Thursday, January 10, 2013

Piers Morgan has to...........GO??

Since when did a few on the Right get as bad as the Left and decide an opposing point of view needs to be got rid of?   THIS story I read tonight fascinated me and rather disgusted me, frankly.
Piers Morgan is a buffoon and transparently biased toward the Left but...REALLY?  

Okay, Morgan's had people on and called them AWFUL names, he does that to Christians who have their own viewpoints which don't coincide with his, too, but DEPORT HIM?

Am I missing something?  Did he do more than call for the end of assault rifles and insult guests?   Tell me.........

thanks, Z
*I could have put an image of him here to illustrate my post, but have his picture at geeeZ?  I don't THINK so.



Constitutional Insurgent said...

Piers is a pompous, collectivist ass with a very shady history as a faux journalist......but he has broken no laws.

As much as I could gin up a quick list of blowhards on the left and the right, that I would like to see emigrate to somewhere Uzbekistan....there is no foundation for doing so.

Petitioning to have him deported is glass half empty thinking. we should be happy to have him here as both comedic relief and as a billboard to remind us how important it is to protect our precious and vulnerable liberties.

Always On Watch said...

We are living in the Age of Crisis Management -- the Age of Screeching.

There does seem to be a mass madness afoot!

Waylon said...

After his recent "debate" with the man behind the petition to deport him, that Jones boy, Alex, it would be interesting to see if more people joined the petition to deport the dirtbag. He called in Allan Dirshowitz after he pulled the plug on Jones ... continuing to discuss Jones as an "exhibit" long after Jones departed.

Funny how Piers Morgan always seems to come down supporting expanding tyranny in the form of expanding government.

Hasn't he been charged in England in the hacking scandal?

From The Archives of The Political Chic said...

Talking about "Dirty-Bags" Does anybody really think that we are going to forgive and forget those 4 dead Americans in Benghazi because Hillary was asleep at the wheel as far as the security in Benghazi is concerned? And are those 4 people going to be forgotten and just swept under the rug that easily so that it wouldn’t look bad on Hillarýs resume when she sets herself up for running in 2016 ?. How much of the BS are we to believe? Did she rally think that the drama she and Bammy put on about that injury, and it’s speedy recovery which never happened to begin with was going to keep her for testifying and did she think that the 4 dead American’s families were going to forgive and forget and mark it up to another desperate Hillary Lie or “Misspoke”
Hillary, it’s time for you to go home and bake some cookies. That’s about all your good for. And take your “Girl-friend” Huma with you.

Z said...

CI...your comment's way better than my post; I couldn't agree with you more. Well said.

AOW, Piers' ratings are so far down that it actually went through my mind that this could have been a CNN setup, but I doubt if Jones would go for that! No matter HOW much $$$$
Weird conjecture on my part, but these days?...who knows!?

Waylon,I think he was exonerated but I'm not sure.
As for Jones....I believe the debate probably spurred on the petition more than Jones; good point.
You should have heard the really insulting things he said about Kirk Cameron for disagreeing with him on gay marriage. He does that a LOT and even my mother, who kind of liked Morgan's show, finally agreed that the guy's treatment of guests shows zero class or integrity.

Chic, I think we are forgetting about the four dead...and the incredible heroism of 2 of them...killing so many as they went down.
That's why at GeeeZ I keep asking "Where are the FAMILIES of the dead? WHY aren't they screaming for the truth?"
amazing coverups in this administration.

I was thinking how far worse I believe Obama is than Watergate; now Obama's decided our votes don't count and Congress isn't important by more executive privilege re gun control legislation...or should I say, instead of LEGISLATION, DICTATORSHIP? What the heck is the GOP doing letting him steamroll? Man, Holder is a better lawyer and more conniving than even we all thought...somehow he's the loophole finder; and they blame the rich for loopholes on TAXES? How about loopholes getting around US in this administration?

Silverfiddle said...

CI: I say we strip him, glue sheepskin to his back and drop him in Yemen ;)

But seriously, he's done nothing that warrants deportation. This is just another of those meaningless on-line petitions.

