Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Can ANY party survive this? Ever? Can our country?

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican strategy for the fall elections seemed set: hammer Democrats on the health care law and "jobs, jobs, jobs."

As Democrats show increasing confidence on those fronts, however, House Republicans are gambling that ramping up new inquiries into old controversies involving the Internal Revenue Service and Libya will energize conservative voters without turning off moderates.


FILE - This May 8, 2014, file photo shows House Speaker …Over Democrats' heated objections, House Republicans voted this month to hold an IRS official in contempt for refusing to testify. They also launched a new investigation into the September 2012 terrorist attack on a diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya, which killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans.
Democrats say the moves reek of political opportunism and desperation.
Criticizing the president's health care law "has run its course," said House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, and Republicans "have to find something else to talk about." She called the new Benghazi inquiry a "political stunt." (Z:  Nancy, just wait till people start getting sick, then let's see how criticism has 'run its course')

Republicans say their actions are serious and justified, even if they also might be good politics. (Z: Oops...did the Republicans say that or the author added that second half? :-)
House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said the select committee on Benghazi will not be partisan or involve political "sideshows." But he declined to tell Republicans to stop using the Benghazi tragedy to raise campaign money.  (Z:  Have Democrats ever had to tell people to stop 'using' any story that would promote their success?)
Republicans acknowledge the hearings could backfire if their select committee members appear overly zealous.
"There's a real burden on us," said Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla. "We need to not overreach" and simply "figure out what the truth is." He predicted the select committee chairman, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., will "lean over backward to be fair."

Democrats spend little time defending the Obama administration's role in Benghazi or the IRS' actions in scrutinizing conservative groups that sought tax-exempt status. Instead, they cite the multiple hearings and inquiries already conducted into the matters, which were fading from national headlines except on outlets such as Fox News.  (Z:  Finally, some truth.  Yes, looks like the Democrats are using this politically even more than the Republicans.  They don't want these stories scrutinized and they'll blame Republicans for looking into them.  unreal)

An inspector general's report blamed poor management in an IRS office that gave special scrutiny to conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. But it found no evidence of political conspiracy.  (Z: Oops!  Someone hasn't read all the IRS emails, has he).

The division's director, Lois Lerner, infuriated Republicans a year ago by proclaiming her innocence at a House Oversight Committee hearing and then declining to answer questions, citing her constitutional right against self-incrimination. In a mostly party-line vote, the House voted May 7 to hold Lerner in contempt. It wants a U.S. attorney to take steps to force her to testify. (Z: Yes, testify and show America the Republicans are WRONG. GO ahead, Ms Lerner; why not?)

As for Benghazi, at least half a dozen inquiries have probed the terrorist assault of Sept. 11, 2012, generating more than 25,000 pages of documents. Main questions include: Did the Obama administration do enough to get military relief to those under attack? And did it try to mislead Americans about the attack's origins to protect President Barack Obama's record on terrorism with two months left in his re-election campaign?
Opinions mostly fall along partisan lines, although some Republicans express more outrage than others. House Armed Services Chairman Howard "Buck" McKeon, R-Calif., said the military did what it reasonably could.  (Z:  WRONG.  Most polls say Americans feel Obama and Hillary are lying about this.)

The attack's origins were murky at first. At the time, Egyptians were rioting over an amateur American-made video mocking Islam's prophet Mohammad.
Then-U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice cited Islamic outrage over the video when she appeared on talk shows the Sunday after the Benghazi attack. Administration officials later said the assault was a calculated terrorist action, not a direct response to the video.
House Republicans have seized on a recently divulged White House "talking points" memo written to help Rice prepare for her TV appearances. The memo said one goal was "to underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video and not a broader failure of policy" by the administration.
Republicans say the White House deliberately hid the memo from investigators.   (Z:  Well, they didn't present the email, soo...  by the way, what about those "talking points" and their motivation?  It was pretty clear.)
Many Democrats say congressional Republicans want to injure Hillary Rodham Clinton, a possible 2016 presidential candidate, who was secretary of state during the Benghazi tragedy.

