Tuesday, May 20, 2014

O'Reilly on RACE....a must-see

I have received THIS VIDEO via email quite a few times.  I finally watched it and felt it should be watched here.    It's only a few minutes long and Bill O'Reilly hits Black America HARD and with caring and truth.

I hope you watch it all the way through...........we need a message like his coming from the bully pulpit of the White House, where I believe a young half-Black president and his wife have lost a great opportunity to talk to kids all over this country.  They're beloved mostly for their color by many Americans who would definitely listen if they would only talk like O'Reilly is;  they use color to remind Americans how racist we are;  they divide and hurt.  Why not use their color for GOOD?   It breaks my heart that they still haven't, to tell you the truth.

Please watch...............and let us know what you think.




Always On Watch said...

Often, if a black hasn't been in the state penitentiary, he is often not accepted by his peers. It's a status symbol, but I'm not sure of what.

LA Sunset said...

Now, now. We cannot criticize the culture of people we understand nothing about. Just like Jihadi Islam, we should respect the gangsta struggle for equality and relevance.

We, who are Caucasian, have been privileged since birth and cannot possibly understand what it's like to non-white. Everything has been handed to us for centuries and now it's only fair we allow for atonement, for crimes and atrocities committed by a bunch of dead people. That will teach us. Time for reparations. /endsarc

Don't laugh, this is the message coming out of the White House, the MSM, and the race hustlers. It's just coded better, to sound more politically correct and less punitive. But make no mistake, this is the message.

Sadly, it will not get better until the participants decide it must get better. Just like radical Islam and their campaign against Israel, the ghetto residents will need to decide they love their children more than the hate they have, for those they despise.

WomanHonorThyself said...

I am watching now Z...the PC police will shut it down in 1..2...3...! have a wonderful week :)

Impertinent said...


"the ghetto residents will need to decide they love their children more than the hate they have, for those they despise."

They do...we all know they're actually a meal ticket. The more you have, the bigger the check. Simple math. Until that incentive ends...we'll watch the illegitimate rate move up up and away.

Is it possible to go to 100%? Probably not. Maybe 98%? How many times do we see stories about black males with 15 to 30 kids? With 4 different women?
And he's ordered to "pay" up like one who was ordered not to "father" any more kids by some "judge" the other day? How's that going to work out or be enforced? A GPS tag?

How any times do we see sob stories of a 26 year old, single woman with 4 kids? Why is it that after the second they don't learn. I read one the other day of a minimum wage earner that couldn't make it and feed her family and go back to school...yet...she has a 4 month old now in addition to two others and she's 23? The oldest being 7?

She still has another kid? And I'm supposed to feel for her and further finance her stupidity or expects her employer to?

O'Really is right....not usually but about this you can see his anger and sincerity.
3% of the population committing over 50% of the violent crime?

I was telling Kid the other day I had to unholster my gun at a Drive up ATM. Two guys with their pants hanging down, dreads, grilles and a bad look.

One comes over to the front of my car as I'm pulling out my cash...the other comes up behind my car and stands behind my tail light. I'm supposed to have a conversation with this gangster? I did....my display of my Bersa spoke loud and clear. I just showed him and the other one I had a gun....and said move on. This is on a Sunday in broad daylight off a major street too.

Was that racist? Hell no...I wasn't going to be another statistic. Thank God in Florida they passed a new law that allows for display to stop and prevent a perp from cashing you in. No need to fire a gun....hopefully showing it is enough. And it was that day.

Even Jesse Jerkson says he's relieved when he hears footsteps behind him and turns to see it's not a couple hoodies.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

AOW nailed it. Image and credibility within the subcuture override those things we consider norms - responsibility, accountability, sacrifice for family, etc....

The larger probelm as I see it, is the enabling of the greivance industry. If these problems in the subculture are mitigated, those who have gained power and wealth, will stad to lose it.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Imp is spot on as well, I didn'tsee his while I was typing.

Z said...

I once heard Chris Rock do a routine recounting where his family and friends were talking about a black friend, saying he hadn't been to prison.
Rock says "Wait, here's the thing; it's not NORMAL to go to prison; that is not the GOAL here..."
In other words, he felt he had to remind them prison isn't where everybody SHOULD go.
I wish I remembered his exact language because it was powerful. I just tried to Google and can't find anything.

That's where I think the president and michelle should have come in....against prison, against children out of wedlock, against drugs...to go to school, make something of yourself!

