Friday, May 30, 2014

Koch Brothers attacked again...wait till you see THIS

I guess every Conservative is scared today by what the Left can do to them?  Since I posted on the Kochs yesterday, I saw THIS ARTICLE and wanted to show you even more upsetting facts you should know about.
Here's the title:  Harry Reid’s attacks on Koch brothers send GOP donors into the shadows

Here's the first paragraph..."Yes, the derision of Harry Reid and so many other lefties is causing conservatives not only to rightly fear the IRS and their concentration on Conservatives, but to fear giving money to the Republican party."    Please read the rest of the article linked above and let me now what you think.  Read till the end, it gets more interesting.   Golly, 'fear giving money to the Republican party?"   NOW are you GETTING WHY THE KOCHS ARE BEING ATTACKED SO HARD BY REID AND OTHERS, FOLKS!?  NOW??   But it gets WORSE:

While researching this story, I found out this out!!:

Tonight the Capitol Visitors Center is hosting a screening for an anti-Koch brothers movie, Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014 Edition, by director Robert Greenwald. And both Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are attending the screening, and getting flak for having it at the Capitol in the first place.
Republican congresswoman Candice Miller sent a letter to Pelosi expressing concern that airing the film at the Capitol “may cross the line into partisan politics.” She cites rules saying no presentations in the Capitol Visitors Center “may premiere, preview, showcase, or publicize a film.” A Pelosi spokesperson, however, pointed out that particular room they’re using “is not governed by the rules she cites,” and furthermore, says it’s not a screening, but a “press conference in which clips from the film will be shown.”
And the Pelosi spokesperson used the opportunity to go after Miller and her colleagues for being too beholden to the Kochs, a line also used by Reid when he addressed criticisms today over the screening. Reid, who has been on a very anti-Koch tear as of late, says the outcry over the screening.

My stomach literally hurt when I read this.  "that room isn't governed by the rules?"   A "press conference in which clips from the film will be shown.." ....slamming the Koch Brothers?
ARE THEY KIDDING?     Do you GET THIS, people?   A Ranking Minority Leader and the Head of the Senate, both Democrats, are meeting in OUR CAPITOL to insult people who support Conservatives? 
I don't know what to say anymore, I honestly don't.   I hope you're not out of gas like I am?
Let me now your thoughts.  One thing is I know I am so grateful not to be a Democrat; these stories would HUMILLIATE me for my country.

You know, I have the oddest feeling that I want to go to teenagers and apologize and tell them this country was a fair and powerful one but isn't anymore.  I really feel like that. 



TS/WS said...

This is what the DemocRats Think

I've told you all what needs to be done.
But everyone is chicken but me.

But, If You Are Not Chicken
Then Start Bloging About The 14th Amendment Section 3
And Proclaim The Incumbent Dems

The Way I See It. said...

To the poster (commenter) above...
I think that you're a Liberal Imbecile

Z said...

The Way I see it...had to delete; this isn't a blog spouting liberal silliness. It was so nonsensical and wrong that I had to delete.

Glad you're not a "chicken," TS/WS!?

Bob said...

Oh, my. The empty suits are out today. It never ceases to amaze me that some people cannot have a conversation. They have to shout their bumper-sticker liberal slogans over and over.

What we hear signifies a lack of critical thinking, or any intellectual activity.

American4Americans. said...

Obama receives standing ovation from LESS THAN 25% of West Point cadets
Embarrassing to say the least! I would venture to say that he's not respected in the military at all!!
If you as a black person are supporting this president because he's black and not because he's doing what is right. Then you are a racist, and more importantly, you have forgotten the wise admonition, to judge a man by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin.

Mustang said...

The showing of the docubullcrap violates Senate Rules. So then, do we assume that the legislature has become a lawless body, too?

I Rest MY Case said...

those JACKASSES form Shaw's Blog need to get a life!

Anonymous said...

From Z at work:

From some of the comments, I can only surmise that my friend Mustang's deleted a few ridiculous comments (thanks, Mustang)...

Bob...remember we talked about DIALOGUE yesterday? Looks like these nonsensical, hackneyed liberal insults are their idea of DIALOGUE.

Americans4....Bush's applause was riotous, HUGE... in comparison, the cadets were sitting on their hands for Obama. Did you hear Bob Beckel suggested it's because they wear gloves that we didn't hear much? Now, mind you, they wore gloves at Bush's speech, too :-) But, this is what Bob calls "intellectual activity." ??thanks for coming by.

Mustang; I hope not.
I just can't believe the info in this article and I HOPE commenters will ADDRESS it.

Please delete the mention of whatever SHAW is as soon as you can. Thanks.

Anonymous said...



SO, Shinseki Resigned. After hearing his speech this morning, does anything REALLY THINK that was a speech given before "resigning?"
Obama just can't's not a liberal thing to have the best person in the job OR admit one made a mistake.

And, frankly, I don't think this is all Shinseki's fault, it's not new that the VA's had problems as it's a HUGE operation, but I think that when he and Obama knew how bad things were and didn't act on it, he had to go.
So's Obama , but....

Anonymous said...