Several GOP political strategists said revived inquiries into Benghazi and the IRS will probably do their party more good than harm, provided their lawmakers appear more professional than partisan.
Undecided voters might not get excited about GOP accusations regarding the IRS and Benghazi, said Dan Schnur, a former Republican consultant who teaches political science at the University of Southern California. But given the administration's questionable behavior in both areas, he said, "They certainly don't line up on the other side."
GOP strategist Terry Holt agrees. The Benghazi assault, he said, was "the phone call Hillary Clinton warned us about in 2008 when she was running against Obama. They both blew it."
Democrats are banking on public revulsion.
"To make use politically and financially of the tragedy of the loss of four great Americans is beneath contempt," said Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y.  (END OF ARTICLE)   (Z: and, you know, Ms Slaughter?    Protecting your White House is REALLY "beneath contempt" at the cost of four Americans.)

SO, you see, America.  NOTHING the Republicans can do OR SAY is legitimate, according to the Democrats/this author.  Get it?   NOTHING.  

How does this country survive with the misinformation and mischaracterizations in this article and others?   We know by now about Ben Rhodes' delayed emails which finally came out and need review!  We know Lois Lerner isn't the only one involved in emails that finally were forced to come out!   We know CBS's News Department, which I believe hasn't mentioned Benghazi in the last many months and never ran the Ben Rhodes emails!, is run by Ben Rhodes' brother.  ABC and CNN have White House connections that are startling, too.    How about this author mentioning that?

How DO we get to the bottom of situations like those above, which NEED getting to the bottom of since, in the time since earlier hearings, more evidence has shown up?   Just bow to the Democrats and go away?

WOW.   What can we do about articles like this?   This piece wasn't in a liberal rag that runs all this kind of stuff, it's a Yahoo HEADLINE.    And the author has the NERVE to mention FOX above!?  REALLY?



Always On Watch said...

Yes, looks like the Democrats are using this politically even more than the Republicans. They don't want these stories scrutinized and they'll blame Republicans for looking into them. unreal...

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

I see another problem as well, and that problem involves the inability of Obama/Dem supporters to act rationally upon evidence even if it's presented to them and shocks them for the moment. For example, in late November 2008, I pointed out to my neighbor some details about Obama from some of my blog archives. The one about redistributing wealth shocked and infuriated my neighbor to the core; my neighbor is quite wealthy. Yet, this same neighbor again voted for Obama in 2012.

Always On Watch said...

BTW, this neighbor is in his mid-70's.

Rottweiler said...

I have to ask you liberals on these boards and on "those " progressive boards, to you listen to your fellow "comrades" do you listen to these radical, unhinged positions of your fellow liberals? Do you really believe their position on what really happened at Benghazi? and do you really believe that dribble?

I'm sorry that the facts disturb you. I really am. But it doesn't change them from being the facts. And going on those progressive boards and mimicking the comments that you read here only adds to the fact that you are off kilter. It's not funny, not at all. I tried to listen to it. The dude that takes our comments and makes that mish-mach out of it really thinks that he's cute!

Even Bill Clinton let the truth out of the bag. He says Hillary recovered from her brain issues in 6 months while the State Department lied and stated that it only took 1 month. Why would the State Department lie about something like that? (Unless they have something to hide -- of course). Bill Clinton also said she was in perfect health. This is the only president to be impeached for lying. So why would anyone believe him? OR HER?

Jarhead said...