Regardless, Piers Morgan is a simpering idiot. If I were a Brit I'd be ashamed to take him back, and I'd insist the Queen disbar him, or disembowel him, whatever, take away his citizenship and forever ban him from claiming any British ancestry.

At the Intellectual Ammo page of Western Hero, I link to a BBC article that shows just how dumb this whimpering twit is.

Gun violence went up after Britain's draconian gun ban of 1997.

The BBC chart only goes to 2007, but I believe I have seen elsewhere that the gun violence rate has never come down to pre-gun ban levels.

Piers rudely shouted down a man on his program trying to state these facts, and all I can say, with BBC backing me up, is "Piers, you are a very stupid man. Now begone!"

BBC - UK Gun Crime Figures

Ducky's here said...

Just put him and Alex Jones in a steel cage and don't let either of them out.

It's all kabuki for the suckers.

Z said...

SF...EXCELLENT..thanks very much!

I was amazed to see Clinton go a little stupid yesterday in NV when he said "half the massacres have happened since the lift on the assault weapons ban"!
As if guns suddenly went ballistic and decided to hate people after the ban was lifted? As if PEOPLE didn't have those assault weapons all along and nothing happened?
His fact isn't true AND he sounded like a lying lunatic.

maybe we can give the Clintons to the Queen as a gift? It beats the "complete Collection of Obama speeches" which he gave her, remember?

Z said...

Ducky, what 'suckers' are they? Anybody who disagrees with Ducky?

Liberalmann said...

Piers showed us all once again what idiots most on the right really are. Thanks!

Ducky's here said...

It's just entertainment not news.

Posturing for ratings with no substance. This passes for "news" in America?

Z said...

Libmann, thanks for showing how open minded the left is again. I don't call you'll be stopping it here, too.
Anybody who calls half of American an IDIOT is beyond name calling, anyway; Hey, you're not bright enough to recognize what your president's the name calling.

Ducky..Amen to that. It's ALL for advertising$$$ The bigger and splashier and more enticing and nasty a headline or story can be, the better to our media.

I have to admit that I've actually 'sexed up' my post titles because I've wanted people to read something.....actually, I've thought about it a LOT more than I've done it...stopping myself with "Are you really going to go to the level of the media?"
Not usually.

what passes for 'news' these days on internet home pages is some actress who wore an ugly dress or some unwed celeb and the 'lovenest' with her creepy 'man'...and worse.

Ducky, do you think this trend can be reversed?

Anonymous said...

Reponding to idiocy with more idiocy is hardly the answer.

Waylon said...

I'm not so sure the old boy, Piers Morgan, has been exonerated. Seems there is still lots of smoke, so there is likely a fire somewhere in his past to put out ...

"Ironically, many of the claims that resurface against Morgan owe their origin to the man himself. In his autobiography, The Insider, the former editor details how an unnamed individual described to him the practice of hacking phones in 2001 and another incident in April 2000 in which the actress Kate Winslet asked him how he had got hold of a new phone number for her.

During the Leveson Inquiry, Morgan was asked about a lunch in 2002 with television presenter Ulrika Jonsson and Jeremy Paxman in which the BBC Newsnight presenter said the newspaperman had shown him how to prevent his voicemails being eavesdropped and implied he knew the contents of conversations between Jonsson and then England football manager Sven Goran Eriksson. Morgan laughed off Paxman’s claims, saying he could not recall details.

Mr Morgan did not comment on the latest phone hacking claims against Trinity Mirror."

Waylon said...

Just put him and Alex Jones in a steel cage and don't let either of them out.

Ducky, you sound like a 'rasslin' fan.

Joe said...

Piers Morgan has a platform to spew his vitriol and uses it to its fullest.

That does not constitutie grounds for deportation.

You're quite right. The Right has gotten as bad as the Left in some areas of society.

The only reason Piers Morgan is even noticed is that we react so vehemently at his rhetoric.

Bad publicity is still publicity.

