Saturday, January 5, 2013

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christian soldier said...

FREEDOM and the return to the Gloriana Constitutional percepts..

I will be contacting you - Z - I have an idea for our perpetration of our mutual love of music and the arts...

Ed Bonderenka said...

I wish I'd thought of this.
Get my blog to write itself.
There are so many topics, but I'd like to know:
How do we get rid of Obama (Pelosi, Reid, etc.), while at the same time getting rid of McConnell and Boehner?

Always On Watch said...

If I had the energy, I'd have a rant about my post yesterday.

But, hey, it's Saturday. So, I'm going to do some pleasure reading, grade some papers, and go out with Mr. AOW to a nearby restaurant for an early dinner.

My Thoughts said...

Mr. Barack “I want to help the Middle Class” Obama’s spends $7 million on his last Hawaii vacation! Is this a slap in the face and an insult to America’s struggling middle class? Or am I being to harsh?
This spending maniac doesńt care one bit about America and the struggling middle class people at all. He just says whatever he wants to in order to get re-elected. This buffoon and his power grabbing Wookie care about is all the freebies that come with the job. It just boggles the mind why anyone would vote for this team of leech’s.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The same newspaper that thought it prudent to print the names and addresses of persons holding lawful firearms permits in Rockland and Westchester counties in New York state, thusly placing all those persons in great potential jeopardy -- has now decided to embrace guns.

In original reaction, a blogger acquired the personal information of the article’s author as well as the publisher and editors of that newspaper.

Now the newspaper that hates guns — is itself relying upon guns to keep its employees “safe.”

What? You mean there are actual uses for firearms?

You blustering, hypocritical American Media Maggots.


The best comment to the above article? Here:

The Journal News has exercised the rights they clearly want to deny everyone else. Their hiring protection for themselves has validated the pure rationale of every single one of those pistol permit holders they demonized by their propaganda piece. Pure Abbott and Costello comedy.

Our Rockland County Legislators are yet again a day late and dollar short by being aimlessly reactive. They know they cannot legislate the press on what not to publish. Pistol Permit holders’ private information is now out there for any miscreant to exploit. That damage is already done.

So, now their kabuki dance to craft some kind of privacy legislation is for show and ineffective, because it will be struck by the 1st Amendment, if it so much as smells like press censorship.

By next fiscal quarter, the Journal News will soon be obliged to make a business decision, when their product demand, will be measured by the consumer need, to line the bottom of bird cages.

What our community needs to seriously reconsider is a security experts review of this so called school lock down policy.

We will eventually discover that the Newton, Ct. school massacre was enabled by a counter-intuitive policy that huddled victims into a corral for slaughter, instead of crafting an escape and evasion plan.

The Newton, CT. investigation has yet to disclose any findings that can explain why it happened. Judging from the inconsistent reporting, they have yet to disclose precisely what happened. We need to be prepared to stop the next one.

Clearly, the answer is no where near the hysteria driven agenda of grabbing guns from the law abiding to protect us from the evil possessed, intent on mass murder.

~ Anthony Mele.

JonBerg said...

Since its inception I've thought that Ethanol sucks. Corn is a poor choice for bio-fuel and its use for such has caused a spike in overall food cost. Ethanol is expensive to transport (can't be done in pipelines) as it must be trucked. The whole concept relies on subsidies out of your pocket and now this:

Please read this about your government in action!

Divine Theatre said...

Hello Beautiful Soul!

Just wanted to share that today is Hobby Lobby Support Day! Thousands of people are shopping to support Mr. Green in his defiance of the HHS Mandate! I have been busy on Facebook organizing and forgot to share it with my Blog friends!



Z said...

Carol, working more than full time doesn't give me time or energy, but I'm eager to hear your ideas! Thanks.

Ed...good question.

AOW...exactly why I posed THIS today :-) It's Saturday!

MyThoughts...the left would say "Bush was on vacation ALL the time" in response to your comment.
You see, Bush could be JACK THE RIPPER and what the left doesn't quite grasp is that that doesn't make Obama the perfect hero they think he is. They just take any criticism of Obama and figure out something they can compare to Bush. They're usually short sighted, but...what else is new?
Ya, TONE DEAF has new meaning since Obama took over.
He signed another bill at midnight the other night for illegals; did YOU hear about that? Not unless you watch FOX.
It's getting very scary out there.