Well, just as I figured, I see the Gun Control Freaks are coming out of the woodwork. Every time another tragedy occurs in America, it’s very predictable, these ludicrous lefties will start another one of their crusades with their Progressive gibberish and Bull-Shit..Every time there's a shooting, liberals run around saying this proves we need more gun laws. How many times have we asked these libaturds, how exactly you are going to keep guns out of the hands of criminals no matter how many gun laws you impose? Gun Control Laws only keep responsible and law abiding citizens from owning them... Criminals and Mental Cases don’t stop killing, and stealing just because the “Law” tells them not to. And these mindless little clowns of course know damn well these laws don't work! Once again, we see that In order to be a liberal you either have to be a complete blithering idiot, or a criminally insane authoritarian sociopath.
Just in case you dimwits didn’t know it, California has one of the strictest gun laws in the USA... yet it happened 3 were killed by knife and 4 by gun, so why not ban Knives as well? The level of stupidity of these Liberals is amazing.

First of all, the parents KNEW their nutjob wild animal son was mentally ill, and yet they didn't do anything about it. Then they blame everyone else including Guns but not the parents who let this narcissistic, dangerous little women hating monster run wild in the streets. And now they blame the gun, so that way, no one else is held accountable. Actually there were 4 people died by the gun, the other 3 died by a knife. NO gun law could have stopped this from happening.

Annie of Watertown said...

Yes, I to have notice several bloggers have opined that an armed citizenry faced with a situation like this would result in a gun control frenzy . Of course, no such scenario would have stopped this from happening. The parents had a 22 year old son who had a mental health issue and did nothing to help him, and now we have this latest tragedy and 6 or 7 people with dead children have to deal with it instead. I blame the parents for enabling this. Mental illness was the cause, not guns, or the lack of gun control.

Mustang said...

In pursuing the so-called phony scandals, is the GOP motivated by party politics, or do they think that these investigations are warranted as in the best interests of the American people? The question is one involving integrity and confidence. Can we trust our government, or can we trust either party to do the right thing? Confidence eludes us when both political parties are overpopulated with swindlers and all that is subsequently left to us is partisan politics. Believing one over the other demands an amazing amount of absurdity.

Personally, I’m automatically circumspect about people such as Charles Babington (Degree in Islamic History) who, more than pretending to be a journalist appears to have a political agenda of his own. What does irritate me is that beyond the Speaker sitting in his office crying like a baby, the GOP doesn’t appear to have a very sophisticated apparatus for refuting Babington’s claims

Impertinent said...


"It wants a U.S. attorney to take steps to force her to testify"

It falls to the Obama / Holder appointee of the DC district alone. He too is Black and a political appointment...so that doesn't look like a criminal indictment presented to a DC grand jury will ever happen. Not if this guy wants to keep his job, does it?

A shame that he'll sacrifice his integrity to continue with the coverup. Lerner belongs in jail. And Holder was also hit with a contempt of Congress. Guess what?

Ducky's here said...

This is strictly kabuki for the far right.

Yes, it might get them stirred up and increase turnout at a time when center and center/left turnout is likely to be low.

Te danger is that moderates get steamed about this colossal waste of time and take it as an insight into the scope of right wing "ideas".

Impertinent said...

"The parents had a 22 year old son who had a mental health issue.."

Adam Lanza redux...when will and where will the next one occur? Cause it will.
BTW, Rogers parents were big deal libs in the right circles too. And daddy also made a good living photographing women's derrières. So I wonder why the kid was a virgin? And a misogynist. One would think a dutiful dad would have hooked him up with a willing model?

Impertinent said...


"kabuki"..so you think it's all entertainment? For whom? The 4 families? Or the administration?

I'd think they'd want the facts to surface to make it clear that the committee is wrong. That's all they have to do. Answer the questions truthfully....and disclose all the communications without redaction.

Z said...

Mustang...Babington(the author who wrote this for Yahoo, and who I forgot to 'credit') clearly has an agenda; That's the reason I posted this. THE AGENDA.

And I don't think that finding out the IRS is illegally attacking Conservatives is "party politics," ...that's my other point; that the Left is so desperately trying to show that, when most Americans aren't too happy about any hint that the IRS is being biased.