Fear not, though. Piers Morgan has only 7 or 8 real viewers, most of those family members.

JonBerg said...


If this jerk (I've never seen him, wouldn't waste my time) doesn't like it here he should go back to where many of America's ancestors left, to get away from the likes of him!!! America isn't Eroupe and was NEVER intended to be! I'm also sick of these other groups who are here illegally or perhaps legal but refusing to abandon their barbaric ways and refusing to assimulate!!! I'm more than sick of a President who wishes to "fundamentally change" this Nation. Color me angry if you want; I don't care!

The Question Man said...

The stupid racist right never learns…..never!
You know the saying. “Those who do NOT learn from history, are doomed to repeat it!” And as always, the racist, bigoted modern era version of the KKK and the Nazi NEVER learn from their mistakes because in their mentally damaged brain, they believe EVERYTHING they say is right, no matter how obviously wrong they obviously are.
But sickening CAN’T even come close to describe the hateful rants and the disgusting fake Christian, real racist, bigoted, extremist known as Conservatives are!
Even most of the racist Obama-haters KNOW President Obama or the American Left-wing had NOTHING to do with the horrible Sandy Hook Shooting which took place last month! But to falsely claim WE created the Sandy Hook scandal, you claim that we WANTED little children to die and claim to be a Christian shows how much of a hateful fraud you are!
You are a sick, demented, hateful racist, bigoted bunch of idiots!
According to conservative media, yes. The proof is because people with personal interests in seeing Republicans regain control of the country say so. There is no other proof.
Barack Obama doesn’t hate the military. He tried to negotiate a prevention of the sequestration of military funding.
Obama is nothing like Hitler. Hitler scapegoated Jews and other “untermenschen” for all of Germany’s problems. That’s actually what American conservatives are doing with American liberals.
Obama isn’t after guns. Guns people already own will be grandfathered in as legal, regardless of what form new legislation takes.
Obama isn’t an “illegal.” His qualifications to serve as president have already been certified. Obama is a natural born citizen.
Obama can not be impeached. He hasn’t committed any impeachment-worthy offenses, so any current impeachment will largely be seen as bogus and a wasteful political stunt, which is why Republicans won’t seriously consider impeachment.
Obama is a Christian, not a Muslim. He believes Jesus Christ is the Son of God and died for our sins.
Does Obama hates Jews! NO! AND He has Jewish people in his Cabinet. He definitely is at odds with the Israeli policies which are right-wing and Mr. Obama is moderate. That does not mean he hates Jews. Most Jews in America are Democrats and don’t like Netanyahu either
and besides, Rahm Emmanuel was his main political confidant
I don’t believe the President has to do anything to please Israel. America comes first.
So, does Barack Obama hate America? No!
Is Barack Obama an Anti-American? No!
AND he has not committed an impeccable offense
Everyday, I bet you the racist right is still wondering HOW is it they lost the 2012 election? Yes there were many reasons, but the main reason is that American is NOT racist or bigoted like you!
All these lies about were created by the racist, bigoted right because Obama is attack with Just a lot of baseless hatred for being a non-white Democrat…other words they hate having a black man as President!

Waylon said...

Sounds like Question man must have just viewed "Django Unchained". Thanks for stoking the flames of racist hatred Quentin Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein.

Waylon said...

Here's something that didn't get raised in the so-called debate between Jones and Piers Morgan.

"Following controversy over its purchase of around 1.2 billion bullets in the last six months alone, the Department of Homeland Security has put out a new solicitation for over 200 million more rounds of ammunition, some of which are designated to be used by snipers.
A series of new solicitations posted on the FedBizOpps website show that the DHS is looking to purchase 200 million rounds of .223 rifle ammunition over the next four years, as well as 176,000 rounds of .308 caliber 168 grain hollow point boat tail (HPBT) rounds in addition to 25,000 rounds of blank .308 caliber bullets."

Do progressive leftists pretend to hate guns just when they happen to be in the hands of others that disagree with them? The Bolsheviks didn't hate guns, so why would Bolsheviks like Piers Morgan pretend hate guns when they were used to such effect to bring tyranny to Russia by Lenin?

