Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Condi Rice

Was Condi right in stepping down from the invitation to speak at the Rutgers commencement?
I'd say 90% of the college commencement speakers are from the Left and Condi's not even from the far Right, but they pushed her out.   Here's information:

"Rutgers University has announced that former NJ Governor Tom Kean will be replacing former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as a commencement speaker. The decision came after students and faculty members protested against Rice for her part in the U.S. invasion of Iraq.  (Z: the INVASION, get it?)
When the university’s Board of Governors chose Rice to be the speaker in February, a petition against her immediately circulated saying that she had a major role in misleading Americans “about the presence of mass destruction in Iraq.”

Many seniors are very upset about her not coming, which is promising.  Those in the demonstrations couldn't even spell Condi correctly ("Condie").  (I'd be sad she didn't speak, either;  I've seen her speak at a dinner and she's marvelous).

I'm happy this happened, in a way.  I think it's important for America to see how disrespectful the leftwing kids are, that while Conservative kids have sat politely and quietly through leftist after leftist university commencement speakers for so many years, the Left just can't take it.  Not a great message, especially considering so many of their professors were with them.   You see, regarding the Iraq war, even Hillary was in on it....everyone believed the intel Bush's people had, but now it's the Right who are 'killers?'   Such small minds.  She has so much to offer but they can't be respectful and dignified and learn something. Oh, no....

Do you think Condi should have stepped down?



Constitutional Insurgent said...

I'd rather have seen her speak, but it's hard to fault or second guess her decision when it was hers to make.

"the INVASION, get it?"

It was, by definition and doctrine, an invasion.

Ed Degorio said...

Spare me the far the left talking points there not even mildly inflammatory anymore just sad and pathetic.

This is the same university that had Snookie from the Jersey as a speaker Condi Rice is better served not being in the same company. So that should tell us something.

Kenosha Marge said...

I posted about this on another thread. I have the much respect for Ms. Rice. She should be held up as a role model for all women especially women of color. She has excelled at every challenge she has taken on. It's really too bad that chicks like Snookie would garner more respect than Condi Rice. And we wonder why kids are screwed up....We hold up losers and demonize the Best of the Best based on what side of the isle they sit on.
Condi Rice is an excellent choice for a any commencement speech anywhere. An accomplished women in everything she has ever set her sights on. Never needed to blame or use her skin color to get her anywhere. She is successful on her own merits. As it should be....
She gave the RNC speech without a teleprompter and didn't need to read her notes. I seriously doubt she expects anyone to pay for her BC like Fluke. She's a Shining Star.
I like and respect her. It saddens me that college students are being told what to think instead of listen to all ideas then coming to their own conclusions.
I would be 1st in line to support her for President of the United States of America

Moonbat Spanker said...

Lets not forget the fact that Hillary Clinton and company voted to go to war in Iraq.

A Progressive American said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ed Bonderenka said...

Prog American:
Hey Idiot! Wake up!.
I'm not bellowing about FREE SPEECH!
I'm wondering how you missed the gist of the matter. (Not really.)
The yelling was being done by a group of left wing demonstrators, who disingenuously (that means they are lying) claim they are not a left wing group.
They more denied the right of the students the opportunity to hear an accomplished woman speak, than denied her free speech.
They denied the students the opportunity....

Ed Bonderenka said...

My comment above reminds me of the first thing I thought in the movie God's Not Dead.
The liberal prof says to his class, "Let's just agree that God is dead so we don't have to argue that", thus denying them the education of the argument.
The liberals want to shut up the discussion, the exposure to contrary ideas and thought.
Exactly what they accuse the establishment of forty years ago.

Just Sayin said...

I think that IDIOT was Shaw Kenawe -from Progressive Explosions.

Always On Watch said...

Do you think Condi should have stepped down?

Yes -- although I'd rather that she had given a speech.

It does show that she's not an attention whore. She didn't want to have protestors interrupt the graduation, which is the seniors' day.

Always On Watch said...

In my view, this is what the to-do at Rutgers shows:

The Left insists that literature students read books by Leftist authors, but it's not okay for the Right to have a say.

Folks, we are watching the systematic devolution of America.

Stephanie Gordon said...

