Z.

Kid said...

You're reading it right Z.

Hearing them whine and moan is going to be music to my ears though.

Kid said...

Z, This is a rhetorical question because I don't know, but how many doctors are going to opt out herr fuher's health care plan.

On a different angle, how many good doctors are going to opt out all together because they can't and won't take a 50% pay cut from obama cutting medicare 50%. The doctor I go to has most of his patients on medicare. I'm not I just go because he's good. He may not be around much longer.

Then like when the fed totally FUBAR'd the education system and good, energetic. caring teachers left because, ya know, good people don't work in cesspool environments, the public ed system was infiltrated heavily by the slugs of society that CAN work in a crap environment. The kind who's Head of the Union in new joisey emails each and every teacher asking them to pray for chris christie's death.

Watch for that shift to occur in the health care industry.

Affirmative action and quotas are in the oblammycare bill.

I'm thinking if they were qualiied they'd BE in the hc system.

Not good.

Course people like question boy are already convince it's the repubblekins fault even though not a single repub voted for that evil bill.

Anonymous said...


"how many doctors are going to opt out herr fuher's health care plan."

The Doc's I've talked to are seriously considering...Concierge services and plans.

Kid said...

IMP, doctors opting out. I suspect it will go like Canadia, only Much Expedited.

Canada's history is of course:
-Gov takes over healthcare
-Gov doesn't have money in the budget to take care of everyone, so quality care is the 1st thing sliced, then expensive treatments like cancers. Patients get put on a waiting list to even get diagnosed, then another waiting list to get treatment, many are dead by then.
-everyone has to wait forever to get treatment by overworked, underpaid doctors, so waiting 12 hours to see someone is not uncommon, especially in the large population centers.
-canadians are taxed out the wazoo for this.
-at this point and only recently after 30 years of nightmares, private heath insures have been let back into existence.
-those who are well off enough, now get to pay excessive tax for no health care service Plus private insurance plan costs to get HC.
-Many people, including canadian government routinely came to the US for health care.

Where will we go? This nightmare will happen a LOT faster in the US because the people in charge in the US really don't give a damn about individuals.

This is 10,000 foot level. It will be Much worse for many individuals depending on where they are at. Detroit versus Utumwa Iowa for example.

Anonymous said...


I completely understood what Thersites said...even if you misunderstood it....blacks are in slavery today. By their own choice. By their own ability to vote themselves plantation masters of the demrat party. Who once enslaved them...invented the KKK...voted against the Civil Rights act...wh lost temporay control over them and have since regained it by pretending to care for them.

Instead of plantations in South Carolina...they are now prisoners in Section 8 housing...government ghettos...the masters handouts of welfare...EBT's...the complete destruction of a cohesive family....the elimination of men to head households....non compliance means that 50% of black males are in prison or in the system.

Drugs and crime are rampant. A wholly owned invention of masterful demrats slave owners.

Meanwhile those selected few in congress...are fools...and minstrels...elected due to gerrymandering and have not the desire to relinquish the privileges that go with being on the upper echelons of black society.

The Rangels and buffoons like sharpton wear Aramni suits....stay in 3K per night hotels and live off of the suffering and thrive on their ignorance and poverty.

While the Waters steal form them to feather their nests....and their poor brethren be damned.

They don't give one shit about other blacks...otherwise....we wouldn't see the total disintegration of blacks after 50 years of largess.

Kid said...

Pure Poetry Imp.

Anonymous said...


Couldn't sleep...I was so Damn PO'd. LOL

Problem's the GD truth. I dare one convince me that their caring, intervention, programs and "assistance" has bettered or elevated blacks to 21st century inclusiveness.

They remain...sadly a completely separate, segregated, angry and mostly failing in jobs, education, and above all..the prosperity that a free people should partake in.

Thus...they remain in chains as Joe the asshole clown Biden so eloquently stated not that long ago.

Shame on that asshat for stirring up even more racial animosity that even the KKK is capable of.

They Say/We Say said...

It will be against your better judgment to pay cash to a doctor after OBama/Hillary Care kicks in.
Prison time for paying cash to a doctor, for us and the doctor. Better make sure the doctor is no longer in business, as a MD.

