Friday, May 16, 2014

A German just left here...

...Eike is moving back to Germany from L.A.  He loves it here and hates to go back but he's with BMW, does major (really fascinating to me, since I love BMW) design work, and they want him transferring back.   He's a friend of my stepson and came in for a while before they both took off this afternoon.  He tells me he went to Moorpark College, a small JC, I believe, for some classes while at BMW.   

Eike said "I was really surprised at the way the professors hated America here.  We aren't patriotic in Germany at all, but I don't hear the kinds of things there I heard here in classes.  The younger professors really taught us not to admire anything of America.  Why?"


Why, indeed.

Hot off the press....20 minutes ago in my living room.   I feel empty.


Impertinent said...
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Impertinent said...

Tell him to take the message back that they don't want to become what we have devolved into.

Tell him that the Germans should know that we'll never stand beside them again against oppression, fascism or terrorism.

Z said...

Good point, Imp.
I wonder if he pondered that as he understood there are AMericans who doubt and/or revile our past and continually expect the worst of America.
Why WOULD we stand up for them?
Heck, we have a media which still hasn't corrected the fallacy that "German healthcare is free!" I guess it behooves the media to let Americans still think that.

Ya, this was hard for me to hear; we know this, my nephews assured me it's true at Columbia and U of San Diego, and I've heard it a LOT from other students, but this hurt. This reminded me that foreigners, too, are learning America's not too hot.
I wonder if we asked them "What country's better," what they'd answer :-)

Baysider said...

Yeah ... and all this from the crowd that wants to build little Johnny's self-esteem.

It's getting worse. For years student orientation programs on campuses have come to resemble Mao's self-criticism sessions. I heard an email read from a Cal State Northridge [dorm] resident assistant on the 'training' he had which required setting up soft sting ops on churches and businesses over homosexuality.

The 'power and privilege' claptrap that's been making rounds on campuses had elbowed its way into the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. There was a report that starting this fall this will be in its student orientation program. The School denied it, saying they already have diversity issues well-integrated into their curriculum. Whatever the name of the program, you can always identify 'em by their dog whistle of 'structural' ills and blah, blah, blah that invades their speech.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Ironically, this example illustrates my lack of admiration for America...or more correctly, American society.

Was it always this way, or did I miss the paradigm shift where educators felt compelled to offer their controversial and unsolicited political opinions to their students.

It doesn't matter if it's "pro" or "anti" American [however one personally defines those]'s inappropriate within the halls of education.

This also illustrates why as long as I will be paying tuition for my daughters, I will have the final say in what university they attend. Harvard is not on the list, for the reason Baysider pointed out.

Z said...

I never knew the politics of my teachers, even in college. It wasn't done.
At the school I'm associated with, what grieved me was their AP American History book, mostly because there's really no choice; AP is national and AP texts are what they need. I hear there are a few AP books but I'm sure the "hate America" revisionism is in them all.

I need to ask Mustang about that; he knows a LOT on that subject.

Where I am, we teach "how to THINK" not "WHAT to THINK". Socratic seminars are in every classroom; kids learn to think things over, with historical context, etc etc. It's a joy to watch.
And, I fear, rare.

CI, from what I remember in the past, you've been doubtful about this situation of indoctrination; Harvard's only one of hundreds. That's just the sad truth.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - I am only doubtful of the scale. I know for a fact that there are professors and teachers who desire to impart their political opinion on malleable minds.

This does not only occur on one side of the spectrum [I have a 10th grade History teacher and American Government Prof who prove this for me].....and while this occurring on the left almost certainly outweighs it's prevalence on the right.....due to some pretty institutionalized paradigms.....the scale of such is statistically certain to be exaggerated when using subjective analysis.

Duckys here said...

I just find it odd that a design student at a junior college was exposed to all kinds of blatant anti-Americanism.
Doesn't pass the smell test.

Probably what we have here is some course work which doesn't celebrate America as the greatest of nations and is therefore anti-American.

The far right indoctrination is just as crippling as he far left.

Baysider said...

California is a HUGE driver of those texts, like your AP history book. Everyone should be concerned about the 'inclusionary' rules California mandates 'cos that means it's comin' to your state, too.

Duckys here said...

Can you give an example?

Do they include really rude stuff like not calling the Civil War the War of Northern Aggression or no bending over for the neo-Confederates and doing something like claiming slavery was a major cause of the war.

Or do they just acknowledge that the left has been a positive force in the formation of the nation?

Ed Bonderenka said...

This discussion reminds me of the movie "God's not Dead" which I've seen no one blog about (including myself).
The premise being that a professor attempts to shove his personal beliefs down the throats of his students, and is furious when one resists.

Duckys here said...

It's a movie, Ed. Why to you assume it's a representation of fact?