NO, I don't think that she should have "Stepped down"
Isn’t it funny, or is it? How the anti Bush cult finds Bush and his administration SO corrupted, that they can’t allow Ms. RICE who is such a accomplished women, such a devoted American to speak at an American university but the cult followers of Obama has painted that inept poor example of an American President as clean the first fallen snow, after SIX years...and they won’t admit to not even one scandal, not one lie (though he won the LYER OF THE YEAR award in the minds of the majority of Americans. , not one cover up ( as the lefties wails, Ben-gaaaaa-zeeee)...he is something we should all bow to... isn’t that just so cute
Mrs. Rice didn't do anything to these people yet they hate her just the same as they do Bush! For what reason?
Being black and woman is no reason for them to give a shit how she is treated.. The so called “Tolerant”l ibs are such idiots! Their actions to prevent Condi Rice from speaking shows them to be a bunch of pathetic whiners

Stephanie Gordon said...

So I guess that it’s ok for Muslims who not only don't like blacks (especially BLACK WOMEN) to speak at our Universities, ... but it’s OK for these itiots who call themselves “Rappers” singing songs about homosexuals and Cop killing to speak there.
But not this fine women because this woman was Bush's Secretory of State, also may I remind you that she was the FIRST Black Secretory of State. ..

No surprise here is it?

Stephanie Gordon said...

This is what these scum-bags aka Progressives do. They did it to Paula Deen, Don Imas, and so many others, But they never seem to care when a Black Militant speaks to our youth do they!
They boycott, they letter write to sponsors, they protest, this is the way they win.
This is what THEY call the American Way!
There are thousands of students who wanted to hear what Rice had to say. They were overruled by 50 protesters. They are taking it up with the chancellor. Texas Tech has invited Rice to speak there.

But not the scumbag Progressive's they won't let a Republican speak, especially black Republican women.

UN Irvine dealt with Muslim protesters as they should be dealt with. One protest and the charters of every Muslim student group was suspended for a year.

Linda said...

I think it is sad that the 'few' always get their way. The 'majority' never gets its' way.

I think Condi would have given a wonderful, thought provoking speech, but now, we'll never hear it. Those students are the poorer for it. Our country will never be what it once was unless we take it back.

Rational Nation USA said...

First, the college did not withdraw the invitation, sending the message to bonehead protesters their whining would have no effect.

Second, Condi made the decision to not speak and her stated reasons for doing so exemplify who she is and demonstrated class and grace, no doubt this will not be recognized by the faculty and students who protested her invitation to speak.

Personally I would have liked to have seen her make the commencement speech. But she probably made the right decision. Like I said, a class act.

The Right Way said...

Tell that to your "Bone Head" friends on the Progressive site.

Liberalmann said...

I think she should have been arrested as a war criminal.

Right-Winger said...

I hope the Progressives (Socialists), radical, America hating, OR AS SOMEONE ELSE CALLED THEM (scumbags) understand that when they have destroyed the FREEDOM OF SPEECH in America, the winds of fortune may shift against them, and a Nationalist regime, unbound by such "old fashioned" notions like the U.S. Constitution, put them against the firing squad wall as enemies of the people.

Bottom line is that they are afraid to allow us Conservatives to be heard.

Right-Winger said...

Liberalmann, NO ONE gives a Crap or a Rats Ass what YOU think.

American Jihad said...

Sadly we have been seeing more and more attacks on free speech in America by the Progressive crowd and the real sad part about it, is that they are succeeding. They are succeeding in our schools and in our higher places of education
The fact that Rutgers University won and that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice be dis-invited to be the commencement speaker is the latest example and her decision to withdraw, while graceful, was a victory for the Left, the liberals for whom free speech exists only if it agrees with their posturing about equality, as we see all over these days, as we are seeing in the Bundy case, the paula Deen case, and so many others that we aren’t even aware off.

Our university professors are showing ugly signs of censoring America’s Free speech and those who were invited to speak there. Brandeis University recently withdrew its invitation to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a human rights campaigner, because of her criticisms of Islam. In response, she said of the slur on her reputation that, this has become a dangerous and deplorable situation, and must be stopped before we lose another one of our precious freedoms. It's getting so that the radicals are given more freedom of speech that us law abiding citizen are. We see it in the Black Panthers, the Muslims, even the illegal’s have more FREEDOM OF SPEECH in America than us republicans do in unprecedented numbers.

American4Americans. said...

We seem to see more and more of these Progressive IMBECILE bastards like Octo,Capt. Foggie, Lying Lester,The Wicked Witch of the Left LiberalMann, Ducky and the rest of the Escapees from the Lunatic Asylum. Around trying their very best to destroy our Constitutional freedoms and acting like an late.

