Thursday, May 22, 2014

Vets or Furniture ... got a preference?

Stabbing Veterans in the Back
A little over a week ago, we noted an article by Mary Lou Byrd that told us that Obama’s IRS has expended nearly $100 million on office furniture. Most of the 54 commenters seemed to wonder why, at a time when the nation is suffering economically,  the government would spend so much money on office furniture. At the time the post went up, I wondered if the additional money was necessary in order to provide office furnishings for the more than 1,600 new IRS employees, whose task it will be to locate and punish anyone who’s declined participating in Obama Care (unless they’re a registered Democrat or member of Congress, of course).

Well, Ms. Bryd has uncovered even more information about Obama administration spending. At a time when the Veterans’ Administration is killing off World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War veterans (presumably so they’ll keep their mouth shut about wait times at VA hospitals and clinics), at a time when Eric Shinseki is “damn mad” about the lack of care for entitled veterans, at a time when the President of the Untied States is just finding out about this from the New York Times and Huffington Post, we learn that the VA has expended $500 million on new office furniture.

Well, so at least now we know what this administration’s spending priorities are. Screw America, and screw America’s veterans. 

Article here

-Mustang and Z


Ed Bonderenka said...

I am not defending Shinseki,
but he had more authority to buy furniture than to fire crappy administrators.

Fredd said...

I am an army vet and accordingly am entitled to VA hospital 'benefits.'

I can't imagine stepping even one toe inside a VA hospital, I wouldn't be caught dead patronizing one of those hell holes.

I am not sure that this would be called a 'benefit' anymore: languishing on a death list, and then perishing in agony after a year or two of neglect and indifference from government 'public servants' 'working' at the VA. I am starting to run out of parenthetical phrases with this 'bunch.'

Just remember: vote Democrat in the fall, boys and girls.

Ed Bonderenka said...

And Obama let us know yesterday how angry he is...
Ooooooooohh. Scary.
The schmuck has no administrative skills for being the chief executive.

Impertinent said...

Adjacent to that article lies another insult:

The director of the Phoenix VA hospital received an $8,500 pay bonus last month even as allegations of 40 deaths resulting from excessive wait times for care were being investigated, according to the Weekly Standard.

VA Secretary Eric Shinseki is reportedly responsible for signing off on performance ratings and rewards, but the department’s chairman Jeff Miller said the bonus was the result of “an administrative error.”


Impertinent said...

Seems like under Shineski's was better to die in battle than in one of his hospitals. What kind of "commander" would allow his vets to die after their service?

Georgie Bushie said...

Both the American Legion and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America — voiced their displeasure Wednesday with President Obama’s remarks on the growing VA scandal..

Thank God that someone recognizes that Obama laid a big time snow job on the veterans.

Impertinent said...

And there's more outrage...from a Dem...they bleed too.

Rep. David Scott (D., Ga.) unleashed his furor at the Obama Administration over their poor handling of the VA scandal and their failure to act in a proper, timely manner to fix the scandal.

Responding to President Obama’s press conference today, Scott said on the House floor, “I listened to the President today, and I was very disappointed with President Obama today. There was no urgency. Mr. President, we need urgency, we need you to roll up our sleeves and get into these hospitals!”

Georgie Bushie said...

I see that ONCE AGAIN Our fearless Leader is threatening with an Iron Fist, "Obama Threatened Nigeria with Sanctions in 2013 for Fighting Boko Haram"

WOW, these terrorist's must be shaking in their boots.

Is this the new US foreign policy "Sanction", "Sanction", "Sanction"!!

Always On Watch said...

And Obama let us know yesterday how angry he is...

"I, I, I!" and "Me, me, me!"

Over and over again, BHO has promised investigations of various possible scandals. What have been the results of those investigations?

Liberalmann said...

Why Is the VA Suffering From a Lack of Resources in the First Place?

"...Insufficient funding of veterans’ healthcare has been caused primarily by political decisions made by “support-our-troops” members of the US Senate and House of Representatives. Members of Congress who have in recent years voted against increasing the funding of veterans’ healthcare—increases necessary to meet the need created by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—deserve much of the blame for starving the VA into this scandalous situation...."