I doubt any reputable philosophy department would tenure a professor who demanded students believe God is dead.

Ed Bonderenka said...

There are many aspects of the movie that stretch credibility Duck, but many students have had their faith ridiculed by faculty, undeniable.
I just said that the topic reminds me of the movie, not that it is a factual representation of a real life event.

Baysider said...

What's interesting about your German friend's comments is that he dropped into this situation as a blank slate. Not coming through our system he didn't have his sensibilities dulled to the point where he couldn't recognize the obvious bias. Amazing what a fresh perspective does.

Imagine if he'd been in Brent Terry's class in E. Connecticut State U: "racist, misogynist, money-grubbing people who have so much power over the rest of us and want things to go back to 1855. There are a lot of people out there that do not want black people to vote (or latinos, or old people or young people)." He went on to say it's possible the Republicans will take over the Senate and we will live in "a very, very, very different country if that happens. Colleges will start closing up if these people have their way." Hah! We could only hope it would be all that different. I'm not holding my breath.

Wwhat do you think Mr. Terry teaches? Political 'science ... history ... what?

Creative writing.

Baysider said...

Let's not forget about the Rialto school district (So Cal) with this Common Core writing assignment:
“whether or not you believe [the Holocaust] was an actual event in history, or merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain wealth.” They gave links to groups with spurious opinions for the 'research.'

Charles Murray and Ayan Hirsi Ali 'uninvited' as commencement speakers. And this in a culture that invites Democrats 2:1 over Republicans, making that minority even smaller.

A University of Wisconsin student recorded a scurrilous anti-Republican rant. "The context of 2010 was white rage … white people having to pay for health care for blacks and browns and gays, racism with the first black president....anti-progress, anti-humanist movement." Etc. Interlaced with profanity. The school responded by banning future videos.

California schools now must have textbooks and instructional materials that positively promote "lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans" as "role" models. Yeah, role models for what they do in the bedroom. And THIS by the crowd that used to squawk like a plucked chicken about knowing what people did in the bedroom. To be silent on the subject is now considered ‘discriminatory bias’ instead of just good manners.

While it’s not textbooks, in California boys can use girls’ restrooms and showers if they ‘feel’ like at girl that day. God created orderliness. We are creating confusion. Soon Heather will have 3 Mommies.

In light of these examples, North Dakota State U's 'weapons' policy forcing the fencing club off-campus seems like comic relief.

Z said...

CI, I disagree with you on some subjects and I don't always appreciate some of your methods, but to even suggest that any rightwing indoctrination comes close to the leftwing is really surprising...
Why not let us know how many universities have uninvited leftwing speakers.

Anyway, I know better than to discuss some of these things with you. Let's put it this way; I know from too much real input that you're probably incorrect. But I hope to hell you're right.

Baysider, yes, Terry is QUITE something, isn't he. I did hear about that. Matter of fact, maybe HE wrote the AP American history book: :)
And yes, my German acquaintance's "blank slate" is why I found it important to blog here. Someone came not expecting anything, just to take a class, and he looked stunned even today, months after those experiences.

Ed, that's a film based on the kinds of information my German talks about; it's not a one-off thing so it spawned this movie; a kind of fictional example taken from many examples.

Ducky, I'm sorry. Do you lie a lot? I'm always curious because I've come to learn that only people who do lie expect liars.
Did I make up this German? Did he come with preconceived notions? You feel a JC doesn't have profs that indoctrinate because...why? Only higher levels of learning? REALLY!? :-)

your comment, no offense, actually did make me laugh out loud. My gosh, what a mind.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"California is a HUGE driver of those texts, like your AP history book. Everyone should be concerned about the 'inclusionary' rules California mandates 'cos that means it's comin' to your state, too."

I concur. But likewise, we should be cautious of recent moves in the content of textbooks coming from the Texas based producers. Our school texts should not become an ideological battleground for either side of the spectrum.

Duckys here said...

Well, z, a few specifics would be of interest.

"Anti American" is a relative term.

Z said...

Baysider; it's a terrible confusion we're creating in our children. IMagine when little girls have to worry about little boys in the girl's room (or whatever they now call it). Because NOW Tommy is TAMMY :)
Maybe I was sexually stunted, but what did I KNOW when I was seven? I was ME.
Imagine when small children are taught America's been racist since its inception...
Wait till high school then maybe throw in the truths about what color the slave traders were and how bad slavery was around the world... you see my point, baysider; at least you will, if nobody else.

I'm devastated for what we're doing to our children at such early ages.
I just wrote and wrote here and deleted it; what is the point?

Z said...

Ducky, believe what you want.
I'm sorry; I don't really care.
But , if I see this fellow again, I'll have him send you his notes, okay?

Z said...