Annie Of Watertown said...

I am so personally nauseated by these leftist people..

Z said...

Ed...I'm sorry, I'd deleted that silly comment and then saw your response.
Apparently, the person just didn't understand (surprise!):)

Just sayin....thanks, but nobody cares about that!

I have to go early today.
Be back later!

Let's hear your opinions.
Mustang...get rid of Liberalmann; he's embarrassing himself again.
Thanks so much. xxx

Z said...

one more thing...

Yes, the majority IS lying down to be stepped over by the minority on about everything.
And we see how that's going....
not good.
This happened when PC came about.

Has to stop. And the minority
's just going to have to TAKE IT.

Liberalmann said...

Funny how you idiots will believe anything.

NOBAMA said...

liberalmann is a dingbat

Impertinent said...

"Rutgers University won"...

No they didn't. I watched the debate on Kelly last night.

Who "won" was a handful of LaRaza racist nationalist, Che wannabes....judging by the makeup of the opposition toady.....who was only missing his beret and Che shirt.

I went to Rutgers and it was always a sheethole of a university only salvageable due to a decent BB team.

I'm surprised that not one black American didn't want to slap the face of their new campus masters too.

But then again....stepping off the plantation has it's risks. But not suprising since NJ is one of the most racist states still allowed in the union.

NJ is an embarrassment to the nation and only exists to provide comedy fodder / relief for NY late night Letterman type shows.

Besides it's dough boy, unhinged's claim to fame is the glamorization of the mafia via the Sopranos or Jersey Shore featuring 4 slutty guidettes and grease ball mafia wannabes in their testosterone wife beater T shirts and booze fueled brawls on the Jersey boardwalk.

Which is the reason everyone in NJ has a mustache.....they want to look like their moms.

Condi saved herself a very long, cleansing shower by ditching the NJ shore punks.

Impertinent said...

Q: Why is New Jersey called the Garden State?
A: Because Oil, Petrolium, Nuclear, Land Fill, & Toxic Waste State Didn't fit on a license plate!

Q: Why do Rutgers grads keep their diplomas on their dashboards?
A: So they can park in handicap spaces.

Q: Why couldn't the baby Jesus be born in New Jersey?
A: Because they couldn't find 3 wise men or a virgin.

Q: What do you call a good looking girl on the Rutger University campus?
A: A visitor.

Q: Did you hear about the fire in Rutgers University football dorm that destroyed 20 books?
A: The real tragedy was that 15 hadn't been colored yet.

Q: What does the average Rutger University student get on his SAT?
A: Drool.

Q: How many Rutger University freshman does it take to change a light bulb?
A: None, it's a sophomore course.

Q: How do you make Rutgers University cookies?
A: Put them in a big Bowl and beat for 3 hours.

Q: Why do Rutgers students have TGIF on their shoes? A: Toes Go In First!

Duckys here said...

It surprises me that of all the neocons who foisted the Iraq war on the American sucker base, she is the one who has been rehabilitated.

Well, not quite.

"But we don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud."

If her speech were going to be something on the topic of how she got the suckers to believe that it would have been an informative commencement speech.

Impertinent said...


"one who has been rehabilitated"

Chilling statement Duck. Straight out of 1984.

Rational Nation USA said...

To lib-man and duck-man, thanks for providing the morning chuckle. Indeed a public sevice announcement the faithful no doubt appreciates.

Anonymous said...

Hey RN, your not exactly known as Mr. Sensible yourself.

Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeeZ blog:

Rational "the faithful?"
But yes, we do appreciate the leftwing comments; they help us see a lot of things; like how nuance and context are lost on them, truth is a sad pile on the side of the road, and how unkind some can be.
Truly a 'morning chuckle' for all of us, I assure you.
Also, I did hear interviews of students who were very disappointed but honored her for stepping down and "with her typical dignity she didn't make waves". And yes, Rutgers never withdrew the invitation.

CI, I assure you that the leftwing media uses INVASION in a very different manner than the very obvious definition and doctrine.

Ed..yup; Snookie has the dignity and gravitas for Rutgers: now I'm starting to see why one of my students left Rutgers after six months.

Kenosha...thanks. She's an amazing speaker in person and fields difficult questions beautifully. I was not quite as impressed with her until I saw her speak.
An amazing woman of stellar academic qualifications, musical talent, decency. I wonder how many Iraqis with purple thumbs would have loved her to speak at their university commencement.

