Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Faith Blog...a wedding and a video that ROCKS!

Two young people married last night.  I had the honor and pleasure of seeing it happen.
The bride wore white and deserved to wear white, considering the true purity it means.
She's absolutely lovely and he's a very handsome young man.  She's tiny, he's very tall. 
And they seem made for each other.

It chokes me up at weddings where I know the young couple has waited till their wedding night.  It's just so good and sweet and pure.   There's such joy and glory; physical love worth the wait and this choice is an honored one by many. 

I didn't expect to cry at the wedding, which I'm known to do, because I hadn't met the groom and barely know the bride, but their vows got to me.  In his vows, he promised her to keep Christ as the center of their home, to remember God in decision making.  He talked of making her his Queen and his partner, best friend, and that he'd remain faithful to her. He brushed back tears as he looked down at his new bride with such love.  She vowed to put him second, after God, and before herself, in everything.

Their parents are all still married, very happily.  The new marrieds have been raised in church and active in their churches across the country from each other.  They met at college in Wisconsin and have this great, true, wonderful love for God in common and that knit them together and kept them safe in so many ways. Tonight, they celebrated their love and hosted 100 friends to a beautiful night of dinner and dancing.

Please pray for this young couple;  I'll refer to them as D&S.   Their parents have prayed for good spouses for their children all their lives.  It paid off.    What a different type of wedding than so many.  I write this post about this wedding because it feels so promising when this couple has faith in common.
"Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God."  I John 4:7.

My buddy Chanel was at the till the good.  She ROCKS.   "He'll see you through, if you believe........"



DaBlade said...

Hi Z, I hope your purse didn't run out of tissues! That certainly is uplifting to be reminded there are still some young people doing this THE RIGHT WAY! Loved the gentleman's vow to "keep Christ as the center of their home," and hers to "put him second, after God, and before herself, in everything." I am going to share that with a young couple I know. What a great start, right? Thanks for sharing this Z :)

sue hanes said...

Z - It's so good to hear about a wedding like this. A couple devoted to God and to each other.

I'm happy for your friends.

Rational Nation USA said...

Brings back memories of my secular wedding 27 years ago to my current loving and beautiful wife of 67 years.

Funny how my 1'st marriage in a "house of god" with the usual rituals lasted only 10 years and was rife with discord.

Don't know what it all means but personally the second path turned out much much better.

As they say, each to their own as there is no universally perfect way.

Hugh Farnham said...

Thanks for sharing - always good to see things work out as God intended. Wishing this couple the very best.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I take it no drunken fights broke out at the reception? :)

Z said...

DaBlade, that you will share this with a young couple means a lot to me. I wish them the best, too.
Thank you for this!

Sue, isn't it sweet...I hope it's not as rare as we think!

Rational's not the 'house of God' in which one's married that's important; what the point is that it's the House of God they have vowed to create in their home that will bless them.

Hugh, it is good to see that, isn't it. Thanks for coming by.

Ed...exactly :-)
While the Bride's dad has an amazing wine cellar, the groom's family apparently...doesn't !

Z said...

Did you watch my buddy's video? She's so good....

Thersites said...

She is good, but I'm not quite sure how the 'premise' of the song (if you believe it, you will receive it) correlates with the 'premise' underlying the bride/groom(s) vows... that of "self-sacrifice" and placing "others" above "self".

What do you think, RN?

Thersites said...
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Ed Bonderenka said...

While I could watch the video, the pastor would catco on that I was listening to it. :)

Z said...

Ed, it's about Christ. Did you watch till the end?
The pastor is about 30, the cutest thing on legs, with a gorgeous adorable wife...both from a church in Wisconsin; he and Chanel had a great chat last night at our table.
Not sure what 'catco' means! but it sounded negative!?

Thersites, it's a Christian video and the correlation, I think, is pretty clear? She's a dear friend of the bride's mom.

DaBlade said...

I did watch the video. Chanel is awesome and the end gave me shivers, then a idiotic ear-to-ear grin. How large it all is when you allow yourself to look up as well as down. I wish I could have been at that table!

Z said...

I'm so glad you liked Chanel!
She's GORGEOUS, as you can see....
Very happily married to a research scientist spending the summer working in Costa Rica on...something :-)
I admired her guts to include some of the lyrics and then include the end of the video. That takes guts these days, sadly!

Z said...

And BOY, DaBlade; I REALLY wish you could have been there last night, too! REALLY do wish that.

Hugh Farnham said...

So Z... if a groom were to sing at the reception (after the guests have had a few drinks) what songs would you suggest? Johnny Cash, "Ring of Fire" for baritones or perhaps some Israel Iz for the tenors?

Z said...

Well, Hugh...Ring of Fire, though I LOVE Johnny Cash, is the last thing I'd probably pick. No, the last thing would be the one my girlfriend's husband picked "Back in the Saddle Again" (second marriage..somehow, it's lasted!)

I recorded "Can I have this dance for the rest of my life?" and we danced to that.

EVERYBODY DOES KNOW CHANEL'S SONG HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WEDDING OR DANCING, RIGHT? She just happened to be there, and it's a faith song, so I thought I'd include it!

Hugh...what would YOU sing?
And what's ISRAEL IZ?

WomanHonorThyself said...

congrads Z!..lovely!!! Blessed Memorial Day weekend sweet friend!!! xoxox:)

Hugh Farnham said...

I can only sing in public with an immense amount of practice. Don't think I'd try it at a wedding.

I used to sing Elvis in college as a joke... "Wide man say" or "I'm caught in a snack and I can't get out" and other favorites. Not the slim comeback Elvis, but the old dissipated one. Had to use a pillow under my white jumpsuit for effect. And big sunglasses.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Just watched the video.
Stupid tablet made "catch" "catco".
As in, I was reading your blog in church and the pastor would catch on that I was if I turned up the volume.
Scherie liked it.

Z said...

Ed, that is hilarious! Why I didn't realize that's what you meant is beyond ME :-)
I often tell people about the time you asked me here if I thought it might not be Godly for you to be reading my blog in church :-) I LOVED that you did that!
NOW I see what you meant in your comment! sorry about that!

Hugh..."I'm caught in a snack.." :-)
Remember the old fat Elizabeth Taylor jokes? "Elizabeth Taylor has a bumper sticker that says 'honk if you have groceries'!" SO mean, so funny