Maybe they're just afraid they'll vote Republican? :-)

Anonymous said...

Years ago, when my husband was still farming, he had an employee, black, who, with his wife, had 15 kids, all adding to a welfare payment. When she had the last one the doctors tied her tubes, as another would be dangerous. As the older ones got past the Gimmee age the payment decreased. Boy, did that man & his wife get mad.


Impertinent said...

The other night O'Really had a panel on of two black guests on this topic, again.

The black woman was incensed that a white could "dictate" who the real black leaders were. That was soley up to blacks alone. I agree....however it's clear that the ones they have now are only useful for hustling, pimping and setting relations backwards about 50 years.

It's up to them if they continue to believe this bull...but we know it suits their narrative that America is still racist despite electing this guy twice.

But we foolishly expected the potus to calm things down, finally reach a new age, wash away the resentment. But he's failed there too by surrounding himself with the very real and racist ilk who perpetuate this grievance industry.

And sponsoring totally racist programs that exclude poor white and only for people of "color". As if whites...weren't a color or just as deserving of help.

This is why I don't think we'll ever see another black potus. I don't think it matters what side of the political spectrum he or she is on either. It's gotten that bad.

If Obama had called on his buddy Rahm to bring the National Guard into a city ( Chiraq ) that has more murders annually than Bagdad, I'd say he was serious about black crime. And he probably would have scored big time with that too. Then...theres Moochele...still out talking about GD Jim Crow.

Impertinent said...


"In other words, he felt he had to remind them prison isn't where everybody SHOULD go."

He had another live show too...called What I don't like about...insert the "N" word.

He had a line that went...one black said...."I take care of my kids". His retort was...YOU're supposed to you dumb ass. He does a lot of that...or did.
But...even Jon Stewart can't.

It's still out there too. It's funny...as well as sad.

Impertinent said...

Chris Rock....very salty and very adult.

But only he can get away wit this.

From about 2 minutes on is the best about responsibility, etc.


Duckys here said...

@CI --- Image and credibility within the subcuture override those things we consider norms - responsibility, accountability, sacrifice for family, etc....

The subculture? I think the problem is just how inclusive that word is.
It certainly varies but it's pretty wide when something like O'Reilly uses it.

We have a dilemma.
On one hand there is without question a violent subculture.
On the other hand we have the likes of O'Reilly who take advantage of fear and paint with a very broad brush.

Fear takes over and the results are negative for kids who are trying against odds. Maybe he just has to be put in prison?

But it's a good diversion. Keeps the disgraceful UBS verdict out of the news in case the peeps get wise ...

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

It's easier to belong to a victim group than to take responsibilty for working one's way out of a bad situation.

Impertinent said...


So..it's the messenger for you then and not the message? I don't like O'Really anymore than you do...but who else is talking about this? CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN? Yea MSNBS....with that pimp and coke dealer Sharpton doing the talking.

The Crown Heights murderer...the Twana fake hoaxer. The Tax evader in his $3000 Armani suits. Him and Rangel live pretty welll up in Harlem...amongst the poor and downtrodden.,..that are still poor and downtrodden....no thanks to either of these parasites.

Baysider said...

Character counts. Dads matter.

'Just like radical Islam and their campaign against Israel, the ghetto residents will need to decide they love their children more than the hate they have, for those they despise.'

While Imp makes a good point, we should not dismiss how strong a factor this is. Think how often these children are pawns in the culture war. It would be inconvenient for some if they weren't.

Always On Watch said...

Mr. AOW heard the information that I typed in directly from one of his coworkers, who was about 40 at the time that he made the statement. This coworker didn't grow up in a ghetto or anything even approaching it.

It was a nuclear family -- except that the coworker's mother died of cancer during the coworker's childhood.

The statement was made matter of factly.

This coworker's father also worked at the same place and was appalled at what his son's generation had become.

Duckys here said...

No it isn't the messenger, IMP. It's the message. Keep putting the worst of black America in front of the mouth breathers and keep the ratings up and keep them scared. It's freaking pathetic.

Pretty soon it passes for truth about an entire community.

Always On Watch said...

So, here we are, in the 50th anniversary year of LBJ's Great Society. Hasn't worked out much, has it?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Keep putting the worst of black America in front of the mouth breathers and keep the ratings up and keep them scared. It's freaking pathetic."