Moonbat; that's lost on the left; the truth makes no matter.

Ed; not one leftwinger here has addressed the fact that America used to be a land of free speech where all viewpoints were honored.
Remember, Conservatives by the thousands have had to suffer through leftwing commencement speakers for the last 20 years or so and, correct me if I'm wrong, but I THINK they and their families have sat with respect and listened to the oafs in spite of what they were hearing.

Stephanie...good reminder. What a slouch, huh? First woman Sec of State and never used her color as a wedge. EVER.

And the poise to play piano in public with YO YO MA? Man, that takes big guts (believe me)

AOW, some of the interviews I heard of Rutgers students showed a lot of the kids were sorry the rabble won. They were looking forward to hearing her.
I also understand the administration did not want her to step down.

So then they pick a Republican Governor to speak as "See? we're NOT BIGOTS!" :-) Oh, yes, we see that (as if)

I don't know who said "We don't want a smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud" but that's probably one of the most pertinent statements of our times.
We are all ignoring more smoking guns lately than anybody would have believed only 10 years ago....and it could very well, and probably will, lead to disaster.

Anonymous said...

From Z again:

One thing I hate probably even more than all of you....
when I write a longer comment than the POST!
Sorry about that! xx

Anonymous said...

From Z:

The fact that the Russian group called PUSSY RIOT spoke to Congress yesterday cracks me up and I have to admit I'm happy it didn't happen during Clinton.

What could a RuSSIAN music group have to offer THE AMERICAN CONGRESS? Have we sunken that low? They apparently are asking for something like 16 names to be added to the list of human rights violators....maybe they could have sent it in on a letterhead?
Which I'd have liked to have seen :)

Sam Huntington said...

@ Z

Congress invited Pussy Riot mistakenly believing that they were also members of the House of Representative.

I agree with CI ... I would have enjoyed her address, and I am disappointed she didn’t deliver it ... but I respect her decision and why she made it. The students didn’t deserve her presence.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Congress invited Pussy Riot mistakenly believing that they were also members of the House of Representative."

And that right there made me smile!

Duckys here said...

@Sam -- The students didn’t deserve her presence.
I agree but the sentence is ambiguous.

Anonymous said...

Sam, it appears you're more a gentleman than I AM :-)
And yes, great line!

Anonymous said...

Ducky, I'm kind of surprised at an adult siding with punks who decided that they can't sit and listen to a person with another opinion; an opinion shared by a majority of Dems and Reps.

I guess most libs think it's just FINE that Conservatives kids and their families are subjected to liberal speakers constantly (I guess the kids are used to that in their classes)...but I personally think it's a sign of maturity to listen to all sides with respect.

When you slam the Right for appealing to FREE SPEECH, think again about who's for it and who's against. Thanks.

H. M. Stuart said...

How could these people be so stupid as to do this to such a great Lady!

Duckys here said...

Why do you call them punks?

It's their graduation and they have a legitimate place in choosing the speaker. Just what did she accomplish a national security adviser or at State?
Enough weren't interested in having a low level hack and war criminal feed them a bunch of useless bromides.

Duckys here said...

"Here comes Condo Rice and
She's really got the blues.
When that happens she just
buys another pair of shoes."

Anonymous said...

From Z:

Ducky, she did more than Hillary, that's for sure.
By the way, the administration was against the punks, as were many other Rutgers students. They're quite sad about her not accepting the honor they'd bestowed on her.

I pity American students taught to not think about all sides of all subjects. it's un-American and very leftwing and just plain wrong.
I'd have thought that, as an adult, you'd think the same way.

HM; well said.

Anonymous said...

from Z:

By the way, I've been told not to respond to Ducky for a few years now and, sad to say, it's becoming clear that when all it provokes is ugly argument, it's time to stop.

And, it's time for Conservatives to ignore the JUNK. Time to stand up for America.
A favorite smokescreen of the left is when we say things like "We want to get back to the days of America when people were respectful.." (for example) and the leftwing response is "really? want to go back to slavery days?"

This, and many more which you've all heard, need to be ignored because it creates a false narrative that needn't have a response. It deflects as desired and the excellent point is lost.

I'm turning over a new stone;
proud and not giving in and not responding to the, literally, JUNK.

