Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Obama doesn't even TRY...........

I don't know who JILL LAWRENCE from the NATIONAL JOURNAL is, but she does fairly well below in showing Obama's attacks on Republicans in his Speech yesterday, which I discussed on the Comments Page of my post below where I wrote what I thought Obama's Inaugural speech would look like in my dreams.......I disagree with Ms Lawrence quite a bit, but she is pretty fair and she did enumerate (see the bullets) the phrases that riled me.  She spared me an hour of writing a piece from what I heard yesterday and she mostly gets it right:

At least 10 times during his second inaugural address, President Obama made unmistakable allusions to Republican ideas that he rejects and wants the country to reject – even as he wrapped the critiques in a call for togetherness.
Progress in the past has been a collective enterprise, Obama said, whether it involved transportation, education, caring for the vulnerable, or ensuring fair play in a free market. To realize the “limitless possibilities” of the current moment, he said, Americans must move forward “as one nation, and one people.”
In defining his vision of forward, Obama did not spare conservatives. Here are some of his more pointed remarks:
  • “The commitments we make to each other,” such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, strengthen people rather than sap their initiative. “They do not make us a nation of takers; they free us to take the risks that make this country great,” he said. Those were direct rebuttals of claims by conservatives, topped by the Republican ticket he defeated. (Z:  what kinds of risks are available anymore when the gov't's calling all our shots?  And how are entitlement seekers not takers?)
  • “Some may still deny the overwhelming judgment of science,” but the nation must respond to the threat of climate change. That was a reminder of the antiscience strain of the GOP (Z: WHAT?). “We will preserve our planet, commanded to our care by God,” he said, invoking a stewardship principle popularized by some evangelical Christians.
  • “We cannot cede to other nations the technology that will power new jobs and new industries.” It was a defense of his administration’s investments in clean energy, in the face of GOP attacks on the failed investment in Solyndra and picking winners and losers in general. (Z: Attacks or truths?  I wish they'd show some of Obama's 'winners')
  • “Enduring security and lasting peace do not require perpetual war.” That was aimed at George W. Bush’s foreign policy and Republicans who want to extend the 11-year U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. (Z: as do so many soldiers we've heard telling us we could be successful if we stay.  And who in world history tells an enemy when he's leaving?)
  • “Our journey is not complete until no citizen is forced to wait for hours to exercise the right to vote.” An attempt to pin those lines on voting restrictions imposed by Republican legislatures. (Z: actually, it's not restrictions, it's following the laws and making sure everybody only votes ONCE and legally).
Obama also mentioned income inequality, equal pay for women, equal treatment of gay people, a warm welcome for immigrants, and safety for children in Newtown, Conn., and elsewhere – an indirect reference to his gun-control agenda.

Every one of these issues fractures Republicans. The speech, devoid as it was of olive branches, played into the emerging Republican consensus that Obama is trying to divide and destroy the GOP.
They are right about the division part, though likely mistaken when they impute a motive to destroy. As in, he is proposing comprehensive gun control and immigration reform – instead of teeny slices of those packages – in order to set GOP factions against each other and blow up the party. New York Times columnist David Brooks recently made that argument, yearning for the “learn to crawl” piecemeal approach but anticipating that Obama would choose “kill the wounded” instead. (Z: I doubt anybody could 'blow up the party' but it is more sane and careful to not institute bills without discussion and picking laws that work, not just sweeping laws)>

By that logic, coming from Brooks and others, you could assume a president was aiming to destroy the opposition party every time he or she did anything that attracted some opposition votes but not all of them. Bush-era initiatives that divided Democrats would include tax cuts, the Iraq war, and his Medicare prescription-drug program. Did he propose invading Iraq because it would pit Democrat against Democrat?
Please. It’s far more likely that Bush believed in those causes and peeled off as many Democrats as he could in order to win passage or, if he had enough votes, to earn a bit of bipartisanship and justification for his “uniter, not divider” campaign slogan.
The same likely holds true for Obama. The difference is that for most of Obama’s first term, the GOP resembled what Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan called a “grim monolith” – no differences of opinion or conscience votes allowed (Z:  As if Democrats do that more? :-). She pleaded with Republicans to think and vote for themselves.  (Z: hint to Peggy:  If this means just going along with Obama, WHY?  Man, I thought Noonan had finally awakened again, but I guess not)

On Monday, Obama pitched his speech over the heads of Congress and directly to citizens, prodding them to get involved and “set this country’s course.” He did that secure in the knowledge that not only did he win reelection, but that public opinion polls show majority support for most of his goals.