Do anyone remember the container that fell over and the door broke open and all those Chinese assault rifles were exposed, I think it was a port in N. Calif.
Those were from then Pres.Clinton to the gangs.
On another note:
You want to take our guns? Ok, if we need one - we will just take yours.

Z said...

why would Pres Clinton want black of Hispanic gangs to have guns?

They Say/We Say said...

Why are we discusing assualt weapons used now?
It was to be a problem then so they could ban them then - and they did anyway!
It goes to show that if the left wants criminals to have guns they will get them for them.

I listened to the video and the guest did not do very good.
What about assualt kinves and assualt baseball bats...
Military style... bull sh***
Looks are decieving.
They are talking about any gun with a thumb hole in the rear stock.
There is a 410 shotgun with a thumb hole in the rear stock named a Snake Charmer.
Armoured Truck personel use them too.
They too would be banned with this subversive crowd.

Spidey said...

New Flash!! The Clown who is currently occupying the White House nominates Pro-Islam, Jew Hating, Chuck Hagel to Be Secretary of Defense!
Obama Appoints Islam’s Apologists. Obama is about to appoint three regime members who are as naive about the Arab/Israeli relations who have ever walked.
Hagel, John Kerry, and Brennan. All of these candidates are pro-Islam, pro-Arab, and anti Israel. How about Jack Lew who served under Hillary Clinton. It was Lew’s failed foreign policy toward Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya during their upheaval, and the the Arab Spring. How did that work out for our interests ? This has been Obama’s plan all along.
All are apologists for Arab causes. All are strong proponents of Obama’s vision of a more sympathetic approach to Islam….Brennan for example has been against Iranian sanctions from day one. Obama’s piss poor pick for secretary of Defense, Charles Hagel, an apologist for the Palestinian suicide bombings against Israel, his explanation for this was that desperate people resort to desperate measures, Israel, well Golly gosh darn it, I guess that explains it!

And this surprises who?? For an administration that has made “diversity” an important issue, he has surely picked a bunch of pro-Islam, pro-Arab, radicals and haters, or pro- both.
This is what you should expect from people who worship at the Church of Hitler’s Dick.
But Obama killed Osama Bin Laden and GM is alive!

Question, did we have people like "The Question Man" (above) making these radical comments prior to Obama's presidency? I don't think so. Obama has empowered these racist clowns to come out of the woodwork.

Crabby Old Man said...

So after four years of Obama digging into our pockets, you think that wasn’t enough! And you Libs, Progressives, and lame-brain Democrats are ok with his continuing to take, take and take from us and spend it away like a drunken Sailor! Well, that’s exactly what he’s going to be doing, hell, why stop now? You blind and brain-dead Democrats seem to be happy with your failure of a leader, after all you gave him four more years to rape this country. My bet is that we will be in another recession before 2013 is over and I’d bet that if you had the chance you’d vote for him again. Good luck with that !
I don't know about you, but as an American, I don't want to live under the rule of a Socialist.

JonBerg said...


Isn't that @$$#0le, Piers Morgan from the UK?

Watch this one:

The Views Of A Tea Party Member said...

When did you or anyone else ever see a tea party or any conservative group for that matter turn over police cars, defecate on police cars, destroy private and or public property, throw rocks at police, burn down buildings, take over banks, colleges and universities they attend, kill people for the fun of killing, loot the stores, suggest assignations of politicians and presidents, make movies with disgusting, talk about tearing out people's hearts, living in public parks, and the list goes on and on. All the violence I have seen in my many years, have been committed by the left, yes the RADICAL LEFT. One example would be a close friend of Obama's, a domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers. It's simple! The shouts “We want freedom of speech” is nothing but pure BS , what the left REALLY wants is free-bees, something for nothing, hand outs, etc, etc, etc.... And what I I want is what I work for, but the left wants what I worked for also.

Michael said...

Within the coming year, gas prices will hit $5.00 per gallon and the cost of "winter fuel oil" in my home state of Wisconsin will double (and I don't want to hear the whining).

Fast & Furious will lead to the top (Obama) with the confirmed deaths of over 200 Mexican citizens by Obama's gun running scandal - Holder will be forced to resign.

The "Libya Cover UP" will be exposed and lead to a massive resignation of Petraeus and Panetta. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be asked to testify against the president and Obama will deny her testimony and the scandal will die on the vine with a media cover up.