Baysider, I just saw Barbara Walters look straight into O'Reilly's eyes and say she doesn't think anybody watching THE VIEW has every known her politics; that she's never swayed to the left.
Honestly, you can't make this stuff UP! :-)
I have probably watched the view 30 times over the years and I believe she voiced liberal leanings on every subject I can think of.
pro abortion, pro Obama... etc. etc.
I loved this one!

Baysider said...

As for community colleges being immune to this, when I was entering college in the 70's it was WELL KNOWN that the 2 local community colleges were rabidly 'liberal' (that would be Riverside and Chaffey, for locals). I knew a recent high school grad who reported what went on at one, and an adult who went to the other.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Z: Their ideology is like an accent, they don't know they have one.

Baysider said...

Well said, Ed!!

Z said...

Ed, well said.

Ed, Baysider, Bob, Imp (and CC, I KNOW you're there :-)).... you will not believe this.
I'm treating myself to some Rachel Maddow right now (I like to hear and giggle!)...she ACTUALLY said this:

"The Attorney General 'serves at the pleasure of the governor in New Jersey' (Z: OK, four other states' AGs are picked by the governor but...she's trying to screw Christie here)...she continues "the AG won't prosecute things because he doesn't want to go against Christie.. Imagine an AG's lack of discretion in favor of his boss?" (better said than that, but I wasn't taking notes!)

Ya; does she even SEE the IRONY about her heroes Obama and Holder? DOES SHE?
Or, does she, in fact, just speak a totally different language which actually allows for this astonishing bias?

Ya, CHRISTIE's GUY won't prosecute HIM! IMAGINE? (you can't make this UP!)

Kid said...

Yea, What IMP said - May 16, 2014 at 2:28 PM

And for You... Treat Yourself To something Good for days or weeks! But not months.

Baysider said...

How can you watch Maddow at dinner time? Didn't your mother teach you to have calm at a meal so you can digest your food? :-)

Z said...

Baysider, a masochist side to me shows up! OOps :-)

Law and Order Teacher said...

Hi. I've taught AP U.S. History for the last eight years. At the end of this month I'm going to grade the essays that were written by the students taking the AP test. This is my sixth year grading essays. I'm very familiar with the AP curriculum.

I used a textbook that is fairly middle of the road, but it certainly has its moments. To its credit, it doesn't glorify FDR and his New Deal. It's a fact that the New Deal didn't end the Great Depression. What it did was make people feel good while running up a huge debt.

The unemployment rate was lowered somewhat, but the economy dove into another recession in 1937 after which the New Deal ended in 1938. Two of the main programs, the NRA and the AAA were declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court as they were an overreach by the Federal Government. The litany is long in that regard. I bring this up as prove that progressivism is a failure.

The Second World War was the stimulus that ended the Great Depression. Certainly, I'm not advocating a war, but government control of the economy has repeatedly failed. Nixon found that out. I teach facts in my classes and they stand up to all scrutiny. There is no need for embellishment when you're dealing in facts.

An agenda is just that, an agenda. The facts speak for themselves. High school students are very capable of critical thinking when you allow them to analyze the facts.

The problem is that they aren't given the facts very often. Teachers who teach ideology are a disgrace to the profession.

Take care.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Should be "proof." Sorry.

Duckys here said...

Well, Law and order Teacher, FDR stymied himself by trying to balance the budget and rejecting Keynesian economics.

The only country to bring itself out of the depression without going to a war time economy was Sweden which practiced Keynesian policy.

"I bring this up as prove that progressivism is a failure."

Nice to see that the kids don't have a biased instructor.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Well, it's nice to know that the kids don't have a biased instructor. Well, it's nice you are wedded to Keynesian principles, but running large debts by spending your way out of depression/recession is not the answer. Debts matter, in our personal life and in government.

As for Sweden, please. Those who compare Sweden with the U.S. are not serious. Please don't ever compare progressivism with classical liberalism. Progressivism, with its penchant for government control of the economy is a failure and always has been. Classical liberalism has succeeded throughout history.

Oh, right, Western Civilization.

Z said...

Law and Order..COME BACK :-)
SO good to have you here when you can make it.

Ya, the book I saw blathered on about how the Pilgrims REALLY came here for GOLD :-)\
I kept thinking "you've got the wrong year and the wrong COAST, folks"

Roanoke Colony was "swallowed up by the wilderness" when 90% of the hypotheses say they were taken over by INDIANS (GASP! Never say INDIAN :-)

Ya, it's quite something.
And yes, many economists feel FDR prolonged the Great Depression, but GOD FORBID you say that because it's not what the leftwingers want way.

Thank you for offering another way of looking at things; that really IS a show of NON bias. I appreciate you; always have.

Z said...