That includes a path to legal status for illegal immigrants, a “balanced” budget approach that includes both tax hikes and spending cuts, and universal background checks for gun purchasers. Brooks lamented that last proposal as “inviting a long battle” with the National Rifle Association, yet one poll found 90 percent support for it. (Z: and polls, of course, largely hinge on how questions are asked about gun safety...)

Republicans clearly have some choices ahead, and Obama is not making it easy for them. He did not in his inaugural address speak soothingly of sitting down and reasoning together (though he did sit down for coffee at the White House with House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday). Instead, he called out Republicans with this declarative sentence: “We cannot mistake absolutism for principle, or substitute spectacle for politics, or treat name-calling as reasoned debate.”

While that may not be the best relationship-building technique, it's a fact that Republicans did not make the past four years easy for Obama. The unanswered question is how hard they will make it for themselves, and him, over the next four. (end of article)

Z:  and, of course, it may be less about "making things hard for everyone" than "sticking up to their principals".

Advice to the author:  David Brooks?  Don't quote from David Brooks...he's the token "Republican" Meet the Press uses and it's just ridiculous to call him a Republican at all.



Always On Watch said...

A few days ago, Michelle Obama made a video about creating a new world. I can't find the link to the video. Maybe somebody here can.

Obama's speech yesterday was all about "creating a new world" -- and about creating more divisiveness so as to nullify any opposition to his agenda.

And did you notice the pitch of his voice? Sheesh. He sounded like a rabble rouser.

ItalianoChic said...

The dictator in the Oval Office sounded like the useful idiot that he is and who just don't get it what it is to be a REAL American. He never seems to solves any problems, but just makes them. But to be truthful he isn't the real problem, it's the blind and ignorant American Left who refused to open their eyes ans see what is happening to us.

Joe said...

With Obama at the helm, we can all go down with the sinking ship...together

The Debonair Dudes World said...

I didn’t watch this Gettysburg Address Circus Act yesterday but from listening to the news today and seeing the clips on the morning shows this morning, what I saw was a complete lack of any attempt or offer to reach out to the party across aisle otherwise known as his Republican opponents who are made up of approximately 50 percent of the American public .The speech was for Obama's ilk, all other need not apply.
Instead what we saw was the same old arrogant, but this time even more aggressive, and sure of himself Barrack Obama who used this opportunity to campaign for his agendas like gun control, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, redistribution of wealth through Obamacare, and the taxation of the “Wealthy” In other words his socialist agenda. Take from the haves and give to the have-nots, see anything wrong here? I guess that the 48 percent of Americans who didńt vote for him don’t count and once again he stuck his middle finger up to them. On other words Class warfare. What I heard was exactly what I expected, fighting words, not a call for unity. An tougher and even a more ugly and more radical Barack Hussain Obama.
What I saw was more and more rhetoric that sounded more like a “State of the Union” speech and not an Inauguration speech. Forget about the Constitution, forget about the Law, Obama has bypassed the House and Congress and has become a law maker himself.
Barack Hussein Obama has self proclaimed himself to the role of the Emperor in the White house!
Forget about the Constitution! We have to pass the bill, so that we can find out what's in it.

Liberalmann said...
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Liberalmann said...

It's time the GOP just goes away. They've failed miserably and still want to foist their archaic agendas on us all to further destroy the middle class.

FreeThinke said...

Thank you, AOW. for noting the pitch -- and timbre -- of B. Hussein's voice. I deliberately avoided the "festivities" -- just as I would avoid a virus, if possible -- but I caught some of his arrogantly incisive, preachy, lecturing, drily didactic, quasi-belligerent tone this morning on C-Span's Washington Journal, and cannot for the life of me imagine why ANY American has fallen for this insolent demagogue.

Comparisons to Hitler may seem facile -- even puerile -- and yet ...

Let's face it our historic treatment of The African Negro is the SOLE reason we are beset with the political climate we suffer with today.

If we hadn't benefited from the Slave Trade early on, Barack Obama would never have been even so much as a gleam in his sub-Saharan African-savage father's eye.