Rottweiler; Sorry, I had to delete you. I don't get into blog wars that some are trying to get GeeeeZ dragged into. Sorry :-)

Jarhead and Annie; While, clearly, not enough was done, how does ANYBODY know what's going on in somebody's head? Their kid was seeing a psychiatrist, the parents frequently called up to Santa Barbara for help and were dashing up to S.B. the minute they saw the Facebook entry. I'm not sure I'd say they did nothing. And I can't imagine the guilt and grief they're feeling now.
Amazingly, I just found out that a friend's cousin was one of the girls who was grazed but will make it...that was pretty shocking; to have it happen to people I know.

Imp; you wonder why the kid was a VIRGIN? You'd want his dad to get a girl for him for sex??

Sam Huntington said...

Ducky makes me laugh. Kabuki theater? Ha! He’s a broken record. You’d think that George Soros’ butt boy could come up with something better than “Kabuki theater.”

Impertinent said...


"Imp; you wonder why the kid was a VIRGIN? You'd want his dad to get a girl for him for sex??"

Yea..he was 22 and a very privileged "kid".

It wouldn't be the first time a father introduced his son to the world, would it? However, since his father was around pretty women all the time...getting his "kid" a date as a favor from one of his clients wouldn't have been scandalous.

Maybe when the "kid" was 17 or 18 and had some healthy interaction with women...6 people might be alive? Apparently his therapist knew of his condition too? Why didn't the Doc alert the authorities? HIPPA maybe? Doctor patient privilege?

That's why those with mental illnesses will still be able to legally get guns. Or knives for that matter.

Z said...

I think we can rest assured that since this kid wasn't ugly, he had something in him that repelled girls....now we can see that, can't we.
I'm pretty sure a stint with a paid girl for sex wouldn't have done this kid one bit of good...particularly if he didn't know she'd been paid and wouldn't want to see him again.

Sam..."kabuki" is pretty much what this article's about. if it was kabuki, we'd have the facts on all the 'scandals'.
I'm thinking that if they hadn't been referred to as scandals, that might have helped Americans realize what's up,too. It's kind of a good word for the left to pounce on, it kind of implies it's BS.
Would that they were BS.

Impertinent said...


"I think we can rest assured that since this kid wasn't ugly.."

Outside, yea. Inside..

He had plenty of spending cash, a chick magnet car, a rich, generous Dad …. and he couldn’t get a girl in Isla Vista in 2014?

He must have been one incredibly revolting poisonous little toad with serious impulse control issues ….. and that pretty much explains everything.

If he hadn’t had a rich Daddy, he wouldn’t have had $5000 in weapons. He probably would have already been in prison, right where he belonged. There was not enough stress on this worm, so his colors had not been shown to society earlier, when the damage would likely have been much less.

Ducky's here said...

Here's what I'd do, Imp.

First, continue to ignore the crowd that seems upset about us not using enough military force and killing more Muslims, Russians or whomever.

Then I'd take a look at what has happened in foreign affairs.

Heard from the Somali pirates lately(or "the little brown Somali pirates" as z called them)?

In spite of action against separatists in the East, Russia hasn't tried to intervene.

Russia has agreed to accept the elections and there is likely to be no more nonsense about Ukraine joining NATO. They may develop economic ties with the EU but with the Chinese energy agreement Russia isn't as concerned.

The nationalists barely registered in the elections and finished further down than a Jewish candidate so that crap seems to be dead and dying.

Along with the rapprochement in Iran he has some successes.

If he pulls one off against Boko Haram the Teabags will have to dial the Benghazi hearings up to 12.

You underestimate the families of the dead when you assume they can't recognize kabuki.

The MB is being exterminated in Egypt and elsewhere. We are backing the general in Libya against fundamentalists.
Of course people will still be in a vice between two oppressors but when we think of the war economy it's unfortunate collateral damage.

Diak it up to 13 and throw in some IRS for seasoning. Show the moderates that you're impotent.