Law and Order, also, thanks so much for speaking clearly and speaking knowledgably....
the left tries so hard to overcome by strawmen and red herrings and it's always SO GOOD to have people who REALLY know what they're talking about here.
'I'm good on many subjects, but certainly not say the least, so thanks very much.
you educate, set people right...and we can only hope they, at least, consider your points.
That's all the right asks; think of two ways of looking at things; it's the American way. It informs, clarifies, educates....helps one make better decisions.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thanks for the invite. Pilgrims and gold? You're right. Roanoke, "swallowed up by the wilderness?" What exactly, does that mean?

Some "historians" are bankrupt in knowledge. They are trapped in their offices and in the dark they come up with crazy theories. I read with some of them during AP grading. Some of them lack an understanding of the breadth of American history and are stuck in their small area of "expertise."

It's interesting to have them ask about incidents in history that I consider basic knowledge. After all, I'm just a high school teacher. That's the fallacy of college and the pursuit of greater knowledge. Agendas destroy education.

I always monitor your blog and enjoy reading it. I'm around.

Baysider said...

It's true, that if you read the Democratic platform for 1932 it looks like some good stuff. Problem is that's what FDR SAID. What he DID was, well, spend money like a Democrat. He dumped that platform fast and did the opposite.

Yes, the balanced budget rhetoric lingered for awhile because he thought it was good for confidence. But the actions were spend and control (you couldn't even grow food for your own animals on your own farm or choose which chicken you wanted to buy from the butcher). Progressivism indeed! Starting his FIRST YEAR IN OFFICE his GOAL was a $7B deficit - a wildly profligate number in the day.

Indeed, his own treasury secretary testified that after 8 years "we have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. After eight years of this administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started...and an enormous debt to boot!"

Sounds more like a Keynesian from the start to me. And the result you'd expect from such foolishness.

I depart from conventional wisdom about the war ending the depression. Yes, there was definitely a lift. War stimulated work. Federal revenues soared. But the DJIA stagnated. People worried it would be short-lived if/when we went back to failed policies of the 30's.

Congress pushed back on New Deal legislation and brought about 'structural' changes (there ya go - a good non-Marxist use of that word) that un-hamstrung the economy and set the stage for a post-war boom to flower.

Baysider said...

Z, you'll find it interesting that the Jamestown crowd DID come here for gold. They told backers in England they were coming to convert the Indians. But they took more metal assayers than preachers. More single men than families. Interesting how they FAILED MISERABLY and would have gone under had the leader not invited a group WHO WORKED - a little Polish industry he learned about when he was a prisoner of the Ottomans along with a Pole who became a friend.

By contrast the Pilgrims bought industry, faith, families an an attitude of peaceful thriftiness and toil.

Z said...

Law and Order. You are a treasure. Thanks so much for chiming in so intelligently and with such experience.
Some people here don't quite understand empirical knowledge, experience, years of JUST PLAIN KNOWING. Got to put it down if it doesn't live up to their agenda; that's so bad for real free thinking. I'm glad you're here.

Baysider, it's difficult to consider any group going that far not hoping to become wealthier in some way. But the book clearly says "the Pilgrims" and they did NOT come here even closely primarily for gold.

By the way, speaking of Democrats, I am going to vote for Bobby Shriver, believe it or not. Jean S (I don't want to put her whole name here, but I think you know who that is.. Laurie's mother?)...she is a leftwinger and a friend of Shriver's and she says he's too 'right' for her. Very fiscally RIGHT...his platform is JOBS, etc.
Seriously...imagine me even considering to work at his headquarters? He's running for supervisor of District 3.

Baysider said...

Yeah. Know Jean well. We're going to get a Shriver sign for our yard. The other option is just to hideous to think of.

Well, the Jamestown guys were a classic case of get-rich-quickers. Took the easy road whenever possible. Picked terrible settlement site closer to the swamp and disease. Were described by one observer as men "more likely to tear down an empire than build one up." Freeloaders that finally got the 'if you don't work you don't eat' edict.

Spain suffered same fate. Took all the gold and silver out of the new world. Felt rich and lucky. Drove up inflation in Europe with it, too. But never developed the internal industry and skills to put capital to work creating wealth. Even the Armada that sailed against England hardly had a thing in it that was made in Spain. The Saudis could learn from this.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Freeloaders that finally got the 'if you don't work you don't eat' edict."

Jamestown is an interesting study. What are often thought of as hardy adventurers, were by and large, fortune seekers and 'gentlemen' of the day. Hardly the crew one might want to establish a colony, with your case in point, the selection of the location. I was saddened to hear not long back, of the forensic evidence of cannibalism.

Z said...

Well, Baysider, for you and me to both be voting for a Shriver is QUITE an occasion, don't you think? QUITE an occasion!
I'm voting for a member of the Kennedy clan; TIE ME DOWN!! :-)

Ed Bonderenka said...

Thumbs up to Baysider and LAOTeacher for the insight.