Congress has consistently agreed to to spend less money on the VA than Obama had requested. Since 2010, by our calculations, Congress has agreed to fund about $2 billion a year less, on average, in discretionary spending than Obama had sought.

Impertinent said...


"less money on the VA than Obama had requested"

You're not reading or comprehending again kumquat. If that's true...why and where did they get 600,000,000 for office furniture for able bodied IRS bureaucrats rather then spend it on veteran care? Moron.

Mustang said...

I suspect that what liberal man understands about almost everything would fit inside a sewing thimble with plenty of room left over.

sue hanes said...

Z - If that is the case - that the money is being spent on new office furniture then it is wrong.
Our veterans are worth more than that and should be given preference in their treatment.

My husband drives veterans to the V.A. hospital in Indianapolis and they are not experiencing any problems with waiting for appointments. At least that is good to hear.

Z said...

Ed, Shinseki now is apparently fighting a new law Congress is trying to pass which gives him the right to fire. Did you hear THAT?
And yes....this situation REALLY illustrates how little Obama knows/does. I thought his press conf. on this was pitiful.

Fredd, thanks for your service.
And thanks for never going to a VA hospital; we'd hate to lose you!

Imp; remember, when Obama says something ridiculous, it's been called, several times, "inartful", not WRONG!
Now it's "administrative error" when bonuses are paid to losers. The fun never quits; and they called Reagan the TEFLON PRESIDENT? Are you KIDDING ME?
Obama has some new space age coating called the American media that protects HIM.

George Bushie: Did you hear Obama's sending 60 troops to Chad to FIND "our girls"?
Has anybody figured out why it's "our?"

AOW; As I watched, it occurred to me that that man uses "I" more than ANYBODY I KNOW.
WIth other presidents, it's been "my administration will..." "The sec of state "(not MY Sec of State), etc.
The "I" has even been noticed by libs, but I haven't heard them mention it in many years.
it says a LOT.

Mustang; Beamish used to say liberals had brains that fit in a thimble and still left room FOR AN AIR SHOW! Hilarious, huh?
poor libmann.

Odd Obama never mentioned how much he WISHED he could give the VA, it's ALL Congress' fault! (as if Obama'd not mention this if he had!) :-)

Sue, I know there are plenty of VA Hospitals that work well....I'm grateful for your husband's service. But, then, he IS a Republican; I expect no less (smile)

Z said...


Are you hearing new reports that IRS offices have employees working for the union during office hours?
being paid about a quarter billion a YEAR by US while they work on UNION BUSINESS.

I've just Googled and can only find reports of this from 2013...let's see how this breaks down.

Duckys here said...

Not much has changed since Dana Priest reported the conditions at Walter Reed.

And it's been going on a lot longer than that.

Simply a lack of will.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

The VA has been broken for a long time. That it's taken this long to come to light, is a travesty...but at least it's coming to light.

I don't go to the VA....I go through a local provider with TRICARE....although I do know that there are some great VA doctors and facilities. The bureacracy needs a housecleaning.

Ed Bonderenka said...

"Ed, Shinseki now is apparently fighting a new law Congress is trying to pass which gives him the right to fire. Did you hear THAT?"
The Miller law.

Liberalmann said...

House slave Carson needs to learn his place. He barely cuts it as a field Mandingo. LOL!

Anonymous said...

A note to ALL you Bootlicking Obamamaniacs, that dirtbag isn't worth a nickel compared to either Sarah Palin, or Ben Carson. And not a penny compared to that POS Joe
Biden .

Bob said...

Ed sed: "And Obama let us know yesterday how angry he is.."

Another line to cross
Another lie to tell
Real men hurt and die
Nobody is getting well

The system is shot, they say
The system doesn't work
We will give it more money
But it won't get better today

Not my fault says Shihseki
Not my fault says our President
Not my fault says the man in the street
It may be time to kill the VA beast

Bob said...