From Z:

ANYBODY have anything to say about an anti-Koch Bros FILM being touted in the CAPITOL VISITOR"S CENTER?

Am I the only one who finds this ASTONISHINGLY anti American?
It THIS can happen, do we have a chance of any honesty or truth or fairness EVER??

Liberalmann said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Baysider said...

Another unwarranted attack on the Koch brothers by that little slime pit in a suit, eh. It's like seeing all the potholes filled. You can tell it's election season.

As for the film - beyond bad taste. Suggests somebody feels pretty comfortable turning up the heat on division and antagonism. And dissing the rules.

"Rules created by the House and Senate committees charged with administration of the Capitol complex state that “no audio visual presentations in the CVC may premiere, preview, showcase, or publicize a film.” Rep Candace Miller.

So what's the punishment for breaking the rules? Hot air? Maybe a self-criticism session after being forced to watch 'clips' of Indoctrinate U at a 'press conference.' Or maybe just a $5M fine - get back that money Tom Steyer just gave Harry Reid's clones.

Bob said...

Z: I am to the point that I just shake my head at the legal envelope pushing Democrats use to maintain their power. We all know that Harry Reid is the biggest empty suit in the history of the Senate, and Nancy Pelosi is the other side of the coin for Democrats.

There is no integrity, and the only serious measures for Harry and Nancy are in enriching their families, and in back-stabbing to maintain power. It gets that simple with those dolts. Anything for power and wealth. It's getting to the point that they don't even bother to hide their despicable actions.

Anonymous said...

From Z at work:

But Baysider....don't forget, Ms Pelosi says the rules of the Capitol Visitor's Center "don't apply to THAT ROOM" :-) You can't make this up.
It's not been on ANY News...astonishing.
IMAGINE if the Right was showing a film or talking insultingly about SOROS? (first of all, they'd probably be murdered...) Literally.

Bob, this story bothered me deeper than many of the insults; HOW DARE them do this? HOW DARE THEM? Have their little hate fest at a home, or in a place they have to pay for; NOT IN OUR BUILDINGS. That's NOT AMERICAN

Pris said...

Well, maybe it's time for a film about George Soros! Also, maybe it's time for John Boehner to speak about Soros, who has been behind the scene and spending a huge amount of money to the left for years!

That way both parties will be attacking those who are extremely rich and donating to their parties!

There will always be those who are willing to donate millions, to their parties.

Furthermore, Libdud, the Tea Party is a grassroots movement. Those of us who love freedom, and are deeply concerned about the future for our children, and grandchildren, facing paying for the trillions of dollars the extreme left Government has been building up.

The reason that there are such terrible problems in the Govt, is because it's become too huge. The desire among the extreme left is to control our citizens and trash the Constitution. I call this a crime!!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone look at the link in TS comment

Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeZ:

Pris, let's talk over the weekend, by the way.
And yes....some libs apparently feel anybody who believes in real freedom needs to be trained away.
pretty telling...

Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeeZ:

I just had a young senior sign my yearbook (Yes, I got one so I could have email addresses of "my kids") and he included "...don't worry; Obama will be out soon" :-)
I had to laugh.

He also told me that some photo was taken of a cadet with earplugs on and one said "Obama BS Protector"...that had to have been a photo shopped picture but it DID crack me up!

Ducky's here said...

Poor Kochs can't catch a break.

Now all the deep pockets have to be satisfied making anonymous contributions.
Ain't life a b----.

Pris said...

Hi Z,
"Pris, let's talk over the weekend, by the way."

OK Z. Yes, let's talk. I'll be happy to talk with you.

Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeeZ:
Well, Ducky, I'm SURE Soros makes NO anonymous contributions through his many foils, so...

And ya...You know better than most that I'm right; it's not America when gov't buildings are used to promote hate toward the other.
Just awful. I'm hoping that, deep down, you get that.
People should NEVER be afraid of the gov't when they're doing nothing illegal.


Sparky said...

I'm not out of gas.
I'm loading. ~:)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
DianneT said...

The Climate Change wackos are at it again, this time it’s the old “Gun Control” BS again If you do own a gun and have concealed carry, then you’re a criminal,

Seriously, these liberal type arse-holes are dangerous loony tunes.

And lets never forget that Barack Obama, and Hillary Klintoon are traitor’s for their lies in the blatant misrepresentation of the Benghazi attack!

Oh right I forgot, Obama learned about the problems at the Veterans Administration from listening to the “TV news reports.”

And our Dear First Moocher is more interested in our children in school eating Kale for lunch then our Veterans. !

Anonymous said...

From Z of geeeeZ:

Anon; definitely has to do with 'rocks', that's FOR SURE.

Sparky: we'll wait :-)

Dianne...thanks for coming by; sadly, you're right. Imagine if Bush had learned something on the news and SAID SO? The media'd be all OVER that.
michelle was pushing broccoli, etc., and , as I predicted, there were articles a couple of months ago about how the school trash cans are filled with uneaten broccoli now. Our tax dollars at work.
And, as is typical, the Left will now say "we're against kids eating good food!"