JonBerg said...

"they hate having a black man as President!"

Not anymore than they hate having a white man as President they just hate having [this] man as President.

JB, AKA: The Answer Man

The Question Man said...

JonBerg, my mom told me when I was only a little boy not to pay attention to either comedians or wise asses, and you seem to be trying very hard to be both..

FreeThinke said...

I have to agree that the idea of DEPORTATION merely for exhibiting bad taste, worse judgment and rank stupidity is about as un-American as things could get.

The nation is rapidly becoming One Big Nuthouse.


Always On Watch said...

FT said: The nation is rapidly becoming One Big Nuthouse.

It really does seem that way to me.

What the HELL is wrong with people?

JonBerg said...


In consideration of the source, I'm flattered! Better to be a "wise ass" than a dumb ass, I always say! By the way, why didn't you listen to your mother?

Anonymous said...

A very insulting and angry black spouting insults, making broad racist accusations...and using the avatar of MLK....a man of peace.

Takes the cake, yes? We've reversed course since '64....guys like him will see to it.

Kid said...

Free Speech. No problem.

obama - not a problem.

The problem are the people who support and/or vote for such vermin.

The WWII vets and their families and most of America would have laughed these useless vermin out of existence.

Now we have a new majority or losers, morons, and thieves who support the vermin. That's the difference.

A* like morgan and obama, and hell, the entire occupancy of the current democrat party and 99% of the media have always been around. Society just didn't give them a leg to stand on.

If they were in politics, they got voted out. If they were in business they went out of business for lack of support. They pretty much were not in the celebrity business though anyway. The majority of those people served in the military in WWI or WWII.

Today's majority of losers, morons, and thieves has invited these vermin into our homes, schools, cars, and bathrooms. Maybe we should have Thank A Libtard Day. Whaddya think?

Kid said...

Question man, maybe you could show us you have more than one word "racism" running around in your head ?

obama is the racist, and a better question is What has he done for your race?, that voted for him at 93% for the 2nd time.

That should be cause for embarrassment.

Ed Bonderenka said...

i'd rather listen to Pravda than Morgan.
who'd a thunk it?

Kid said...

Question Man. Speaking of questions....

Keeping it brief -
The democrats Brought the slaves to America. They killed slaves and fellow Americans trying to keep the slaves. They elect KKK management into the Senate. One of the vermin just died in the last couple years. The democrats tried to scuttle the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The republicans pulled it out of the fire, and in the end 68% of repubs, and only 42% of democrats voted for it. See Wikipedia

And yet 93% of African-Americans vote for democrats.

I honestly wonder why that is. Cause it is mind boggling to me.

And what is up with the Black Caucus in Congress. How would you feel if there was a White Caucus.

I'm not racist. No one in myu family ever employed slaves. N face, my ancestors were slaves to corporate America and no one has ever Given me anything. I've worked for every dime. I've hired, supported, befriended and helped African-Americans all my life. I'm doing it now. Black man in the White House? How about Allen West ? I'll vote for him 20 times a minute.

As a Neo-Conservative, I understand that ALL People need to be successful in a system like ours. Not only that, but all people need to be successful to be happy and enjoy what America has to offer. I WANT All People to be successful and happy.


Anonymous said...


"What has he done for your race?.."

Yup...and on it's face...Obysmal has just appointed...ALL WHITE GUYS to cabinet level positions!!

"Obama has in recent days nominated Sen. John Kerry to go to State, former Sen. Chuck Hagel to be Defense secretary, counterterrorism adviser John Brennan to head the CIA, and White House Chief of Staff Jacob Lew as his next Treasury secretary. All white, all guys."

Oh my...what's a racist "brother" to do?

( And none of them AA appointees either...all part of the ruling class..LOL)

Anonymous said...


"How would you feel if there was a White Caucus."'

Personally...I'd feel better and more equal than most too. Fair is fair...whites have issues too.

Elmers Brother said...