When did liberalmann get his own sockpuppet?

Duckys here said...

He's had one for a while. He's one of the extensive family of "Radical Redneck" trolls.

Impertinent said...


"Obama has some new space age coating called the American media that protects HIM."'s just the same old slime from a slug trail. They're just willing to lie about and ignore it is all.

Bob said...

I would ask Liberalmann to delve into his reading material for credibility. He quotes somebody as saying, "Congress has consistently agreed to to spend less money on the VA than Obama had requested. "

First of all, neither Obama nor the Democrat Senate permited any budget to be proposed. Obama floated one that did not receive even one Democrat vote. So, Liberalmann, just how did anybody vote AGAINST VA spending when there were no budgets? The whole thing was funded by continuing resolutions.

Lib, please tell me where I misunderstand your comment.

Z said...

No, Imp, I think my point is a valid one; The left said Reagan was the TEFLON PRESIDENT and this Obama's even got the media covering for him.
I believe they thought Reagan was TEFLON because he just barely did anything objectionable to most Americans.

Georgie Bush: Actually, I think you'll agree they're shaking less in their boots than their shoulders, laughing their heads off at us.
80 soldiers are now on their way to Chad to find "our girls".. WHY?
What about the many girls HERE who need help?

Bob; 'kill the VA beast?' (good poem!)

There are definitely good VA facilities, but the suggestion that FORTY SOLDIERS might have died for the waiting is WAAAY beyond what we've had in the past;
Walter Reed was a MESS and isn't now, thanks to Bush.

Look at that article, the difference in TONE of George Bush and Barack Obama.
I miss the optimism, the lack of slamming anybody needlessly, the taking hold and DOING SOMETHING...ah, well

Z said...'re throwing pearls at swine ...I hate to say that, but I caught that, too, and while I'm SO GLAD you're a guy who deals with truth in such dignified, informative ways, Libmann will never EVER hear you! :-)

Liberalmann said...

Liberalmann said...

House slave Carson needs to learn his place. He barely cuts it as a field Mandingo. LOL!


My imposter again. Aka, Radical Redneck.

Z said...

liberalmann...that's fine.
I see no difference between what we get from that person and you.

Always On Watch said...

Senate Democrats Just Blocked a Bill to Increase Accountability at Scandal-Plagued Veterans Affairs Department

Always On Watch said...

From the above link:

The House overwhelmingly passed the legislation on Wednesday, with a bipartisan vote of 390 to 33. (Only Democrats objected.)

Annie Of Watertown said...

Nearly two-thirds of Mexican immigrants,that we have here are high school dropouts, and most wind up doing either unskilled factory work or small-scale construction projects, or they work in service industries, where they compete for entry-level jobs against one another, against the adult children of other immigrants, and against native-born high school dropouts, and I'm not even talking about the large percent of Mexicans that we are supporting in our jails, for drunken driving, drug use and worst of all murders.

Just Sayin said...

Lots of Noteworthy Comments Here. I Congratulate The Author Of This Blog For Having The Good Sense, And The Guts To Call It Like It Is.

I can remember the Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman case, when all these bleeding heart Liberals was so quick to hang Zimmerman because he dared to do what dad to be done. And the Black panthers put out of 10,000 dollar bounty omn him Dead or Alive, and our dear leader with is putting his 2 cents in the mix calling the little thug ( if I had a son he would look like Trayvon) yesr I remember when this story first came out and the way MSM spun the crap out of this story. I also remember how many of you fell for this bullshit as well.. From the start I knew that Trayvon was guilty as hell. He probably did the majority of robberies in the neighborhood.

If Zimmerman were black their would not be a trial

Z said...

Anonymous...please address some of those you mentioned somewhere else, maybe at their blogs. Thanks! (other than that, you were absolutely RIGHT)!

Law and Order Teacher said...

I am working and have insurance. I'm thankful I don't have to depend on the VA. As I've stated before that I'm a member of the American Legion and I'm proud they've been on this early. For Obama's puppet, Carney, to say that the Legion was on board in the firing of the Ass't Secy is a blatant lie. The A.S. was due to resign anyway, so Obama is dealing from the bottom of the deck again. I have a simple solution to the problem. Close the VA and give vets vouchers. Done. Next. Now for the I.R.S.