Unknown said...

Ducky please do us all a favor and STFU

Ducky's here said...

Ad hominem. It's all Sam has.

Ducky's here said...

Meanwhile in Libya, forces loyal to a pro West strong man have stormed parliament and declared the assembly dissolved. Must be a regular Oliver Cromwell, I don't understand why the right doesn't get behind this instead of calling for some hearings.

But Fox Snooze isn't talking about it so the right can't acknowledge the situation exists.

And the Great Game continues.

Z said...

Ducky, you're beyond loathsome and it's almost becoming amusing.... you say "Heard from the Somali pirates lately(or "the little brown Somali pirates" as z called them)?"

First, IF I said that, I know what the context was: "little brown Somali pirates" are BEATING OUR AMERICAN NAVY. That bugged a LOT of Americans, did that bother YOU?
By the way..they are little and they are brown. Why's that bother you? Odd, isn't it.
You reveal yourself.

Please alert your media: it's so nice to hear Russia's no threat to anybody, that Iran's easing off building nukes, and Boko Haram's hostages are said today to have been found by the Nigerian army (not us)....are you suggesting that Obama will score points if he "pulls one off" against the captors?
Like HOW, Ducky? Killing them?

And, could you tell us who wants to "kill Muslims and Russians or whomever?"
You mean INNOCENT Muslims? Tell us who'd like to do that, Ducky.
And who's ever considered killing Russians or "whomever"?

now "DUCK AND HIDE" as your name apparently implies.

Ya, I was surprised Sam didn't say more but, frankly, we're ALL a bit tired of your same ol', same ol's....WE GET IT BY NOW, DUCKY:
All Republicans are evil murderers who love guns and want to "kill muslims and Russians and WHOMEVER"
All Republicans want to kill the sick and not help the Poor
All Republicans are racists
All Republicans hate women
All Republicans are stupid
All Republicans want zero government
All Corporations are bad
The Rich are bad (though you crow about how wealthy you are quite often..tsk tsk tsk) and only Republicans are rich :-)

Man, anybody who's ever read GeeeZ could fill the blanks in "the Republican according to DUCKY".

Sam...why must he bother anymore?

Z said...

Ducky, why wouldn't you think Democrats would support a "pro West" 'strong man'? Not PRO WEST yourself?

It's your 'game', Ducky...we think this is all pretty serious.

Always On Watch said...

Worth reading carefully: Elliot Rodger's Previous Attacks on Women, Couples.

Brief excerpt therefrom:

Elliot Rodger's rage-filled manifesto documents his growing fury with the world and his initial attacks on women and couples that he envied. One of those attacks occurred on his 22nd birthday [July 20, 2013].


Rodger said he grew jealous watching “a group of popular college kids” at a park. He felt insulted. He wanted to ruin their fun....

It seems that he often targeted happy people so as to ruin their fun. What the hell?

Impertinent said...


"It seems that he often targeted happy people so as to ruin their fun. What the hell?"

Like I said...he was a libby loon of libby LA, Hollwweird barking moon beamers with a butt chasing parent. Libs are never happy...they show up here all the time with "manifesto's.

They thought they'd keep him happy by giving him 5K to buy the guns he killed with and a BMW he tried to use as a weapon too. Adam Lanza II.

Always On Watch said...


Ducky's here said...

Well Imp, the parents were sufficiently concerned to call the police who knew that mental health professionals were concerned.

They knew he had registered handguns also.

So what happens? They send a couple of cops who because of their fantastic training and fantastic political orientation decide they know best and let it skate.

My guess is that Fox Snooze isn't interested in any kind of dialog concerning when a gun owner becomes a menace.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

So Ducky...tell us the political orientation of the police in this event?

Ducky's here said...

Err on the side of having him retain the firearms despite the concerns.

Just go through the motions.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

I thought you said 'political orientation'?

Z said...

CI, good question.