Jones is a nut and he makes Morgan look like a menswear candidate....pure and simple. I agree with duhkkky

Elmers Brother said...


Anonymous said...


"ALL People need to be successful in a system like ours."..


Anonymous said...


"Jones is a nut"

I agree with Duck too...but Pat Buchanan said basically the same thing the other day.

Elmers Brother said...

Jones is a.conspiracy nut.....Buchanan...make up your own mind

Anonymous said...


PB...if an honest realist.

Jones makes money off his stuff...and He'd be behind a rock if the SHTF.

beamish said...

I always love it when people from the Emirate of Britanistan try to tell Americans how to run our country. As if we're going to listen to people who need a license to operate a TV set and drive on the wrong side of the road.

Kid said...

IMP, obama's cabinet, and how many African-Americans did clinton have?

Versus how many did Bush have. Not that Bush didn't have his problems, but Oh, I guess they were all Aunt and Uncle Tom's right?

And what did they all do to deserve the label? No one knows.

Kid said...

IMP, Whites have issues too.

Damn right, we're the new minority, Specially if we are paying taxes. We're the bottom of the food chain.

Kid said...

"ALL People need to be successful in a system like ours."..


I'm translating that as all people need to participate in capitalism. All able-bodied people. We can take care of people who truly need it as a country and not even breathe hard.

How were you reading it? In any case, no problemo buddy, different strokes for different folks.

Kid said...

Anyway, Seriously, I have never gotten an answer to the question of why black people support the slave owners and true racists in this country - democrats. Not even a bad answer. Adding to the mind boggling factor.

Anonymous said...


"How were you reading it?"

Eaasy...when 51% see that they can scam over 62K from being non productive, non tax paying parasites and the line up for those...Obama checks...EBT's, 10 kids from 11 "fathers"...

As far as why do the assholes still vote dem...stupid is as stupid does...ummmm...maybe not...gaming the system and making us look like the ultimate assholes for putting up with this shit...lest we be the new politics.

5 Generations later....we don't even get farm duty out of them. Nothing...Oh...and so not to appear discriminatory.....we give it to ILLEGALS of opportunity and all that shit.

KP said...

I don't think I have ever been made to feel as uncomfortable by a man on television as I was by Alex Jones. I _almost_ couldn't watch it all. I am concerned for his mental well being.

Having said that, The Question Man rivals Alex Jones, after having posted one of the weirdest commnets I have ever read.

They Say/We Say said...

Rush Limbaugh bought us some time.
He forced the MSM to call him a nut when he said that Presidential Ex Orders will super suede the Constitution; the MSM exposed the Ex Orders.
Way to go Rush--but just for a while.
They will not stop this close to fooling the uninformed; and

The Ex Orders were to -->Ratify The U.N. Small Arms Treaty<--, the game is still on. The Senate will have to face the voters if they do this-so, the Pres thought he would fall on the sword sense he would not have to worry about re-election.
It ain't over - like I said they are to close to pulling this off.

Kid said...

IMP, OK, When I say successful, I'm saying people need to be working and participating in the capitalist system.

Happiness come from accomplishment. There is no accomplishment in being on the dole.

Not sitting around on the many doles that exist breeding democrat voters.

Kid said...

They Say, You are right. They've already done it in DC and Chicago/Illinois.
Largely unchallenged.

Though those are libtard bastions.

Anonymous said...


After 50 years of accommodations, riots, civil unrest....what have we gained?

The CBC, NAACP...Sharpton....Jerkson...Jordon, Waters and all the other ignorant filth and ilk who still hold on to the..what...1860's?

Me...I give up.

Anonymous said...


"There is no accomplishment in being on the dole..."

That's not how they see it have the wrong mind's "justice and reparations". They're owed....

Accomplishments are not in their life's getting over on the man....even though the man is one...and has been one of them all along.

KP said...

TheySay/WeSay; is there SomeWay to break this all down for the rest of us? Do we have to be part of the Here/Say to understand?

SayHey! Sounds like a spy novel :-)

Z said...