That's what they do with gun owners...the media doesn't care what passes for truth...as long as it passes the agenda test.

Duckys here said...

Yeah, CI, I agree but unlike the average black teenager you will have plenty of media on your side.

You think the O'Reilly and Beck crowd are interested in hearing that not nearly a majority of black teenagers are violent?
I don't.

Are they interested in portraying even the most fanatical WHITE gun owner as a patriot?
I think so.

In NEITHER case do we have an objective productive dialogue.

Bob said...

O'Reilly is right. But, why has it taken so long for him to point out the obvious? In the deep south it has been obvious for some time that black people who revere the standard two parent family are much, much better off than other blacks. Just ask any of my black neighbors.

My next door neighbor (black) moved into our neighborhood because of the high SAT scores in the local high school. He and his wife knew that their kids would excel in an atmosphere where academics were valued, and, those kids have excelled. Since they were raised with our kids, we view theirs as part of our family.

On the other hand, I have worked in downtown Atlanta around which are some pretty tough black neighborhoods. There are always murders on the news, mostly drug related in those places. Most of the perpetrators are young, black men with no chance in life other than crime, or day laborer. Most will not do the laborer thing because it is easy to live off their woman, who collects the welfare payments. They never seem to marry those women, and many kids in the same family do not share the same father.

Heck, when I was fifteen years old I met a black boy about my age who already had two paternity suits filed against him. It was an accepted thing for black males even a half century ago.

It is so obvious that black America has cultural problems, and without decent black leadership, things will not change. O'Reilly is right, but the problems and solutions have been obvious for a long time.

Bob said...

Ducky said: "Are they interested in portraying even the most fanatical WHITE gun owner as a patriot?
I think so. In NEITHER case do we have an objective productive dialogue.

Just what kind of objective dialogue do you expect when you call people fanatical?

Impertinent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Impertinent said...


"the most fanatical WHITE gun owner as a patriot?"

Some of those "fanatical" white gun owners can be thanked for making this a country. And I'm certain they were patriots and not fanatics in Boston back then...a shame it's no longer true or fashionable around the Pinot Grigio crowd in Boston now.

You forget your history and heritage Duck. It all all began in your neck of the woods. But...you prefer to label it "jingoism" today.

Dave Miller said...

Let me throw in my 2 cents...
The right is arguing about the causes of the Benghazi episode.

Unfortunately, for many, they are unwilling to admit, or accept these nuances and so we are left with constant bickering.

It is like..the left claims there is nothing that could have been done to save those guys.

The right is talking about the Administrations seeming unwillingness to come clean about some alleged “cover-up”
Certainly this requires more investigation that the Bush/Cheney false claims that Iraq had WMD, were soon to deliver nuclear weapons, and that Iraq had, helped to plan and implement the 9/11 attacks.

After all, that only led to deaths and injuries to tens of thousands of Americans and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.

This is far more outrageous then some alleged “cover-up”!!!.
Who a thunk bureaucrats were capable of such things.

Gosh, I guess Americans should get a live feed of the "real" intelligence as it comes into the CIA/State Department/White House and be copied on each and every email. We could then have the "truth".

At least until the next Republican administration.

Republicans are continuing a fine tradition of making sure a majority of votes means nothing. If you can't win elections impeach the winner. Well, that’s one way of getting their man into office.

All under the rubric of Benghazi.

George Cumberbatch said...

Yeah. That Dave Miller is definately a suspicious guy. First off, he leans left, second he's even-handed in pointing out bad behavior on the right and left. And he never stoops to calling people he doesn't agree with names. That makes him a perfect target for the witless trolls on the right. Don't know if any far lefties have attacked him the way the trolls on the right on those conservative blogs have.. Only goes to prove one thing.... That You Right-Wingers are really Ass-Holes.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Earth to Dave.
Topic is not close to Benghazi.
Is that all you think of?
Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.

Ed Bonderenka said...

There are role models for blacks.
Ben Carson, Ben Carson, Ben Carson.

Bob said...

Ben Carson, Ben Carson
He carries himself in a role model way
Ben Carson, Ben Carson
Libs hate him more and more each day

Ben Carson, Ben Carson
He's a successful, smart black man
Ben Carson, Ben Carson
He shows blacks that they can

Ben Carson. Role model for the modern black man.

h/t to EB

Bob said...