Z said...

Annie, I know two Mexican immigrants whose parents never made high school but one is finishing his first year at Carnegie Melon and the other's finishing his first year at Case-Western, so let's remember them, too. They're on full scholarships; they are kind, respectful and young men of faith. I love them.
Let's try to inspire more immigrant children like that.
Of course, I'm pretty sure THEY are legal, but I don't want broad brush slams to any community here.
thanks for coming by.

ALWAYS ON WATCH: How could this happen? What's the DOWN SIDE to INCREASING ACCOUNTIBILITY? are they afraid this 'venomous law' could spread to the IRS? NSA? (smile)
What the hell?

Z said...

Law and Order; but the Legion is said to be on line for firing Shinseki, right?
The Assistant was thrown under the bus because he was going anyway; that's pretty obvious, isn't it. They made it look like OBAMA TOOK CARE OF BUSINESS (as if)!
I'm glad you're insured otherwise...

And I also want to salute all the REALLY GOOD docs and nurses at MANY VA hospitals. And I just can't understand why everyone wouldn't want the bad folks THROWN OUT.

I agree with you about vouchers. Though, like with our schools/vouchers, I hate to consider it's necessary. I'd like to think our public schools are what they were when we were kids and that VA hospitals were among the best hospitals in the country. But...

Kid said...

Fredd, with obammycare you'll still be stepping into one of these hell holes as American health care devolves rapidly to the depths of VA hospital care.

There is really no amount of vitriol that could be thrown at this that would do any justice.

The only justice would be.. well, you know.

Kid said...

Georgie Bushie "Is this the new US foreign policy "Sanction", "Sanction", "Sanction"!!"

No sir, it is Hashtag, Hashtag Hashtag !!!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Z: Regarding Miller (as you asked AOW) Dems say it would lead to large scale firings of administrators for reasons other than professional.
To me, that still would fall on the administration, right?
Frankly, it's the labor union mentality of job protection.
We have Civil Service protections, but they were to protect FROM administrators (administrations) not administrators.

Thersites said...

lack of will, ducky? Or something deeper.

You can't blame "capital" for the failings of the VA. It's a catastrophic "government" failing, pure and simple. It's the "Myth of the Administrators" exposed. See the "Law" which regulates the principle at the very bottom of this paper.

Government will NEVER be the answer.

Z said...

Ed.."reasons OTHER than professional?" Like what?
If they should be fired, FIRE THEM! There should be guidelines for hiring and guidelines for firing! This is GOVERNMENT; they have people WRITING all day long to justify their stupid salaries and benefits, right? I'm not quite following you...

Thersites, that's exactly right..NEVER.

Impertinent said...


Wanna hijack the place tonight again?

Kid said...

IMP, Sure, Where's Rita ? I may be able to avoid passing out this time.

Impertinent said...


Think we wore her out?

Law and Order Teacher said...

I have a post about the VA. Thanks again.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Z. I'm not agreeing with their rationale, but it's what they said.
The dems see it as a sort of tenure.
They say that if people serve at the whim of their bosses, nobody of worth will apply.
That's what I heard said today.
Hardly explains how the private sector can hire good talent.

Kid said...

Imp. Nope.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Rita's busy on FB.

Impertinent said...



Kid said...

Ed, Yea, good people are working all over the place for management people who could terminate them fairly easily.

It's like the libtards don't even have to try anymore, they just spit out this idiotic nonsense. Lots of idiots lap it up too.

Constitutional Insurgent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Z said...

Ed, I just didn't see the point until you explained what you'd heard.
I can't believe my ears! So, people who have to work hard and please their superiors won't apply?
How the HECK does the private sector do it?
This is just a sign of more bloated gov't DOPINESS!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "There should be guidelines for hiring and guidelines for firing!"