Question: can you remind us who's blaming the left for Sandy Hook?

Um...don't look now, but I'm thinking the left's pretty much blaming Sandy Hook on any gun owner who has the audacity of just owning one he's maybe not even ever shot? And most of them are good conservatives who believe in the constitution.

Thanks for coming by and showing us all what difficulties some Americans have grasping truths.
Re Obama and Jews? Wait, because he has Jews on his cabinet who are friends, he's pro Israel? REALLY?
Then I guess we're not the racists you keep calling all of us because we'd vote for Allen West tomorrow if we could. or ANY Black man or woman who we agreed with

Anonymous said...


Allen West

My personal hero...swear to God....when he was in my district 22...i needed his help with the VA. After 15 months of bullshit and run around from them...these bureaucratic POS...these indentured safe, uncaring paper shufflers and asshole G7's...I got my answer and success in 10 days from that man.

Bullshit over...VA benefits granted, affirmed and received.

I will forever be indebted to him...and HE....would be my first choice...should he decide to be the next POTUS....over that criminal, lying fraud we now have....or any white man / woman in this country.

KP said...


We have problems in this country; no matter how much progress has been made; we have some problems.

To Alex Jones; some reasonable gun control legislation is, reasonable. I would prefer insane people cannot purchase guns.

Likewise, the ranting of TQM appears questionable. There might be a better way.

C'mon! Are there any pragmatist left on earth. Is this The Twilight Zone episode where Burgess Merideth has his glasses smashed after an atomic holocaust he spent in the baement of his library and is the sole survivor -- but can't read his books.

Anonymous said...


"To Alex Jones; some reasonable gun control legislation is, reasonable. I would prefer insane people cannot purchase guns."

Yup...I'm a reasonable man...and I agree...there should be checks at gun shows...period...I don't like the fact that today when I picked up my new AR15 ( first since I handled one in Nam...long time ago...1967 ...qualified as expert too!) I had to wait for the FDLE check and approval. And I have a CCW too. Yet...other mutts don't?

Even my very friendly FFL dealer...agreed and they do the gun show circuit every weekend.

I'm one of those 99.999999%

Z said...

KP, does Alex Jones think insane people should have guns available to them??

Anonymous said...


But...that's all I'm willing to give. Nothing more. I will not surrender my guns. Cause some asshole like Cuomo or Bloomturd...dislikes them. Who the hell ever required anyone to own them against their will anyway?

Anonymous said...


"does Alex Jones think insane people should have guns available to them??"

Geeeez...of course not...he's passionate but not that nuts. Really Z...does anyone want scumbags, felons and nutjobs to get one?

Marine4ever said...

Thanks for leaving this load on my site, too. Now I have at least two places, that I know of, where I can go back to and remember why we're called 'Right' and y'all are called... 'LOOZERS!'

Anonymous said...

After 30+ years of femi-nazis...we wonder why men are ball-less, wimps and would rather be fags than deal with the Gloria's of the country?

We feed our young males with "calm" them down?

We try to program them that being abhorrent? We like them to take baking classes rather then mechanical drawing? Or the sciences?

All brought on by the feminist nazis...that simply hate men / males.

If I knew that my sperm donation would ever go to one of them....I'd take a big squat in that vat.

They Say/We Say said...

Hillary signed the USA to the U.N. Small Arms Treaty. Now it has to be Ratified by the Senate.
But to keep from the Senate being embarrassed for voting for a Treaty that stomps on the Constitution, they will just do a little at a time. Assault Weapons and high capacity magazines (scary guns) and having to be background checked for ammo purchases. Presidential Ex Orders. One small assault weapon at a time, high power rifles, rifles, shotguns, simi auto hand guns, hand guns, then high grain ammo, lead ammo, armor perching ammo, maybe assault knives, assault baseball bats, assault tire irons, and what ever the opposition thinks of, it will be run on the MSM.
Article. VI.
This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the judges in every State shall be bound thereby, 'any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding'.