Dave, nobody on the Right is arguing with anybody about Benghazi. It is a fact that there is a Benghazi cover-up, it is just up to the investigation to see if it was more than just a regular lie, or an illegal offense. You cannot deny that.

Georgie Bushie said...

Dave can and will deny anything and everything, and then. Blame Bush!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Bob. Wow.

Duckys here said...

First of all, that's someone spoofing Dave Miller. Should be obvious enough to you.

Second Ben Carson is a religious fanatic and being a role model means more than strutting for the white judges.

Way to marginalize yourselves.

Sam Huntington said...

I don't like this man's politics, but he's a great actor and in this particular instance, he's right on the Mark:

Morgan Freeman

Z said...

I just got home and read nearly every one of these comments and Ducky's, literally, made me sick to my stomach. I still feel that way.

I am not one to call names or swear here at my own blog, but if I were, it'd be today.

Ducky says "On the other hand we have the likes of O'Reilly who take advantage of fear and paint with a very broad brush." when the whole point of the video says nothing like that.
He never EVER says "ALL BLACK KIDS" EVER. "paint with a very broad brush?"

I was on a jury recently for a kind of master's thesis by a senior in high school; her paper on a specialty of architecture had me home Googling within the hour that we passed her looking up things because she got ME juiced up and interested.

How about THINKING about O'Reilly's excellent points in this video before insulting him? How's that helping the situation? At least we know there are Conservatives like him who actually CARE about minority teens and how the Left is using them. WE KNOW they have potential

Where has this president been when he could be talking to kids as at least a half black man the kids have been told to trust?

Where has this First Lady been in talking to minority girls about getting knocked up at 12 and that it's not a great idea and why?

Instead we say O'Reilly's painting with a very wide brush?


Without this thinking, our kids are going to be LOST.

Watch FREEDOM WRITERS, or STAND AND DELIVER, both TRUE STORIES of minority kids whose teachers believed in them.

O'Reilly BELIEVES in those kids, he's begging their communities to do better by them than raise more Dem-voting welfare takers.

I'm not always on the same page with O'Reilly or his enormous ego, but he got it absolutely lovingly and RIGHT on this video.

And, Ducky, nobody really gives a damn about Dave Miller or spoofing. If he doesn't like it, let HIM come complain, okay?

Bob..Ben Carson; a perfect example of a Black American who had it TOUGH and succeeded, the kind liberals despise.

LA Sunset, my friend....so well said there. thanks. Great point at the end.

Imp; good stuff..thanks.

Baysider; many kids today don't even know what a Dad was MEANT TO DO.
I have two Black twins I ADORE whose father (divorced from their mom..at least I think they were married, maybe not) is SO ROTTEN that I once asked Anthony "How is it you two are always so kind, so willing to help us all at school, so 'up', so good?" He said "Mrs. Z, we just do what are dad wouldn't have done".
They ROCK.

Z said...

Sam; that video has me crying here.
"Just call me a MAN. Get rid of Black history month, we don't need it. Stop talking about racism; that's how we get rid of it."

I think I've heard him speak otherwise more lately; I hope I'm wrong because this struck such a chord in my heart.

yes, the ONLY WAY we'll get rid of racism is STOP TALKING ABOUT IT..stop saying "that African American.."
Let's all be AMERICANS..and respect each other...and let's teach our kids to demand our respect, too.


Schools in Chicago, run by Marla something...I wish I could remember her name. Did WONDERS for her all Black-population of students...all in colleges because SHE BELIEVED IN THEM, ENCOURAGED THEM, didn't TEACH VICTIMHOOD.

On CNN two or three days ago, Frederika Witfield asked a Black guy about education today and he BLEW MY MIND; told her that if the Black community REALLY cared they'd be going for vouchers and charter and magnet schools..


Check into DR STEVE PERRY...he ROCKS. EVERY kid who goes to his school goes to a 4 year college. EVERY KID.
"Gee...how did that happen? I thought most Black kids are on crack and too stupid to care (kidding here, of course)

Impertinent said...


May 20, 2014 at 11:34 AM


Kid said...

Z, Where would they propagate their democrat voting blocks? This has been going on since the 1960's. It's why 97% vote democrat. What other group votes 97% in one direction.

Z said...

Kid, that's the point, and O'Reilly's, when it gets down to it.
THey NEED these kids to screw up so they NEED to vote Dem so they GET THINGS...you're right.
He's saying that we need to let those kids grow up with encouragement and to live good, clean lives....don't you think?

