Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Saving Soldiers...AMAZING

A friend sent this video about the recovery of an Air Force flier, Roger Locher.  It's described by Brig. General Steve Ritchie and it's a great video with which to start this new year at GeeeZ.  Most commenters don't find the time to watch videos;   I hope you watch this'll never forget it.

God Bless our soldiers and fliers and God Bless America.

Could this rescue be compared to Benghazi in sheer will and purpose?  Probably.

God help us all and God help all those in foreign countries who are working for us.



Silverfiddle said...

Steve Ritchie is an Air Force Legend.

You can read more about him here:

Average American said...

Here's just a short list of comparisons/differences between:

Brigidier General Steve Ritchie---President Barak Hussein Obama


Saving Air Force flier Roger Locher---Leaving 4 Americans to die in Benghazi


Decent man---piece of shit

Brooke said...

AA has nailed it!

Joe said...

This is who we really should aspire to be as a nation.

If you don't mind, I'll borrow this for my blod.

I'll bring it back when I'm through with it (which will probably be never).

JonBerg said...

AA says it all!

Z said...

SF, yes he is. I Googled him quite a lot before posting this. AMAZING hero. And what an engaging guy...what a patriot. I loved when he touched on our financial problems and how we are NOT FREE in this condition. get another 'A' for that!!

Joe, consider it a gift :-)

Z said...

off topic:

"the fiscal austerity crisis has been temporarily averted, but given the apparent animosity between the current leaders of Congress its a miracle that any deal was made at all. Politico has a rather lengthy breakdown of the last week or so of negotiations that led to last night's budget bill and it leads off with an anecdote illustrating the current state of American politics. As they arrived for a much-hyped meeting with the President last Friday afternoon, Speaker of the House John Boehner spotted House Majority Leader Harry Reid approaching just steps from the Oval Office. According to "multiple sources," Boehner pointed his finger at Reid and without any other fanfare said, "Go f*** yourself." When Reid asked him what he was talking about, Boehner simply repeated his curse and moved on.

To be fair to Boehner, just hours earlier Reid had called him a dictator on the floor of the Senate, telling the whole country in a widely-televised speech that the Speaker cared more about protecting his job than doing what was right for the American people.

end of article.

Go, Boehner. I wonder if he'd have the guts to say that to Obama after what he pulled and how disdainfully he talked about Republicans who have a different viewpoint...For once, I don't blame Boehner ONE BIT.

Anonymous said...

Shame on those who left four Americans to die in Benghazi! Brigidier General Steve Ritchie would not have left them.

sue hanes said...

Z - I watched the video and it is just as you said - inspiring and unforgettable. Amazing that they went to so much work to rescue just one man. Of course it was worth it - wasn't it.

Pris said...

There are no words to describe how how truly touched and proud this made me feel. This, is what our American heroes are made of. It's so Great!

God bless them all!

Z said...

I'm so glad at least a few of my wonderful commenters had the time, or took the time, to see the video. It's SO SO important and his message about our economy and freedom is SO important near the end!

Thanks, everybody...I'm glad you liked it (I knew you would)

And I agree...what kind of country would not do all it could to protect its people AND then lie about it? Not until Obama has it been this blatant and has a pres been able to get away with it.

WHEN is someone going to have the courage to SPEAK OUT?

And where are the families of the dead in Benghazi?

They Say/We Say said...

Polosi only needs 17 votes to grip the big gavel - again.

Ed Bonderenka said...

AA nailed it.
Echoed by CoF.

Anonymous said...


"WHEN is someone going to have the courage to SPEAK OUT?"

When you ask?

When? You don't really want to know Ms. Z.

Are there any men like this left in America? No...I don't think least not where it counts.

One...just died....another got set up for having an "affair".

End of story. Now...we take the shit shoved down our good little sheeple.

As a vet...I now....hate what my country has become...a sissy...ineffective, cowardly loser. Capitulating to surrendering our culture, our laws and our borders as well as our language ( Press One ) to ignorant scum.

JonBerg said...

"Polosi only needs 17 votes to grip the big gavel - again."

OMG, did you have to say that?????????? And the Hell of it is it could actually happen! God help us!

Z said...

Imp, as you know, I feel the same way about what's happened to's almost impossible to recognize a country whose minority of entitlement seekers has overrun the majority.
Thanks to our schools, the media, and people like Obama.

Anonymous said...


Are we...or have we been better off world wide since Madeline Half-Bright..or Condoleezza Rice...and now...Hittlery have left us with their positions?

No....the fact is we have surrendered to PC bullshit to satisfy our idiotic "fairness" agenda that has brought us nothing but hate, arrogance and disrespect throughout the world.

In a world dominated by despots...why do we think they respect...women "diplomats"?

Has it worked..or has it brought us to our knees. Do you think Hillary acted as a John Bolton would have when our embassies and our ambassador was murdered?

Hell no...a resounding hell no. Would we go to war because of that?

No...but we would have responded in a manner befitting a world power...not like a sissy , cowardly peacenik woman with a history of Alinsky pacisivism ( like Jane Fonda ) that was afraid of using the military to kill the bastards that executed our citizens.

It's always...."Lets capitulate" and make a deal.

90% of America...wants payback. Not political bullshit from the likes of a woman who wants to sell us out. And pick up where Obama left off.

Anonymous said...


Time Warner has refused to carry Current TV which the piece of shit...the biggest piece of shit Gore...has sold to Al jazzera,

Gore...needs to face a tribunal for selling out to our enemy...imagine ..this asshole might have been president....this scumbag traitor.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Is there ONE....ONE of the 535 assholes in Congress...that would introduce a bill to pull and gut Gores retirement package?

Even for the theater...cause Gore is probably protected from being a scumbag, whore...and a lowlife pimp.

ONE...who has the guts to say... that so long as the MF'r is getting 100 million from our enemies....he can shit in his hat for his "pension"

Is there ONE? ONE who can tell Gore..he's a worthless, traitorous Piece of Shit?

Yo Al...I hope the San Andreas swallows you up...and spits you out to hell.

Z said...

I'm thinking it says a lot about Americans when Glenn Beck is rejected when offering to by Al Gore's Current TV and Al Jazeera buys it.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Not to compare myself in anyway, shape, or form with Ritchie, but he was in Southeast Asia when I was and we in Security Police knew of him and his "Ace" status. There are a lot of great American heroes in every war. He certainly is one.