HOWEVER, there's nothing we can do to undo the past. We simply have t learn to live with legacy handed down from our short-sighted, largely ignorant ancestors.

FreeThinke said...

By the way, I hate to challenge anyone's fond illusions but the "conflict" between the Republicans and the Democrats exists largely in the minds of citizens who still believe there is still meaningful opposition to the Collectivist, Communitarian, Internationalist agenda that's been in the works for over a hundreds years, and is being slowly-but-surely foisted on us by an increasingly powerful Central Government.

The "conflict" we love to rail on about is mostly an illusion -- a Punch and Judy Show -- part of the famous "Bread and Circuses" technique -- designed to DISTRACT the populace from the TRUE aims, and REAL dirty deeds of the new pseudo-plebeian Ruling Class.

We may think we're being pushed around by ignorant, loutish peasants, hordes of non-English-speaking illegal immigrants, and working-class union thugs, but in truth ALL of us are being EXPLOITED and PLAYED like ORCHESTRAL INSTRUMENTS by a coterie of self-anointed, would-be "Masters of the Universe."

Who are these shadowy manipulators?

1. International Bankers who control the money supply, and have the power to devalue and destroy the currency of sovereign nations at will.

2. Owners and Suppliers of vital Raw Materials

3. Owners and highly-placed Executives of enormous, multi-national corporations.

Disbelieve this at your peril.

"Things are seldom what they seem."

Silverfiddle said...

I love how liberal shout "Science!" like the old man in the wingback chair in the 1980's Thomas Dolby video.

Al Gore has proved by his statements that he knows nothing of science, and the vast majority of liberals who bark on about it, including President Obama, wouldn't know science if it bit them on the @$$.

Ducky's here said...

(Z: as do so many soldiers we've heard telling us we could be successful if we stay. And who in world history tells an enemy when he's leaving?)

Reminds me of that quote about the drug trade in Baltimore in The Wire.

"This isn't a war. War's end."

Describes the laughable War on Terror.

Z said...

I'm allowing Libmann's comment to stay; it's so emblematic of the leftwing small mind.
This is exactly what Obama alludes to every day...traditional values, good character, morality, encouraging self reliance instead of a big government which the GAO said Friday is unsustainable (no media covered it but O'Reilly, of course) must go.
They can't put up with people who want the America of our forefathers.
They even tell us in the middle class that we hate the middle class :-) You'd think having that pointed out to them would help something sink in!? :-)

Debonair Dude...I was stunned at CNN's Carol Costello's review this morning; she said almost the same as you...and she's a huge lib. I think a lot of them with any real fairness and intelligence are seeing that this was not the speech he should have made... the bullet points in my post say it all. He talks about coming together (actually, notsomuch) but he says something quite differently.
He's king now..he knows Ginsberg will retire soon.
He's king now...he knows our young voters think 'cool' is better than 'good'.
He's king now...he can sign Exec orders and the media sleeps..

We all could go on with that list...and it's not the list which encourages bipartisanship.

Z said...

Ducky, I know; don't worry, we're leaving the region and then you'll finally maybe figure out what a real war on terror will look like. God help us all.

SF...Gore's cashed in BIG TIME and scientists with their big grant money are all laughing all the way to the bank.s In the meantime, it feels good to celebs to feel superior as they bicycle to the studio and for Obama to keep piling on more and more restrictions on the businesses which had made the AMerican economy work without big gov't.

By the way, I saw a commercial very early this morning about how great our economy's improving and all is well with the world and laughed out loud when I saw it as a union commercial. SO glad the economy's doing so well :-)

Ducky's here said...

The speech, devoid as it was of olive branches, played into the emerging Republican consensus that Obama is trying to divide and destroy the GOP.

Is it possible that the myth of bipartisan centrism is going to be shattered. I doubt it but the main force destroying the Republican party is their own insanity.
I expect the death throes of the marginalized libertarians and evangelicals might be loud but they are finished as any kid of political force IF Obummer decides to push a progressive agenda.

Your salvation is the fact the man is right of center and won't push too hard at all.

Z said...

Talk about war on terror..in the meantime, Prince Harry's been over there doing his job and the world's atwitter that "he killed Taliban fighters!" What was he there to kill, dinner?

Z said...