Ducky....what political orientation are you suggesting?

And FOX very often talks about exactly what you describe.

And it's Fox NEWS and you'll be deleted next time for your constant stupid insults.
Thanks! (try to remember)

Kid said...

IMP, Z. On the OT.. Think Nurse Rachett, Jack Nicholson and the young shy kid inexcusably committed to a mental institution in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. In that case the young man just needed a women's touch to push him into the confidence zone and Jack hooked him up.

In this case who knows. Could very well be a case of drugs, hollyweird lifestyles and genuine severe mental problems.

As far as the politics I have nothing worthwhile to say. I'm just wondering when we start electing horses to the Senate as they did in Rome. We have some in the House so it shouldn't be too long.

Kid said...

Let's take a poll on how much longer it takes duck to absorb an electron of common sense.

Put me down for Never in a million years - for 10 grand Alex. ;-)

Ducky's here said...

@CI -- I thought you said 'political orientation'?
A laissez-faire attitude to gun control constitutes a political position.

Sam Huntington said...

@ Kid

I think you guys misjudge Ducky; he’s every bit as stupid as he seems.

Impertinent said...


"A laissez-faire attitude to gun control constitutes a political position."

You're kidding right? 20,000 laws on the books already...CA with the most stringent, anti constitution ( except for the swells ) laws on the books...along with NJ,NY, CT, RI and DE....hate the constitution. All the laws....are meant for only one class of people. The rest don't give a shit.

Kid said...

Sam, Dats What Um Sayin, know whad Um Sayin !

Liberalmann said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Constitutional Insurgent said...

Ducky - "A laissez-faire attitude to gun control constitutes a political position."

You're projecting a baseless assertion onto people you don't know and haven't heard from....and confusing it with a political orientation.

Z said...

Ducky, no it doesn't.

Law and Order Teacher said...

As usual Ducky is able to slime a lot of different groups as he seeks to make points. I'll speak up for the police. In my 30 years in law enforcement I don't remember officers I worked with using some supposed political agenda to make enforcement decisions.

We are restricted by department regulations, local and state laws and the Constitution. We worked within that framework in making enforcement decisions. Heck, I even enforced "hate crime" laws despite the fact that they are an unconstitutional infringement on first amendment rights as they criminalize thought.

I've made many arrests for weapons violations such as possession of a weapon under disability. Most often these are for felons possessing weapons. When a police officer is involved in a situation with a person who exhibits signs of mental illness, he has to tread very lightly.

Adults have freedom of movement and no officer wants to risk a lawsuit. Why is up to the police in so many situations, to deal with these people? Probably, because everyone else has failed. Therapists, on many occasions, have raised the alarm about a person and it's been ignored. By the family, by social welfare agencies, acquaintances, and other medical professionals. So the situation tumbles down the hill and drops in the lap of the police.

As much as I would have liked to arrest everyone who I think is dangerous, that dang Constitution gets in the way. In this country, a charge must be the basis for incarceration.

Details, details.

Impertinent said...

I'm sure this presents a terrible conundrum for the anti gun freaks....3 dead with a bullet from a small caliber pistol....3 dead from a...KNIFE. Then using his car as a weapon...BMW in this case.

What to do...what to do? Modify BMW's and sell only to those who buy them at car shows...require background checks and licensing for hunting knives...restrict the use of BMW's and require they're always parked and the keys hidden in a safe from the children and ignition locks too?

What to do.

Kid said...

LAOT, If libtards blamed the right persons/groups they'd be stuck dealing with the actual problem. Not an option for them. No profit there.
Take education. Everyone has failed the education system except for thoe who can't do anything about it. Parents are the actual failures and the government that rewards their bad behavior.

So, teachers are the problem and solution. Teachers need more money, so administrators need more money and schools need more useless administrators and the unions collect more and the democrat politicians collect more from the richer unions. It's a parasitic relationship form hell.