Treaties that violate any of our rights are null and void--if the people are aware of this little passage in the Constitution. But, Most only hear that Treaties are the Law of the Land!

So, the Pres will try and Ratify this with Ex Orders-a little at a time. To catch the uninformed and unaware asleep.

{If in the opinion of the people the distribution or modification of the constitutional powers be in any particular wrong, let it be corrected by an amendment in the way which the Constitution designates. But let there be no change by usurpation; for though this, in one instance, may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed.}
-Washington's Farewell Address-

Anonymous said...

@They Said

"Hillary signed the USA to the U.N. Small Arms Treaty...."

Excuse me...but fudge her...the commie, weak, lying bitch that she is. She now has BLOOD on her hands...she's ruined.

When we say.."We want our country Back"...we mean from pieces of shit..traitors like her. And her cronies, Islamist scum. I'll go down before I'd give up..or in.

Z said...

Imp, I was responding to KP's remark because it made me think he thinks that some DO think ANYBODY SHOULD HAVE A GUN and it surprised me!

Marine4ever said...

I picked my AR15 up about six days after Bath House Barry was 'elected'... the FIRST time. I paid $200 more than I would have if I'd gone ahead and bought it BEFORE the nimrod started dragging us straight to hell. Every week after that, they just kept upping the price $100 every week or so, for a looong time. Glad I started investing in precious metal back when I did. I guess mine would be worth... oooh... about... a WHOLE LOT MORE than what I paid for it -- in so MANY ways! And the six 30 round mags, too.

They Say/We Say said...

@ Imp
That's all that Alex was saying-too,
Notice he was talking about all the points that Morgan asked but Morgan kept on ranting about guns (2nd Amendment), as if that was his mission for the show - the Heck with what the real problems are?
Get the guns, get the guns out of the hands of the Minute Men/Patriotic Americans

Marine4ever said...

Uuuh... was NOT there some reason WHY we're on THIS SIDE of the ocean and the monarchy is on THEIR side of the ocean?

Anonymous said...


You would not believe what I paid for my AR....although my FFL dealer said..."Not a bad price".

I'm watching them go ( on a bid process ) to $3K...

And today...I ran into my first ( of which there are many in the wings ) magazine dealer. Who happens to have over 500 in stock for the asking...or the price. the new underground...wasn't this shit tried in for booze?

I think I'll invest in that rather than Apple.

Nice going assholes.

Anonymous said...


"Get the guns, get the guns out of the hands of the Minute Men/Patriotic Americans"...

Yup. All we can hope for that his armed escorts and out of ammo or are mugged by OWS sycophants...that love Obullshit.

They Say/We Say said...

The Japaneses general told the Imperial, do not invade the USA---there will be a rifle behind every blade of grass!
The Russians were asked why not drop their men on the border of Canada and march down into the USA. The Russians said that their men would be dead in a week!

Marine4ever said...

I don't even want to ask, Imp. It'd make my head hurt. That's why Bath House Barry was nominated for 'Guns and Ammo Salesman of the Year' award the last time around.

They Say/We Say said...

The Indonesian Stepchild did it (doing it) for dreams of his fathers.

FreeThinke said...

When the government, itself, becomes Public Enemy Number One, the only sane thing to do is to go underground.

When the law is unjust and insane and administered by an equally unjust, insane establishment determined NOT to represent our best interests as individual citizens, it is our RIGHT to ALTER -- or better yet -- ABOLISH the Establishment.


Marine4ever said...

It would be interesting to have a DNA test done to see who his biological father really was. That, along with with everything else, has the chance of happening as the proverbial snowball.

Marine4ever said...

Run out of ammo? With 1.4 billion rounds in the wall locker?

Scotty said...

Impertinent said:"
Yup...I'm a reasonable man...and I agree...there should be checks at gun shows...period...I don't like the fact that today when I picked up my new AR15 ( first since I handled one in Nam...long time ago...1967 ...qualified as expert too!) I had to wait for the FDLE check and approval. And I have a CCW too. Yet...other mutts don't?"

Personally, and this is just me, that's something I wouldn't broadcast.