Ducky, no, that is definitely not our salvation...even if Newsweek calls him THE SECOND COMING or Piers Morgan gets "goosebumps" watching him 'dance' with Mrs. Obama... or whoever else thinks he's the messiah of the world.

I know, we ALL do, that you're thrilled that America that gave you so much is on the wane...you got what you needed and you'll deny it to your nieces. Good on you, Ducky. Let them all become entitlement kids. Congratulations...

Anonymous said...

I got a rash watching her dance

Anonymous said...

The whole speech can ve suued up in three words: tax and spend.

uptownsteve said...

Let me get this straight. The conservatives can call Obama everything but a child of God for four years and when he is re-elected he's supposed to kiss your ass?

Dave Miller said...

Z, is President using wedge issues as essentially Jill Lawrence charged. It is, I believe, his hope to destroy the idealistic wing of the GOP that sees leadership in standing for the principles they believe are right.

It is the same strategy used by Karl Rove and George Bush during that administration. For example, the promotion of DOMA like acts in battleground states comes to mind.

Neither Obama or Bush came up with this style of divide and conquer. It has been around a long time and both parties have become very good practitioners of it.

It certainly is not post partisan as Obama thinks, or uniting, as Bush thought. It is a strategy to win, period.

But... and here's where it gets sticky... what should a President do, no matter the party, if the other party decides to block all of their efforts?

Today it may be Obama, tomorrow it may be a GOP President.

Anonymous said...

Will someone please tell Dave Miller to stop the George Bush crap already, it's his presidency now!
Can't these libs ever let go of George Bush and take responsibility for their own actions?

JonBerg said...

B.O. said......

"Some may still deny the overwhelming judgment of science,” but the nation must respond to the threat of climate change."

I'll ask the same question that I asked yesterday. How in the World do legislate climate? Please don't give me any of that Al Gore carbon tax $#!t.

Anonymous said...

From Z:

Dave, I don't believe any president has ever spoken to another party as this one has, or belittled the part of the media which supports their viewpoints as this president has.
I don't think any of this is new, but it's apparent that Obama's brought it to an art form and a very nasty one at that.

Not insulting the other party at every turn could go a very long way toward some kind of capitulations.

And, no, I don't believe we'll ever have another GOP president, frankly. Can't happen; the Leftwing is doing far too good a job misrepresenting and Obama's done a masterful job of "If you want your elderly to die, or young people with disabilities be ignored, or immigrants treated badly,or you love dirty water, or (you pick the topic), then the Republicans are your party".
And our kids are so indoctrinated it's pretty tough to turn that around.

I do think there is a rising conservatism coming as a backlash from Obama's rhetoric; a kind of reaction to his words where really clear thinking people are seeing what he's doing, but another GOP pres? Not for a while.

One needn't dismiss, belittle and call names to be effective in fighting for an agenda. It's funny that Obama made that swipe about name calling at him when he's been a champ himself. But people aren't hearing anything negative about him...or any negative information...
neither CNN nor the networks covered Friday's GAO report that our economy's spending is absolutely "unsustainable"...that's a crime, Dave. People should know that.
They should have known that before they voted.

And Romney should have MUCH more clearly explained to AMerica the terrible road we're on now from which most experts think we'll never recover.

uptownsteve said...

Hate on Obama all you like but you righties are cutting your own throats. You just don't seem to get it that your 40 year run of race baiting, Islam hating, immigrant bashing and homophobia has come to a political end. It doesn't work anymore. And your insistence on no limits on gun ownership will be the final shovel full of sand to cover your political graves with. BTW there was another mass shooting on a Texas college campus today. What's you solution? MORE guns?

Dave Miller said...

Z... history shows that one day the GOP will rise again... the feelings you have now are essentially a mirror image of the feelings many liberals had after Reagan won in 1980 and 1984.

The feeling was that liberalism was dead, never to rise again.

And it essentially didn't until President Obama.

The GOP never thought in the 1960's and 1970's that they could ever win the House, or Senate again, and yet they did.

America needs a vibrant two party system to keep the extremes of both sides in check.

I do seem to remember President Nixon was pretty brutal against the media that did not support him, even going so far as to have an enemies list and have his VP publicly calling them names and ridiculing them... "nattering nabobs of negativism" I think he called them.