I hope we get leftwingers interested in decent discourse; I hope we can all be respectful and I hope Conservatives can shake themselves of the kind of media and academic insults we've become too used to.
They're WRONG. Let's GET GOING in the right direction and work hard to teach our kids that leftwing profs are NOT the answer and that even their indoctrination is WRONG. let's hope American students start to realize that learning is what's important, not spewing back a prof's opinions. They literally don't know that! How can they?
The media's on the left, their teachers are on the left, etc etc. They've bought in.
We need to help them start to THINK.

Are you all with me?

Duckys here said...

@Z --- Ducky, she did more than Hillary, that's for sure.
Hardly obvious.

She was very vocal about removing Mubarak. Now that it's happened all the right does is make the utterly ridiculous claim that Obama is enabling the MB (who Sisi is laying waste to).

I remember her trip to the Middle East when she was just bouncing around with everyone refusing to talk to her.

Remember when it was all going south in Iraq (still is) and Bush tried to calm everyone by saying Condo was in charge? Pretty strong indicator that the administration was desperate.

We fought two wars in the East. Iran won both of them and we have Condo Rice to thank in large measure.

Duckys here said...

... oh by way of anticipation, yes it is progress that we are in early dialog with Iran.

I am Anonymous said...

Great idea not to respond to Ducky for a few years, I'll do the same

Stogie said...

I am Anonymous said...
"Great idea not to respond to Ducky for a few years, I'll do the same"

And I agree, In Spades!

Liberalmann said...

Maybe the Rutgers seniors actually wanted to get their digrees instead of a bucket of KFC extra crispee!

TemplarKormac said...

Isn’t it funny how a liberal (progressive) will keeps using words like "witch hunt." when they refer to Benghazi . But when it comes to someone that may have used the dreadful “N” word 30 years ago, or when they want to get rid of an absolutely Brilliant, and accomplished women like Condi Rice it’s a news story.

End of story.

How dare those hateful, intolerant, Progressive, Leftist, bigoted, bullies go after such a woman.
You intolerant, hypocrite, bigoted, envious creeps. Condi has more smarts then Obammy and his Mooching First Lady ever had and ever will have.

American4Americans. said...

The point is that Obama is just as guilty of war crimes as Condi Rice is. But these idiotic Liberal A-Hole students would probably be delighted to have him as their commencement speaker.

The complete collapse of the antiwar movement after Oblabber was elected president showed quite clearly that many so-called "peace activists" are lying hypocrites -- they only oppose wars that Republicans are running, and don’t really give a crap about what the war is about..

But it wasn't always this way. During the 1960s, the antiwar movement hated LBJ with a passion. And if thing were as they were then, LBJ would have been as loved and worshiped as the Messiah as Oblabber is. But now for the Democrats/Liberals, it's all party over principle.

Obama the "peace candidate", LOL, ended the war in Iraq on President Bush's timetable, and now he claims credit for it -- although he wanted to stay there longer, but the Iraqis wouldn't go for it. And now he continues to fight the Afghan war endlessly -- but the progressives say nothing. Nothing new to see here. . . just the same old intolerance and war crimes, from a generation of libs who have committed, illegal takeovers of governments, genocide against the unborn, lies, and cover-ups, scandals after scandals, and the mistreatment of our troops on a scale even Hitler would be proud of?
Do any of you asinine liberals know what a war criminal is? Dr. Rice has more class than any of you. I’m sure Snookie is available for a great speech again, and if they can’t get her maybe Lady Gaga or Joe Biden is available.
My oh my, how times have changed

Always On Watch said...

I watched the debate on Kelly last night.

I saw that too -- and I rarely stay up that late.

Quite something, wasn't it? The Leftist came off as an absolute idiot. Sheesh.

Liberalmann said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Debonair Dude said...

I do understand Condoleezza Rice's decision to bow out, but I regret it. We Conservative’s and Conservative speakers must not back down because of a few dumb-assed noisy Liberals or there won’t be any Conservative speakers to give their point of view. . Any time a Conservative is invited, it is always the same three ring circus with all the clowns protesting.
This is America for crying out loud! ... what happened to Condi’s right to speak, because of a few Liberal ignorant students ? Does Free Speech only apply to legal immigrants these days! And let's not forget that this is the same university where a crowd of thousands applauded Snooki’of Jersey Shore!
I have a perfect replacement for her. Let them invite Hillary, she could talk about how a mysterious video was responsible for killing four Americans in Benghazi, and how she is being blamed along with her Comrade Susan Rice by the vast right wing conspiracy.