I don't think there is a single thing going on outside good homes that is health or productive.

Impertinent said...


"Take education." Take it please, Says Henny.

Did you read where the $100,000,000 Zucker face gave to the City of Newark, ostensibly for education...has gone to unions, pensions and salaries instead? What a Sucker Zuker was. Not a dime to those kids...I'm horrified I tell ya...just...LMAO.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I wrote the first comment this morning and erased it before publishing it because I thought it would be rude.
I wrote something to the effect of "Ducky will say something stupid, and the rest of the comments will be a running battle with him."
I wish I'd published it.

Z said...

Ed..and you'd have been right.

Kid, there really IS nothing good going on outside good homes. I couldn't have said it better (IMAGINE? smile!!) :-) :-)

Which leads me to why I published the post article....what DO we do about our country's future with anything good being insulted so badly by the Left and substituted for everything SO BAD?

Impertinent said...


"what DO we do about our country's future with anything good being insulted so badly by the Left and substituted for everything SO BAD?"

I think it's been clear for some time now that we are...two separate countries. That E pluribus unum is a joke. We are now a salad bowl and no longer all one.

I only see a geographical impediment to living the way we prefer. It took 3 centuries to make the US...it's come apart at the seams in 1/2 of that time.
We were still adding states in the 20th Century. Now some of them are hard to recognize as "states".

Kid said...

IMP. zuker. Yea, that's where it's at. I hate libtards and not just because they're stupid. That could be fixed. Maybe.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Well I don't know where Bob's been with his particular wisdom :)
But my take is that if there is not a spiritual revival in this country (and I mean Christ centered, not Mohammo centered) then we tailspin.
Not PC.
Not caring.
There is a spiritual component to good living, and there is only one Spirit that is life.

Kid said...

Ed. why does duck get so much attention? It's like walking into a restaurant and seeing every arguing with the 3 year old who won't shut up instead of enjoying their meal and asking the manager to throw the libtard family out.

Kid said...

Z, sadly, I don't think we do anything about it short of a neo-con dictatorship. And that's not America either is it?

People will have to learn that zero effort gets zero reward. It's going to be painful for many.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Sounds about right.
But this is a "salon", not a restaurant.
Some give and take should be expected.
If it were a diner, this would be a foodfight :)
But it sure is entertaining.

Ed Bonderenka said...


Impertinent said...


"I'm pretty sure a stint with a paid girl for sex wouldn't have done this kid one bit of good.."

He didn't need dady to arrange that for him. $50 bucks and a car stop would have been all he needed. And he had a nice car for easy pickups.

But...I've been thinking about this kids problem. And I'm convinced his inadequacies were two fold....his package...and he was impotent. Nothing like being impotent to fill himself with rage and blame it on the woman. Perhaps there were a few women who pointed this out to him and didn't offer their criticisms tactfully?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Ed - "But my take is that if there is not a spiritual revival in this country...."

I think that's a great solution, for those who wish to partake, but for the whole...I would like to see a liberty revival. I would like a comprehensive rollback of tax withholding and closed legislative sessions [just at the top of my list]....so the citizenry can really see where their labor and their freedoms are vanishing to.

And I politely disagree about your characterization of Ducky. He didn't put up enough of a fight to call it a running battle. More like a thug drive-by.

Rita said...

Since this post turned more into a debate about the latest crazed "gunman", I'm wondering what would have happened had the first three guys killed had had a gun to defend themselves against someone using a knife.

It would seem to me, that would likely have stopped this loon's carnage at the start.

Always On Watch said...

Ed mentioned the need for a spiritual revival.

In most of the murder spree cases, isn't it true that these murderers spring from households of no faith? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Z said...

AOW, I certainly wouldn't be surprised.

Rita, most blogs go Off Topic a bit, but I will be pulling that back here at geeeeZ starting today. thanks.

Imp, I think you were the one who brought up 'daddy' arranging sex for the kid..