As for negativity against Obama, I try and listen and watch news across a broad spectrum... The left leaning press such as MSNBC, has been very critical of Obama when he does not act as liberally as they would like.

They have been very critical of him on issues like GITMO, transparency, immigration etc.

Huff Post, while also left leaning, has not been shy in publishing editorials and articles from liberals critical of Obama, his policies and his actions.

You can even find in the liberal press articles from people critical of Obama for his speech yesterday, calling it too political.

That type of criticism, of a sitting President by his side of the press, is not something I have seen from the conservative side while a president is in office.

For right or for wrong, the conservative press seems to hold their fire until the person leaves office, and then they unload...

BTW... look for Chris Christie in 2016... if the extreme right will accept him and if they still hold significant power.

That to me is the key to the resurgence of the GOP.

Anonymous said...

Same old collectivist crap.

I've been protecting myself from politics and I am much happier. But with yesterday's inauguration, I had a reminder of the utopia the leftist want to establish.

Any ideology that wants to create a new world usually ends up killing a bunch of other people.


Liberalmann said...

Z said...

I'm allowing Libmann's comment to stay; it's so emblematic of the leftwing small mind.
This is exactly what Obama alludes to every day...traditional values, good character, morality, encouraging self reliance instead of a big government which the GAO said Friday is unsustainable (no media covered it but O'Reilly, of course) must go.
They can't put up with people who want the America of our forefathers.
They even tell us in the middle class that we hate the middle class :-) You'd think having that pointed out to them would help something sink in!? :-)


Heh, gee thanks. And thanks for your usual vague talking points.

Marine4Ever said...

BTW uptownsteve (and I have a REAL mental image of YOU,) I don't think that two people that are injured in a CROSSFIRE exactly constitutes a 'mass shooting.' A third person injured was the shooter and a second shooter is being sought. Hopefully, the shooter was shot by someone that was carrying!

So, YEAH, I do think more guns are the answer. The people not carrying are the ones that get shot. The bad guys are ALWAYS going to be armed and 'No Guns Allowed' places are open invitations to them. You think they're gonna pull their shoot outs at a police station?

I wish that, someday, you and I could be standing together when some idiot pulls a gun on us. I'd be happy to explain to him that you're not armed. And while he's busy pumping bullets into you, I'd casually draw my weapon and put two to the chest and one to the head in him. After I called 911, I'd watch them cart BOTH your useless bodies off and then I'd go get me a Big Mac with fries.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for gun control... as long as there's only one gun in the world and I control it.

Anonymous said...

Dave, thanks for your calm, kind response. I agree with most of it... I really do.

Christie was a favorite of mine until he slobbered all over Obama during Sandy. I DO understand that he's a governor and had to do what he could for his state and he appreciated the help, but the promises of help didn't come for quite a while and he's never said "What happened? you promised...and we STILL have people with no this and no that..!"

I felt, from that, that Christie is all into it for himself. This all happened just before the election and gave a lot of people the wrong impression and he should have known that. I hope Christie goes away.

Dave, if you're a family of four and make $50K and you're in debt $200K, you don't say "let's borrow MORE" ... how does a person on the Left justify the continuance of borrowing and spending and the fact that the GAO report wasn't revealed, etc?

tHIS IS ALL SO WRONG AND SO DANGEROUS. I really believe an honest media is the only way to keep a true and vibrant democracy...and we do NOT have it anymore.

beamish said...

BTW... look for Chris Christie in 2016...

I'm hoping someone in the 2016 GOP primary debates will turn to Christie and say "Do you mind? The adults are trying to have a discussion here."

But, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul will ensure Christie never faces a serious primary challenger.

JonBerg said...

uptownsteve said.....

"your insistence on no limits on gun ownership will be the final shovel full of sand to cover your political graves with."

Would you please explain what this bit of rambling verbiage means; that is if it, in fact, means anything?

Marine4Ever said...

Anonymous -- "Christie was a favorite of mine until he slobbered all over Obama during Sandy."

Ditto that! (Except I wouldn't say he was a FAVORITE of mine.)

I had my falling out with Christie when I discovered he is a anti-second amendment gun grabber, he opposed[s] Arizona’s efforts to control illegal immigration, he refused to take a clear position on the Ground Zero Mosque and a host of other issues. Christie is sounding and acting more like a watered-down Democrat than a Republican. I don't think I could even consider him a RINO.