Just Sayin said...

Liberalmann said...
“That would be Radical redneck posing as me again.”


A Conservative Vermont Vet said...

Where is Dave the Stinko da Mayo guy?

How come he hasn't chimed in on his favorite topic.. "Blame Bush"

Impertinent said...


"what happened to Condi’s right to speak, because of a few Liberal ignorant students ?"

We all know that if she accepted and gave her invocation, that the loony racist shits would have emptied their diapers of feces and thrown them at her...or doused themselves in pigs blood like Code Stink did when they last assaulter her. Or made listening to her speech through their infantile rantings and ravings of crude profanities and spittle...impossible. The have no shame, no manners, no conscience, no morals, no civility, no brains...and no CLASS.

And what's one in that mental ward of Rutgers would have stopped them. They'd probably be given and A+ by their poli sci commie prefessers whose idea it was to begin with.

Patriot1212 said...

More lunatics making their outrageous demands. With Benghazi hitting the fan this week all libiturds are spouting Bush killed our troops and lied. NO! We know the truth about Iraq, but the Obama administration is lying and covering up what happened in Benghazi.
This has been the path to blame Bush for everything by Obama and his minions.
The liberals who protested Condi Rice are bigots and racists. Look at the picture that they held up of her, it is exaggerated and racist.
If the GOP did anything a fraction of a percent of what they did here to Hillary Clinton they would be banned from school for life .
The democRATs will never stand up for what they do, they just deny their acts.
The blame Bush agenda is getting worn out. I cannot wait until Nov 2014 when GOP wins the Senate. In January 2015 let the criminal charges and impeachments fly.
That will be pay per view material to watch.

Impertinent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Impertinent said...

Hmmmm....looks like the lemmings know they've hitched themselves to the wrong donkey and are fleeing as we speak...Even the commie Colmes is distancing himself...too late Obummer.

Gowdy will nail your bony lying arse to a get out of the WH ticket to Chiraq...where you belong. Then hopefully a complete investigation into how this fraud ascended the the WH anyway. How he was never vetted as any other POTUS would have been. He was truly, as they called him back in '08, the "clean" ( Biden, no Negro dialect Reid ) Magic Negro.

Frieda Van Schnitchel said...

Hillary couldn't fit in. Condi's shoes .

But then again Condi would swim in Hillary's dress.

Z said...

Imp; wait till you read the article I found for tomorrow....they are definitely unhitching.

Got to respond to Rice and Mubarak...

Condi Rice; I'd love a link about removing Mubarak. She was behind him until after his election which he won but then he turned tail on democracy. So, she was right herself to jump ship in that situation.

This is SO classic a sentence (notice the spelling and the subject of the sentence) I just had to paste it again here!..from Liberalmann.

"Maybe the Rutgers seniors actually wanted to get their digrees instead of a bucket of KFC extra crispee!"

Classic! :-)

Z said...

Frieda, I have to admit that's pretty funny about the shoes/dress.

Z said...

I'll say just one more time that I love to think how eager blue-thumbed Iraqis would be to hear Condi Rice at their college commencement ceremonies.
Think about it.

Duckys here said...

Sorry it's the NYT,z

The good articles from the New York Review of Books are archived.

Z said...

No problem, Ducky; does one thing I disagree with turn me off Condi Rice? No. There were other things I didn't like, either, but she is a woman of amazing grace and dignity and talents and while the article I read didn't have her at all as sour on Mubarak as this one phrase seems to have (until after his reelection), I disagree with her.
And I agree that, after his election, he should have stood up to his democratic promises.
Egypt is more a stinkin' mess now than it was with him. Sad.

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

America's universities have become the seats of power of Progressive Group Think. Khruschev was right. Marxist/Socialism has buried us.

Z said...

Jim, the Soviets said they had lost the Cold War militaristically but would go into the schools.
They won.

sue hanes said...

Z - I think that Condi would be a great commencement speaker. She shouldn't have stepped down. I would love to hear her speak. I read her book and loved it. Besides she is an accomplished musician. I give her a lot of credit for that.

Anonymous said...

Colleges and universities are propagating Progressive thinking to the point of being sick...but just wait until grads are unable to find jobs - unless it's with a government agency. Regardless, I love to hear Ms. Rice speak but surely, it is graduation day. THEIR graduation day. She knows herself what is best and I am not in her shoes.