This is a huge part of the problem. After Obama's first election, he directed the change of federal hiring practices from a [KSA] Knowledge, Skills and Abilities [which was simply a way for the computer to farm keywords] to standard resume....and I applauded him for that.

But similar reforms need to occur in the ability to fire government employees. Because as it currently stands, after the probationary period, it nearly takes an act of Congress. Thus, we are burdened with dead weight and compensating malfeasance.

Z said...

I don't know, CI...I'm kind of a "hire them if they have knowledge, abilities and skills' kind of gal, I guess.
What am I missing?
Matter of fact, today I wrote my very first resume for myself. I've literally never needed one before!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

KSA's aren't weren't resume based. Keywords [which an applicant wasn't aware of] were farmed by computer, to either move one forward in the hiring process, or discard.

Don't let the title fool you.

Kid said...

CI " After Obama's first election, he directed the change of federal hiring practices from a [KSA] Knowledge, Skills and Abilities [which was simply a way for the computer to farm keywords] to standard resume....and I applauded him for that."

Do you know that anything actually Happened ? Because he's been spewing * for 8 years and none of it has come to pass. It's an important question because I think the vast majority of the libtards listen to him say something and assume it's done and never bother checking up. It's not like the media is going to call him on anything.

I say nothing positive has happened under this anti-American imbecile. Nothing.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Kid - I've applied for federal positions, so yes....the change was conducted by OPM.

Z said...

I'm not reading you; what's wrong with computers kicking out the people whose 'buzz words' don't fit the KSA requirements?

Kid said...

CI, (First off, I just read my comment and I swear I've written that word for word before)

Anyway, so what is the upshot? What actually happened that amounts to a hill of beans here? The country is still being Exceedingly Grossly abused by federal government employees in the important areas of government - IRS, DHS, obammycare, SEC, Finance, etc.)

So nothing personal, but excuse me if I don't applaud obama or anyone else for anything that's happening in my ever increasing jack boot on my neck American Government.

Z said...

Kid, do you remember during the sequester? Some HUGE number of employees was said to be completely redundant?

Kid said...

Z, yes, 800,000 are totally unnecessary.

Z said...

Do you know ONE FED EMPLOYEE lost his/her job during the sequester after Jay Carney predicted 750,000 would be laid off?
I believe I heard we've paid laid-off employees two BILLION dollars....and that their jobs were found to be completely redundant, anyway. All went well when they were gone.
Which, if you've ever been to a DMV, isn't at all surprising.

Z said...

Oh, I didn't see your comment before I posted mine.
Great minds, Kid!
Can YOU describe to me what CI means about the KSA thing?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"I'm not reading you; what's wrong with computers kicking out the people whose 'buzz words' don't fit the KSA requirements?"

Because you had no idea what the KSA's were looking for. KSAs are random narratives that you filled out in the application. An application process that took an inordinate amount of time....whereas now, with the standard resume submission, the hiring process is shortened. My point in this [as KSAs obviously aren't terribly important to anyone who has not had to submit a KSA application] is that the federal hiring process can, and has been changed with positive impact.

The same can, and should, be done with the firing more easily cut federal employees who are not up to standard.

"So nothing personal, but excuse me if I don't applaud obama or anyone else...."

That's your prerogative.

Kid said...

Z, I think it was more than one person. I remember seeing a woman on TV during the sequester who was crying like janet reno's lover, about how they were So worried about making it a month until the sequester was over.

Seriously? Can't make it a Month? You deserve to fail. And I think she was lying anyway.

Z said...

Kid, I don't know; I was Googling for a while and saw a lot of articles saying it was only 1 who didn't get his job BACK. WHo knows? Sounds a little unbelievable, but with this government, maybe not!

Kid said...

Z, Oh, I misread you. Yea, it may easily have been only one to not get the job back. I thought we were talking about layed off for a month.

Z said...

oh.. no problem, Kid.
Ya, one laid off permanently. Imagine? Well, that leaves us ONLY paying 800K REDUNDANT EMPLOYEES. ugh.

I'm turning much to read, so much TV to watch.... :-)

goodnight, folks!