As you say, I just hope Christie goes away.

Anonymous said...

JonBerg..ignore it.
But first,read his comments...you believe in NO gun ownership limits?
You race bait? you hate all of islam?
this sounds like a sensible person to YOU? Worth responding to? :-)

Please ignore it...If I wasn't at work and want to comment when I can, I'd go back to not accepting Anonymous commenters; I've dealt with this unthinking idealogue for 12 years or so and he won't be here long, trust me. He's never grown, and never showed a shred of humanity in all the time I knew him.
I'll go on Moderation again soon and he'll be "poof!" .
I like differing points of view here, but people have to be thinking.
Liberalmann's just here for comic relief.
This isn't happening.
IGNORE, please.


Leticia said...

I was at work and then refused to watch any footage of it. I was hearing a lot of it on the radio and I seriously wanted to puke.

He sounded like some vile dictator and I know it just sparked a fire in me to never quit opposing him, his agenda, etc.

I will NOT submit.

uptownsteve said...

Yeah Z, I just love the "humanity" of you hard-righties. If you don't agree with it, CENSOR IT. You don't have to moderate. I'll leave on my own. You clowns are justing baying at the moon while the world passes you by.

Dave Miller said...

Z, believe it or not I 100% agree that at some point, we need to get a handle on spending. The question is how and when. If we cut back spending too much, we risk slowing the economy too much. Remember, every dollar we cut is out of the economy, at least for awhile.

Business, which is currently making record profits, is unlikely to invest for investments sake. So how does that money get replaced?

It's a hard problem to solve, proved by the unwillingness of a single politician to specify what he or she would cut.

Even Ron Paul refused to be specific. If the GOP knows what to cut, tell us. Clearly the Dems aren't going to do it.

Z said...

Dave, excellent point about money cut being money we don't get ...
I just think entitlements are far too much.

Heck, I'd be happy to just have FRAUD REALLY dug into and cut out...like welfare folks who have cell phones, flat screen TVs (I don't have one), etc.. OR getting our welfare money through ATMs at strip joints...that's not right.
I think we'd save a lot just cutting down on the fraud.

uptown, as I said, I never censor for content; I censor when I know so well that a person's worthless to talk to meaningfully or profane. I have NEVER censored because someone disagreed with me.

Oh, I also censor when commenters slam my readers. I didn't build this blog to give a platform for people like you or people who insult people who've become like friends.

byeee! :-)

Anonymous said...

Attention all of the King Obama loving Jews...

King Obama has just released F16's and 200 M1 Abrams tanks to...Egypt. The avowed enemies now of Jews and Israel under the new fascism of the Islamic mafia. And Christians flee Egypt...and the Jews? Who knows if there are any left in Egypt.

These F16's are far superior to the existing fighter jets that Israel has in it;s Air Force. Has anyone heard the POPS DWS...( just reelected to the DNC ) bemoan this very severe threat to her homeland? maybe her "homeland" is really Miami Beach...and Israel is just a thorn in her side?

There is some hope for Jews though...BiBi has told King Obama to piss off in that he knows what's good for Israel.

Who can argue when king Obama hasn't a clue how to stop the mass killings in his home of Chicago?

I see BIbi and the Jews launching what they have against these F16's as soon as they hit the ground in Egypt.

Does anyone have any illusions that King "O"....seeks the destruction of Israel now?

"American" Jews....are the true enemies of Israel....and just way too naive, ignorant and stupid to not have learned the lessons of 60 years ago. It looks like they need a helping hand into the boxcars again...via the Egyptian fascist...who'll be happy to help them.

They Say/We Say said...

The Texas College shoot out was with two guys who got into a argument. One pulled a gun, the other grabbed it and they wrestled and one was shot in the leg, and a bystander was hit (maintenance man) . The guy with the gun tucked it in his pants--ha,ha it went off and shot himself in the stomach @ 10pm news. This happens at every bar scene in the country-nothing new here moove along.

Marine4Ever said...

And whatta ya wanna bet the guy didn't have a CCL? I also know this DOESN'T happen in every bar scene in the country... not without going to jail (where you DON'T want to be) and for a very long time.

Marine4Ever said...

There's a hellava lot of truth to what you're saying.