The coal industry will be hard hit by the EPA and close 20 to 40% of their production, resulting in electricity going up at least 50%. Those summer $200 electric bills in LV will be $300 per month.

EPA scandals resulting in billions of taxpayer dollars going to Obama cronies inc.

Low income people will be hardest hit due to higher prices on everything. Obamacare will force the closing of numerous businesses nationwide and the US will re-enter into a recession with over 10% unemployment, 15% for Hispanics, and north of 20% of blacks.

Not to mention Obama's Katrina (Sandy, which even makes Bush look great, disrespecting Israel in its upcoming strike against Iran by not supporting every munitions wish-list, joining the United Nations in condemning Israel, and easing sanctions on IRAN to rebuild "their Bomb".

Finally, after the debt crisis will reveal that this administration is powerless and clueless on what to do. The US House of Representatives will be forced by the American People to proceed with Impeachment proceedings

Anonymous said...

"The US House of Representatives will be forced by the American People to proceed with Impeachment proceedings..."

And watch 20 cities burn down and have to declare Martial Law...then confiscation...then??? Imprisonment of all those "right" wing terrorists and T Party criminals?

Then the TSA gets armed too?

Z said...

Michael..and they STILL won't do it.

Kid said...

Michael, Sadly, not a gonna happen. The repubs are useless at best.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for that. The silly Brits so readily sought utopia...alll the while easily importing those who seek to kill them and have no respect for their way of life in the name of diversity.

The country that gave the world the Magna Carta, our very own colonies, our founding fathers for the most part, defeated Nazism, stood tall as a world power and civilization for hundreds of years...

has deteriorated into a soon to be 3rd world, middle east dung heap.

Ah yes...that stiff upper lip has been sucker punched by ingrates and diversity.

Don't ask us to help you out again when you're forced to concede your country to Sharia law.

Crabby Old Man said...

I understand that his own country doesn't even want him back. Goes to show you that America takes all kinds of garbage.

Kid said...

Too Funny "President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama at the Southern Regional Inaugural Ball for the 2009 inauguration. While fewer people are coming to the second inaugural, the number of official balls has dropped from 10 to two, making a ticket difficult to obtain"

If they could elect him again, they'd probably be down to ONE ball, and wouldn't THAT show how popular the imbecile is! :)

Anonymous said...


"I understand that his own country doesn't even want him back.."

Kenya or Indonesia?

Anonymous said...


"If they could elect him again, they'd probably be down to ONE ball, and wouldn't THAT show how popular the imbecile is! :)..." know they're trying to repeal the 22nd Amendment ...don't you?

In 2016....we should have our own ball....sending this POS back to Shitcago. won't end there....Moochele is the next fiasco.

Kid said...

IMP, You got that right. losers, morons, and thieves will vote for a dead skunk to keep the party going.

Anonymous said...


"You got that right. losers, morons..."

But..the skunk has to be black now that the threshold has been crossed. I say we elect Valerie or Waters. How much more damage can they do?

Will Rubio satisfy the racists...the ones who now demand..."diversity"...which means auto handouts?

Kid said...

IMP, I suggest corrine brown. hahahaaaa

In the spirit of "In order to Get through it, we have to Go through it."

So, let's take the fast train.
And an abstract. A favorite tactic of Chess masters is to make their opponent execute their move before they're ready.

Let's bring It On Cleetus.

Kid said...

An alternate would be Buckwheat. That chick congresswoman from Georgia that threw her cell phone at a peace officer who was trying to protect the area that congress people gather in.

beamish said...

The bigoted, racist right are not only black-hating sore losers, but they are so pissed that their four-year hate-mongering and fear-mongering didn’t help the the great white hope they wanted get elected.

Psst. No one on the serious right voterd for Romney.

beamish said...

Most people who die from violence in America die in their mother's womb in an abortion clinic.

JonBerg said...

"Psst. No one on the serious right voterd for Romney."

Then they must have been "serious" about B.O.-WHAT???????

Anonymous said...


" That chick congresswoman from Georgia..."

Cynthia McKinney...AA, doofus.

beamish said...

"Psst. No one on the serious right voterd for Romney."

Then they must have been "serious" about B.O.-WHAT???????

No. That's just as far as I'll lift a finger to when some assclown from the left comes to try smear right-wingers as Romney voters. I don't know any conservatives that voted for Romney. Do you?