That they'll not be victims. We have a chance of saving America through things like this, but we have about 2 generations of victimhood lovers that we need to somehow survive through.

HOW do we do that??

Kid said...

There is nothing more dangerous to the black culture than a successful black person.


Kid said...

Z, step one: Stop paying females to pop kids out into zero opportunity drug, and crime infested environments.

Put them in jail for child abuse instead.

We are paying for child abuse with righteously earned tax dollars. How much more disgusting can it get? It's worse than abortion. It is a lifetime of no opportunity at a happy life. Maybe 1 in a million kids break out. Not acceptable. And it's not just blacks. All races who engage in the baby factory activity.

Impertinent said...


"There is nothing more dangerous to the black culture than a successful black person."

Does that include the poverty, race pimps too? In their perverted way...they're successful. Just depends on your definition, right?

Kid said...

IMP, I'm thinking successful black people just invalidate their entire victim status schtick. Whereas jackson and sharptone are just symptoms of the bigger problem.

Z said...

and yes, the libs will slam Ben Carson from now till doomsday and it'll be about BLACK SUCCESS.

look what they constantly do to Clarence Thomas! The man who, incidentally, took the time to write ME back after I wrote to him (very uncharacteristically, since I'm not a big fan mail person!) telling how much is book moved me! I have a letter here on Supreme Court stationery from him. handwritten. Class act.
And the left DESPISES him for not agreeing with the big government victim crap.

Imp; Jackson and Sharpton ARE the problem, no doubt about that...a HUGE part of THE problem...them and their mentality.

Impertinent said...


"Think how often these children are pawns in the culture war."

Which is exactly why Moocheles ## silly hash tag is even more obscene. How about #save our children in our killer inner cities, Mooch?

Fix that first and then move on to Africa if you want. Otherwise....let them handle their own problems.

Duckys here said...

@kid -- There is nothing more dangerous to the black culture than a successful black person.

What warped your soul so badly?

Impertinent said...


I thought you were an atheist?

Z said...

Ducky..'warped soul'? Are you kidding? You SERIOUSLY don't understand his point? MY GOD.

Imp; imagine if Michelle gave a bigger damn for OUR KIDS in the inner cities than 300 black girls in Nigeria? never happen, apparently. @Q#($@Q#($*&#@Q(*

Impertinent said...


"Jackson and Sharpton ARE the problem"

They're not alone...Waters, Lee, Wilson, Rangel, Cummings, Jordan?

Pathetic race hustlers all. And to think..only gerrymandering got them into our sacred Legislature.

Impertinent said...


Egggggzackkkly. She doesn't. I read today that Rahm, the king of Chiraq...is dishing out jobs and bennies to...Illegals. Here's hoping this summer they burn the place to the ground. Bet you don't hear the hustlers whining about that will you? With 30% or so unemployment of black kids.

Impertinent said...


Meanwhile they're all screaming...raise the minimum wage...more jobs for our kids....more diversity programs will be all they get...handouts but not jobs...wanna bet?

Impertinent said...


"You SERIOUSLY don't understand his point? MY GOD."

I did...Ben Carson, Alan West, Larry Elders, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Walter Williams.

Axe them...

Kid said...

IMP Did you mean that for Z May 20, 2014 at 8:07 PM ? or duck?

Anyway, Who loves ya baby !

Impertinent said...


Z I think...yea?

Z said...

Imp; my 'you seriously don't understand..' is for Ducky, not Kid.

What's with the Chiraq thing, anyway?

Z said...

I was just watching a television interview with a woman who has a program called LoveLadies...she takes in women who have just come out of prison on parole.
One black woman, the first woman this Brenda Spahn (I think her name is) took in (in a group of 7) was angry when she got to Brenda's mansion...she thought she'd be used as a maid. She'd been in and out of prison, took drugs and did armed robbery...suddenly, she's faced with some white people who apparently have some big money and is looking up at a huge house where she's been told she can stay. And she's VERY wary.

But the sentence she said tonight while interviewed; she'd been wary, fearful, suspect that something was UP that'd hurt her again, was "I was AFRAID to HOPE".

Afraid to HOPE.
I believe a LOT of Black women are afraid to hope.

Think about that.
She's now a very faithful Christian and is the person who the prisoners first are welcomed by when they come to Loveladies....there are 400 there now, and many have been in and out. amazing thing.

Afraid to hope.