Their policies fail, we criticize and it's OUR FAULT. amazing...never ending.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I think Dennis Miller is right. It's time for the Repubs to play as dirty as the Dems. There is no rule they won't break and no part of the Constitution that matters to them. As Herb Brooks said in his pregame talk before the US played the USSR in the 80 Olympics, "I'm tired of hearing how good the Russians are. Screw 'em. Today you're the best hockey team in the world." The repubs have no heart or any other important part of the anatomy. Somebody needs to kick ass. They just don't seem to be up to the challenge. Harry Reid is a punk, but apparently he scares the crap out of Repubs. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

From Z of Geeez:

Law and are so right; as is Dennis Miller.
I am so tired of the lies and mischaracterizations and everything else the Left does to us. We're not VICTIMS, we have victimhood and fight it all the time... I suppose we can't really speak up and as angrily or ugly as the Left because the leftwing media will step in and screech for days.

By the way, as a teacher, you'll probably NOT be astonished to hear what a friend told me today. He had a Pakistani exchange student live with his family last year...she went to Santa Monica High School. He asked what they were studying and she said WWII so he asked her what parts of it they were studying, etc. She said the teacher spent a full week giving the reasons for why America had known the Japanese would bomb Pearl Harbor and how they could have avoided it but didn.t...etc etc... As a history teacher himself in another life, he was stunned and so sad for our kids.
She said she was always surprised that any country, particularly America, would teach the bad things about itself.
We all know that NO COUNTRY ON THE EARTH does that but us.

Is it the Right doing that? I think you all know that answer.

pitiful, sad and, frankly, scary.
I also heard that a high school very near me, FULL of immigrant kids these days, has classrooms where they sell joints in the back of the class, the teachers know and do nothing because it's so widespread. They also removed a kid/'s clothes and put wax on him and feathers. Nothing was done.
I think the teachers are afraid of them, but did say "kids need to toughen up" Imagine? The same people who teach that self image and ego are more important that Reading and Writing?

I'm sorry to go into this all right now and on this article I posted which I WISH more people had seen...but it's fresh on my mind as it was just told to me.

TS/WS said...

If we don't make it known to other like minded that we have the Constitution to use - to control the Officials, and or, put out of the game, starting, by, calling, or writing (email) Conservative Republicans= that if they remain silent about the violating the 14th Amendment Section 3., that they too will be giving AID AND COMFORT to those rising against our Civil and or Political Authority, Supreme Authority (The Constitution)=yes this is named INSURRECTION.
IT worked before and scared the hell out of the Dems, so much so, that Tim Russart and Bob Sheffer both laughed and said, "I guess Al Gore is finding out there is a "Legal Controlling Authority".
And then, the Dems noticed that the one who brought this to light , was all by them self; no one else picked up where this measure which worked - - any wonder why the Dems fell embolden to do the dastardly deeds like showing this FILM without any ramifications?

TS/WS said...

and I spelled it wrong
the Dems Feel embolden
Here is the link again in case you missed it --it is worth a look
This is what the Democrats think

TS/WS said...

that didn't work try again

This is what the Democrats think

Kid said...

Z, I've seen them as being even more evil than this the last 6 years for sure. And where is the political opposition. Nada.

Not that it shouldn't be pointed out continually. Maybe a libtard somewhere will feel a twinge or something.

Kid said...

Honesty, Fairness or Truth ever?

No Z.

Liberalmann said...

Lisa said...

I don't have much to add except that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are 2 of the biggest corrupt, partisan politicians that is what is wrong in our political system and have been around too long.They feel a deep sense of entitlement and need to go. I almost feel physically sick when they speak. 😜

Kid said...

Lisa, hairy reid is a homosexual vampire and nana pelosi was put in place for comedic effect by the union bosses. fwiw.

Z said...

Please, everybody;
Watch Liberalmann's link because I'm SO tired of deleting it. :-)

I can't say anything polite so I'll stop now.

Lisa said...

That link is meant to create division and hate .
Reminds me of communism getting people to bash the rich while rich people are behind the scenes yanking the chains of those same people and using tax payer money to do it.
Liberals are so gullible

Lisa said...

Like Soros' groups funded OWS while he makes his billions doing the same thing those idiots were out there protesting

Ducky's here said...

Well, look at it this way Law and order, you continue to lose and the Kochs continue to give it to you raw.


Z said...

Lisa, I didn't even look at the link! WHO CARES? More liberal stupidity.

Ducky...I don't really give a good DAMN what you think. No offense .
When you're ready to open your mind and stop hating, let us all know, OK?
Must be hard to slam the Kochs when you know EXACTLY what your Soros is all about..TO THE SQUARE.

Liberalmann said...

THIS is the guy who is despicable:

John Boehner Admits To Giving Bribes From Big Tobacco On The House Floor:

Average American said...

As far as I am concerned, give those liberal assholes all the rope they want until they hang themselves. WHEN the Republicans take over the Senate next January, if Congress does not IMMEDIATELY start a serious impeachment process against obummer and a few others, then you can bet there will be shots fired! Americans will not stand for this bullshit forever!