There's a movement afoot that would like to take arms away from us veterans, in particular combat veterans, under the guise that it's a mental health issue.

That's why we must be wary of what is being said about mental health aspect of the new legislation that might come down the pike.

Personally, I'm big on discretion for fear of having an asterisk next to my name someplace.

Be careful, brother!

Z said...

Scotty, the interesting thing is that Swiss military have taken their guns home since they had a Swiss military and a VERY VERY low murder rate and probably zero by military...

So, a movement against OUR military? What's caused US to whack out and they don't? Leftwing suggestions that Vietnam was a mess when so many feel we could have won that and kept the Vietnamese safe...
Spitting on our soldiers, etc.

How's that and other things like gays in the military or women in submarines, etc, support a strong military of respect and honor?

Scotty said...

Z said:Scotty, the interesting thing is that Swiss military have taken their guns home since they had a Swiss military and a VERY VERY low murder rate and probably zero by military...

The left doesn't care about facts or common sense. What's going on with this so called move to protect our children is all about control, it has little to do with what happen at Sandy Hook.

They have always had a low view of anything that has to do with military, so it's no shock that they go after more veterans rights.

I have a friend in Hawaii that I served with in Vietnam. The state of Hawaii says he's not allowed to have any type of gun there as the VA has rated him 50% disabled with PTSD.

He served in the military for over 30 years. He retired as a infantry Major. In his last years he taught military history at West Point.....yet he can't have a weapon to protect himself.

Z said...

Scotty, would your friend agree he's 50% PTSD? Odd the Swiss don't get that, huh?
That's my point; what makes our government so scornful of our men and women military?...enough to take guns away?

Now, I'm sure there are some vets who had emotional difficulties before going into the service and we know some have had problems after what they've seen over there, etc., and keeping guns out of ANY person's hands who's not emotionally well isn't a bad idea, obviously.

Interesting...I heard a vet call in to a radio show and he'd suffered terribly from injuries in Afghanistan, etc., and he was asked by the host how he's got through emotionally...and he said he's tried hard to overlook the suggestions of emotional problems he was told he might have and how to fix them offered by the VA; trying to ignore the "you should be very unstable, you must be in therapy," etc....because he did NOT feel unstable and did not feel therapy was helpful for him.
He suggested that we're over treating military and making them feel worse off than they are. That was scary.
He's a successful businessman now and living just FINE but the VA feels differently :-)

Scotty said...

Z said:Scotty, would your friend agree he's 50% PTSD? Odd the Swiss don't get that, huh?

It's a moot point, reason being, do you know how wide the range is that falls under PTSD. Rape victims, police, fire fighters, EMT's can all suffer from PTSD in one form or another. The question should be, why is it that when a veteran has it it's somehow worse than those I mentioned above.

Do we disallow everybody from having a gun because they may have been in some stressful situations?

Do we disallow those that may have a little bit of depression and may take a small dosage of something to help?

Does being diagnosed with PTSD somehow guarantee that person is going to be violent? End up on a rooftop shooting the citizenry? If so, show me the proof....

I do NOT want the government in any form, shape or manor deciding who is mentally fit to own a handgun.

I one can't see the danger in that, then there is no hope.

Anonymous said...


But Scotty...obviously, there ARE people who SHOULD be under psychiatric care or are homicidal or suicidal or something...and they could be soldiers, or past soldiers.

THere ARE situations when someone SHOULD not have access to guns. I can't imagine disagreeing with you? TEll me!

Scotty said...


But Scotty...obviously, there ARE people who SHOULD be under psychiatric care or are homicidal or suicidal or something...and they could be soldiers, or past soldiers.

THere ARE situations when someone SHOULD not have access to guns. I can't imagine disagreeing with you? TEll me!

We have more than enough laws on the books already.

Anonymous said...


"Be careful, brother!.."

Scotty...they've had my number for a long, long time. AF in 66...registerd CCW in 72 in Jersey...82 in FlaDuh...fingerprints...FDLE....what the hell am I afraid of?

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