BZ: IRONY your name is leftwinger.
Good post! Thanks. I believe it's David Gregory of NBC who's so against guns at schools but his kids' school has gun protection! :-)

JB, I don't know much about that, but thanks for the info.
Not too off topic than your 'post' is that an independent group has written about how safe fracking really'll make leftwingers ache, but the truth always hurts.
Obama just won't be able to destroy our oil business if he tries, I guess.
But he'll try again.

Divine Theatre! Thanks....what is this??Mr. Green?? I'm lost! help me out!

Jon, I'm on moderation for a doesn't show on my screen, does it show here for you?
I'll delete your second comment; I can see why you did it and sorry to put you through the work.

Z said...

they're talking about Chuck Hagel's nomination as Sec of Defense, some calling him "superbly qualified"..
I'd say just knowing Obama likes him takes him right off the qualified list..
we have to remember Obama has no experience in any of this but what he's done the last four years not very well.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Z said:"I believe it's David Gregory of NBC who's so against guns at schools but his kids' school has gun protection! :-)"
Is it Sidwell Friends?
The Quaker school (pacifist) with all the armed guards (hiring more)?

Z said...

Ed, I didn't hear the name of the school. Does Sidwell have armed guards? Obama's kids go there, or at least one does? Very elitist, dontchaknow.
oooo...I just Googled're right; they have 11 armed guards.
Well, of course, any president's children get coverage but I'm not sure this is all about them. The left has to use guns to combat bad guys with guns; it's only WE who can't :-)


One post which could be interesting is the verbiage Obama's been using; have other presidents?
"If they think that's going to happen, they have another think coming"
"I will not PUT UP with that"

Where the HELL does he get OFF? Do you understand that he does that to send a message not to the GOP whom he's addressing but the public? Sounds TOUGH, sounds like HE IS IN CHARGE AND SOOOO OMNIPOTENT, doesn't it.


Ducky's here said...

Oh I suppose you could right about something going on inside the beltway but we're just swept up in all that and aren't about to effect any change. Don't it drag on.

What might be worth commenting on? To my mind the release of Tarantino's Django Unchained and the reaction. Now full disclosure, Tarantino is a derivative no talent hack who disgusts me but the reaction to his latest slop is interesting.
No I haven't seen it but I've seen enough clips, read enough chatter and read the script ... enough to know what's going on here.

1. The Tarantino dialog which is so revered does little to develop character but rather maintains some useless stereotypes. Dr. King (offensive pun) speaks in a supposed refined European fashion which is merely stilted. Then we have the fool Samuel Jackson looking like he stepped off a Cream of Wheat box spouting the ebonics. Both are dead ends.
The script seemed more an excuse for L'il Quentin to play wigger than anything else.

2. This is hardly a useful portrayal of slavery. We all know it was brutal but the fights are not historically accurate and their position front and center distorts the economic basis of the "peculiar institution".
Now Dr. King (offensive pun) does apparently make a moral decision and I'd be curious how this plays on screen but one thing it clearly does is reemphasize that Django is just along for the ride and really doesn't play much of a part in his own emancipation until the rather disorganized coda.

3. He riffs on the spaghetti's which took Kurosawa's critique of capitalism in Yojimbo and moved "the man with no name" into an even deeper shade of gray and really does nothing with the genre. Ideas aren't L'il Quentin's thing. He'd rather take the blood spurt from Kurosawa (first use?) which was an effective device in the beheading in RAN and just make it a boring commonplace

4. Other than throwing in a few John Ford panoramas as usual he doesn't do much with his camera.

5. He tips of his ignorance in a number of the script notations. He clearly confuses a Beecher Bible with a Winchester and makes reference to Wyatt Earp who was about 6 years old at the time. Not too important but maybe an indication of the level of "research" he did, i.e. he watched "Mandingo".

But what's worst is his publicity blitz that tries to make this latest exercise a serious statement on slavery rather than a derivative device to festoon with his shootouts and sundry violence. What's the attraction?
His post modern sensibility. Slavery and WW II are just there to riff on and give the fanboys a reason to laugh and say awesome. Fans so devoid of any historic perspective that they let this crap pass for accurate history.

We complain about popular culture warping our history. Look no further than Tarantino.