I still have a hard time with the fact that the majority of American Jews voted, YET AGAIN, for Leroy. I once had it explained to me why the American Jews have always voted Democrat. The reasoning didn't make all that much sense to me then, and it still doesn't now. But, you'd think by now that common sense would have start kicking in for them. The Democrats have always played the American Jews as fools. It seems as if the American Jew can't get enough of it and begs for more. It's like they've got a self flagellation thing, or something.

Hopefully, after Israel has kicked the camel jocks' asses back to the 7th century (hmmm... oh... right... the Muzzies have never left the 7th century) -- okay, so after they've kicked their asses, hopefully the Israelis will tell the American Jews to stick it where the sun don't shine and don't bother trying to come back to Israel -- you're not welcomed, wanted or needed. Cast out again. This time, well deserved.

Don't mess with the Children of God -- even if you are one of the Children of God!

Z said...

Anonymous...it's so horrible to be ashamed of a president who's supposedly acting to protect THE WEST. and that includes ISREAL. Poor Israel.
I am SO glad Bibi is staying in office; and a little surprised.
I have Israeli friends who tell me that many people in Israel will do anything for peace, including voting OUT a guy who's righteously trying to protect them. He scares them because they're afraid he'll anger their enemies, as if their enemies will EVER like them?
They're silly enough to think Palestinians don't like them because of LAND, when, really,it's that they are JEWS. WHat is WITH this people?

Marine4....it's the same HERE, isn't it? Jews voted for OBAMA again! Like Catholics did, in spite of his pro abortion stance AND his birth control insurance thing!??
Jews just do NOT GET IT. Well, some don't; I know plenty of Republican Jews here in L.A. who would NEVER vote for him because of his treatment of Bibi and Israel in general.

I guess I can't blame Israelis TOO much because they all have 'safe places' in their homes with gas masks, food, etc., JUST IN CASE. It's scary to live there knowing that, any day, you could be blown up. And they don't want to provoke...but the provocation for Arabs is JEWISHNESS...nothing but JEWISHNESS; and no amount of capitulation to Arabs is going to stop that hatred.

i'm rambling..it's late and I'm sorry!

Anonymous said...

For the record, the big loser in Obama's re-election is Israel.

The American losers are small business owners, or who might he calls the middle class.

And then the Military who Obama plans to leave practically defenseless.

And you Liberal fools call this incompetent clown presidential?

I call him a ridiculous imitation of an American President.

We all knew what a fraud Obama the little dictator is, but there are still so many people out there who voted for him anyway.

By the way Z I really enjoyed your posts, thank you.

uptownsteve said...

I lied. And so did you Z. First off, Obama Israeli/Palestinian position is virtually identical to his 2 immediate predecessors. I challenge you to distinguish a difference (other than Obama is black). Second, the reason why Jews vote Democratic and support Obama is because the Democratic ideology of multiculturalism and inclusion is the direct antidote to the forces of racism and anti-Semitism that led to the Holocaust. As well as the foundation of the modern Republican party.

uptownsteve said...

I lied. And so did you Z. First off, Obama Israeli/Palestinian position is virtually identical to his 2 immediate predecessors. I challenge you to distinguish a difference (other than Obama is black). Second, the reason why Jews vote Democratic and support Obama is because the Democratic ideology of multiculturalism and inclusion is the direct antidote to the forces of racism and anti-Semitism that led to the Holocaust. As well as the foundation of the modern Republican party.

Liberalmann said...

Can winguts say anything which hasn't been fed to them by Fox News? Such obvious sheeple.

Marine4Ever said...

@ Liberalmann -- "Can winguts [sic] say anything which hasn't been fed to them by Fox News? Such obvious sheeple."

Normally, I'd just let you run your mouth, prove how stupid you really are and go on with things that really matter. On this one, however, I'd like to give you an idea of how I (and, probably, a few others) get a lot of the news.

What I do is listen to, and watch, what is better known as the 'mainstream media' -- I like to call it the Obama Media Group or (better yet) the Obama Stooge News. It's been proven time and again that the 'news' that's being fed to the masses has been more than manipulated. My little trick is to turn that fodder around opposite to what's being shoveled out. Using this method, I can be sure that I'm getting fair, balanced and accurate reporting. It hasn't failed me yet.

Sheeple? I think that describes you and the rest of the gullible, naive and feeble minded that follow Obaaahmaaa.

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